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HTC Rezound – First Impressions and Video

Yesterday afternoon, HTC revealed their latest 4G LTE smartphone – the HTC Rezound. We were on hand for the announcment and were able to get some quality time with the device. With a slew of new Verizon 4G LTE devices on the horizon it is both a difficult and rewarding time to be a consumer. Should you go for the thinnest phone, the newest operating system, or the one with the best speakers? Find out what we think about the Rezound after the break.


The screen is a 4.3-inch HD Super LCD beauty. The screen is bright and vibrant with colors that pop. HD displays are the future in mobile devices and we as consumers are lucky. As for PenTile, I held the device and examined it closely and I didn’t notice it. If it does indeed have it, it is not noticeable whatsoever.


The Rezound sports a 1.5GHz dual-core Qualcomm processor with 1GB of DDR2 RAM. Additionally, it has 16GB of internal storage plus a pre-loaded 16GB microSD card. The Rezound has an MHL port on the lower left side which is used for HDMI-out. On the backside you will find a 8-megapixel f/2.2 camera with a 2-megapixel front. I may be a it biased because my Droid X’s camera has never been one to call home about, however the Rezound took stunning photos.

Beats Audio

One word to describe the Beats Audio integration, incredible. Beats Audio is damn good, it’s damn good in my HP Touchpad, it’s damn good in my mom’s laptop, and it’s damn good in the HTC Rezound. HTC and Beats have taken mobile audio to the next level and only good things will come from this.


It’s an HTC smartphone, plain and simple. That may be a good thing for some and a bad thing for others. It isn’t that thin but it also isn’t that heavy. It does feel a bit large and bulky in your hands. However, the red buttons are a welcomed addition to the device.


I asked an HTC rep at the event about the bootloader and the woman looked at me like I had five heads. Rumors are circulating that it is unlocked, however Verizon has the final say and we all remember their decision on the DROID RAZR. We have reached out to HTC for confirmation and we will update you once we hear back.


While other manufacturers are switching to non-removable batteries, the Rezound offers a 1620 mAh removable one. The battery is quite possibly the most disappointing feature on the device. When you look at the competition, the DROID RAZR has a 1780mAh and the Galaxy Nexus has a 1750mAh, the Rezound cannot compete – although it is a step up from the 1400mAh found in the Thunderbolt.

Sense 3.5

It’s Sense, and it seems like it will always be the same Sense. I enjoyed it on the Incredible but times have changed and Sense really hasn’t. Each user-inferface has some cool and unique features but I can’t see Sense 3.5 being a selling point. Personally I would choose BLUR or even TouchWiz, but that is just me. On a good note, while scrolling through homescreens there was no hiccups or lag whatsoever. As for bloatware, come on what do you expect?


There is no doubt that the Rezound is a top-level 4G LTE smartphone. The specs are quite impressive and with the inclusion of Beats Audio the sound is equally impressive. HTC said that the Rezound will come “Ice Cream Sandwich ready” and will be updated in early 2012. Additionally, the Rezound ships with a pair of red Beats Audio earbuds – making that $299 price tag easier to swallow. I highly recommend that you check it out on November 14.

  • lppressplay

    Please tell me where to go to get a user quick start manuel

  • Retep1115

    All I know is that I LOVE to use my phone for music, and Beats Audio is an extremely captivating feature for me as a consumer.  Are these the $90ish range Beats By Dre headphones?

  • ol1bit


  • Tjcard03

    it’s not worth 299.

  • ashy larry

    i’m liking this phone so far. i just wanna hear how loud the speaker is. lately moto’s phone speakers have been ridiculously quiet compared to the OG Droid, so i’m leaning toward this phone or the galaxy nexus. no razr for me!

  • Jason James

    did no one notice the 129MB of free ram!!(00:46 in video) my thunderbolt has more than that with all my apps loaded on to it

  • “I asked an HTC rep at the event about the bootloader and the woman looked at me like I had five heads.”Quote of the day, all day every dayAlso I like how when I highlight text it is pink now. It goes well with the color scheme

  • Anonymous

    5 hour battery life…yay!!!!

  • Blackhawk5177

    Does it have simultaneous voice over data..talk and be on web on 3g as well as 4g like thunderbolt

    • compchick813

      Yes, as evidenced by the FCC docs. 🙂

  • Granted

    THE new site does not size up properly on my Galaxy Tab 10.1 running Dolphin HD. It takes everything on the far left and just almost cuts off the first letter of the sentence. If you you move you structure over just a little but to the right it will look better.

