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Verizon’s “Double Data” Promo Signs Arrive in Stores For Tomorrow’s Launch

The “double data” promotion that has taken the Verizon non-unlimited world by storm this morning is most definitely the real deal. Big Red will launch the new offer tomorrow to give users without unlimited plans, the chance to double up on their current data tier. For new 4G LTE  customers specifically, you will be able to double on the 2GB and 5GB plans to 4GB and 10GB respectively, without having to pay more (as is seen in the sign above).

If you are a current customer that has the 2GB plan for $30, all signs also point to you being able to double your plan without paying extra. Customers can either call customer service or login to their VZW accounts to make the change themselves. The change will not happen automatically.

No word yet on how long this promo will last, so if you are a current customer without unlimited data, you may want to get doubled-up in the next couple of days to make sure.

For those of us that are still on an unlimited plan, gives yourselves a fist bump for being awesome.

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  • D4L (droid 4 life)

    if you don’t know….the offer is for 4g phones only…..

  • hold up…. i have 2 lines that have 2gb data on 3G plans… can i just call and ask for the double or do i have to get a new 4G phone to get the 4gb plan for $30? this shit is confusing.

  • Dpry3580

    I was liking the razor, until someone mentioned it’s half as thick as the X. My X is perfect size. Trying to hold a credit card size phone won’t work for me.
    The upside of the razor, if they take my unlimited, I’ll use it like that stupid commercial. Right through the store!

  • Dpry3580

    Still got unlimited. But that could change ANY time . It just depends on when they decide to loose a third of their customers. I love my droids , but the day I have to track my usage is the day I can go without. My WiFi Tablet will be sufficient at that point.

  • Savan Ghetiya

    still got my OG droid with an unlimited plan — that shit will carry over like a boss!!! 🙂

  • Ryan

    How much is it for unlimited 4g?

    • Savan Ghetiya

      there is no unlimited 4g for new customers…unless you have unlimited 3G .. you cant get unlimited 4G 

  • i want this when the razr comes out someone please tell me when this is over

  • Daisy Don’t

    ABC disease ensues now…

    A) All you fist-bumpers kinda suck…rubbing your unlimited data plans all over my face..and hair…and other areas. I just lost my unlimited plan a week ago since two of the three lines on my family share bailed for Sprint. Don’t worry, I cast a hairy curse on them.

    B) Verizon is a tricky ninja. Been with them since the Airtouch days. Or should I say “entered from the rear” many-a-time. Approach this promotion with caution (clenched tightly).

    C) I don’t know…I think that’s it. I burned out at B. It was traumatizing to remember the bad times.

  • Anonymous

    Verizon is doing every for us to be happy. They have released great devices and look at what they are doing giving more data for the same price. Where are the cry babies ?

  • I think they got rid of unlimited and made overpriced tiers just so they could run this promotion.

  • Anonymous

    Android Central posted details about this with an indirect sales slide. One of the bullet points said “4G LTE Smartphone customers who make a price plan change or an ESN change during the promotional period will be asked to select one of the promotional options.” The way I’m reading that, If you upgrade to any 4G phone during the promotion period you will be asked to choose one of these tired plans and lose unlimited data. This wouldn’t be the first time Verizon has done something like this. They will probably say that the RAZR, Nexus, and Rezound are not compatible with the unlimited data package.

    • Anonymous

      One could certainly read that comment as ‘any ESN changes would require selecting a current plan.’  That would be one way to wean people off the unlimited data. 

      People on current 3g phones would be the first to get hit as they would be upgrading sooner.

    • I guess if you already have a 4G MicroSIM there will never be a reason to do an ESN change… (unless you need a new SIM for some reason).


      • Anonymous

        True but if you just swap your sim card and dont change the device through Verizon I seriously doubt they would handle any warranty issues or insurance replacements.

        • Anonymous

          Assuming you already have a 4g sim.  If Vzw could whack all of the current unlimited 3g users who are pending a 4g upgrade they could clean a large portion of their unlimited plans.

  • Pat Walsh

    Are unlimited 3g customers grandfathered into unlimited 4g??

    • Anonymous


      • Jonathan Hunt

        Until they decide to remove the grandfathering and then when we’re ready for another upgrade we’ll be stuck with 2 GB/$30.

