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NGGG Tablet Giveaway #1 – Win a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 from NVIDIA and the Tegra Zone

Welcome to the first November Gobbler Gaming Giveaway (NGGG)! NVIDIA, the Tegra Zone and Droid Life are on a mobile gaming inspired mission to get brand new tablets in the hands of as many of you as we can. Over the next month you will have the opportunity to win 1 of 4 Tegra 2 powered slates (a couple of bonus packs as well) so that you can enjoy some of the console-quality games that have/will be hitting the market over the next few months.

For our first week, we have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 up for grabs. We reviewed this tablet already, but wanted to reiterate the fact that this might be our favorite Android tablet of them all. It’s ultra-slim, weighs practically nothing, and has one of the more vivid and beautifully 10.1″ screens you will see on any mobile device. Plus, with its dual-core processor (Tegra 2), 1GB of RAM and sleek look, it will take you into the future even as we see quad-core tablets around the corner.  

How to enter:

1.  Follow @droid_life and @NVIDIATegra on Twitter.
2.  Tweet the following message:

Who doesn’t love to win free tablets from @droid_life and @NVIDIATegra? http://goo.gl/H25nf #android

3.  In the comments, tell us what your favorite Android game is, right now.

Entry period:

You will have from the time of this posting, through Friday (11/4) at noon (12PM Pacific) to enter.


One winner will be picked randomly on Friday (11/4) at noon and announced shortly thereafter. Since this contest is based around Twitter, the winner will be contacted via Twitter.

Good luck everyone!

*Note – For those that are not fans of Twitter, just know that this will be the only contest of the 4 that will require you to enter via Twitter. Next week and thereafter you will have opportunities through a variety of outlets.

Huge thanks to NVIDIA for hosting the prizes!

  • Drop7 – Insanely addicting and more difficult as you understand the way it works… more and more.

  • I need to winnnn

  • GT Free+ HD

  • Asphalt 6 HD


  • Words With Friends!!!

  • Wordfeud FTW!

  • i love this game we all know: Cut The Rope and Angry Birds!!!!

  • Most likely the best tablet out there. 😉

  • i need this tablet soooo bad…

  • i love cut the rope!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Angry Birds is probably the best android game out there.

  • Aran Miller

    My current favorite game is actually “Cut the rope” I know I am late to the party, but I just started laying it, and I have just been blazing through it, and am really enjoying it. can’t wait to play it on my Galaxy Nexus when it comes out!

  • Angry Birds

  • Angry Birds

  • i love allll games droid-life reviews. amazing site.

  • i seriously hope i win this tablet…..

  • tehziggy

    robot unicorn attack…sooooo addicting

  • Willic24

    I like to play two games actually, Star Legends and Order and Chaos. ROM games are fun as well!!!

  • angry birds (rio, og, seasons) reckless getaway, asphalt 6 hd, reckless racing, cut the rope, sims 3, doodle jump, rocket bunnies!!!!!

  • i feel that this is the best tablet to buy. i need this so bad!!

  • Contract Killer!!!

  • i really want this so bad!!!!!!!!!!!

  • i love to play my racing games like:asphalt 6 hd!! drag racing!! GT Free+ HD Reckless Getaway

  • i just love to play games on my htc thunderbolt for the beautiful screen and fast processing!!!!

  • Morenoc12

    I love robo defense

  • hopefully i can be lucky and win this….

  • i love to play angrybirds, cut the rope, 9mm hd, sims3,

  • i need this tablet so bad!!

  • Drayton

    I like Doodle Mania. It’s addictive and passes the time in between classes.

  • i love to play the best games on my thunderbolt!!!

  • i love angrybirds!!!!!!!!!!

  • i love to play racing games!!!!!

  • i love to play 9MM

  • i need this tablet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • i love cut the rope!!!!

  • i need a tablet!! i love angry birds!

  • i love angry birds!!!!!!!!!!!

  • eD

    I’m old school – still love Pac Man on my Droid 2

  • I was addicted to My Country for quite awhile and now Im reverted back to Cut the Rope

  • Frankydroid


  • robot unicorn attack haha

  • Brad Cleveland

    Stupid Zombies

  • vt43

    Drag Racing Premium – I think I’m the only person that places this

  • Kianjudah

    Easy, PacMan. Why you ask? B/c it’s freakin’ PacMan! 

  • rod pervier

    angry birds

  • Tferrell7368

    Angry Birds

  • Andy Makarevich

    Cut the rope!

  • Lorneshumak

    I love wordfeud.

  • Bigkrygowski

    I have been playing Shadowgun lately. 

  • sparty569

    Been playing a lot of Pool Break Pro lately.

  • Communisum

    I have been diggin ck zombies, halloween feel I guess

  • Erikanderholm

    Addicted to angry birds….I know….I know….

  • J_Godd

    Cut the Rope FTW!

  • angry birds

  • Randy Wilkins

    Cut the Rope

  • Anonymous

    Fave game on Android? Well, actually it was SNESOID. Does that count? Here’s my OG Droiiid playing Donkey Kong, Killer Instinct, Mario World, MK3, etc! XD Only on Android! =D 

    http://youtu.be/sEC81GDf9EA And Yes GSPwner is also me. Check the Profile where it says AKA xFenixKnightx. 

  • Anonymous

    My favorite game has always been Fruit Ninja.

  • kjdroid007

    Angry Birds

  • Michel

    Angry Birds… I can’t stop… still!!!

  • Anonymous

    Current Favorite is ShadowGun

  • Symphony of Eternity is my favorite so far

  • jason

    Playing angry birds

  • C4blimtizle

    ShadowGun is my favorite as of now.

  • Kylebrodeur

    Pigs in Trees is my favorite right now

  • my favorite game right now is BackStab

  • Anonymous

    My favorite game right now would have to be trial x. Epic game.

  • My favorite game on Android has to be Cut the Rope.

  • Scottb277


  • Angry Birds, lol.

  • Shadowgun and Sprinkle are keeping me busy right now.

  • I’m not really a gamer.

  • Angry Birds

  • jokee

    cut the rope

  • Teatvrtkovic

    Brain age

  • Hankahn

    My favorite Android game is Angry Birds

  • Ballisticn8

    Gotta be sentinel 3

  • Worm

    My favorite game right now is Flick Kick Football. I’m going to lose my job if I don’t stop playing this game. Seriously, it’s that bad. Fully addicted

  • I am loving sprinkle on my Lg G2x. I would love to play that game on this tablet.

  • Vsp1140

    Contract killer is the best!!

  • Kenescort

    I would have to say my favorite Android game is Wordfeud. I been dying to try out some new games though, say Shadowgun for example.

  • Rboard3

    I’ve always loved Doodle Jump…

  • Runway500

    Asphalt hd is redonk

  • scottemoz

    Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 for android! easy.

  • NinJump rules

  • Favorite game now is Wind-up Knight…excellent graphics and gameplay

  • Angry Birds

  • Fruit Ninja

  • Hex Defense!

  • JCS

    Greed Corp

  • Nick M.

    7 Little Words

  • My favorite is still Angry Birds!

  • canyptian

    Cut the rope!! Thx DroidLife and Nvidia!

  • Words with Friends…

  • Rsmith0424

    Pokemon Red!

  • i’ve been enjoying muffin knight for a while now

  • Not very exciting but I do love me some Androku

  • Loving Lets Golf 3 HD on Xoom!  On Level 40 with only purchasing $4 in energy points!

  • The one where my phone tries to tell me what it thinks I want to type only to find that I send it anyway… and then the game becomes, explain what I really meant to the girlfriend I don’t really have… anymore.

  • Imjustgen

    Has to be “A Monster Ate My Homework” Simple, fun, and addictive.

  • I love Air Attack HD. Reminds me of the old arcade games I used to play.

  • Anonymous

    Favorite game is Hanging with friends…At the moment. 

  • Sad to admit, but its Angry Birds Rio right now.

  • Kiter86

    I am loving Jelly Wars right now

  • Adam Wiggins

    Not exciting, but Angry Birds.

  • Sad to say, but Angry Birds Rio is probably my favorite game right now.

  • Blanktales

    Im still finding myself playing stupid zombies for some reason lol

  • Cut the Rope 🙂

  • Angry Birds is my favorite game atm.

  • Anonymous

    Angry Birds! 🙂

  • Aaronmweiner

    My favorite game right now is hanging with friends.

  • Right now, my favorite game is Drift Mania. Probably because it was free on Amazon a few days ago.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Dungeon Defenders 2nd Wave

  • Cut the rope.

  • Fruit Ninja has me coming back every time.

  • MineCraft Pocket Edition!

  • chan

    sadly i still really like cut the rope…..

  • Chuck Phillips

    Favorite game right now isnt really for me, but my 3 yr old son. He likes zoodles on my xoom and him and I will sit down and play. Its more of a learning game.

  • Tom Dinh

    Sentinel 3 🙂

  • Birds have ‘jumped the shark.’  Cut the Rope is my current game.

  • go angry birds rio!

  • Flick Golf is amaazziinnngg!

  • Agentorange1985

    Favorite android game… Minecraft on the Xperia Play.  It makes it a lot harder for me to get out of the airport and onto the airplane…

  • Amishboy1337

    Angry birds

  • Favorite Android game is Dragon Fly 🙂

  • Angry birds rio and moon chaser are at the top of the list right now

  • theraskell

    Words with Friends

  • angry birds FTW!

  • Ian Gillespie

    Cut the rope is really fun!

  • Pog-Mo-Thoin

    Cut the Rope

  • My Favorite android game is ShadowGun….. freakn amazing Graphics with game quality!

  • Samvic5

    ANgry Birds

  • My favorite game right now is Super Stickman Golf.  Simple but challenging.  Graphics are also simple but clean and high res.  Plus it’s fun. 😛

  • Dales Droid88

    Drag Racing!

  • Love Those DROIDS

    I guess I’m going to have to go with Angry Birds on this one…

  • My favorite game right now is Trial X

  • Anonymous

    I don’t play games on my phone often and I can’t remember what I used to play back before I had to wipe with Cyanogenmod, but Minecraft: Pocket Edition was the most recent thing I played that actually made me feel like playing it more than once.

  • Anonymous

    Does set CPU, Superuser and Barnicle Tether count as games? If not I’ll go with Angry Birds.

    Also does it matter that my Twitter name is different than my Disquis name? Hope not, I really want to get rid of this Ipad

  • MeatLover

    My favorite android game is and will always be Angry Birds

  • Kevin

    The Birds.. love shooting the birds at the pigs.. lol

  • Shadowgun – the best!

  • Words with Friends, a simple addiction.

  • Kellygh5

    my favorite game is Quell

  • Sdecleene

    Angry Birds

  • mike tyson’s punchout

  • Hanging with friends.

    My twitter account is @Rtoodeetwo.

  • duke nukem

  • Anonymous

    Cut the Rope! That hungry green monster needs some candy now. Bye.

  • Max Sung

    The best game is clearly the ported arcade version of X-Men from Konami

  • Billb1973

    Favorite game is greedy spiders

  • Kamesen

    My favorite game right now is Robotek HD!!!! Luv Droid Life. Thanks NVidia!

  • jtlander

    cut the rope

  • Davros

    Woo Hoo, nearly time to pick a winner

  • Gary Snyder

    Super Stickman

  • Can’t find my comment, so am posting “again”.
    Archmage is my favourite Android game at the moment, with a few Gameloft ones, Knighturn and Gurk2 coming in close second.

  • Johnnybravox


  • i still like angry birds

  • Tiny Bee.

  • My Favororite game right now would have to be destinia Best Android Game out!

  • C C

    OG Droid – favorite game = “will this call work?”

    Can’t wait for the Galaxy Nexus!

  • cakesmaker

    I am hooked on Parallel Kingdom, for now.

  • Angry Birds. I know, I know. I’m ashamed of myself.

  • Jared

    my favorite game is sea empire!

  • my favorite game is retro defense

  • Gotta say Fieldrunners is still keeping me entertained

  • wg kincheloe

    Gotta have me some Duke Nukem 3d. It was my favorite game 15 years ago on PC, and is now my favorite game on Android. Hail to the king, baby!

  • Right now I like Pigs in a tree.  The bacon flys and gets its revenge on some angry birds. LOL

  • Edgar C

    shadowgun is amazing and waiting street fighter 5

  • Wilciws

    My favorite game right now is Cut the Rope. It isn’t terribly hard or anything but it is super cute and my son loves it as well.

  • Anonymous

    my favorite game is Game Dev Story

  • Xiixmmiii


  • Jamison

    Call me old school, but I still dig Angry Birds

  • Anonymous

    Sentinel 3: Homeworld can’t stop playing!!!

  • “try to free up memory on the Droid 1′ addicting.

  • shadowgun and muffin knight

  • Gmb92

    I like Grave Defense HD… And Samsung Tabs!

  • Scott

    Plants vs Zombies, you gotta love zombies

  • HexDefense. Its simple, fun and addictive. The game practically plays itself.

  • Wired0080

    Been playingcut the rope.

  • Dahusstla84

    Correction shadowgun…. my wife loves sprinkle…

  • Dahusstla84

    I love shadowing its the best game on android hands down oh and my wife loves sprinkle she drains my battery playing that lol….

  • Simon Son

    “Cut the Rope”

  • wind-up knight

  • Mike Tarakjian

    Minecraft PE!

  • Dahusstla84

    I love shadowgun its the best game out on android period and my wife loves sprinkle she drains my battery playing that lol….

  • Villasin31

    shadowgun ftw

  • Ben

    Angband. Best game. Ever.

  • A.C.

    Fruit Ninja

  • Gatorsqb05

    still hooked on angry birds

  • Kevinmritech

    Angry birds!!!

  • I like the cat and mouse game of rooting and custom roming 🙂

  • Minecraft is sooooo damned addicting.  Every time I turn around I am trying to build some new tunnel or tower.

  • I gotta say, right now I’m feeling pretty simple.  I’m gonna have to go with minesweeper..

  • Champlification

    Contract Killer

  • Doc_n_progress

    Pocket Legends is the best android game!

  • Fav Android game has to be “Air Attack HD”…Love that Joystick Control.

    No second thoughts.

  • Greedy spiders.  the new crack

  • Fastsnake98

    Right my favorite game is Rock The Vegas sonce I live in Vegas.

  • Shadowgun!

  • Daniel Whitfield


  • Pandabehr

    Best game is shadowgun

  • Mendy Dinsmore

    I like Angry Birds

    mendyd15 at yahoo dot com 

  • Mendy Dinsmore


    mendyd15 at yahoo dot com 

  • Mendy Dinsmore

    Following you both on Following you on Twitter as @mendyd.
    mendyd15 at yahoo dot com

  • jjh2397

    Going with Paper Toss

  • Rydog626

    I play Drift Mania all the time on my INC 2

  • Craig T Nichols


  • [email protected]

    Angry birds

  • Bygalvez

    Angry birds

  • zachdasher

    My favorite game right now is ANGRY BIRDS of course!! That game rocks!

