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Best Buy Bringing the Tablet Heat on Black Friday: Asus Transformer for $249, Acer Iconia 7 for $189, Toshiba Thrive for $279

Two weeks from today, many of you will flock to electronics and big box stores to snatch up the amazing deals that they have advertised for Black Friday. One of your stops should probably include Best Buy if tablets were one of your holiday shopping options. In their Black Friday ad that was released to just about every BF site on the planet today, it’s pretty clear that they want to move some tablet inventory.

How does an Asus Transformer for just $249 sound? The Toshiba Thrive at $279? Maybe the Acer Iconia 7 for just $189? By the end of November 25, you might have a family full of Android tablets. 

More tablets:

And a bunch of free phones:

Via:  The Black Friday

  • http://twitter.com/mgil82 Manuel

    I’m deciding between Iconia an Asus tablets, I’m in pro for the
    Iconia because of the USB port, I already have an old Archos 10.1 and I
    can’t imagine a tablet without USB ports, but my doubt is about the LCD
    screen on the iconia vs the LED screen of the Asus? what about it?

    The screen of my archos tablet has a TFT LCD and it really sucks!!!
    the viewing angle is very limited and and the light reflecting over the
    screen. Is there a relevant difference about the screen between the Asus
    and Iconia tablets?

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    I am from Pakistan have some problem like in warranty don’t claim easily in our country no branch of Amazon so if we send in main branch then after two  month clearation so it is not good for me or other our country people we use local china device that not comfortable but clearation easily.

  • Anonymous

    Pretty sure showing harry potter part 2 outside the store constitutes as a public performance and the studio can sue best buy. Thats why radio stations have commercials; to pay the fee they are charged for public performance of songs. Unless BB is charging people to watch this movie, which i doubt they are…

    • BBY Guy

      It’s being setup and produced at the locations by Warner Bros to promote the movie and try to sell even more copies.

  • Anonymous


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001874922537 Will Frame

    I don’t care how cheap they are. I’d pay twice as much if it meant not standing in line with a bunch of spastic, retarded, pushy people. Black Friday shopping is for soccer moms and self-deprecating morons.

  • Dominick DeVito

    With such great smartphones (with big screens) who needs a tablet?

  • Turbine Tech

    Id love to pick up that tv and a transformer, but is it worth it? I wonder how early I’d have to go to get in line…

  • djembeman

    I might go for a Transformer. I decided against spending $750 for the Prime and keyboard dock.

  • Anonymous

    If you have a smart phone and a computer…then what are tablets good for?

    • Anonymous

      Not too much if you have a laptop.   If you have a desktop then it offers you mobility.

      • Dominick DeVito

        See: smartphone 

        • Anonymous

          Try to manage your company’s network from a smartphone remotely on the go. Ok for some basic stuff. However a laptop or tablet is requirement.

  • Anonymous

    Since when did best buy sell the transformer?

    • Bryan Williams

      THey have always had the TF101-A1 and B1.  This is the X1, a best buy exclusive that no one knows what they removed to sell it cheaper. (My guess is the cameras)

      • Anonymous

        When the transformer was first introduced. Best buy didn’t carry it. My boyfriend had to purchase online.

    • Raven

      That is where mine came from back in September.

  • Eric Woodrum

    My question is whether the prices listed are after the $100 “discount”.  While it could be inferred, it doesn’t explicitly state that these prices are post discount.  If all three prices are pre-discount, then we’re talking $149 for the Asus, $179 for the Thrive, and $89 for the Iconia.  I’m not a fan of the contracted mobile hot-spot, but it’d be nice to have one since I work from home, and my internet isn’t 100% reliable. 

  • StormFreak

    Also, before you get too excited. Notice that it says it’s a Best Buy Exclusive… Also, the model and SKU are different from the existing Transformer that is being sold. It is the TF01-X1 as opposed to the TF01-A1. I’m wondering if this model will have less RAM, or be missing a webcam to cut the price down?  And before you say they won’t do that, Best Buy has done this with Asus before. I bought a EeePC from them that was supposed to have a webcam, but there was a Best Buy only model that sold for cheaper without the camera.

    • Anonymous

      They’ve done with this countless devices from multi manufacturers, and often times, it’s just a model# change, and not a hardware change.  I suspect that is the case here, and these will be identical to models available elsewhere.

      • StormFreak

        Possible, but I wonder why they would create a new model number for this sale? They already sell the A1, why can’t they just mark it down to the 249 price for the doorbuster deal?

        • RoyD77

          I don’t know if it’s the case here, but often time it’s to avoid retailers having to honor price matches.  If another store does a price match promise, and you bring in this ad, they don’t have to meet or beat it if they’re carrying the TF01-A1, since this is a lower advertised price on the TF01-X1.  If Best Buy did it with the same model number, than they would have to do it.  It’s also why the make sure to list the model numbers on these ads, instead of just an in store SKU.

