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DROID Incredible Finally Receiving Gingerbread Update Right Now?

I’m as confused as you are by that title. The DROID Incredible was supposed to receive Gingerbread (Android 2.3) back in September, but as non-rooted owners of the device know, that sort of happened yet didn’t at the same time. It vanished as quickly as it was available, only to never be mentioned of by HTC again. And then just moments ago, one of our readers was prompted to receive a new update with build number 4.08.605.2 which differs from that of the original Android 2.3 build. The odd thing you will notice here, is that Verizon is claiming this update to be just 8.6MB, but how could that be if some of the people scheduled to receive this are still running 2.2? Wouldn’t this update need to be of epic proportions? Confusion at its finest.

To those of you still running a stock non-rooted Incredible, please check for a software update now. And if you are on 2.2 or 2.3, let us know which so that we can straighten this out.

More info.

Cheers Hannah!

  • Casey275

    you the best

  • Coolsaphira

    This Phone is awesome! I got it last year for x-mass.

  • updated

    My incredible updated gingerbread 2.3.4 408.605.2  little too late just a backup at this point loved the phone.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Beth Ruths

    Is anyone having their screen dim and “Loading” come up for as long as 10 seconds before loading one of the home screens when I hit back or home buttons (for lack of a better way to describe them). It doesn’t happen all the time, but it’s happening a lot more with the 4.08 update.

    Maybe that’s normal now rather than a force close? Maybe its a new “feature” for us??? ūüėČ LOL

    Just curious if anyone else is noticing this and if I should be concerned…

    Any input greatly appreciated. 

  • kevvvvv

    i just got the 4.08 update last night. im happy

  • Anonymous


  • Ramhead1

    My build is 4.06.605.3   A small update soon after 605.2   Never intentionally installed it.

  • Beth Ruths

    My phone keeps randomly rebooting now after 4.08 update, sometimes in an infinite loop where I have to remove the battery, wait ten minutes, then reinstall the battery and reboot. That seems to fix it for the time being, but how annoying. 

    Is anyone else having THIS issue??? 

  • Wrigbone

    For the people that get the update and then it just goes away it is more than likely you have a rooted phone, Even if you just unrevoked and never did a custom rom apparently this is what happens. I got the notification that 1st night and it has not come back…tried the clock set – the *#*#checkin#*#* – *228 and nothing. I was fully prepared to lose root and just get Gingerbread so I accepted but what what a read online it will not even allow you to do the OTA. A guy over at XDA has converted the upgrade to an installable rom if you are rooted and want this. I waited a couple days to see if there are any issues with it but am about to give it a shot. Only problem is a complete wipe of the phone first is required. Oh well it will be like having a brand new device until I get my Nexus ūüôā

  • Fazer

    This is what I got to work to get the 4.08.605.2 update installed successfully on two different Incredibles, both stock/non-rooted, one with a lot of extra apps, and one with only two extra apps. It looks like a lot of work, but is actually very easy to complete, and NO factory reset is required:
    – Move as many apps as you can to the SD card (for those having issues accessing them on the SD card, the upgrade to 4.08.605.2 cured this for me).
    – Clear out as much text messaging space as you can, especially images. Alternately, you can delete them all. Messages eat a lot of processing memory on these phones.
    – Hit the Clear Data (and/or Clear Cache) button on large use applications (email, Gmail, facebook, etc.) After doing this, do not access those apps until after¬†installing the update.¬†For some, you will have to sign in again, but no data was lost since they’re synced items. (To do this step, go to Settings > Applications > Manage Applications, select the All tab at the top, and go into each app you want to manage.)
    РPress & hold the Power Button and choose Restart.
    – As soon as the screen goes blank, press and hold the Power Button and the Volume Down button at the same time.
    РA white menu screen will appear, it will take a second and it will perform a small self-check. Then using your Volume Down button, scroll down one spot to Recovery and press the Power button to select it. The phone will immediately show the HTC Incredible screen.
    – Then a black screen will appear showing the phone and a red triangle with exclamation point, at this point press and hold the Volume Up button and then press the Power button. Using your Volume Down button again, scroll down to Wipe Cache Partition and press the Power button to select it. This will not delete anything on the phone, just clear a stagnant memory cache.
    – After this is complete, select Reboot System Now. Let the phone restart completely.
    – Go to Settings > About Phone > System Updates and see if the update shows. If it does, simply select Download or Reboot & Install. If it fails again due to “not enough memory”, you need to clear more apps and data and repeat the above steps¬†until it works.
    – If the update does not show, back out to Settings, choose Date & Time, uncheck the Automatic box, and set the date 1 year ago from today (11-xx-2010), and hit Ok.
    – Return to About Phone > System Updates, it may still show “Your system is currently up to date.” Back out and then¬†go right back in¬†to System Updates. It should be downloading the 4.08.605.2¬†patch update file. Reboot and Install when it prompts you. If it fails again due to “not enough memory”, you need to clear more apps and data until it works.
    Give it time to install, on one of my phones it took only a few minutes and on the other it took closer to 10 minutes. On one phone the Droid eye appeared for only a minute and then the phone started up completely and on the other it appeared for closer to five minutes. After the install, remember to return your Date & Time to automatic.
    For any apps that aren’t accessible and¬†show up with the Droid icon, you should be able to select and remove the icon and simply add it back from your App menu. Alternately, you can re-download it from your Market.

    Hope this helps!

    • Mb0320tb

      Genius!! Worked like a charm. So far no problems! Thank you!!

    • Anonymous

      my phone has been on the rebooting screen for like 10 minutes. i wonder if this is normal. nothing is actually happening

      • Fazer

        I had that happen on the second Incredible I did, I¬†guess it’s more widespread than I thought because I’ve seen this being reported elsewhere this morning. In any case, I held the power button down, chose restart, the phone restarted, and I did all of the above steps again. Second time everything worked like it was supposed to.

        • Anonymous

          your the man btw. thanks for your original post. it was a big help

    • dmwdnr

      Can’t imagine how you figured this out…but it works. Thanks.

    • Thank you – this worked for me – very helpful!

    • kevvvvv

      this did not work for me ūüôĀ

    • Rolandjjohnson

      worked for me.  Thank you!

    • dlight

      OMG you are amazing sir

      I’ve been trying to find a fix for this when it rejected the 4.08 update and this worked very well


    • Angela Harbaugh

      Wow- I think a factory reset was way easier than all that, lol. But glad you have this info to pass on to others! ¬†I tried the clear cache and even format phone space (after getting 4.06 update then stonewalled during the 4.08 update lack of space issue) ¬†will all aps either uninstalled or on backup on my SD…apps kept force closing. ¬†Said screw it, factory reset, immediately after activating it dropped in the 4.08 update and installed it with no problems. Been smooth and sweet ever since. ¬†
      I think my battery life is a little better now. 

