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Welcome to Droid Life 2.0…again (Updated)

As you may have noticed, things look a little different around here. Calling the new look “Droid Life 2.0” is probably fitting. What we have done is taken the format from the last remake that was done almost two years ago, and made it so much more modern, minimalist and clean. Clean, is actually what comes to mind first when I look at it – that makes me happy. Hopefully it does for you as well.

So what exactly is new? 

  • Logo:  Well, you’ll notice that we have fully moved on to our new ultra-minimal logo that was made by our buddy Wayne back in February. It fits perfectly into the new look. You could almost say that we used it as a starting point.
  • Photos:  From there, we widened the post column for one purpose:  to give you even bigger and more beautiful images on top of every single post. That also means bigger and more enhanced video.
  • Featured Posts:  We added in a “Featured” posts bar that can be hidden with the simple click of a button in case it’s not your thing and want to have less in your face stuff going on.
  • Popular Posts:  If you ever wondered what the current batch of hot topics were, you can view them at the top of the right sidebar. It’s an ever-evolving and rotating batch of topics, so be sure to check it often.
  • New Look:  Other than all of that, it’s really just all about the clean and simple look to take us into 2012. You will notice the subtle tweaks here or there that really add to the experience that is Droid Life. We didn’t want to go all wild and outlandish on you, and instead kept things sort of the same…just better.

Over the next couple of days, be sure to let us know if you run into any major bugs and we will add them to the list that is already being worked on. A mobile version of the site should also be back in no time.

Update:  The Featured Post section should now remember whether you last had it closed or open. It will also load much faster than it previously had, meaning you won’t find that overlapping image issue. Some other minor tweaks were done to finish out the polish of the new look. And the option to toggle on the mobile site has been added at the bottom of the page.

A big thanks goes out to Coulee Creative for putting together the new look.

Definitely got to give props to our hosting company, Beyond Hosting, for working with us to hash out some last minute bugs. Since we switched to them about a year ago, we have had less down time than I think any other tech site on the planet.

And of course most importantly, a big thanks to the great community here at Droid Life that makes waking up and writing about mobile phones such a fun experience each and every day.

Let us know what you think!

  • Tankertough

    The droidlife app doesnt show up in the market anymore, or myapps in the market. Is something going on with the app or is it just my phone? The app is in my app drawer and it works it just isnt showing up in the market. I have a Droid3.

  • Anonymous
  • still no mobile site?? thats to bad.

  • Mpickup9


  • sexxeh!

  • Satya Chowdary

    is this the roboto font?

  • Dkbetts

    I dig it.

  • Your article text is REALLY hard to read (XP/Chrome) but on a scale of 1 to 10, ten being Great and Gawker’s February redesign a zero, I’ll give you guys an 8.

  • Guest


  • I don’t like it.

  • Trevor-kai

    I just got on for the first day this morning and was like DAYUM!!! lol I love the new look guys, and I was just thinking, “Yeah, it’s about time for a new look”.

  • LD is what I see in the new logo. Redesign, Redesign,….

  • Looks like a gay Neapolitan ice cream bar.

  • JennyC

    This  better?

    • No, bad shade. Should be a dark vibrant red.

  • Jvrcb17

    Great work guys. I get on this site every day for my daily dose of Droid news, the new look is very easy on the eyes. 


  • Claire

    Looking good, although it took me a few seconds to realize the the logo is the home button.  [Laughing at myself].

  • Anonymous

    Site looks good! I would agree though; To….Much……Pink……

  • Larry

    Wouldn’t this be better?

    • Anonymous

      Yup, banners are too big though, everything is too big and needs to be downsized.  Font is horrible as well.

  • finally an update that doesn’t run blur, sense, touchwiz, etc…

  • Jeff

    Set the homepage to store a cookie if you close that featured articles slider. It hangs the site up while it’s loading it.

  • Anonymous

    Looks beautiful, Excellent work, PROPS

  • Mason Lammers

    Major props to you guys for the amazing site.  As always, THE BEST tech site since the origional Droid!

  • Yanni

    What’s with all the wasted white space?

  • viewthis66

    looks great! thank you for all your hard work. this is my go to site. period.

  • Anonymous

    Text is much easier to read now. 

  • Anonymous

    It looks like shit Kleenex.

    How much more pink can you put on one page?

  • Mack

    Bad Ass. I just realized that when selecting text on the new site, it highlights in Droid Life pink.

  • As a graphic designer I have to look at your logo from a designers perspective. 1. With the L highlighted in pink it makes me read the L first which stands for Life. So the logo read as LIFE DROID instead of DROID LIFE. 2. I’m not sure why he selected pink. It comes off girly to me. Maybe he should of stuck to the green or a light gray.


    • Mack

      The pink is awesome. Are you questioning the manliness of pink??

  • Kellen an.droid-life and the store need a similar update, is that in the plans to add as well?

    I love the new look it is just the places that do not show it now stick out like a sore thumb.

  • I like the new look, but is there a mobile version? I like to view catch up using my phone, and it isn’t that great on mobile phone devices.

