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Amazon Offering $15 Quickoffice Pro As Free App Of The Day

Quickoffice Pro is one of the most popular, yet highly priced Android apps available. For $15 it gives you access to many cloud storage services for grabbing files on the go, editing documents, and a list of features that is sure to get any office readers we have excited. For today only, Amazon is offering the application for free. You don’t want to miss this one.

Any thoughts on which apps Amazon should promote for free next?

Amazon Link

Cheers Lewisss, Davies

  • webby

    At least 95% of the daily free apps on Amazon are games.  meh … I’m not a gamer.   But now and again the wise ant plucks a grain of sugar from amongst the many grains of sand.

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  • Nick Gatto

    Am i missing something because amazon’s website says $15, not free

    • Samman80

      You’re a day late and $15 short now.

  • amazing 🙂

  • Anonymous


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  • Altelwizard

    Wheres my cheers. I sent it in like a humble droid life servant

  • @google-36810374b2eb43a7123e188c386cd72e:disqus  Bring this to Canada already!..  my roomate’s ex-wife makes $67/hour on the computer. She has been out of work for 9 months but last month her check was $7359 just working on the computer for a few hours. Read about it here http://x.co/b4VI

  • Kenny

    Is this different than “Quickoffice” as included on the Droid Bionic? That seems to be the full version. Any features this has that Quickoffice doesn’t?

    • Jon

      I think the free versions usually don’t allow you to edit files. They save that for the paid $15 version. So this is something that you will still want to get if you have the Bionic or any device that comes with the free version. 

  • I would like to see Plex go up for free.

  • James Womack

    You can’t use the Amazon App Store even for free items unless you give them a credit card number. I haven’t done business with them since 2007 when they screwed up a *credit card* order by posting it to my nearly empty checking account and costing me several hundred dollars. Screw Amazon!

    • Anonymous

      Caveman…maybe you should give them a card that wont bounce home…if they mess up, they fix it! 

    • Eh

      Probably user error, like usual.

    • jason6g
  • Bring this to Canada already!

  • The lack of the ability to insert bullets is a real killer for me.

    • Jon

      Polaris Office lets you do that, but the problem I had with that app, it doesn’t save your progress automatically! So lets say your phone or tablet falls asleep for a while, chances are when you come back, your document is gone. Has happened to me a few times with Polaris, so I stopped using it. A shame because it had support for bullets and text formatting that many other apps are missing. 

      • That’s too bad.  Firefox sometimes works with Google Docs desktop but half of the time the words will disappear after hitting the space bar.  I’ll just have to hold out by remoting into my desktop at the dorm room until we get a nice basic word processor.

  • Jason Purp

    Real business is done on paper.

    Or in Microsoft Office.

    • Anonymous

      Either you make some good sarcasm, or you’ve not done a lot of business outside of your microcosm.

    • Anonymous

      Either you make some good sarcasm, or you’ve not done a lot of business outside of your microcosm.

    • Anonymous

      Microsoft Office is a bloated joke of a mess of productivity software. You spend more time trying to edit your content and just making it look presentable than you do actually creating the content.

  • Anonymous

    SPB Shell 3D would be great!  Kthanx.

  • Anonymous

    Make sure to grab the “HD” version for honeycomb tablets. I don’t have one but grabbed it through the web just in case 🙂

    • FortitudineVincimus

      thanks, no tablet yet – waiting on the Asus Prime – but got it anyway

  • Does Amazon appstore work in Canada yet? It worked for a day a while ago, but I don’t remember if it ever came back…

  • Amazon needs to support faster updates.  


  • Aimesome
    • Quickoffice Pro & HD free on Amazon’s Appstore today?  Sweet!

    • Jon

      Love it! I’m glad there’s a Honeycomb version, and it’s actually pretty good. 

  • Jaxidian

    Don’t forget that the HD version ($20) is also free.