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DROID Incredible Finally Receiving Gingerbread Update Right Now?

I’m as confused as you are by that title. The DROID Incredible was supposed to receive Gingerbread (Android 2.3) back in September, but as non-rooted owners of the device know, that sort of happened yet didn’t at the same time. It vanished as quickly as it was available, only to never be mentioned of by HTC again. And then just moments ago, one of our readers was prompted to receive a new update with build number 4.08.605.2 which differs from that of the original Android 2.3 build. The odd thing you will notice here, is that Verizon is claiming this update to be just 8.6MB, but how could that be if some of the people scheduled to receive this are still running 2.2? Wouldn’t this update need to be of epic proportions? Confusion at its finest.

To those of you still running a stock non-rooted Incredible, please check for a software update now. And if you are on 2.2 or 2.3, let us know which so that we can straighten this out.

More info.

Cheers Hannah!

  • Casey275

    you the best

  • Coolsaphira

    This Phone is awesome! I got it last year for x-mass.

  • updated

    My incredible updated gingerbread 2.3.4 408.605.2  little too late just a backup at this point loved the phone.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Beth Ruths

    Is anyone having their screen dim and “Loading” come up for as long as 10 seconds before loading one of the home screens when I hit back or home buttons (for lack of a better way to describe them). It doesn’t happen all the time, but it’s happening a lot more with the 4.08 update.

    Maybe that’s normal now rather than a force close? Maybe its a new “feature” for us??? ūüėČ LOL

    Just curious if anyone else is noticing this and if I should be concerned…

    Any input greatly appreciated. 

  • kevvvvv

    i just got the 4.08 update last night. im happy

  • Anonymous


  • Ramhead1

    My build is 4.06.605.3   A small update soon after 605.2   Never intentionally installed it.

  • Beth Ruths

    My phone keeps randomly rebooting now after 4.08 update, sometimes in an infinite loop where I have to remove the battery, wait ten minutes, then reinstall the battery and reboot. That seems to fix it for the time being, but how annoying. 

    Is anyone else having THIS issue??? 

  • Wrigbone

    For the people that get the update and then it just goes away it is more than likely you have a rooted phone, Even if you just unrevoked and never did a custom rom apparently this is what happens. I got the notification that 1st night and it has not come back…tried the clock set – the *#*#checkin#*#* – *228 and nothing. I was fully prepared to lose root and just get Gingerbread so I accepted but what what a read online it will not even allow you to do the OTA. A guy over at XDA has converted the upgrade to an installable rom if you are rooted and want this. I waited a couple days to see if there are any issues with it but am about to give it a shot. Only problem is a complete wipe of the phone first is required. Oh well it will be like having a brand new device until I get my Nexus ūüôā

  • Fazer

    This is what I got to work to get the 4.08.605.2 update installed successfully on two different Incredibles, both stock/non-rooted, one with a lot of extra apps, and one with only two extra apps. It looks like a lot of work, but is actually very easy to complete, and NO factory reset is required:
    – Move as many apps as you can to the SD card (for those having issues accessing them on the SD card, the upgrade to 4.08.605.2 cured this for me).
    – Clear out as much text messaging space as you can, especially images. Alternately, you can delete them all. Messages eat a lot of processing memory on these phones.
    – Hit the Clear Data (and/or Clear Cache) button on large use applications (email, Gmail, facebook, etc.) After doing this, do not access those apps until after¬†installing the update.¬†For some, you will have to sign in again, but no data was lost since they’re synced items. (To do this step, go to Settings > Applications > Manage Applications, select the All tab at the top, and go into each app you want to manage.)
    РPress & hold the Power Button and choose Restart.
    – As soon as the screen goes blank, press and hold the Power Button and the Volume Down button at the same time.
    РA white menu screen will appear, it will take a second and it will perform a small self-check. Then using your Volume Down button, scroll down one spot to Recovery and press the Power button to select it. The phone will immediately show the HTC Incredible screen.
    – Then a black screen will appear showing the phone and a red triangle with exclamation point, at this point press and hold the Volume Up button and then press the Power button. Using your Volume Down button again, scroll down to Wipe Cache Partition and press the Power button to select it. This will not delete anything on the phone, just clear a stagnant memory cache.
    – After this is complete, select Reboot System Now. Let the phone restart completely.
    – Go to Settings > About Phone > System Updates and see if the update shows. If it does, simply select Download or Reboot & Install. If it fails again due to “not enough memory”, you need to clear more apps and data and repeat the above steps¬†until it works.
    – If the update does not show, back out to Settings, choose Date & Time, uncheck the Automatic box, and set the date 1 year ago from today (11-xx-2010), and hit Ok.
    – Return to About Phone > System Updates, it may still show “Your system is currently up to date.” Back out and then¬†go right back in¬†to System Updates. It should be downloading the 4.08.605.2¬†patch update file. Reboot and Install when it prompts you. If it fails again due to “not enough memory”, you need to clear more apps and data until it works.
    Give it time to install, on one of my phones it took only a few minutes and on the other it took closer to 10 minutes. On one phone the Droid eye appeared for only a minute and then the phone started up completely and on the other it appeared for closer to five minutes. After the install, remember to return your Date & Time to automatic.
    For any apps that aren’t accessible and¬†show up with the Droid icon, you should be able to select and remove the icon and simply add it back from your App menu. Alternately, you can re-download it from your Market.

