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ASUS Transformer Prime Rolls Through FCC

Everyone’s favorite quad-core tablet, the ASUS Transformer Prime just made a pit stop at the FCC. There is always hope that some new juicy info will come with the reports, but there is not much to see this time. We have all seen this tablet, even the dock and know that it is gorgeous. The tablet is 8.9mm thin, can get up to 14.5 hours of battery life, and comes with the assurance that it will receive Ice Cream Sandwich shortly down the road. Buyers can expect to pay a reported $499 at day of release. Launch for the newest generation of the Eee Pad is set for November 9. Excited?

Via: Engadget, FCC

  • Dominick DeVito

    Will be a beast – just hope battery life doesn’t suffer

  • gimlet72

    So excited I have a half chub

  • Anonymous

    I want to know the resolution!!!!

  • J Dub

    I will wait for some reviews to put the battery to the test before I pull the trigger. I also wonder what kinda extra battery life the dock is going to offer. Here to hoping for a Black Friday deal that will pair this with the dock at a good price. I have $550 stashed for a next-gen tablet. 

    Seeing as how source code for ICS probably wont be until the day or the day after the Nexus is released I figure a late December date for ICS on this. 

  • Anonymous

    Ok, I’m ignorant when it comes to tablets, but what would be the main differences between this tablet and saaay, the Galaxy Tab 10?

    • Anonymous

      The look of the device, any skins the manufacturers put over stock honeycomb, speed to upgrade to ICS, and the Transformer Prime is quad core while the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is dual core. You also want to consider screen resolution, weight and thickness, cameras, and RAM, which will probably be very similar on both tablets. 

      • Anonymous

        Quad core?  Holy chet, Just might add this to my X-Mas list

  • Jak_341

    What a great time to be an Android lover. The first true Android device coming on Verizon since the OG Droid. And now a tablet that is worthy of the Android name. What more could we want?

  • jbonics

    The only way I can get it is if I buy it, Tell my girlfriend yeah yeah I know I’m stupid we already have one, And then sell the original Asus. Going to be in the doghouse but it’s worth it .

  • Anonymous

    is the keyboard backlit

  • Lansdownunder


  • Everyday, I check to see if the pre order has open up. Im guaranteeing this will sell out faster than any ipad. 

  • 14.5 hours of battery life, if that’s true, that’s very impressive.

    • EC8CH

      battery life specs… epa mpg estimates… lies I tell you… lies

      • wiz

        I assume this is 14.5 hours with the keyboard accessory? I wonder what it is for the tablet itself…

        • Well the TF1 has about 9 hours of battery life. The tegra 3 is supposed to consume less power than the tegra 3, and when it was announced the CEO of Asus made it sound as if you was talking about the battery life of the tab on its own with out the dock

  • Billy Jenkins

    Would it be ok if I just change this tablet name to the Asus Optimus Prime?

  • Anonymous

    I think Prime suits the Transformer better than it would for the Galaxy/Nexus.

    • EC8CH

      point well made

    • Anonymous

      I actually liked the name “Nexus Prime” better….by alot.

  • Anonymous

    Sigh….looks like Asus has gotten arrogant and pulling an HP, Moto or a Samsung with an overly high launch price.  The original Transformer gave a bitch-slap to the entire industry when it launched earlier this year at $399 for 16GB and $450 for 32GB would have been icing on the cake.  Asus should have held the line on pricing for the Prime, especially as seeing how this thing’s not even going to launch with ICS.  At that price, I’d rather just pick up an original TF and dock.

    $399 with better specs than the iPad2 makes it a winner all day long.  But for $499? The average user will just seek the safe confines of iOS. 

    • I can see your point, but this is a quadcore tablet. We dont know how much other companies are going to price their quadcores. I wont  be shocked if they place it in the 600$ range. 

      Especially if the rummors about the iPad running Lion (or whatever the Mac os is called) on ARM, and we have all heard that Windows 8 tablets will run a fully functional OS. I wont be shocked if those are priced in the $800 range. 

    • trumpet444

      Overly high?… Are you? $499 is awesome. You said better specs than the ipad2… and at the same price, its therefore the better deal. I don’t care what the average user does. The average user won’t be buying it for me or enjoying it for me

      • J Dub

        Yet what is going to happen when the iPad 3 comes out? The original iPad sold like hotcakes at the entry price of $500. Then the much better iPad 2 came out at….$499 and sold like hotcakes. If people are going to spend $500 they will buy the iPad. It’s just too well known. However, those how are wanting a little less price will hit up a $400 Transformer. Later on they can spend the $150 and really up the ante with the dock. They really need to put this at the $400 range and with the dock the $550 range. 

  • nexus on the brain

    Has the Galaxy Nexus made an appearance at the FCC yet?

    • Billy Jenkins

      I heard the Galaxy Nexus was bought by Apple and will be renamed the Iphone 4sg. They have removed 98 % of the features but at least it will have a shiny apple logo on the back.

      • nexus on the brain

        ohhh billy billy billy billy billy billy billy billy…..lets hope not

        • Billy Jenkins

          lol I’m kidding

  • EC8CH

    Gee… wonder who *pple’s gonna sue next?

    When I first saw that sketch I thought it was a i*ad.

  • Does the old dock work with this? Anybody hear anything about that yet?

    • I would doubt it. Because the keyboard dock they docked it with was very very thin, and the tablet is very very thin.

    • JusChilln

      The keyboard from Transformer 2 is compatible with the Transformer 3. So says the sales associate from Best Buy. Take that with a grain of salt…

  • wiz

    $499 is an expected but disappointingly high price point. $399 would ensure they sell like hotcakes.

    • Anonymous

      Kind of hard to justify that when the Transformer 1 is still selling well at $399. When people pay $100 for 16gb more storage Asus could consider it a bargain when you add 2 more proceesor cores for only $100

  • FortitudineVincimus

    This is the tablet for me.

    1 good thing about the Nexus delay is that I will get time to play with this.

    I read 32gb will be $549 at Best Buy

  • Jason Purp


    Oh man.

  • Anonymous

    my precious 

  • I want one of these…BAD!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for stealing the Nexus’ name, dick.

  • It shall be mine. Mhahahahaha