  • Anonymous

    If this thing had a 4.5″ (instead of 4.3″) 720p screen, a bigger capacity battery, a slightly thinner design, and HDMI-out instead of that horrendous MHL, I’d be all over it.  Or I’d probably bite with even just 2 of the 4 improvements listed above.  Oh well. 

  • Anonymous

    Me want more Nexus…

  • Anonymous

    Recent apps in the drop down and the non customizable personalize button are very annoying, everything else is pretty good on Sense.

  • Prediction: this phone is $199 in a month

  • this phone is fat and ugly

    • it is ugly.. but thats just a matter of taste .. im sure a lot of ppl will like this design. 

    • Kelson Sebring

      I think everything about this device is good looking. Love the red accents, the red lights, the texturing on the back. I don’t mind how thick my bolt is, so I am all around pleased with the aesthetics of the device. Of course, what I say is just an opinion. What you say is fact.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    How do red ear buds make the price easier to swallow???

    • Dan

      You get more bang for your buck when in comparison to other $299 devices 

      • i’d rather have a great battery 

      • Anonymous

        I’d rather pay a premium for the phone vs. over hyped ear buds. Ya know, things like a decent battery, build quality, progressive design… ah well, to each his/her own…

  • Anonymous

    Boy, with that tiny battery, huge Super LCD screen, overclocked Snadragon S3, and LTE this phone should last a grand total of two hours on battery. 

    • Anonymous

       Overclocked S3?,  I’ve seen nothing saying its overclocked.  Do you assume its overclocked b/c the other two phones run at 1.2 Ghz?

      • Anonymous

        Clocked higher then; don’t bother bringing semantics into this, it still implies higher power consumption which was the point I was making. The fact that your display name is “snapdragonFan” kinda leads me to believe that there might be a tad bit of bias in your preferences. It’s very well established at this point that clock per clock, the modern Snapdragons are the least power efficient. 

        • Anonymous

          So its not possible that the S3 is more power efficient that the OMAP running at the same frequency?  This boards are filled with people saying that the OMAP is slowed to help power burn.  What would HTC’s reasoning be to keep the S3 at 1.5Ghz.  Certainly not to burn even more power.  I’m pretty sure running at 1.2 vs 1.5 isn’t going to cause the phone to perform badly.  So the only reasonable theory is that the S3 doesn’t need to be clocked at 1.2Ghz to save power, it just does fine at 1.5Ghz.   So I argue that clock per clock the S3 is more power efficient.

          • Anonymous

            The evidence is in the architecture of the SoC’s. The S3 is a Cortex-A8 processor that lacks the more efficient instructions available in Cortex-A9 based processors. Specifically, this means improved floating-point performance at lower clock speeds and thus lower power consumption. Increasing clock speed inherently increases power consumption, HTC has obviously decided to try and compensate this by using a slightly larger battery than they have historically used, but 1600mAh isn’t a big enough battery for any dual core processor, especially an older S3. 

          • Anonymous

            First, Thank you.  You just proved to me that you have done no research.  The S3 is not a Cortex-A8, nor is it a Cortex-A9.  Proof -> http://www.extremetech.com/mobile/94064-how-qualcomms-snapdragon-arm-chips-are-unique .  I have thus disregarded everything else you have said and deemed it speculation/opinion.  Bring some facts, then I’ll listen.

          • Russell Robinson Jr

            While you’re correct in saying that the Scorpion cores aren’t Cortex-A8 based, they have some similarities (mainly the same number of pipeline stages). Since the Scorpion core has a pipelined FPU, and the ability to execute some instructions out-of-order, it has improvements over Cortex-A8. On the other hand, Cortex-A9 should have the edge overall since it can rearrange instructions in essentially any order to process instructions more efficiently.

            http://www.anandtech.com/show/4144/lg-optimus-2x-nvidia-tegra-2-review-the-first-dual-core-smartphone/4 might be good for you to read

          • Anonymous

            Alright, now we are talking. First, thanks for bring some facts, and as a matter of fact I have read that. So yes, the current scorpion core won’t have the edge in DMIPS/FLOPS, etc. But to argue that the A9 or A8 has a better power profile than the scorpion requires more facts. Just theorizing here, but the scorpion core could possible outperform the A8 and A9 in power since its not a design based off either of these core. And its entirely possible that the converse is true. I still hold to my theory that a 1.5Ghz S3 is more power efficient that the OMAP4xx, my reasoning still is that HTC is keeping it at 1.5Ghz and we all know how terrible the T-Bolt is on power. So if this one was just as bad, I can only assume HTC would underclock it to save power, however they did not, which indirectly support my theory. Also note that with today use of smartphones, its more important to have a better gpu, as a underperforming gpu will outweight an underperforming core as far as realized performance. I have yet to hear anyone saying they wish there processor was better in specint.

