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Motorola Forums: DROID Bionic OTA Update in Testing, Will Be Available Within 30 to 60 Days?


A couple of leaked DROID Bionic updates have been floating around the forums for the last couple of days, prompting many to wonder if this was the big bug fixer that we detailed at the end of September. It’s not. According to Moto’s forums manager, there is an update in testing right now, but it won’t be ready for 30 to 60 days. To put that into perspective, 30 days from now is end of November, early December – 60 days is almost 2012. I guess if you have seen that list we posted, then maybe this time frame isn’t all that surprising?

So those disappearing apps, high-pitched headset squeals, and radio connectivity issues have another month to test your patience.

Via:  Motorola

Cheers Steve!

  • what about ice cream sandwich update ?

  • Justin

    I’ve yet to have any problems other than the slow focus on the camera. I’ve yet to notice any connectivity problems, and I constantly get 24+ hours out of the normal battery. Headphone whine happend once when I first got the phone, and after a reboot it went away completely…