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Verizon To Introduce API Allowing For Customers To ‘Turbo Boost’ Their Bandwidth

Imagine you are video chatting with friends or relatives and you start to feel your connection become laggy and the video turns choppy. Don’t you wish there was a button you could press to make all of those slow network issues disappear when it matters most? Verizon is looking to launch an API that will do just that. Every time you want to see a boost in data speed/connection, simply pay a small fee and press the turbo button on your screen. The pay-per-use system will then give your device “priority” at times when Verizon’s network is congested.

To make this work, Verizon is said to be publishing a “network optimization API” around the third quarter of next year that app developers will need to use in order for it to work with their apps. Would this service be something anyone would be willing to pay for? There are no mentions of price, but how much could it possibly be? Maybe $5 every time you want to be Verizon’s number one priority? Weigh in down below.

Via: PC Mag

  • Shauntelfs

    This is a very dumb idea….WHAT the heck is 4g LTE for then?????

  • Hoya1989

    I have to think some lawyers out there are looking at this and seeing some potential for a class action should this go thru.  We already pay for service, to charge extra to make sure the service works as it is supposed is purely a double dip for what you have already paid for in the first place.

    • Unless you haven’t noticed in the past few years our supreme court has given corporations the same rights as individuals so a class action lawsuit will not work in this day and age. This country of ours is becoming more and more corrupted by the day. The rich and few at the top get aways with muder almost and we the 99% get stuck with the garbage. This is insane. Why don’t we as a people wake the F’ up and start standing up for what the founding fathers wanted this country to be. Well now that I think about it I don’t even know if our founding fathers had this in mind or a better future.

  • James Pelaccio

    What the hell,
    screw net neutrality, I’m on a video call with Grandma!

  • Udispyn

    thats the point of verizon service, so we dont have any lag, im not gonna pay more WTF, they are going down the money hungry road, and another carrier will pick up the customers they will lose

  • Daddy

    The FCC needs to block this bullshit. NOW.

    • trumpet444

      Umm… while I disagree with this idea by verizon, the FCC needs to back off in general. VZW’s customers will be the necessary regulation, not some federal arm of gov’t (which happens to be unregulated itself)

  • Isaac Saucedo

    So this is how they will get the customers with grandfathered unlimited data.

  • Anonymous

    Doesn’t Verizon already get enough of our money?

    • John Gaspardo

      LOL Unless you right In ALL instead of a dollar amount on your checks to them then no it isn’t “enough”

  • Earleepa

    Would they then use this money to build a better network? No, probably not.

  • 1loudls

    you know what grinds my gears?
    so its not enough that bid red now charges you more money for using more data, but now they want to allow you to pay more just to have your phone work right just like what you bought it for instead of actually having a network that can handle all the stress that there customers are paying for. this somehow sounds criminal to me.

    i’m not above grabbing a torch and pitch fork with the rest of my villagers!

  • Stupid is as stupid does. 

  • Pennywise

    Verizon’s learning…

    How the film Industry does it:

    You go see a movie ($$$).
    They offer it on PPV ($$$).
    Then they let you watch it on a Premium Station like HBO ($$$).
    Then they release it on Blu-Ray ($$$).
    Then they re-release it on Blu-Ray in a ‘Director’s Cut Super Expanded Collector’s Edition’ ($$$).
    Then they release it on regular cable ($$$).
    Then they release it on Public Broadcast (which is $$$ x 2, since gone are the days when the Advertising paid for the programming, and you pay for the Public Broadcast now through most providers).

    How Nintendo does it:

    Regular edition ($$$)
    Compact edition ($$$)
    Zelda edition ($$$)
    Bigger Screen edition ($$$)
    Pokemon edition ($$$)
    Pink edition ($$$)
    … ($$$)
    … ($$$)

    By all means, keep buying this $#%& from these @$$holes.

  • Pennywise

    OK I get this, all I want to know is how can I pay for my data a third time?

  • Anonymous

    umm.. no thanks.. video calls on my phone are done via wi-fi obviously and i can wait for a page to load on 3g or 4g which takes probably 10 more seconds on a super low signal.

  • Anonymous

    Is this their crappy way to get around net neutrality… this probably won’t pass and they’ll just take pr hit. I expect a inc failboat.

  • Anonymous

    Which means that they are apparently artificially slowing speeds for those who don’t pay “extra.”

  • Anonymous

    If I could go back to ATT and pay less for crappy service I would do that. Wait, been there, done that.

    On the other hand, someone needs to knock verizon down a few notches. Too bad no one can. I would pay money to see that.

  • I fully expect for this to have the rug pulled out from under it, this is possibly the worst movie VZW could make. 

    VZW customers already pay considerably more for service than any other carrier, but to then make a move like this?  That extra $20+ you collect from EVERY single customer you have should go to network capability and stability.  To charge on top of that, they would definitely lose a lot of customers. 

  • Anonymous

    How much more moey does Verizon want to get from us?

    • John Gaspardo

      Do you have an American Express Green card with No limit on credit cause thats what you will need to pay what they want to charge?

  • Nate Davidson

    Not sure if want…

  • Anonymous

    Maybe a time limit. Like an hour of speed a day. But to pay for it? That’s ridiculous.

  • I hope god rapes Verizon in the ass with no lube for this….

    • Daisy Don’t

      Jesus is way too sexy to fawk Verizon in the ass. 

      If you think VZW screws it’s customers, you should see what they do to their employees! FACE RAPE!

  • Tyler Vallely

    What happen’s when more than one person wants to be the #1 priority?