      Good luck to you guys, I know this was frustrating as ever!

      • Beth Ruths

        I agree, Angela, that the factory reset was easier for me as well. I have an app that backs up my apps so it was really fairly painless to just reset and reinstall apps. I have nearly all my data backing up to the cloud or saving on my SD card. I think the battery life seems a little better too but time will tell. Charging the battery now for the first time in a few days. Phone seems to run faster too. Time will tell though… ūüôā¬†

    • Anonymous

      Thank you!¬† My phone had the low space message after trying to update.¬† My suggestion is to uninstall apps you don’t need or that are large because I followed all the steps the first time and still got the low space message, then had to delete apps and wipe cache again like suggested in your instructions.¬† Thanks for these instructions, I was so frustrated!

    • Hmax23

      I made a bad mistake somewhere and need help. ¬†I was stepping through the above procedure and when the I rebooted everything was gone. ¬†I had to interface with Verizon to get the phone back operational, but they couldn’t get 3G working. ¬†Is there anything that can be done to get things working?



    • Tony

      Worked like a charm. Thanks!

    • Jason Matthews

      Somebody have babies with this person so his offspring can continue to be super helpful to the rest of the world when we’re in desperate need of IT support.

    • I’ve done this three times. Each time, the phone downloads the update but when it says it’s rebooting, it freezes and the screen returns to home. FINALLY, after performing the above instructions by Fazer, I think IT’S WORKING! I got the green reboot arrow. Woo hoo! Fingers crossed…

    • Rafael Castilla

      Thanks a lot, Fazer!  It took several attempts and a lot of clearing of application data, but it finally worked.

    • Carlo

      I have search everywhere trying to fix this problem.  Seriously ty very much!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    My phone prompted me for an update this week.¬† But, when I pressed “Update Now” nothing happened.¬† Just sent me back to my home screen.¬† Still on 2.2.

  • Mark

    Same problem here with the 2nd update. Very frustrating. Whatever you do, don’t plug it into your laptop or PC until the bug gets fixed. I did this and it froze my computer and now the phone keeps rebooting every 10 minutes or so…Ugh..

  • Hmax23

    I got the update but didn’t install it. ¬†I wanted do some research first. ¬†Now the notification is gone. ¬†Will I eventually get another notification?

  • R2D2

    Couple of days ago I received the upgrade message and successfully installed “Android version 2.3.4 Builder number 4.06.605.3” with a lot of issues like missing apps and battery issues.

    Today very early in the morning I received another update notification, I acepted it and successfully installed “Android version 2.3.4 Builder number 4.08.605.2” as a result I got back all the missing apps, but the battery is draining faster than ever.

    Any idea on hoew to fix this issue?

  • Ashleya

    How do I get the update after I clicked Install Later?

  • Deiler

    What a mess. ¬†I got the second update this morning, but it failed because it said there was not enough space. ¬†The newest update is supposed to address the low space issue, but the low space issue keeps it from updating. ¬†Now I can’t seem to get the update to be pushed to me again. ¬†I called HTC and they said I just have to wait. ¬†They said it could happen today, or it could be as long as 14 days. ¬†Grrrr….¬†

  • I already have the 2.3 installed. I am installing the upgrade now. So far no problems

  • Ryan Williamson

    Just received update. Seems good so far.

  • Anonymous

    My youngest son and I have identical Verizon Droid HTC Incredibles, only difference being that mine is successfully rooted (never caused a single problem) and his isn’t.¬† We both received notification of the system update yesterday and clicked “Install Now”.¬† His installed and rebooted successfully, and he is now at Android level 2.3.4.¬† When I clicked “Install Now”, that screen went away and absolutely nothing else happened.¬† If I check for system updates under settings, I am told my system is up to date.¬† It isn’t. I am still on Android 2.2.¬† So now what???

  • JMurda578

    Got the update but now when I try and view my pictures it says there nothing there and when I take pictures it still says this

  • Dave

    Yesterday I received the update to 4.06 and all the crap that followed.
    This morning I was prompted to update to 4.08.  I accepted but after reboot it stated that I did not have enough free memory to install the update.
    When I checked the memory I have 5 of 7.4GB available on the SD card and 537 of 748MB available on the phone memory.How is THAT a memory issue.  They really need to figure this out, and soon.

    • Anonymous

      try clearing your Mail trash folders.  That process gave me all the space needed.  Apparently when you delete an email, it goes to Trash and stays there indefinitely.

      • Dave

        I just tried what JasonSCarter suggested about changing the time to force the update. ¬†That seemed to work as it downloaded the update, until it got to the “reboot” portion of the install where it hung up indefinitely…

  • Oh and in my settings is says “4.3” WVGA resolution”…even though my Incredible is a 3.7″ AMOLED lol

  • Was told to download another update last night but it said I didn’t have enough phone app memory…so I cleaned it and tried again but it said i was already up to date…did I miss out on anything cool? ¬†I got 2.3.4 already yesterday morning..

    Oh and Launcher EX is sooo much nice looking than Sense…especially since I’ve had Sense since April 2010 lol

  • Chris Dugger

    4.08 was received last night around midnight… ¬†East Coast Time. ¬†Installed and all is good…

  • Ben Shroyer

    Received OTA to 2.3.4 build 4.06 yesterday morning
    Waited until yesterday afternoon because I knew there were issues with it
    Pressed install progress bar completed screen went back to  home screen and update was gone forever
    waited the day, did the *#*#checkin#*#* and did menu settings system updates several times -impatient, I was
    called HTC this morning
     informed that 4.06 was released on accident yesterday and the full 4.08 build was pushed out last night and should be going out in waves

  • Anonymous

    oh geez…I got on XDA where someone had posted the new .Zip file for the 4.0.8 update.¬† I tried to manually update it and it didn’t work either.¬† When it came back up, it said I still didn’t have enough space.¬† The low disk space error wasn’t present before I shut down.¬† This is stupid.¬† I guess the only other thing I can try is a factory reset, and do the update before I add any apps or set anything else up.¬†

  • RJ

    On 2.3 and just got the 4.08 update.

  • Saz00oo55

    I got the 2nd update last night but it did not install because of low memory and now its gone.
    I tried setting clock to 1230am this morning and tommorrow morning still nothing. I tried typing *#*#2432546#*#* which forces a check in. I get a message that says check-in successful but still nothing. Do we need to uninstall the “hello fota” that ran right before I got the message couldn’t install due to low memory?

  • Kylemartinis22

    I’m on 2.3.4 now.. got a new update this morning…but I said not enough memory try again later…how do I try again ? Stupid

    • Deiler

      I had the same experience. ¬†The newest update is supposed to address the low space issue, but the low space issue keeps it from updating. ¬†Now I can’t seem to get the update to be pushed to me again. ¬†What a cluster-f$*%

  • Anonymous

    Person on Verizon forums siad to:  Manually change the time on your phone to 12:30am today. This will trigger an automatic check in with the update servers and you will get the appropriate update.
    For people who the update failed the first time…try that.