  • rabidturtles359

    Cut the rope. Hands down my favorite game.

  • Cloudsnightmare

    Plants Vs. Zombies, since my phone doesnt have a tegra proc im missing out pretty hardcore on thr tegra-zone. Played a few of the games on my co-workers tablet, pretty good looking stuff.

  • Chris Wilkey

    I’m playing the “when the f*** can I go pick up my Galaxy Nexus?” game!!

    I’m not winning…

  • Tomgillotti

    Currently, I am hooked on the WSOP Texas Hold ’em game. It’s a well polished game that doesn’t require a connection to play (which works for my current location in the world). Lately, however, it has been pissing me off with all the bad beats I’ve been getting. Maybe I’ll not catch a bad beat in this giveaway! 😉 Good luck to all!


  • Doodle Fit is my go-to when I’m taking care of business. 

  • Anonymous

    im all about sentinel 3: homeworld lately…much better game than i thought it was when i first got it

  • Symphony of eternity

  • Tabe

    Fav. game is currently Greedy Spiders

  • Still really enjoying Grave Defense HD.

  • Jawabba

    fav game is cribbage pro

  • Anonymous

    My new favorite game is to Play To Win The Game, I mean Tablet. So far not very good at it.

  • Ckellogg1

    Can’t stop playing trial x

  • Dariusconstancio

    My favorite game..

    Shadow gun…when I win this tablet I will play that for hours on end!!! : D

  • Angry Birds. I know it is lame to say that because Rovio has so sold out and what not – but I’m not hipster enough to lie and pretend that it isn’t true.

  • Angry Birds of course 🙂 I know it is a lame answer, but it is still true.

  • Quette7

    Airport Mania 2

  • Marc Silvia

    My favorite at the moment is definitely My Country.

  • Angry Birds, always!

  • Muffin Knight

  • Reversi is my game of choice at the moment.

  • Jason Sarris

    PacMan! It was the first Android game I downloaded!

  • Mstolz1975

    For the moment flick golf

  • RigWig

    doodle fit

  • Zlichmachine

    Dragon fly

  • hitmandreams

    My favorite game is final fantasy through a playstation emulator…either that or Catan, awesome board game brought to life on my Droid!

  • Lpd0084

    my favorite game right now is Refraction

  • Jsnoffke

    Flick Golf! or Minecraft both amazing…

  • Matthewfinlay04

    Drag racing is the most addictive game yet. Second would he angry birds

  • jazzman97

    Im a big cut the rope fan. Hours at the airport…no worries

  • pd240

    Angry birds!

  • Parrish S

    Greedy Spiders. Awesome

  • Anonymous

    Fruit Ninja! Very addicting.

  • Slewis45014

    My favorite game right now is Star Legends

  • Jeff

    Windup Knight

  • I’m still liking Angry Birds.

  • Lovin’ me some old school Tetris on my Bamf’d T-Bolt

  • I hate to admit it, but I’m currently addicted to Random Mahjong.

  • I’d love to get more into Order and Chaos, but playing that on a phone is kinda hard.

  • MansterRock


  • Trial Xtreme!

  • Plants Vs Zombies – A little late to the game but my new addiction. Wife’s also.

  • Goblueboy


  • NFS Shit!!

  • Favorite Game Right now is Hanging with Friends.   Never gets tiring LOL

  • Aaron Birnbaum

    Bootloop Elimination :p

  • shadowgun and brick breaker

  • Anonymous

    Angry Birds

  • Angry Birds

  • tjriley

    Wind-up Knight!

  • Shadowrunner, or Gun Strike!

  • BoxHeroes

    “unblock me” its the best!

  • Kyle

    Air Attack HD!

  • madden

  • Taphoo :). A very nice logic game written by a colleague of mine.

  • Samurai II

  • Nykyriann

    Favorite game right now is Puzzle Blox.

  • Jdlowesracer

    I m liking Reckless Racing games

  • I’ve played Angry Birds on friends’ phones, but don’t have an Android device of my own.  So, I’ll just say “Angry Birds” and be like everyone else.

  • Lance

    my favortite android game right now is hanging with friends

  • Clark Andrews

    Angry Birds

  • Anonymous

    yoo ninja!

  • ccctran

    Muffin Knight!!

  • angry birds

  • Pintworks

    angry bird!

  • Currently I am enjoying the heck out of shadowgun!  Running it with Chainfire on my Bionic

  • Well I’ve been following both on Twitter for awhile now hoping to win a
    contest.  My favorite Android game right now is not actually a game but
    John NES and SuperGNES lite which allows me to play old school Nintendo
    and Super Nintendo games on my phone.  Repost so my profile links to my twitter

  • Well I’ve been following both on Twitter for awhile now hoping to win a contest.  My favorite Android game right now is not actually a game but John NES and SuperGNES lite which allows me to play old school Nintendo and Super Nintendo games on my phone.  Not sure why my twitter name didn’t update but it’s @FLNiner

  • Dedrick Pouncy

    Riptide GP is my favorite, but I also love Shadowgun!!!

  • Dragon fly is my fav

  • geoffott

    Turbo Granny is good clean fun. 🙂

  • Dan Meyering

    Gotta be Angry Birds

  • Germster

    I still dig angry birds

  • Mitch

    Plants vs zombies!

  • I was skeptical about the hype, but shadowgun has been pretty awesome

  • Anhelax3

    Paradise Island lol 🙂

  • Andy Blystone

    Cut the Rope… perfect balance of puzzling and fun!

  • My favorite android game is AirAttack HD

  • Anonymous

    Hex Defense

  • JGF

    I find myself playing fieldrunners a lot lately. It is a great game.

  • Tom Hall

    Currently it is Trial X

  • Modern Combat is the game I’m playing right now

  • Favorite game is definitely Trial X

  • Jps4you

    Samurai II: Vengeance THD

  • Inotia3! Love my RPGs!

  • Gritchu

    My favorite Android Game at the moment is “Cut the Rope”

  • Andrae Davis

    Ive been playing Drag Racing every chance I get. So addictive

  • star legends is my personal favorite, I play on my droid charge daily….

  • Cut The Rope

  • Frankieb356

    My favorite game is gem spinner 2!!!! Sooooo much fun:)

  • Angry Birds Season……

  • Pls ignore this….commented through Discus login… Commented above with twitter id…
    Angry Birds Season……

    Tweeted [email protected]://twitter.com/#!/contestbaala/status/132110874453352449 */

  • Let’s Golf HD

  • Marc Fletcher

    Minecraft….there is no other choice!

  • Anonymous

    I haven’t played it in months (hoping for an update or part III), but Samurai II: Vengance made me officially fall in love with my Xoom!

  • Josh Neal

    Current favorite game is Cribbage Pro

  • I’ve been playing the newest Angry Birds Seasons lately but usually grow tired of the game pretty quickly.

  • xlinuxtrancex

    Angry birds!!!!

  • chedder72

    Let’s Golf 2!

  • Marcin Kłeczek

    I follow you. My white rabit.

    I love chess. The best game on my android phone is ChessBuddies.

  • the game i play most often is words with friends, but fieldrunners hd is probably the best i’ve played so far.

  • Minecraft – Pocket Edition

  • Houndog

    My favorite game is diffinately Shadowgun.  Graphics are amazing and actually getting into the story.  I love to show my friends this game on the Transformer and hear them ooh and aaah.

  • Jonik Cannon

    Pool Master Pro, great game

  • Sprinkle is my favorite.

  • Karl Tobias

    Cut the Rope.

  • Shadowgun was fun until the update nuked it but i beat it first.  Would love some Modern Combat 3 but noo.  Waiting sux.   Nova 2 on tegra would be nice. Half of the gameloft library would be nice.  Currently completing spiderman on my atrix. Best game on droid so far imo is Inotia3. 

  • metal_legions

    Words with friends.

  • i love the game shadowgun

  • Anonymous

    Angry Birds… 

  • Pam L.

    I like to play virtual villagers

  • Drazoll

    Angry Birds

  • James Friedman

    cut the rope

  • James Friedman

    Please oh please gimme thiiis!

  • Its got to be Contract Killer

  • Ant smasher. i can smash ants alllll day

  • Wired0080

    Been playing some age of zombies. Wanna be playing some shadowgun, tablet would be nice lol

  • Backbreaker Football

  • Angry Birds fan forever and ever 🙂

  • Jimdgarcia

    My favorite game right now is Shadowgun for sure.

  • bblumhof

    Fieldrunners is great, but I still love Robo Defense.  Would enjoy playing it on a new tablet…

  • Braj Nandan Patralekh

    firts person shooters(FPS)

  • Humidity16

    Angry Birds is my favorite Android game.

  • Heather Brown-Smith

    I’m diggin Pocket God right now!

  • Nicole Watkins

    I’m a Minecraft loyalist, so Minecraft Pocket Edition is definitely my favorite right now 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Trying to figure out what’s going to be my new phone

  • Cliche.. But Fruit Ninja THD

  • Anonymous

    Currently addicted to Muffin Knight

  • Daniel Maginnis

    my favorite game right now is townsman 6

  • champoyXD

    Surely it will be shadowgun! it rocks. kickass…

  • donchanau

    Currently playing Parallel kingdom. Itching to play galaxy on fire 2

  • Anonymous

    still plants vs zombies for me

  • Gtrain

    As repetitive as it may be, Fruit Ninja has to be my favorite game on my Droid X.

  • Dbounk

    I can honestly say that I don’t have a favorite android game as I don’t have a tablet and I’m sporting the BB Storm 2…what a disaster of a phone.

  • Hesh.Monster

    Favorite game right now is the impossible game by flukedude

  • Nickcastle

    Fieldrunners HD is awesome, would love to see how it looks on a tablet.

  • Jakub Keller

    My favorite Android game right now is Muffin Knight.

  • Homeeey

    Dragon Fly!

  • Anonymous

    Symphony of Eternity

  • Kwellykwelly

    bejeweled is still my favorite

  • Howdydoodle

    Easy, “Sudoku Free.” So many great games, but Sudoku really never gets old.

  • Gilberto Del Rio

    Big Sport Fishing

  • Gotta love plants vs zombies 🙂

  • fruit ninja 

  • fruit ninja 

  • Davidvndnbrg

    Is Angry Birds an acceptable answer? I swear I’ll start playing more games if I win! Pick me!! Pretty please!

  • Alarm Clock Xtreme- so I can wake up on time to check my daily Droid Life news feed!!!

  • sciontc12212

    My favorite game that I found recently is Cartoon Defense.


  • Alarm Clock Xtreme- so I can wake up on time to check the latest news on Droid Life!!!

  • Bakery Story. Lol

    • MikeyDroid

      Awesome pic!!!

  • angry birds- beacause it is fun and it makes everone happy  play with friends and family!

  • Drag Racing Premium is a cool game to kill time.

  • Jamenlang

    Burn the rope!

  • Anonymous

    plants vs zombies, ohh the satisfaction of killing zombies with corn and butter.

  • drag racing! in game and irl!

  • Fruit Ninja!

  • Anonymous

    Plants vs Zombies

  • Hanging with Friends

  • 7 little words is super addicting.

  • li

    My favorite right now is fruit ninja.  Followed and tweeted: @bigvincec

  • As a 3d artist. I haven’t felt any particular hard pull or even desire to plant myself in the android community as a modeler for hire. There’s something absent within the ecosystem that needs to be taken care of before I feel that android is truly ready for games. A more unified platform via updates might be a start, or maybe more of a centralized community to track achievements and game progress?

  • Bo Reis

    My game of choice lately has been Gem Spinner II. I can’t stop playing it. It would probably be easier on a nice 10.1″ SG Tab display. 

  • atomic bomber. fun game you can play at any time

  • Anonymous

    uhhh angry birds…not really, fruit ninja is pretty legit

  • Paulsg63

    Fruit Ninja

  • Papajon100

    Zenonia 3…for now

  • Anonymous

    I’m back on a Pocket Legends kick, so that’s my fav right now.

  • Shortyz Crosswords

  • 3M4NU31

    My Favorite Game, right now is Barrr!

  • Just

    Angry Birds Rio

  • Hon

    So many great android games to choose from but I would still have to go with Angry Birds Seasons.

  • My current favourite game is Caligo Chaser. Tq!

  • My current favourite game is Caligo Chaser.

  • Plants Vs Zombies

  • Plants Vs Zombies

  • Mike M

    I cant get away from wind up knight right now.

  • POOP_on_YOU

    Dang, I have a twitter account but never use it.  Once I follow both droid life and nvidia, where do I enter the required text?

  • Phil Bedford

    current favorite is fruit ninja, my girl and i battle it out for best
    score. wouldnt mind a tablet to give her for her birthday 😉

  • kodos64

    cut the rope and hex defense

  • Anonymous

    Contract Killer: Zombies – for now…

  • Dice Me Online is my favorite.

  • Noakd8601

    In the spirit of Halloween, I’ll have to go with stupid zombies. Addicting. Kinda like this website.

  • I’d have to say that my current favorite game for Android is “Dragon, fly!” Really simple, yet so addicting.

  • Stuart Clanton

    Jelly defense

  • This may be bad, but I like cut the rope 🙂

  • This would be a nice tablet to own!

  • Jaylundgreen

    My current favorite game is Trials X.

  • Anonymous

    9 Innings: Pro Baseball ftw
    Although I’m a huge fan of ROM flashing & need information about the next FA meeting 🙂

  • N0PPW

    This is going to sound like a cliche,–but–Angry Birds!  🙂

  • Rogueforce

    Angrybirds of course

  • Muffin Knights, its bad cause its makes you crave muffins …. mmmmm muffins

  • iowabowtech

    Still can’t shake Angry Birds

  • Mark Lukowitsky

    Still angry birds

  • As of now, my favorite Android game is Dungeon Defenders: Second Wave. :3
    Very flexible gameplay, quite addicting, best of all, it’s free.

  • Eric Nguyen

    dungeon defenders

  • trial Xtreme 2 HD

  • Samurai II: Vengeance such a fun game! I could name loads but this one gets my highest vote.

  • Peterjon Smith

    not really into games but the one im always playing is word with friends

  • Frnkwlf

    Sentinel 3, love me some tower defense games, and in this you also control a robot!

  • I have been playing the hell out of Random Mahjong Pro

  • Luke

    Airport Mania 2

  • LinuxFiend

    I have an Angry Birds problem…

  • My favorite game is minecraft

  • Bryan Rapp

    Super Stickman Golf

  • Rahilanath

    Muffin Knight is my favorite… it’s so addictive…

  • Edgar

    Duke Nukem 3D right now.

