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Tuesday Poll: First thing you plan to do with your Galaxy Nexus?

Keep it clean, peeps. But yes, we want to know what the first thing is that you plan to do with your Samsung Galaxy Nexus (whenever it finally arrives, that is). Since this will be the first Nexus device for many of you as long time Verizon customers, and the first stock experience since the OG, we are curious to hear what you are most looking forward to. Are you going to pop open the camera and see if it really can take a series of zero-lag pictures in a row? Are you going to Beam something to your friend who bought the device as well? Maybe just sit back and admire the beauty that is ICS? Watch a video on the gorgeous 720p HD screen? Or are you simply going to turn on USB debugging and OEM unlock that bad boy through fastboot – something you haven’t been able to do ever, on a Verizon smartphone?

Let us know in the comments.

  • Anonymous

    turn the screen on, then off, then on, then off to admire the sweet crt animation…. Then root the shit out of it

  • Sporttster

     I will name him George, and I will hug him, and pet him and will give him security and keep him warm and….

  • Benjamin Mackie

    Root it

  • Matt2783

    Probably check out some HD youtube vids over LTE.

  • Anonymous

    Wait for the galaxy note to come out…

  • hatethanet

    Watch a 720p video of someone using a Galaxy Nexus on my Galaxy Nexus:

    • Nico

      Yo dawg…

  • Anonymous

    reproduce. Sell offspring. 

  • Anonymous

    Install the hoard of free apps of the day that I’ve been downloading but not installing because they won’t fit or run well on my OG Droid.

    • Been doing the same thing man. I think I’ve got ~20 just waiting to be installed.

      • Sporttster

        Same here,lol. Had to take some off but they’re dutifully sitting idle in TBU due to killing the Droid….

      • David

        I thought that was just me!  Still running with the OG.  Respectfully, Cyanogen can only take it so far.

  • Anonymous

    Read the manual…psshhh, who even does that?

  • Booboolala2000

    I am gonna take a picture and not have it crash like on my droid charge. I am gonna browse the internet and not loose my data connection like on my droid charge. And I am finally going to relax because I know my phone will be relevant for the next couple of years with the most current software. Then I will flash it within an inch of its life.

  • Acniehaus04

    Probably will see how it flips through all the homescreens, how fast the drawer opens, remove and set my favorite widgets, and probably root it ASAP, but the first thing I always do on a new phone is set the ringtone and alerts, nothing is worse than most Verizon Default sound settings!

  • 第一次来 踩踩

  • Sexaddict21

    video record my self having sex!!

  • Djstar2k2

    after i copy my og droid sd card over to the nexus and try to cope with no keyboard(my 1st android was the G1) im gonna stay true to my love of pure android, not root, dispel everybody’s bs comments about android not polished or is beta and proclaim that while some may have crab berry, reused crap apples, and lame mango uncle googs did me right and gave me a sweet cool treat that is now the best tasting ice cream sandwich ever

  • Greg Sletterink

    Probably rooting it

  • Unlock, root, disable all animations and other useless eye candy, install ad blocking software.

  • theraskell

    See if I can find a case for it since it doesnt have Gorilla glass. I drop my darn phone too much!..lol

  • Since I plan to buy 4 Galaxy Nexus to replace the 4 OG Droid of mine, my wife and my 2 sons, the first thing I want to do is, OF COURSE, an Android Beam Party!

    • Anonymous

      Jeez 1,200 just like that? Lol

  • I’m going to make it my own custom device!

  • im gonna flaunt it to all the iPoops i see 

  • Anonymous

    Root it!!!

  • i’m going to disneyland…

  • Keep unlocking and locking the screen to see the “cathode-tube” animation.

  • Open the box and make a corny unboxing vid!

  • Open the box!

  • Ricky

    I’m going to take 5 photos in 3 seconds, and then go buy something with nfc

  • Billy

    exhale deeply with the fact that its finally here, in my hand, and not just in my dreams

  • Graham Wilson

    sit there a play with it all day long and not put it down! i don’t plan to root or even use a custom launcher!

  • Anonymous

    Try out ICS so I can decide if I’m going to sell my iPad 2 for the first ICS tablet (aka transformer prime).  Also, sell this iphone 4 loaner I have since my OG broke.

  • Msdynamite

    Scratch test on the “Simian” Glass!   (On second thought, maybe I’ll bring a thumbtack to the Verizon store and test the floor model instead!)  

  • Anthonyg80

    Go to duene reader and make a purchase with my galaxy nexus! Ftw!

    • Anthonyg80

      *duene reade lol

  • you mean the nexus with no release date correct?

  • Anonymous

    I love the Galaxy Nexus so much, I want to take it behind a middle school and get it pregnant. -Tracy Jordan

  • Make it look like a Pip-Boy.

    • Anonymous

      Finally a Fallout reference…amazing!!!

  • Jdellingson7

    Rooted out of the box, then stir up some jealousy around the office

  • Napes

    Well, obviously I’d turn the phone on.

    • Anonymous

      Best comment ever!

  • Blend it.

  • Xcution25

    Find one of the Elric brothers and turn it into the Edge

  • Anonymous

    Nothing.. I bought a Bionic! :o(

  • Anonymous

    gonna sit back and enjoy all that ICS has to offer, play around with everything and show it off

  • fastboot oem unlock.

  • Kelly

    go though all of the menus and customize everything 🙂

  • Barbarrino

    Use it to crush the hearts of my co-workers with their Iphone Fanboy 4GS’s!!

  • Gawk at the screen.

  • Anonymous

    Use it as a walker. By the time it actually comes out I will be too bloody old to use it for anything else! Seriously, I just want to play with the damn thing!

    • Nathan Hosford

      Yea buy the time it releases it will be obsolete there is already a quadcore tegra 3 phone releasing soon.
      the HTC Edge.

  • Izzo0825

    When I get my Galaxy/Iphone crusher…I am going to record my wife and I making sweeeeeeet love with the 5MP camera and see if it catches every position and keep up with the jack rabbit speeds………..LOL

  • Nexus Boy

    Being a NXS4G user, I plan on simply putting a nice Motley Crue song as the ringtone, then put it in my pocket until a root is made.

  • Michael Haggerty84

    I would do all of the above, plus the addition of browsing on the 4G network so I could see the true speed of the phone and the network.

  • Anonymous

    Figure out how to get my Slingbox/SlingPlayer working on Verizon.

  • Anonymous

    1: Open box, 2: Listen to the angels sing…