          • Russell Robinson Jr

            I’m curious to see how it all turns out. I honestly don’t like the idea of pairing two single-core CPUs together to make a dual-core, but that’s just me. I believe underclocking the OMAP4460 has to do with both heat issues and overall power consumption, but whether or not it was necessary or just a good thing to do to make it even better, it’s hard to say. CPU clock speed is often a marketing tool, so I wouldn’t put it past a company leaving it clocked higher like with the Rezound even though there are power issues, but we’ll see when it’s released. Regardless of the hardware, I think the power management with the S3 and OMAP44xx will greatly depend on the
            software controlling and utilizing the processors correctly. Poor power supervision at both the kernel/driver and application layers is always going to ruin even the best phone.

          • Anonymous

            I would like to believe that the snapdragon in the T-Bolt isn’t exactly the same as the one in the Rezound. I would think the the dual core version of the core is ever so slightly different to make it perform well as a dual core. Seems like a waste of power to put that in a single core. But that is just speculation. Which btw is my main reason for posting against Dash and others. I doesn’t bother me if people state opinions, but when people state them as fact, thus misleading everyone who is unaware and looking to these posts for information to help with their purchase, I have to chime in and correct them and or ask them for a reference to where they got their facts. I am pro snapdragon, but I always try to present unbiased facts and also my fair share of biased opinions/theories, but never biased opinions/theories stated as fact.

          • Russell Robinson Jr

            I understand, and I wasn’t really agreeing with him when I posted my response, just sharing some more information. I have been waiting for a phone upgrade since April, and I was going to get the Thunderbolt… that didn’t happen for obvious reasons. I give HTC the benefit of the doubt and say it was their inexperience with LTE and being dedicated/determined/contractually obligated to release the Thunderbolt that made it such a nightmare of a phone. I think the only worry I have is that they might’ve gone with a smaller battery for both cost reasons and size constraints on their overall design. Hopefully it’s sufficient…

            Can’t really say I have a CPU bias except, as I mentioned, I do prefer native dual-core designed into the architecture at the lowest level… as for the phone, I am leaning towards the Galaxy Nexus for faster software releases and an unlocked bootloader. It helps that I also work with TI processors (lately anyway) and am familiar with their kernel source, which makes it somewhat quicker for me to mess around.

        • Anonymous

          Btw, I’m not baised, I do like snapdragon processors, I just want you to show me some facts.  Nothing I have stated was stated as an absolute. Only my theory.   If you have facts, please show them.

    • Kelson Sebring

      Yeah I read your extensive hands on review of the device after having used it and testing out the battery. So I trust your opinion.

  • her hands are nicer than yours. 

  • sm

    can you confirm that his is not a global phone?

  • Anonymous

    Once again HTC disappoints with battery size. $300 and I still have to buy an extended battery? No thanks.

    • they didnt learn with the thunderbolt.. i’ve never meet an htc owner that doesnt carry a charger with them at all times. 

  • Anonymous

    What are the transitions like when changing the phone from portrait to landscape?  Do they have smooth graphics like the iphone/nexus or just a blank screen like htc devices do now?

  • Haven Greene

    Question:  So ReZound gets 16GB on SD Card and internal storage, but I’m still confused about the GNex.  Obviously we all know there is no SDCard slot on the GNex, but I’ve heard conflicting opinions on whether or not there will be a 16GB and a 32GB version (kinda like how iPh*ne does a 16/32/64 line up with 3 prices.

    Is this true for the GNex?  “Get either the 16GB for $299 or the 32GB for $???

    Any help is appreciated.

  • Derickmc84

    SSense hasn’t changed? Sense 3.5 is a lot different than sense 1.0 that was stock on the incredible. I’m running a full sense 3.5 Rom on my incredible 2 and I absolutly love all the new features. Maybe you need to spend more time with sense 3.5. It’s changed quite a bit since the incredible.

    • Most of us prefer stock Android, so I doubt Sense is ever going to change that.

