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Samsung VP Shows Off Galaxy Nexus Features to Fox, Hopes Verizon Lets Us Know a Price and Release Soon

Samsung’s VP of Product Planning Nick DiCarlo, stopped by the set of Fox Business Network yesterday to showcase more of our favorite mystery-dated phone, the Galaxy Nexus. In his brief time on air, DiCarlo dropped a facial unlock on the world followed by Ice Cream Sandwich’s new real-time voice recognition typing feature. The hosts were more-than-impressed I’d say, but that’s not the juicy stuff from this little interview.

When asked when the phone would be available, all he had to say at first was, “Just a little bit later this year.” Pretty vague, right? Then just seconds later the question of price was brought up and he responded with, “Well, hopefully Verizon will let us know very soon. It’s their phone, they know.” Talk about offloading the pressure onto the other guy.

We currently have a couple of potential dates and prices, but again, nothing is official until Big Red makes it official. So far though, we are assuming it will drop in at $299 on contract and about $649 off. The most recent date we saw was November 21 with “web only” availability.

So we ask too, “When, where and for how much, Verizon?”  

YouTube Preview Image

(If that video gets pulled, you can watch it here.)

Cheers Larry!

  • 28

    this video isnt from the “9th”.. it was originally posted on the 1st of Nov.

  • Anonymous

    This device is worth 500 dollars no more no less. It does not have the owww specs like the razor nor the rezound.

    • Anonymous

      the specs are mostly the same, if not better in some ways. why you hating?

      • Anonymous

        I am not hating , i always say that samsung has the best android display, lens, and sensors. The nexus will be great for the geeks but it will not be the best device. We have to wait and see the reviews and which device sells better 🙂

  • Anonymous

    And still no launch date :/

  • whoster69

    The idiot newsreaders at the whore house that is fox are utterly clueless as usual.

  • Anonymous

    Apple better watch out, Samsung is making the news!

  • Ahsan

    Can’t wait for Crapple to announce their brand new face unlock and nfc! “Always innovating!” And soon, widgets! “Our widgets are better than the opposition because we invented them first!!!” SIKE.

  • Anonymous

    I talked to a source today, look towards christmas time

  • Anonymous


  • screw price or any other detail, all we give a $*#& about is a 


  • Dollyllama

    I just got a free text from Verizon to be first to get a Droid Razr on 11.11.11 at 11am…instead of replying x to stop, (even though i know it won’t be read, I replied “No thanks but I’ll take a galaxy nexus please!”

  • Anonymous

    I too went to a VZW store during lunch break. Played with the RAZR.. was not THAT impressed.. I hate the side door for the sd card.. makes it look a bit cheap. The kevlar is actually soft. The display is nice.. but not THAT nice.

    Then i walked over to the iphone 4s and played with it. Did a speed test on it and was getting over 3 Mbps on 3G.. which is really good.

    Truly the iphone 4s is really tempting for me right now.. especially since they are dragging their feet with the Nexus.

  • This is actually a few days old LOL

  • Anonymous

    Yes I was inside a verizon store today on 5th avenue in New York City and purchased a case for the Galaxy Nexus and the store was packed and I saw a droid razr played with the phone for over 15mins and that device was amazing very thin. I was very impressed to say the least but I am waiting for the Galaxy Nexus I am counting the days…..

  • Morespeed360

    There are just too many phones…..http://theitcoursereviews.blogspot.com/

  • Jake

    The Galaxy Nexus pre-order page is now live on VZW’s website!!!

    Those are the words that I want to hear soon.

  • Gregory Dean

    Now that Verizon has changed it’s new phone every 18 months to every 12 months, I’m good to go.  After a year with my Droid2 Gingerbread, I’m ready for the next exciting adventure.  Go G-Nex.

    • Xroid

      Verizon has changed it’s new phone every 18 months to every 12 months.
      So when did this happen? and how does it work? Is it only the main line on account or any phone?