  • Greg Williams

    I like the look of the new site…but it’s definitely slower to load. And no my internet isn’t slow…bro


  • FortitudineVincimus

    4. check the div settings on your splash page content scroller is I think you need to set a height and make overflow:hidden so that when the page loads, it does not quickly flash all 2 lines of slider content before going to 1 line.

  • Anonymous

    Not a fan of the featured stories up top. They load slow for me…

    • Anonymous

      huh huh  huh  huhuhuh ….. you said ‘load’

  • Ravnos CC

    Please fix the text in the comments section especially, I’m running 1680×1050 and it looks grey and fuzzy, kinda difficult to read now 🙁  I’ve tried zooming in, zooming out, and changing browsers, no luck on this screen 🙁

    • Guest

      Looks like it’s the way Chrome renders the text, I tried both IE and then Chrome, IE seems to look much nicer, too bad.

  • Like the new look, but seriously what’s with all the pink?  Could you not have changed the color scheme?

  • Guest

    I would like to see more than just 40 comments displayed at a time……why not 100…..

  • Anonymous

    Very nice. Please update your favicon.ico and apple-bookmark.png icon as well if you have not done so already.

  • Anonymous

    The new design it’s magical and revolutionary!

  • Tucker Nebel

    I wonder if Droid-LIfe implemented the new Roboto font into their website?

  • Jason

    The more I’m using the site the more I don’t like the featured tab, I know you can close it but it’s more of a pain than helpful. The pics of what is in there just have a thing that says featured. It should at least have a small font of what the story is, maybe you guys can do it like on phandroid where they have em in a window and the stories highlighted scroll through each of the stories. Either way it needs work. JMHO

  • StormbladeX69

    Well… that last comment went thru, so “always” is incorrect. How about usually a comment “often” doesn’t update.

    MUCH of the time I can’t even get the Comment entry block to work until I close my browser (sometimes multiple times) and go back to a story. This was a problem with the old site version too though.

  • Matrix7

    I think the new look is great and very clean and clear!

  • StormbladeX69

    Everything is a bit too far to the left. Almost to the point of being cut off.

    Also my DISQUS posts/replies never seem to process, as far as it updating. It just keeps saying “Just a moment” until I refresh the page. So I think the action is happening, but the comments don’t update.

  • pink? hmmm not so much.

    • StormbladeX69

      It’s always been pink…

  • Ryan Gabbard

    Well done, the new interface is great!!

  • StormbladeX69

    Looks nice. One bug I see is the stories on the right. They don’t seem to fit the width. The titles are squished vertically. Don’t know if that is by design or a bug, but it doesn’t look right.

  • TLDspectre

    Like the design, one suggestion tho – bump up the line height on the article headings. Two-line headings look a bit cramped and in some cases you get character overlap whenever there’s a p, y or g on the top line.

  • rrosotho

    Hey Droidlife just in time right before ICS…..clean and modern  nice job!!!

  • Anonymous

    Now you just need to hire someone from the East coast so we can get news before lunch.  😛

    • Jason

      Is that what it is? I was always wondering why I sit here at work all morning with no updated stories. Definetly need a east coast rep than, The day starts with east coast time.

    • Anonymous

      I would like to throw my hat in the ring…

    • Trooper

      Totally agree.  I offered help to Kellex awhile back, but never heard back. 🙁

      As for the new look, its ok, but I like the old format better.  As others have said, not sure what is up with all the pink. Id rather see Android Green!

      • Anonymous

        I hated the pink back when I first started coming here but it grows on you, took me a couple months.  After a while you appreciate it standing out from the rest of the Android green and business blue sites.

        • Fattie McDoogles

          Agreed. I thought it would be Droid Red. But they are definitely unique for running with Pink. Oh and Tato is on the East Coast. He lives in Ohio. They are traveling to NYC today for the HTC event so you probably won’t get much news til after they get there and settle in.

          • Anonymous

            Then Tato needs to invest in an alarm clock.  /s

          • Tato in Ohio?  He’s in SanFan bud.

          • Fattie McDoogles

            That’s right I forgot that. I thought Droid-Life did had someone who lived on the East Coast.

        • Anonymous

          Get rid of the giant logo and white space on top.  It’s just…. there… for no reason.  This giant space forcing me to scroll.  If I’m using land scape on my phone, it looks completely horrid.

          If you get rid of that, I think it will look pretty nice.

          • Anonymous

            I have to agree that is a lot of wasted space.  At least make it so the rest of the letters to Droid Life animate out for something else that isn’t gaudy but looks cool.

      • Gunther

        Or given the fact that they cover “Droid” as in the Verizon branded Android line of phones, at least some Verizon Red would be nice. I mean, the pink really does scream T-Mobile.

      • $kew

        I agree, WAY too much pink now.  I didn’t mind the little bit in the logo so much before, but now it seems like there is pink everywhere.  Droid/Verizon red would be much better.

    • Anonymous

      Please, don’t get me started about the Big East ala BCS recruiting of schools 😛

  • Arthur Uscg

    the font is harder to read.