    • Dan

      When you look at the other UIs, I believe Sense has changed the least. For example look at the original MotoBlur to the newBlur.

      • Noble Four

        The difference, though, is that Blur has gone from unbearably disgusting to being pretty tolerable. Sense has just gotten prettier.

        • Dobbs

          Also, the difference is that Sense is probably why HTC phones have the worst battery life or maybe it’s just that HTC cant make power efficient phones.

    • Anonymous

      Yes I am also running Sense 3.5 and it is much different than older versions of Sense. I think people are getting hung up on the weather clock that is included on the desktop as default.

      Here is a little taste of Sense 3.5 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XZC2NQm0HoI

  • Keith Sumner

    HTC is bottom tier hardware, bottom tier dependability, bottom tier at updating devices, with top tier marketing, and top tier pricing

    That means nothing HTC makes is worth purchasing.

    • pj

      Hahahaha! Troll much?

  • TJ Egan

    If it wasn’t for the same old Sense (and obviously, the G-Nex coming out) I would probably pick up this phone. I really liked my Incredible.

    • Greene

      agreed.  rocking the incredible still and this is a big jump up in both specs and the newest Sense (since i never seemed to get the GB update).  And I think Sense murders Blur and Touchwiz.  Very polished and careful detailing.  BUT after seeing the GNex UI, nothing can compare.  I’m worried about how ICS would look with Sense pasted over it.  That being said, I’m going with the GNex.  Now THAT is a huge jump from Froyo on the Incredible.  

      • TJ Egan

        Yeah that’s why I like it (and think it should have been called the Incredible HD!); It’s a beefed up Incredible, and very polished. But, like you said, after seeing how polished and crisp ICS looks on the G-Nex… Everything else looks like garbage!

        And yeah my OG Droid (broke my Incredible) is hanging on by a thread.. I keep switching ROM’s so that I can handle the wait!

      • Nick

        I’m still rocking my samsung alias, so I’m probably the biggest jump on this site. God, they better not delay the GNex anymore.

        • SCwin

          I’ll up you one on the biggest jump. I am going from a Samsung i760 to one Gnex, Razr or Rezound.

          • Tyler

            I went from a Samsung Flipshot (SCH U900) to the Droid(which was a major jump) and next will be a SGN. In 2 years i need to get a moto phone because i went from a moto razr to a samsung flipshot to a moto droid to a samsung galaxy nexus. MUST CONTINUE TREND!

            Also im going to add that my Gnex will have 2x as many pixels(yes i did math 🙂 ), be clock 2x faster (600mhz to 1.2ghz), 2x cpu cores, 4x as much ram, also ill have 50 less buttons on my phone(including touch sensitive ones), 2/3 as thin(i think thats right), 2x as many ports (MHL counts right), 25% lighter, 25% bigger battery, 2x number radios, 2x as many cameras, going up 2 youtube quality levels with the camera, 2 times larger initial operating system version. But i will still be shooting 5MP pictures(just much better quality).

    • Jim

      Jump? From Palm Treo 680! Which still works great except I can barely hear phone converstations.

  • Yeah. Beats Audio means they threw in knock off headphones (I would bet my future phone that those headphones are not the same quality as the kind you’d buy separately), and pump up the bass when they’re plugged in. I’d rather just have a DSP Manager like Cyanogenmod (The thing that brought me back to Cyanogenmod from MIUI). Sorry, that’s not a selling point for me.

    The screen looks nice, and I love the styling. But the best description I’ve seen for Sense is “Fisher Price UI”.
    Plus Qualcomm gets the least out of their chips, clock for clock.

    I’ll wait three days for the Nexus.

    • Anonymous

      Whats the basis for that? The headphones you get on HP laptops with beats don’t seem to be knockoffs, least I haven’t heard anything to that vain. And HTC owns a big part of Beats, so why would they have to? As if being super profitable and owning a major stake in the company that makes the headphones leaves HTC somehow unable to afford their normal quality earbuds? Please.

      • It happens all the time. You can buy high brand names at lower quality retailers, but they aren’t the same as if you bought it directly from the retailer. Likewise, brand names often make lower quality versions of their products if they aren’t purchased for full price. One example would be HDTVs on Black Friday. Sure, the specs are fairly similar. But look at the model number. It’s a different model. I’d imagine it’s the same.

        In other words, you get what you pay for. You’re paying for a smartphone with some toss in headphones, that may or may not be much better than the usual pack ins. You aren’t paying directly for the headphones, so what motivation does Beats have to throw in their premium stuff when they can throw in much lower quality headphones with no problems.

