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Galaxy Nexus Receives Root, No Need to Act Surprised

Yes, the Galaxy Nexus has been rooted. It’s a Nexus, folks. Rooting it should take less than 5 minutes, and that includes the time involved to unlock the bootloader. You don’t need fancy apps, zip files or anything else and can do it through a couple of simple commands. For those not interested in learning a couple of adb and fastboot commands though, then the folks at Modaco have you covered with their Superboot package. It’s essentially a 1-click root that does all of the dirty work.

Via:  Modaco

  • Anonymous

    I expect it so! Come out with the darn phone already!

  • Anonymous


  • RW-1

    Let’s see. Samsung makes the nexus, Says unlocked bootloader, VZ says …(we don’t know what they said), Samsung says unlocked, phone still ON VZ.

    Moto, you have NO excuse and Jha has no balls as to their sorry excuse of “Verizon stated to lock it down” …

    End of rant.

    • DBK

      The Nexus bootloader IS locked. It will come locked but be unlockable. Moto just takes it a step further for some reason.