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With Key in Hand, the Safe is Open – The Winner of the DROID RAZR is…

I know, I know. Finally, right? If you weren’t aware, we ran into a little issue with our safe yesterday and needed the override key to get into it. Long story short, we are in and have a winner! A brand new DROID RAZR will be in the hands of one lucky Droid Life reader very soon. So who was it? Peep the video after the break.  


Winning post.

  • Looking very nice..congratzs 

  • Ryan Sherrill

    Its nice to see a friend win something. I haven’t snagged anything since I won a Coleco Handheld baseball game in 1980. Go Criddar!!!

  • Jason

    Congrats criddar!! Pretty awesome if you were planning on buying a Gnex you could be rockin to [email protected] phones!

  • Anonymous

    Nice give a away. Kellex needs to burn that green sweater!

  • I-want-1


  • Anonymous

    Who cares what he looks like?? He won fair and square and no one else did… Congrats man!

  • Anonymous

    Don’t show your face Criddar – then all will know who you are and that you are a guy with a Twitter account – howz Facebook these days cause I am sure you know that too?  LMAO!

    • take your own advice! now we all know what you (and who i’m assuming is either your sister or best friend) look like!  LOL

  • Granted

    You know, I’ve never heard it stated how winners are chosen.

    • Arthur2142

      If you listened to the audio clue above, it states that the first person with the correct answer would win.

  • Anonymous

    android and ios.. both are great.. why pit them against each other? As consumers we should be glad that we have these choices.. lets just use the one that works out the best for us individually.

  • Anonymous

    Congrats dude!!

  • Araldo

    id be selling that mofo and getting a nexus lol

  • leelee

    congratulations Criddar! 

  • Grats Cody!!

  • Cody Riddar

    Awesome! Thanks Droid Life, Verizon, and Motorola. Can’t wait to check out how thin this thing is in person.

    PS, don’t forget to include that key 🙂

    • Woz

      Well that sucks for you. If you want a real phone get an iPhone 4S. So much better than your piece of shit “androids” that only attempt to copy the iPhone. iPhone is superior in ALL aspects compared to any phone running android. Enjoy your bugs and crashes.

      • Anonymous

        Go away troll.

      • Lgreg64

        why are you here

        • Anonymous

          Because the so-called iPhone troll clearly has no life.

        • Woz

          Don’t be mad that the iPhone 4S is sleeker, faster, gets more upgrades, has more integrated services, has a better camera AND is better looking than your android device.

          BTW how are you enjoying Siri? Oh wait…


          • Anonymous

            Trolls’ll be trolls

          • Anonymous

            You are a big troll in here lol

          • Superior to iOS :)

            How did you enjoy your LACK of any voice control for the last 3 years? Android always had it. Glad you’re enjoying playing catch up and swallowing the marketing lie that is Apple (who stole every single idea they claim to have invented, and which Jobs himself admitted to back in the 90’s).

          • Woz

            Uh I had an HTC Thunderbolt before iPhone 4S so not really?

          • Anonymous

            Dude. Go away. iOS sucks. I know cus I own an iPad 2, Galaxy Tab 10.1 and a HP TouchPad. The iPad is my least favorite one. Even my wife asks that I leave home the Galaxy Tab for her, so I get to carry around the TouchPad all day. The iPad sits there on the counter unloved.

          • Guest

            Can i have it?

          • You could sell it for a real tablet

          • How is flash treating you there sunshine? Oh too soon? Go back to drinking the kool-aid and enjoy your status symbol while it lasts

          • Woz

            Flash? You mean Adobe flash that just stopped making products for mobile devices? Looks like HTML-5 won.

          • Anonymous

            Good thing Android already supports HTML-5, so it’s still a win.

          • Woz

            Yeah you are reiterating what I said… HTML-5 did win. Apple effectively killed off mobile flash because they didn’t conform.

          • Anonymous

            The internet practically runs on flash.  99% of all videos use it.  Baaa sheep.  Keep swallowing the late Stevo the great’s and Apple’s ridiculous ideologies. Meanwhile the rest of us will live in the real world with options we actually get to choose from.

          • Woz

            First of all check your facts. 99% is not true at all. Most major sites, such as ESPN, have switched from flash to HTML-5. Secondly I wasn’t even talking about “Steve Jobs”. I was discussing the fact that Apple makes superior quality phones to any android device.

    • Anonymous

      I am jealous

    • f150intally

      Congrats Cody!  Just held one at the Verizon store here in Tallahassee and you will love it!

    • Fattie McDoogles

      Congrats man!

    • Congrats tell us what you think of it.

  • Anonymous

    glad to see DL finally thrown in the mix for the Droid marketing… about time

    • DBK

      The R2D2 Droid 2 wants a word with you….

      • Anonymous

        were they part of that giveaway too?  I had almost forgotten about that phone..

  • Nexus on the brain

    So Cody, are you planning on playing with it for a while, or will you trade it in for a Nexus day one of the Nexus being available?

    • Keith Sumner

      Always derailed to a Nexus discussion, troll.

      • Anonymous

        Hmm, must be a new trend.

  • Anonymous

    Congrats!  I’ll buy it for a dollar!

  • DJSerious

    Congrats, looks awesome.

  • Congrats Cody

  • Congrats again criddar!

  • nice shirt Kellex… lol

    edit: congrats Cody

  • Ganesha1994

    please let it be me

  • tbaybe