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MIUI Finally Hits The HTC Thunderbolt, Data Is A Go

The wait for MIUI on the HTC Thunderbolt has finally come to an end.  The ROM has been there, but data was the missing link.  Big thanks to erishasnobattery who cracked the problem that has plagued everyone since work on a MIUI port first began.  For those in the, “What the heck is MIUI?” category, MIUI is a custom ROM built on top of Android with a completely different interface.  Some users say it resembles iOS, but some others say it is just a minimal look.  Whatever the look is, it has been one of the most downloaded and used custom ROMs in Android’s history, probably right behind CyanogenMod

If you want to try it out, then go click the via down below and give it a go.  Make sure to read directions and make backups.


Via: RootzWiki

Cheers Ryun, Robert, Edward and William!

  • Lowerider4

    I flashed miui in recovery and all my phone is doing is sitting on the splash screen any suggestions?  I have been using bamf cubed for a while.  any suggestions? 

  • Anonymous

    FOOOOOKKKK!!!  I just sold my Thunderbolt on eBay to make room for the Galaxy Nexus.  My wife is going to KILL me.  She’s running MIUI on her dinky Droid Incredible.  She’s gonna be pissed!

  • Anonymous

    MIUI is a great ROM; this is good news. Perhaps this discovery can lead to a port for the Bionic and other LTE devices.

  • Anonymous

    There’s an older MIUI port based on TH30RY that works just fine, I’m running it now.

  • Old man in tight slacks

    Testing it out. If live video in the NFL mobile app doesn’t work then I will keep this as a secondary rom using boot manager but not as my main rom

  • Sporttster

    Would like a ICS MIUI, if that’s even possible,lol….really like it on my Droid except the Droid is about worn out memory wise….

  • I’ll give it a go…

  • Anonymous

    If this can easily get a day of battery like i do now on CM, then i’ll try it out..

    • Anonymous

      I was able to get 10 hours max on my D1.

  • Anonymous

    AOSP on the thunderbolt has not been as successful as it had been with other phones. There was a time when HTC was playing catch up to developers.. but that time has long since gone. Even with this MIUI.. there are data issues.. performance issues and the battery life simply sucks!

    NONE of the AOSPs come anywhere close to the stability, beauty and performance of stock HTC on the TB… and THAT my friend is a true story.

  • JPRZ0818


    • Anonymous


  • Tak3_it_ez

    Idk if this has been mentioned or not, but DroidVicious did a lot of work on this so I think it would have been nice to include his name somewhere in this…

  • what rum is that in pic of thunderbolt

  • Josh Flowers

    tried it, but lack of widgets, lack of app drawer, inability to remove system apps from home screen=no go for me.
    it was good for the 5 minutes i spent playing with it, but not good enough. hopefully this gets expanded (as it is in infancy stage of release)

  • FortitudineVincimus

    shitty video does not sell MIUI visually. Always liked MIUI.

  • justin

    miui how i love you! Feels like a new phone again

  • kianjudah

    ‘Some users say it resembles iOS.’ Really? That’s like saying Mary Kate Olsen resembles Ashley Olsen. 

    • Anonymous

      It actually functions nothing like iOS though.

      • kianjudah

        Yeah. I’ve used it. And love it! It’s great! 

        • Anonymous

          Hah, ok. Thought you were being one of those “it’s totally an iOS clone so I’m gonna boycott it” people. My mistake!

  • Haha, thats my video and my phone!

  • Cmonnats23

    Now If only they would make it with the Droid 2 Gingerbread kernel! 🙂

  • Megan

    Okay can i get this without rooting my phone? 

    • Anonymous


    • kianjudah

      Nope. You should root. You won’t regret it. 

    • Megan


  • eleazar

    For everyone that wants and AppDrawer in the default MIUI launcher, you might find this app useful: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1154299

    • Anonymous

      Or you could just drag all your apps into a folder and stick it in the launcher bar. I think that’s what a lot of people do.

  • Anonymous

    MIUI is nice to be certain, but I’m going to continue to support AOSP projects like Liquid instead of a closed source project like MIUI. All of my data on a Chinese bred closed source OS in the age of data theft = no thanks.

    • Do you honestly think the Chinese really care about what you do?

      • It’s not data theft I would be worried about so much, it’s what they might be doing with my data connection without my knowledge. Of course this is true of any 3rd-party ROM on a rooted phone, but given its closed-source and its origins I’ll be sticking with Cyanogen.

      • Anonymous

        I choose not to find out the hard way. There are far too many open sourced projects that are worth my time, no matter what others opinions are, MIUI is not for me. Enjoy it yourself however.