  • El El Kool J

    unlimited data same low price!!!   all of you thank grandpa.. (grandfathered in baby)  😛

    • Or lower! 🙂

      There is no way they’d ever get me to willingly leave my grandfathered $7.59/month unlimited data plan for each of the 5 smartphones on my account. 😀

  • Is that a galaxy nexus on the left?

    • Butters619

      G-new will not have Verizon branding.

  • Anonymous

    I give myself unlimited fistbumps.

  • Anonymous

    The article isn’t clear, if you have a 3G phone and upgrade to a 4G phone, does it change? I don’t think it should since i’m not a new customer…

  • Anonymous

    I demand you double my unlimited data and therefore add it to another line.

  • HotSauceMagik

    ::Initializing self fist bump protocol::

    Fist bump received!

  • shdowman

    You know, for the average Joe, this isn’t that terrible. The complaints they must be getting had to have led to this.

    For the average consumer, this should work well enough.

  • Matt

    *self fistbump*

    Its interesting that they’re allowing you to upgrade your data plan for free but also throttling high data usage customers.

  • shdowman

    /fist bumps self..

    • Anonymous

      Me too. e-Fist bump to you from me.

      • shdowman


  • Anyone here that updated to the Bionic through costco that got to keep their unlimited data plan?

    • Anonymous


  • Will I lose my unlimited data?  that’s all I care about.

    • At some point I’m sure Verizon will stop grandfathering us into unlimited data, just not sure when. My guess is until mid next year but who knows.

  • Jadam6118

    Just played with a razr at my store and its thickest point is as thin as my dxs thinnest point! Crazy

    • Sp4rxx


    • Anonymous

      It is half of the thickness of the droid x lol. It is just ridiculous.

  • Sp4rxx

    o ya …. fist bump here!

  • Some Random Dude

    *Self fistbump*

    • Anonymous

      when we upgrade in February from an unlimited plan do we get grandfathered in or what? Anyone know?

      • Ray

        as of right now your fine as for feb. im no ms. cleo

      • Anonymous

         Hopefully we should.  “Technically” my parents are still on their old alltel plan, we just added the data right before they dropped the unlimited plan. 

      • BillyT

        FWIW we changed my wife’s plan to a family plan on Friday and ported my number from my company – we were both allowed to keep our unlimited data as we were grandfathered in.  I was prepared for a fight but they didnt even blink and let us both keep it for the cost of the 2GB plan.  I was shocked to say the least.

      • Anonymous

        If you had a smart devices before yea.

  • Ben Murphy

    This should have been the original structure.

  • JMac726

     Double my Nexus data please

    • I’m tempted to call them just to see what they would say…

      “Sir you already have unlimited data!”
      “DOUBLE IT!”

      • Anonymous

         but…but…isnt it still capped?


      • Anonymous

        Why would you double it if you have unlimmited lol. This is great for new customers.

  • Arda Akman

    Which phone is the one next the Moto on that pic?

    • Peesa

      Left is Stratosphere, right is Bionic.

  • Arda Akman

    Which phone is the one next the Moto on that pic?

  • Seth

    any word for existing 3g customers?

    • Ray

      did you read the article or what?

      • Seth

        did you

    • Anonymous

      It can’t be applied to a 3G phone, but I believe if you upgrade to a 4G phone you are eligible.

    • Anonymous

      Once you upgrade, you will be grandfather with your new 4g device.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    Wow, an actual worthy VZW promotion!

  • FortitudineVincimus

    Wow, an actual worthy VZW promotion!

  • Chris G

    Any word on if this will work on tablets too?  I am looking to grab the transformer prime this week.

  • Anonymous

    So if I have the 3GB Tablet plan (that no longer exists) for $35 will I be able to “upgrade” to the 4gb for $30tomorrow or should I “downgrade” to 2GB today only to upgrade to 4gb tomorrow?

    • FelisLachesis

      Only 4G smartphones, unfortunately. No tablets in this deal.

      • Anonymous

        Ok, thanks.

        • RaptorOO7

          I take it the MiFi’s also are not covered with this promo, which is a bummer.

  • Anonymous


  • Dan


  • Still unlimited here.