    • Michael Aaron Mann

      Were you able to get the phone to reboot? I tried the 12:30am trick and it worked but can’t reboot.¬† HTC said i would “just have to wait until i got it again”.

    • Dave

      I tried this and it downloaded and installed until it got to the reboot portion and it hung up. ¬†I tried hardbooting it but then it wouldn’t turn back on. ¬†I removed the battery and it did turn back on but still with the 4.06…

  • Anonymous

    Same problems here…got the 4.0.8 update notification this morning, but it didn’t install due to “low disk space.”¬† Sad that the bug they are trying to fix with the new build is so bad, it prevents us from going to the new build.¬† I have 550MB free…and the update is only 8MB.¬† Can’t find a way to attempt the update again as well.¬† Stupid.¬† In reality, I am starting to hate OTA updates.¬† I wish it was a manually download.

    • Chrisb

      I have this same exact problem. Not sure how to initialize the update now.

  • Adam Wood

    I was updated to 2.3 yesterday and I just received the 4.08.605.2 update about 40 minutes ago.

  • Bmf978

    I updated to 2.3.4 a few days ago. This morning i woke up to another update. It tried to install but failed due to the Low Disk Space error. After clearing some data out of the apps i restarted my phone but now the update is gone and I can not find it again.

    • Scorpiogrl7

      Exactly the same thing happened to me. Supposedly, tonight another update will be pushed out.

    • Gemininosferatu

      Same thing here – got the 2.3.4 update and then the 2nd update came
      through the next morning, and it failed because of a “Low Disk Space”
      error… and now when I check for system updates, it says “Your system is
      currently up to date,” even though I’m still on 2.3.4.¬† (Build 4.06.605.3)¬† I’ve done just
      about everything I could think of to reduce memory usage, including
      moving everything that I could to the SD card; clearing caches; deleting
      my call history, text messages, and internet histories; and of course just restarting the damn thing… but I still have that error in my status bar.¬† (Though restarting DID work – for about a half-hour)

      Does anyone know if uninstalling “hello, FOTA” and trying the update again is a *bad* idea?¬† I gather that it’s related to this issue.

      • Angela Harbaugh

        Same problem as you guys. Wasn’t banking that the second push to my phone of 4.08 would work either and the Verizon tech guy said could be a day, could be a week…with a screwed up phone?? ¬†PASS. so I backed everything up and did a Factory Rest that I really would rather avoid, BUT it worked. Came back easily, smooth, the 4.08 update popped right in after dialing *228 to activate. ¬†
        –and knock on wood, no low data message in two days and the battery seems to last longer- even with me reinstalling apps, playing around with it more than normal.¬†
        Good luck guys!!

  • Mprocter2010

    Tried to download patch. Said it couldn’t install due to….LOW MEMORY. Is this a joke? What a cluster.

  • Kreativ31

    Update ruined my phone.
    Downloaded hot fix, which made me able to send messages but slowly..
    still have storage notifications, including pop up everytime I open browser.
    dial doesnt work half the time, no more contacts and force close popups every couple minutes for services I have never even heard of.

    this is a joke
    HTC, smd

  • Jacob

    I was running android 2.2, and first received the original update to android 2.3 (4.06.605.3). ¬†Then a day later, I received an update with the fixes (4.08.605.2). ¬†Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough memory to complete the second update, so it stopped, and now I can’t figure out how to reinitiate it!

    • Mb0320tb

      Same problem. I received the first update last night (4.06.605.3), then got a notification about the second update (4.08.605.2) and it gave me the same error message. So…you’re not alone on that one.

      Seems like there are a lot of people experiencing the same thing but no solutions. Ugh.

  • Jhl3

    Just got the prompt for the 4.08 update on east coast @ 2am. Tried to install and received a low memory message….

  • I got 4.06 update at 5pm(11/14) yesterday, and got another update to 4.08 at 10pm today(11/15).

  • Geoff

    got 2.3.4 this AM

  • Deiler

    Just spoke with HTC.   They are aware of the problems with this OTA update on the Droid Incredible.  He said that he has been getting calls about it all night.  He read me a notice that Verizon had issued saying that they are working with Google, Verizon, and HTC to fix it.  And they will be sending out the update tomorrow (11/16/11), over the air.

    • hope to fix battery life problem.

    • According to the Tech Bulletin 4.08, the new update should just fix all the 4.06 problems.¬† But, what a sucky way to get Gingerbread!¬† Hurry Nexus, Hurry!

  • Deiler

    Ugh, my gmail account (contacts, gmail, etc) is now broken after this update. ¬†It is no longer syncing. ¬†I can’t even force it to sync.

  • Anonymous

    It did kill all apps on the SD.¬† It made them appear only in the Settings -> Manage Applications -> “All apps” tab as package names only.¬† I had to uninstall and reinstall.¬† Same for my coworker, but she had more apps on SD than me and lost Angry Birds and Pocket Legends too.¬† I would be a little pissed if I lost Angry Birds after as much casual gaming time as I have put into it on nights and weekends to get where I have.¬† LOL.

    Can they not warn you to move everything from SD to the phone *before* the update is kicked off?

    • had to redownload most of my apps, including angry birds…ya, a nice little note to remove my card woulda been nice

  • Anonymous

    And… it took only 12 hours for the “Low on memory” errors to show up.¬† Dang… I hope the fix build for this fix build comes soon!

  • Ramhead1

    Got mine when I turned the phone on this morning–started the download on its own.Works great,no problems at all.

  • I¬†received¬†the Update this morning after going to¬†version¬†every 2 weeks for the last 2 months asking where my update was.¬†Received¬†a replacement device that was suppose to have the update but didn’t. The build is stable and it brought my incredible up to 2.3.4.

  • Did you lose root? If so, how long for unrevoked to crack it?-

  • Dincman

    I bought a Dinc about six months ago to tide me over until the next great phone that tickled my fancy. I bought the dinc specifically because it had good Dev support. I immediately s-off and rooted, and have been happily on Gb rims since.

    What I don’t understand is why anyone on droid-life wouldn’t have done the same? Or even if it is your wifes phone, as seems to be common, do it for her? I mean c’mon, these devices can’t still be under warranty, so why not? Why be dependent on the corporate overseers?

  • Battery life is worse since the upgrade. Probably by about 20%.

  • Big Chris

    I use MIUI. I’m on the latest 1.11.14

  • Jhl3

    So, update to 4.06.605.3 breathes a bit of new life into the dinc. Battery life is worse by about 15-20%. Anyone else experiencing this?