  • Jason

    The popular news sidebar doesn’t load right for me. The stories are very skinny and not using the whole screen. Don’t know if it’s the site or my work comp. on a govt comp so they try to block alot of things. I like the new look though.

  • Droid Life 2.0 breathes new life.  Nice changes, though.  Site looks more readable and easier on the eyes.  Great work, guys.

  • Anonymous

    Okay, as long as you didn’t pull what Gawker sites did. This is nice, I approve.

  • 学习学习,增加知识17

  • jbonics

    Good looking site.

  • Dominick DeVito

    Nice redesign, but I miss the Droid Eye. Were you afraid of getting sued by VZW?  😉

  • Rotkaeqpchen

    YEAH ! NICE! :)))

  • Anonymous

    Damnit…my curiousity will force me to go to my computer now.

  • 第一次来 踩踩be

  • Love the newer pink look!!! =)

  • CaptainHowdy13

    I mainly look at the stories on my Droid 2. The only problem is it crashes ALOT.
    Theres alot of pink on the new site..Very pretty

  • Anonymous

    Love droid-life, but I’m going to be honest, not feeling the new site. There’s a lot of wasted space. I’m sure I’ll get used to it though in time.

  • This looks really nice. Great work, guys!

  • Im not feelin it.. The old site was just fine,  this is  Too flamboyant and stretched out.  

  • Colin Zack

    Looks great, except I’m not a huge fan of the pink. it would look better with the ICS blue IMO

  • Anonymous

    It would be nice if you fixed it so that when I bookmark the mobile site that actually shows up instead of the desktop site

  • Anonymous

    They do a good job in here i have to admit. They just need to change this ugly color.

  • Anonymous

    We need this site to be green.

  • Anonymous

    That is a good point. I wish it has that feature as well.

  • Anonymous

    Shut up jeepers creepers .

  • Anonymous

    It looks ok the pink it is a no no.

  • Anonymous

    You are funny. I bet you got all these kids mad. Be yourself keep doing what you are doing.

  • Anonymous

    This site always has problems when you try to log in with your device.

  • Congratulations; the site redesign is awesome. 

  • Chris Brunetto

    droid life harpin on ICS, I like it haha

  • Anonymous

    I like the new look, but why the color pink?

  • Anonymous

    Kellex is increadibly laggy with the new changes with all browsers 

  • Test

    Not a fan of the redesign. My biggest problem used to be that the ads would hold up loading of the site but now that is resolved but the site is beyond hideous.

  • Anonymous

    FIX that huge ugly ass pink arrow in your drop down menus. It’s stupid big.

  • Ahsan

    The new lookout makes the comments lower quality on this website!

    Kind of like the i*hone’s screen.

  • kevdog

    Ok — I’ll be the first to go negative — Don’t like it — too much crap at the top and in the sidebar — Only layout not as sexy however just gave me the news forward and simple

  • I love the change, with one exception.

    Merge your two header bars, it pushes the content too far the page with all the extra info in the header now.

    Just constructive criticism   

  • Took a little note from The Verge. Most well designed tech site on the web by far; however, I will always return to Droid Life for my android news. Top Notch!

  • Anonymous

    I for one embrace change. I love the new look. It’s more professional and ‘warm’ feeling. 

  • FortitudineVincimus

    1. update your favicon!

    2. put in a cookie so that when we close the content slider on the splash page, it stays closed when we come back to visit – its annoying to have it open when I have to keep closing it

    3. look into your scripts for the comments as they seem to lag to load

  • Anthony Lamberto


  • Droidlovinyogi

    Kellex & Crew,

    It looks good, real professional. 

  • Love this site so damn addicting.

  • Tyler

    Not crazy about the color scheme but i can deal with it. What i dislike is the featured articles thing popping up every time. Wish there was a way to minimize forever, or less intrusive from the start with the option to pull down(like the notification bar) or something along that line. You should also include time stamps with “posted x hours ago” I like to know how new my news is 🙂

    • Agree with this. Maybe use a JS/PHP cookie to store a browser’s preference. Cookie true = show featured articles, false automatically collapses it. Just a suggestion, but I’m loving the minimalistic design!! Well done. 🙂

  • Ss112

    why on earth is the site pink.. im not a homo

    • Rizzidy

      Only closeted homos think that a color has any bearing on their sexual preference.

  • Big Chris

    It looks Google-ish. So Great!

  • Anonymous

    Me likey. 

  • in all honesty, I dislike the new site haha. but whatevs. I’ll adapt. 

  • Rizzidy

    Too much white.  I’m going blind.  Shade in the sides for Christ’s sake.

  • I liked the old version to be honest now it’s very pink

  • I like it. Very nice.

  • Nick

    I dont really get the logo, L.D.?  The old logo was much better, the site redesign looks amazing though!

  • 3M4NU31

    I LOVE the new look! clean, sleek, & sexy


    i liked the old simpler look… 🙁  its fine, just too white? did i really just say that? lol..

