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Motorola Forums: DROID Bionic OTA Update in Testing, Will Be Available Within 30 to 60 Days?


A couple of leaked DROID Bionic updates have been floating around the forums for the last couple of days, prompting many to wonder if this was the big bug fixer that we detailed at the end of September. It’s not. According to Moto’s forums manager, there is an update in testing right now, but it won’t be ready for 30 to 60 days. To put that into perspective, 30 days from now is end of November, early December – 60 days is almost 2012. I guess if you have seen that list we posted, then maybe this time frame isn’t all that surprising?

So those disappearing apps, high-pitched headset squeals, and radio connectivity issues have another month to test your patience.

Via:  Motorola

Cheers Steve!

  • what about ice cream sandwich update ?

  • Justin

    I’ve yet to have any problems other than the slow focus on the camera. I’ve yet to notice any connectivity problems, and I constantly get 24+ hours out of the normal battery. Headphone whine happend once when I first got the phone, and after a reboot it went away completely…

  • Flashburn075

    I’ve had two different Bionic phones and both have had the same 3G-4G issues.  Most of the time I don’t have a connection to my web browser at all.  The first time I reported the issue (one week after I had the Bionic) the sales rep said I had a bad phone and that he had made arrangements for me to walk into the Verizon store that I had purchased the phone and get a new one (now knowing that it’s actually a reconditioned one!).  The kicker is that the rep had received an email from the Verizon mothership stating that my connectivity problems were “a known issue” and an update would be ready in November (now Decmeber or January).  After getting a second Bionic and having the exact issues, I had no choice but to contact Verizon again.  The second rep informed me of the update and also was not sure why the first rep didn’t mention the “known issue”.  I asked now to just trade my phone in for an IPhone 4 but since it was past my two week time limit (FROM THE ORIGINAL PHONE PURCHASE) there was very little that could be done.  I could trade my phone in, wait for a debit card in the mail (with a grand total of $112) that I could put towards the purchase of a different phone.  So, I pay $300 and have to subscribe to a new 2 year contract to get two different Bionics that don’t work correctly and I’ve been getting the run-around from day one. 
    I contacted Verizon for the third time yesterday and spent 1.75 hours on the phone trying to get this issue resloved.  We (the verizon rep and myself) contacted Motorola directly and spoke to another person unwilling to do anything about this.  Although, I was told that you have up to one year to send the phone directly to Motorola and they will fix (NOT REPLACE) your phone.  Also (this is the best part) the Motorola rep GUARANTEED that if I decided to go back to Verizon and have the phone replaced again, that it would work without ANY issues!!  I have this on record with Verizon and also have a Motorola case # to prove it. 
    It’s really pathetic that Verizon and Motorola are multi-million dollar companies that won’t accept any fault and it’s the customer who always pay for it.  The facts and simple truth from the beginning would have resolved this entire issue.  Thanks Verizon and Motorola for pathetic customer support (except Maria from Verizon).


  • Anonymous

    Hopefully the update will also include better compatibility with the Lapdock 100. I purchased one yesterday for the Droid Bionic and it works most of the time but occassionally, the mouse and trackpad stops working. I noticed that it happens more frequently when I put the Bionic into the rubberized holder in the back.  Not sure what’s up with that but I’m typing this comment from the Lapdock 100 right now and haven’t had any problems in the last 20 minutes without putting the Bionic in the holder.

    But this morning, I had tons of problems with the mouse even after several reboots and a battery pull. So, I’m not sure what really is causing the problem.  Very cool accessory but this mouse problem is frustrating.

  • Debbie Fontaine

    Love the Bionic minus the bugs.  When the get the bugs fixed it will be an awesome phone.  Got a Droid Razr in today and it is a beautiful phone, but don’t like the feel.  To thin for me.

  • Anonymous

    I went to Verizon today, they told me the update would be available on Nov 14, 2011.

