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Tuesday Poll: First thing you plan to do with your Galaxy Nexus?

Keep it clean, peeps. But yes, we want to know what the first thing is that you plan to do with your Samsung Galaxy Nexus (whenever it finally arrives, that is). Since this will be the first Nexus device for many of you as long time Verizon customers, and the first stock experience since the OG, we are curious to hear what you are most looking forward to. Are you going to pop open the camera and see if it really can take a series of zero-lag pictures in a row? Are you going to Beam something to your friend who bought the device as well? Maybe just sit back and admire the beauty that is ICS? Watch a video on the gorgeous 720p HD screen? Or are you simply going to turn on USB debugging and OEM unlock that bad boy through fastboot – something you haven’t been able to do ever, on a Verizon smartphone?

Let us know in the comments.

  • Anonymous

    Definitely going to ride it stock for the first month, then find out how to root and flash a ROM.

  • Load up all my apps, and get a case / screen protector installed!  Then cherish it, knowing that I will have a device that will last 2 years, full of the latest updates.

  • Placing it in a hermetically sealed box until Otterbox releases a case.

  • C-Law

    I plan to do something most might call blasphemous or retarded. On my OG Droid, I could never find anything to replace the “Droid” sound for txts. I like it too much. And even though this isn’t a Droid device, it’s the only phone worthy enough to replace my dying OG, so I will be adding the “Droid” sound to my txts on the Nexus too. I already have the sound file ready to transfer, lol.
    Maybe if I can find a way to make an identical voice say “Nexus”, that’d be even better.

  • Anonymous

    rub it in the face of my friend who owns an iPhone 4S and then test the face unlock to see if it actually works!

  • ol1bit

    play with the camera

  • Wayne Farns

    You know, I think the droid 1 is fairly stock as well.

  • Djstar2k2

    after i copy my og droid sd card over to the nexus and try to cope with no keyboard(my 1st android was the G1) im gonna stay true to my love of pure android, not root, dispel everybody’s bs comments about android not polished or is beta and proclaim that while some may have crab berry, reused crap apples, and lame mango uncle googs did me right and gave me a sweet cool treat that is now the best tasting ice cream sandwich EVER

  • S 177an

    Cry…then jump for joy right after

  • Since fastboot wipes a device when it is unlocked i am going to skip the initial setup and go right to debugging myself and OEM unlocki it.  Similar to what i did with my XOOM.  Why waste the time letting it sync jsut to wipe the damn thing out 20 minutes later.  Just hope there isn’t a new fastboot my laptop is already set and foaming to unlock this thing.

  • Anonymous

    Switch my number to it, from my OG Droid, then cry a bit. It will be a sexcellent affair.

  • Granted

    Hey, I’ve done you a favor and have gone ahead and changed the name of this website for you. Droid-A-Place-For-Nerd-Bitches-To-Argue-Life. No need to thank me.

  • Anonymous

    : Set up and test Face Unlock so it can know it’s new owner and become “acquainted”.. then, add DL to my favorites bookmark section and read up on the initial thoughts! lol

  • Me

    rub it

  • Me

    break the screen

  • I check this site every day to find out whether the Galaxy Nexus can be ordered yet.

  • Nicholas Kent

    I want to start an app, close it immediately, and then go right back to the launcher homescreen in less than five seconds. Coming from an OG Droid, that’d be a HUGE improvement. I figure that I’ll probably squee with delight when my phone works faster than I can use it.

  • 1st thing i will do with mine(besides charging it) will be to port for hi-def movies to it to really test the screen. 

  • Anonymous

    If it comes out in the next month I’ll probably … buy it.

    oh after that. activate my gaccount and then show it my ugly mug so I can unlock it with this bad boy. Then take it on a ski vacation and make love to it on a bear rug next to the fireplace.

  • Anonymous

    Charge it. Then sleep with it while it’s charging. 

  • I will rub it against my scrotum to claim ownership and so I can troll people after I let them touch my Nexus by telling where I just put my phone.

  • Anonymous

    look at it, turn it on and then probably make a phone call

  • niuguy

    Take neked pics of my girlfriend.

    • “Naked,” perhaps? =D

      • joejoe509

        Nah. Nekkid is probably what he meant.

  • Will we be able to preorder the G-Nex?  Also does anyone have a “for sure” release date?  I’ve heard like four different dates so far.  The anticipation is killing me.  Oh, and since this is a thread about the first thing we’re going to do when we get our G-Nex… I’m going to go through every feature, each nook and cranny, and decide if I want to load a mod on it, or just leave it stock in all its perfectly coded glory.  I’m wondering what tangible benefits Cyanogen could bring to the G-Nex that would exceed the functionality and style of the stock software.

  • Anonymous

    sync google account, duh!

  • Anonymous

    Root it of course.

  • Downs176

    Unlock it and bludgeon an apple fan boy in the head with it, then stand over them laughing. Too much maybe??

    • SITH77


  • SITH77


  • lets see when I get my razr Ill probably laugh at the the guy next to me when his nexus cant get any reception and my motorola can. But, then again its always been like that!


    • That is until your RAZR randomly reboots or locks up while you’re on the phone with someone.

      • hahaha, my thunderbolt used to do that. Bionic has been a literal saint in my pocket.

        • You are probably better off leaving it in your pocket then.  🙂

  • Nico

    See if it blends.

  • Sporttster

    Instead of asking what to do with it when we get the thing, we should be asking why isn’t it coming out already? Look, alot of folks use these phones for productivity, for scheduling, and now especially for the holidays with shopping and scheduling that goes on around this time of year. It’s not always easy to transfer data from one handset to the next within certain apps so it takes set up time. I’d like to get the thing and get it set up quickly so I can begin to use it for the busy holidays quickly coming.

  • Nate Surber

    Pinch it to make sure it’s real.

  • Insect Overlord

    The first thing I’m going to do is root it, install MotoBlur, GetItNow!, Real Player for Android, McAffee, Twidroyd, My Verizon, and SolarPoweredFlashlight, then lock and encrypt my bootloader and write Verizon a nasty email stating it would be so much easier to make a great phone a PoS if they’d just do it at corporate.

  • TheReal

    It’s funny how off topic people can get.The question was what is the first thing you will do with your galaxy nexus. Go rant and poke fun elsewhere. Not sure what ill end up doing first but probably face to unlock or use nfc. Hopefully its out sooner than later

  • SITH77


  • good model, I will need to look at it))termpaperwriter.org

  • I’ll decide what I’m going to do with it first when I know WHEN ITS GOING TO BE IN MY HANDS. What I do first depends on when I can finally have it!

  • Anonymous

    First thing I will do is use the battery that is already half all the way down to zero then start my (3) charging cycles of 10 to 12 hrs. Then I will be off to the races downloading my applications from the android market. This will be a grand time with my 10gb of data….

  • Anonymous

    Why, I’d eat it of course. 

  • I’d like to say what I’d do with this device, but at this point, I predict months of delays, and finally just getting sick of Verizon’s dragging of feet and going to Sprint.  Verizon’s got the network, but it takes forever to get anything resembling a decent device.  Still using my OG and their hasn’t been anything decent released since my contract ended in May.

    In conclusion, I say the Galaxy Nexus is just a joke perpetrated Google/Verizon/Samsung to torture the android community.  It’s never coming and we should all get iPhones…

    /sarcasm off

    p.s. screw iphones

  • Anonymous

    After unboxing and giving the whole Oscar acceptance speech “I’d like to thank Samsung, Google, and the brilliant 720p screen for making this all possible. Oh and Apple, for making Android what it is…” I will probably turn it on, see unicorns and dancing fairies, then realize the true power of a NEXUS device…oh I’m so excited. Its like Christmas in November…wait..

  • Narbz

    PANORAMIC picturesssssssssssssssssssssssss….. 

  • Anonymous

    play with that amazingly fast camera!!

  • ‘loose it’ and then get a replacement sent to me before activating the one i ‘lost’ and then have a 3 some with both phones. 😀 and then make profit 😀

  • Anonymous

    turn the screen on, then off, then on, then off to admire the sweet crt animation…. Then root the shit out of it

  • Sporttster

     I will name him George, and I will hug him, and pet him and will give him security and keep him warm and….

  • Benjamin Mackie

    Root it

  • Matt2783

    Probably check out some HD youtube vids over LTE.

