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Google Offers App Goes Live in the Market, Android 4.0 Styling and Notifications For Today’s Goodies


Live in a city that is currently running Google Offers campaigns? Time to go grab the official app so that you can keep track of the ones you have purchased, get notifications for new ones, and redeem them at the point of purchase. And yes, once you choose your Google account at the initial load, it will pull in all of your previously purchased offers and let you know when they expire.

And can I just say that I’m really loving the new styling on all of Google’s apps. This Ice Cream Sandwich kick that they are on is well, the right kick to be on. Polish, minimalism, and functionality have all been the primary focus it seems, and that’s a good thing. This latest Google Offers app is no different. You can quickly login to any of your Google accounts, swipe side-to-side between sections, and get things done much more efficiently.  

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Cheers Adam and Lewissd!

  • That same offer is on everyone’s list.  Google seems to only offer that offer right now 😛

  • MFG

    Loving Google’s new approach to design.

    Let’s hope devs follow suit.

    • Google has hit the nail on the head. From the android interface to all the new browser interfaces for gmail/docs/reader and such. I am very happy with the direction they have gone. Everything seems to be uniform as is getting me that much more excited for some ice cream sammy

  • Anonymous

    Duuuuuuude!!! Loving Droid-Life 2.0. Awesome job all!!….. wait what was this post about again??

  • Anonymous

    This isn’t Galaxy Nexus news…

    • Anonymous

      Mr. Kleenex, what does this have to do with Galaxy Nexus? Please only post about that topic from now on. 

      • MFG

        No. NO. WE WANT NEXUS.

  • Anonymous

    Interesting that the app came out the same day I get an email for the first offer in chicago.

    • JoeyMalcomb

      Same thing with me, but in Long Beach (CA). They must have opened it to more cities all at once.

  • Anonymous

    Google offers > Tebow

    • Mack

      You’re not a Tebow fan are you?

      Either that or you’re a disappointed Denver fan.

    • Ha, I get it. I read that Deaspin post too. Droid Life 2.0 > Gizmodo site interfaces > Tebow

  • Really hope offers comes to Baltimore ASAP

  • Mack

    Correct me if I’m wrong but doesn’t Google Shopper do this already?

    • Ryan Fleming

      it was also designed for looking up prices of products, this seems to be geared ONLY at the Offers. I, for one, am glad they decided to release this. I didn’t like the shopper app.

  • Anonymous

    Looks sweet, just need deals in my area!

    • Anonymous

      spend moar monies!!!