    • Anonymous

      agree.  Battery life is definitely worse after the update.  More than 20% faster drain on my DInc

    • Saz00oo55

      Yes but this is the update that is supposed to be patched just don’t know when

  • Sap3069

    I had the z4root but after the update  i got today the phone is all screwed up. drops bluetooth calls and all kind neat stuff. Its 2.3.4 with a 4.06.605.3  CL140944 release keys build. Is there a root app that will work for this now or do I need to wait before I try to do something?

  • Not trying to troll at all, but my Apple just released iOS 5.0.1, and I got it the same day. Google really, really needs to do something about how long it takes before they release source code until the time carriers and OEMs make it available. Also, they need to do something about how long the support is. Apple traditionally supports all phones for 3 years after the initial release for a device. Google needs to provide something similar. The Galaxy Nexus is what people should start moving toward, and say goodbye to all of these other phones with lackluster and spotty support.

    FWIW, I’m not an Apple fanboy, even though I own an iPhone. I’m a Linux user, and supporter of all OS’s, especially open source ones. However, I do believe Apple does some things much better, and support is one of them. They just strangle their users with their Orwellian culture. Odd, since the big commercial they rave about is Apple going against the Orwellian regime.

  • Jamescasanova813

    I got prompted and am currently running 2.3.4

  • Anonymous

    Don’t do the factory reset, just unMount then reMount the SD card.¬† Restart once (while SD card is unmounted) ¬†if it does not work the first time.

  • Anonymous

    Got the 87.8MB update and got the 4.06 build not the 4.08.  Un-Mounted and Re-mounted my SD card and all the apps in the SD card came back.  Pesky LOW MEMORY Icon would not go away.

    • Deiler

      I can’t get the low memory icon to go away either.

      • Anonymous

        I think I got it.  Scoured the web and found that a bloated Mail app is the culprit.  I went into all my TRASH folders and permanently deleted all previously deleted emails..  Apparently when you delete an email, it just goes to Trash folder and stays there indefinitely. 

        I followed this process and the Low Memory Icon went away, checked my Mail app and the file was reduced by about 10MB after all the deletions. 

        Good Luck

  • Connor O’Neil

    showed the update notifcation, clicked download, then it disappeared and didn’t download anything, still on 2.2

    • kevvvvv

      same here

    • Drew

      Same thing happened to me.

    • Fighterace

      I’m with you. Doomed to 2.2. It did the countdown then said ‘your device is up to date’. Without ever restarting.
      I’m rooted with stock rom.

    • John

      same here and im not rooted

    • plsm

      same thing happened to me, my husband’s updated fine this morning and his says 2.3.4

  • friend’s rooted/s-off (but otherwise stock) OG DInc got an OTA update last night. He’s still on Android 2.2.

  • John Shaw

    Wondering if this has happened to any one else after getting the update for this:

    My wife is currently on a road trip and received notification about the update. Thinking it was an update for something in the Market, she went ahead and installed the 2.3.4 update.

    After the update, her contacts are all now messed up and apparently they have been reverted to when she first setup her contacts on her phone. So, in essence, she’s lost about 150 new contacts since originally getting a phone. I’m not entirely sure if she had contacts syncing with Google or not, but figured I’d put out a feeler and see if anyone else had this issue.

  • Daoneok

    Today just got update version 2.3.4; Build number 4.06.605.3.

  • John Davids

    I told my buddy who owns this phone to try, as he has been stuck on 2.2 stock, zero roots, forever. When he first tried it told him there was no update. About an hour later it posted the 2.3.4 update. He accepted and installed. Now he is totally screwed. The update bricked his Google Account. He can no longer sign in to any google account on the web, not on his phone. Furthermore the preboot environment will not load on his phone preventing him from reverting the OS. The only thing the phone can do is text and make phone calls. Everything else is bricked.

    • CMo

      Same thing happened to me. He’s probably getting the Low Memory notification. If he moves all his apps to his SD card and clears out his texts,¬†the low memory thing will go away. Once that happens, you can sync your Google accounts and Google Talk will work again as well.

  • 123abcbird

    p.s. The update didn’t come with the famous “Gingerbread keyboard” though? ¬†Not sure what’s wrong.

  • Bmf978

    Anyone else have this update remove apps from your phone?¬† I lost dropbox, imdb, keyring, and some others. The market shows that¬†I haven’t downloaded them yet.

    • Chris Dugger

      Anything that was loaded on the SD card needs to be moved back to the phone (hard reboot) and then back to the SD card… ¬†It is a known bug…

      • Dennis McCracken

        Not true. ¬†Unmount and remove the sdcard. ¬†Reset the phone. ¬†Reinstall the sdcard. ¬†Problem fixed ūüėČ

    • Bmf978

      The unmount and remounting the card a few times worked. They are back

  • 123abcbird

    Got it at 11pm last night. ¬†Only minor changes noticed so far (had trouble w/apps on SD card – just need to mount and remount card a few times and ¬†they’re working now). ¬†Sadly, I’m still stuck in Droid Random Reboot Hell. Looks like nothing can fix that. ūüôĀ ¬†

  • Anonymous

    can anyone put this up for download? says im up to date(i am 2.3.4 but my baseband and build are not)

  • Jason King

    Mine downloaded in the middle of night while sleeping.  Installing 2.3.4 now.  It was 87MB in size.

  • Beth Ruths

    I did a factory reset on mine as I was also having the lovely low internal memory alert along with the phone not recognizing that I had apps on my SD card. All seems well now though. 

  • Beth Ruths

    An update… I had to factory reset my phone as it wasn’t recognizing any installed apps I had moved to the SD card… and I was getting the low internal memory alert. ūüôĀ Otherwise, it all looks good.¬†

  • Elplaga08

    My girlfriends phone got the update months ago but I just got the prompt. I clicked ok but it disappeared instead of downloading. Is this because I’m rooted? I really want that update

    • Wrigbone

      I’ve posted on here since last night about that. Same thing happened to me even though all I have is root with no custom rom. From what I’m reading around the net is that is prolly the case for us. Choice = unroot and get this crappy buggy thing or wait for a captured rooted version.

  • Justin

    Had to factory reset my Incredible after this update. Phone could not load HTC Sense and was unusable. Not too happy about that.

  • Nico

    Bit of a tangent, but my Eris is on its last legs and I want a GNex, but I don’t think I’ll quite make it.¬† If I get a Razr or Rezound now, and I use the new-every-two thing from Verizon, then later trade it back in for a GNex, would I still get the new-every-two discount?¬† Or can I just not use said discount the first time for the Razr/Rezound?

    • Ruel Smith

      Galaxy Nexus is just a couple of weeks away. You can’t hang on for just a couple more weeks? I’d try… Forget the Razr and Rezound.