  • Pacpalms

    Drag Racing Premium.     

  • Anonymous

    Peggle fiend!

  • @FaceOfGay



  • Sentinel 3 would be my current game.

  • Right now, Cut the rope.

  • Dw2567

    Contract killer zombies

  • Megan Coriale

    RoboDefense. Fun, low learning curve, challenging.

  • YoungerMan

    Dragon, Fly! Great game that I found out about here.

  • Qsj7

    Angry Birds Seasons!

  • hellomello

    Dragon, Fly!

  • Favorite android game is Pool Break Pro! 

  • Currently, I’m enjoying Metal Rain.

  • Cut the rope <3

  • words with friends

  • Hanging with Friends. Nothing is more fun than playing a word with no vowels and confusing the hell out of your friends lol.

  • Ed6arL

    Fruit Ninja is a classic , can’t beat sharpening ur skills

  • Csking33

    I’m going to have to go with dragon fly!

  • The classic Tetris of course! Since my OG droid can’t run any of the graphic heavy games.

  • Cut the rope! 😛

  • Right now I would have to say Madden is my favorite game. I play it all the time. I’m a PC gamer and since they discontinued Madden after 2008…this satisfies my needs aplenty.

  • my favorite game is cut the rope since my phone can’t handle many of the newer games anymore 🙁

  • FF Tactics on a GBA emulator 😀

  • i like lets golf

  • Jeffsanace

    Duke Nukem 3D

  • Giper54

    Angry birds

  • Brion1

    Cut the rope!

  • Loving Wind-up Knight right now, lots of fun!

  • Anonymous

    I’m definitely still hooked on 9MM.. and yes, I’m the twofourturbo on there that keeps shooting you in the back of the head on multiplayer 😉

  • really liking shadowgun right now

  • Adam Elphick

    I have to say at present its Angry Birds Rio -sad I know!

  • Bigmack0507

    qqloader … I hate blur..Droid 3 for only a little while more

  • Cut the Rope

  • Justin

    robo defense – tower defense.  I need to look for a new game though!

  • Retro Defense!

  • Anonymous

    Unblock Me Free, it just helps me relax. Second to that, Fruit Ninja for some fun.

  • My fav is Majesty – controlling game on small screen is always a trouble and Majesty is about not having to control your units.

  • Anonymous

    «The impossible game» is not so bad.

  • Stefan

    Techno Kitten Adventure

  • Synapticrecord

    Nova 2 HD;-)

  • Anonymous

    Favorite time killer game would be Angry Birdz (yeah with a z so you know I’m cool!)

  • Anonymous

    Lool game is a nice one.

  • Davros

    Still Angry Birds for me

  • Cut the rope

  • Dirkyd3rk

    My fav game is shadowgun!


  • 92slammer



    Duke Nukem 3D!!

  • angry birds! 

  • I like Cut the Rope, so much that I reset it when I complete it and start over!

  • idefiler6

    Fave is Duke Nukem 3d full version. And Angry Birds. What?

  • Yahtz Me

  • Favorite android game is Fruit Ninja

  • Stephen D

    Contract Killer Zombies is my current favorite game. 

  • before I ditched my atrix, my favourite game was Galaxy on Fire II THD. I love space flying stuff, if someone ports freespace to android, it will be the only game I ever need!

  • Charles Arnold

    I go back to drag racing the most i think.

    BTW it seems 3 is required as well but how do you know who i am on twitter? i just fallowed and tweeted but if #3 is required as well how do you link it up to my twitter to know i did?

    Edit: granted my comment name and twitter are the same but still.
    edit2: lol looks like my comments is also linked to my twitter forgot about doing that .. but for people that havent my question stands.

  • Thomas Ashby

    has to be sprinkle

  • Duke Nukem is my new fav!

  • GoatChiMan

    Favorite Android game right now is Words with Friends

  • CivilDroid

    Shadowgun will be my favorite game once I buy it! But until then it is still probably Angry Birds Rio. At least that is what I always play with my boys to keep them occupied for a short bit.

  • favorite game at the moment… cut the rope. hahaha

  • Joeros816

    My favorite Android game is Galaxy on Fire 2

  • Favorite game as of late has been “Muffin Knight”. I really have no idea why, either. It’s just silly fun.

  • I like playing ANGRY BIRDS

  • Stlbryson

    That’s easy, Angry Birds Seasons!

  • Dragon Fly!

  • plants  vs zombies, i hate zombies

  • Cut the rope is so addicting, beat it 100%

  • Jbunch07

    Duke nukem

  • Jbunch07

    Duke nukem

  • Apparatus. Great puzzle game. Now only if my OG Droid had a bigger screen to move the planks… *hint hint*

  • My favorite game right now is likely “Cut the Rope”.  Nice & easy to spend a couple a minutes on at a time.

  • dantunes

    I know its old, but I just got Cut the Rope and I’m addicted

  • Randmthought

    My favorite game is Riptide GP.

  • Wes Roller

    All about the Angry Birds

  • rp30

    I’m pretty partial to Traffic Jam right about now – as I also sit in traffic! It doesn’t count as texting because I’m not technically driving.

  • Arthur

    Current favorite game for Android is Plants vs. Zombies

  • Danny W

    Duke nukem 3d!

  • angry birds

  • Huy

    Muffin Knight!

  • Stickman Golf, total i*hone port that does use the built in buttons correctly but a good game other than that.

  • Kangawoo

    Plants vs Zombiesssss endlesssss

  • Been playing alot of WWF on Android.

  • Jonathan

    Angry Birds Rio

  • Rob rollings

    Wind-Up Knight

  • Armorthane

    Fruit Ninja does it for me!

  • Robo Defense ALL DAY ERR DAY

  • Right now? Naval Clash.

  • collinscars

    I haven’t had much time to play many games on my Droid X, but I do love playing the Flash a Rom game!!  Always trying to break my android!

  • still loving Fruit Ninja

  • Kradair26

    Mt favorite game right now is slot machine b/c you can play it while sitting on the toilet!

  • Alex B

    amazon gave away that dirt bike game trial x. been hooked on it.

  • Angry Birds Rio

  • Hugh Hansen Jr.

    Robo Defense. It’s just that good.

  • Angry Birds!

  • Andrew Knighton

    Favorite game: angry birds!

  • Travp624

    Angry birds still

  • Clayton Schluter

    Since early 2010 its been Fifa 10 soccer. Great game

  • Chris Chacon

    Gotta go with Angry Birds RIO

  • Anonymous


  • Cryptworks

    I have to say right now its a tie, Retor Defense, and Plants vs Zombies

  • Bigtalljim

    Shadowgun is definitely mine ATM..

  • The new Duke Nukem 3D of course!!!

  • Scola6709

    Coin dozer

  • Jasonrmoye

    Air Attack Part 1

  • JJ69Chev

    well the OG isn’t doing so hot so havent been gaming on android 🙁

  • Eric Kramer

    The ROM flashing game is one of my all time favs, but application wise I’ve always been into Robodefense.

  • Whyteboyello1

    FFavorite game lately has to be Plants Vs Zombies. So addicted

  • Fieldrunners

  • currently i am loving any HD tower defense game like sentinel 3

  • currently i am loving any HD tower defense game like sentinel 3

  • Thereddoor719

    “Angry Birds” still have not had enough time lately to go looking for new games. @Broy_1117:twitter 

  • Mudvaynemk

    My favorite android game right now is fieldrunners hd

  • Esegura05

    Paper Toss

  • Drigonometry


  • Has to be plants vs zombies. 

  • Muffin Knight is a fun game! Would like to try the graphics out on the Tab!

  • moosc

    I love the classic Angry Birds. Fun and time consuming

  • Garrick Raigosa

    I’d have to say Plants Vs. Zombies or the Impossible Game for me.

  • Plants VS Zombies.  The one on the amazon appstore by popcap games, not the plants guard VS zombie troop ripoff on the anroid market.

  • Kane Stapler

    Shadowgun! I would love to try it out on a larger screen!

  • Dragon, Fly!

  • Anonymous

    Cut the rope!!

  • Anonymous

    My favorite game, simple as it may be, is Hextacy. 

  • SeanRinVA

    Angry Birds

  • Not for sure but probably Plants vs Zombies

  • Angry Birds!!

  • Alexa White

    Quell is kind of a nice game.

  • fieldrunners hd …

  • Steambirds, but my daughter’s is Cut The Rope!

  • Boom175

    Angry Birds is one heck of a time waster  🙂

  • fieldrunners hd is still my fave

  • Been playing 9MM HD really heavy. Awesome game.

  • Chris_breeden

    Stair dismount …. nuf said…

  • Whiteblazer00


  • Cut the rope

  • dh

    Can’t go wrong with Spirit HD!

  • Sartinger

    Angry Birds is my current favorite.

  • Favorite game on Android has to be Trial Xtreme!

  • “Tetris” play it way to often.

  • Mukul Modi

    Black Pegasus…but MC3 to be

  • Sebastian

    Favorite game: Alchemy

  • Best game is still Fruit Ninja.

  • MC

    Angry Birds.  Yeah, I’m so 2010.

  • Droidmodderx

    Burnthecity my favorite game would look sweet on a new galaxytab!

  • Angry Birds FOR EVER!!!!

  • Tommy Thompson

    “Grave Defense” I am a sucker for tower defense games and zombies!

  • Angry Birds….oldie but a goodie 🙂

  • I keep coming back to ‘Game Dev Story’ by Kairo Soft. It’s just plain addictive.

  • Fruit Ninja – which is sooo much better on a big, bright screen!

  • I would have to side with nova 2

  • Antintyty

    Plants v. Zombies

  • Zapoverde

    Has been and always will be Angry Birds.  Currently it’s Seasons.

  • Luniz7

    My favorite game right now is CKzombie killer from glu!

  • Angry Birds

  •  I have two netbooks that I love and an ipod touch that I use all the time… but I want a tablet, too – but for no good reason. I’m thinking that flash (which my grad school uses for online content) is necessary if I do get a tablet, so android will probably be the way to go if I do get one.

  • Crack the Bootloader is challenging but rewarding in the end

  • Abel Sanchez

    Angry Birds by far; and I don’t think it can be beaten by any other game.

  • amy schlabach

    My favorite game is Jewel Maze

  • baseball superstars

  • Patjohnson23

    My favorite game IS Fruit Ninja!!!

  • Brs608

    Gun brothers!

  • TIM

    My new favorite game is “Hungry MonstRs”I like to the ice cream I’m protecting is the ice cream sandwich for the Galaxy Nexus. ;P

  • Duke Nukem 3D

  • Smokeey

    Tetris DUH

  • Robo Defense

  • Plants Vs Zombies is a great one

  • Awangilyas

    N.O.V.A 2 HD here.

  • Pimple Popper!

  • Wind-up Knight

    fairly addicting for something so simple, frustratingly simple…

  • Ice456789

    Plants vs Zombies

  • Pimple Popper!

  • Pimple Popper!

  • GRave Defense HD

  • Hackja4fun

    Duke nukem

  • Anthony Timoti

    I really like Windup Knight right now

  • Legacystar

    Sentinal 3 is my favorite game right now. Queen level is killing me!

  • Mike hock

    Dukkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkke nukem 3D ! LoL

  • Random Mahjongg has been keeping my attention lately. Its fun and relaxing but even on my thunderbolt it gets hard to tap on the right tile. 

  • Minecraft <3

  • Sadly, its Bubble Buster.  I just keep coming back to it. 

  • Minecraft PE, best game on android… I just cant get enough

  • Right now, I’d say my favorite Android Game is Cut the Rope.

  • Favorite Android game? Why, Minecraft Mobile Edition is by far the best game for Android! 🙂

  • I love Fruit Ninja THD.

  • My OG droid feels like it is going to start a fire when playing games so i don’t play them on there. 

  • Jeremey Rodriguez

    NFS Shift.

  • Chris Jones

    Fruit Ninja is very addicting, but sadly I spend more time on Words with Friends.

  • Drew66

    My favorite game is wordsmith

  • Angry Bird Seasons. No Doubt. I play that shit all day.

  • cut the rope!

  • Sparbowl

    “Lock ‘n’ Roll” PRO

    Maybe no one else’s favorite right now, but I’ve been playing it a lot lately…

  • Spinal03

    Duke Nukem 3D

  • Hanging with Friends is the game I am currently playing the most, but that could likely change with a brand new tablet like the Galaxy Tab 10.1!

  • EmoMorales

    Words (with Friends)

  • Cut the rope!

  • Jlv2k5

    angry birds!

  • greedy spiders is my fav right now

  • David Hollinger

    I can’t get enough of “Game Dev Story”

  • Rick Sateren

    Stupid Zombies.

  • angry birds all the way

  • andQlimax

    Angry Birds

  • I’d have to say that my favorite android game is 9mm right now.

  • Geraldoduran64


  • My current favorite game on Android is Grave Defense.

  • My favorite droid game right now is Plants vs Zombies!! Perfect for all those zombies still left from Halloween!

  • Doodle Jump

  • My favorite game is either Hex Defense or Pew Pew2!

  • Words with Friends

  • Anonymous

    Words with Friends!

  • Egut125

    Im a cut the rope fan personally

  • Anonymous

    Fruit Ninja is my favorite!

  • WalkingDead

    I like cut the rope and I still love fruit ninja, me, my son and girlfriend sometimes play it on kinect for 360 when we want to sweat and flail about

  • Wes

    Angry Birds!!

  • Thesmith7

    Duke Nukem 3D

  • Jon197

    always been a fan of cut the rope, but im currently on wind up knight!!!

  • I’m loving shadowgun on my atrix!

  • Lilottcrap


  • My favorite game is called “CM7 nightly update time”

  • Shadowgun is awesome!!

  • lungzb

    My favorite Android Game is Duke Nukem 3D…I know it just came out but I have always been a huge fan!

  • Erwin Schippers

    The best of The best Angry Birds

  • Shadowguns

  • NP

    Hanging with Friends….and losing

  • By favorite game by far is shadow gun i am stuck on level 7

  • Anonymous

    X Construction

  • Anonymous

    Drag Racing haha I can’t stop!

  • bluntz401

    pba bowling lol

  • ernstkruger

    Shadowgun, especially with the PS3 controller hooked up.

  • Spc Hicks09

    I like to play the game “can I flash this without bricking my phone” game. It gets very intense and nail biting!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Cut the rope!!! So addictive!

  • Kris Ray

    ShadowGun FTW!

  • Sadly, I haven’t done much gaming on my OG Droid, but if I had to pick a game at this point it’s probably Angry Birds.