    • Flowerchld

      It’s the 29th & still no update

  • Anonymous

    Despite the strange issues with this phone, I have really enjoyed it. What ticks me off more than the issues themselves is that there shouldn’t have been issues at all given the delays that came with its release. How did they not have enough time to work these out?

  • Jcjohnson Tj

    Do you really think they can fix 8 months of work in what was beginning  November 1st and now is 30 to 60 days.   Glad I dumped Bionic and was able to order razr

  • My God, what a bunch of crybabies and hater jacktards on here.  Are you morons seriously hating on a piece of technology that was released with issues?  Every piece of technology is released with isuses!!!!!  Then you go on to say “I’m waiting for a new phone that will be super awesome” only to have that super awesome phone toppled by another super awesome phone 23 days later.  Are you dumba§§es new to technology or something?

    • Big Red

      Settle down skippy! You act as if you have half a brain. Some people bought into the whole Bionic mishap and they are pissed it didn’t perform up to expectations… Sure, issues happen… Does that give Royal Douche Nozels like yourself an opening to talk crap? Yes, yes it does. Seems like your boohooing about someone elses boohooing…. Lol! Quit being a little Tattle tail and worry about yourself. I’m walking away shaking my head at you Bryon GrandCryBaby…. 😉

      • LOL, so basically you are posting a reply to my rant where I go off of people wherein you tell me to “settle down”, proceed to call me names and then, for your coup de grace, type out that you are “walking away shaking your head”.  It’s not that you don’t raise strong points (tongue in cheek), it’s that you need to work on your delivery and structure a bit.  Try calling someone a cry baby douche for example instead of “Royal Douche Nozel”.  I know that is probably funny in the WoW but here, it just doesn’t pack a punch.  You take my advice and practice name calling in the mirror and trust me, you’ll be posting with the big boys of incredibly witty anonymous messages in no time. 

  • Update worked great for me.  Fixed everything.  Non-rooted, so anyone can load it.  The links below are to the Moto signed upgrade file that moto/verizon testers received.

  • Timmeloua

    What you get for openingly giving you’re money to Sanjay Iha. 

    The name just screams quality, DOESN’T IT?

  • me

    If you download and apply. 893 will you still receive ota’s

  • Murph

    just finished installing this .893 update linked below, and first thing i tested was the camera shutter lag.  IT IS GONE!!  It is now virtually instant, but definitely what you would expect (what it should have been from the beginning to be sure).  I wonder if the version number will change before the official OTA….

  • the nexus should receive updates from google itself

  • annon

    Did anyone really expect anything better?

  • BobA

    how do I get this .893 update people are speaking of to fix radio issue?

  • Anonymous

    And with this Bionic and future Razr users really think Moto will release ICS in a timely manner?

  • Anonymous

    And this will be my last Motorola product I every buy. ICS? Forget about it! Moto=suck

  • Dominick DeVito

    Glad I didn’t hold onto my brick Bionic waiting for the master fix – that won’t be in this OTA update.

    Moto sucks

    • Keith Sumner

      You have a Bionic, and you bricked it? What the heck did you do!?

  • Lol you sound upset, friend.  Let me guess, you’re stuck with the Bionic, you know its a piece of crap, but because of cognitive dissonance you have to lie to yourself and pretend you enjoy it and it’s a great phone.  Sound about right, buddy?

    • Anonymous

      Good job, you can circle jerk with the best of them.  Having fun pretending to know what the hell you’re talking about?  The hilarious thing is you whining about “fandroids” trolling yet here you are, putting your hypocrisy on display for all to see.  Congratulations you clueless wonder, you deserve a Darwin award.

      • I’m pretty sure that I was here simply having a discussion before you decided to project your unhappiness with your crappy phone on me…I understand your anger, and I forgive you, friend.

        • Anonymous


          • Easy, apologist…hey…it’s not your fault.  I understand.

          • Anonymous

            Go sniff some more paint dipshit.