      • Nico

        The trackball’s been fubar for months, it’s only a matter of time before it shorts out completely.¬† That, and it’s slow, awful, and I’m growing increasingly impatient since I’ve been wanting to upgrade to something since September.

  • Toddab7

    all the comments about issues caused me to pause before allowing the update. Should I do it?  Any tips on prep to minimize issues after the update?

    • Chris Dugger

      Move all you apps off the SD card before you update…. ¬†Once updated, you should be able to move them back without issue.

      • Toddab7

        Thanks for the tip Chris. 
        Would removing the SD card before updating then reinstall after do any good?

  • Ruel Smith

    This is why everyone should just go buy a Galaxy Nexus and show all the smartphone makers what you think of having to wait 11 months to get an OS upgrade from the time it’s dropped by Google. If all the Android users would get Nexus phones, maybe they’ll stop skinning the OS and pumping them full of garbage to get the OS on the phone much quicker.

    Personally, I think part of it is just a lack of desire to put resources onto the project. HTC, Motorola, Samsung and others really just want to sell new phones and have little interest in keeping up phones that have already been sold.

  • Anonymous

    I was updated to 2.3.4 this morning on my stock Incredible.  The phone did a restart and all of my apps were still on it without any major changes and nothing was lost.  I heard Gingerbread is a better system not needing a task manager.  Can anyone comment on that part of it?

    • pj

      Froyo was the first Android update that didn’t need a task manager. This definitely doesn’t need one

      • Anonymous


  • Keith Sumner

    HTC sucks, this is proof.

  • Anonymous

    Woke up to the update prompt this morning…shocked to say the least.¬† I had pretty much given up after they pulled the update months back.¬†

  • Anonymous

    Typing *#*#2432546#*#* into my phone (without hitting send) started the update but theres an issue with the update. it says my screen is 4.3 inch screen and the marketplace shows me sprint apps. i thought this was the issue that was to be resolved but i guess not. its still vs 4.06 and not 4.08

  • Deiler

    I just got the GB update and all of my apps on my sd card are gone.  Ugh.

    I found this temporary solution. http://androidforums.com/htc-droid-incredible/409767-problem-solution-after-gb-update-missing-apps-avoid-reinstalling-try.html

    • Nakouro28

      Same here. It seems like its a new version of Sense also, because the super clock flips the numbers when the time changes. Like the DINC2. Kinda sweet upgrade.

  • Charlie

    got my update this morning – now running 2.3.4, showing as Build number 4.06.605.3 CL 140944

  • Dave

    My phone updated this morning to v2.3.4 but to build No. 4.06.605.3 and NOT 4.08.605.2
    I read that they might have to force out this original build of v2.3.4 before sending out the new build.
    Any word on that?

  • Marty

    My Incredible update was ready this morning from 2.2 to 2.3.4.  All my apps appear to be intact.

  • Anonymous


  • Andrew Simmering

    I got the update around 7:15 after pulling my phone off the charger. ¬†It’s now 9:45 and I just got the 15% battery warning. ¬†This is after not using my phone at all (at work). ¬†I did notice it was also gettting quite warm in my pocket.

    Anyone know what’s up with that?

  • Anonymous

    Two updates are rolling out right now.  The original (buggy) 4.0.6 update, and the new 4.0.8 that fixes the bugs from the original update.  If you never got the original Gingerbread update, you are getting prompted to go to the 4.0.6 buggy version.  If you were already on 4.0.6, you should get prompted to go to 4.0.8.  I just finally got updated to 4.0.6 this morning.  Time will tell how long it will be before I can get the 4.0.8 version that fixes all the bugs.  Market still says Sprint, but it appears I can at least get text messages.

    • Dave

      Same here. ¬†I just went to 4.06 this morning. ¬†I wish there was a way to FORCE the 4.08 update now as I’ve lost some apps etc…

      • Evileclipse

        Go to settings, time and date, uncheck automatic and change date to last year. Go to software updates, try it, then try again. It should be there now. If any problems , I can help

    • Deiler

      I went to 4.06 this morning too and now I am missing all of my apps on my sd card.

      This was helpful.

    • Anonymous

      yes, 2.2 to 2.3 4.0.6 for me also.

      But no issues since putting apps on the SD card is worthless for the Incredible anyways, So I have none on it.

  • Both my wife and I received the update this morning. Android v. 2.3.4 / Software# 4.06.605.3

    • webby

      +1 … got the same update last night. ¬†Fone runs noticeabley snappier. ¬†Haven’t noticed any problems yet.

  • Andy Christiansen

    just checked my gf’s phone this morning and the update was there. i’ll have to check later and see what’s up with it

  • Anonymous


  • Droidlife

    Mine says 87.8mb.  I am currently moving all my apps from SD card to phone before updating.

  • Anonymous

    I was sitting on 2.2 but I got the update this morning and I am running 2.3.4 now.¬† Finally…..

    Can’t wait for to buy a Nexus so I don’t have to wait for updates like this in the future.

  • Anonymous

    I’m hungry

  • Chris Dugger

    Has anyone actually received the proper 4.08.605.2 update?

    Looks like allot are finally getting the buggy 4.06.605.3 version that screws up app’s on the SD card / Gives you the Location Menu on boot up / and the Sprint Tab in the Market…

    So…. ¬†Let’s see who get the 4.08

  • Hamforce2010

    After update still get the wonderful low disk space warning…:(

    • Saz00oo55

      What build version do you have?

  • Saz00oo55

    Got mine this morning. 2.2 to 2.3.4 build 4.06.605.3
    I tried *#*#2432546#*#* to see if I would get the build update but I haven’t. So now I have the low memory and apps on SD not working (moving them back to phone seems to help most of them). And I hope I don’t have the “cant receive text” problem. I will update if/when I get the build update.

  • Psydeways

    Verizon Incredible updated today to 2.3.4 build 4.08.605.3 (slightly newer than above!). Not surprised I had to update a few apps. No probs noticed so far. I also see Sprint tab in Market app on my unrooted verizon phone. Wife’s phone, same, although she received notification of new Data Usage widget (I have the widget, but didn’t get a notification). SD card apps seem fine so far.

    Good luck.

  • Ice456789

    My wife’s phone upgraded to 2.3.4 as well.

    Notice that everyone’s wife has this phone? How did all the women end up with it? Let me guess… all the guys have the OG. That’s what I’ve got.

    • Anonymous

      LOL, I had the OG, but upgraded to a used incredible sometime this summer when I was itching for something with a little better performance.

    • BananaDan

      My fiancee has stock Inc, I have rooted Inc running cm7. She got the update this morning, I’ll check it tonight.

  • Anonymous

    My wife’s phone updated last night. Not the build number you listed above, though. It’s the same build as the manually installed version that I downloaded when it first started to roll out.