    • Narcotix

      Well, they wont be…. because I will always be their #1 priority… because I have stacks and stacks of $5 bills… but also because my button will be permanently glued down! 😛

  • Tyler Vallely

    Maybe when the realize no one is gonna use this they’ll bump up the price of their plans…again…oh verizon…we can never win with you…

  • Anonymous

    There shouldn’t be a charge. What they should do is optimise the network and make it better then what it is, instead of trying to nickel and dime us. What they are trying to do is wrong. Who says that they wont slow the data speed intentionally just so we would have pay extra for that so called boost…this is bullshit. Instead of coming up with this great idea of theirs why dont they say the release date for the G-Nexus.

  • Granted

    I’m never one to be serious, unless it’s a misanthropic topic, hehe, but is this article serious? I’m kind of with the post that said is this an April Fool’s joke? But more it would constitute as an November Moron’s joke I think. But yeah, this seems so messed up and abhorrent that I almost can’t believe it’s possibly real?

  • And people wonder why they’re pissed off at corporations.

  • icedrop

    Just Horrible. Sounds like a massive scam. Be scared, really scared. 

  • This is a terrible idea and just further widens the privilege gap. This is a way for them to lower the priority of the rest of our signals because we are not willing or able to pay more. We already pay for the service, they should optimize it so that everyone receives uniform experience. It would make sense for this type of service to be used by emergency services only. Now they get to charge more without saying they are charging more and lower the service quality and equality that should exist

  • Eric815

    This sounds like a plan to cripple streaming and Netflix users. This is ridiculous! Plus that means vzw can prioritize some of the bandwidth we already pay for to the premium payees. Why should we have to pay more for what we are promised. If their bandwidth is congested, then they owe it to their customers to build more infrastructure to support it. Rewarding pay per turbo customers it adds injury and more slowness to the rest of us.besides it may give them the ability to purposely throttle down our speed when using data intensive apps like Netflix unless we buck up.

  • Anonymous

    This must be to compensate for the 100kbps or less 3g speeds I have been getting since the iPhone 4S launch on Verizon.  Damn Siri stealing all the bandwidth.  Rather than make it faster, we will just charge you to cut to the front of the line.  That will do it!

  • Next thing you know they will be reducing our bandwidth limits.  Oh wait…

  • EricTheRed

    Ummmm, On LTE I’m already getting double and sometime MORE than double what my internet connection at home puts out.  Why would I pay extra for a NOS button on my phone when I already have a twin turbo v8 in my phone???  The speed I get is way faster than anything I’ve ever had.

  • Anonymous

    On the one hand, this is the dumbest thing I’ve heard all day.
    On the other hand, if you’re a dumb pipe, nickel and diming for access to the pipe is pretty much the only thing you can do.

  • Ray

    Where is the Middle finger button to Verizon because thats the old thing i will be pressing

    • 1loudls

      i second this, this should only be acceptable if there is also a big “suck it” button right next to it.

  • Anonymous

    This has bad idea written in binary all over it, see what I did there??

  • Jmkelly66

    What the use and having 4G. This must be some made up story.

  • Wait for it… but they cant throttle the 4g network.

  • Anonymous

    I hope someone starts tracking bandwidth speeds on VZW LTE and then again after they release this to see how much it mysteriously drops.

  • GCurry

    Here is the analogy from Big Pharma:

    The pharmaceutical industry has found a pill that makes you feel better.   Then they found a way to make you feel worse, and noticed you bought the feel-good pill more often.   Then they realized they make more money if they made you feel worse more often, so you’d take the damn feel-good pill.

    The industries that are really good at it administer the feel-bad drug every time you take the feel-good drug.   Tobacco, sugar, alcohol, most additions, etc.

  • Anonymous


  • Rizzidy

    More nickel & dime nonsense from Verizon.  I’m sick of this.

  • Eh

    If it’s only useful when the network/tower is congested then what if many people pay for it and you essentially lose your “priority”. Anyway, it seems like some sleazy money grab by Verizon.

  • Android7x

    Seems like they may “bog down” their networks intentionally just so they can justify this Turbo nonsense.

  • Arenaboi

    Will we have speed tiers, as well as data tiers?  It will be like FIOS data plans by speed, only you get to pick your data cap as well, and pay more for every bit of data, like we do now.  They are BEYOND greedy.  I will go to Sprint, and if Sprint ever switches to this, I would stop using a smartphone and just get a simple phone for calls and texts

  • This is a joke, right?

    Let’s just pretend for a second that this isn’t the stupidest idea ever. Why would they have a button for each app? Why wouldn’t they have it as part of the phone’s UI?

  • shdowman

    Everyone, the $5.00 fee is a guess by Tim.

    No one knows what they will charge. I personally doubt it will be that small an amount.

    • Anonymous

      There shouldn’t be a charge. What they should do is optimise the network and make it better then what it is, instead of trying to nickel and dime us. What they are trying to is wrong. Who says that they wont slow the data speed intentionally just so we would have pay extra for that so called boost…this bullshit. Instead of coming up with this great idea of theirs why dont they say the re
      release date for theG-Nexus.

  • ReAp

    Didn’t another large corporation add a 5 dollar fee for something?  How’d that turn out?

  • Anonymous

    Reminds me of the TURBO button on old PCs

  • Verizon
    never fails to come up with more ways to get more money out of their
    customers, their already the most expensive carrier and now they want
    more money…Capitalism at its best, they need to be regulated and stop with this bullshit

  • DMX

    This button will be like sex, when you hit it, for that one minute everything will be okay. Until its over

    • Pennywise

      lol good stuff right there