  • dquicknc

    OK. I did the install and update with no problems. I was not rooted and not planning to root. My biggest problems before update was the Houdini (disappearing) apps and data connectivity issues. I’ll see if this fixes things. Thanks to DL and all the awesome followers!

  • Anonymous
  • The whining headphones is fixed by the 5.7.893 system version.

  • Bionic

    What is this .893 fix you guys are talking about?  Forgive my ignorance.  

    My data connection drops very very rarely and im always able to get it back with airplane mode.  Im having zero problems with my Bionic and i love this phone.  

    • I can’t tell if this is a serious post or not… regardless, if you’re not having the issue to the extent that most others are, you probably shouldn’t worry about updating with a leaked fix.

      • Bionic

        Yes this is a serious post. I have not heard of the .893 fix. What is it meant to fix besides the radio? And how do you apply it? Not sure if i will or not.

        • Camera focuses way faster.
          Apps in Media Area don’t disappear anymore.
          Audio noise through wired headphones fixed.
          Better battery life.
          Of course data connectivity improvements.
          And, the phone seems faster and more responsive.

          • Bionic

            ok and where do i find this fix?

          • http://db.tt/Zt22RKQO

            Drop it on your SD card, don’t rename it…  If you don’t get the update message afterward, force an update check and it will find it.

          • Anonymous

            lose root though right!?

          • Yes, you will lose root… read this Droid Life article for a “permanent” root solution:

          • Anonymous

            right, more of a heads-up to “Bionic” with doing it the SD Card way.  but again, thanks for the blog.  makes me feel more comfortable updating to it

          • Bionic

            So after Saving to sd card the phone should auto recognize it? If not I’ll do update check. Thanks dude.

          • That was my experience. 🙂
            You’re welcome!

          • Anonymous

            Downloaded to sd card/download. Went to “about phone, system update”, and it keeps saying “check for updates not available, Try again later.” This message has been showing for several days. Any way to force it?

          • Move the update file out of the Downloads folder and into the root of the SD card.

          • Bionic

            Did you download it directly from your phone or to your computer and then use a usb cable to put on phone?

          • I downloaded on computer and copied it with sync cable. You can download it on the phone, but use a file manager to move it out if the Downloads folder and into the root of the SD card.

          • Bionic

            I decided to wait for the official update. I dont want to get too out of sync with updates. someone told me that if you use the leaked 893 it might mess you up for future updates OTA.

            Since im not having any issues other than slow camera im gonna wait. All I have to do right now is defrost my bloat, and unroot my phone in order to receive the official OTA, i wanna keep it that simple.

            Only thing that worries me is that the OTA will fix the root method, but that hasnt been rumored so oh well.

          • Murph

            I haven’t rooted this one yet…but can this be done without root?  Seems like it would work if its just looking for a file, right?

          • This should not require root.  This is basically an official OTA that just hasn’t been pushed to your phone (Verizon probably needs to add bloatware to it first).  Drop it in the root of your SD card.

          • BobA

            will this update wipe out all my apps/data and bring it to essentially to factory restored mode?  I really don’t want to reinstall a ton of apps and configure them to my liking.

          • I’m going to say if you’re concerned, you should always backup before running an update.  This is an OTA and should NOT wipe out any of your data.  I don’t want to be held responsible for anything though.  😛

          • this worked perfect. TY!

            Okay, this update is freaking perfect.   Moto, screw the 30-60 days of testing, just release the darn thing.

  • hatethanet

    Bigger screw-up of an LTE flagship phone: Thunderbolt or Bionic?

    • I haven’t used a Thunderbolt, but was only aware of battery life being a problem from what I’ve read.  Did it also have data connectivity issues?

  • This should have people worried …. Moto can fix one thing but break another and once everything is running smooth do you think they want any more problems with ICS … No ICS will come to Bionic in 8 months Maybe. 

  • I really hope a camera fix is coming our way because for whatever reason Motorola can not make a solid camera. 