  • Anonymous

    Wait for the galaxy note to come out…

  • hatethanet

    Watch a 720p video of someone using a Galaxy Nexus on my Galaxy Nexus:

    • Nico

      Yo dawg…

  • Anonymous

    reproduce. Sell offspring. 

  • Anonymous

    Install the hoard of free apps of the day that I’ve been downloading but not installing because they won’t fit or run well on my OG Droid.

    • Been doing the same thing man. I think I’ve got ~20 just waiting to be installed.

      • Sporttster

        Same here,lol. Had to take some off but they’re dutifully sitting idle in TBU due to killing the Droid….

      • David

        I thought that was just me!  Still running with the OG.  Respectfully, Cyanogen can only take it so far.

  • Anonymous

    Read the manual…psshhh, who even does that?

  • Booboolala2000

    I am gonna take a picture and not have it crash like on my droid charge. I am gonna browse the internet and not loose my data connection like on my droid charge. And I am finally going to relax because I know my phone will be relevant for the next couple of years with the most current software. Then I will flash it within an inch of its life.

  • Acniehaus04

    Probably will see how it flips through all the homescreens, how fast the drawer opens, remove and set my favorite widgets, and probably root it ASAP, but the first thing I always do on a new phone is set the ringtone and alerts, nothing is worse than most Verizon Default sound settings!

  • 第一次来 踩踩

  • Sexaddict21

    video record my self having sex!!

  • Djstar2k2

    after i copy my og droid sd card over to the nexus and try to cope with no keyboard(my 1st android was the G1) im gonna stay true to my love of pure android, not root, dispel everybody’s bs comments about android not polished or is beta and proclaim that while some may have crab berry, reused crap apples, and lame mango uncle googs did me right and gave me a sweet cool treat that is now the best tasting ice cream sandwich ever

  • Greg Sletterink

    Probably rooting it

  • Unlock, root, disable all animations and other useless eye candy, install ad blocking software.

  • theraskell

    See if I can find a case for it since it doesnt have Gorilla glass. I drop my darn phone too much!..lol

  • Since I plan to buy 4 Galaxy Nexus to replace the 4 OG Droid of mine, my wife and my 2 sons, the first thing I want to do is, OF COURSE, an Android Beam Party!

    • Anonymous

      Jeez 1,200 just like that? Lol

  • I’m going to make it my own custom device!

  • im gonna flaunt it to all the iPoops i see 

  • Anonymous

    Root it!!!

  • i’m going to disneyland…

  • Keep unlocking and locking the screen to see the “cathode-tube” animation.

  • Open the box and make a corny unboxing vid!

  • Open the box!

  • Ricky

    I’m going to take 5 photos in 3 seconds, and then go buy something with nfc

  • Billy

    exhale deeply with the fact that its finally here, in my hand, and not just in my dreams

  • Graham Wilson

    sit there a play with it all day long and not put it down! i don’t plan to root or even use a custom launcher!

  • Anonymous

    Try out ICS so I can decide if I’m going to sell my iPad 2 for the first ICS tablet (aka transformer prime).  Also, sell this iphone 4 loaner I have since my OG broke.

  • Msdynamite

    Scratch test on the “Simian” Glass!   (On second thought, maybe I’ll bring a thumbtack to the Verizon store and test the floor model instead!)  

  • Anthonyg80

    Go to duene reader and make a purchase with my galaxy nexus! Ftw!

    • Anthonyg80

      *duene reade lol

  • you mean the nexus with no release date correct?

  • Anonymous

    I love the Galaxy Nexus so much, I want to take it behind a middle school and get it pregnant. -Tracy Jordan

  • Make it look like a Pip-Boy.

    • Anonymous

      Finally a Fallout reference…amazing!!!

  • Jdellingson7

    Rooted out of the box, then stir up some jealousy around the office

  • Napes

    Well, obviously I’d turn the phone on.

    • Anonymous

      Best comment ever!

  • Blend it.

  • Xcution25

    Find one of the Elric brothers and turn it into the Edge

  • Anonymous

    Nothing.. I bought a Bionic! :o(

  • Anonymous

    gonna sit back and enjoy all that ICS has to offer, play around with everything and show it off

  • fastboot oem unlock.

  • Kelly

    go though all of the menus and customize everything 🙂

  • Barbarrino

    Use it to crush the hearts of my co-workers with their Iphone Fanboy 4GS’s!!

  • Gawk at the screen.

  • Anonymous

    Use it as a walker. By the time it actually comes out I will be too bloody old to use it for anything else! Seriously, I just want to play with the damn thing!

    • Nathan Hosford

      Yea buy the time it releases it will be obsolete there is already a quadcore tegra 3 phone releasing soon.
      the HTC Edge.

  • Izzo0825

    When I get my Galaxy/Iphone crusher…I am going to record my wife and I making sweeeeeeet love with the 5MP camera and see if it catches every position and keep up with the jack rabbit speeds………..LOL

  • Nexus Boy

    Being a NXS4G user, I plan on simply putting a nice Motley Crue song as the ringtone, then put it in my pocket until a root is made.

  • Michael Haggerty84

    I would do all of the above, plus the addition of browsing on the 4G network so I could see the true speed of the phone and the network.

  • Anonymous

    Figure out how to get my Slingbox/SlingPlayer working on Verizon.

  • Anonymous

    1: Open box, 2: Listen to the angels sing…

  • Anonymous

    I’ve planned this out: take a picture of me, eating an Ice Cream Sandwich, and send it out to Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and MySpace (jk), with the caption, “Relaxing and enjoying my Ice Cream Sandwich”.

  • Flip74k

    Gonna sit down n play with ics n get used to not having buttons lol

  • Anonymous

    do a happy dance because I will be free from my iCrap

  • Sts86gt

    Considering I will probably get it a bit after it’s been out the first thing I will do is Root it and do a Nandroid Backup.

  • Not Sure

    Watch Gianna Michaels boobs bounce in glorious HD….while taking a shit.

  • Guest

    Take a panoramic shot of my junk.

  • Probably set up everything and then go into the settings and view the awesomeness.

  • Lumpysherman

    Activate and charge the battery.

  • Craig

    It’s just a phone!

    …and it’s not much different than the existing Galaxy. To get excited would mean life must be damn boring. This is just my humble opinion.

    • Anonymous

      To be fair you did click the link when you seen the title.  You surely have better things to do right?  

  • Lucas Rasweiler-Richter

    fastboot oem unlock

  • install a screen protector :>

  • Smr561

    Is anyone holding off on this phone to see what quad core phones come?  Or are most people buying this plan on upgrading to quad core anyways?

    • joejoe509

      There will always be something better just around the corner… So far I haven’t seen definitive proof that quad cores offer the current market anything significantly better than powerful dual cores. Software just hasn’t caught up yet. Maybe in a year or so…

  • Bogy25

    Show my all friends and everyone with a iphone  


    • They won’t care.  Apple fans wouldn’t care if the phone had a teleporter and gave you a blowjob, they’d still think their precious iPhone was better.

      • Anonymous

        True story…

  • Morenoc12

    Show off how fast I can take pictures to all the iPhone fan boys lol

  • Anonymous

    Rooting it, then kicking back and enjoying it. I’m on vacation Nov 24 thru Dec 4,so i have plenty of time to get it worn in..It will be my entertainment while in the blackfriday lines….Gonna have to find a nice case for it.. Already got the 5600mah Anker Astro portable battery for it,

  • babadush

    Use it as a dil.do on my gf. Oops wrong page

    • Anonymous

      Make sure you get the insurance first

    • joejoe509

      Just don’t use the RAZR! Ouch! haha

  • Take it out of the box

  • Anonymous

    First thing I’m gonna do is check to make sure this thing gets reception. Worthless to me if I can’t make calls with it.

  • Feras Hanano

    Do a little dance, make a little love…get down that night

  • DroidDIY

    Make a phone call with it!

  • Sp4rxx

    Don’t care – getting a RAZR

  • Riverjao

    Good question Kellex. After I wake up from having passed out from sheer, utter elation, I’m gonna wake up and stare at it for an hour. Then, I’m gonna write it a poem, sing it a song and slip it a folded up note asking it out on a date. THEN, I’m gonna use the facial unlock because that is freaking sweet. Then, I’m gonna look at that screen quality and promptly thank God that I didn’t get a Rezound. Then after enjoying ICS and the camera, I’m gonna thank God that I didn’t get the Razr. Then, as most importantly, I’m gonna unlock it and laugh (evil laugh with thunder and lightning in the background) b/c of the power that I’m drunk on. Then, after having the phone this amount of time and still having battery life, I’m gonna once again thank God that I got this phone and not the Rezound, and come on here and say, ‘Told ya so’ to Rezound owners. 

