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Google Maps and Adobe Flash Receive Updates – Live Events for Maps, One of the Last for Flash

A couple of updates to some of our favorite apps are available in the market as I type this. Google Maps jumped to version 5.12.0 and includes live event listings in Places pages for some major global players like New York, San Francisco, Paris, Zurich and London. The GMaps team also removed the “Post to Twitter” option from reviews in Places – is it just me or does that seem really odd? Anyone taking bets on a G+ sharing option soon?

The other update is for Adobe’s Flash Player 11, which as you all know, has essentially been given the ax going forward. In build, we see “performance improvements and bug fixes” that have to do with security and stability. That’s it.

Is this the last Flash update that we will ever see? Tough to tell. I can’t imagine that Adobe would stop putting out security fixes as they are needed. We just won’t be seeing anything new that you would write home to your mother about.

Market Links:  Google Maps | Flash Player 11.1

Cheers to everyone who sent this!

  • Anonymous

    you don’t write to your mom about bug fixes?!? tsk tsk.

  • Research

    Adobe specifically said they will continue to release security and stability updates. So, no, it’s not the last update.

  • Dominick DeVito

    That Rezound is one chubby phone

  • Ricky Grundy Jr.

    with my maps update my icons got changed. (latitude, maps, places, navigation.)

  • Anonymous

    Any NYC’ers figure out how to access this ‘live events listing’ on places pages?  I’m in midtown and can’t seem to find anything…

    And yeah – twitter integrating into iOS 5 makes this removal move seem logical

  • i think i might put a flash logo or something in all the content i build with flash and deliver to ios, android, etc.  hoping to use the new molehill api to create apps similar to http://ecodazoo.com/ geared towards children.  should be an awesome experience on tablets.  the browser plugin is being deprecated guys not the platform.  flash developers would target your mobile devices with air to run as a native app instead of an in browser app.  makes more sense.  do people run html apps through their mobile browsers often (i guess if they are masochists)?  not in practical terms, they run html apps that are compiled to run as native apps.  if anything this may be a referendum on mobile browsers as an environment to run any mobile apps.  people seem to prefer the native experience (they don’t care how the app was developed) on mobiles.  this may change of course with more powerful phones and tablets.  that last bit is why i’m not too sure dropping mobile flash is a great idea.  but we’ll have to see how this all plays out.  also i always wondered to myself, why do you guys have the impression that an html app built to the scale of something like ecodazoo won’t cause you phone to explode?  just like many html sites needed to be reworked to better fit the mobile environment so do many applications (not just flash apps).  developers who want to target all platforms would develop a desktop, and a mobile version.  not try to shoe horn a desktop app into a mobile environment.

  • Claydos66

    on your rezound too.  Awwwwww.  Pretty phone.

  • Anonymous

    Nice to see a Rezound cameo in this post. And I know that is way off topic. DEAL WITH IT.

  • Trooper

    Still old.  Please see my post in the battery cover post K.

  • MFG

    So that super cool 3D graphic processing Flash update is never coming?

  • Anonymous

    Adobe said they would still support Flash with updates for security issues. Im assuming that will be the extent of it. 

  • Trooper


  • GNex

    Why is Flash leaving android?

    • because adobe is abandoning future development of all mobile flash products

    • Anonymous

      Because you touch yourself at night.

      • Anonymous

        you mad bro?

        • Anonymous


  • Jarred Sutherland

    My mother doesn’t even know what flash is, so if I wrote to her about it she would be rather confused.

  • DLife_Rules

    Hey Kellex, how is that Rezound treating ya?  Those Red soft keys look awesome.  I just hope the battery life is decent (i.e. better then the Bionic and RAZR- from the reviews I have read on other sites).  Thanks!

  • i wish my touch buttons were red like that!!!

    a simple how to for hard modding a bionic to have red would be awesome. #WISHES

    • Anonymous

      Red spray paint should do the trick.

  • Billy Jenkins

    With the speed that Android is improving over the years I doubt they would take away one of the biggest features in the web browser. If Adobe is removing flash from Android I’m sure Google will only make it better somehow. I don’t know how but by removing flash from Android doesn’t mean it will make the phones any worse. An Android phone without flash is still better then an Iphone 4s

  • Wonder if ICS will have support for Flash then?

    • im pretty sure it would. i mean isnt flash on android more or less just a plug in for the browser…?

      • Maybe I should have said it the other way around. Wonder if Flash will have support for ICS?

        • they are still having the Open SDK for third party people to make their own changes to flash so just because it wont be official doesnt mean it wont get updates im sure.

    • yes sir, flash content (as well as html) will still be delivered through air for your mobile.