  • Anonymous

    Sorry for your troubles Bionic owners (coming from a Thunderbolt owner).  

    On another note, this is exactly the reason why I am getting a G-Nex…

  • AndroDX

    The only real issues i’ve had is the connectivity which is pretty rough sometimes. And sometimes I have to go through the app install process twice cause the first time it says something about not enough space. Also every once and a while the speaker will sound almost like it’s blown out but it’s not and if I just turn the screen off and back on its fine again. I’m running Liberty right now and its really good the only thing that’s bad is the connectivity moto needs to fix, but other then that I really think it’s an awesome phone and it’s not like what many people portray it to be. The quick release coming for the rzr kind of stings lol but hey I knew other phones were coming I just wanted moto. If the bootloader was unlocked I can confidently say I wouldn’t regret buying this phone at all. Anybody agree with me on that?

    • I agree with everything you said.  The .893 OTA update improved the data connectivity immensely, but I just experienced the “blown out speaker” bug yesterday (first time since updating).  I was hoping it was fixed because I hadn’t heard it for several days.  I actually have also experienced the “out of space” issue when installing an app.  Bizarre. The app will always install the second time.

      I know that people that don’t have the Bionic and have only read about the issues think it’s a hunk of crap, but I am really impressed with its speed and find it to be an awesome phone.  Once you actually use a Bionic for a day or two, you can appreciate it even with its issues…  If that wasn’t the case, I would have gone back to the store and raised hell to undo my purchase… but I didn’t.

      • Bill Morrow

        I had the same install issue, (haven’t had it since the .893), but I also get the mysterious disappearing app issue.  Sometimes a reboot will fix it?


        • Yep…  there are gremlins in the system.  Fortunately I haven’t had any apps disappear since the update. (knocks on wood).

        • Anonymous

          The disappearing app bug is caused when apps install themselves to the sdcard, once you reboot the phone they get corrupted somehow.  The system still sees them under manage applications but you have to uninstall and then reinstall the app from the market.  It’ll install to the sdcard again so you have to go into manage applications and move the app back to the phone, it won’t disappear anymore after that.

    • Bill Morrow

      I am still happy with my Bionic, my wife is envious of how quick it is.  After doing the .893 the connectivity issues have pretty much gone away.  What I want most of all however is the official fix, I worry that going with the leak has broken something else that I, or anyone else is not aware of yet.  I am just a little shocked that they were not aware of these issues before hand.  Sometimes I wonder if it’s possible that they did know of the issues, but they had the RAZR coming out and knew the Nexus was not far behind and they had to get this device out if they wanted to make any money on it at all so they brought an unready device to market…

      • I hate sounding like a conspiracy theorist, but I’m certain they were aware of issues but pushed it out anyway.  I love Motorola, but this is the same thing they did with the XOOM.   It had an unusable SD card slot at launch… why would you release an unfinished product?  To beat the competition to the store shelves.  But I don’t think they realize how many Motorola faithful customers they piss off when they make us the beta testers that pay a premium for devices that weren’t ready for release.

        • Bill Morrow

          Yeah I hear you.  I had the OG Droid, then the X, and went with the Charge because I hate HTC.  Well I hated the Charge, (scratched it all to hell in a week and it was slow as crap).  So, I got the Bionic.  It really does feel like they were feeling the pinch.  They had been developing this phone for MONTHS.  They had a better phone lined up right after it and knew there were a ton of people just waiting on this phone so they released it.  I honestly wish I had waited for the RAZR, but, it is what it is, I now have two Bionics, (long story), the only nice thing about that is I can play and ROM and root and whatever on the one and keep the other stock and just switch the sim card back and forth.

          • Wow!  With the exception of the HTC in the lineup, I went the same route.  😉
            But now I’m curious why you have 2 Bionics…  hehe

          • Bill Morrow

            Well it was my wife’s Thunderbolt, not mine, so technically I didn’t get it, I just sampled hers and hated it.  LOL.