    • Skittleoid

      Why the hell thank God. Thank Google for providing such a perfect device and thank yourself for making the right choice.

  • Anonymous

    Considering I will probably get it a bit after it’s been out the first thing I will do is Root it and do a Nandroid Backup before I do anything on the phone and probably save the non-root file somewhere on the phone.

  • I’ll be practical about it: first thing, I will text my girlfriend, just for the heck of it, quickly followed by rooting the phone.

  • Teleport with it.

  • Anonymous

    I am going to wait and see what the user feedback is and THEN decide if this is FINALLY worthy to replace the greatest Android phone, OG!

  • Anonymous

    Hold it tight and cry tears of joy.

  • Foamposite0o1

    Be happy that ill be getting paid to use it =)

  • Anonymous

    just to experience a pure android experience out of the box

  • Imanjja

    Weather ballon

  • Icecoldwater2011

    So about the face unlock feature…. If I take a real good photo of you and print it out on quality photo paper can I steal your phone, show it your photo, and have access to all your stuff?

    • joejoe509

      It’s mostly a novelty feature and for those who are not concerned with a high level of security. But good question… I wonder about this too…

  • rub it on my pee pee

  • Anonymous

    Shut down phone
    Hold down volume up + power to enter bootloader
    Connect phone to PC using supplied USB cable
    Open a command prompt
    CD to the Android SDK folder
    type “fastboot oem unlock”
    flash custom recovery
    adb push Superuser.apk and su files
    reboot phone
    and install all my apps and setup all my settings…

  • You can OEM unlock the phone?  Please show me how!

    • joejoe509

      Nexus is a beautiful thing…

  • Anonymous

    Watch a 720p video on it probably. Second thing would be testing out the speed of LTE.

  • eddieruko

    shove it in the face of my coworker who was so desperately waiting for the mystical iphone5

  • Automaddux

    Enough of all this fantasy-moto mumbo-jumbo. First thing I plan to do is root. No wait, maybe I’ll take some video of my Boston Terriers. Or I could download a movie and watch it. Crap, I don’t know what I’ll do first. Just please hurry up and release it already.

  • Anonymous

    I would recommend putting it in a case. So many people forget that this forum said the following about the Charge that is made the EXACT same way out of the same materials… “The device is made of plastic and isn’t going to last you 2 years.  I’ve had it for about a month now and already managed to scuff the edges from simply pulling it in and out of my pocket.  I haven’t seen this happen on any other device in the life of this blog.”

  • Nobody

    I will hug it, and squeeze it, and call it George.

  • Joshua Dudash

    I want to show it off to everyone! 

  • Anonymous

    Relish in the fact that I’m going to have a phone free from Verizon’s bloatware.

  • Ganesha1994

    ask it; Do you blend?

  • Anonymous

    Face unlock it with my **ck or should i say **ck unlock it… Do u think it’ll work?? Jajaa

  • Guest

    How does the HotSpot work on a Nexus. I read long time ago, they are price $ different. If it does cost at all?? I guess thats not the case now, if it every was. 

  • Josh Nickell

    Boot it

  • Anonymous

    What is the first thing I’ll do with it???
    Hmm.  Assuming it actually ever comes out.  I mean, COME ON people!  There are phones that were announced after this one that have sale dates on them.  This thing is still vaporware at this point.
    The first thing I’d do, assuming months haven’t passed and I haven’t moved on to something else that has actually been released in on a reasonable timeframe, is to….  I don’t know.  I can’t even get a date on it.  I have no idea.
    Do I sound frusterated????

  • guest

    Just get used to it for a while before I root it. Its such a great phone I finally won’t be searching for ways to make it better like I was always doing with the OG Droid.

  • Anonymous

    Is this thing still coming out?  Really!  There are phones that were announced after this one that have release dates.  So far, this thing is vaporware.
    Don’t get me wrong.  I’d like to have one, but I’m sick of getting my stinkin’ hopes up.
    Hate to be a downer, but at this rate I may be a year older and have moved on to two different phones by the time they make anything official with this thing!

  • Tyler

    I’m going to set it up, then going threw the entire settings app, set up homescreen to my liking then whip out the camera and snap a shit ton of pics. Then try out the 4G in the area, because ill be in a 4G area when i get it most likely. Ill probably turn on and unlock the screen with my face a bunch.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll only root if wireless tether for root works on it without running into Verizon website telling you to pay like the Bionic.

  • Anonymous

    Try to go through all the features ICS and the hardware is able to do and then figure out how to root so i could get some WiFi goodness to my Tab 10.1, let them make babies!

  • Kuboo99

    IF (big if) I get one, OEM unlock is the first thing I will do.

  • Brian Wenger

    Enjoy it.

  • David Gunn

    I have an OGD running CM7.. I am def getting the nexus.. but I see a lot of you saying that you are going to root it immediately.. The phone is already bloat free and fast.. Why root when no ROMs are available? (honest question) Wireless tether?

    • Anonymous

      There are many, many useful applications (other than tether) that require root.

      • David Gunn

        What exactly will you do with root on the nexus out of the box?

  • At23520

    I would turn it on!

  • Try feverishly to unlock it with my face.  🙂

  • Anonymous

    Poll makes we wonder is we’re about to get a date dropped on us tomorrow.

  • TheAndroid1

    Turn it on?

  • Root it… OC it… then probably run SpeedTest about a dozen or so times

  • Icecoldwater2011

    I do not see what the big deal is about rapid fire photo taking. There is an app that allows you to do this already; fast burst.
    I am still going to get this device though.

  • Wmsco51

    Get use to the ui and drool then drool some more

  • miscreant

    Drool on it, and promptly order a replacement for water damage.

    • Anonymous

      RAZR is drool resistant…

      • yea, but the RAZR blows

        • Anonymous

          So does your mom and you like her…

        • Anonymous

          Really? If it talks dirty to me the one that blows might be the one to get.. just saying.

        • Anonymous

          so do you

  • Anonymous

    check if tethering is there

  • TACHOboiiii

    Touch it, like a lot.

  • Anonymous

    Not troll an Apple forum like some Apple users seem to be doing here.

  • Anonymous

    vote on a poll with no categories given.

  • Cry tears of joy

  • Dirkwan23

    Eat it til she cry, call it wine & dine

  • Ae4365

    I would just stare at it for a few minutes and see how beautiful this phone is    

  • Anonymous

    1. test call quality
    2. test 4G speeds
    3. Test wifi connectivity
    4. Transfer everything from Tbolt
    5. Browser testing
    6. Click some pictures, take some videos
    7. Go to bed at night with my fingers running all over her smooth body and then with my sexy nexy sleeping on my chest.

  • Anonymous

    Probly gonna cry a little that its actually in my hands lol

  • Bionic

    Lube it up

  • 360nikond300

    Stare in disbelief! They finally related this thing!

  • I remember this image floating around awhile back but I’ll borrow the text:  “I’m going to hold it with pride next to someone who has an iPhone 4S and say without hesitation that its better……Then I’ll ask Siri and it will confirm it.”

  • Charleshussell

    Gotta see the new camera.  I’ve never liked any smartphone camera’s because of their lack of response.  This one seems to be a huge step forward.

    Then the web on 4G

    Then set up my screens in ICS, which could take awhile.

  • Anonymous

    I was going to say “root” , but a few hundred people beat me to it.

    Next thing I’ll do is get free wireless tether working… then watch any netflix movie on my laptop AND STICK IT TO THE MAN!

  • Activate it 🙂

    • Tyler

      But will you be the one activating it or will the store clerk activate it????

      • I haven’t bought a phone in a store for a while, so I’ll probably be the one activating it. I hope to be pre-ordering it online the first chance I get…SO COME ON VERIZON!

  • Anonymous

    With my luck, probably drop it and then curl up into a ball, crying.

  • Anonymous

    Take a pic of my iPhone 4 crying as I return to android.

  • Pardes33

    Laugh at isheep 

  • Jasonharris42

    charge the batt…

  • Thatsjared87

    I’m going to make some calls, send some texts, use it for more than an hour without a charge, etc. You know, things that my OG Droid can’t do too well.

  • show it to my iphone friends and laugh!