  • Anonymous

    erisohasnobattery was the best thing to happen to the thunderbolt (oh, and the rest of team bamf too)

    • The Observer

      I had a similar thought as well. Figures it’d be a BAMF dev that figured it out. Those guys are something special.

      • Finally got the balls to root. Got the BAMF Sense 3.0 ROM on my thunderbolt and I LOVE it. Sense is actually a great design once you get it exactly the way YOU want it and delete all of the bloatware. Cant beat Sense Widgets. Now JuiceDefender is something really special. Get 2 days now out of my Overclocked Thunderbolt with the same battery it came with 6 months ago. 

      • Anonymous

        Team Bamf crew are certainly one the most talented dev teams around, you really understand how special they are once you see the amount of work that goes in to their ROMS

  • eleazar

    I’m using it and I freaking LOVE IT

  • Guese

    Any Galaxy Nexus release date news?

    • Anonymous

      yes. stop posting non g-nex news or i will boycott this site

  • Anonymous

    I will put it on as soon as MMS works. It’s important to me right now with pictures of my kid when I’m at work.

    • eleazar

      MMS works with any third party SMS apps (ie. handcent).

  • Anonymous

    Ok so I downloaded this today coming from BAMF Forever.  I too avoided this ROM with everything in my heart but I too also am pleasantly surprised by how nice this ROM is.  I have some kind of industrial robotic theme and it is stunning.  This will hold me over until Nexus is here.

  • Anonymous

    great rom  been running it on my TMo N1 for a while now.  

  • I’ll quickly vouch for MIUI here.
    I had avoided it for my entire android experience.  Didn’t want to touch that crappy iPhone Kangerang!

    I flashed it out of curiosity a few months ago…
    And have been happily sitting on it as my daily driver.
    It’s themes are gorgeous…and even simpler to flash that CM7’s TMobile theme engine themes.
    The lockscreens?  Endless.  And again, gorgeous.  Super cool customization here.
    ICS rip-offs.  Blur rip-offs.  iPhone rip-offs (blegh!).

    The dialer is very blur-like…something that blur does right.
    You type (T9-like) a person’s name and they pop up in the menu for a quick call.

    Menu+Down Volume = Screenshot
    Menu+Volume Up = Temporary Full Brightness (Ever been in a sunny area and NEEDED this to see?).

    Call recording (may not work on your specific phone).

    The typical “pull-up” menus from android turn into drop-down menus.

    The call-answer function is, again, beautiful.  And allows you to quickly ignore and send an auto-text stating that you’re busy.

    MIUI, is classy.  And a very nice ROM.
    Try it.  If you were like me, you’ll be happy you took the plunge.

    *As a note, I do NOT like the MIUI launcher…
    A custom one quickly fixes that.

    • Jason

      Agreed with you on the launcher, it just puts all your apps on your homescreens like the i*hone but a simple launcherpro or adw or golauncher and you can have a app drawer and not have all that mess on your homescreens. I just recently got on to miui as well for my OG, figured it couldn’t get any worse lol and I was really surprised, phone runs very smooth now. Give it a shot you will like miui.

      • toasty

        I just make a folder and drag all my icons into it, essentially making an app drawer, that way I stick to the MIUI launcher

        • Jason

          I use launcherpro cause of the scrollable shortcuts on the bottom, I like very clean look on my phone and don’t have anything else except beautiful widgets clock.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks, guess I’ll try it out on my other OG Droid.

      • Anonymous

        That might be a frustrating experience. I flashed MIUI on my OG and after the annoyance of getting everything in it’s appropriate folder I was further annoyed by the constant FC’s and reboots. Other then that though I found it to be a great ROM. It has tons of features, which is the reason I kept it on my OG for so long before switching to CM7. I would definitely flash this ROM again on a phone that handled it a little better. 

    • Jarred Sutherland

      Too bad I sold my TBolt .. would have loved to test a working copy of MIUI. 🙁

  • I have been watching this for so long. Congrats to Vicious and all the people who helped him crack this!

  • Anonymous

    This is an old video that shows nothing working.  It has been fixed and everything works now…. 

    Why would you use an outdated video with incorrect information?

    • Hah it was in the thread. Figured it was for the thread. So sorry to upset you 🙂

      • Anonymous

        Dont do it again…. 🙂

  • Mr. Wiggles

    Might have to drop my BAMF cubed and try this out.. 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Maybe, but Bamf Cubed is pretty nice!

  • Anonymous