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Tuesday Poll: First thing you plan to do with your Galaxy Nexus?

Keep it clean, peeps. But yes, we want to know what the first thing is that you plan to do with your Samsung Galaxy Nexus (whenever it finally arrives, that is). Since this will be the first Nexus device for many of you as long time Verizon customers, and the first stock experience since the OG, we are curious to hear what you are most looking forward to. Are you going to pop open the camera and see if it really can take a series of zero-lag pictures in a row? Are you going to Beam something to your friend who bought the device as well? Maybe just sit back and admire the beauty that is ICS? Watch a video on the gorgeous 720p HD screen? Or are you simply going to turn on USB debugging and OEM unlock that bad boy through fastboot – something you haven’t been able to do ever, on a Verizon smartphone?

Let us know in the comments.

  • Anonymous

    Definitely going to ride it stock for the first month, then find out how to root and flash a ROM.

  • Load up all my apps, and get a case / screen protector installed!  Then cherish it, knowing that I will have a device that will last 2 years, full of the latest updates.

  • Placing it in a hermetically sealed box until Otterbox releases a case.

  • C-Law

    I plan to do something most might call blasphemous or retarded. On my OG Droid, I could never find anything to replace the “Droid” sound for txts. I like it too much. And even though this isn’t a Droid device, it’s the only phone worthy enough to replace my dying OG, so I will be adding the “Droid” sound to my txts on the Nexus too. I already have the sound file ready to transfer, lol.
    Maybe if I can find a way to make an identical voice say “Nexus”, that’d be even better.

  • Anonymous

    rub it in the face of my friend who owns an iPhone 4S and then test the face unlock to see if it actually works!

  • ol1bit

    play with the camera

  • Wayne Farns

    You know, I think the droid 1 is fairly stock as well.

  • Djstar2k2

    after i copy my og droid sd card over to the nexus and try to cope with no keyboard(my 1st android was the G1) im gonna stay true to my love of pure android, not root, dispel everybody’s bs comments about android not polished or is beta and proclaim that while some may have crab berry, reused crap apples, and lame mango uncle googs did me right and gave me a sweet cool treat that is now the best tasting ice cream sandwich EVER

  • S 177an

    Cry…then jump for joy right after

  • Since fastboot wipes a device when it is unlocked i am going to skip the initial setup and go right to debugging myself and OEM unlocki it.  Similar to what i did with my XOOM.  Why waste the time letting it sync jsut to wipe the damn thing out 20 minutes later.  Just hope there isn’t a new fastboot my laptop is already set and foaming to unlock this thing.

  • Anonymous

    Switch my number to it, from my OG Droid, then cry a bit. It will be a sexcellent affair.

  • Granted

    Hey, I’ve done you a favor and have gone ahead and changed the name of this website for you. Droid-A-Place-For-Nerd-Bitches-To-Argue-Life. No need to thank me.

  • Anonymous

    : Set up and test Face Unlock so it can know it’s new owner and become “acquainted”.. then, add DL to my favorites bookmark section and read up on the initial thoughts! lol

  • Me

    rub it

  • Me

    break the screen

  • I check this site every day to find out whether the Galaxy Nexus can be ordered yet.

  • Nicholas Kent

    I want to start an app, close it immediately, and then go right back to the launcher homescreen in less than five seconds. Coming from an OG Droid, that’d be a HUGE improvement. I figure that I’ll probably squee with delight when my phone works faster than I can use it.

  • 1st thing i will do with mine(besides charging it) will be to port for hi-def movies to it to really test the screen. 

  • Anonymous

    If it comes out in the next month I’ll probably … buy it.

    oh after that. activate my gaccount and then show it my ugly mug so I can unlock it with this bad boy. Then take it on a ski vacation and make love to it on a bear rug next to the fireplace.

  • Anonymous

    Charge it. Then sleep with it while it’s charging. 

  • I will rub it against my scrotum to claim ownership and so I can troll people after I let them touch my Nexus by telling where I just put my phone.

  • Anonymous

    look at it, turn it on and then probably make a phone call

  • niuguy

    Take neked pics of my girlfriend.