  • Naked panoramic picture of my girlfriend!

    • Colin Zack

      is she super fat?

  • Anonymous

    First thing i’m going to do is turn it on.

    • Anonymous

       and then you are gonna get turned on right?

  • Anonymous

    I will feint while holding it out of shock that it was finally released.

  • Anonymous

    Fondle my precious….

    • Wmsco51

      Oh precious… My little precious gollum loves precious!!

  • G_what88

    1. plug it in
    2. set up face-unlock
    3. power off screen
    4. power on screen
    5. unlock phone with my face
    6. repeat steps 3-5 over and over and over…

  • Anonymous

    Tether to my computer and see if my WiFi or 4g is faster. After rooting of course!

  • Boblevel

    I’m gonna make sweet love to it, children.  -chef

  • Matt

    I’m going to surf around on the ICS UI until my fingers hurt, and then i’m going to setup the facial recognition unlock feature!

  • Anonymous

    I’m going to pad myself on the back for waiting so freaking patiently for the release and then waiting for the reviews and the hands on….and then just druel as I unbox it……

  • jm

    make some hd movies with my gf.  

  • Press the power button.

  • make a phone call

  • Joshua

    First and foremost I’m going to put it into a protective case, Then send out a mass text message that reads “I”m finally reconnected!” then call my mom to tell her I finally have a phone again.

  • Doofenshmirtz

    Dip it in oil and rub it all over my body.

  • hatethanet

    With the way things are going, I’m probably going to celebrate my 90th birthday right after getting it.

  • Anonymous

    I’m going to play all the awesome games that my OG Droid hasn’t been able to!

  • Smear

    Make sweet sweet love to it.

  • Anonymous


  • I’m gonna explore ICS and all the new core apps.

  • pictures.. probably time lapse to try that out.. and email!!!

  • Anonymous

    Breath again!!

  • Jack Hoffman

    Root it…no further response is needed.

  • Kdkinc

    Ask it if it’s on the pill.

  • Jake

    Activate it.

  • Anonymous

    First thing I’m gonna do is open the app drawer and smile at the lack of bloat 🙂

  • FortitudineVincimus

    It doesn’t have a hole big enough on it to do what I want to do to it

    • Trayjake2

      HahahahhaahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahhaahhahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahaahhaahahahahaXDhahahahahahahahahah… No

  • im going to be at work when i get mine so i will be telling every customer i have that this phone is the one to get and that they dont need no stupid motoblur/philblur/ninjablur/crapblur razr. i will sell many galaxy phones. i love working at verizon were i play with my hobbie all day.

  • Anonymous

    I’m going to root it and restore my million apps.

  • Anonymous

    The Verizon store I’ll be going to is right across the parking lot from my local mall. Inside my local mall is an Apple store. Much like what I did two years ago when I bought the OG Droid, I plan to go into the store and show off my phone to people checking out the iPhone.

  • Chris Cousin

    I think the first thing I am going to do is test actual focus quality of the camera (not the speed) and its ability to to take pictures in low light/dark.

    I have been very curious as to how this phone makes use of its flash to focus on objects…or if the camera gains up before it takes the picture so that it can more clearly focus on an object in the dark.  (I really want to stop carrying around my digital camera)

  • joe1138

    I got to go with fastboot unlock. Or if there is a Zagg screen protector already out for it put one of those on since it doesn’t use gorilla glass.

  • Anonymous

    Here’s an idea, how about finally calm down and relax that you finally have your phone and stop needlessly bashing other people for their choice in Android phones because it doesn’t match yours?

  • Load up Google Navigation…I suck on Pittsburgh streets

  • Test out the camera

  • get girl to take boob pic with it

  • Nybandit2000

    Face lock it so the wife can’t get on it.

    • Rob Hartwig

      I bet she could point the phone at your face while you’re sleeping and get in though.

  • bored

    II’m going to get 2 and sell 1 on e bay


    • Just kidding… I’m not a stupid *Phone user

  • Chris Sandoval

    Set up Google Wallet and try it (*cough *cough show off *cough) at my nearest Jamba Juice!

  • Freestyle270

    Work the crap out of it to see if it will do the annoying home screen redraws that’s made me want to destroy my OG Droid in anger so many times.

  • Scott

    First thing I will do with my Galaxy Nexus is delete the bloatware such as the stock Twitter app (I use a different one) and QuickOffice that have plagued my OG Droid so frustratingly.  Oh wait, I forgot this phone won’t have bloatware.  In that case, I think I’ll delight in loading a couple web pages with embedded video and watch how quickly they load on VZW 4G LTE, and stream seamlessly to that glorious, massive HD screen.  I might even do 2 at one time.  Why?  BECAUSE I CAN!!

  • Anonymous

    Treat it to a candlelight dinner to welcome it into my household

  • All of the above.

  • Anonymous

    Do a speedtest comparison with my friend who has a 4s ;D

  • SplashMTN

    Install a task killer. You know, so I have longer battery life. 

  • Marry it.

  • fastboot oem-unlock!!!

  • I got the answer!

    Replace the SD Card!

  • Dave Estey

    Boot. Then root! Then a few lighting quick pics of the kids…

  • Anonymous

    you know this says “Tuesday poll “and no such poll exists ?

  • Anonymous

    Turn it on so I can then mess around with it all day.

  • Anonymous

    I’m going to wait til it (hopefully) comes to AT&T 🙁

  • Anonymous

    Enjoy not needing to use apps like Launcherpro, and swipepad as launchers, and better multitasking apps. Then take tons of pictures, enjoy inception on the 4.65″ screen, and then compare it to my OG.

  • Evo Ryan

    im going to show it off to all my friends and say HA! nanny nanny boo boo stick your head in doo doo. i win.

  • Frankydroid

    Building a shrine, changing religions, and praying to the Google Developer Gods.

    But seriously, I just want to USE and ENJOY it on stock without worrying about needing to immediately flash a ROM, theme, or script.

    • Anonymous

      Yes. I love my roms but it will be really nice to just install whatever I want and use whatever launcher I want without having to rom it first.

      I will probably root it pretty quickly though, I gotta have my widgetlocker!

  • D-man

    make phone call. it can still make calls right? 

  • Bewara2009

    Piss on it! No Joke.

  • kangamitzi

    Well, I don’t know about the FIRST thing, but somewhere in the first half hour, I am going to reinstall all the apps I uninstalled when I got low on space on my OG Droid. every. single. one.

    Followed by FINALLY installing all the awesome amazon apps that I ‘bought’ on their free days but lacked the space for.

    I will probably finish up the tweaking by streaming a movie. Just cuz it’s there.

  • Bionicman

    i plan to take a bath with it. its water proof right?

  • Hurry to a PayPass location and make an NFC payment for the first time.

  • Dream

    Take a Picture with its predessor and upload it to Facebook then ill make a video of the 4g lte dl speeds to show to all my friends on Sprint or whoever has an iphone that my phones gets it in!!!

  • Azndan4

    watch a 720p video of a hot japanese girl

  • Anonymous

    I’ll just be happy to have it honestly, just want to look at that beautiful screen and get to know a new friend.

  • shdowman

    Make sweet sweet love to it…

    …wait what??

  • Schoat333

    Waive hi to it in the store, then walk away empty handed with my my pregnant wife. Yeah, no new phone for me now.

  • Steve-Dave

    Will it blend?

  • Anonymous


  • foreWard

    check out an HD video, then show it off to all the apple dorks I know…..lol

  • Whett Phartz

    I’m going to use it as part of my nefarious plan to rule the world! Muahahahahaha!

    (Right after I give it a good humping to show it who’s boss)

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I’ve already for warned my girlfriend that the day I get this phone I will be out of reach of contact. Mia with my new love.

  • Bob

    bury my og 

  • G Nexus fan

    hug it and squeeze it and call it george

    • Granted

      Which way did go?

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think I’ll NEED SetCPU anymore, because I wont be overclocking, that is unless the STOCK Kernel can be overclocked…..anyone???

