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Wednesday Poll: Do You Use Some Form of Security App on Android?

Mobile security on Android certainly seems to have become a much bigger niche than I think most of us figured it ever would. In fact, Lookout Security today, announced that they have gone global and are now offering products in the UK, Australia and Canada to compliment their U.S. offerings. If that doesn’t scream success, then I don’t know what would.

There was a time when we all laughed at anti-virus programs, but should we continue to? You have read the few reports here or there of malware creeping in and out of a variety of markets, which can only mean one thing – that the problem isn’t going to just go away and could get worse. Dirt bag developers and scam artists have made it pretty obvious that they feel as if Android could be their next gold mine, and that’s frustrating.

So we are wondering, what security apps are you using? The poll below is just a simple yes/no question on whether or not you are using some sort of security app, but I would love to hear which apps in particular through the comments. And when we say “security,” we mean remote lock apps, anti-virus apps, etc.

Personally, I haven’t found a need to use an anti-virus app, but I usually have something like SeekDroid installed just in case I were to lose it (knocking on wood) and need to remote lock, wipe or locate it.

Do You Use Some Form of Security App on Android?

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  • Ryan Guhr

    I use ESET mainly for the ability to remotely lock, wipe, and make my phone “scream” for free.

  • Mueslibol

    I think TrackandProtect is the most Professional and useful phone security tool here. It is even part of the Nokia N9 (meego) security sub system and offered by many insurance companies and even operators as OEM using many names. TrackandProtect is typical designed for the real world, it does NOT drain the battery, and keeps working in roaming. Yes, it costs few bucks but thats also because they use SMS as transport layer for communication from the TrackandProtect (or Operator) server to a phone. So if you’re serious on the matter i seriously recommend to have a look at this TrackandProtect by Klomptek. http://klomptek.com/track-and-protect-solutions.html

  • Jon Garrett

    do they even work? seriously, I have tons of cracked apps on my Tab 10.1 and I run Norton Anti Virus on it but its never detected any viruses. either I dont have any or anti virus software doesn’t work.

  • I’ve used Dr.Web and AVG app and so far it hasn’t given me any problems. 

  • Anonymous

    I tried lookout a while back but recently put it back on and will probably consider the premium version once my trial of premium is done.  Did this because of some notification spam I got.

  • Anonymous

    No antivirus program. I use Mobile Defense to locate the phone if lost or taken. I got my Incredible back once already using it.

  • Pish Posh

    I used to use Lookout but don’t really see a need for it as long as I double check the apps that I install and their permissions. Though I do have SeekDroid just in case I loose my phone.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    SeekDroid and Lookout.  Haven’t really found Lookout necessary but yet I still have it on my phone.  I do like the idea of remote lock and wipe with SeekDroid.

  • Anonymous

    you dont need security on your phone. this isnt windows xp.

  • Its a great research I want some more updates..It was very well authored and easy to understand. Unlike additional blogs I have read which are really not that good. 

  • Anonymous Coward

    ESET, remotely lock, wipe, locate remotely plus AV and security auditing.

  • Nick

    I use security. Malware and viruses exist for every platform, so its really just common sense. You can be vigilant all you want, but eventually something is going to slip through. To the people who say “I’ve never use an A/V and never will, cause I’ve never got a virus”, if you don’t look, you wont find anything. Continue to live in ignorant bliss please.

  • jason6g

    im afraid to vote yes to using “security” apps… in my mind, antivirus and the like are just things to protect the idiots of the world. i say this as i have been using a windows laptop for the past 5 years with no antivirus lol and im pretty explorative when it comes to surfing various forums and downloading files.

    on my phone,

    adfree (awesome!!)
    permissions (awesome!!)

    thats about it

  • Eric

    Lookout thanks to the free one yr subsciption i won curtosey of DL. Speaking of which it expires next month maybe we can do another contest?

  • Anonymous

    I use Lookout and tried a few others but I really only have it to locate my phone if lost or stolen.. of course I could just use SeekDroid or similar but the extra “scan when I install a app” security I guess does bring some comfort. I also used to install a lot more apps from 3rd party sources and that was always more risky than the Market.

  • Bbha8r

    Just like I tell our l-users at work…. use your goddamn common sense. Read reviews. Pick commonly used apps. Note behavior of your device…. is it doing anything out of the ordinary?? Stay away from porn or other questionable apps in that genre. Read the news… DL, online magazines, etc… they’re usually the first to tell you that new malware has been identified. Jeez. Is it me or common sense? You don’t need lookout.

    • Anonymous

      But, according to Lookout, you need Lookout! I’m going to go buy a subscription to Lookout.

  • Marty

    I’ve been using Lookout since it was first offered. The backup is great and it has never slowed my Droid at all.

  • Anonymous

    I only use it for the ability to track my phone if it ever gets lost or stolen. I’m conscious enough that I wouldn’t worry about the things I do giving me malware. I love using a launcher that allows me to hide apps, letting me hide lookout so a person wouldn’t have a clue it’s on my phone.