    Hope this helps!

    • Mb0320tb

      Genius!! Worked like a charm. So far no problems! Thank you!!

    • Anonymous

      my phone has been on the rebooting screen for like 10 minutes. i wonder if this is normal. nothing is actually happening

      • Fazer

        I had that happen on the second Incredible I did, I¬†guess it’s more widespread than I thought because I’ve seen this being reported elsewhere this morning. In any case, I held the power button down, chose restart, the phone restarted, and I did all of the above steps again. Second time everything worked like it was supposed to.

        • Anonymous

          your the man btw. thanks for your original post. it was a big help

    • dmwdnr

      Can’t imagine how you figured this out…but it works. Thanks.

    • Thank you – this worked for me – very helpful!

    • kevvvvv

      this did not work for me ūüôĀ

    • Rolandjjohnson

      worked for me.  Thank you!

    • dlight

      OMG you are amazing sir

      I’ve been trying to find a fix for this when it rejected the 4.08 update and this worked very well


    • Angela Harbaugh

      Wow- I think a factory reset was way easier than all that, lol. But glad you have this info to pass on to others! ¬†I tried the clear cache and even format phone space (after getting 4.06 update then stonewalled during the 4.08 update lack of space issue) ¬†will all aps either uninstalled or on backup on my SD…apps kept force closing. ¬†Said screw it, factory reset, immediately after activating it dropped in the 4.08 update and installed it with no problems. Been smooth and sweet ever since. ¬†
      I think my battery life is a little better now. 

      Good luck to you guys, I know this was frustrating as ever!

      • Beth Ruths

        I agree, Angela, that the factory reset was easier for me as well. I have an app that backs up my apps so it was really fairly painless to just reset and reinstall apps. I have nearly all my data backing up to the cloud or saving on my SD card. I think the battery life seems a little better too but time will tell. Charging the battery now for the first time in a few days. Phone seems to run faster too. Time will tell though… ūüôā¬†

    • Anonymous

      Thank you!¬† My phone had the low space message after trying to update.¬† My suggestion is to uninstall apps you don’t need or that are large because I followed all the steps the first time and still got the low space message, then had to delete apps and wipe cache again like suggested in your instructions.¬† Thanks for these instructions, I was so frustrated!

    • Hmax23

      I made a bad mistake somewhere and need help. ¬†I was stepping through the above procedure and when the I rebooted everything was gone. ¬†I had to interface with Verizon to get the phone back operational, but they couldn’t get 3G working. ¬†Is there anything that can be done to get things working?



    • Tony

      Worked like a charm. Thanks!

    • Jason Matthews

      Somebody have babies with this person so his offspring can continue to be super helpful to the rest of the world when we’re in desperate need of IT support.

    • I’ve done this three times. Each time, the phone downloads the update but when it says it’s rebooting, it freezes and the screen returns to home. FINALLY, after performing the above instructions by Fazer, I think IT’S WORKING! I got the green reboot arrow. Woo hoo! Fingers crossed…

    • Rafael Castilla

      Thanks a lot, Fazer!  It took several attempts and a lot of clearing of application data, but it finally worked.

    • Carlo

      I have search everywhere trying to fix this problem.  Seriously ty very much!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    My phone prompted me for an update this week.¬† But, when I pressed “Update Now” nothing happened.¬† Just sent me back to my home screen.¬† Still on 2.2.

  • Mark

    Same problem here with the 2nd update. Very frustrating. Whatever you do, don’t plug it into your laptop or PC until the bug gets fixed. I did this and it froze my computer and now the phone keeps rebooting every 10 minutes or so…Ugh..

  • Hmax23

    I got the update but didn’t install it. ¬†I wanted do some research first. ¬†Now the notification is gone. ¬†Will I eventually get another notification?

  • R2D2

    Couple of days ago I received the upgrade message and successfully installed “Android version 2.3.4 Builder number 4.06.605.3” with a lot of issues like missing apps and battery issues.

    Today very early in the morning I received another update notification, I acepted it and successfully installed “Android version 2.3.4 Builder number 4.08.605.2” as a result I got back all the missing apps, but the battery is draining faster than ever.

    Any idea on hoew to fix this issue?