  • Charles Arnold

    i might be alone here … BUT, i actually wont be getting the GN… ever. I am so over everything about it, from being underwhelmed by it ( wasn’t bad just wasn’t impress either) to the lack of an SD-card to shitty release dates … or should i say non -existent release dates. Also don’t give me any of that “BUT IT PURE ANDROID!!!!!RAGE!!!RAPEFACE!!!!!” Your point? Any phone i get will be rooted and CM7 ( well CM9 when ICS comes out) will be put on it. I don’t worry about the carriers/manufactures providing me support, i provide my own support by using CM. ( or any other rom i want to use for that matter)

  • Anonymous

    I will WANT to root ASAP, but I still don’t know how to root the darn thing….All I want root for at this point, is for some apps that need root:
     wireless tether for root

  • Supadaddyme

    make a time lapse video of me having relations with the wife.  Sad thing is the time lapse part will make it look like all of one second.

    • Anonymous

      instead of 2 minutes? ;D

  • Anonymous

    Tell it the story of how proud we are to have it on verizon and how I vowed to always have a droid branded phone and it stole my heart from motorola.

  • King Kong

    Watch a YouTube HD video on it over 4G.

  • Gothdroid

    $adb reboot fastboot
    $fastboot oem unlock


  • Pete

    Well i have read abt 50 comments and nobody is goin to do wat it is supposed to do and that is make a phone call! Come on guys, its a phone! I will make a phone call with. To whom? Dont knw. But thats wat i will do.

  • Tabris

    Take a while to appreciate the fact that I have a Nexus phone and it’s(just about) the cutting edge of Android technology while learning all I can about ICS 🙂

  • geno villafano

    I’m not saying I wouldn’t taste it.

  • Deltaechoe

    Rooting that bad boy (after charging it ofc)

  • Cass

    tweet motorola, ‘if only you unlocked your bootloader.. -from a proud GNex owner’

  • Anonymous

    Kellex, please don’t use the word peeps, it’s rather unbecoming… Just a little psa.
    Also, it makes me hungry for Easter candy that is not currently available, and that’s just not cool!

  • JMac726

    turn it on

    • Damn you, I would have said activate it, but then again I need to turn it on before I can do the former.

  • dt

    (Hopefully) enjoy an Android phone that doesn’t need to be rooted for the first time in my life.

  • Ray

    Transfer all my files from my memory card onto the phone since it doesnt have one


    roll an L on that massive screen

  • Anonymous

    uuuuuuuhhh….kiss it…yep…im gonna kiss it

  • JMac726

    record a 1080p video of the sledgehammer destruction of my iPhone 3GS

  • Steve Warren

    Bring it to an Apple store and show them the next generation smartphone about 5 years ahead of the iphone 4s.

  • Anonymous

    Moto has their own amoled advanced, that will be the norm for all the upcoming devices. You need to educate yourself before typing garbage in here.

  • JMac726

    I’m going to face-lock it and then get a bunch of makeup and bright lights and see if it still unlocks for me

    • lmao! *oh are you really going to do this to me?*

  • Matt

    Slap an apple sticker on the back of it, and see how many apple fanboys I can convince its a i*phone 5.

  • Take an HD video of how far I can throw my Thunderbolt. Or maybe how many times I can skip it on a pond…

  • Anonymous

    Bring on the moto droid nexus. This samsung device will be plastic like most of them.

  • Charles Lee Gough Jr.

    Snap pics of it with my DROIDX.  Then, oogle at the G-Nex all day!

  • Leo

    Press the power button to unlock the screen

  • Df2rools

    watch 720p prawn

  • joejoe509

    Oooooh man… I’ll probably surf the web first: Direct by browser to Droid-Life.com and comment on how beautiful the phone in my hand is… 😉

    Then I’ll probably take a few pictures. Then I’ll probably take a few videos. Then I’ll probably watch an HD video. Then I will sit back and admire the beauty… mmm…

  • Anonymous

    Install Vlingo.

  • Take a screenshot, since I can by default.

  • tjmonkey15

    Figure out where to put the memory card.

  • Maxpower

    Do a screen down drop test to see how that glass compares to gorilla glass

  • JD

    sit and play with

  • Anonymous

    Use it to take a picture of my OG Droid.

  • Daniel Archibald33

    Skip it like a rock on the lake and see how many skips I can get. Samsung phones belong on the bottom of a lake

    • k6tcher

      At least it will skip. Moto phones would just sink to the bottom with the added bloat.
      Ha Ha.. see doesn’t feel to go does it. ;P

    • joejoe509

      Ugh. Trolls be trollin’. Let us enjoy this beautful daydream in peace, please.

  • dinc_fan

    Add rhinestones!

  • UndergroundWire

    I plan play around with the new features and to enjoy the honeymoon period (about two weeks). Then I’ll root it.

  • Kevin Niven

    I thought the Nexus was a Proof of Concept!? Is it ever coming out??

  • Haproot

    Take pictures!

  • Anonymous

    Do everything everyone said they’re going to do except for what that idiot, Jason Purple said he was going to do. What a mindless idiot.

  • CaptainHowdy13

    Stare in joy. First at the device. Next at my bank account. Commence sobbing over the price to beauty ratio.

  • John Davids

    Teach my wife the glory that is Android. I will be getting the Nexus for her, upgrading her from an LG Dare to this. One hell of a jump! 

    I, on the other hand, will be sitting in the corner, jealous and anxiously waiting the Droid 4 as I just can’t live without my physical keyboard (Droid 2).

  • Step 1: Root
    Step 2: Install a Tether Software and personalize the **** out of the pure UI
    Step 3: Go nuts with the 4G connection
    Step 4: Go nuts with the Zero Lag Camera
    Step 5: ???
    Step 6: Profit!

  • Yellowsnow

    Show it off to all the many mindless iPhone 4s drones that aren’t aware other phones exist.

    • Anonymous

      HEY, that’s what I was going to do, no fair!

      • I’m definitely not installing a ROM on this thing.  Probably won’t even root it. After a year with the Droid X, 8 months of which were spent on Blur, I can’t wait for an absolute, pure experience. No modifications to Google’s software.

    • Anonymous

      How can you tell someone owns an android phone?  They will try to convert everyone around them by providing a specs sheet. 

      • BofugginJangles

        So you mean they are geeks?

        • Anonymous

          It means they are just as bad as people running around screaming about how they own an iPhone.

          • “Just as bad”?  People it is BAD to try to tell others about things you like!  BAD!  Let them figure it out on their own!  It’s better to be in control and have lackluster products than to be annoyed by those nasty monsters with opinions!

          • Anonymous

            This is not telling others how you like your phone.  “Show it off to all the many mindless iPhone 4s drones that aren’t aware other phones exist.”  If you think it is then hats off to you. 

          • Anonymous

            Funny thing is most of my iphone friends now understand their iphone are the new blackberry.. irt started with the 4s when they couldn’t believe apple put out practically another iphone that was already 4 months overdue for an upgrade .. they don’t like that apple is throwing the fact they aren’t as knowledgeable in their faces.. people have mastered their iphone and are ready for the crazy extra features they could have with an android

          • Anonymous

            no, it doesn’t.  you’re a piece of iSh!t.

          • Anonymous

            A true representative of the Droid Life community. 

            And I own a Droid X, thank you very much.

          • Anonymous

            well quit playing both sides then dude.  we’re here for this kind of stuff.  i really believe there’s a fundamental difference between android and ios users.  at least the ones on sites and forums such as these.

          • Anonymous

            I’m sorry that I’m not going to fall in line on the iPhone bash train.  It’s not a prerequisite to hate on the iPhone, Steve Jobs, and Apple in order to own an android based phone.  I can own a Droid X and recognize that the iPhone is a successful smartphone but is not for me.  I don’t have to justify my purchase by dragging the other side down, along with its user base.

          • Anonymous

            it’s not that i’m on the ios bash train.  i had an iphone for two years til i found the OGD.  every family member, and most friends and colleagues i have, have an iphone.  i have no idea why.  i’m not sure they do either.  i know the experience.  it may differ from yours, but from what i’ve seen, apple’s very good at marketing.

            on the feedback sandwich kind of thing–what i love about ios is the seamless experience.  you pick up the phone, and it works, no rebooting, no black screens, no hiccups.  i may have had one or two freezeups in two years with the iphone.  that’s awesome.  also the ability to backup the apps and data.  awesome.  should’ve been implemented non-root years ago on android.  those things having been said.. choice, and “openness”, i value them higher.

            but don’t come to an android blog and stick up for the iphone on every post.  you look like an apple fanboy and i/we have to assume as much man.

          • Anonymous

            Marketing exists for the sole reason of convincing you to buy something that you do not need.  does anyone really need a smartphone?  I realize that a certain percentage probably needs a smartphone for work or what not but a vast majority of smartphone owners do not need a smartphone, they just want a smartphone. 

