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Asus Transformer Receives Another Update to Build

Owners of the Asus Tranformer are being greeted this morning with another pleasant update notification.  Wait, didn’t we do this just 6 days ago?  Today’s update is to bring the Transformer up to build version  We have not heard officially what the update includes, but got a tip that it may activate the feature for backing up users apps. If any of our readers figure it out, be sure to let us know down below.  Were there some bugs from the last update that they’re fixing up now?  If you are all able to pull the update, let us know what’s going on. Enjoy.

Cheers David and Shawn!

  • Does anyone have a Download link? my unit won’t pull the update….

  • yay, I got the surprise this morning before class when I turned mine on 🙂 then of course I came to yall to see what it was about.. 

  • ten

    New android market aswell, personally i preferred the old layout.

  • i cant update it always fc and ive asked asus n others how to do it other ways n cant find out how

  • Anonymous

    Gotta love Asus! Prompt updates, excellent service, and a great overall product. I know Moto claims to get ics on the xoom first but ibwould not be surprised to see it on an Asus first.

  • So glad I chose this over the other options at the time.

  • Kiteless

    OK just installed this firmware. I do see an “App Backup” icon. I opened it and got this: 

    “App Backup can backup your installed apps and app data on local storage and duplicate a copy to the external storage device to save your backup files.” “And App Backup can also restore your installed apps and app data after updating your device to make sure your data will not be lost.” “(Please note: App Backup cannot restore the apps that require an account authentication. If you encounter problems, please clear the apps data through Settings > Applications > Manage applications and log in again.” Then it has a check box you can check not to show this warning any more. 

    Looks pretty straight forward. Shows a list of apps to backup and restore. Maybe this was in the previous firmware but I don’t remember seeing it. 

  • Bionicman

    i just bought the USB kit for the transformer since I dont have a dock. cant wait to hook up a wireless mouse/keyboard to it! and external hard drives etc 🙂

  • ASUS need to make a phone now. A really, really good phone. Running stock ICS, maybe with a few widgets and apps and stuff. I would buy that.

  • David Thomas

    from ASUSitalia facebook page…

    An update about… We realized that there is indeed a problem with the App Backup introduced with the last firmware update of the Eee Pad Transformer (ie the version For this reason we have blocked the distribution of the update via FOTA. If you have already installed do not worry, nothing serious will happen to your data or your Eee Pad! This is a minor problem. But if you did not know that yet Please install the firmware will be released soon “settled”. Here are the timing of distribution:* The Transformer 3G + WiFi (TF101G) will receive the update November 10 
    * The only WiFi Transformer (TF101) will receive the update November 12We apologize for the inconvenience and remind you that the fix on the App Backup there are other differences compared to the release notes for firmware already been circulated and below we present anew:New Features: 
    * Backup App – this new app will allow you to make a backup of your applications (and related data) and then restore it on another tablet, for example, you can make a backup of Angry Birds to resume the game on another from the same pad level 
    * Function Netflix (only on units shipped to the U.S. market)Performance improvements: 
    * Improved WiFi 
    * Fixed the problem of abnormal consumption of the battery in the docking stationApp Updates: * Update Google: Books (USA only) Maps improved the precision of location services on the road and placed a bug Market: a new tablet friendly user interface * ASUS Sync: added option to turn on or turn off Sync ASUS. Fixed the issue of notifications * Email: support for downloading attachments. Zip * MyNet: improved searching for devices * Browser: improved compatibility * MyCloud: MyContent (ASUS WebStorage): Fixed a bug Mydesktop: Remote Desktop support in a different network and arranged various bugs* Updated the input system in Italian * Supernote: improved performance and fixed some bugs * Polaris office: support for uploading large files, and improved compatibility

    • Raven

      Installing now …

      • Raven

        Installed just fine.
        Ran App Backup and worked perfectly this time.  Yeah!
        Titanium backup has always been my number one reason for rooting and this just eliminated that.
        Why isn’t this a standard Android App?
        I love my ASUS Transformer even more now 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Fixes Asus Backup which was horribly broke in the last build.

  • Kiteless

    Transformer is almost certainly going to get ICS. But unless your friend is getting the TF101 really cheap he/she should wait for the Prime. 

  • Anonymous

    Asus said they will be updating the Transformer to ICS, do you all think it going to really happen. Someone I know may get the Transformer.

    • Anonymous

      If it didn’t happen I would be very very surprised. The Prime is not going to replace the Transformer it will just be a premium device.

      • Anonymous

        Ok. Thank you.

    • Yes.

  • Nick

    App backup came with the update last week. I just did today’s update and so far I have no idea what it was for. I hadn’t noticed any issues after the last one, but who knows.

  • Big Asus Fan

    The last update included the App Backup feature but it didn’t work.  I’m guessing that this will fix the problem.  In any case Asus is simply the best at providing updates and the rest of the Android world should look at their example as a benchmark.  Asus really does rock!

  • Anonymous

    Since installing the last update, I’ve had a ton of force closed by gapps. I hope this fixes it. It seems to happen while i’m browsing. I tried clearing the browser data, but it’s still doing it 🙁

    • mine kept doing that too, hopefully this will fix it 🙂

  • Asoos

    Any rumors of a slider version of the Prime?

    • Andy

      I would like that too but the time between the Transformer and Slider was almost half a year. That’s pretty long in tech terms.

  • What great support this tablet gets..that’s why im getting the prime.

  • The last update brought the App Backup feature from ASUS. It also included full support for Netflix.  Can’t wait to see what else they are pushing to the Transformer group.

  • Love my ASUS, but I still have some WIFI connectivity issues… Fixed by turning WIFI off then back on. I can live with that

    • Anonymous

      Not sure about the wifi issues, but if turning wifi on and off helps, check out this thread – 
      http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1292925, and get this app – 

      As soon as your screen shuts off, it goes into airplane mode.  Turn it back on, and it kicks out of airplane mode.  That should help your issue, but better than that, it greatly improves the battery life of your device!

    • Kiteless

      I have the same problem. WiFi looses connectivity after being idle for a long time, like 6 – 8+ hours. But does not do it every time. 

    • bullfishy

      I was having this issue and the update last week fixed it. It does not loose the wifi connection anymore when it goes into standby for a long time. I have tried both settings, wifi always on and reconnect when coming out of standby. Had problems with both settings before the update. Now I don’t have the problem with either.

  • Anonymous

    Asus gets it!

  • tjmonkey15

    Asus is the update god of the Android world. 

    • Chris G

      This is a factor in why i’m considering the wifi only Transformer Prime instead of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 on LTE.

      Then again, i plan to use the GNexus to power to wifi tab.

      • Anonymous

        My plan as well

      • My WiFi Transformer 1 picks up a connection when I stop at a stoplight.  Several place I drive by have ATT hotspots that I have access to from my Uverse.  I find it rather funny to stop and hear the ping of incoming emails.

    • Tak

      I’ll hold off thinking that until it gets ICS.

    • Can they go make us some phones now? Maybe they can convince Verizon to let them update all the time and keep it unlocked

    • palomosan

      By the way the new Market for Tablet was updated too.

  • I love Asus more than my mother.

  • Anonymous