  • Anonymous

    i used to. I just used it for the find phone thing. I never have my ringer on.

  • Anonymous

    Droid Life had a contest a while ago for a full year premium sub. of LookOut Pro…. I won under the user PORN_FTW….

    Anyway, I won it; put it on my OGD, and then uninstalled the program about 2 weeks later.  Felt like it was taking too many resources… also I decided with all the hacking I do anyway, I understand if I am at a page that will get me in trouble or not.

    Its amazing how often people get malicious files on their devices.

    Has anyone even had issues with NOT having anti-virus installed?

  • Anonymous

    I use Theft Aware a great app for security wiping, and finding your lost phone. It has so many features like detecting if a different SIM has been inserted and the actions the application will do upon a different SIM being put in. Has support for Rooted phones so if someone were to take your phone the program can be written directly to your software and no one would even know its there. You get a 7 day free trial and then have to pay for it, but it’s totally worth it, especially if you are rooted.

  • Dan

    I use Lookout

  • David Hayden

    I use Lookout. It’s a good backup in case I goof up and accidently install something bad, or if my phone gets lost/stolen.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know what program we use, but when I set up my Exchange account there was a warning that something was being installed so my company (Adobe) could remote wipe my device if it was lost or stolen

  • Anonymous

    I use lookout. Won a premium subscription on a DL contest!

  • Granted

    No,I don’t use antivirus apps. When I did use them in the past they always messed up my phone. I also don’t download like a crazy person, and I usually check comments and the reputation of a developer before I commit to putting their app on my phone. And it’s generally a good rule to stay away from wallpaper, ringtone, and most adult oriented apps. The latter especially, seeing as in most walks of life those kind of apps, sites and downloads have been well known to either be the target of evil doers or be laced with viruses themselves.

  • Poe

    I don’t but I’m afraid I may have to at some point. With browser updates being slow (tied to slow OS updates), security holes may not get fixed in time. Many browser attacks are done through ad networks that the user and site admin may not have much control over.

    • Josh

      Don’t forget Android’s combo permissions. For example, the “Read Phone State and Identity” that let’s apps know your phone number, the number of the person calling you and your phone’s serial number. Many in app ad companies even require this permission. I’m sure they’re making full use of it too.

      There’s a request to split this permission here:  http://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=17675 .

    • Charles

      Not just the browser but apps can have security flaws as well. Remember the Skype flaw? Plus that was from a company with resources. Most of the apps out there are written by one guy and they’re not likely to be security experts. The “common sense” approach may not always work.  

  • thats just extra crap to slow down my phone.

  • Wsiembida

    Lookout . Awesome app and has all those features

  • Ddillon973

    I don’t use any anti virus protection (no phone condoms here) but I do use Seek Droid for the ability to lock and wipe my TB if it ever runs away.

  • Anonymous

    I used to use wavesecure but havent had it installed in awhile.

  • Had Seek Droid before but as far as any type of “Anti-Virus,” no.

  • I use the free version of lookout. Other than that I don’t really use security. Like somebody said here the best security is common sense but sometimes I get carried away downloading random apps because I am bored. 

  • I use Lookout

  • Anonymous

    Lookout and stop (lost phone)

  • Anonymous

    I’ve had Where’s My Droid on my OG almost as long as I’ve had the phone.  

  • Anonymous

    I don’t. This is a sad question to ask, really.

  • I had Lookout on my D1, but I uninstalled it when my performance dropped precipitously.   when I get my GNex, I’ll install it again.

  • jimbob

    As with a computer, common sense is better than a piece of software to give you under a false sense of security.

  • Dr. Web.  F*ck Lookout.  Makes you create a login and whatnot.  Real intrusive and unnecessary.  Dr. Web is good for running scans, and you can choose to enable real time monitoring if you want, which I dont.

  • Lgreg64

    lookout more for if i lose my phone but it does double dute

  • MattC

    I’ve been using Lookout since i picked up my incredible when it came out and now on my Thunderbolt

  • Mike

    I have used Lookout since day 1, and it has been a great app for peace of mind. Sure, you may never need it… but the moment you do and you don’t have it then it’s going to suck a lot worse than just installing one and being done with it. 

    • Anonymous

      this is my thinking as well.

  • Firelight


  • Anonymous

    i installed lookout once for a little while when was i was trying to figure out what f*cking app out of the 400 i had installed was giving me notification ad spam.  that was half a day i’ll never be able to get back.  i f*cking hate developers that do that crap.

    and in the end lookout, airpush detectors, all kinds of scanners and utility apps did nothing for me.  trial and error freezing them in titanium finally did.

    lookout did seem like a nice program.

  • Djdsf

    I got Lookout back when i got my OG Droid. It´s a bit annoying some times having to go through an extra buffer when yo install something (or when you update a ton of apps at once) but having the extra security is always nice as well as having it to locate your phone and remote wipe and stuff.

  • The best security is common sense.  Don’t click strange links and don’t install apps you don’t trust.  Although I got Seek Droid when it was the free app of the day.