            I’m sorry you’ve had poor experiences with iPhone/Mac owners but I find them no worse than the average PC/Android owner.  Both sides have their idiots. 

            “you look like an apple fanboy and i/we have to assume as much man.”

            You really don’t have to do this but the mentality around here dictates that you do. 

          • Anonymous

            again, you’re on an android blog.  there really is a mentality around here.

          • Anonymous

            I agree with you 100% but all I can say is DETROIT SUCKS. GO HAWKS. that is all.

          • Anonymous

            Now you’re just busting my balls. It’s going to suck to lose the rivalry if the Wings go East.

          • Christephor

            i have to agree with you 100% but all i can say is Go Sharks

          • Anonymous

            Even worse than the Hawks.  You guys make me a sad panda in the playoffs. 

          • Hunter

            This is true I’m 14 and a girl I know at school got a motorola citrus I asked her why she responded no joke “because it has facebook” that right there is a mindless android user

          • Anonymous

            These types of users exist on both platforms but the fanboys on each side like to pretend they only exist on the other platform. I would be curious as to what percentage of users on both platforms are similar to that one.

          • Anonymous

            Pretty sure all of us were pretty “mindless” at 14…..but I see your point

          • Anonymous

            Not with the uberNexus crowd nowadays

        • I prefer “informed consumers.”

      • SugaShane

        I don’t always drink, but when I do, it’s ’cause I read a trolling comment from this douche. 

        • Anonymous

          Because the comment in which I replied to is so much less trolly than mine. 

          I still “liked” your comment because it was funny and creative. 

          • Anonymous

            Aww how cute, he liked your comment…..a NICE troll!!!!

      • Anonymous

        How do you convert a lemming?

      • Matthew Rosidivito

        To be fair, most people I know actually come to me and ask what phone, computer, or tech gadget to get. Being an informed consumer, I do provide tech specs as opposed to just saying “It’s better, trust me” and walking away. I think that most of the people here on Droid Life can join me in saying that they are “that guy” in their circle of friends. I would actually like to see a poll asking what percentage of DL readers is IT professionals of some sort.

        That said, I feel like (and you seem to agree given your comment) that the biggest difference between an Android user and an iOS user is how educated they are (and want to be) about the smartphone industry.

        • Anonymous

          “That said, I feel like (and you seem to agree given your comment) that the biggest difference between an Android user and an iOS user is how educated they are (and want to be) about the smartphone industry. ”

          That’s not what I am saying at all. The users at this site represent a small minority of the android community. Android users, in general, are no more educated than iOS users. There is a minority in both camps that are well informed, but let’s not act like it is the majority. I’d be willing to bet people are more concerned with the actual phone than the OS that runs it.

          • Matthew Rosidivito

            Very well. So, is it all Anrdoid users that try to convert people using tech specs (as you said before), or just this minority here at DL?

          • Anonymous

            There’s a difference between a joke and a statement of fact.

    • aaron parks

      hell yes. well said sir

  • Jboogie1289

    I’m going to just look at it, then caress it. I’ll take a pic of it with a lesser phone to make the lesser phone jealous. Then I’ll take it and show it off to all my friends (those that will remain my friends after they see it and see how it blows their phone away) that don’t have the best!! Yes!!!!!!

  • Jd


  • Anonymous

    faint haha

  • Hellsyeah

    watch porn

  • Derp

    Unlock it over and over while swiping back and forth through home screens and flipping the app drawer around. Rinse and repeat

  • Djlowproz

    Meet up with my Friend who brought the i*hone 4s to show him what he missed out on.

  • The first sentence in this article pretty much defined it for me: “Keep it clean!” First thing I plan to do is install a screen protector and a case to keep it clean.

  • Anonymous

    Holy crap, I’ve about given up on this stupid thing. Announced when and STILL no release date!

  • nexus on the brain

    turn it on??

  • Peter Kelly

    Since it’s a web only purchase, can you root it before you activate it?

    Oh, and check out the rainbows coming out of its unicorn butt.

  • Hefendaz

    Root that bad boy!

  • ima throw “i got meh nexus” party!

  • Rizzidy

    Fap to it.

  • Read a text message without my reading glasses

  • Anonymous

    probably unlock it, then set up my google accounts, then change all the settings to what I like.

  • fartbubbler

    take a picture of myself, smiling and holding the phone, and send it to Motorola.

    • Jay Thompson

      Question: Would the Nexus be better if made by Motorola? Think of how the OG turned out to be the “savior” for Android as we know it today

      • tjmonkey15

        I really like the build quality of Moto phones, so I personally would love a Moto Nexus phone.

        • Jason Purp

          But their screens are poopy compared to Samsung.

          • u mad bro

          • aaron parks

            “poopy” realy:-p

          • Muddy B00ts


          • Anonymous

            idk if that’s “mud” in you boots

          • Anonymous

            Not only wound the screens be pooopy but the camera would to, In order to really knock the iphone off the pedestal it would have to have an amazing camera moto just doesn’t make an amazing camera samsung has always impressed me in-terms of picture quality. My OG droid has server me oh so well but its ready to be retired.

          • JusChilln

            I’ve only handled the RAZR in a Verizon store, but the photo quality was crisp and the shutter was faster than any other phone I’ve tested lately. I think the camera could be a heck of a lot worse if they used the same software and hardware inside the SGN.

          • Anonymous

            they both use superamoled. your argument is invalid.

        • Anonymous

          I love the radios and call quality 🙂

        • Anonymous

          If Motorola were to make a Nexus phone you would see the world’s fastest 180. 

          • Anonymous


          • Anonymous


          • Matrixfx187

            If the merger goes through, don’t you think next years Nexus would be from Moto?

          • Boblevel

            Hope so..Quad core, 2Gb Ram, 32Gb internal and an external card slot, removable battery, Gorilla Glass..mmmm. 🙂

          • bigrob60

            If that’s the case my end of the year bonus would go to buy that.

          • Anonymous

            I would think that Motorola would be the exclusive home of all future Nexus phones.  I know Google is all about being “open” and “nice” but they are not dumb enough to compete against themselves. 

          • cantcurecancer

            That logic is airtight, except for the fact that it would spark so many anti-trust suits it’d make your head spin. Motorola Mobility will be run as a separate entity under Google, and the shear fact that they bought Moto to protect their licensees kind of puts a hole in the “Googarola takes over Android”.

          • Anonymous

            Eric Schmidt was working over a Senate subcommittee involving antitrust. With the current state of things, antitrust is at the very least a vague threat.

          • Curtis

            The feds are up Googles ass right now. They’ll have to show their OEMs the same love. Also if they don’t you’ll collapse your ecosystem and the penetration of your OS on as many platforms as possible.

          • Anonymous

            I’m really interested to see why course the government takes regarding google. Eric Schmidt had a meeting with a senate subcommittee on antitrust.

          • Anonymous

            I don’t. I read somewhere google was saying even after acquiring motomobillity they still want to keep up the competition between the manufacturers. So It is still possible that the may toss out a motonexus, But that wont mean motorolla will become the nexus hardware foundation just because google owns moto.

          • Zeekle

            I think google will be sure to give all the companies a shot at the next nexus. I don’t think they want to make their partners mad by bringing the nexus “in house”

          • They already said they would let the best device win and so far the only thing I have seen that could compete with the Galaxy Nexus are the 2 device launching close to it but they are both lacking oen major feature that Google is 100% behind. NFC.

          • Nope all Android phone manufacturers have to put in a bid to create a Nexus phone, They would not dare show favoritism and im sure not having Motorola make this one factored into reinforcing that idea. I personally hope they get the chance to make the next one as i am really looking foreward to a Moto Nexus.

          • In a way the OG was the first Nexus phone (before the N1). It was stock, and Google teamed up with VZW for the marketing blitz. It received two OTA OS upgrades and never saw an ounce of MotoBlur.

            It brought Motorola back from the dead. Sadly no Moto phone since has exceeded or met our expectations.

          • Anonymous

            I consider the “Nexus” line to consist of the following (mostly) legendary devices:

            The HTC G1 was the “first” Nexus Phone then the OG Droid, then the N1, the the NS then the Xoom then G-Nex.

            I am really disappointed to see no proper recent Nexus devices from Moto, because I STILL say they build the best actual hardware (at least as far as build quality, battery life, and RF performance are concerned). 

