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Introducing the November Gobbler Gaming Giveaway – Your Chance to Win 1 of 4 NVIDIA Tegra 2 Tablets and Prize Packs


We did a couple of quick contests over the last week that you should really just look back at now as appetizers to the big holiday meal that your body is about to indulge in. And no, we aren’t talking about Thanksgiving, although we did pull some name inspiration from that lovely turkey infested day. So what are we talking about? Welcome to the November Gobbler Gaming Giveaway, brought to your by NVIDIA’s Tegra Zone and your pals here at Droid Life.  

What we have at stake is one massive month long Tegra 2 tablet giveaway (1 each week for 4 weeks) with some Jamboxes and $25 gift cards tossed in for added bonuses. If you were looking for something to get excited about that doesn’t involve the Galaxy Nexus, this would be it.

What are the prizes? Thanks to NVIDIA and the Tegra Zone, we have four (4) tablets altogether that we want to hand out to the amazing readers of Droid Life so that you can take your mobile gaming to the next level. We also have two Jawbone Jamboxes to amplify your in-game audio, plus two $25 gift cards that will be included in the last two giveaways of the month to let you purchase every Android game of your dreams. You are looking at well over $2,000 in prizes.

So how will this work? Each week (starting today in about an hour), we will announce a new tablet to give away along with instructions on how you can enter to win it. As always, we like to make things social around here, so you will be given the opportunity to enter in a variety of ways that should take no time at all. It could be through Twitter, Facebook, comments on the site, or something completely out of the ordinary that comes to us in a late night coma. It will most definitely be simple though.

Winners picked? Like I said above, we will announce each contest at the beginning of each week and will then pick winners at the end of that same week (on Friday). This way you have 4-5 days to enter. Winners will be notified through their point of entry, meaning via Twitter, Facebook, email, etc.

Everything sound good? First contest post will be up within the next hour.

Please shout out to and thank @NVIDIATegra for hosting and providing so many amazing prizes. It’s like a pre-Xmas celebration in November! Now, let’s give away some tablets!


  • rashid

    cool is it the thirty`s again black is every where

  • Mengela13

    An awful lot of complaining for free stuff

  • I’m not going to give a sob story even though I have them. lol I would put up videos on my other youtube channel that would promote your site. I could reach my 1.3k subscribers.

  • Big D

    I would love a tablet so that I can check email and my facebook account..I have never won anything worth winning, so this would be a great time to win…I enjoy droid life and always will.  Thanks

  • Nathan Hosford

    Pick me pick me!!!!!

  • Thewaltongroup2011

    Would be nice if I won…….bmw

  • Pinseeker28

    I want you to pick me for the tablet, well, because I really want to win and don’t think a sappy story will make a difference. You should pick me for my honesty. Or because I lost a hand in a terrible blender accident and the tablet is easier to use with one hand than a laptop.

  • Runningaaronds

    I hate twitter!!!

    • Runningaaronds

      Why not facebook or google+???  ANYTHING BUT TWITS!  I would have even posted at the occupy Wall Street on a sign if I’d had a chance to win cool Tegra stuff!

  • Edwoordd

    I would like to win :), student in college and I would use the tablet for excel, power points for my business instead of my laptop!

  • I wanna win I wanna win

  • Slashly32

    how many tablets have they gave away?

  • Anonymous
  • Shaila Krishnaraj

    enter me please please

  • I need the tablet I just want to put to work already. Student using a friends comp… It sucks, I need it like a basehead needs crack… Test tube me!

  • Love Those DROIDS

    You should pick me for the tablet simply because I am a recent College Graduate and all my money goes towards bills and paying off school loans. I would absolutely love to have any tablet, and I would be honored to win one. I still have the DROID X and I’m super interested in the DROID RAZR or the HTC Rezound. I’m a huge fan of the site and this is the first place I go when I need information regarding just about anything in the tech world.


    • Joseph Moreno

      umm buddy.. you have to post on the article that actually involves the specific tablet

  • I pre-ordered an I pad and was loving it until I got an HTC EVO 4G. I didn’t know what I was missing. I sold my I pad on eBay rwo nights ago for $475 and bought an Acer Iconia Tab 500 for $360 and had cash left over for a 32Gb micoSD card.

    Let me tell you that this tablet is one great piece of kit! It is superior to I pad in so many ways there is no room on this page. Plus, I am a digital product tester by profession so I know superior kit when I lay my hands on it.

    Now I need one for my wife who is always torturing me with problems with her Dell Latitude D505/Ubuntu lappy. I would settle for a 7″ model.

    I am loving being part of the Android community. It reminds me of my Amiga 500 and 2000 days, the best days of my life with PCs that has gone downhill ever since. I have to admit that my first Mac, a PowerPC Mini is also outstanding and serves me very well to this day.

  • Stacey_sen

    Feeling lucky!!!

  • Stacey_sen

    Pick me!!

  • Spc Hicks09

    I love how when a site starts posting giveaways, everyone has some kind of sob story to tell. Grow up people!! Stop trying to use your kids and dead family members to get free stuff.

  • Dmlangdon

    Send me one, it will definitely get more use :o)

  • You should pick me, because it’s probably going to be another year until I get a new phone due to my contract. Being stuck with a year-old Blackberry that constantly freezes is miserable to say the least.

  • Alexander

    Back in my days we didn’t have giveaways. Know what we had? Rocks. The best giveaways included the shiny rocks. Best damn rocks I earned was when I won a sky diving contest.

  • Plasid68

    I WANT TO WIN!! :/

  • i hope i win (:


  • mikeranucci

    Crossing the fingers.

  • I have never won anything online, and I don’t think now will be the first time.

  • 6895533

    ya us loyal long time droid life readers never win anything 🙁

  • Sounds like a blast!! I really hope to win something this time 🙂 not for the kids I don’t have, or the hard times I haven’t felt this past year, but simply because I really like free stuff and I just don’t think I get enough free stuff right now.. 

  • You’ve forgot to mention that “only available to US residents” thing.

  • Shaun.Ober

    I am a tech geek, this would give me something more reliable to read my online college books on instead of this broken down POS Dell i got at a recycling event.

  • Anonymous

    this is swag