  • Scottdaman

    Should have been an October theme for boobies awareness.

  • Now this is how you do redesigns. *Glares at gawker network*

  • The new site is nice, im diggin it kellex

  • Travis Whiteker

    Looks great on my XOOM also, almost like it’s tablet-ready!

    • Anonymous

      I agree looks great on my xoom..

  • Anonymous

    It looks like it was designed by Google…which isn’t a bad thing…

  • U mad bro???

    Well my wife likes the new look…

  • Alexander Garcia

    nice!!! i like what i’m seeing 🙂

  • Cmac414

    I actually love the new site! I like the new clean look and it loads faster for me than the old one! 

  • liquidsteel30

    Can you make the DroidLife icon (the spelled out one on top, on the pink bar) a link to the homepage?

    I ABP element-hider’d the big logo section to save some space, but there’s no “home” link now.

    Or can someone user-script it? 🙂

    • Anonymous

      The logo is the “home” link.

  • Anthony Armando

    i dont like the new look much. there is a lot of dead space; the tables need to be tightened up.

  • graveworm

    No more pink please! I see no reason for the choice in this color, as the espn nfl crew would say, “C’MON MAN”!

  • This changes everything…again

  • Anonymous

    nice! I like it!

  • Kelly

    looks gorgeous, nice work

  • Anonymous

    Love every single change made. Even cleaner than before! Love the hide-able featured posts. I get the need for it but yes this is done with taste, both implemented and can be hidden for those of us that read every post. Now if either you can change out of the TMo colors and use VZW ones, or reduce the amount of TMo ads with matching colors… Or maybe add a TMo life sister site if you want to keep these colors?

    this is in direct opposition of verge’s change yesterday. I loved the way it was before, super minimal and informative, fast to load, and easy to navigate and post. Now the site looks like a diaherrea of info and pics with no direction or way to navigate whatsoever. Completely reminds me of thhe change to gizmodo back in the day, as well as Engadget. Just poorly designed, seems too many cooks in the kitchen deal…

  • uggh I was hoping this was my imagination earlier…. way too much PINK…..
    no droid eye anymore, ahh well, nice page update though

  • Anonymous

    Kellex, one thing I notice on the home page is the top featured pictures pop up in the center, then shoot over to the right side of the screen.  I’ve looked through the code and it looks like a table bracket isn’t closed for the horizontal scroll bar. This is in firefox, latest version. It also shows 6 featured articles at first, then pops back to 3.


    Please BAN the word “bro” or “BRO” or “B.R.O.” etc. (all of the variations).

    There are WAY too many spammers on this site.

  • Drummer62

    I think it looks like Androidandme.com now only with different colors. Not saying that’s a bad thing, just looks similar is all.

    • Jason

      It does! I just checked it out, almost the same with diff colors lol

  • Billyrouth2000

    Looks fantastic

  • Anonymous

    Having been a follower of this site since near the beginning…its great to see it grow…

    Nice work kid!

  • Anonymous

    I’m thinking it looks too much like BGR. Its…… OK.

  • Mike

    Featured Posts:  I personally always hated feature posts sections.  I read your site like crazy.  I don’t need to re-see old news at the top of the page every time I load,a nd then have to scroll down to see what I want.

    My suggestion:  store that preference in a cookie.  If a user hides it once, keep it hidden!  If they don’t like it now, they’ll never like it!

    Not to mention it shows up as two rows, thus taking up my whole widescreen laptop screen for a bit until the javascript finishes loading.  Kind of annoying.

  • The logo is floating in some sort of purgatory.

  • IntlGrizzly

    I think it’s funny that Android Life got left behind on the new design

  • My Tran

    I love the new look, it’s awesome.

  • Kmac940

    I still don’t get the PINK! WHY PINK! Android is green and Droid is red! Pink is feminine! WTF!

    • Anonymous

      True story. I never got that

    • Anonymous

      It even matches the TMo ads here…

    • Anonymous

      Agreed, at first I didn’t like DL because of the pink, it was just odd.  Not that I’m against feminine colors, it was just weird for a tech site.  It’s grown on me now, but it definitely looks like a tmobile ad.

      • Dan

        Just wait for Tmo-Life 3.0, irr I mean Droid-Life 3.0 😛

        • Anonymous

          Don’t get me wrong Dan, love the site, just saying when I originally found it, it took some time before I didn’t cringe seeing the pink. I actually thought you guys were doing a cancer awareness thing when I first came here lol.  There’s actually less pink in this version I believe.

          • Anonymous


      • Anonymous

        I like android life better. It has better colors.

      • mm777

        i thought this place was gay but in a cool way. now it got gayer(pardon me) than my fiance’s hot pink prius. i am just thinking though the black looks brown and with all the white space and pink makes me think of neapolitan ice cream.

    • JMac726

      Agree 100%.  I’m getting used t it, but still don’t get why either of these aren’t used:

      • Anonymous

        Those colors look better. The green will be perfect.

        • Rotkaeqpchen

          The color is what makes droid-life unique. If it hadn’t this color I wouldn’t visit it that often, this happened to phandroid and phonedog…

          • Anonymous

            I don’t know about that.

