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Monday Poll: Now That All Three Have Been Announced – Galaxy Nexus, Rezound, or RAZR?

A number of readers have been asking, so we decided to do it one last time. With all three of Verizon’s mega-phones receiving official announcements, it’s time to do the poll prior to them all hitting store shelves (hopefully they all do). You were all asked back in early October if the Galaxy Nexus was going to be your phone no matter what. Almost 60% of you were willing to say “yes” at that time, prior to it even being announced. Now that the RAZR and Rezound are also on the way – and possibly a couple of weeks before the G-Nex – has your mind changed at all? Tell us which phone will be your next.

Since all three phones are official, which are you choosing: Galaxy Nexus, Rezound, or DROID RAZR?

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  • the G-Nex looks small and a little funny in the group picture.  Common’ Kellex, I know you know photoshop…  😉

  • Lets consider this:

    Really Locked
    Google Phone…

    hmmm… Nexus ftw


    SGS3 will end up smoking all these phones.  One thing everyone here knows: All 3 of these phones will be yesterday’s tech in less than 6 months.

  • JohnPA2006

    BIONIC 2
    FTW !!!

  •  Can’t choose… Rezound or Nexus?

    • joejoe509

      Both are great. Throw a dart or eenie miney moe works pretty good.

      In all seriousness… I get you gotta get all down and dirty with the specs and decide what’s most important to you. Worst case scenario, don’t be a first adopter. Wait it out and play with both side by side in the store.

  • I’d say over 8000 people is not a small community lol. Thats more than my whole town. o.O

  • Duck Dodgers

    Seriously though, yall surprised everyone wants the G-Nex? Vanilla OS and developer support is the whole point of this small community of Android followers.

  • Smokin Joe (R.I.P)

    The D4 is coming out when? [email protected], these phones are getting bigger and bigger. They’re getting close to being mini-tablets instead something I can throw in my pocket.

  • Joejoe509p

    Anything but the RAZR. HD screen or bust. HD screens are the future and ICS was designed for these resolutions. Anything less and you’ll be left behind.

  • Pete

    #1 requirement for me is a removable battery, so the RAZR is out.  With the battery life we see on Android phones, being able to swap out for a fresh one when you get low is a must have.  After that it’s the best overall features and the G-Nex and Rezound are nearly even in everything with 2 major differences: one has removable storage, the other has stock Android UI and no bloatware.  Doesn’t that seem like a no brainer?  Unless the reviews show that the G-Nex is just a horrible phone that chews up batteries like Nicorette gum, crawls slower than molasses at Christmas, and sounds like you’re making calls on a $10 walkie talkie then I don’t see why someone would want any other phone.

    • joejoe509

      Well said.

  • Insect Overlord

    Droid Life needs to run this poll again in a couple weeks because I’m still just not quite sure if the Nexus will be the dominant leader.
    /s  [the “slash ess” means I’m being sarcastic]

  • Cmac414

    OG Droid died last night…it couldn’t quite make it to the next upgrade…now I’m stuck with LG Chocolate Slide for the next month or until the G-Nex drops

    • Anonymous

      will switching to a non smartphone cause you to lose your unlimited data?

      • Alexander Garcia

        Yup! Don’t do it! Or lose your unlimited for-ev-errr!

    • joejoe509

      I’ve been stuck with an Env Touch for two months now…

  • hatethanet

    “In terms of speed, the 1.5GHz dual-core should really snap. It doesn’t, though. There was noticeable lag throughout the OS, and while it’s not nice to point fingers, you’ve got to look at Sense 3.5 here. It’s a pretty overlay, and some people absolutely love it. I never have. I’ve found it (and Samsung’s TouchWiz and Motorola’s MotoBLUR) to consistently slow down operating systems. And sadly, it’s likely not the only thing it’s going to slow down. They announced today that the Rezound is Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) ready, but I have it from an HTC rep that they will only bring Ice Cream Sandwich to the Rezound (and their other phones) after they have figured out how to adapt Sense to it.”

    • hatethanet

      Check out the camera speed for the RAZR in comparison: http://gizmodo.com/5856947/motorola-droid-razr-lightning-review-faster-thinner-prettierlike-a-supermodel-in-a-rocket

  • Anonymous

    The 100 geeks in here picked the nexus lol . This is your community anyways. I want verizon to do a pool to see what device will be king 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Wow – 75% of the 10,000 want the Nexus! The excitement over a release is palpable. So many people holding their wallets ready for any bit of news. It’ll all be over in a couple of weeks and we’ll all be holding the dang thing in disbelief 

  • Snowbomb7

    I wil never ever buy another HTC product again in my life! They ruined their reputation with me and as a result, will never buy another of their product again!

  • Stangcf2

    I would go with the samsung if it had HDMI out. Thats my big deal breaker and all plastic, no sd slot? Im not liking that. lm thinking droid razr. Grrr battery.

    • HDMI is provided via an adapter.

    • joejoe509

      The Nexus has an HDMI out via the MHL (mini USB) port on the bottom. It’s actually an elegant solution. Having one port do two things is less cluttered. The biggest problem for me is that you need some special adapter to allow it to be charged and also display HDMI at the same time. Watching a video is predictably draining on the battery. I’d like to use my Nexus as a mini-Netflix machine.

  • RAZR has a non-removable battery and a locked bootloader
    Galaxy Nexus has no SD card
    Rezound, I guess? I dunno what’s wrong with it, yet, anyway

  • boo Jay

    I want the Nexus, but something tells me I’ll end up getting the Rezound.  HTC products are simply so sexy to use and natural to the touch.  The thought that goes into their phones is so apparent…..except for the naming schemes.

  • Anonymous

    Nexus w/o a doubt.  I’m finally going to experience the phone Google had in mind.  Not the phone Google had in mind and VZW put their grubby hands on to deflower.

  • hatethanet

    The non-removable battery looks like a deal-breaker for an LTE phone, imo:
    “In a streaming video battery test, the Droid Razr had mixed results.Using the same test I use for all smartphones — a continuous streaming video using the phone’s data connection — the Droid Razr lasted just more than three hours.In the same test, the Samsung Galaxy S II from AT&T lasted twice as long, topping six hours. The iPhone 4S, also on AT&T, lasted four hours and 19 minutes.” http://www.usatoday.com/tech/products/story/2011-11-07/mark-smith-motorola-droid-razr-review/51112622/1