            WEEELLL I may have gotten a replacement and never returned the original.  So far I haven’t been hit with the $500+ fee but I am sure it will happen.  When it does, my wife will try to kill me.  It’s possible.  If all of you hear on the news of a wife killing her husband because of a Droid addiction, (sounds like ‘roid addiction lmao), then you will all know it was me.  Somehow she will find Kellex after on G+ and put hate comments there….(JUST KIDDING KELLEX!!!), as she blames Droid-Life for my addiction…

          • Hilarious!  hahah
            I hope you slip through the cracks and get to keep the 2nd Bionic.

          • Bill Morrow

            Nice blog btw!

          • Thanks Bill!
            I come to Droid Life for breaking news and all, my blog is just my thoughts and ramblings… that nobody reads.  heheh.  ;P

      • Rodncat

        So when you all talk about .893 … Where do I find this in the version of my phone ??? Yes I am knew to this forum and no I do not have my phone rooted.. I have had a few small issues but dont we all no matter what phone we all have. Motorola brand phones have been superior phone since cell phones have came out. not surre why we all cry on here cause the Bionic is fast and slick compared to allot of other phones out there..

        thanks all

      • Wdluhn

        I have the bionic, and my wife and two sons are constantly asking me to turn on my mobile hotspot so they can connect their iPhones. There are not any more “bugs” than any other phone I have owned – Android or iOS – and it does everything I hoped it would when I bought it.

  • Hoosiercub

    Love everything about the phone except this radio connectivity problem… will be enjoying a galaxy nexus by then more than likely

  • Roberto Taylor

    You could wait 30-60 days, or you could root your phone, install one of the updates floating around via Cheesecake, or install and run one of the yummy Droid Theory ROMS… 😀

    • I was actually able to skip the “Cheesecake” step since somebody posted a link to download the .893 OTA.  The Bionic recognized it instantly and installed it – so no root is required for getting/installing this update.  Just an FYI.

      • Bill Morrow

        Ahh but Roots are nice for Titanium Backup, who happens to be my best friend.  You see we go back, not too long, but we have spent more time together than I think I spend with my wife…

      • BobA

        Dave do you have that link please?

      • Rodncat

        So dave where is this .893 OTA located

  • Mlarson6

    I really think we are going to be surprised the next time phone sales come out.  More and more of my friends and people I know are switching to the iphone.  It kills me every times obviously and I tell them how dumb they are but no one seems to have any kind of draw to android phones right now.  Everyone that has a blackberry automatically switches to iphone lately and all the people that got droid phones before Verizon had iphones are now switching to iphone this fall.  I only have like one friend who plans on getting a new droid and know about 10 people switching to iphones.  Definitely concerning.

  • Anonymous

    i’m sure it targets root too haha

  • Anonymous


  • Gargamel

    What does this have to do with the Galaxy Nexus?

    • Pennywise

      LOL +1 internets to you good sir

  • You can’t help but shed a tear for Bionic owners.  Another 30-60 days to fix these issues?  At this rate, The Bionic will receive ICS on or around the time that the iPhone 9 drops.

    • Bill Morrow

      One can only hope CM will move to ICS before then and the Bionic will be out of alpha and beta by then.

    • Pennywise

      ha don’t feel bad. I (and other Bionic owners) own the best phone on the best network right now.  When I look at the GNex and the Razr, I find features that they are missing compared to the Bionic; it really is a fantastic phone.

  • I’m glad I jumped on .893 last week.  I had a feeling they would delay the official OTA.  .893 fixed 99% of the problems I was having, so I’m happy… until the RAZR comes out and makes me wish I had waited.  😛

    • Once again, Android owners forced to void their warranties and fix their own devices.  How or why are so many people ok with this… 😐

      • I wouldn’t say I’m ok with the way things are… but I’m glad I have the option of fixing the problems now, instead of waiting. I was actually quite upset with the bugs the Bionic had after waiting for so long to get it.  But now that I’ve updated to .893, the phone doesn’t piss me off on a daily basis anymore.  😉

        • Oh no man, I didn’t mean you at all.  I meant the users who’ll get upset with those who actually do care and say “Just root and ROM it and stop complaining”.  Why are some people so ok with having to do that?