    • Anonymous

      i love the “pink” :p … bahaha

    • tyler cole

      more pink that before awesome

    • Because the color distinguishes it from other tech sites. All Android sites are green, many tech sites rock various hues of blue. The only tech site that uses pink is Droid Life and that makes it unique.

      • Anonymous

        I agree, At first when Kellex was going with the Pink I was like wait a minute whats up with Pink??  But over the years the Pink is ROCKin and this new site is Outrages!!! 

        It definitely sets it’s self apart from the rest of the blogs.  Great Job Team DL!!!

        • Anonymous

          The greatest ass kisser ever lol. You may get a new nexus from droid life keep waiting.

          • Anonymous

            I am having fun, making you look stupid and slow but then again I really don’t have to do much. You keep proving it time and time again!! 

            Trying to communicate and write at the same time is hard for you, It’s ok, really we all know how that little Yellow Bus of yours is about to come and pick you up for school.maybe that will give you a break from posting lame comments. how about stop slobbering on the window and waving at people from the bus.

            See, I told you, you’re just a little slow on the up take.  It’s ok, a face only a mother could love LMAO!!!!

          • Anonymous

            u mad bro?

          • Anonymous

            LOL, Never Bro 🙂

          • Anonymous

            No hick I’m making you Look stupid by making you respond to my post lol. You are my toy, I can do whatever I want with you 🙂 once a person start focusing on periods, comma etc that means that he doesn’t have any more come backs. I could say that I know 2 languages. How Many do you know lol ? You are a sensitive old man 🙂 go get some cialis so you can satisfy your wife with your pony. I am waiting for your response as always my chucky lol 🙂 keep kissing ass to the moderators in here turd.

          • Anonymous

            Man, your jokes are old, your comebacks are weak, man it’s really time for you to jump back on the yellow bus there sparky lol Maybe you can where that tin foil hat of yours to prevent aliens from giving you more stupid comments 🙂 It’s ok, seriously you’re a little mental and slow but we will help you back on your slobbering ways.

            You’re probably at the local special Ed kids center drooling over your coloring book with a baby bib around your crusted neck wondering what to say next. LMAO!!! I can see the smoke from here as your really trying to crank that hamster of yours as to ponder “What shall i say next” ‘THis is guy is aking me look weak and stupid like he said” That’s because you are and you know it!!! Rap that around your little noodle 🙂

    • Anonymous

      I know i was wondering the same thing.

    • EC8CH

       MOAR PINK

  • Charlie

    Clean look, but like most changes, it will take a little while for it to become “right” and “comfortable”. I noticed something during your up and down actions today… Initially, the top banner on the page displayed:  About 
    Android Life
    (Note:  There is no “HOME”)
    …Then you returned to the “old” look while you tweaked things. When the “new” look returned, “HOME” was displayed (I liked that!).  I come back about an hour later and it has again disappeared.  Bring it back!  It is a clean way to reload/refresh the homepage when returning from reading a complete entry or reviewing other DL readers’ comments.  Yeah, I know, I can simply click on the new logo, but…

    Overall, nice look.  Gotta keep things looking fresh!

  • Anonymous

    Looking slick yo!

  • razrftw

    Lookin good Kellex, now more Nexus info

  • Andrey Feldman

    lol i though i dreamed it up after it went away

  • Ben Murphy

    First!…oh wait…

  • Bryan Williams

    I really thought I clicked on BGR for a second.

  • Awesome, great job, cheers…

  • Billy Jenkins

    Shouldn’t this be droid-life 2.5 since 2.0 was released last night?

  • BJ P.

    pink and black goes together very well 🙂

  • Kellex, the “droid life” logo at the very top, above the minimalist logo, is not linked to droid-life.com.  It’s not linked at all.  That might have been intentional, but I intuitively went to the “droid-life” at the top, and was disappointed I couldn’t click on it.

  • Zach

    Looks Good More Streamline

  • Anonymous

    i enjoy it very much. anyone who disagrees is a bitch.

    • Anonymous


  • This changes everything…again

    • Jadam6118

      It loads mobile site for me

      • David Hayden

        This is what I’m happy about. My Droid had problems loading the main site, and there was no way to bookmark the mobile version. Thank you Droid Life!

        • Anonymous

          Not me, it keeps loading the full site on my OG, and wont let me comment from my phone 🙁

      • Anonymous

        It does? YES! I never understood why a site dedicated to mobile, sucked so bad on mobile phones. Glad they changed it 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Droid-life 2.0 > Tebow

      • Anonymous

        I’m “tebowing” to DL right now…

  • Anonymous

    The site looks much better to me! I don’t know what people are complaining about, but it could be because I have AdBlock Plus and NoScript(blocking tweetmeme.com, jquerytools.org, quantserve.com, sitemeter.com, and fmpub.net) running. I’m gonna turn them off and then edit this post and see how drastically the site changes. Wish me luck!