          • Obi5683

            Xoom is a recent Moto device and you consider it a Nexus…  And the battery life sucks in the Xoom.  I wish I had bought the Galaxy Tab 10.1.  The build quality on the Xoom has issues as well.  I can’t really comment on the RF response in the WiFi Xoom.

          • Something must be wrong with your XOOM I watched and entire season of how i met your mother last weekend on a single charge.  What is wrong with the build quality I know enough people that have them and have never seen a single thing wrong with them, nor have I heard anything. The only problem I have with the XOOM is its a pain in the ass to get it docked they should have put some arrows or some shit on there its hard when you are standing up to dock it on an end table that is 2 feet lower

        • My only real issue with Moto is the sharp edged/boxy look of their phones. I can, for the most part, deal with the display problem, if I never own a phone with a better screen, I’ve got nothing to compare too lol

        • the outside is a big plus for moto.. but the OS stinks and the camera app makes me want to cry.

        • Anonymous

          So would I, but don’t want to wait another year to see if it happens.

      • Urmomlikesit11

        They wouldn’t do a nexus phone, due to not being able to lock the bootloader.

        • Dasanman69

          They lock the bootloader only because VZW asked them to, or at least that was their excuse

          • Anonymous

            Sprint and Att are locked down too.

        • Tabe

          Yeah… Until the Google acquisition is final and Google starts having their say in what they do (yeah, they stated that Moto would continue to run independently, but I don’t believe that for a second).

          • Anonymous

            i certainly hope so.  but don’t believe that whatsoever.

          • Anonymous

            I do.   Google is not gonna shit where it eats.   The Motorola purchase is a 95% patent play, don’t be surprised if the handsets division of Motorola is put up for sale a day after the buyout is completed

          • Absolutely agree with you.

            Fanboys wanna dream, and I do too, but it’ll never happen. If they wanted to be in hardware they would’ve built the G1 and Nexus phones themselves, but didn’t.

          • Tabe

            They didn’t own a mobile hardware company back then and do now. And circumstances change. We’ll see.

          • Tabe

            You may be right, who knows… Or Google may keep Moto in their pocket in case their major partners ever end up going with their own OS (Samsung has mentioned it, HTC kind of) in lieu of Android. You never know and your guess is as good as mine. We shall see.

          • I disagree.

            Google knows nothing about hardware, will never care about hardware, and that isn’t ever going to change. 

          • Anonymous

            And you know this for a fact how?

      • Anonymous

        You have it backwards. Android was just starting out and had a lot of new features such as: navigation, voice search, and a growing market all of which would have happened with or with the D1. Android saved motorola from failure, and really turned the company around with the D1.

        • Jay Thompson

          I think they actually helped eachother at the perfect time along with Verizon jumping onboard and making it a real success really without Verizon and Motorola would we have the advancements in Android that we have today?? I know neither are the perfect company but it seems that when they combine with Google they cant lose… unless Blur gets in the way

      • Anonymous

        i Fn hate that i have to say yes to this.  yes.

      • Tabe

        Yep (IMO, of course)

      • I agree that the OG started the Android army invasion, but it wasn’t because it was a Motorola phone. If it was made by any other vendor we still would’ve bought it.

      • They already had their ‘Nexus’ it’s called the Xoom.

        • RJ

          And it sucked!!

      • Riverjao

        It would have to be unlocked. 

      • no. it’d be W I D E as hell with a big bezel.

      • Meatmantracy


      • I really wish this Nexus was a Moto device. Thats the only skepticism I have, choosing between this Samsung Galaxy Nexus and the DROID RAZR. I would have no skepticism if it was called the Motorola Nexus RAZR!

  • Anonymous

    Cry a little.

    • Anonymous

      just a little…

    • damn, was going to say the same.

  • Me to my Nexus:  I will hug you and squeeze you, pet you and love you, and I will call you George!

  • Freak

    Take like 100 pix

  • Anonymous

    Unlock the Bootloader, Root it, and drool!!!

  • root

  • I’m going to go to sleep knowing I’ll wake up without the awful rooster alarm of my OG Droid. And then I’m going to dance.

  • Just stare at the beautiful craftsmanship of the Galaxy Nexus and that goregous screen. Then use the phone to take tons of pictures to see just how good it is.

  • Anonymous

    I am going to destroy this Thunderbolt!!!!

    • You arent the only one!

    • @FaceOfGay

      On board with that!

    • Anonymous

      Although I plan on getting the GNex, I still love my Tbolt. Why all the hate? Honest question

  • I will break my droid eris into bits and pieces and record it on my nexus. 😮

    • Anonymous

      lol I had one of those… i hope it’s rooted… otherwise HOW ARE YOU ALIVE?!?!?

      • Rooting this phone is a must. My cousin has the exact same phone but its not rooted. I don’t know how he does it, I guess he has a lot of patience or maybe there’s something that he’s not telling me.

  • gadgetryan

    Im Gonna set up the Face Unlock!!

  • Raj Bhatt

    Root that b*tch!

  • cowdog

    I’m going to run down the battery using it.  Hopefully that’s not a short experience.  😉

  • Rob

    Buy an Otterbox case (hopefully).

  • Amarao

    Unlock it.

  • Admire ICS! And probably root!

  • I’m gonna probably long for my missing hardware keyboard and removable storage.  But then I’ll forget about it while loving the slimness, speed, and unbloated and unlocked ICS goodness.

  • go to Droid-Life and write “FIRST” !

  • Im going to open up the camera app, take a picture of my old device, immediately post it to craiglist, haha.

  • Ben Murphy

    Try to eat it??

  • Anonymous

    Rub it all over my body? uh… FIRST thing? Power it on. or maybe unbox it. LOL

  • Chris Wilkey

    I’m gonna pet it and whisper sweet nothings to it.  Finally current,  unmolested Android on Verizon!!  Yeah yeah, I know the OG Droid was stock to but it’s JUST a touch old now..

    • Anonymous

      I think petting it counts as molestation. A little creepy man.

  • Mps623

    first! Root!

  • Well, if we DO EVER GET IT I will most likely stare at it for 3 hours in the parking lot then maybe drive home after.

  • Bigteedo

    Im looking forward to watching movies in 720p!!

  • Jeffrathmell

    Check out the camera

  • Yep


  • Justinlightner

    Definitely root that bad boy!

  • Anonymous

    You are kidding right?  First things are to unlock it, root it, modify it, hack it, play with it, void its warranty… WAHOOOOOOO!!!!!!

  • Root it and remove Verizon’s inevitable bloatware.

  • Anonymous

    Root…is there anything else =)?

  • Jay Thompson

    Kiss my OG goodbye…. and tell it thanks for the great 2 years

  • Worm

    Root it!

  • I plan on enjoying the HD screen & OEM unlock…..Can’t wait, this is absolutely driving me crazy……waiting…

  • Anonymous

    fire up some porn and “beam” me up?  haha

    • Ytfyfc

      Keep it clean ahole

  • Tyrian


  • Neoaeon

    Build a shrine and star at it in awe and amazement …. then get on to the business of boxing it.

  • Ignaciocardenas2687

    im gonna put a screen protector and possibly a case

  • Christophernapier

    Brag about it to all my friends that jumped the gun and bought the iph*ne 4S!!!

  • Trenton

    root it!

    than gather HD photos of my contacts and make my people app all spiffy!

  • JG

    Im going to spoon in its curved glass

  • Doc

    Tweet to P3Droid

  • Brady McEwen

    revel in its glory

  • ML

    Set up face unlock.

  • Randy Rowland

    #bow down for I am root

  • Kg2128

    Browse the internet, using the new 720p amoled screen+LTE.

  • I’m going to throw it on the ground and stomp on it.  Just jump on it over and over to see if it is rugged.  Then, I am going to try to buy a starbucks, venti, triple pump vanilla soy chai latte with the nfc chip.

  • Anonymous

    lick it, stroke it, make love to it…

  • Xboxkid

    Kill myself because im not getting one….

  • Unlock and root

  • trumpet444

    I don’t even know. It’s gonna be quite the upgrade from my OG. I probably won’t even leave the parking lot for an hour or two. No time for driving home

    • Anonymous

      I did this with my OG. Spent 30 minutes in the FedEx parking lot because I was so devastated after they didn’t deliver to my house.

      • TC Infantino

        LOL, That is almost exactly what happened to me when I missed the delivery of my replacement OGD after I dropped my first one once too often. I picked it up at the FedEx building and spent the next 30 min or so just setting it up and bonding with it.