  • Ashleya

    How do I get the update after I clicked Install Later?

  • Deiler

    What a mess. ¬†I got the second update this morning, but it failed because it said there was not enough space. ¬†The newest update is supposed to address the low space issue, but the low space issue keeps it from updating. ¬†Now I can’t seem to get the update to be pushed to me again. ¬†I called HTC and they said I just have to wait. ¬†They said it could happen today, or it could be as long as 14 days. ¬†Grrrr….¬†

  • I already have the 2.3 installed. I am installing the upgrade now. So far no problems

  • Ryan Williamson

    Just received update. Seems good so far.

  • Anonymous

    My youngest son and I have identical Verizon Droid HTC Incredibles, only difference being that mine is successfully rooted (never caused a single problem) and his isn’t.¬† We both received notification of the system update yesterday and clicked “Install Now”.¬† His installed and rebooted successfully, and he is now at Android level 2.3.4.¬† When I clicked “Install Now”, that screen went away and absolutely nothing else happened.¬† If I check for system updates under settings, I am told my system is up to date.¬† It isn’t. I am still on Android 2.2.¬† So now what???

  • JMurda578

    Got the update but now when I try and view my pictures it says there nothing there and when I take pictures it still says this

  • Dave

    Yesterday I received the update to 4.06 and all the crap that followed.
    This morning I was prompted to update to 4.08.  I accepted but after reboot it stated that I did not have enough free memory to install the update.
    When I checked the memory I have 5 of 7.4GB available on the SD card and 537 of 748MB available on the phone memory.How is THAT a memory issue.  They really need to figure this out, and soon.

    • Anonymous

      try clearing your Mail trash folders.  That process gave me all the space needed.  Apparently when you delete an email, it goes to Trash and stays there indefinitely.

      • Dave

        I just tried what JasonSCarter suggested about changing the time to force the update. ¬†That seemed to work as it downloaded the update, until it got to the “reboot” portion of the install where it hung up indefinitely…

  • Oh and in my settings is says “4.3” WVGA resolution”…even though my Incredible is a 3.7″ AMOLED lol

  • Was told to download another update last night but it said I didn’t have enough phone app memory…so I cleaned it and tried again but it said i was already up to date…did I miss out on anything cool? ¬†I got 2.3.4 already yesterday morning..

    Oh and Launcher EX is sooo much nice looking than Sense…especially since I’ve had Sense since April 2010 lol

  • Chris Dugger

    4.08 was received last night around midnight… ¬†East Coast Time. ¬†Installed and all is good…

  • Ben Shroyer

    Received OTA to 2.3.4 build 4.06 yesterday morning
    Waited until yesterday afternoon because I knew there were issues with it
    Pressed install progress bar completed screen went back to  home screen and update was gone forever
    waited the day, did the *#*#checkin#*#* and did menu settings system updates several times -impatient, I was
    called HTC this morning
     informed that 4.06 was released on accident yesterday and the full 4.08 build was pushed out last night and should be going out in waves

  • Anonymous

    oh geez…I got on XDA where someone had posted the new .Zip file for the 4.0.8 update.¬† I tried to manually update it and it didn’t work either.¬† When it came back up, it said I still didn’t have enough space.¬† The low disk space error wasn’t present before I shut down.¬† This is stupid.¬† I guess the only other thing I can try is a factory reset, and do the update before I add any apps or set anything else up.¬†

  • RJ

    On 2.3 and just got the 4.08 update.

  • Saz00oo55

    I got the 2nd update last night but it did not install because of low memory and now its gone.
    I tried setting clock to 1230am this morning and tommorrow morning still nothing. I tried typing *#*#2432546#*#* which forces a check in. I get a message that says check-in successful but still nothing. Do we need to uninstall the “hello fota” that ran right before I got the message couldn’t install due to low memory?

  • Kylemartinis22

    I’m on 2.3.4 now.. got a new update this morning…but I said not enough memory try again later…how do I try again ? Stupid

    • Deiler

      I had the same experience. ¬†The newest update is supposed to address the low space issue, but the low space issue keeps it from updating. ¬†Now I can’t seem to get the update to be pushed to me again. ¬†What a cluster-f$*%

  • Anonymous

    Person on Verizon forums siad to:  Manually change the time on your phone to 12:30am today. This will trigger an automatic check in with the update servers and you will get the appropriate update.
    For people who the update failed the first time…try that.

    • Michael Aaron Mann

      Were you able to get the phone to reboot? I tried the 12:30am trick and it worked but can’t reboot.¬† HTC said i would “just have to wait until i got it again”.