  • Words with Friends

  • Fruit Ninja is the best game ever made 🙂

  •  Alchemy still my fav!

  • I like Hex Defense! Although my phone gets really hot at higher levels.

  • bigmakoy

    I’m currently enjoying Guerilla Bob THD!

  • So far Drag Racing is my fav, but I still need to try some more games before declaring a fav.  Lame answer, I know…

  • Anonymous

     Mortal Skies

  • Anonymous

    Fruit Ninja is fun.

  • Abendx

    Hmm…. I don’t play games…. but Angry Birsd was fun./

  • B. Mus

    Recently started playing Muffin Knight. Super fun.

  • Chesspresso, hands down is my favorite Android game. It lets me play chess over the internet, which to my knowledge is the only game that does that when it comes to chess play.

  • Steve H.

    Apparatus is my fav.

  • Kilo

    Wind up knight

  • louie

    all angry birds and cut the rope

  • keeping it simple: Original Angry Birds

  • Cut the Rope

  • Anonymous

    My favorite game at the moment is definitely Radiant HD. Love that game!

  • Anonymous

    i wish i had something unique and/or underground-esque to say, but it’s the original angry birds…it’s always been angry birds.

  • Araldo

    right now plants vs zombies is my favorite android game

  • Cut the rope!

  • I’m loving Dungeon Defenders: Second Wave

  • Im lovin

  • Michael Smith

    My fav is fruit ninja

  • Robert Santiago

    I know it’s lame but I’m still rocking with angry birds

  • cut the rope is the best

  • Wolfman7207

    Definetly liking Shadowgun

  • Jimplunkett3

    Star Trader.   Old school, but chews up a lot of “in between” time

  • Albion441

    Chuzzle Rocks!  They look like Tribbles….

  • Anonymous

    Kind of cliche maybe but I like Angry Birds!

  • I enjoy playing some PvZ on my tablet as well as some classic SNES RPG’s.

  • ramifications

    R-Type hands down!

    Thanks DL

  • Anonymous

    fruit ninja on the touchpad

  • Wes

    Definately angry birds!!

  • Fruit Ninja for the win!

  • Blackknight937

    my fav game right now is madden 12 even know the run game doesn’t work its still pretty fun to play and pass some time

  • Paulishuku

    Angry Birds

  • Ken Martin

    Sentinel 3. Simple tower defense, but great graphics.

  • Cut the Rope

  • The game is chance, and the options are, preorder the Nexus, preorder the HTC Rezound,preorder the Moto Razr, or flash a new rom and hope for the best on your D1

  • MintFlava

    My favorite game has always been Fruit Ninja(: It is so much fun.

  • ArchEval

    I’m a Cut the Rope fan

  • Actually I change my vote for favorite game. I got VVVVVV working on my phone the other day, so I’ll go with that.

  • Duke Nukem 3D

  • Plants vs Zombies

  • Happy Vikings!

  • Anonymous

    currently “coin drop”

  • My game of choice these days has been Wind-Up Knight. Frustrating fun.

  • Drag racing. thanks

  • Angry Birds

  • Niall Stallion

    X-Plane 9 is more a simulator than a game, but as a pilot I definitely play this the most.

  • Still loving Angry Birds.

  • Chris Dyer

    I can’t stop playing GRave Defense HD!

  • N64oid!

  • Guns n Glory!! Who doesn’t love being a gun toting desperado

  • Death worm

  • db

    I am enjoying Airport Mania right now… hope they make a HD version for when I win this tablet 😛

  • db

    I am enjoying Airport Mania right now… hope they make a HD version for when I win this tablet 😛

  • Clemsonchris

    Alchemy ftw

  • TapOut always keeps me coming back! Those puzzles are really fun and get pretty difficult. Fun to go back and complete the easy ones again to re-gain your confidence.  🙂

  • Angry Birds is my fave.

  • My new favorite game is Apparatus.

  • JetCarStunts

  • angry birds of course………

  • Angry Birds Rio

  • Dust

    My favorite android game is madden 2012.

  • My favorite game is sill Angry Birds just because i still havent beat it and it still makes me ANGRY lol

  • It’s STILL Homerun Battle 3D.  I play other games, but I always come back to that.

  • Hardin71

    My favorite has to be Angry Birds

  • Archipelago is a pretty good game. Best strategy game you can just pick up and do a quick round or 3 when ever you want.

  • 426Trooper

    My Favorite game is:


  • beelow319

    angry birds seasons and regular, not rio.

  • Cothek King


    Good stuff.

  • James

    Angry Birds Rio

    Tweeted @88k8y

  • wckruz

    Also love Air Attack

  • Anonymous

    My favorite game is I Must Run….

  • My fave is Jewel Blaster, but that’s mainly cuz I have the 2nd highest score ever. : )
    I’m working on getting that 1st place back.

  • Right now, it’s Dragon, Fly! . Simple yet addictive little game. 

    @grajasekar on twitter. 

  • Andrew Vanderwall

    Hmm, well my favorite Android game right now is showing all of my i*hone friends how much better android is. Nothing is more entertaining than showing them what they CAN’T do!

  • rkrjr


  • kcamsdog

    Angry Birds

  • Anonymous

    My favorite game at the moment has got to be Peggle.

  • Xruffneck

    My fav game iz drag racing

  • Tuffgong


  • Anonymous

    Angry birds Rio 🙂

    my twitter id:


  • Nightdragon70

    Have to be either the eternal time waster Angry Birds, or the new Wind-up Knight

  • D70


  • Anonymous

    I’m playing a lot of wordfeud these days.

  • Need For Speed Shift

  • Anonymous

    Hex Defense for me right now…

  • I would have to say mine right now is Tank Recon 3D. Just because that is the one I seem to be playing the most 

  • Phlip32

    Right now Bouncy Mouse is eating up all my free time. You know, when I should be administrating a network or something “important.”

  • GoNoles

    My favorite game right now is Cut the Rope. Can’t get enough.   @BDavis81:twitter

  • Brian

    Angry Birds, until I found Trial X!! I have been loving that game!

  • Delsolracing

    RoboTek has been my favorite the last couple of weeks

  • Angry Bird of course ))
    Followed and tweeted http://twitter.com/#!/bilbo_x/status/131748143502082048

  • Anonymous

    Cut the Rope, since I can play for 3 minutes at a time,.

  • Buca – a great time waster and it’s free!

  • Lordchaz

    Still Angry Birds, second place is a toss up between pigs in trees and grave defense HD

  • Daniel James

    My most recent addiction is “Wind-up Knight.” It has gorgeous graphics and really smooth gameplay. It’s fairly new too. Motorola Xoom. 

  • Uno is my favorite game. Why? I was a child in America, thats why.

  • Leonard Gonzalez

    Plants vs Zombies is my favorite game right now, i’d like an update with new levels or a sequel 

  • cut the rope

  • Blaznatlboi

    i still like battlehearts

  • Blaznatlboi

    i still love battle heart

  • I like “Unblock Me”… it takes some real problem solving skills

  • Hugo_boss_lives

    shadow gun

  • JSGolf

    Order and Chaos Online

  • I’m using android mobile! and i love to play Angry Birds! [ i almost completed all level 🙂 ]

    Thanks for the awesome #giveaway 🙂

  • Posaune76

    It’s still Flight Control. [email protected]:twitter 

  • guest

    My favourite game now is Airport Mania 2

  • Burn The City.

    I’m a violent, not angry, bird 🙁

  • Plants vs Zombies

  • Duke Nukem!

  • Anonymous

    I like Solitaire 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Cut the rope!

  • trial Xtreme!

  • Yanal Yousef

    “Greedy Spiders” – Frustratingly fun.

  • Anonymous

    “fix the brick”- the best game i’ve ever played since i stopped reading instructions before flashing roms on my desire =D

  • I’ve been playing Trial X a lot recently…

  • love some flick golf, could play that all night!! 

  • Anonymous

    Plants vs. Zombies

  • Gregory

    I’m still a big fan of angry birds!

  • i love gun bros

  • My favorite game right now is: Backbreaker.

    Find me on Twitter @kevincburns:twitter

  • Anonymous

    Right now its Zombie Farm.

  • NOVA 2 and Angry Birds Seasons

  • words with friends all the way!

  • garymrobb

    gotta love drag racing

  • @lwinch2006

    Certainly “Angry birds”, most awesom game at the Market.

  • Anonymous

    Konas Crate

  • I like Cut The Rope

  • Danp224

    Angry Birds, still.

  • Peggle all day keeps the day going.. also adden and now DUke Nukem.. Just need something bigger.. hint hint wink wink.. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Gun bros

  • griffon_rider

    Kinda digging Cut the Rope at the moment…makes my brain hurt

  • Just_hot_graham

    My current favorite is Game Dev Story, though this seems to change daily.

  • Phone customization.

  • Robo Defense!

  • I gotta go with Cut the Rope! That game is addicting like Angry birds, but i enjoy it a lot more!

  • Abalsor

    words with friends all day with my wife… 

  • Favorite game has to be Trial X…

  • Fierogt5spd

    Cut the Rope

  • I am a big fan of the foursquare game. I hope to check in to this prize. O_o

  • Rodhartwig

    My favorite Android game is Operation Win All The Contests. It’s a fun game and so easy.

  • Syco54645

    Just recently got back into robodefense.

  • i am a big plants vs zombies fan.

  • Ari Freshman

    My favorite game right now is Gem Spinner II. I’ve gotten into match 3 games of late and this one is really addicting.

  • Move the box!

  • Travis


  • GT500_Grad

    I’m guilty of being a flashaholic.

  • Trial X is addictive

  • Blueliner19


  • donchanau

    Right now its parallel kingdom, but I’ve been dying to play galaxy on fire 2.

  • A Boltyan

    Angry Birds, all versions are awesome!

  • Porsha1love

    Prize Claw is my favorite android game.

  • Maizekid

    Angry birds

  • Thouse42


  • Pda net !

  • guest

    robo defense

  • Antonio Bonner

    if I win this, maybe it will change my opinion of Samsung devices.

  • Cut the Rope! 🙂

  • 9mm for me

  • Joshuarossi

    HDGunner is a really fun game….worth the $$$

  • Cory025

    burn the city

  • My favorite Android game is Airport Mania 2.  I’m hooked!

  • John Jablonski

    ATM, Grave Defense HD.

  • Hard to decide – Freerunners HD were favorite for long time but now Legends of Montezuma 2 are best.

  • Muffin Knight is killin all sorts of my time

  • cut the rope…. also plants vs zombies in a close second…

  • My game is Baseball Superstar

  • Adam Serfling

    Angry Birds

  • Noah Flowers

    honestly Game Dev Story is such a time drain for me, definitely worth the paid version

  • Ace87

    robo defense

  • Favorite game on the Android Market, gotta be Hanging With Friends. Yeah, its cliche and on iOS first, but its still great fun!

  • Cut the Rope and Trial X

  • I just cant get enough of them angry birds 🙂 

  • Cut the Rope and Trial X

  • Anonymous

     Sentinel 3 is my new time waster… The wife hates it because I only have one more wave. haha.

  • AliK

    Angry Birds … 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Angry birds and hanging with friends are what I play.

  • 1loudls

    does spelling count? i got auto incorrected about 7 times.

    oh yea, Pandora.

  • Anonymous

    Loving fruit ninja.

  • Richard Miller

    Right now, I think I’ve been playing a lot of The Settlers.

  • I’m digging Magic Defenders HD. 

  • Anonymous

    Favorite game right now is Third Blade.  Still loving it!!! #oldiebutgoodie

  • jat07

    Paper Toss. Oddly addicting. 

  • Scott

    Cut the rope

  • AdrianR1189

    I’ve been playing checkers lately.

  • Florynce

    Right now my favorite game is PVZ, but I still play Fieldrunners quite a bit.

  • My favorite game right now is actually Wordfeud (even got the paid version). My girlfriend is 3000 miles away for the next 2 months so we pass the time playing the game and chatting over it instead of just texting. Gotta love a game you can pick up for 2 minutes here and there and put down right away without screwing up the game. That’s the perfect mobile game design.

  • waveGuide3e8

    Right now, at this very second, my favorite Android game is Fruit Ninja THD. The only problem is I have to go to Best Buy and their tablet area in order to play it 😛

  • Jryanpe

    plants vs. zombies

  • IJustTwooted

    The classic birds

  • Marcel Harding

    cut the rope, of course. wish it would update more often

  • Angry Birds…..The original.

  • Words With Friends

  • favorite game is Orbital Defender, super hard and wont quite run well on my OG Droid, but when i get the tablet it will be the first game installed !

  • Rp780

    Angry Birds

  • I’m currently loving Wind-up Knight, and I’d love to play it on a 10.1 inch screen! 😀

  • dragon, go!

  • BigDoctorB

    The impossible game!

  • “Robo Defense”

    First app I ever bought, and still one of the best.

  • Fromo

    Still playing Angry Birds Seasons.

  • Corey

    I can’t seem to stop playing Lane Splitter. Simple yet addictive.

  • I still love “Gem Miner: Dig Deep”

  • Tung Dang

    Cut the Rope! I like it more than Angrybird

  • Tung Dang

    Cut the Rope! I like it more than Angrybird

  • I guess I enjoy angry birds… mostly on iOS 5 though…

  • Ronald Sederio

    Greedy Spiders!!!

  • Right now my favorite would be Angry Birds

  • cantuckee

    Konas crate….i get so pissed off i had to buy an otterbox for when i throw my tbolt across the roomin rage…forgot my disqus password sorry im not logged in

  • Kurt Edens

    I have been hooked on Great Little War Game as of late.

  • Duke Nukem 3D

  • Anonymous

    Cut the rope

  • jwilson79

    I am still playing Trial X, very addicting game.

  • Anonymous

    Minecraft Pocket Editon

  • Anonymous

    Game Dev Story. So addicting.

  • Angry Birds. While games come and go on my phone, that’s a required staple!

  • Tommyboy585

    My favorite game right now is Symphony of Eternity

    • matthew

      I will second that one. The writing has some bad/boring dialog. But, I really like the mechanics of the game.

  • Anonymous

    Cut the rope and words with friends!

  • Uncannyzebra

    My favorite android game is 4 player reactor.

  • Samurai 2

  • Benjamin Choi

    my favorite game right now has to be airport mania 2. i got it free from amazon’s free app of the day a while ago and haven’t been able to put it down.

  • My favorite game is Cut the Rope when it actually works properly on my OG Droid and not force closes. 

  • Wheres my Water?! Is my android addicting game of the moment!

  • My favorite game is trying to win a free tablet. Unfortunately, I still haven’t won yet.

