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Tuesday Poll: The One App You Can’t Live Without?


Too hard to decide? Can you come up with just one? And we are ruling out Gmail, Google Maps, the Market, or any other app that is or was at one time native. If the game was on the line and you had one app that was guaranteed to give you victory, what would it be? Can there be just one? When you reach into your pocket, grab your phone and unlock it, what is the app that you almost instantly gravitate towards? An alternate keyboard? A cloud storage service? A 3rd party dialer? Twitter app?

Since we are not allowing you to choose native apps or ones that were once native, you can’t choose the text message app, but you could go with something like ChompSMS for example or another app that powers something native.

Have something in mind? Drop it in the comments below.

The DL choices: Tim went with Swype. Eric went with DropBox. Dan with Pandora. I went with Google Voice because there are far too many phone numbers and phones to keep track of these days.

  • Chris

    Each is limited on its own, but together dropbox and keepass are what allow me to do anything at all. I would never be able to sign in on anything sithout those.
    By the way, Flash and Maps are vanilla (stock) apps and not options for this.

  • garrett

    The new (non-native) google music app that allows syncing with your google music account. I have 0 mp3 files on my phone but i can listen to whatever i want whenever i want

  • Anonymous

    handcent, im pro plus and widget locker.

  • Anonymous

    Gonna have to go with either ADW launcher EX or Rom Toolbox. I just discovered rom toolbox and its a better titanium backup and rom manager combined into 1 app. It has way more uses and is just solid. 

  • Matthew D

    Titanium Backup

  • Anonymous

    Amazon Appstore 🙂 Can’t beat free apps everyday

  • Anonymous

    anyone have a really fun casual game? not the usual angry birds or fruit ninja…

  • XroidX

    Google Navigation

  • g_what

    Just made a Twitter a week ago, and that is my new obsession. I don’t use it so much for posting updates, but for checking news. Tweetdeck.

    Game: Euchre. It’s a fun card game that works online and offline. My friends and I play all the time in real life as well.

  • Rodys Gonzalez


  • Anonymous

    rockplayer for my tablet 
    and poweramp for phone&tab

  • John Mozelewski

    google voice i need free texting after paying 30 a month for data then browser and google maps tie for 2nd

  • Sayitaintso

    cant live with out goggle maps

    • Sayitaintso


  • Manuel Olague


  • Navigation

  • 1manriot

    Me personally, Google maps and my girlfriend says the same. It may be one one of the biggest reasons andoid is better than ios

  • I can live without my phone and everything on it. I don’t need it. =)

  • PattyOMalley

    PowerAMP. It’s probably the best music player on Android, especially with the new 2.0 beta.

  • Harmondrive2

    Rom manager or clockwork mod recovery. nandroid backups have saved me so much its not even funny.

  • Tasker. It does it all and then some.

  • Anonymous

    Google navigation. Free..amazingly accurate..did i meantion free? No more paying hundreds for garmin..tomtom..etc ..crap. 

  • Gooncityfl

    Pulse news reader

  • Kaybeezy


  • KC


  • Big Chris

    SuperUser. Nothing else would work to my liking w/o it

  • Craig

    Glympse. The wife and I use it almost every day.

  • ICS is d ****

    ROM MANAGER of course, it is not a contest.

  • Anonymous

    Launcher Pro Plus with Signal23 themes

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    GO SMS PRO and GO Keyboards

  • Anonymous

    Google Music. I love having a bunch of music waiting for me without having to load it on my phone everyday.

  • Robbie Gerling

    swype.  hit that like button if you agree 😉

  • Tyler

    GoLauncher, its makes me not have to wait 30 seconds for my homescreen to load each time.

  • JC

    Definitely Google Voice.

  • I’d have to say Handcent SMS

    • todd

      I just looked for Handcent and it only shows up as Chinese and Korean, and I speak neither. Any help on finding an English version?

      • Kevin Cox

        Hmm, Good point. I have Handcent installed but just tried to search for it in the market and English didn’t come up. At first I was going to guess maybe you had a crappy phone or an early OS but that’s clearly not it. I don’t know what the deal is.

        • Megan

          They actually took it off the market but i downloaded it offline! just google it!

    • Saint

      Handcent is cool except when you forget to clear out old texts…..then it gets real glitchy real quick!

  • Utsav Shrestha

    I’d say Titanium Backup..

  • Dialer App.  If it couldnt make calls it would just be an iPhone.

  • Adw.launcher EX

  • Rob

    Probably Amazon Appstore because they offer free apps.

    NFL Mobile is pretty damn nice, and Yahoo Fantasy Football as well. Netflix and Spotify come in close too.

  • Friendcaster!

  • Crux_of_the_bizkit


  • Alexander Garcia

    google maps and yelp 🙂

  • Boblevel

    clockworkmod, no root=no fun. 🙂

  • Mdh7

    Too bad this was not a contest, because the app I go to most is the Xscope browser to visit Droid-Life.

  • Anonymous

    so many but i use this one everyday…timeriffic – it lets  me setup profiles so that my phone doesn’t ring while i am at work, and i don’t have to remember to turn my ringer on and off.

  • EdgeSetter

    Google Listen. Gotta have my podcasts to pass the time at work or while driving.

  • Anonymous


  • Dolphin Browser HD, the BOSS.

  • blackknight937

    I can’t live without the bank of America ape I like knowing what I have in the bank I have the short cut on my lock screen Lol I can’t live without widget locker to

  • Twitter for Android!!! Facebook for Android!!! Taskiller!!! Quick Settings!!!