    • Anonymous

      This is going to be quite the upgrade from my LG Voyager!

      • Anonymous

        Wow, you’ll probably be blown away then

    • Kangamitzi

      Haha! I told my husband that launch day was going to be a very quiet evening around our house as he and I sit there and bond with our new phones, since we are both coming from OG Droids!

    • Tyler

      I personally would just use the Google maps app to get home even though i know how to get home 🙂

      • Anonymous

        😀 That’s what I did with my OG Droid!

  • Anonymous

    finally breathe

  • Anonymous

    Look at it and say, ” I can’t believe I waited so long for this…if it was a girl playing the game on me, I would have lost interest a longgg time ago!”

  • Fling some aggravated avians 

  • J

    Gurk my face off.

  • Anonymous

    I know I said this on Twitter but the first thing I’d do? A barrel roll. 😉

    • Anonymous

      google “do a barrel roll” XD

      • Anonymous

        That’s why I said it. 😀

        • Anonymous

          ah. i see. well. IT’S AMAZIN!

  • First thing I’ll do is take a picture of the OEM unlock screen and show all the Moto fanboys and laugh at them while they’re stuck with Blur LOL!

    • Totally, 100% agree!!!! BY BY MOTO!!!!!!

      • Anonymous

        I think you meant “bye” “bye”

    • Brandon Sobotta

      We actually are not stuck with blur….

    • Anonymous

      You can always use WidgetLocker to get the ICS lockscreen on any device…

    • Billyrouth2000

      I prefer blur to a plain jane phone that has nothing special

  • Joel Forsyth

    sit in disbelief that verizon actually released it before 2012… did I just jinx myself?

  • Porschephile2k3

    Do a “knowledge transfer” from my OG to the G-Nex. 🙂

  • Nex

    Just navigate around the phone and soak in the vanilla. 

    • Ben Murphy

      Whoa there cowboy!

  • Peesa

    Stare at its amazingly beautiful HD Super Amoled screen.

  • Jason Purp

    Stick it in me pooper

  • Superglen99

    Convince my wife to stay with Android and got get the iphone4s

    • trumpet444

      did you mean for-get or “go” get 

      • C-Law

        Or “not” get?

  • Root it.

    • dkbetts

      Root! Install Titanium Backup!  Install apps.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t think I will root for a while. I’ll charge the battery and then check out all the cool new features in ICS.

      I rooted my OG Droid for ROM’s, overclocking, and backups.
      I rooted my Droid 2 for ROM’s, overclocking, bloatware removal, and backups.
      I rooted my Droid 3 and Bionic for bloatware removal.

      There is no bloatware to remove, no ROM’s yet, titanium backups from gingerbread to ICS may be buggy, I doubt there will be overclocking for a while (and probably won’t really need to anyway), and I believe we’ll have to wait for a custom recovery for nandroid backups.

      • Anonymous

        if you have the ability, you should root and unlock before verizon comes to their senses and sends out an update shutting it all down.  haha.  i still don’t believe this unlocked crap is going to happen.

        • Well it is, and other than about 3 VZW apps, it’s bloatware free. Plus, you can disable those thanks to ICS.  There’s no real point in rooting this thing, and when updates come out, it’ll screw things up.

          • Anonymous

            do you have the vzw galaxy nexus?  does anyone?  no, they don’t.  yes, it’s a nexus.  but vzw could have negotiated a good deal for them.. namely, to get this nexus phone in return for locking it down and other terms.  you have no idea if it’s bloatware free or not yet.  no one does.  and sure, ICS allows you to disable apps.  but you better believe that’s one of the first things to go when carriers get their hands on ICS software, at least for the bloatware apps.  they would never allow it.  i don’t understand why everyone keeps saying that.  jesus. tethering is native to stock android as well.

            my skepticism comes down to believing that verizon will never let an unlocked phone like this happen.  the same fear everyone else has had since the N1, that most people think is about to change.  i still can’t believe it.

            but rooting screwing things up?  that just makes no sense. there’s every point in having root on a device you own.

          • Austin Tindle

            they already have a root for it tho…

          • Anonymous

            yes, good stuff.

          • A few already do have this phone, and they are pretty vocal.  The things you are saying that nobody knows. have been known for a week or so.

          • Anonymous

            Sorry you are wrong. If you are rooted and running a rom you can always return to stock if you want to or to get some update.

            Also whatever the update is it always gets
            included in whatever rom you are running.

            Nothing ever gets messed up unless you have no clue what you are doing.

  • I think I’m gonna stare at it for a really long time, then dig into all the new features of ICS and then all of the hardware features of the phone itself. 

  • Guest

    From all the delays, I’m going to wait for the HTC Edge.

    • kurttrail

      What delays?

      Rumored dates are BS, like religion.

  • I’m going to buy a case to keep it nice and purrrrttyyy

    • Anonymous

      Get insurance and let it show it’s beauty…  Cases suck.

  • Install Touchwiz on it 

    • Jay Thompson


    • That doesn’t make much Sense.

      • Rizzidy

        I laughed so hard, my eyes are Blurry.

        • Anonymous

          I’m sure Gregory Benford’s eyes were Blurry after writing his 1980 novel Timescape.

          • Anonymous

            I liked this before I read it because I am also a Texas A&M Aggie named Michael. Whoop!

          • Anonymous

            Gig ’em!  Always like running into other Ags online!  Whoop!  😀

          • Anonymous

            We could start an on-campus support group until this phone is released. There are enough of us.

      • Jay Thompson


      • Anonymous

        It doesn’t make Sense, because its touchwiz…

    • Djlowproz

      Dont you mean Blur?

      • Jay Thompson


  • OEM unlock as soon as I open the box!

  • For me, unlock it. Then find a fine bottle of bubbly and cheers everyone here at Droid Life.

    • Trayjake2

      Do you think the Rezound would be better, due to its duel-core 1.5ghz processer

      • KevinC

        Yeah, there well be one heck of a DUEL between these two DUAL core phones.

        • KevinC

          Will* damn, oh well. Can’t edit on mobile apparently.

      • Anonymous

        G-Nex has the 4460 which is a true 1.5ghz SoC. You can set the frequency at whatever speed you want, or you can keep it underclocked at 1.2ghz if you want. Me, I plan to undervolt and overclock (or at least clock it at the 4460 stock speed of 1.5ghz.)

    • Anonymous

      Nice to know theres no bias here at all….


  • Kyle Pinette

    I don’t think you want to know what I’m going to do with this thing…

  • Charge the battery

    • Make sweet love to it!

      • Anonymous

        Droid life needs a dislike button.

        • A Girl

          put it on vibrate and put it in my pants

        • Riverjao

          Yeah, so I could dislike your comment. 

        • Just press the X in the top right corner of your screen, that’ll do it!

          • Anonymous

            You are going to have to try again… I am on Ubuntu.

          • TheAndroid1

            You and the five others need to hit the top left. 🙂

          • theDrizzle

            Formic acid eye drops should do it

          • Anonymous

            You can easily relocate that back to the right, if you’d like. It’s a simple config change.

          • TheAndroid1

            Hitting Alt F4 works too.

    • Anonymous

      And while it’s charging I will just hold it in my hand and look at it, admiring 

      • RJ

        Can’t you charge it and use it at the same time? Or can you not do that the first time? I really don’t want to wait for it to charge

    • preorder

    • LMAO

    • Yep same here I always charge the battery before I do anything and it seems that it helps the battery life.  So yes I will bring it home and put it together and then plug it in…..Leave the house for three or four hours and find something to do so when I come home its all charged up and ready to go.

  • fastboot oem unlock

    root it

    clockwork recovery

  • James Jun

    ‘fastboot oem unlock’
    What else with a Nexus?

  • DMX

    Have sex with it

  • Anonymous

    Take it out of the box 

  • Nicholas Vettese

    Unbox it.

  • Crstamps2

    Take lots and lots of instant photos with awesome effects!

  • Anonymous

    First thing I plan to do? Turn it on.

    Then set up and mess around with that face unlock!

  • Try to stop crying over its arrival. 

  • Jay Thompson

    touch it

  • Set up mah homescreens.

    I don’t plan on rooting or even using a custom launcher. =]

  • Zarnidl

    Voice to text input.

  • Goblueboy


    • KRSwon

      Root so I can flash MOTOBLUR on it.

      • Goblueboy

        You sucha jokester.