  • Brhogfan77

    Love me some Cut the Rope

  • garrett

    i know its kind of old, but i just rediscovered fruit ninja, definitely my favorite right now

  • Lovin the Wind-Up Knight action I got going now! Thank you XDA, now I want to see how awesome the games are on a Tegra device!

  • Minecraft, definitely 

  • Angry Birds Seasons!

  • Hanging with friends is pretty addictive….

  • Tascanlo

    is that even a question? angry birds duh

  • Mac Reichelt

    Minecraft: Pocket Edition

  • Asan2065

    Angry Birds of course!

  • Tesseract 3

    Stupid Zombies. 

  • Angry Birds Seasons and Cut the Rope right now.

  • UMMM, Can I please have the tablet?  

  • Angry Birds

  • Dev Game Story at the moment. I can’t seem to win game of the year.

  • Anonymous

    Cut the Rope. Would like to play some Tegra 2 games though. 😀

  • craftbrewcast

    Jewels, yep simple but still a fav.

  • Duke Nukem! You can never go wrong with an old school classic 🙂 

  • christinejump

    Sight Read is my game de jour.

  • UNC Undergrad


  • Right now ive been playing a lot of zombie road and star legends.

  • inportlandOR

    Words Free, hands down favorite.

  • casino ace

  • Cut the rope. Woohoooo

  • Favorite Game Currently:  Retro Defense

  • plasmoidia

    Angry Birds

  • freshicet

    angry birds 

  • dinc_fan

    Thanks guys for always having the best giveaways! Been trying to win some tegra love all summer. My current favorite game is drunk man, hours of entertainment.

  • Anonymous

    cut the rope 

  • Jaredjessop


  • Favorite Android game right now would have to be Gun Bros

  • Derickmc84

    My favorite android game is still Hex defense. The game never gets old and is by far the best defense game in the android market!

  • Angry Birds Seasons

  • x-construction is still my face game cuz i like to build things

  • My favorite game right now is Angry Birds Rio, but I also like Switch and Tank Hero.

  • Rbozarth1

    Angry birds baby!!

  • About the only game that I play anymore is words with friends.  My OG Droid barely runs anything these days.

  • Jelly Wars

  • Morpheus282

    I’ll have to say Pigs in Trees.

  • Dwjr82

    Right now I’m playing Trail X,  Best bike game ive played 3D is awesome.  Now can I have please have the tab. Thanks.

  • fruit ninja all the way!

  • I am enjoying Gem Spinner 2. Addictive.

  • Anonymous

    GRave Defense HD

  • Mason Mathews

    PAPI JUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Derek Willers

    My favorite Android game is Shortyz Crosswords. Out of all the games, this is the one I play the most and have had the longest.

  • Rob

    Fruit Nina. Great game

  • Favorite game would have to be Dragon, Fly! Simple, easy and can help pass the time when your “sitting” in the lavatory. 

  • Anonymous

    Angry Birds…is there another game?

  • wind up knight is my new favorite 🙂

  • wind up knight is my new favorite 🙂

  • Blomgren23

    I like angry birds

  • Sprinkle!

  • Ibike2much

    Robo Defense

  • FC

    My favorite game is Asphalt 6. I would like to try Tegra Games but I dont have an NVIDIA device, yet:)

  • My favorite game on my phone would probably be Backbreaker Football!

  • Still addicted to Angry Birds (sad I know) 😛

  • Wyveryx

    I know it’s sad, but I like Let’s Golf 2. Though I still needs a daily fix of Birds, but coming in at third place is Trial X….So many to have fun with, but right now it’s Let’s Golf 2.

  • My favorite game by far is Cut the Rope. The combination of strategy and speed keeps me coming back time after time.

  • Andrew

    angry birds 🙂

  • I enjoyed fruit ninja but I ended up beating it too quickly still fun and addicting though.

  • angry birds ftw

  • Still like angry birds for the times I do game.

  • merle M

    I like Air traffic

  • Cut The Rope, until something new peaks my interest.

  • Phoenix_Michael

    I can’t get enough FIFA. For a quick fix, I like Trial X.

  • Love Order and Chaos

  • rmins


  • Favorite game for me is because of my military background : ARMA II: Firing Range 

  • “Burn the city” – like angry birds, but with dinosaurs shooting fireballs 🙂 

  • Love Tetris!

  • Bradley Albert Nemitz

    I just got hooked on Quell last night. Costs a dollar, but it’s one of few that are worth it.  It’s a very well made, very fun game.

  • Ouzowuzo

    My favorite android game “Right now” is cut the rope. Quick and painless, tons of fun!

  • Jvsoldi

    Peggle is like crack no matter how hard i try I can’t quit it

  • Jaboogie

    angry birds

  • Muffin Knight is currently getting a lot of play around the house, but I’m lousy at it!  I prefer Angry Birds Seasons. 🙂

  • Dyaktus

    Duke Nuke 3D all the way

  • Flawless

    Cut The Rope!

  • Darthsnuggie

    I’m waiting for a Tegra2 device to play games on…

  • Will

    Cut the rope forever.

  • Willie


  • Sean

    angry birds.  i mean, clearly.

  • I know it’s nothing new, but Cut the Rope is aweomse!

  • OneOfaKindDPC

    Flick Golf!

  • Battlefield 3..

  • I’m been waiting for the right device to move to Android-and it looks like it will be the GN. A tablet would be icing on the cake. Angry Birds is silly, but fun, and I look forward to playing on one of my own 🙂

  • Semple. Words with Friends. How else could I boost aboot my speeling prowess? 

  • Shulsey8

    Right now, I’m stuck on Tank Hero

  • Simple. Words with Friends.

    How else could boast aboot my speeling prowess?

  • Kurtis Schlepp


    PewPew is my favorite game…

  • David Ward

    Madden NFL 12

  • Galpdawg

    hanging with friends.  addicting

  • Anonymous

    My favorite game right now is Shadowguns. This is seriously awesome. It really shows what the Tegra 2 is capable of. I love me some shooters and this is just awesome! @F150Fan80 

  • Rezalution

    Fruit Ninja

  • oddball

    Age of Zombies at least right now

  • Anonymous

    Hotel Mogul

  • DJ

    Favorite is hands down, modern combat. It’s nothing like my experiences in Iraq. But it’s still loads of fun lol. Good Luck everyone.

  • Eric Wilborn

    I’m still a fan of the classic Angry Birds

  • TheRedBull

    Plants vs. Zombies is one of my all time favorites. That and any of the Angry Birds…too addicting!

  • Geovanny Vento

    My fave game is fieldrunners

  • Freddy Morales

    I am playing gamebio

  • Flashing new roms is the best game there is

  • Backbreaker football!

  • Shane Girodat

    Not many of the new games run well on my OG Droid, but I would have to say Gun Bros. is one of my faves.

  • Negativerxn

    Right now I’m liking Diversion and Alchemy. Alchemy seems like it could go on forever.

  • My favorite Android game right now is Madden NFL 12

  • My favorite android game is CONTRACT KILLER: ZOMBIES

  • I love Order and Chaos


  • I was addicted to Cut the Rope, but now that I’ve beaten it I would have to say one that’s a little off the wall… Air Traffic Controller. It’s design is simple, but it’s hard and fun to play. What can I say, I’m an airplane nerd

  • Anonymous

    Favorite game for now BY FAR, Shadowgun!

  • Flipapotimus

    Shadowgun on my toshiba thrive

  • Anonymous

    My question is if I’m already [email protected][email protected] that count?

  • Mark B


  • longtimereader


  • Flight Director. Still.

  • sean

    I like dungeon hunter 2. I would like it better if it got past the loading screen on my d3

  • allison witmer

    plants vs zombies

  • Anonymous

    Duke Nukem

    “Shake it baby”

  • Divine1sf

    Fruit ninja

  • Anonymous

    My favorite android game right now has to be Outbreak! Zombie Apocalypse, BEST GAME EVAR!

  • Currently enjoying the new Duke Nukem, but fav would still have to be Refraction. Just find myself losing track of time too much when playing it when I am suppose to be doing productive things like work at my job.

  • Anonymous

    Cut the Rope

  • Anonymous

    Robotek if I have a few moments to kill and any of the Zenonia games if I’m at work and have alot of down time.

  • This week, my favorite is Meteor Blitz (I love Astroids style games. Some of my past favorites are: Pew Pew 2 and Tilt Arena). Unfortunately, I have the original Galaxy Tab and it doesn’t run more robust games all that well. This Tegra powered 10.1 tablet would be a great upgrade 🙂

  • Sven Enterlein

    Cut the rope is definitely awesome but I also purchased Duke Nukem 3D today. Just have to play it 😀

  • Neil McGee

    cut the rope!

  • cut the rope

  • Theeohiostate6

    Virtual city

  • teapotdome

    hex defense. grrrrrr

  • Hockey puck55

    I cannot stop playing Plants vs. Zombies!

  • Dabdallah745

    Cut the Rope

  • @dapinkslip

    My favorite android game right now is Words WIth Friends.

  • Ahowe125

    Drag Racing!!! on my phone anyway, I would love this tablet and would defiantly have Duke Nukem 3d on it, All levels. lol

  • Gowchy_Poo

    Gun Bros!

  • Robo Defense is my favorite, old, I know.

  • Adam

    So far my favorite Android game is Symphony of Eternity great 15+ hour game for only $2.99!!!!

  • Zenocide17

    Been playing Plants V Zombies a ton lately! Next game I’ll get is BattleHeart (and can hopefully play it on a tablet 😉 )

  • Angry Birds Rio

  • 10lbmustache

    Have to say I can’t put down Nelly Wars right now.

    • 10lbmustache

      By “Nelly” I mean “Jelly”

  • I’ve only droid phone to work with, so Angry Birds is about my limit on that tiny screen.

  • Anonymous

    Wordfeud. It’s the only game, I play every single day. Username: paulternate

  • dragon fly would have to be my favorite game

  • Fruit Ninja is my current favorite. I saw my eighteen month old nephew playing it the other day which should tell me something about my mentality.

  • 0mie

    I’d have to say Shadowgun for sure 🙂

  • Need For Speed! Old game, but never too old for me! Even though EA Games screwed us over with the .99 cent deal…

  • Matthew Dye

    Have to agree with the ROM game. Though the boss level of “figure out what the hell is up with my battery life” is harder than Contra without the code!

  • Ibeluckyru

    Loving gun brothers and pocket legends right now…. thx

  • Je56751

    Cut the rope

  • CGull

    Angry Birds!

  • Dungeon Defenders

  • Ryan Hamilton

    Cut the rope was easily my favorite for the past month!

  • Anonymous

    Right now I’m hooked on let’s golf 3 hd!

  • Angry Birds

  • Shortyz crosswords… i’m boring………

  • Anonymous

    I like my odds!

  • Cut the Rope is still my favorite game. Simple and addictive.

  • Roy Redman

    I really love Scrambled Net!! Its a simple idea but most importantly, it makes you think constantly and I like to think alot XD

  • Justin

    Angry Birds and its variations (mostly Angry Birds Seasons at the moment).

  • Cut the Rope!

  • Favorite game right now is Shadowgun.

  • Shadowgun =]

  • cant get enough plants vs. zombies

  • Jdweav77

    GRave Defense HD

  • You should pick me, because it’s probably going to be another year until I get a new phone due to my contract. Being stuck with a year-old Blackberry that constantly freezes is miserable to say the least.

  • Anonymous

    plants vs zombies

  • Right now, I’m still stuck on Need For Speed Shift =)

  • My favorite game is Reckless Getaway. I love crashing into stuff for points 😀

  • Currently Pocket legends!!

  • Mlarson6

    Favorite game ever is the gameBoid emulator…which lets u play 1000s of games!

  • Gregory Egbuogu

    Flick Soccer!

  • Sheabus

    My flavorite game right now is Cut The Rope!

  • Scottcovlet

    Word Feud is the best game ever!

  • Cut the rope is my fav…have all 3 stars on all the levels on the first 3 boxes so far!

  • Baseball Superstars 2 by gamevil

  • johnlite

    The impossible game

  • Nicknitro12

    Drag racing is my favorite android game right now. It is getting a little old though.

  • Anonymous

    “Diversion” is my favorite game right now. It’s actually quite the fun game. https://market.android.com/details?id=com.ezone.Diversion&feature=search_result – And best part is…it’s freeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  • GotFragz

    Cut the Rope is legit. Needs more levels though. 

  • Luiz7955

    Shadowgun. Console quality graphics and good controls on Xoom.

  • My favorite game at the moment is Ghost Chicken.  Chickens are awesome.

  • Ninja

    I’m an Angry Birds addict

  • Droid-life


  • Berklunt

    My favorite android game is the classic ANGRY BIRDS!!

  • JD

    doodle jump… 

  • krair

    plants vs. zombies is still one of my favorites. Definitely helps pass the time time!

  • Anonymous


  • My favorite android game is the classic ANGRY BIRDS

  • Bently Wong

    Entaz baseball 2011

  • Schwooba

    I enjoy idemolished on my Thunderbolt but would love to see it on a nice 10 inch Samsung tablet:)

  • I know its classic but my favorite android game is ANGRY BIRDS!

  • A Ski Free Clone, its a nice throwback to DOS games and because I can finally beat that yeti! Thank you Yeti protection…lol

  • Jvandrew

    Fruit ninja

  • Right now…Shadowgun

  • Angry Birds Rio, I’m kind of addicted!

  • Anonymous

    I need an Android device to play games on…that’s why I need this tablet…DUH!

  • Soremhad

    I’ll be unoriginal and say Angry Birds

  • H2ocivic95

    Right now, Magic Defenders is pretty awesome. I just wish it had more levels and spells.

  • Matthew D

    Super Stickman Golf is my game of the week right now!

  • Stupid Zombies

  • Stupid Zombies

  • Ja3035883304


  • Gerardo

    i play cut the rope a lot

  • Kapinoida

    Order and Chaos

  • Battleheart

  • I like Cut the Rope.

  • Obi5683

    Dungeon Defenders.

  • I like Cut the Rope.

  • cut the rope!!!

  • Cody Robinett

    Fruit Ninja

  • Feras Hanano

    Wind-Up Knight…maybe Robo Defense

  • I play Peggle about everyday now

  • BT Gangsta because I like to pretend I am from the hood

  • David McKeen

    Dragon Fly! is my current favorite.

  • David McKeen

    I like Dragon Fly!

  • Anonymous

    Still way too obsessed with Angry Birds here, although I need to get back to Plants Vs. Zombies.. 

  • “Fruit Ninja”, so much fun when you have a BIGGER SCREEN to play it on!

  • Mine is death worm!!

  • Jelly Defense nuff said

  • Matt Rempp

    Clouds and sheep, awesome.

  • D C

     My favorite game is Crystal Defenders by Square Enix!