      • Anonymous

        Do you need to be rooted to install leaked updates on moto phones? That is lame if it is the case.

        • As far as I know yes.  That’s how it is with the D1, I had the Bionic for a couple of days but returned it. Only got as far as rooting it.  Never flashed any ROMs or OTA leaks.

        • You wouldn’t need root in the case of this .893 update.  All of the forums were saying to do the usual “rename to update.zip and go into Clockwork Mod Recovery, etc”.  I dropped the file with its original file name on my SD card and the Bionic instantly popped up the “There is an update available…” message.  However I do have root for other reasons…  😛

          • Anonymous

            Mr. Smith, 
               Did you lose data? Serious question….

          • Anonymous

            For clarification…. Did it erase your phone? 

          • No. The OTA did not erase my phone.

          • Yes… but not because of the .893 update.
            I ran an app called “Root For3v3r” before doing the update to retain root access through the update.  Then a couple days later, Droid Life posted a nice article showing how to add 3 lines of code to a file that did the same thing.   argh…

            I had made a backup with CWM recovery before doing though, so just selecting “restore data” put everything back to normal.

            I have not seen an OTA yet that would remove user data.  If you don’t need root access, or you can use DL’s root method, you’ll be fine.  But always backup your data just to be safe!

          • Anonymous

            I thought that was the case like with other phones wasn’t sure though. Good to know for those bionic owners.

    • If anyone cares, here is what I went through to retain root and upgrade to .893 (before DL posted an easier method of retaining root – skip the Root For3v3r part if you try this).  It’s a long read, but I tried to be thorough.  😛


      • Anonymous

        cool man thanks for this.  i’ve been hesitant to do this but have been thinking about it for a while.  thinks were so much easier back in the OGD days…

        • Thank you for reading it!  🙂
          I know what you mean…  I think things seemed easier back in the OG Droid days because almost everyone had one so there were article and support everywhere.  Now, with so many different phones it’s harder to find a large support group for any particular phone – unless you get one of the top phones.
          Some of the processes are actually getting easier though, one-click root especially.  I remember when I first rooted my OG Droid… I knew NOTHING about Linux commands or the Android OS and fumbled through pushing files and changing permissions without knowing for sure if I was going to brick my phone. I was MUCH more scared back then, but with experience comes confidence.  🙂

    • Pennywise

      Nah the Razr won’t make you regret Bionic (I wouldn’t think) – without the 893 update the Bionic is FAST.  And WITH the 893 update?! Do you need/want something faster?

      Who’s using front-facing cameras? Either way the Bionic has one of those. I don’t know about you, but the Bionic introduced me to something I dismissed as plausible a long time ago: a screen that is (very) viewable in direct sunlight. The Razr is using OLED and will be just as non-usable as any other phone outside.

      The way I see it, if you have a Bionic, or get a Razr or a Gnex, you will probably be pretty darn satisfied until Spring, when all of these phones are going to be made obsolete.

  • G123

    I already flashed liberty…

  • Thanks Matt from Moto!

    FYI – I’ve been spamming your servers for about a month now.  Your last update (5.7.893) was weak!  Give me back my webtop!  Also, data drop is back 🙁

  • Anonymous

    Moto should already have (and had for some time now) the ICS source code so why don’t they just put their efforts into that?

    • SamIam

      Why do you think that anyone has ICS code except Google & Samsung (their partner for ICS)?  Google has stated many times that ICS code won’t drop till the latest Nexus ships.