  • I think it’s very cool,because android in general is fine fellow

  • Love the bigger pictures, way to market to the illiterate population of America

  • Anonymous

    I can dig it.

  • Anonymous

    The site looks nice on my desktop. But it’s torture on my Droid Eris (holding out for GNex). Is there a mobile version of the site?

    • John Mozelewski

      there is a droid life app look it up on android market

  • Horrible takes longer to load and it looks more like some crapple product.

    • Anonymous

      ur internets slow br0?

  • Anonymous

    Great improvement!! 
    Last night, I was trying to comment but the disqus thread wasn’t showing up. 
    I was going to Occupy Kim K’s rear end in protest. But the thread is up now. 
    But I still want to Occupy Kim K.. 

  • Anonymous

    First the launch of The Verge and now a fresh coat of paint for Droid-Life. This is a good week.

  • steve w

    i like it. im not a fan of pink. but it is very clean.

    • Billy Jenkins

      pinks not a fan of you either. just sayin

  • John

    You guys should fix up your forums too (or just rm them all together at this point, if no plans are made to upgrade/fix them)

  • Derek Stiles

    Should have called it droid-life 4.0…..eh? eh?

    • Anonymous

      I see what you did there.

  • I like it! I do agree with the person who said it’s too bright, but it’s still nice.

    Unlike some other tech blogs that changed their looks about a year ago, which I no longer read because I can’t deal with the new site…

  • shdowman


    MUCH nicer and cleaner. It was certainly time to retire the poorly photoshopped droid eye banner.

  • kellex i liked the old DL, I like the current DL, and Im sure Ill like this new DL. Droid life is the shiznit!! We salute you sir!

  • Anonymous

    Is there a way to keep the “featured topics” closed?  I don’t want to look at all that and have to close it every time I open this site. I refresh often and it seems to be a mess…

    To be honest I liked it better before and thought it was “cleaner” and more simplistic before.  Too much stuff happening at the top when you are trying to get to the new topics.

    • Anonymous

      We are definitely looking into it remembering your choice of having it open or closed.

  • Drewfus0929

    Looks fantastic guys!

  • Anonymous

    Looks good, and thanks for giving us the option to hide the featured section. I makes a big difference.

  • any chance we can get a darker theme?! SO Bright!!!

  • Adam Amzalag

    looks really damn good

  • Anonymous

    I don’t mean to complain as the new site looks nice, Its just the font is hard to read.  

    • Keith Sumner

      ctrl +

  • T Hall

    Looks good, I like it!

  • Anonymous

    Wow…a new design in the start of a new month! Great design man!!

    But like I said before…a bit too pinkish for me, BUT it does blend in quite nicely and everything seems more clean(still liked 1.0 though!).

  • Hedney3

    Looks Good +1 from me

  • Wade Ivy

    Droid-Life is here to stay. 🙂

  • BroRob

    Change? We don’t like change. We fear change. 😉

  • Justin Kos

    looks awsome kellex

  • bigrob60

    Very nice look to it. Polished and clean.

  • Keith Sumner

    Looks great, and it’s nice and snappy now.

  • EC8CH

    Who remembers the Droid Life Duck?

  • tbaybe

    so fancy! 

  • Very nice…loads significantly faster with the new format.

  • Nate Myers

    The new logo looks like boobs. 

  • keith

    Great that you allow hiding the featured section, definitely too much in my face.

  • Like the new look, but why the link to Android Life still?  

  • Looks good, although there might be some pink overload 😀

  • Eric

    Looks great K. Its amazing how much has changed in 2 years here and in the android community. Glad I’m a part of it.

  • Anonymous

    It’s been a hell of a ride, kellex

  • Classy.  I’m definitely digging it.

  • very nice, love the update

  • Azturbomini

    I like it. Thank you very much!

  • Nice!

  • J-Bone

    Hows about trimming some of the scripts, ads, external images, etc., so it doesn’t take so long to load on my OG when I can only get a 1X data connection?  Or maybe re-directing mobile traffic to a stripped-down version?

    Design-wise, though, not too shabby!

  • FortitudineVincimus

    Nice. I like.

    Now fix your Favicon!!!!!

    Comments still lag and are slow to load at times.

  • Dustin

    Zero left margin? Really? This makes it difficult to read especially on my phone.

  • I dont know what it is about Droid-life, but it’s so much more pleasant to read than all the other android sites I read. Ads are kept at a minimum, the layout is clean and logical. The site loads fast and is my go-to source for pretty much everything. Thanks and congrats!

  • Soremekun

    Now I can’t read comments on my DX!

  • Superior1

    Looks great. Major props Kellex, coming up. We have come along way from back in december of 09, when I first found this site. Keep up the excellent work bro, now if we can get back to our old roots of tips and tricks for our phones, oh and theme fridays and custom roms and what not. That would be cool too.

  • Sp4rxx

    The only thing I don’t like is that after I apply the default AdBlockerPlus settings, the DL logo sits alone by itself in a long white empty strip at the top of the page …. otherwise – great layout!

  • Love the new look as I said on Twitter. Was wondering when this would launch. Good job!