  • Ben Richardson

    Angry Birds

  • Ruth Ann

    Still like Angry Birds

  • Duke Nukem!  Come get some

  • I played a game called “Charge your phone under your pillow” recently, and I believe fried my beloved OG droid :'( New tablet replacement while I wait till Christmas for a Galaxy Nexus? :DD

  • Anonymous

    Wishing for an update…but Batteheart addicting!

  • My favorite game is chalk ball! and chess, but that’s more of a way of life; like Droid-Life!

  • The game that keeps my kid the quietest on car rides

  • Angry birds! ha

  • carl civil

    My favorite game out now is probably Chippers Challange. Its a puzzle game based of the classic Windows game Chips Challenge. 

  • Angry Birds

  • Loganjinks

    Fruit Ninja will always be my favorite android game

  • Christian

    I picked up Sentinel 3 Home World from the Amazon app store when it went on sale for a dollar. Can’t put the game down.

  • Anonymous

    my favorite game right now is worms.

  • My favorite Android game, right now is Farkle Free, only because it’s about all my OG Droid can still handle….LOL

  • SteveH

    Hate to admit it but my favorite Android game is still Angry Birds….

  • Koosh808

    They Need to Be Fed… that’s my goto game whenever I’m waiting for someone.

  • Cut the rope is my favorite Android game

  • Martin Stitz

    “radiant HD”!
    retrogaming 🙂

  • Greatgambino37

    X Construction is still a good one.

  • Mmkisiel

    Townsmen 6….

  • muffin knight

  • muffin knight

  • Josh Parish

    I’m currently hooked on Cut the Rope. Especially since, whenever Om Nom gets the candy, my daughter says: “nom nom nom.”

  • Brian Wenger

    Google Sky Map

  • Pcguru30

    still hooked on Angry Birds Seasons

  • Dre51298


  • Steven Benner


  • RBreitenstein

    right now my jam is Dragon, Fly!

  • Anonymous

    Always has been, and always will be Fruit Ninja. Just call me the “Citrus Samurai”!

  • Jstump9

    Words with Friends

  • My favorite game is Cut The Rope! Thanks for the opportunity to win a cool tablet!!

  • Shadowgun, of course!

  • right now trial xtreme is it… brings me back to my years of playing super moto on gameboy

  • Reckless Getaway!

    Never gets boring running from the cops. 

  • Calculatorwatch

    I really love Cut The Rope but it barely even runs on my poor old OG. I need a Galaxy Tab so I can play it!

  • Gordol

    Favorite game right now?  Angry Birds Seasons.  Yeah, kinda lame, but I’m only playing them on a phone.  If I had a tab, I’d play more/better games!

  • Favorite game Plants vs Zombies!!!

  • Angry Birds


  • Alexander


  • Anonymous

    cut the rope.

  • Anonymous

    4 Player Reactor

  • My favorite game has got to be Dungeon Defenders: Second wave, just wish I had the hardware that would run it like its meant to be run

  • Nick

    Angry Birds – original, I know.

  • lol wtf..ugh

  • Ben

    probably copter 3d or cut the rope

  • Hugodafh

    poker tournament… I play 10hrs every week

  • Anonymous

    I’m currently playing through “Symphony of Eternity”.  Great game, reminds me a lot of the japanese FFVI I think it was with all the job classes.

  • Right now my favorite android game is a toss up between Muffin Knight and Angry Birds. I think Muffin Knight was original for the ifone so I guess technically  its Angry Birds, Idk how many hours I’ve spent playing that game, probably more then most lol

  • Battleheart!

  • Right now my favorite android game is a toss up between Muffin Knight and Angry Birds. I think Muffin Knight was original for the ifone so I guess technically  its Angry Birds, Idk how hours I’ve sent playing that game!

  • World of Goo…when it hits.

  • I have to says Plants Vs Zombies is still my favorite

  • My favorite Android game would have to be Plants vs. Zombies… It’s just so addictive!

  • JHughesy

    Gotta love Trail Xtreme

  • Schmidty

    Angry Birds.

  • Tom

    Favorite game is random mahjong pro

  • Anonymous

    ‘Smurfs Village’ is my favorite game at the moment, its very addictive.

  • Cut the rope

  • Noshinemm

    Uno. Ha.

  • Derek Stearnes

    Prize Claw. it is taking away a lot of my boredom these days

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been playing Refraction a lot recently.

  • Cosmonauts is the best game now 🙂


  • Current favourite game, “Archmage”, although I also like Starfront: Collision and Nova 2 when I can get them to run without lagging too much on my sgs…

    p.s. Assume this is an international competition (not that I’ll win it, but still)…

  • Devon Glover

    Fpse is my emulator/game of choice to play all my classics. but if i have to choose a real android game it would be spectral souls

  • pman

    Not much of a mobile gamer but I do enjoy cut the rope when I need to pass the time

  • Smitty

    Because it runs on my OG

  • Angry Birds Seasons. I love those darned birds and so does my daughter… so I play it often mostly to entertain her.

  • Brian Berry

    Would have to say my fave would be Age Of Zombies. Does it have to be a game? Because w/o Cyanogenmod my NC and OG Droid would be dusty doorstops.

  • wordfeud

  • Grave Defense HD

  • HuskerDroid

    Favorite game: Words with Friends

  • Tex

    Words with friends

  • WordUp

  • @Mr_Ravenell

    My favorite game is Backbraker

  • Move the Box

  • KC

    Tetris –ahh it brings me back!

  • Dag425

    Angry Birds

  • Adryan220

    Dungeon defenders

  • Curtcarter6

    Cut the rope and contractkiller

  • duplicate

  • Baseball Superstars 2011

  • Nothing beats Fruit Ninja, 😀

  • I love me some MoonChaser

  • Angry Birds Rio. I know its old but I just have to get 3 stars on all levels!

  • I enjoy Cut-The-Rope on my struggling OG Droid.

    It will be sooo much better on this Galaxy Tab 10.1 that you’re going to give me 🙂

  • Hanging with Friends is my favorite game.

  • Scott Werner

    I still own a htc g1 as I enjoy getting the maximum value out of my phone and saving money but I will be upgrading to a Nexus Galaxy in the coming month, yay I have a job! Therefore, my favorite current game to waste time is Abduction! World Attack.

  • Playing Third Blade right now. Fun fast paced game.

  • Alan

    My current favorite game is Trial X

  • drag racing!!!!! super addicting detailed and competitive aswell as multi platform

  • Hanging With Friends

  • Kris Jones

    My favorite Android Game right now would be Minecraft Pocket Edition!

  • Anonymous

    Trail x

  • Tyler

    Hello, Droid-Life, I want to play a game. The game I want to play is very similar to the game you’ve been playing as an android fan. The game of shooting birds, but for a price. I think we can agree that your situation is desperate. So I offer you hope. The price you pay is that you must fling your fellow birds at walls to kill pigs. By doing this you have started an obsession to the game called Angry birds. When you fail to kill all the pigs you will be trapped in this level forever. Only killing all the pigs will allow you to move to the next level. Let the game begin.

  • Aaronmscott

    Cut the rope is so addictive too. I find myself going it when I get bored with angry birds.

  • Anonymous

    At the moment Cut the Rope. Though I am at the end and hoping for new content. Before that Doodle Fit, but again I came to the end and would love more content.

  • Don’t have much time for games, so I usually play words with friends since it lets me go at my own pace (read: when I have an extra minute or two).

    Twitter: @FabianMaldo:twitter

  • Cut the Rope!

  • My fav game is qb – 3d puzzle game.

  • Anonymous

    I’m lame: Angry Birds.

  • Oper8or


  • Anonymous

    Hypnotode baby!

  • James T.

    Death Worm

  • Words With Friends!

  • Words With Friends!

  • hsimo


  • Monoxide

    NESoid. The entire NES catalog? Yes please!

  • Jay Thompson

    Angry Birds

  • Age of Zombies

  • rrosotho

    Android chess and Angry birds

  • Btroha

    Cut the Rope and Real Deal Slots

  • Anonymous

    Doodle Jump? Obviously I need to get a Tegra powered tablet to find a better answer to this question

  • dr154

     Favorite Android game is: Asphalt 6: Adrenaline

  • Hanging With Friends!!!! Freakin’ ADDICTED!

  • Skylordusa

    Im gonna have to say my favorite game is wordfued. Cant stop playing it.

    You spell words bro?

  • Cellguy1995

    Angry Birds Seasons : Ham-o-ween!

  • Dungeon Hunter 2!!!!

  • Gothamghost

    Pool Master Pro

  • Justbaum30

    How can you not love Fruit Ninja?

  • Packerjd0489

    Right now my favorite game on Android would have to be Hanging with Friends.  Obviously I need the dual core Tegra powered device to run such an intense game ;).

  • My favorite Android game right now is “avoid the rage face by enabling gps in CM 7.1 by implementing all 4389r7348579843725897438984738748362464 tips, tricks, and tactics from around the interwebs and that one guy at Gamestop who fancies himself programmer because one time he figured out how to set his alarm by using Google voice commands.”  It has a pretty high learning curve, but I can’t seem to put it down.

  • Dolphinmarino

    Doodle Jump!

  • Cut the Rope or Fieldrunners HD! They’re both addicting and are like puzzles in an awesome way! 

  • Gangstar: West Coast Hustle playing as Bon Qui Qui

  • Newcomb2

    Plants vs Zombies

  • Stevefxp

    The new Duke Nukem HD is amazing!

  • Andrew Remmers

    Pigs in Trees 🙂 

  • Smwein

    Angry Birds.  It is a true classic.

  • I enjoy Great Little War Game. 

  • RM

    Right now my favorite game on android is Cut the Rope!!

  • Shiekk375

    My favorite Android game is falling Fred.

  • Anonymous

    Age of zombies

  • Jlankford3336

    I’m addicted to Madden

  • ErOc

    Age of Zombies!!! =)

  • @grumplog is addicted to Fruit Ninja

  • wolfster808

    Plants vs zombie

  • cfb

    Plants Vs Zombies FTW

  • I presume in order for our comments to be counted as entries, we must be logged in with our Twitter accounts instead of Disqus directly?  Otherwise these comments can’t be counted as entries (it’s either that or the tweets).

    Officially… Hanging with Friends, which is another way of saying I haven’t found much to like in the world of touch-screen gaming.

  • Anonymous

    Drag Racing

  • Speedspark

    Favorite game still has to be Angry Birds!

  • I love this game called Where is the red…really just simple to play and could play it over and over

  • I used to play trap! Like crazy. It was the same as jezzball that used to be on windows back in the day. Now I like to cut the rope.

  • Droid Fan

    My favorite game at the moment is Trial X.  Addicting!

  • lets go!!!!!!! contest time! my favorite game has to be Dragon, Fly! definitely a simple and enjoyable game…

  • Danny Herran

    Wind-up Knight

  • Move the box is currently my favorite game. 

  • SUPER MARIO 64 =]

  • Kristof Lenaers

    angry birds halloween

  • jb

    Grave Defense HD 🙂

  • court


  • Homerun Battle 3D

  • Pigs In Trees

  • Qu3nt1n_J

    Falling Fred at the moment…

  • Simon Kern

    Angry Birds

  • Anonymous

    actually – im looking for a developer – the app is called: iOyOy it automatically removes any iPhone/apple related content from the blogs I read/google reader…

  • I’m addicted to Flick Golf!!!!!!!

  • My favorite Android game is Cut the Rope.

  • Current favorite game for Android is Hanging with Friends.


  • Jefftphillips

    Gem Spinner 2

  • Thomas C. Sinowski II

    Tazer Free, [insert obligatory “dont taze me bro” comment here]

  • jaymart1980

    Favorite game has to be Shadowgun. Now when do I get my tablet?

  • gdog00

    I’m big on the bird, “Angry Birds” that is XD

  • My Favorite game on android has to be the Zenonia series. They are shot but addicting and they have the 16-bit game animation that just bring back some nostalgic memories.  The best part is that its free and the developer are always making more or the series

  • William Medina

    Love me some words with friends and angry birds

  • no1inparticular


  • yzfr1

    Best game so far – ShadowGun

  • Thomas C. Sinowski II

    tazer free…..[obligatory dont taze me bro comment here]

  • Blast monkeys. Its stupid and addictive, and I love it.

  • Rjfrank33

    Ok, call me old fashioned, but I just can’t get away from solitaire!!! 250+ Solitaire Collection to be exact…

  • Patriciofowler

    My favorite game right now is Words with Friends

  • mattc

    flight director.

  • Mark N

    Beleive it or not, I’m actually PLAYING a game this week, Wind-Up Knight.

  • *sigh* still Angry Birds

  • Brandon Corkery

    Field Runners HD is awesome!

  • My favorite game right now is Pigs In Trees

  • Patrick McNaught

    Favorite game for sure is Plants vs. Zombies.

  • Crack the Bootloader is challenging but rewarding in the end

  • Monster

    Muffin Knight

  • ObliteratedChipmunk

    Dragon, Fly! May be a rip off of Tiny wings, but still a great game.

  • Angry Birds

  • Michael Black

    Right now, I seem to play more Grave Defenders than anything. It’s great for popping in an killing a few minutes.

  • Anonymous

    Racing Moto

  • Anonymous

    Samurai II: Vengence, though it would be a lot more fun on a bigger screen 😉

  • Keith

    I haven’t spent much time on the gaming aspect of my phone, so I’m still playing Angry Birds.

  • Optic_Hooter

    fruit ninja 🙂

  • Geran Smith

    StarTraders RPG is my favorite.

  • Hernandez5683

    I’m going to be honest, I really don’t have a favorite game, as I really don’t play games that much. If I did have to be pick one it would be Angry Birds. 

  • Robotek. Win

  • Oldie but a goodie, I love Jet Car Stunts!

  • Anonymous

    dragon fly

  • Angry Birds!! On my HTC Thunderbolt 4G for its fast processing and amazing 4.3″ screen!

  • more than 20 exiting games to play on my android….. too hard to choose the one, yet am going to close my eyes n pick one……..
    oh i hear the Death Worm music……. but i rather enjoy playing tap tap revenge 4…..
    a bigger screen to the Droid Pro would be amazing……

  • Jason Livingstone

    Playing “Words with Friends” seems to be taking up the most time on my phone right now. 🙂

  • My favorite game on Android would be the one I play on that Tab. Which I win. From you.

  • Diversion is a cool game and they have a unique approach to monetization, imo. https://market.android.com/details?id=com.ezone.Diversion

  • still gotta be angry bird, though greedy spiders is plenty fun as well

  • Gary Grunwald Jr.

    Cut the Rope!