    • Dave

      I tried this and it downloaded and installed until it got to the reboot portion and it hung up. ¬†I tried hardbooting it but then it wouldn’t turn back on. ¬†I removed the battery and it did turn back on but still with the 4.06…

  • Anonymous

    Same problems here…got the 4.0.8 update notification this morning, but it didn’t install due to “low disk space.”¬† Sad that the bug they are trying to fix with the new build is so bad, it prevents us from going to the new build.¬† I have 550MB free…and the update is only 8MB.¬† Can’t find a way to attempt the update again as well.¬† Stupid.¬† In reality, I am starting to hate OTA updates.¬† I wish it was a manually download.

    • Chrisb

      I have this same exact problem. Not sure how to initialize the update now.

  • Adam Wood

    I was updated to 2.3 yesterday and I just received the 4.08.605.2 update about 40 minutes ago.

  • Bmf978

    I updated to 2.3.4 a few days ago. This morning i woke up to another update. It tried to install but failed due to the Low Disk Space error. After clearing some data out of the apps i restarted my phone but now the update is gone and I can not find it again.

    • Scorpiogrl7

      Exactly the same thing happened to me. Supposedly, tonight another update will be pushed out.

    • Gemininosferatu

      Same thing here – got the 2.3.4 update and then the 2nd update came
      through the next morning, and it failed because of a “Low Disk Space”
      error… and now when I check for system updates, it says “Your system is
      currently up to date,” even though I’m still on 2.3.4.¬† (Build 4.06.605.3)¬† I’ve done just
      about everything I could think of to reduce memory usage, including
      moving everything that I could to the SD card; clearing caches; deleting
      my call history, text messages, and internet histories; and of course just restarting the damn thing… but I still have that error in my status bar.¬† (Though restarting DID work – for about a half-hour)

      Does anyone know if uninstalling “hello, FOTA” and trying the update again is a *bad* idea?¬† I gather that it’s related to this issue.

      • Angela Harbaugh

        Same problem as you guys. Wasn’t banking that the second push to my phone of 4.08 would work either and the Verizon tech guy said could be a day, could be a week…with a screwed up phone?? ¬†PASS. so I backed everything up and did a Factory Rest that I really would rather avoid, BUT it worked. Came back easily, smooth, the 4.08 update popped right in after dialing *228 to activate. ¬†
        –and knock on wood, no low data message in two days and the battery seems to last longer- even with me reinstalling apps, playing around with it more than normal.¬†
        Good luck guys!!

  • Mprocter2010

    Tried to download patch. Said it couldn’t install due to….LOW MEMORY. Is this a joke? What a cluster.

  • Kreativ31

    Update ruined my phone.
    Downloaded hot fix, which made me able to send messages but slowly..
    still have storage notifications, including pop up everytime I open browser.
    dial doesnt work half the time, no more contacts and force close popups every couple minutes for services I have never even heard of.

    this is a joke
    HTC, smd

  • Jacob

    I was running android 2.2, and first received the original update to android 2.3 (4.06.605.3). ¬†Then a day later, I received an update with the fixes (4.08.605.2). ¬†Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough memory to complete the second update, so it stopped, and now I can’t figure out how to reinitiate it!

    • Mb0320tb

      Same problem. I received the first update last night (4.06.605.3), then got a notification about the second update (4.08.605.2) and it gave me the same error message. So…you’re not alone on that one.

      Seems like there are a lot of people experiencing the same thing but no solutions. Ugh.

  • Jhl3

    Just got the prompt for the 4.08 update on east coast @ 2am. Tried to install and received a low memory message….

  • I got 4.06 update at 5pm(11/14) yesterday, and got another update to 4.08 at 10pm today(11/15).

  • Geoff

    got 2.3.4 this AM

  • Deiler

    Just spoke with HTC.   They are aware of the problems with this OTA update on the Droid Incredible.  He said that he has been getting calls about it all night.  He read me a notice that Verizon had issued saying that they are working with Google, Verizon, and HTC to fix it.  And they will be sending out the update tomorrow (11/16/11), over the air.

    • hope to fix battery life problem.

    • According to the Tech Bulletin 4.08, the new update should just fix all the 4.06 problems.¬† But, what a sucky way to get Gingerbread!¬† Hurry Nexus, Hurry!

  • Deiler

    Ugh, my gmail account (contacts, gmail, etc) is now broken after this update. ¬†It is no longer syncing. ¬†I can’t even force it to sync.

  • Anonymous

    It did kill all apps on the SD.¬† It made them appear only in the Settings -> Manage Applications -> “All apps” tab as package names only.¬† I had to uninstall and reinstall.¬† Same for my coworker, but she had more apps on SD than me and lost Angry Birds and Pocket Legends too.¬† I would be a little pissed if I lost Angry Birds after as much casual gaming time as I have put into it on nights and weekends to get where I have.¬† LOL.

    Can they not warn you to move everything from SD to the phone *before* the update is kicked off?

    • had to redownload most of my apps, including angry birds…ya, a nice little note to remove my card woulda been nice