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Swype Receives First OTA Update, Includes Better Context Prediction Engine

If you love Swype, keep an eye on your device as Swype’s first OTA is soon to be rolling out. Included in the update is an upgraded Context Prediction engine for people who like fast, smart, and overall responsive keyboards. We were hoping that Swype would finally pick up a new color scheme, but that doesn’t seem to have happened yet. Come on Swype, I know you’re listening. Give users the ability to customize the look of the keyboard and I promise you will have many happy users.

With our first over-the-air update, we’ve enabled our Context Prediction Engine. By analyzing the text you’ve already entered, Swype will offer more accurate predictions that make sense in the context of the sentence

  • 40% increase in prediction accuracy when a language profile is present
  • Learns over time as you use it, building up a personal language profile for you.

As Swype starts getting “smarter”, is anyone thinking of switching back from SwiftKey X or FlexT9 to give this a go?

Via: Swype

  • Stormfire13

    I want the OLD version back I do not like this new Predictive text that is there it just pisses me off

  • Anonymous

    “_give it a go_”? Hell, I never left!

  • Anonymous

    To upgrade – Thunderbolt or phones that did NOT have Swype originally installed – should be the same (no root required)…
    – Uninstall SWYPE from Settings/Applications/Manage Applications
    – Launch the latest Swype Installer from your SD card – find using Astro or other file browser
    – Log in to your Swype beta account using email and password (Search your email or go to swype.com if you forgot it)
    – Install, activate, and select Swype per the instructions
    Voila you are up to date

  • Anonymous

    I love swype, i’m so glad they got rid of installing a new installer every time a new version comes out…

  • Anonymous

    welp I feel stupid. It switched to french mode for some reason.

  • Van Hicks, Jr

    I need customization, or at least a way to change colors. Other than that, I use it on all my android toys. Can’t even think of how I used to text with my old Razr from the day, lol.

  • aaron

    You need to put in your post that you cannot update if you are on a phone with swype that was pre-loaded unless rooted

    • True.  And, you need to uninstall the preinstalled version first, which requires something like Titanium Backup; you can’t do it from the applications management menu.

  • very interesting!

  • Maybe when I trade out of my OG to a phone that has enough memory to actually support keyboards and everything else I use at the same time…  But only if I can remember the name of the app can selects one keyboard for vertical and another for horizontal because Swype sucks horizontal… bowchickabowow.

  • Anonymous

    Since I’m without phone at the moment, I’m all about Thumb Keyboard on my Galaxy Tab 10.1.  I was using Swype, but it was kind of a pain for me on the tab… not sure why.  It just didn’t feel right when taking notes in meetings.  Thumb Keyboard has worked great for me.  I’ll probably have to try Swype again when I get a new phone later this month.

  • Core

    i’m actually surprised to see an update so soon after it’s been purchased. i’m glad that nuance seems interested in keeping it going and not just stripping out its features and adding them into flext9

  • Anonymous

    I tried SwiftKey and basically every keyboard that comes out. I always end up back on Swype though.

  • MansterRock

    Got tired of the lag Swiftkey X brought on a couple of months back. Numerous emails to support at swiftkey wetn unanswered. Switched to Swype and stayed there. Very Happy now. Predicition has been better than swiftkey was.

  • Twoot505

    If you have a phone with swype pre installed YOU’RE SCREWED! LIKE ME AND MY BIONIC! I can’t get the newest version! WTF SWYPE?

  • I bought Swiftkey when it first came out for my Droid 1, loved it, Droid X, loved it, Droid Bionic…..meh….The faster I type the more words get deleted for some stupid reason, Ive tried all settings and can’t get it to stop deleting words when im on the rapid settings. Im a very fast typer on my Bionic and would like something to keep up with me and autocorrect on the fly like Swiftkey X used to do before it became useless imo. My Droid X never had any problems with words deleting and it kept up. I really don’t know what to do with that one anymore. I still use it but mainly for the newly updated voice input which is faster than Swiftkey X typing anyways. I wish they would let you enable and disable swype actions on it and maybe that would make it useful for me again. Ive tried AI keyboard, Better Keyboard, Swype and as of late Swiftkey X. I just cant figure out what to use hahaha. 

  • so if you have bionic that came with swype you cant update?

    • Anonymous

      Install the beta right over top of that. I had to do the same on my Charge that came with Swype.

      • Pdiddy187

        I tried that and it says sorry currently no support for phones with swype preinstalled.

        • Anonymous

          I installed the latest version of the Beta over top of it. I think I cleared the data on the existing version first, then ran the installer.

          • Pdiddy187

            I had to uninstall the preloaded version and now it works.

  • I’ll stay with Swiftkey X. I love the Neon Skin, matches my Deadmau5 theme well.

    Plus, I never liked Swype. It’s counter-intuitive for me.

  • Booboolala2000

    I have swiftkey x and out is getting kinda buggy. Switched back to swype and its ok. Will wait for the update.

  • Swype has been releasing old versions of the keyboard to the beta users since I fist got my Droid x every update on the x1 had a newer version than the beta had now I have s bionic and I think the version we have is higher than the beta but I haven’t checked it yet. Btw give devices with it build in the ability to update and I was the blue theme back not the one moto puts on its phones dammit!

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  • Anonymous

    I’ve never understood swype, I’m honestly baffled by it’s popularity since it seems to cripple my incredibly fast typing on a normal touch screen keyboard.

  • Anonymous

    I love Swype but seeing the words it comes up with in autopredict has left me saying WTF on more than one occasion.  If this works well, this will be a very welcome change.