  • My favorite game right now is Shadowgun

  • Cut the Rope

  • Need for Speed Shift. Compared to newer games, this one still holds up very well in graphics and gameplay. Got it full price with my DX.

  • david cunningham

    Shortyz Crossword

  • Angry Birds is still my favorite, but I have a feeling that the next great thing is just around the corner.

  • Anonymous

    Right now my favorite is still the old Angry Birds, but maybe once I have a newer device, I can try newer and better games. (phone is almost 2 years old)

  • Favorite Android Game is FieldRunner

  • World Series Poker Texas Hold em

  • mikeym0p

    PewPew 2 is my favorite game. I’m a Geotmetry Wars addict and this helps curb my withdrawls when on the go.

  • Cut the Rope

  • Matt Gilmore

    Cut the Rope

  • Lalbuquerque80

    I’m addicted to Wordsmith! I’ll have 10 different games running at the same time! LOL

  • Air control > *

  • Collin

    I’m going to have to go with Cut the Rope.

  • Mark Woods

    Fruit Ninja

  • Loving Cut the Rope…Got it free from my Amazon App of the day =D!

  • Avi

    Fruit Ninja is my favorite, would be amazing to play on a galaxy tab;)

  • fave game still has to be angry birds – all versions, but especially seasons 😛

  • angry birds

  • Anonymous

    battleheart is pretty awesome. but i dont think anything can top just playing pokemon. 

    anyways, my twitter and… this thing… are entirely disconnected. how are you going to know i did anything?

  • David Hayden

    I really enjoyed GameDevStory. It was pretty addictive when I played it. Actually, now that I think about it, I want to go play it again, I’ll be right back…

  • Guest

    Love Replica Island. Best Android game ever.

  • Anonymous

    Fruit Ninja

  • Madden 2012 …love the game on my thunderbolt ……..If i get this it will be bad As* to play madden on

  • IntlGrizzly


  • cut the rope *nom nom nom*

  • Mosskinpin

    kwaak3 port.

  • XBL_Wickerman22

    Angry Birds. I try others, but I always come back to Angry Birds. 

  • Anonymous

    Cut the Rope

  • Smackd62

    Stupid Zombies

  • Fruit Ninja!!!!

  • TJ Le

    treasures of montezuma 2. addicted to that bejeweled type game-play.

  • Angry birds? I’d rather play the force close game.

  • well i like shadow gun and it’d be really cool to be able to play it on a GT10.1

  • Rob Lister

    X Construction!!!!!!!!!!

  • nothing beats free like Angry Birds

  • I am addicted to cut the rope….

  • My current favorite is simply Words with Friends.

  • Nothing beats free like Angry Birds

  • Todd Morden

    Angry Birds of course!

  • Ajpc6996

    Angry Birds

  • Dan

    Duke Nukem 3D

    Hells yes!

  • Max Spehr

    Im gonna have to go with Pew Pew 2 ftw!!!

  • raoul duke

    i use emulators does that count? if so sonic and super mario 3 for the win!!!

  • musicandnumbers

    I’m hooked on Hanging with Friends!

  • Davedemaria

    favorite game Would have to be Muffin Knight

  • Anonymous

    cut the rope

  • Anonymous

    I have found myself going back to FieldRunners… 

  • Jareth

    Order and Chaos ftw!

  • I love hanging with friends! Multiplayer games in general are my favorite!

  • Monkey Island 2 SE all the way

  • hanging with friends

  • Anonymous

    “Bubble Buster” I just beat it recently and I still love to play it!

  • the best one out there is Shadowgun

  • Angry Birds

  • DroidX_Owner

    I actually like the bloatware game Lets Play Golf 2

  • My favorite game of all-time has got to be Age of Zombies. So addicting and a great game to pass time.

  • I like Frozen Bubble because I ca play one-handed in a crowded subway

  • I love Age of Zombies.  Barry Steakfries cracks me up!!

  • i don’t play any android video games. i do watch a lot of entertainment though!

  • Doodle Jump. simple game to learn how to play, yet extremely ADDICTIVE!

  • Anonymous

    cut the rope

  • Wind up Knight is keeping me very busy right now.

  • I still like Game dev story, although if my phone could run that minecraft that just came out…

  • Tnuts22

    Wind-up knight ….. awesome

  • JamesZ5

    Gun Bros and Pretty Pet Shop (I admit it!)

  • Probably Angry Birds, since my crappy OC’d Zte Blade with CyanogenMod Android 2.3.4 can’t run anything too complex and Angry Birds is just something easy and simple you easily start up. Would love to be able to try Shadowgun etc though *wink wink*

  • Akeem McAllister

    PushRoll is a fun addictive game that is intellectually stimulating 

  • Akeem McAllister

    PushRoll is a fun addictive game that is intellectually stimulating 

  • jenny v

    I <3 angry birds…especially Rio 🙂

  • Nowlinol

    An addictive little game called Birzzle.

  • Dervian

    Dungeon Defenders is definitely the best android game!

  • My favorite game right now is probably Wordsmith or Cut the Rope

  • Cut the Rope

  • I’m not a big game player but currently I’m enjoying Fruit Ninja. Yea, I know it’s not new but it’s still fun.

  • Peter Jankaj

    Now it is Modern Combat 2 – multiplayer, waiting for mc3 for android

  • Chewbaca

    Stupid Zombies to celebrate Halloween…

  • Kirkleb79

    Favorite game is Contract Killer

  • Muffin Knight is pretty stupid and addicting.  It is my crack right now.

  • Erick

    I am really stuck with Cut The Rope, espicially after Amazon gave it for free.

  • Dungeon Defenders because defending dungeons with awesome graphics is super awesome!

  • Pflicker

    Sentinal 3 homeworld. Nice tower defence game in HD

  • nitwit88

    Words with Friends

  • Samurai 2 :Vengeance

  • Cammerrill

    Mini Squadron special edition

  • Anonymous

    avorite game right now?  Robo-defense.

  • Anonymous

    Tower Defender

  • Anonymous

    I like playing Scrabble on my Android phone.

  • It may seem old but I still like Angry Birds, just when I get 3 stars on every level and find all the eggs, another update or season comes out and I find myself just as addicted as I was the first time I played. 

  • Jsyc28

    Cut the rope…because IOS games look that much better on an Android device.

  • Slcmotor

    Reno Air Races I really enjoy

  • John Suh

    best game has to be sentinel 3. I can stay up playing that game at night. love tower D!

  • The Treasures of Montezuma

  • navogator

    Robotek has kept me from much needed sleep for many nights. Stupid particle beam..

  • “Enjoy Sudoku”…runs great on my wife’s Acer Iconia…and I’m sure it’ll run like a raped ape on the Galaxy Tab 10.1!  🙂

  • edit: double post.

  • Rme25

    Plants vs Zombies!!!

  • Minecraft!

  • Been obsessed with Peggle lately.

  • haven’t played games for awhile, cause the OGs old age can’t handle it these days, but fruit ninja is always good

  • Favorite game right now is actually 7 Little Words. Light on visuals but addicting and fun!

  • Samm Carbo

    My favorite Android game right now is “Airport Mania 2” its an awesome puzzle for landing planes.

  • Anonymous

    My current favorite Android game is Minecraft.

  • Currently Andoku 1 and 2. Love relaxing to those games.

  • Relevantdesigns

    Cut the Rope!

  • ZT

    Wordsmith is my favorite game.

  • I enjoy the stalk exes on Facebook game.  

    Or as some call it “Words with Friends”

  • Jszklany

    I’ve been playing Drag Racing so much i installed a steering wheel and pedals on my toilet.  

  • Mason Lammers

    Cut the Rope because it is addicting, yet a great way to stay in shape…

  • Anonymous

    My favorite Android game is Cut the Rope. Did I win?

  • My favorite game is Fruit Ninja!!!

  • BULL3T

    Angry Birds Rio 

  • Ollie

    Lets see…bst game right is Angry Birds

  • Best Android game is BattleSheep.

  • Fresh

    Cut the rope!

  • Sentinel 3: Homeworld

    @MicahRoy winner, winner, turkey dinner!

  • Flick Kick Football! 

  • Favorite game right now?  Probably Angry Birds Seasons…

  • Air Control

  • mrz1125

    right now favorite game is scrabble

  • Macrocj

    Absolute the Angry Bird, It can spend me a whole day for that. Have fun!

  • Anonymous

    Pocket League Story is insanely good, and one of the few things my OG Droid can still handle…

  • I’ve been playing muffin knight a lot. Mostly just for the fun shenanigans.

  • Bentotbox

    Angry birds for sure.

  • Anonymous

    Cut the Rope

  • Words with Friends – classic and engaging!

  • Anonymous

    i love cut the rope!

  • Phillip Purcell

    Just started playing Peggle again.  It’s a lot of fun

  • Angry Birds!  And also resurrected Tetris lately!

  • jay

    hanging with friends

  • Meganoid.

  • AG

    Favorite game Madden NFL 12

  • gpriester

    Cut the Rope, easily.  Great puzzle game with a large number of levels and difficulties.

  • AG

    My game Madden NFL 12

  • Jflikk

    Cut the Rope is my current obsession

  • Scrabble

  • Scrabble by far

  • I just got deathworm recently and that game is SICKK. My boss almost sent me home from work because I was playing it too much! hahaha

  • l1ttl3t0n

    Move the box

  • angry birds…but can’t wait to try Duke Nukem 3d on my new  galaxy tab!

  • Scrabble

  • CHC

    still angry birds..

  • ChopNessMonster

    My favorite game at the moment is Spirit.

  • GRAVE Defense HD

  • Angry Birds

  • My fav game is a classic… Angry Birds

  • Angry Birds is the best game of course.

  • 9 Innings Baseball

  • my favorite Android game right now is Wordsmith

  • Anonymous

    That would have to be Open Sea. How often do you get to part the sea lol

  • @tabletoviny

    Riptide GP

  • mrcrusha829

    I love playing 9MM.  The content is entertaining and the controls work pretty well.

  • 2terrible4u

    So far, I Love “Cut the Rope” I think its such an Addicting game and the little Nom Nom character always makes me laugh, and now I do the little sounds of that Nom Nom when I’m with my GF when I wanna be cute and cuddly with her LOL…CANDY!!!

  • 9 Innings Baseball

  • Trusteelfan

    My favorite game right now is sentinel 3.

  • Anonymous

    Angry birds

  • Angry Birds – simple fun

  • My favorite game is Angry Birds. Just to tick off the Apple owners that think it was theirs first.

  • Been playing Wind-up Knight recently.  It’s good for a quick play while waiting on something/someone or while in a meeting.

  • Favorite game now is Angry Birds. Just to tick off the Apple folks that think it was theirs first.

  • Anonymous

    Plants vs. Zombies.  I’ve beaten it so many times, but I love starting over every time I flash a new ROM.

  • Plants vs Zombies

  • gators1

    I love rocket bunnies on my phone and would be really awesome to play on a galaxy tab

  • Anonymous

    I am currently addicted to gem spinner 2

  • Jpliamzon

    Favorite game: Fruit Ninja

  • Koenvbeek

    Angry Birds FTW!

  • The impossible game!!!

  • Slvrbullet

    My favorite game is Angry Birds…

  • Anonymous

    The only game that I am playing right now is Robtek. But if I had this swag I am sure I could get in on some of the games that are in the Tegra Zone. Fo Sho

  • Boly

    Cut the Rope

  • Brady Ripka

    I originally had an iPod touch and played Doodle Jump, then when I got my Droid I was happy to see it on there as well. So Doodle Jump

  • Jer85008

    My favorite Android game is contstantly changing backgrounds and widgets to make my home screen completely different at least once or twice per week.

  • Symphony of Eternity right now. Honestly though, I’m hurting for a good pick up/put down RPG that I can pause, use my phone like normal and come back to, something with a good auto-save feature really.

  • Words With Friends

  • Anonymous

    addicted to Airport Mania 2.

    I’m so lame.

  • Shadowgun without a doubt. It shows off how incredible Android can be as a gaming platform. Plus it is just damn gorgeous to look at!

  • J_B

    my favorite android game right now…Floodit!

  • Spinnstang

    Plants vs Zombies. Can’t get enough of that stuff.

  • freerogers

    I like Hanging With Friends.

  • njblumer

    Asphalt 6 right now.

  • Ksuviper

    Cut the Rope as of right now

  • Anonymous

    I’m still playing Madden 12

  • Currently I’ve been playing Hanging With Friends

  • Minecraft for android!

  • Wordfeud is the game I spend the most time playing right now.

  • ZDefense on rooted Cyanogen OG Droid.

  • Anonymous

    Cut the Rope!!

  • ummm…Cut the Rope…I guess…

  • EKC

    Cut the Rope!

  • definitely cut the rope, so fun

  • Maynestreamdesigns

    Angry birds

  • Jmtanzo

    My favorite game right now is and will always be Angry Birds.. They are always adding new scenes and keeps it different.. I guess I’m just old school…

  • Anonymous

    My favorite game (RN) is: Air Attack HD

  • Birzzle!

  • Pigs in Trees

  • I’d say angry birds season

  • Angry Birds …but only when im at work !!!

  • Mark Christian

    Loving Dragon Fly at the moment.  It’s easy to run through a round while sitting on the can.  *crossing fingers to win*

  • Anonymous

    definitely want to try some of those awesome tegra 2 games, but I can’t =(. right now i’m stuck with word search.

  • DolFan

    Angry Birds.

  • Anonymous

    I love shadowgun. Its the best looking game I’ve played on android, by far.

  • Df3productions

    Stardunk is pretty good!


  • Bert336

    Angry birds will always be the best game ever… no other gave will give you that much addiction as Angry Bird does!

  • crashedhope

    angry birds! still a fav ^.^

  • 9 Innings: Pro Baseball. Does it get any better? 

  • Jared Pannell

    I’m enjoying They need to be fed right now

  • Thehobster

    If I actually owned a droid tablet I might be able to tell you what my favorite game is.

  • @d_livingstone is my twitter name and my fave game is Inotia 3 right now.

  • “Hanging with Friends” is surprisingly addicting

  • Anonymous

    Pocket Empires, that game is so addicting.

  • Jenny

    Plants vs Zombies!! Love it!

  • favourite game right now? 9mm! cheesiest lines ever

  • John

    Duke Nukem 3d

  • “Hanging with Friends” is surprisingly addicting

  • Cut the Rope

  • Jfrer360


  • Anonymous

    I’d play games, but my OG Droid is having chest pains and the doctor says the GNex may not make it in time to save him.

  • Tferrell7368

    Angry birds!!

  • Cut the rope

  • Bdickerson74

    pokemon red version on gameboid

  • Jared Berry

    I really like wind up knight and sprinkle right now.

