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Video: DROID RAZR Gets a New Online Rubbing, Boot Animation Included

motorola droid razr

It has been a few weeks since we got our hands on the DROID RAZR and were starting to miss this thin marvel of a machine. Thanks to a fine DL reader though, we have a new video to watch to bring back those NYC memories. While still looking as thin and beautifully designed as ever, we also get a look at the boot animation that may not have been seen by anyone previously. Another quick tour of the UI is included as well, along with the standard 4G LTE speed tests. Enjoy!  

YouTube Preview Image

*Note – And the new site will hopefully be back shortly. A little bug that needs to be worked out before it can handle such a robust community. Thanks for being patient with us. 🙂

  • Pnicuh

    I guess my Droid Bionic is not the “Master of all Droid” it seem -_-

  • Dominick DeVito

    Why do Motorola phones take so damn long to boot up? 55 seconds is stupid.

  • Anonymous

    It looks fantastic, i dont know why but 55 seconds for complete boot! My original Droid booted up. About ten seconds faster!

  • Ahsan

    No Motorola Android phone has ever been released without a long list of bugs. What will make this different? Droid 3 is the soak for the Bionic, and the Bionic is the soak for the RAZR. The RAZR will probably have the exact same software as the Bionic, but with all the bugs fixed.

  • is that a camera button on the side or a lock button ?

  • That does it – I’m loading that boot animation on my Bionic. Bad@$$.

  • Anonymous

    … the European models should have an unlocked bootloader, xda-devs please > ICS and here we go …