  • Mctypething

    I’m stupid bro? wait what…

  • AroundTheFur

    Thumb keyboard, ftw and extra internets

  • Anonymous

    Already left SwiftKey X. It’s by no means a bad keyboard, I just much prefer Swype.

  • dblj

    I’m using SwiftKey X. I have yet to find a keyboard that can beat it.

  • 11knives

    I think Thumb Keyboard is by far the best out there. I hate predictable text because I tend to waste more time looking to see if the word I want is going to pop up, than if I just typed the word out. Not only that but I use voice input more than I type anyway… My 2 cents!

  • i have flex t9 right now should i switch?

    • Anonymous

      I use both. I like the flexibility of FlexT9, but I dislike that I have to use dragon’s dictation and for me, its a bit lousy on the predictions (I have fat thumbs). Swype does what Flex doesnt do for me. Use google voice input and have decent predictions. Try the beta and decide for yourself?

  • Just got the update, yet, I don’t notice a damned difference.

  • Ben Murphy

    Sorry, I will never give up SwiftKey…I paid $1.99 for it. 🙂

    • Anonymous

      It is a sunk cost… Let it go.

      • Anonymous

        yay economics!

        • EC8CH

          Can you depreciate app purchases?

    • Mctypething

      I’m more poor then you are bro. 

      U richer then me bro?

      • Mctypething

        u an imposter bro?

        • Anonymous

          IMPOSTOR ALL THE BROS!!!!!!

    • Mike Hawk

      If only you felt that way about cell phones. then you’d still be using those flip phones from 10 years ago. those cost alot more then $2 yet most people still replace them every 2 years for the newest $300 phone. Imagine a world where they treated cell phones the same way 

      • Ben Murphy

        Wow, chill out.

        Translation: IMO SwiftKey X > Swype

        Tough crowd.

        • Mike Hawk

          no I agree with you. I use swiftkey x also but not because of the price and I’m not keeping it only because I already paid $1.99. I bought launcher pro for $3 and ADW EX for a few dollars also and I uninstalled them both like a year ago for a $15 launcher. and I use swiftkey x because its the best in my opinion. I tryed swype but still like swiftkey more

          • Ben Murphy

            A launcher that costs $15?? What is this glorious launcher called?

          • Mike Hawk

            SPB Shell 3d. It doesnt have much customization but its the fastest for me and even looks the best. especially the tablet interface

          • My Tran

            There’s a tablet version?

          • Anonymous

            I would love to find a tablet version of any launcher.  I prefer GO on my DInc and I’ve tried about 5 others. 
            GO does not work properly on my Xoom. 

            Also, last I checked, SWIFTKEY > SWYPE – mostly because of their context prediction.  Maybe this update is a game changer???  I’ll give it a try.

          • Mike Hawk

            SPB Shell yes SPB Shell 3d does have a tablet version. its all 1 app though. u have to go into the app settings to change it to tablet version which also works good on phones

          • Anonymous

            Cool thanks.  Looks like a great launcher but it says its not compatible with tablets.  There are a few videos showing it working but I imagine it’s not polished – and for $15, I want it to be polished and work perfectly on my tab. 

            Would be great on a phone but I’m not upgrading just yet because I’m looking forward to ICS on a GN.

          • Mike Hawk

            sort of. theres only 1 version of the app. and in the app settings u can change whether the orientaton is landscape, portrait, or both. and u can even select whether its phone interface or tablet interface which makes it look better on tablets. but the tablet interface also looks good on phones which is what I use.

  • Anonymous

    I hate swype. It is just so slow.

  • C-Law

    Is this update coming to devices that came with Swype? The gf has sprint’s gs2 and she wants to know how to get the update

    • Anonymous

      Hahahahahahaha. No.

  • saintdice

    I can’t see why anyone wouldn’t use Swype as their daily keyboard. I Swyped this in 2.7 seconds.

    • Anonymous

      agreed, i never switched to swiftkey or any other keyboard.

  • I am currently very happy with SwiftKey X, but if Swype’s prediction engine is any good, I would definitely switch back and give it another try. 

  • Anonymous

    Can we get an opinion on the different keyboards… I have used stock and Swype but would like to hear some opinions on the other ones.

    • Anonymous

      I’ve been using SlideIT, I have no complaints

  • John

    anyone who has gone away from swype (from the beginning) needs to try the beta out. it’s great!

    • I’m gonna give it a go, but I’ve been using Swiftkey for months. They need to bring it with this update.

  • i love swype, been using it since my first og droid

  • Anonymous

    I do not care about being able to customize the look…

    Just keep on making it function better!

  • Flip74k

    How does this work? Am I gonna get this for my x2??

  • Jadam6118

    I want swype

    • mons

      If you want it, get it. Go to swype.com and sign up for the beta.  

  • It’s about time they started learning

  • Anonymous

    I might switch back from SwiftKey…

  • Jason Purp

    I’m more of a Vanilla keyboard man, myself.

    • John

      & yet you’re anti galaxy nexus 😛

      • Jason Purp

        lol What? I can’t wait to get that phone. I’ve been asking about the full retail price non-stop.

        Check yo fax 😉

        • Anonymous

          Glad to see someone agrees Jason.  The stock keyboard is insanely quick, every time I try swype it’s disastrous. 

    • Anonymous

      Have you tried many other keyboards?

      • Jason Purp

        Yeah, I’ve used all of the major ones, plus A.I.Type (I don’t think that’s considered a major one). I just found the Vanilla keyboard to be the fastest and simplest.