  • Tzoller

    Received last night:
    build 4.06.605.3
    version 2.3.4
    display 4.3 inch wvga resolution
    wifi 802.11 b/g

  • Jksigmon

    My wife got her update this morning….funny cause I got mine back when they pushed it out in September. ¬†

  • Anonymous


  • Uncagedchipmunk

    Running S-Off + Rooted and tried “checking in” to my surprise popped up Gingerbread! installed but stayed at the Rebooting phase. (Phone didn’t freeze) Restarted phone manually with Quickboot and nothing happened. Unrooted now and checked in with no update now ūüôĀ

  • Good post!

  • Ś≠¶šĻ†Ś≠¶šĻ†,ŚĘěŚä†Áü•ŤĮÜ

  • Á¨¨šłÄś¨°śĚ• Ťł©Ťł©

  • Kirkdm92

    My droid incredible is being updated to 2.3.4 and is 87.8mb in size!!!

  • Tonythoj

    Got it 2.3.4 but all my app saved on my SD card got corrupted in the process. Had to download all app again.

  • Meliku18

    I just got mine, got stuck on droid eye, master reset, still got stuck, left it there for a couple mins and it booted, probably didn’t have to master reset lol, oh well

  • Anonymous

    My unrooted Incredible has had gingerbread since September…..

  • Opher Banarie

    Daughter’s DINC is now 2.3.4! ¬†That’s TWO OTA upgrades of the FOUR DINCs we own. ¬†So HTC gets credit for 1/2 right? ¬†WRONG! ¬†NEVER buying an HTC phone again.

  • kevvvv

    Itasked me to install it and i clicked aaccept or whatever and it never rebooted… iv been doing the phone number and checking for updates constantly but nothing still… I hate my life. And iv restarted my phone in the process

    • Wrigbone

      Are you rooted? I had the same thing happen. Just trying to.figure out if all of us that had this happen are unrevoked.

      • Jpesh

        I think so, I was rooted using unrevoked. ¬†I then got s-ON and flashed stock 2.2 rom today and checked for updates, saw the 87 MB update, downloaded it, hit reboot and nothing happened… FML

      • kevvvv

        I was but I unrooted quite some time ago

    • Toddab7

      I had the same thing happen. I finally decided to try the update and after the countdown to restart it did not restart and changed to “your system is currently up to date”. Restarted and same thing. Still shows ver 2.2.
      I’ve never been rooted.

    • John

      same thing happened and im not rooted and never have been

  • Fox

    Umm I got the update to gingerbread the first time (build 4.06.605.3) Didn’t realize people were still waiting. Have to say though that that update caused my dinc to start messing up. Random glitches with the most annoying being the constant recurring low memory warning despite wiping almost everything off of my phone. I wouldn’t mind going back to froyo! oh and no i didn’t get this new update

  • Geo40

    Just received mine. 10pm PST. ¬†I’m in CA. ¬†Build 4.06.605.3 ¬† ¬† GB 2.3.4
    Is this the newest or that buggy one?

  • TrojanFan

    Non rooted stock Dinc… I got the 2.3.4 update back in September… Thought that everyone did too. No update currently showing for me, although the build number reference in the post is higher than what I currently show. Unless this new build fixes the memory issue, which the upgrade to gingerbread didn’t in September, can’t say I really care about it.

  • Nativesonking

    Just updated to 2.3.4

  • Edwinrivera7

    Just got the update but the build is 4.06…

  • Me

    Getting the updates. It’s 80+ megs

  • Anonymous


  • Kmtret14

    Getting it meow!

  • Tmccu006

    Just did the¬†*#*#2432546#*#* process and about 3 minutes later a system update screen came up…..in process now (Norfolk, Va)

  • Rctsquared

    Just checked my dinc stock 2.2 update is 87.6mb

  • pj

    I got updated to 2.3.4 almost two months ago. Only a couple small changes and its a horribly buggy rom. I wish I’d never updated from froyo. Hopefully I can pull this update and get a couple fixes out of it. Noone got the update in September?

    • They stopped the updates back then to Incredibles because they were loaded with bugs…I went into a Verizon store after seeing that I was on 2.2 and my co-worker had 2.3.4…then Googled it…they pulled the update super quick cuz everyone was having problems. ¬†My phone is workin fine now that I got it but it doesn’t look 100% like Gingerbread other than I got the flip clock back and the font is a little different.

  • pjay

    Just got mine 2.3.4 but doesn’t look like gingerbread.

    • Justin

      maybe cause it has HTC sense UI?

    • Did you loose dozens of apps after the update…cuz I did…

  • webby

    Got it. ¬†Installing now …

  • Dadwin

    Just update

  • i am on Nils biz 3.5 and i am still getting the notice to update.. ??? wierd..¬†

  • is there any way to change the look of the pinpad unlock?

  • Jway320

    The update came, but I was updated to 4.06.605.3  The old version.  With all the problems.

  • Crawford720q

    Just updated my son’s phone to 2.3.4, I’m not sure if that is the most current? ¬†

  • Dinc-u-bator

    I’m so excited I can barely contain my yawns.

  • Wrigbone

    Been doing the #*#* thing to try to get it back and before it was saying “Check Successful” but didn’t actually trigger anything. Now it doesn’t even give me that message.

  • HighDef

    Not showing up for me yet with stock Froyo. Hopefully this update will *not* wipe out apps on the SD card.

  • I have SkyRaider 4.3, which is running android 2.2, and I got the update notification. ¬†Updating from a custom ROM I assume will break things. But I also thought OTA updates would’ve been blocked by the ROM.

    The big question is… is it worth updating?

    • phoenix3265

      I’m in the same boat as you… I actually thought it was my phone goofing off since I’m on SkyRaider and I thought the update was done long ago…

      Right now I’m trying to figure out where the update was downloaded so I can erase it and get rid of the notification

      • Doxola

        Make room for one more on that boat…

  • Beth Ruths

    Just received an update message for 2.3.4 for my DInc. Doing back-ups now… just in case it all blows up. ūüôā¬†

  • Sshreffler

    Just updated to 2.3.4 apparently that I’ve tried to load and wouldn’t. Now do. Seems s bit smoother too

  • Wrigbone

    I got an unexpected notice to upgrade my Android and it said phone would reboot but nothing happened. Tried a few suggestions from here but still nothing. I have unrevoked my phone but no custom roms. Would this prevent me from getting the update? I think I would rather have Gingerbread than a rooted phone right now.

  • I just got updated to Version 2.3.4 from 2.2, took about 20 minutes. ¬†Seems a little snappier.

    • Anonymous

      are you seeing Sprint in the Market instead of Verizon? 

  • Hamforce2010

    just got it 2.2 to 2.3.4

  • Kellygh523

    Running 2.2 Even with reboot, phone says “system is up to date.”