  • Looks great, the pink highlighting adds to the Pimp-o-meter. As someone else mentioned, it’s way better than Gizmodo.

  • DroidLifeRules

    I don’t like that the Featured loads up BIG then the page reloads again with it being small again.

  • I can comment bro?

  • Lito31

    Maybe a black background option? everything is much too white bright now

  • tiptoptommy

    Looks good keep it fresh. Good job

  • Lito31

    Well this redesign of the site jsut made my wait to the Nexus even more torturous, site takes much much longer to load on my feature phone LG dare. ughhhhhhhh

  • jimbob

    The site is really laggy on my crappy work computer 🙁

  • Kaz

    Looks nice. Good job!

  • Kaz

    Looks nice. Good job!

  • Now if only it would auto ban anyone that uses “u _____ bro”

    • Mctypething

      then you would be banned, bro.

      • Anonymous

        No, he wouldn’t. But you definitely would be, which I think would be quite a great thing, bro.

        • Anonymous

          Oh shit…I retract, I retract!

          • Kellex

            U mad bro??

          • Bro

            Why does everybody keep asking if I’m mad?? I’m actually content, really.

          • Antdeejay

            U happy bro?

          • Anonymous


          • Tucker Nebel

            U mad bro???

          • Anonymous

            I see what you did there Kellex 😛

          • Anonymous

            lol kissing ass like always 🙂

          • That’s not kellex…d’oh.

          • Anonymous

            See…that’s one of the reasons droid-life is awesome…never a dull moment when you read the comments..you always get to read something unexpected.

            See, right there is called sarcasm, kids.

      • Jason Purp

        Roses are red,

        Violets are blue,

        Your comment is overused,

        and your mom is too.

        • Hah!

          • Jason Purp


        • Nick

          Roses are brown,

          Violets are brown,

          Who keeps pooping on my lawn.

          • Jason Purp

            Saw it already yesterday. Haha

          • Anonymous

            I thought Rabbits have little pellet black poop

        • Anonymous

          OOOOH  Not the Moma Jokes lol

        • Roses are #FF0000

          Violets are #0000FF
          All me base
          Are belong to you

      • Anonymous

        I do not get why people will get mad because you say you mad bro? People in here need to understand that this is the internet grow up kids.

      • Billy Jenkins

        you are like the Droid-Life mascot. You have no purpose on this website except for giving other people a reason to make jokes about you

    • Anonymous

      You mad bro?

  • Anonymous

    Can’t put my finger on it, but I don’t like something about the top.  You have the pink bar, then your logo with lots of white space, followed by another bar.  Other than that it looks good.

  • Anonymous

    Me likey 🙂

  • Cephas003

    I like it a lot. Looks great on my HTC Flyer!

  • GotSka81

    Loving it!  The best droid site just got better.

  • Looks ok to me

  • Vaporware

    For a few days there I thought it might change to Nexus Life. Glad its still DROID Life. Nice job.

    • Anonymous

      Nice one!

  • This is great, i love how all the changes actually make the site better and dont really screw up anyone’s experience.. good job guys!

  • Anonymous

    Looks great – congrats Kellex!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks! 🙂

  • Austin


  • Chris G

    Suffers from same issues as “updated” google.  white on white on white.  Borders and definitions are ok…

  • Anonymous

    I like the new look. My only complaint is the Featured Posts part. While it’s nice that I can close it, I don’t like that I have to close it every time I refresh the website (which is a lot because I compulsively check for new posts).

    Keep up the good work!

    • Eddie

       yes, it’d be nice if it remembered that you closed it  so we wouldn’t have to close it every time. 

      • Anonymous

        We have talked about building in a remembering tool. Will definitely note it.

        • Kochoa940

          Why PINK? Why? I don’t get it! Pink is feminine! Please explain

        • Anonymous

          Not a fan of the font either.

  • mbf4

    Great site.  Looks like engadget, but less tools commenting

    • Anonymous

      Just wait, they haven’t logged in yet today

    • Anonymous

      There are plenty of tools here.

  • Anonymous

    Yuck, YUck, YUCk, YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Your copying engadget.

    Please return to yesterdays format.

  • babadush

    Great work guys. Looks very professional

  • Love the new look!

  • I do like the new way it looks. The old way was nice as well but this has a much better smooth feel.

  • Nice layout but whats the point?? The world ends in 2012 🙁

  • Cruz Monrreal

    Reminds me a lot of Engadget’s site, but much cleaner.

  • Anonymous

    Very nice and clean and minimalist.

  • Anonymous

    I like the new look. Clean, tons of white and pink. Good choice of web fonts. Great job!

  • Anonymous

    I was very upset last night when the site was down for maintenance…I actually had nightmares.

  • rikster


  • Bigdaddyellison

    Very Pink.  Wow.  My daughters love it.  Seriosuly though, dig the new layout.  Very clean looking.  Nice job!

  • Interstellarmind

    disqus sucks. i have to go back to the main page and then click on the article again to be abel to comment.

