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Wednesday Poll: Do You Use Some Form of Security App on Android?

Mobile security on Android certainly seems to have become a much bigger niche than I think most of us figured it ever would. In fact, Lookout Security today, announced that they have gone global and are now offering products in the UK, Australia and Canada to compliment their U.S. offerings. If that doesn’t scream success, then I don’t know what would.

There was a time when we all laughed at anti-virus programs, but should we continue to? You have read the few reports here or there of malware creeping in and out of a variety of markets, which can only mean one thing – that the problem isn’t going to just go away and could get worse. Dirt bag developers and scam artists have made it pretty obvious that they feel as if Android could be their next gold mine, and that’s frustrating.

So we are wondering, what security apps are you using? The poll below is just a simple yes/no question on whether or not you are using some sort of security app, but I would love to hear which apps in particular through the comments. And when we say “security,” we mean remote lock apps, anti-virus apps, etc.

Personally, I haven’t found a need to use an anti-virus app, but I usually have something like SeekDroid installed just in case I were to lose it (knocking on wood) and need to remote lock, wipe or locate it.

Do You Use Some Form of Security App on Android?

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  • Ryan Guhr

    I use ESET mainly for the ability to remotely lock, wipe, and make my phone “scream” for free.

  • Mueslibol

    I think TrackandProtect is the most Professional and useful phone security tool here. It is even part of the Nokia N9 (meego) security sub system and offered by many insurance companies and even operators as OEM using many names. TrackandProtect is typical designed for the real world, it does NOT drain the battery, and keeps working in roaming. Yes, it costs few bucks but thats also because they use SMS as transport layer for communication from the TrackandProtect (or Operator) server to a phone. So if you’re serious on the matter i seriously recommend to have a look at this TrackandProtect by Klomptek. http://klomptek.com/track-and-protect-solutions.html

  • Jon Garrett

    do they even work? seriously, I have tons of cracked apps on my Tab 10.1 and I run Norton Anti Virus on it but its never detected any viruses. either I dont have any or anti virus software doesn’t work.

  • I’ve used Dr.Web and AVG app and so far it hasn’t given me any problems. 

  • Anonymous

    I tried lookout a while back but recently put it back on and will probably consider the premium version once my trial of premium is done.  Did this because of some notification spam I got.

  • Anonymous

    No antivirus program. I use Mobile Defense to locate the phone if lost or taken. I got my Incredible back once already using it.

  • Pish Posh

    I used to use Lookout but don’t really see a need for it as long as I double check the apps that I install and their permissions. Though I do have SeekDroid just in case I loose my phone.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    SeekDroid and Lookout.  Haven’t really found Lookout necessary but yet I still have it on my phone.  I do like the idea of remote lock and wipe with SeekDroid.

  • Anonymous

    you dont need security on your phone. this isnt windows xp.

  • Its a great research I want some more updates..It was very well authored and easy to understand. Unlike additional blogs I have read which are really not that good. 

  • Anonymous Coward

    ESET, remotely lock, wipe, locate remotely plus AV and security auditing.

  • Nick

    I use security. Malware and viruses exist for every platform, so its really just common sense. You can be vigilant all you want, but eventually something is going to slip through. To the people who say “I’ve never use an A/V and never will, cause I’ve never got a virus”, if you don’t look, you wont find anything. Continue to live in ignorant bliss please.

  • jason6g

    im afraid to vote yes to using “security” apps… in my mind, antivirus and the like are just things to protect the idiots of the world. i say this as i have been using a windows laptop for the past 5 years with no antivirus lol and im pretty explorative when it comes to surfing various forums and downloading files.

    on my phone,

    adfree (awesome!!)
    permissions (awesome!!)

    thats about it

  • Eric

    Lookout thanks to the free one yr subsciption i won curtosey of DL. Speaking of which it expires next month maybe we can do another contest?

  • Anonymous

    I use Lookout and tried a few others but I really only have it to locate my phone if lost or stolen.. of course I could just use SeekDroid or similar but the extra “scan when I install a app” security I guess does bring some comfort. I also used to install a lot more apps from 3rd party sources and that was always more risky than the Market.

  • Bbha8r

    Just like I tell our l-users at work…. use your goddamn common sense. Read reviews. Pick commonly used apps. Note behavior of your device…. is it doing anything out of the ordinary?? Stay away from porn or other questionable apps in that genre. Read the news… DL, online magazines, etc… they’re usually the first to tell you that new malware has been identified. Jeez. Is it me or common sense? You don’t need lookout.

    • Anonymous

      But, according to Lookout, you need Lookout! I’m going to go buy a subscription to Lookout.

  • Marty

    I’ve been using Lookout since it was first offered. The backup is great and it has never slowed my Droid at all.

  • Anonymous

    I only use it for the ability to track my phone if it ever gets lost or stolen. I’m conscious enough that I wouldn’t worry about the things I do giving me malware. I love using a launcher that allows me to hide apps, letting me hide lookout so a person wouldn’t have a clue it’s on my phone.

  • Anonymous

    i used to. I just used it for the find phone thing. I never have my ringer on.

  • Anonymous

    Droid Life had a contest a while ago for a full year premium sub. of LookOut Pro…. I won under the user PORN_FTW….

    Anyway, I won it; put it on my OGD, and then uninstalled the program about 2 weeks later.  Felt like it was taking too many resources… also I decided with all the hacking I do anyway, I understand if I am at a page that will get me in trouble or not.

    Its amazing how often people get malicious files on their devices.

    Has anyone even had issues with NOT having anti-virus installed?

  • Anonymous

    I use Theft Aware a great app for security wiping, and finding your lost phone. It has so many features like detecting if a different SIM has been inserted and the actions the application will do upon a different SIM being put in. Has support for Rooted phones so if someone were to take your phone the program can be written directly to your software and no one would even know its there. You get a 7 day free trial and then have to pay for it, but it’s totally worth it, especially if you are rooted.

  • Dan

    I use Lookout