        • Nick

          Considering these beats audio earbuds (the real ones), cost diddly squat to make in china, I’m not suprised that they ship the real ones. You pay for the name.

        • Anonymous

          Well that makes sense if you don’t really think about it…
          But really why would Beats give HP normal quality Solos and give HTC(who’s their biggest shareholder if I recall correctly) shit earbuds? It’s not even like they cost them that much to make, and they’re moving them on 3 different devices, and probably another that’ll be coming stateside as some kind of US equivalent to the Sensation XL. 
          They arent giving these to some retail outlet to hock for the holidays, they’ll be selling these for at least two years, they’ll be falling to the ground, getting bounced around in pockets with keys and shit etc. ect. If they aren’t built up to snuff it’s nothing but marketing suicide.
          Sorry but I’m just not seeing a reason for them to do it, it’s too risky and too short on benefits.

  • S Jose923

    The clear plastic in the back reminds of the old Gamboy Colors lol

  • Blah

    That thing really does look like it’s geared towards the young immature crowd.

    • Noble Four

      What does that even mean? You people are really grasping at straws.

      • SMarks721

        Just look at it. It looks like Alienware designed it. Or maybe by racer kids who put those “cool” colored LEDs all over their car. It’s just gaudy with those red accents. Plus what’s with that lint remover back? It’s just plain ugly looking.

      • Anonymous

        What do you mean by “You People”? 😉

  • Beats does not equal high quality audio.

    • Anonymous

      What is ‘beats integration’ anyways?  It’s not like they integrated an amp into the phone… is it just a skin over the music player, or a totally new player?  Does it tie in with spotify/rdio/slacker, or a download/streaming service?  Is there an overly complicated equalizer involved?  can you mix def-ass beats and be a DJ with this phone?

      /get off my lawn

      • Yeah, I’m still confused myself. What the hell IS Beats Audio???

        • Dan

          Beats Audio are Beats by Dr. Dre, a variety of high performance loudspeakers and headphones. 

          • Correction:
            Beats Audio are Beats by Dr. Dre, a variety of loudspeakers and headphones which are over priced and under performing.

          • Anonymous

            Yup that’s the truth….

          • Russell Robinson Jr

            Monster cables anyone? That’s the first thing I thought when I found out about Dre and Monster making Beats… It’s all about the marketing.

          • Exactly

            Exactly. Dan the man has had the wool pulled over his eyes.

          • Arizona Storm VBC

            Without question Monster is the manufacturer behind Beats audio your analogy on Monster Cable is spot on.

          • Thankfully this is free though, I see no increase in price to get it. Free is free like it or not

        • Anonymous
        • Abigail Savage

          In the case of these HTC phones, Beats Audio seems to be an EQ. That’s really about it. The EQ automatically engages when the phone recognizes beats headphones plugged into it. Oh, and there’s a volume boost too. It’s really disappointing.  Engadget has a great write-up on it in their Sensation XL (or XE?) review from a couple of weeks ago.

    • LionStone

      I think they are supposed to just “Beat” the competition (which it does), not touted as the best high quality speakers known to man.

    • Granted

      Maybe not on a phone, but on my laptop they sounds badass, and laptops sound like shit.

  • Anonymous

    By the time I’m ready to trade in my Bionic, the Quad core phones will be in full swing and in two years 2 gigs of DDR2 RAM is a given. 

    • Nick

      I certainly hope DDR2 isnt a given. If we aren’t on faster ram by 2014 then I’ll eat my shoes.

      • Anonymous

        True true, maybe DDR4?

  • ehh.. beats audio really isnt that impressive…. if you really wanted the “beats” experience just turn the bass as high as it goes… nothing to spectacular about that.  Sound quality is not measure by how much bass you can hear/feel.

  • Phoenixy

    Call me mad, but I prefer (new Gingerbread) BLUR over Sense.

    • Anonymous

      I completely agree with you. The new Blur is polished. 

      • John

        Eeesh. I dunno if I’d go that far, but yes, as sad as it is to say, blue is better than sense, imo.

    • Anonymous

      I disagree with all of you. I think Sense is better than the rest (even though i won’t have it soon).

      especially for business purposes

      • Anonymous

        Not at all. The new Blur has better encryption, email, and remote access apps than any stock Sense phone. 

      • SugaShane

        I disagree. It’s a very good skin, but Donkey Kong is the best skin ever. 