    “tip us” on the top right sounds like you want us to tip you money, haha. i would suggest re-labeling it ‘news tips for us” or something.

    would also love having android-life scrolling side by side the droid-life feed.

    keep up the good work, K and team.

  • rjskalet

    looks excellent and clean. i was surprised to see this when i got on droid-life. very well done.

  • How about a greater amount of text in the rss feed?

  • Mctypething

    Epic Fail, takes way too long to load now. Fail

    • Abundis5555

      Ur internet’s slow bro?

    • Bionic

      Loads fine for me

    • Billy Jenkins

      U impatient bro?

    • You jelly? http://imgur.com/gallery/qTgF9

    • Not for me.

    • Anonymous

      Your comment is a fail as well as you as a person who comments.

      • Mctypething

        learn how to write moron

        • Anonymous

          Yeah, okay, Mr. Troll.

          • Anonymous


          • Anonymous

            Yes, but of course.

      • Anonymous

        lol wtf are you trying to say?

    • Anonymous

      Actually I think it really is a downgrade.  Now it seems like a big spam site. I love coming here and so far this morning I am finding it difficult to continue.  Far too much clutter and nonsense.

      Nonsense and clutter is very far from “clean and minimalistic”

      This is pretty rough… Why go backwards?

      • Anonymous

        I think if anything it feels like there is less “clutter” now, but I get where you’re coming from

      • Billy Jenkins

        I sort of agree. Way too many spammers

      • IntlGrizzly

        and by spam you mean what exactly? Please elaborate.

      • I am guessing he is referring to advertisements. While they are not the most fun to look at, it is how these guys make money which allows them to commit more time to the site. I would do the same thing. If you don’t like the advertisements, you can always use an app to pull the feed like google reader..

        • Anonymous

          Not seeing an increase in ads myself.

          On a related note. I wonder if most people realize that adblockers take away the main revenue stream from websites like this?

          • Either way, it’s just a useless argument. The information that you need/want to read is right in front of your face. I don’t have any problems blocking out all the other information.

      • Anonymous

        They have the same amount of ads they had before.  Maybe you’re thinking the pictures are ads, they’re featured articles. 

    • Anonymous

      Stop creating accounts just to like your comment! No one likes your comment but YOU…well, maybe your dog and/or cat.

      • Mctypething

        u mad bro?

        • Anonymous

          Not mad, but slightly angry I gotta admit.

          PLEASE stop yourself from using the lamest troll comment known to man!!

    • Dan

      Did it ever occur to you that you had all the core layout elements of the previous version cached and never had to worry about downloading them?  See how the site loads from this point on.

    • Anonymous

      It’s called new for a reason, always takes time to work out the bugs once somethings live. 

      Oh and u mad bro?

  • Anonymous

    saw the new site late last night.looks like droid-life took a bath lol everything is so much ckeaner and bigger. most importantly,the comments are working now. couldnt view any last night.love the new look guys. fitting well with the rest. yall look like veterans now. 

    • Anonymous

      Yeah sorry about the comment down time. Should all be good for the most part now.

  • LightNfluffy

    What is this? Why does it make me think of puppies and smartphones?

  • Anonymous

    love it

  • Anonymous

    pink never looked so good.

  • Joshua Evans

    Looking good!!!

  • Mattyb65

    Love it!  But the font is just too hard to read.  It is too light of a black (more like a grey) to be used with a white background.  I checked it on two different monitors too.  But maybe it’s just me being cranky.  Keep up the good work.

    • Lunkman!!

      I agree that that font is very tough to read, everything else is great.

      • Lakerzfan80

        You should have used this font I heard if …its called ROBOTO …I heard some small lil internet company is developing it ….lmao u like bro?

  • Hogdawgs


  • exzaybien

    Awesome upgrade, looks good

  • exzaybien

    Awesome upgrade, looks good

  • Bert336

    i love the new look! props for the hard work guys!

  • Its looking great i love it…loves the pink, manlier than ever and no that was no sarcasm

  • Nicholas Conner

    Not bad, I like it.

  • Bjcroteau

    lol and now my comment is gone I think?  Anywho great job guys.

  • Fattie McDoogles

    SEXY! love the new look guys! Best site on the web! I love this place and the people on it!

    • i love you too

      • Fattie McDoogles

        I think we just had a touching moment

      • bad tocuh?

      • John

        i just like your avatar

        • Anonymous

          Your avatar creeps me out

  • Keith Sumner

    First, U glad bros?

    • Bjcroteau

      glad about being first? actually i think that’s the first time I’ve ever been first. lol don’t see the hype of it

    • no…cause you weren’t first. 🙁

  • I like it….but I don’t…….I just don’t like change is all.. Unless I’m getting a SGN on VZW. 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Annnnnd the first Nexus comment :p

      • Anonymous

        Didn’t take long, did it. 😛

        • Of Course not…. Doesn’t everyone else dream of ice cream sandwiches every night??? Maybe that’s just me :p

  • Anonymous


  • Bjcroteau

    Love the way it looks guys.