    • “Naked,” perhaps? =D

      • joejoe509

        Nah. Nekkid is probably what he meant.

  • Will we be able to preorder the G-Nex?  Also does anyone have a “for sure” release date?  I’ve heard like four different dates so far.  The anticipation is killing me.  Oh, and since this is a thread about the first thing we’re going to do when we get our G-Nex… I’m going to go through every feature, each nook and cranny, and decide if I want to load a mod on it, or just leave it stock in all its perfectly coded glory.  I’m wondering what tangible benefits Cyanogen could bring to the G-Nex that would exceed the functionality and style of the stock software.

  • Anonymous

    sync google account, duh!

  • Anonymous

    Root it of course.

  • Downs176

    Unlock it and bludgeon an apple fan boy in the head with it, then stand over them laughing. Too much maybe??

    • SITH77


  • SITH77


  • lets see when I get my razr Ill probably laugh at the the guy next to me when his nexus cant get any reception and my motorola can. But, then again its always been like that!


    • That is until your RAZR randomly reboots or locks up while you’re on the phone with someone.

      • hahaha, my thunderbolt used to do that. Bionic has been a literal saint in my pocket.

        • You are probably better off leaving it in your pocket then.  🙂

  • Nico

    See if it blends.

  • Sporttster

    Instead of asking what to do with it when we get the thing, we should be asking why isn’t it coming out already? Look, alot of folks use these phones for productivity, for scheduling, and now especially for the holidays with shopping and scheduling that goes on around this time of year. It’s not always easy to transfer data from one handset to the next within certain apps so it takes set up time. I’d like to get the thing and get it set up quickly so I can begin to use it for the busy holidays quickly coming.

  • Nate Surber

    Pinch it to make sure it’s real.

  • Insect Overlord

    The first thing I’m going to do is root it, install MotoBlur, GetItNow!, Real Player for Android, McAffee, Twidroyd, My Verizon, and SolarPoweredFlashlight, then lock and encrypt my bootloader and write Verizon a nasty email stating it would be so much easier to make a great phone a PoS if they’d just do it at corporate.

  • TheReal

    It’s funny how off topic people can get.The question was what is the first thing you will do with your galaxy nexus. Go rant and poke fun elsewhere. Not sure what ill end up doing first but probably face to unlock or use nfc. Hopefully its out sooner than later

  • SITH77


  • good model, I will need to look at it))termpaperwriter.org

  • I’ll decide what I’m going to do with it first when I know WHEN ITS GOING TO BE IN MY HANDS. What I do first depends on when I can finally have it!

  • Anonymous

    First thing I will do is use the battery that is already half all the way down to zero then start my (3) charging cycles of 10 to 12 hrs. Then I will be off to the races downloading my applications from the android market. This will be a grand time with my 10gb of data….

  • Anonymous

    Why, I’d eat it of course. 

  • I’d like to say what I’d do with this device, but at this point, I predict months of delays, and finally just getting sick of Verizon’s dragging of feet and going to Sprint.  Verizon’s got the network, but it takes forever to get anything resembling a decent device.  Still using my OG and their hasn’t been anything decent released since my contract ended in May.

    In conclusion, I say the Galaxy Nexus is just a joke perpetrated Google/Verizon/Samsung to torture the android community.  It’s never coming and we should all get iPhones…

    /sarcasm off

    p.s. screw iphones

  • Anonymous

    After unboxing and giving the whole Oscar acceptance speech “I’d like to thank Samsung, Google, and the brilliant 720p screen for making this all possible. Oh and Apple, for making Android what it is…” I will probably turn it on, see unicorns and dancing fairies, then realize the true power of a NEXUS device…oh I’m so excited. Its like Christmas in November…wait..

  • Narbz

    PANORAMIC picturesssssssssssssssssssssssss….. 

  • Anonymous

    play with that amazingly fast camera!!

  • ‘loose it’ and then get a replacement sent to me before activating the one i ‘lost’ and then have a 3 some with both phones. 😀 and then make profit 😀