  • RoyD77

    Page 7 Also shows the Asus Transformer Keyboard Doc for $99 (Regularly $149).  Total savings of the package – $200 ($350 instead of $550).  Wife has been bugging me for a convertible Android Tablet / Laptop combo.  Sounds like I’ll be hitting up Best Buy at 10pm Thanksgiving night.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=75200646 Stephen Cox

      If you go at 10pm, you might as well forget it.

      If all Best Buys are like mine on Black Friday, you better get there at 10pm on WEDNESDAY to get a deal.

  • Anonymous

    Um how much for a Galaxy Nexus?

  • Worm

    Wow, just noticed that price on the LCD. If that’s correct that’s a hell of a deal. Even though it’s probably 60mhz

    • Anonymous

      Might actually try to get in on this.. at $200, it should make a decent large monitor for PC gaming.. might slap it on the wall next to my gaming PC.  

  • Mike

    Online, too, or just in store? I just grabbed an unopened 32GB Touchpad off Craigslist last week. Looks like I’ll be gifting it and buying the Transformer for myself instead

  • Anonymous

    Is that 42″ Sharp lcd really only 199. That can be right

    • Anonymous

      I was curious about that as well.

    • Anonymous

      I wouldn’t doubt it.  There’s nothing really special about it.  It’s not internet connected, LED, or 3D.  It sort of stinks because I just bought a 32 inch LED for $259, but oh well, it was just for the bedroom, I don’t think I want anything larger than 32 inches for the bedroom anyway.

      • Anonymous

        thats what she said 😉

        sorry i couldn’t help it..

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Brandon-Kirk-Hinson/1401588098 Brandon Kirk Hinson

    *NOTE* Thrive and Iconia require 2-year Verizon Hot Spot contract.

    • Anonymous

      kinda think that might be an additional $100 off the blackfriday deal price with hotspot activation.. 

    • Anonymous

      Tablets can be tethered, via blue tooth sync, requires no app or root access so long as the blue tooth device is up to date

  • Anonymous

    Note the requirements for the price on the Thrive and the Tab 100.

  • Anonymous

    $150 off of the Transformer, when there’s the quad core version *right* around the corner? I’ll pass

    • Anonymous

      True enough, though you could actually get two Transformers for the same price as one Transformer Prime.

    • Anonymous

      Some people rather save the money on something that is just a toy for them. Though I assume it is a toy for most, they just wont’ admit to it. 😛

  • Anonymous

    The free phones are terrible deals…

    • JMac726

      Best Buy always has terrible deals…the average non-tech consumer doesn’t know any better, and trusts Best Buy’s judgement that whatever is advertised is the best available

      • Anonymous

        I used to work for Best Buy (2004-2007) and they used to be a LOT better when they actually had competition.  Although I did just get a Dynex WiFi Blu-ray player with a 6ft Dynex HDMI cable for $49.99 on Saturday (I had $10 in Reward Zone certificates so it was actually $59.99), I don’t care where you go, you’re not going to find a brand new wifi blu-ray player with the HDMI cable for that price.

        • JMac726

          True, you can find good stuff sometimes, but I’ve seen way too many clueless people talked into buying $60 HDMI cables cause it will make the picture better

      • http://twitter.com/fritzo2162 Doug Zbikowski

        So that 42″ Sharp LCD for $199 isn’t hot then?

    • Anonymous

      The Atrix 2 for free is one hell of a deal for AT&T users.

  • http://twitter.com/RobbThundr Robb Manlapaz

    awwwz harry pottorz!!! for 999

  • Anonymous

    So I might actually go out for the madness to snap a transformer.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    No thanks.. I will wait for the 2 things I actually want

    1. Transformer Prime
    2. Galaxy Nexus

    Others need not apply

    • Chris G

      I’m even ok with the Transformer Prime being wifi only if I can root and wifi tether my GNexus.

      • Warden Chinbach

        You can wifi tether it without rooting.

        • Anonymous

          says who.. gnex will not be able to wifi tether without a plan from verizon, or root access.  Verizon isn’t going to let a phone on their network that can wifi tether for free in stock form..

          • Warden Chinbach

            Says who?

          • Anonymous


          • TheAndroid1

            Says the Motorola droid which was a stock device Verizon ripped tethering from.

            Says the Nexus S who carriers ripped tethering from (unless you pay a fee)

    • Mctypething

      Are you getting the Transformer Prime?

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Michael-Forte/542650247 Michael Forte

        Don’t you mean “U getting the Transformer Prime, bro?”

        • Mctypething

          No, that would have gotten flagged, since apparently it’s so offensive. I was being sarcastic. I guess this guy thinks everyone needs to hear he’s getting the Transformer Prime 80 times.

          • Lmrojas

            Good we win you loose. You make really intelligent comments , stick to those they help enhance the community. Dont diminish yourself by trolling the site with annoying comments, you were becoming like Jeff Bernard.

      • Lmrojas

        captain obvious