      • Anonymous

        I’m a little late replying to this but that was one of the points of the update alliance Google talked about at I/O this spring. The companies that were part of that group would receive source code before others – which I believe includes when the source code is released to the general public. Someone please correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure the big manufacturers (Moto, Samsung, HTC, etc.) all receive source code before anyone else.

  • Anonymous

    So what the heck is fixed in this bug fix? This is or isn’t the update to fix the camera lag, awesomize the battery life, etc? .893 I think it is?

    But it will fix data connectivity, headphone squeal and disappearing apps? Things I have no desire for btw..

  • MJZ

    I think Matt misinterpreted something he heard around the office. 
    The update is expected within the next 2 weeks… we should see a soak test within 10 days. 

  • Jake

    This phone will probably wait for another update for ICS.

  • T Hall

    Main improvements I am looking for:

    Headphone whine
    Bluetooth Battery Bug
    Faster camera app (yeah right)
    Better Battery Life

    If those are addressed I will be sooo happy.  Here’s to hoping!

    • Keith Sumner

      According to those with the leaked update, Camera app improved and sped up, better battery life. I have no experienced the headphone jack noise though.

    • ChuckDz3

      The leaked update has addressed all three of those issues according to testers. Except the bluetooth battery bug, not sure about that one. 

      • Anonymous

        what’s the bluetooth battery bug?

  • Jake

    Wow. I would really love the new sense on my Thunderbolt, but we all know that’s probably not coming.

  • Sanjay Jha

    On our current time line we have the DROID Bionic scheduled to receive “Ice Cream Sandwich” 4.0 Android OS in about 17 epochs.

  • Anonymous

    I should make my payments to Verizon just as hit or miss as the Bionic data connection…. 

    • Bill Morrow

      Every time I left my network extender I either had to reboot or do a factory reset.  I flashed the .893 and then the newer .893 one and my radio works AWESOME.

      but I agree, Verizon sent me a replacement phone because of this, just to realize it was really the data loss issue.

    • Anonymous

      My Bionic took FOREVER to get signal the first day I bought(scammed Verizon out of actually) it….I didn’t have ANY data at all for HOURS.

      24 hours later I had it rooted + 893 and all was good.

      • I was having a ton of problems and VZW basically told me they couldnt do anything because they are all known issues with the phone and “a fix is on the way”.  BS… how long did it take them to fix the fascinate or thunderbolt when “a fix is on the way” was what they told everyone.

        Im ditching this as soon as the nexus is finally released. 

        In the meantime, I’ve updated to 893 and things are much better.

        I’m done with motorola phones

        • Dexterslab0329

          Those are HTC and Samsung phones.  Those companies are notorious for delaying updates to their phones and devices.  Motorola is actually one that stays on-top of updates and releases them in a more timely-fashion than LG, Samsung, and HTC, just look back at the smartphones that Motorola came out with since the Droid 1.  Heck, look at all the phones that Motorola updated over the span of 3 months and their communication to the Motorola Community and public.  Samsung and HTC either give us false promises or never tell us about anything at all, they keep us in the dark.  The Droid Charge has YET to be updated to Gingerbread.  Motorola is not that bad when compared to the other device makers. I’ve had Motorola phones since the v125 and they have always treated me very well and I will continue to support Motorola.

          • Guest

            nexus = updates 1st….. straight from google!  nexus FTW!!!

        • Guyver

          I have the Bionic POS too and I am totally with never buying Motorola again.

    • HDDroid

      Did anyone really waste their $ on this phone?  Bad screen, too thick, horrible camera, etc.  Incase you were not paying attention- they released the RAZR to make up for all of the shortcomings of the Bionic.
      I can’t wait to see someone on the street with a Bionic, when I whip out my Super AMOLED, Kelvar coated, water resistant, super slim RAZR.