  • Anonymous

    If all these manufacturers are telling the truth, Big Red seems to dictate everything (the price, the release date, the bootloader…) Maybe Apple is the only exception?

  • Gregory Dean

    Several times a day I check website like this in anticipation of buying mine the 1st day it’s available.

  • Andrew

    The host says, “It’s out later this month”…. so at least we have that

  • babadush

    Are they trying to alienate anyone who wants to buy this phone? Seriously. Concrete date please

  • Sporttster

    Anticipation……Anticipation,it’s making me wait,making me wait…..

  • Mike B

    Well, that was wonderfully vague and un-informing – thanks Nick

  • Anonymous

    I want to know what features are ICS and what features are Samsung? For instance, face recognition is that ICS? or Samsung feature?

    • It’s all ICS. There is no Samsung bloat ware on this phone.

      • Anonymous

        REALLY… so all the phones that get ICS when the OTA rolls out will have all these features? 

        • yes yes yes

        • Depends on the features.  Zero shutter lag for example may be a combination of ICS and hardware, so I wouldn’t count on that.  Face Unlock should be stricly ICS though, as long as your phone has a front-facing camera.

        • Unless the wireless provider decides that some of them need to be locked out.  Remember how Froyo had tethering built into the kernel and every phone could use it?   Right….

  • Damn Verizon.  One day I would love for a true insider to detail what the hell was going on inside over these last few months.

    The entire situation seems poorly planned to the point of being fubar.

  • Anonymous

    I’m still hoping it comes out today. 

  • hatethanet

    I agree with those saying Verizon wants to wait until after the 15 day return period for RAZR early adopters.

  • Release date on or after Black Friday to prevent launch day RAZR purchases from returning for the G-NEX. (15 day return policy)

    • Doesn’t make any sense.  If someone was inclined to do that, then they’d just wait a couple of extra days to buy the RAZR, then still be well within the return period when the SGN comes out.  The vast majority of customers won’t return a phone anyways, unless it has major defects.

  • Aran Miller

    As said by the news caster, “its out later this month” now yes she is a news caster, but I have to feel like they wouldn’t say later this “month” and not “year” if they didn’t have something to stand on with that. I have been confident of a November release since June, was hoping to see it by now, but this kinda makes me feel the strange “w/o” being “web only” or “week of” 11/21 being more true. because when else could they release it? I am still confident we will be getting it before December. Come on Verizon stop fricken teasing us, and give us the info!

  • Mikewoods94

    I will say it will be released on or just after Black Friday as that would put it 15 days out preventing folks who purchase the RAZR on release day to return it for the G-NEX.

    • Sp4rxx

      who would do something silly like that?

      • Nico

        A company that hates its customers.  Verizon fits the bill nicely.

    • bigrob60

      Then buy the Razor on Saturday so you’ll be able to return it for G-Nex on day 14. :]

  • Dbarden31

    Not gonnna lie I want the Razr AND the G-nex. Maybe wait til the Razr is in heat and let ’em mate. See what the offspring are like 😉

  • John

    Larry, you’re entering a world of pain..

  • KNG60FT


  • Bewara2009

    I will make a bet on anyone that this phone will come out Black Friday… Anyone? 

    • Sinofue

      Can’t bet against you on that one – probably right.

    • Anonymous

      I’ll take that. Verizon won’t want anything to take the sparkle away from the RAZR release, and the GNex is a dev phone as far as they’re concerned (no bloatware, unlocked bootloader, tethering ability, etc.).

  • Anonymous

    is that what the w/o meant? thought that meant week of. 

    • Keith Sumner

      web only

  • Memphis1967

    I can confirm a $299 contract price and $649 off contract (I think, I know it’s the same as the razr), no release date yet on the price sheet, though

  • Anonymous

    Ha way to pass it off on Verizon. Come on just announce it already

  • Keith Sumner

    I can’t wait for this phone to come out so you can all stop whining 🙂