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Google+ Pages Coming Soon to Businesses and Brands, A Few Already Live (Updated: Available Now)


Your business or brand is one stepper closer to having its own page on Google+. Users will soon be able to “hang out live with the local bike shop, or discuss our wardrobe with a favorite clothing line” once the mass rollout of “Pages” happens. The G+ team introduced them today, but only for a handful of companies as a test group of sorts. Full availability to everyone is on the way, but we haven’t been given a specific time frame.  Update:  Pages are open for business now. Sign-up here. Droid Life page here.

I’m most definitely interested in seeing how companies plan to use services like Hangouts to interact with customers. This could be highly beneficial for local business, but also for bigger companies looking shed the corporate shield and get more personal with their supporters. 

On a related note, with the creation of Google+ Pages, you will start to see them show up in Google Search results when searching for a particular company.


There is a chance that we will make a DL-specific page at some point, but for now, you can get the latest right here.

Via:  Google Blog

  • Jason

    The only thing with this is that people are not using Google+ and there traffic is dwindling. They should have opened it up to people when they had the buzz a couple of months ago. Companies are going to use a second rate social site. As much as I wanted this to work and tried to get all my friends over from facebook the whole beta thing killed this.

  • This was an amazing site that I had never seen it before. I love your content & the way that you write.

  • Anonymous

    Can you have multiple admins on a G+ page like you can on a Facebook page? I am trying to set one up for the company I work for but I cannot figure out how to add myself as an admin.

    • Anonymous

      Nevermind, just saw that they are working on that. I can’t believe that they didn’t have that in the release, but I can already tell it is a nice interface.

  • Angryunibrow
    • Just one and a half really. 😛 T

  • Anonymous


    • Test

      • Anonymous

        So this post works fine…damn Disqus!

  • SwagDaddy

    What I want to know if when google will introduce short URL Usernames, and if Brand pages will have first choice.

  • Fleezus

    So finally some of these contest on Droid-Life will include Google+ instead of Twitter (BLAH) and Facebook all the time to enter…so I don’t have to “tweet” since I don’t participate in/on the Twitter.  : D

  • Anonymous

    I’ve official given up on Google Plus being unlock to those of us under the age of 18.

  • Danu Dumitru

    Just came the ClockworkMod page . see here :

  • Make a Droid Life page so I can follow you on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ along with refreshing the site 1000 times a day!

  • Jak_341


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    • DroidzFX

      you single-handedly silenced the internet

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    • Anonymous

      Best post of the day!

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    • Steve Warren

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    • Steve

      droid life is getting stupider.