  • Not sure I have a “favorite” but lately I’ve been playing Pigs in Trees and Robotek while I’m supposed to be working.. Sure beats poking around databases all day!!

  • Joe Fischer

    Loving hungry Mnstrs right now. I blame you guys for that.

  • Tower Defense, old but never gets boring.  

  • Fabricio Rueda

    My favorite game right now is Finger Football

  • josh


  • Wynant

    definitely a sucker for doodle jump…

  • Dbarden31

    Cut the rope!! 🙂

  • I guess my most played game lately is Angry Birds Seasons 2012, but overall I think I’d have to say Plants Vs Zombies is my overall favorite game.

  • Chrisnashtn

    Still like AngryBirds

  • Downs176

    Mario bros 3 on nesoid

  • Right now my favorite game would probably be Hanging With Friends. 

  • Robo Defense. oldie but goodie!

  • 6895533
  • Anonymous

    Beyond Ynth. Very innovative puzzle game with brilliant graphics!

  • I’ve fallen back into Angry Birds!

  • ricardo_jgm

    My favourite game is. Dragon,fly!.

    Its really addicting but it is simple!

  • Drag racing, I have the pro version thanks to amazon!

  • Alex King

    Favorite game is definitely Fruit Ninja. That game never gets old.

  • crstamps2

    Cut the Rope

  • Brandon Parvin

    Loving eternal warriors

  • QSJ7

    Loving Warheads right now 🙂

  • Well my Droid Eris is too old to play any worth while games so that is why I need this Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.

  • Theowb4

    also, my twitter is OfficialPanixx

  • Zachthejones

    Robotek is my latest guilty pleasure. Too addictive….

  • BostonFan87

    Cut the rope!

  • Mavericks1f

    MINECRAFT is ma game of choice!

  • Ukyfan

    Been playing Gen Miner since it was the Amazon free app.  Don’t know why but for some strange reason I like it.

  • Anonymous

    Puzzle Quest 2

  • House

    My favorite game right now is Hanging With Friends.

  • dave vitti

    fave game is enjoy sudoku! 

  • Prickee

    Be great to grab this before the holidays.

  • Matt Ryan

    Hate to say it, but I still play angry birds more than anything else.  Hoping this shiny new tablet will change that though!!

  • Ryan Becker

    Grand Prix Story is my current obsession.  Kairosoft is great!

  • Wiz

    Jewels /guilty pleasure

  • Galaxy on Fire 2

  • Anonymous

    fav game right now, coin drop.  I kinda need a tablet.  Please?

    Cherry on top?

  • Anonymous

    fav game right now, coin drop.  I kinda need a tablet.  Please?

    Cherry on top?

  • Jordon

    Nyan Cat the Game!

  • still angry birds 🙂

  • WindUp Knight is great but I love the calming sense of Quell. Attempting to complete all levels perfectly without cheats.

  • I’m still on generation 1 hardware (OG Droid & Nook color) so I’m a bit limited… probably play Angry Birds the most.  Once I get my new Tegra2 powered Galaxy Tab though I won’t have such limits!

  • Sprinkle!

  • Eric Franca

    Plants vs Zombies is the jam.

  • I love me some angry birds!

  • Wind up Knight

  • Cliche as it may be, Angry Birds Seasons. Halloween 2011 soundtrack and themeing is amazing, and who doesn’t love BACON!

  • punkorambo

    I love “Unblock Me”. It’s great to do play when sitting on the toilet at work!

  • Anonymous

    It’s still Angry Birds

  • KiltRider

    Angry Birds Seasons 2012

  • i3L41NE

    Goona have to go with the always honorificabilitudinitatibus “Words with Friends”.

  • Anonymous

    My favorite Android game is Angry Birds, especially Seasons.

  • Favorite game right now is Angry Birds: Seasons.

  • Angry Birds

  • Kuyote

    Its all about the Angry Birds

  • Where’s the obligatory “only open to US residents” thing?

    P.S. osu!droid definitely.

  • Usmcpug82

    DUKE! Throwback to the HS days.

  • Right now, my favorite game is “Wheres my water”, love playing this with my kids

  • Anonymous

    Scooter Hero!

  • brutecarnage

    My favorite Android game right is “GRave Defense HD” which I play on my OG phone. So you understand why I’m entering this contest. 🙂

  • Ardiac

    Plants vs Zombies is sweet on a touch screen!

  • Anthony Armando

    my favorite game is also the first game i ever download for android shortly after the release of the OG droid, archipelago.

  • My favorite time killer is Dragon Fly

  • Tavist7870

    Gem Spinner. Not sure why but can’t stop playing.

  • I’m a big fan of Star Legends.  Pocket Legends is great too but I like the Sci-Fi theme and its always fun to have a game that my kids and I can play together.  

  • contract killers: zombies 😀 nice n simple zombie killin fun

  • Keith

    favorite game right now is great little war game.

  • fredo

    Lane Splitter is pretty solid. I just wish they had checkpoints because the first part is boring.

  • Pokemon tower defense is where its at!

  • Currently enjoying Flick Golf!  

    In it to win it!

  • ZhanK

    My favorite game is Cut the Rope!

  • Mat Miles1984

    Favorite game right now is either Shadowgun or Wind-Up knight

  • CGlenn24

    Gotta Still be the timekiller Angry Birds

  • Chris H

    Duke Nukem 3D <3

  • Right now I’m going through Cut the Rope.

  • Been playing Fightin Words a lot since my wife has a Blackberry.

  • It’s still angry birds…can’t escape it!

  • Its hard to beat a good game of sudoku. 

  • Mary Metts

    Stupid Zombies

  • Jason Hansen

    Lately I have been playing Guns’n’Glory

  • Is it so wrong to say that my fav Android game is not really a game bur rather and emulator? It was a childhood DREAM of mine to be able to play NES, SNES games on my PHONE. And now, I can. How freakin cool is that. People are speechless when you pull out your PHONE and start playing classics like Mario 3. Can’t get any better than that!

  • Brian Wenger

    Currently, I am playing Rush Hour and thinking about Duke Nukem.

  • I love Age of Zombies

  • Ben Johnson

     Windup Knight

  • Jeremy Mundell


  • I will always be a fan of SpeedX 3D!

  • daj32

    Plants and Zombies

  • Felipe Dias

    Castle Of Shadows for me is one of the best games

  • rpheaney

    I would have to say ANGRY BIRDS!!!!!! 😀 

  • Super Stickmen Golf. fun and addicting, tryin to get all the gold stars

  • manderko


  • Looove me some Wind Up Knight. 

  • Twitter: Andr0id_Andrew

    Wind-Up Knight <3 HAHAHA

  • angermeans

    My favorite would have to be dungeon defenders

  • I’ve been playing a lot of zdefense recently. 

  • Daniel Lamson

    I think I will be boring and say angry birds. Its a classic. 🙂

  • DroidSmith

    Plants vs Zombies!

  • Micale

    Wordfeud is my addiction…

  • Tom White

    Until I get something better than my Eris (ie Galaxy Nexus), my favorite game remains Robo Defense.

  • Chris Brunetto

    Three words: Super. Stickman. Golf.

  • Always has and probably always will be a version of “Angry Birds.”

  • Cut the Rope!  Pretty much any puzzle game.

  • Anonymous

    Hex Defense

  • Plants Vs Zombies

  • pjamora

    angry birds and homerun battle 3d

  • @hearttheformat i have to say cut the rope

  • Ryan Morris

    I guess I’m old school… Still playing Solitaire!

  • Angry Birds all the way, but I’d love to try out Shadowgun!

  • Angry Birds 🙂

  • Since the beta its been my favorite so Ill stick with Angry Birds, even though Windup Knight is seeing a lot of screen time lately,

  • Mike

    Backbreaker, no doubt

  • Kevin Raymond

    Angry Birds Seasons

  • Favorite Android game?
    Stupid zombies lol

  • Angry Birds! C’mon is the another one to compare?

  • Dragon, Fly!

  • Angry Birds 😉

  • Good old standby Angry Birds.  Still runs great on my old Droid 1. 

  • arno baccam

    Xconstruction. Fun game.

  • Shadowgun!

  • John W

    Dungeon Hunter 2

  • Want shadowgun as my favorite game!

    Currently is words though.

  • Agree with the difference in Twitter and name here, how do you know?
    And I’m addicted to Plants v. Zombies for the minute. That will change soon I know.

  • Ryan Rodio

    Soccer Superstars

  • Sldroflight

    Jewellust…i normally don’t have time to get too involved in a “thinking” game and this one requires very little.

  • Joe Cross

    Thanks Droid Life and NVIDIA! I really like Bubble Blast 2 at the moment

  • I’m liking GRave Defense HD right now. Got it free yesterday thanks to you.

  • Anonymous

    I know I’m a noob but Angry Birds

  • Alex Gomez

    im addicted to drag racing pro

  • Trial Xtreme.  It’s a fantastic game in the same vein as Elasto-Mania.

  • Polly~

    My favorite Android game is Cut the Rope!!!

    Unfortunately, I had to do a factory reset and lost it…waaaaaaaaa!!!

  • I am currently hooked on Air Control!

  • Rokenford

    Cut the Rope is definitely my favorite. Om Nom FTW!

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Droid Life and NVIDIA.

    The game that I’m currently addicted to is Lane Splitter.

  • Anonymous

    Cut the Rope

  • gun bros

  • Any of the Angry Birds games and Duke Nukem

  • gun bros

  • Anonymous

    Highborn is great. Wish they’d get around to adding chapter 2 though. 

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been playing Wind-Up-Knight a lot lately. Can’t wait to try out Shadowgun though.

  • Me08053


  • Words with Friends

  • Caleb Shahamat

    Cant beat the old time classic, and newly rejuvenated…Duke Nukem!

  • Tabless

    Angry Birdies…  (@PAJallen on Twitter)

  • BlooKid; Mario-esque puzzle game? yes please

  • Future Ice Cream Sandwich tablet fun, I sure hope so!

  • Anonymous

    Crazy Snowboarder is a favorite for my kids – especially the Halloween (Graveyard) level.  Grinds off of ghouls heads and 360’s off of tombstones in a free game is pretty cool.

  • Cwilson Mt

    My favorite game has to be Angry Birds!

  • Plants vs Zombies

  • Fieldrunners

  • diversion

  • Julian Tirsu

    Fieldrunners! 😀

  • Al Chandler

    Zenonia 3 is my fav right now, I love RPGs

  • Right now it’s a toss up between Catan, Burn the City, and Wind up Knight.

  • Favorite game right now is Order and Chaos. It’s really feeding my WoW addiction and I can play on the go while at the Dr. appointment or when my daughter is napping. I don’t have the resources (time/money) to play a “real” MMO any more.

  • still angry birds

  • Chaser457

    Right now my favorite game is Life Is Crime…criminal domination!

    • Chaser457

      PS – I am @Just_Call_Me_Phil on Twitter…

  • Andrew Weckerly

    Pocket Legends is definitely my favorite. It’s free and awesome.

  • Michael Zellers

    Who doesn’t love to win free tablets from @droid_life and @NVIDIATegra? http://goo.gl/H25nf #android!!!!
    My favorite Android game is Doodle FIT.

  • Quintin Williams

    ShadowGun is not doubt my fav game right now!! Now I just need that beautiful tablet to play it on!!!

  • My favorite game for Android right now is SpeedX 3D by Hyperbees, with 3D glasses on.

  • Sainttaz

    Words for Friends

  • Solitaire Megapack

  • Anonymous

    Angry Birds Seasons

  • Refraction. It’s nice for a quick brain puzzle here and there when I need a break from whatever I’m doing.

  • Speedyrulz8

    My favorite game right now is definitely Super Stickman Golf

  • Angry Birds Seasons: By the time I’ve managed to beat it and get all the eggs, the next pack is out. Perfect!

  • Slackergts

    Suprisingly, I am all about Cut the Rope right now, and Hanging with Friends has still got its grips in me… /sigh

  • Cut the Rope, requires a lot of concentration and skill

  • Drag Racing

  • Old school Duke Nukem fan here…

  • Dan

    I would have to say my favorite game would have to be Gun Bros

  • InfrnalSky

    Field Runners.  Great game.

  • Wengweng805

    Angry birds

  • Robert Walters

    “Robotek” Has so many levels and multi-player experience.

  • sizlo tech

    Angry Bird is my favorite Android game.

  • MINECRAFT POCKET EDITION. Can’t wait to try it on a tablet. 😀

  • Anonymous

    Still love Angry Birds! 

  • Aj21009

    burn the rope

  • sizlo tech

     Angry Bird is my Favorite Android game

  • Joseph Michael

    Plants Vs. Zombies because anything with zombies, even cartoon zombies, is awesome.

  • Mikehen08

    I like the new Duke Nukem game that game out!

  • Cut the rope! Oh yah!

  • It’s gotta be Duke Nukem 3D, such a classic from my childhood that i still love

  • AI Factory Checkers

  • Q. Edwards

    My favorite android game is non existent because I don’t have a sweet tablet.

  • plants vs. zombies

  • Zakrytyobrien94

    fruit ninja 😀 got it for free from amazon app store a long time ago 

  • My fave game is Soduko free

  • I love Soduko free

  • Shadowgun is up on my list right now.

  • Colts0601

    This tablet would be so much easier to carry to class!

  • Jon

    My favorite Android game right now is probably either PewPew or Robo Defense.

  • Basic card games seem to get me.  “Fun Towers” is my favorite game….this week.

  • Fieldrunners is my favorite Android game.

  • Al

    Robotek, Fieldrunners, and PewPew

  • Anonymous

    Dungeon Defenders! It’s better on PC though…=/

  • Anonymous

    Words with Friends is always fun!

  • Wind-up Knight right now

  • Tim Youngblood

    Duke Nukem 3D

  • 640k

    Current favorite Android game was Cut the Rope, but I just finished 3 stars on all of the levels, so I’m in search of a new favorite.  Lately I’ve been playing alot of Early Bird.

  • Cromag Rickman

    Been playing a lot of shadowgun!

  • Coolsaluki

    Cut the Rope

  • Neal Alquiza

    Drag racing

  • Socalokie


  • Anonymous

    Hanging With Friends! I love making the most asinine words for my buddies to solve.

  • Lately, Glow Hockey.

  • Mark Culton

    My favorite game is fruit ninja. 🙂

  • I’m pretty hooked on Lane Splitter right now, it’s a good game for short
    period play which is all the game time my phone gets. Also my Twitter is AZTricky. Don’t know why it posts as my old name. Please dont disqualify me! 😛

  • Anonymous

    wind up knight.

  • psipher

    Unblock Me FREE

  • Anonymous

    Twitter: @TodVod
    My favorite game right now is playing head-2-head against friends on the game “Drag Racing” made by Creati