  • Purpleglitter39

    Mine just updated

  • Jway320

    did the *#*#checkin*#*# and the update went from 2.2 to 2.3.4

    • Wrigbone

      It’s *#*#2432546#*#* and I’ve tried it like 7 time already…arg!

  • Anonymous

    finally dumped my Dinc for the Razr. ¬†What a change…..

    Anyone want a Dinc

    • Keyan X.

      I DO!

    • Keyan X.

      If you’re serious email me: Khaoszr @ gmail.com

  • guest

    Mine has downloaded, but it’s cycling through trying to start up and getting stuck on HTC Sense, which won’t launch. Any thoughts?

  • Anonymous

    Bad news, folks.  Apparently, this is the same build that was released previously.


    • Anonymous

      yea what a crock.  i figured it would be corrected.  so all done with dinc.

  • Anonymous

    Have a stock DINC with 2.3

    It’s had 2.3 for some time now.

  • Anonymous

    GB coming through for my wife right now.¬† Completely stock and not rooted.¬† She’s happy.

    Happy wife – happy life!

  • Mine updated but now the pinpad to unlock the phone is uglier than before.

  • JJ

    Wife’s stock 2.2 Inc just got the update for 2.3.4 after dialing *228.

  • still on 2.2 and my phone says “phone up to date”…sigh

  • Marty

    I checked for updates. None. No update here for my Incredible. Still 2.2

  • Anonymous

    Woohoo!¬† It finally booted okay.¬† It killed four or five Amazon Appstore apps that had installed to SD without my permission – just showed the package names in the “Manage Applications” screen and the stock Android icon for each on my home screens.¬† I uninstalled them and reinstalled – everything is SOOOOOO much faster now!¬† It all looks basically the same, but the phone boots faster, has faster screen transitions, opens the stock mail app faster (somehow), and did I mention it boots so much faster now?¬† The phone goes from powered off totally to useable in just a few seconds now.¬† Awesome!!!

    EDIT: Oopsie! It shows SPRINT in the Market. HAHA! Everything else works, so I don’t care that much.

  • Rational Man

    Typing *#*#2432546#*#* into my phone (without hitting send) started the update

  • wife’s rooted non stock rom is asking to DL this update… odd

    • Doxola

      My rooted non-stock rom is also asking to DL 2.3.4.

  • I just checked my bone stock Dinc and sure enough it was prompting me to start the system update to 2.3.4. It’s running now, hopefully it works well for me.

  • Dana Swanstrom

    Wife’s Incredible is updating as I type this

  • Same old f’ed up problems…app gone…sprint in the market

  • Anonymous

    It’s update to an update. My¬†wife’s¬†phone received the first 2.3 update, but afterwards, she could receive text or¬†voice mails¬† Verizon wanted me to replace my phone with Incredible 2, but it wan’t under warranty. So I had to call HTC and the lady was super helpful.¬†

    She led me to a download link to an apk that  was a hotfix and immediately fix her issue.

    I actually posted this back in September on RootzWiki http://rootzwiki.com/topic/5667-hotfix-text-voicemail/

  • Justin

    Yep my rooted droid incredible 2.2 is showing an update. It is 87.8MB. I hope somebody finds a root method for the 2.3.4 update becasue i cant make a backup in ROM manager anymore and there is no way i am installing a custom ROM without a backup.

    • Anonymous

      If you’re already S-OFF (which I’m assuming you are since you’re rooted), the 2.3.4 update isn’t gonna change that. And why don’t you just do your backups manually in recovery? ROM manager is known to be somewhat of a buggy POS (no disrespect to koush).

      • Justin

        i dont think i have S-OFF. thanks for the suggestion about trying it in recovery. ill try that. anyways i tried to install the verizon update and it sort of froze up on me so i rebooted and now it says it is up to date but still says 2.2 lol/

        • Justin

          nevermind i do have S-OFF, and your backup suggestion worked.

          • Anonymous

            Cool, post up here if you need any help.

  • Dan

    No update on my Inc stock unrooted, in North Carolina. Been checking for the last few minutes, and nothing.

    This is a 1.5 year old phone though… no front camera to benefit from GB; I don’t see the need for GB if there are no feature or speed updates. I’m just limping along until I can get the Galaxy Nexus…

  • Justanobservation

    isn’t the latest version of Android 2.3.7? Android has some serious fragmentation…if this isn’t fragmentation I don’t know what is

    • Guest


      • Justanobservation

        I am but I shouldn’t have to to get updated to an old version of Android, debloat, fix battery issues or bugs

  • webby

    Stock Inc, version 2.2, No update available

  • Anonymous

    Richmond, VA 2.2 updating to 2.3.4…. Norfolk, VA still 2.2 and “your system is currently up to date”

  • Anonymous

    Glad it’s coming.¬† Looking forward to having GB.¬† But – damn you HTC – my next device is going to be the Nexus.

  • Anonymous

    i have my old Incredible that my kids play with(no service on it). I just checked and nothing. then i did the *#*#checkin#*#* thing and then rechecked and it prompted me for the update. 87.8 MB. it’s in progress now. (and its over wifi since theres no service on it)

    • Anonymous

      WTF? Now it finished downloading, ask me if i wanted to appy it now and i choose install now. it said it was gonna reeboot and install. but it did nothing. and now the system update say that the system is up to date. i shut it down and turned it back on and nothing……. still 2.2 and no more prompt. so where did the update go?

      • Justin


        • Sovak75

          Just go back into the Settings > About Phone > System Updates and the dialog box should appear again. Had the same issue with a TBold update a while back and that fixed it.

          • Steve

            Nope, that’s too easy to do, everyones tried it.¬† No work.¬† I’ve done the *#checkin dial and just get a checkinsucceeded with no other option.¬† Tried rolling the date forward to 1 year and nothing as well.¬†¬† Still running 2.2 despite multiple reboots.¬†

      • Lvin

        same here!!

      • Wrigbone

        Any luck? I got a notification that a new version was ready and the phone would reboot but nothing happened. I hear the dl is large…didn’t appear to download anything on mine? I am unrevoked andworried that might be the problem.

        • Anonymous

          i did the unrevoked thing too months ago. i tried afew GB roms. but in september i put a stock 2.2 back on it so i would get the update. now today i got it, it downloadd, but it never restarted when i choose the install now.

          • Anonymous

            its stock now but my s-lock is off.

          • Wrigbone

            Mine is stock also – I just wanted to freeze some bloatware. I unfroze everything after the ota didn’t work but I have not been able to get the offer back.

      • jmailings

        Same here. Is yours rooted too?

  • Rational Man

    Stock DInc, still on 2.2, no updates available.