      • Big Red

        Yeah you can pull out your Razr and within a few weeks after that I’ll pull out my galaxy nexus and laugh…. I for one am getting rid of the Bionic. I am TONS OF PROBLEMS with the data connection… I’m not going to reset my phone or pull my battery every time this is an issue. Now for those of you getting the Razr “How are you going to pull the battery?” That’s right your not! LOL

        • Droid_Bro

          u wasted your money on the shitty Bionic bro?

          • Big Red

            Yes I Did! lol hindsight is 20/20

      • hAHAha Halo

        Yeah.. I’m going to laugh when you try whipping that thing out and it ends up in pieces.. At first I didn’t like the screen, but it’s pretty good actually. The thickness? PLEASE.. I used to have a Droid 1 within a week after it came out. The Droid 1.. Yeah look on Wikipedia yourself for the dimensions. The Bionic is perfect for me because of the features, the upcoming update to Ice Cream Sandwich, and I recommend this phone to anybody. As for the RAZR.. Sorry Motorola, didn’t interest me 5 years ago, and it’s not interesting me now. Ah, and I’d like to see you run up against the Casio Commando.

        But seriously? Dissing other Android phones? We’re all on the same team here.

  • Legoturtle92

    As I read this my Bionic is cooking!

  • Q

    What’s funny is everyone lashing out in that thread.  Usually people cry constantly because manufacturers dont give timeframes for updates.  Here you have a timeframe for an update and the bleating continues.

    • Lol, what an apologist view.  I don’t think people are upset because they got an update on a timeframe, its because the timeframe is another 2 freakin months away.  This phone is a fail in every sense of the word.

      • Bill Morrow

        Especially considering it was announced in January to great fan-fare and lots of accolades, held in secret for months while salivated over by all Droid geeks the world over, then after months of delays and redesigns it comes out and I can’t leave my house,(network extender), without rebooting when I get back on 4g and no wifi.  Thank goodness for OTA ‘leaks’.

      • Q

        Fail in EVERY sense?  How’s that?  It’s actually a pretty solid device with normal Android glitches.

        So waht if it is 2 months away? Is this your first experience with updates for Android Devices?  Such a timeframe isnt really out of the question.  Look at how long the updates for the Thunderbolt took.  It took nearly a month to get something as easy as VM notifications fixed.

        • It’s my first experience with a phone that was announced in January, released 8 months later because they were trying to add “several enhancements” (their words not mine), which was released with a crapload of issues, including complete data loss without any indication to the user, which has an update announced to be released 2-3 months after it comes out.  Is this your second experience with something like this?

          Second, “normal” Android glitches?  What does that mean?  

      • Anonymous

        Not as big a fail as your whiny little ass who doesn’t even own one.

        • Guest

          bonic = MAJOR FAIL!!!!!

          • Cp2_4eva

            Your spelling = more of a major fail. 

          • Anonymous

            Go play in traffic kid.

  • Traviswaller7976

    This phone was this a huge waste of time for any of us who own it.
    I wish they would just recall it and recycle it for the scrap it is!!!

    • Keith Sumner

      You have to be joking, I have experienced zero of these issues and the phone works great. Please tell us what about this phone didn’t work for you

    • Q

      Meh.. Every Android device Ive had so far has been like this.. Droid X, Thunderbolt, Bionic.  There’s always issues at release and people have massive buyer’s remorse because it doesnt live up to whatever superphone idea they had in their head.

      • Jake

        I totally regret buying my Thunderbolt.

        • Ortizchief

          I have a thunderbolt rooted and works fine with a Rom form teambamf sense 3.5

    • Anonymous

      I’m not a spoiled child so I quite like mine. I don’t have the headset squealing and the radio issues don’t happen very often either.

  • And then they will follow it right up with ICS?  Within 60 days of launch of Galaxy Nexus they said, right?  I will skeptically say – ‘Sweet!’

    • Back to back bug fix and update…it could happen.  The End of Android Fragmentation is nigh! LOL

  • Keith Sumner

    Come on haters, I know you’re ready.