    • John

      Exactly. Nothing can beat common sense
      (& AndroidLost)

    • Anonymous

      If installing a dirty wallpaper app from a random internet site that requires full internet access, phone identity, and texting ability is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    Mobile defense
    Lost Phone

  • Sundar Ganapathy

    I run LBE – you dont need to virus scan if you are monitoring permissions.

    • Anonymous

      whoa that looks like an awesome program i need to download right now

    • DroidzFX

      LBE is the best way to GO!

  • Any idea why the site would vote automatically for you???  I haven’t voted yet, but it shows that I “voted yes”.
    Frustrating, because I do not have any additional security app on my mobile. All I have is SeekDroid.

    Must have some malware on my pc at work…  :0

  • Anonymous

    Can’t believe the voting is that close.  I honestly thought no one used them.

    • Jaxidian


    • Agreed.  Skeptical because Firefox on my PC voted “yes” for me, which would be false…

    • Anonymous

      I use Lookout. It’s nice to have. I know people say “well just don’t install anything and you’ll be fine”. It’s not just apps. Their are proof of concepts of SMS/MMS exploits, and the Android browser lacks any security efforts whatsoever. How do you “common sense” urself from receiving a SMS/MMS?

      All in all, Lookout ran just fine on my DX and it runs fine on my Bionic. I don’t even notice it’s there. 

  • I use Lookout and SeekDroid…yes, I double up.

  • Anonymous

    Seekdroid. No need for anti-virus if don’t do anything stupid.

  • Anonymous

    I just use Lookout. I’ve never seen it find anything but what’s the harm?

  • You aren’t trying to break into my phone…are you?

  • Ben Murphy

    Yes, I use my brain.

    • FortitudineVincimus

      I feel sorry for your phone

  • Anonymous

    Nope, I just don’t download sketchy-ass apps.

    • It really is this easy. And I don’t need any additional battery hogging apps on my 4G battery hog phone.

  • My case is the same as yours Kellex, I see no need for an antivirus program. As long as your smart about what you do you’ll be fine. I also use SeekDroid in case I were to lose my phone or have it stolen, but it rarely leaves my sight, so the chances of that happening are slim to none 🙂

  • El El Kool J

    what are you gonna possibly steal off my phone? My contact list…some photos or music oh wait those are on the cloud..lol

    • MattC

      A lot of people like myself use their phone for work and can have a lot of sensitive email on the phone….my exchange email account forces me to have a password lock on my Tbolt so companies at least see the possibility of phones being stolen as serious.

  • Edwin M

    Antivirus from AVG FTW!

  • Chris G

    I did use lookout, but it severely slowed my OG down.  When I get the GNexus, i may consider it but its primary feature of locating only works when the battery is charged.  About 8 hours from topped in my case with this program running. Not enough time to matter in my life.

  • SeekDroid is immensely useful. I got it for free the day it was on Amazon.

    • Sundar Ganapathy

      don’t think that is the type of app they are asking about.

      • Albert Einstein

        You seem smart. Do you work out your brain with the facts of knowledge that can only be found within a library?

        • Anonymous


  • Crunchybutternut

    Mobile Defense is my secure app/service of choice.

    I did have a lifetime license for WaveSecure, but after the last app update it dissapeared and according to McAfee support.. I’m out of luck.

    So back to Mobile Defense. It’s not as feature rich, but what it does – it does well. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    It’s always better without protection.

    • EC8CH

      just ask Magic Johnson

      • Sundar Ganapathy


      • Lgreg64

        and eazy-e

        • Anonymous

          and your mother

      • Hah you too…

  • Anonymous

    as far as anti-virus goes…no.  A little common sense goes a long way.

  • Finire

    I use an amazing security app on my phone, it’s called common sense. Nothing works better.

  • Are the security apps really worth it? Or are they just a battery drainer….hmmmmm

  • Anonymous

    I have seekdroid.  It is nice because normally I don’t even know it’s there.  It’s not running and just waits for special commands to come in from the seekdroid website.  If my phone ever comes up missing I can log in to the site, add a lockscreen password, wipe the phone, track via gps, etc.  And since it doesn’t use text messages it will work regardless of if the sim card is changed.

  • Yes, I use Lookout. Can’t hurt to be safe.

    • KRSwon

      Lookout, not just for anti-virus but the lost phone feature ( beeping, GPS, and wipe)

      • Alexa White

        I’ve got Lookout, too.  It handles backups and missing device features, which I figure is better than nothing.  When I’ve got a phone that costs so much and has so much data on it, it’s more important to me to take care of it, and keep my info safe if I lost it.  The anti-virus is just rounding out the other features for me.

        • Anonymous

          I’ve used Lookout since day 1 with my OGDroid. It found 2 bad files on that phone. I have on my DX also. Great app.

  • I find that my brain works well 🙂

  • If I want to use, say, my tablet on my employer’s wifi, it’s required that I install and maintain some sort of anti-virus app, as well as granting the usual device administrator perms when I sync up my E-mail/calendar.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, Linux 🙂