        • Anonymous

          Donkey kong sucks……….

          you know somthing……..you suck!

    • Anonymous

      I agree, I got the wife a DInc2 and was surprised how much it felt like what I ran on my WinMo phones.  They spruced up the look, but the the functionality.

    • Dan

      I’m with you on that

  • Zach Armstrong

    Not a bad Device but looks the same as the rest of there devices.

  • Anonymous

    It’s still HTC though. They just are not at the same level as Samsung and Motorola. HTC has been plagued with problems for updates to battery life. No thanks….

    • Jrizk07

      What? What updates to battery life? Only the thunderbolt has had issues like that that I know of. It was a rushed device in my opinion.

      HTC has great phones, I chose one over my Galaxy (Tmobile Vibrant to Verizon HTC Incredible 2)

  • not a bad device, i suppose. few 3.5 roms out there for droid incredible and wasn’t overly impressed. and this phone seems antiquated now that we know for sure what kind of software we have to look forward to with g-nex

  • Tom Luley

    I wonder if that music in the background was coming from another Rezound….UBER BEATS!

  • Does anyone know the differences/pros/cons of Super LCD vs. Super AMOLED?

    • LCD has a backlight behind the screen.  Each pixel then changes to allow the light to pass through it.  In AMOLED each pixel produces its own light.  

      AMOLED pixels can get darker black since they can completely shut off.  A LCD pixel can’t completely block out the backlight.

      • So SAMOLED > LCD. Gotcha. Thanks. 

        • its not that simple .. 
          all he said was that amoled has deeper blacks than lcd. does not mean its superior tech in all cases. lcd’s have benefits that blow away their amoled counterparts and amoleds have other impressive benefits.. its about tradeoffs. in a perfect world. you would have lcd quality of screens with samoled brightness, contrast and production costs.

          • Some people think the AMOLED screens are over saturated so the colors don’t look realistic.

            Samsung also has problems with AMOLED as the pixels per inch increases.  When the AMOLED sub pixels are very small they aren’t as reliable and sometimes burn out quickly.  Thats why the Galaxy Nexus AMOLED screen has a Pentile sub pixel configuration.  Eventually Samsung will fix this problem and we will get SAMOLED HD+ screens.

          • the amoled’s on the samsung galaxy phones are all oversaturated and look look like crap. the sgsII’s with the samoled’s on the other hand look pretty damn good. 
            so yeah.. i’m one of those ppl. i wouldnt trade my og droids screen with any amoled display. 

        • SamIam

          Jason you really got to go, look, & compare for yourself.  In general here are the pros & cons:
          AMOLED Pros:  They have near infinite contrast ratio & can be quite bright (if the OS allows it for power reasons), the colors tend to really pop.  When displaying dark content (like many movies) they can be quite power efficient.
          AMOLED Cons: Colors are often a bit over-saturated some people think this makes things look ‘cartoony’, they are quite power hungry when displaying bright (ie. mostly white) content like web pages, as the display ages the colors can shift, white balance is not very stable over broad brightness ranges (so white might look a bit yellow when dim, a bit blue when bright).
          LCD Pros:  power draw is pretty much only dependent on backlight brightness, not content.  Colors can be more natural looking.  White balance tends to be more constant & colors tend to be stable over time.  Power draw at the highest brightness levels is lower than AMOLED (unless displaying dark content).
          LCD Cons: Colors can look a bit drab in comparison, contrast ratios are not nearly as good.

  • I can’t believe they kept the recent apps shortcut in the notification bar. It is probably one of the worst mods anyone has done to Android to date.

    • SameOSameO

      I agree. They should have used that space for the quick settings instead.

      • They should use that space for notifications, quick settings is fine on it’s own tab

      • They still have both quick settings and notifications in the pull down bar, just below the recent apps. How many notifications at the same do you have so they are not fitting on the phone screen below recent apps? Last time this happened to me when I was updating tonns of apps at once, but it’s a really rare case.

        • SameOSameO

          I meant the quick settings should be moved to the where the recently
          opened apps are. It would be a quicker quick settings :). That strip of
          recently opened apps is just a redundant feature.

          HTC should at least make it a customizable list of apps.

    • Anonymous

      I find the recent apps shortcut in the notification bar a great add-on – another nifty way to quickly switch between currently running apps.  I personally like it better than holding down the home button.

      Then again I always clear my notifications after reading them and I never have more than 3-4 at any given time.