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Daily Deal: New 16GB Sony Tablet S For $399

Are you in the market for a brand spanking new tablet, perhaps one with some gaming integration? Well look no further than the Sony Tablet S, Ebay’s current Daily Deal. The device is sold through MacMall and can be had for $100 off the MSRP. The Tablet S runs the NVIDIA Tegra2 processor, which gives it access to the stunning games found only within the Tegra Zone (can you say Shadowgun?). Additionally, Sony has packed this thing up with access to some of your most beloved Playstation games.

How about it, does the Sony Tablet S for $399 sound like a deal, or are you going to save up and spend an extra $100 on the newly announced Asus Transformer Prime? As with all daily deals, it will only be valid for 24 hours.

Via: Ebay

  • Anonymous

    LOL, it does not sound good.  I’ve been enjoying my Tegra2 Transformer that I paid $399 for for months.  When are these gonna be cleared out for $99?  Then I might be interested.

  • Rich

    prime is better… just wait… tho this is a good deal…

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  • Down by a hundred dollars. But still, it’s too expensive. Can’t they make it like $300? This was overpriced when it first came out.

  • Anonymous


  • If I were in the market for a tab it be the prime but I got my galaxy tab on verizon not updating for a while.

  • Genius

    Why is that phone so big?

  • Anonymous

    This thing is wedge shaped and doesnt feel good in hand due to most of the weight being at the top. Ive played with it a couple times and am not at all impressed.

  • kretz

    Can someone explain to me why it looks like this POS has a flap on it?

  • Anonymous


  • Prime is going to be the only “high-end” tablet to get for a while. Asus has been brilliant with updates, and that’s fantastic hardware.

    This was overpriced on arrival…

    • Albert Einstein

      do you mean the Asus Optimus Prime? Who doesn’t want a Tablet that is named after a transformer robot?

  • Prime or pass.

  • Dominick DeVito

    Asus Transformer Prime seems to be the tablet to beat – now that it’s announced I would expect “2nd rate” tablets to drop in price, as this one is.

    • Mctypething

      You expecting, bro?

      • Thefullritz

        Don’t you have anything better to do?

  • Anonymous

    Good to see android tablet prices are finally coming down to affordable price points.

  • Anonymous

    16 gig xoom is 399. Think i’d go for the xoom family edition for $399 over a sony tablet.

    • Tiko377

      why in hell would u get a motorola anything over a Sony product? this or the prime would be the tablet i would get.

      I really like the features Sony put on this Tablet like the Remote Control , Playstation games and pretty vanilla android for the most part.

      • Anonymous

        When it comes to updates, I trust Moto over anyone else in the game.

  • Anonymous

    lol sony