  • Anonymous

    I just got mine – from 2.2 to whatever this is supposed to be.¬† It’s still in the process of updating.¬† It rebooted 3 times and is stuck at the red Droid eye.¬† It’s been on this eye for 5 solid minutes now.¬† Not looking good, is it?

  • Anonymous

    Not rooted, also just got the prompt. Installing right now…just days before I get the Nexus…great. At least I’ll have 2.3.4 for my backup phone.

  • Anonymous

    “Resolved issue with Verizon category in Android Market.” I hope that means they removed it…

    • Anonymous

      The funny part is that it isn’t resolved.¬† I now see “SPRINT” grayed out under “APPS” in the Market where it used to show Verizon.¬† Even though it looks all drab and gray, I can click it and see a grid of apps that I assume are recommended by Sprint.¬† Oh well…

  • Apingaut

    I gave up waiting for this update some time ago.¬† Custom ROM… soon I’ll get ICS. ¬†Once the next nexus is out = “Lick my sandwich HTC” ¬†

  • Vaporware

    Just got it. Its 87.8MB.

  • Bmf978

    Stock Incredible had 2.2 updating now to 2.3.4 in New York.
    When I first checked it said up to date. As I was backing out the update popped up.

  • Sethial

    Phoenix Arizona and no update

    Still on 2.2

  • Anonymous

    Additionally confirmed on my unactivated Incredible, 87.8 MB upgrade to 2.3.4.

  • Anonymous

    Checked my wife’s total stock DINC, got no updates. Still on 2.2.

    Of course, she is just yelling at me right now to stop playing with her phone, so investigation will continue later.

    • Same, but with my sister’s.

    • Kirkdm92

      restart your phone and then check it should be there

    • Nancy Brodsky

      got mine last night – had to update gmail & gmaps but all else seems OK!!

      • Remymiller

        did you update gmail and gmaps before or after updateing

  • I checked my mom’s phone as soon as I saw this article and it had already downloaded the update and was wanting to restart to install it. Now that it’s finished, it’s gone from 2.2 to 2.3.4.

    • Anonymous

      I got mine to and came here to see if posted yet… listed as 2.3.4 from 2.2 stock

      • Anonymous

        Same here, except mine has been deactivated for months since picked up INC2 (use it as a PMP/alarm)….was suprised to get it, everything seems to run fine

  • hatethanet

    Geez, I wonder if HTC will be this slow to update the Rezound to ICS.

  • I checked in and now it’s downloading!

  • IntlGrizzly

    Why are there Nexus adds on this site?? That’s just a waste. We were already going to buy it anyway..

  • Harve143

    I’ve had gingerbread for a few months

  • Hector De Jesus

    Both of my HTC Incredibles rebooted at random yesterday for no reason. ¬†They also both froze up at the same time and FINALLY I got the update that was promised months ago. ¬†Kinda sucks because I’m probably going to get a Nexus next month. ¬†Oh well… can’t really complain at this point.

    • Orko

      I also got a very strange screen freeze and what appeared to be a random hard reboot yesterday. Then just now I got the prompt to update. Funny thing is, I need this phone for development, since its the only one that I have with Froyo on it. I’ll probably be able to update next week, which will give me some time to watch how smooth the update goes for everyone. ūüėČ

  • MG

    I just got it.

  • Guest

    I’ve been on this since september.

  • Jhl3

    Was running 2.2. Now running 2.34 after the update to 4.06.605.3…. Updated in SC

  • Br27504

    I have a stock non-rooted Incredible. Version 2.2. Just checked for updates.

    “Your system is currently up to date.”

  • SugaShane

    If I may quote Jesus from the big lebowski, “this is laughable, man!”

    • John

      Stfu donny

  • Anonymous

    My wife “accidentally” ran over her DInc, now she rocks the Inc2 already got the GB update… its a great phone for being 3g… Now wheres the Nexus?¬†

  • Just turned on my Incredible to check for this update and there it is. Lets see what happens.¬†
    Now waiting for my official Thunderbolt update.

  • Sparking22

    My mom got the update a few months back that took her to 2.3 but its kinda buggy. so I hope this is a bug fixer

  • Matt

    Just updated Droid incredible non-rooted.  android version 2.3.4  Build number 4.06.605.3 

    • Anonymous

      Hmmm…. I’ve been on this one for a while.

  • Thestuntman

    Stock Incredible running 2.2, just checked and no update available.

  • It’s legit I did the chekin thing went to system updates and its downloading now!¬†
    About damn time 

    • rosario

      Just checked, and system show updating “Android 2.3.4 Upgrade for HTC Incredible.”¬† I’m in California. The update shows, by the way, as 87.8 MB, not 8.6 MB.

      • Tim

        You’re getting the first GG update that was pulled and we are all hoping that this means that the smaller update will soon follow that fixes the issues with that build. A file size that small can only be a patch not a full blown update.

  • And this, ladies and¬†gentlemen, is why I will never buy anything other than a Nexus device from now on. ¬†I will not wait a year to get “updated” to an old version of Android.

    • Sparking22

      Now that verizon is getting a Nexus I plan to sell me Bionic for that afer Xmas ūüôā

      • Billyrouth2000

        I would 2 if the Nexus wasent made out of plastic.

        • Anonymous

          If you ever drop your phone, you’ll be glad it’s made out of plastic. Look at the drop tests comparing the GS2 to iPhone 4.¬†

          • Jarred Sutherland

            Don’t drop your phone …. or just wrap a case around it. I haven’t dropped a phone in over a year now.¬†

          • Gadgetskopf

            Oh, ho, now you’ve jinxed it…

          • Adam Wood

            Screw cases… If your phone can’t take it then¬†there’s¬†a problem. If your carrier won’t insure your phone, then¬†there’s¬†a problem.

  • DMX

    Comments will go as the following:

    Where’s the nexus!!!

    Where’s Gingerbread for my THUNDERBOLT!!!! ¬†HTC FAIL!

    • rikster

      wash rinse and repeat

    • Anonymous

      gingerbread fot the TB has been out for almost 2 months. i got mine OTA in september and then got another small update last month.

      • Droidzzz

        I’m yet to get it and starting to become pissed now.¬† I had ample patience since¬†gingerbread was just going to let me try out a feature I’m not THAT anxious for (face to face chat support through skype and tango).¬† But now I’ve heard rumor that the new software improves battery performance and even if that’s untrue what the hellllllll.¬† This shit was supposed to be¬†finished up a lonnnng time ago and my patience has officially ran out.¬† Couple that in with the fact that the bass has gotten weird on my audio and conveniently HTC has announced their partnership with Beats by Dre (my own little conspiracy theory), HTC can kiss my ass goodbye when it comes time to upgrade. Not to mention they’ve had years to figure out this whole battery thing, yet continue to maintain their rep for smartphone manufacturer with worst battery life as a whole.¬†

  • Cool story bro.
    Still rocking my OG.