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HTC Rezound Caught on Video 1 More Time, Compared in Size to Thunderbolt


After receiving some hands-on time yesterday, the HTC Rezound is back again in a clip that compares the device to the one that most of us are expecting it to replace, the Thunderbolt. Again, nothing is all that surprising or new here, but you do get a feel for its length, screen resolution, thickness, and even some Beats audio love. That is if you can handle the 3 Doors Down clip that’s played for far too long. I think some ruler tape even makes its way into the video at some point.

Overall though, I would say that the device looks as polished as you would expect any HTC device to be. The build, color scheme and polish are of the highest quality; similar to what we have seen from the Amaze 4G. But with the Galaxy Nexus and DROID RAZR breaking ground on some new technologies and design elements, I’m wondering if Beats is going to be enough to help push this phone. We know it packs the higher end specs to compete with anything on the market today – is there a “Wow!” factor though?

  • Anonymous

    Dang it was taken down…I wanted to check that thickness comparison. Shows what I get for being late!

  • Anonymous

    Another device that will disappoint a lot of people.

  • jm

    it looks to me that the Thunderbolt is the better phone…….SMH……looks like it will be the razor for me.  

  • Anonymous

    soooo you play with his “toys” and he plays with yours?


    Dam, i loved this phone but once again verizon screws it up by not putting htc hub on it… is it really that hard verizon? really? no htc stuff? besides watch which im not even sure if its on there…saw a widget but no app..

  • Razr looks much better to me

  • Hust3 n Shank

    Lemme tell you something, you have no idea how to demo a phone I’m sorry. Also the only way you will see a speed difference on a dual core and single core phone or anytype or electronic is if they are under a load. Me and Mc Deemous Deem you Incompetent and you should be hustled n shanked.

    Thank you.
    The above statement in now way is a represenation of Hustle n shank it is nothing but a figment of your imagination.

  • Leroybrute30

    He did make it sound and look like it is no different than the Thunderbolt, and the 720p screen is no better than the tbolt. Maybe he can do some benchmarks in the next video. Like cf-benchmark, quadrant, nenamark. That may make it seem a better phone than the tbolt. Browser differences. Speed test. HDMI or hml or what ever it is called.

    • hatethanet

      Yeah, I noticed that, too. Seemed like the improvements between the Thunderbolt and Rezound were minimal, regardless of the specs. Can’t wait to see benchmarks.

  • Anonymous

    They will probably prepackage an extended battery like they do with the thunderbolt so you can make it through half the day.

  • Anonymous

    Come on htc, moto and samsung make their lte phones thinner than yours and get better battery life. Guess they figure since sense is heavy the phone has to be heavy also.

  • Anonymous

    how much does the phone weigh? does it feel too heavy?

  • Kelson Sebring

    You guys are seriously going to hate on this dude for the way he sounds or what he chooses to play for a music sample? He doesn’t have to post any videos or pictures. He could have easily received the device and not told a soul about it. Instead, he is taking his own time to show it off to the community, trying to answer questions and fulfill requests in order to give people the information they want.

    But you guys act like you are somehow entitled to the stuff he is giving us, and COMPLAINING because he says umm a lot, or has a weird voice, or listens to 3 Doors Down. It is ridiculous. If you can’t stand his voice, mute the sound and watch the video. You don’t need to tell everybody how you feel about him as a person. You don’t know if he is reading all of these comments, but chances are, if he is, he probably isn’t feeling too good about himself. Which is sad, because people should be thanking him for what he is doing. I love the Android community, but sometimes you guys blow my mind.

  • Anonymous

    Wow factor?  Everyone will be going “WOW!!!! My battery is dead already!”


    On a serious note I like the phone’s look and secs but would definitely have to wait for battery life results before even considering it against the GN.  

  • Anonymous

    *in Samuel L. Jackson voice*

    SAY “UM” AGAIN!!!

  • Anonymous

    I certainly am not a huge fan of the way this phone looks.  Definitely has a lot of power under the hood, but looks more like a Ford Taurus than a Mustang lol 

  • Anonymous

    Hahaha…..he just owned you opinionated clowns.

  • Anonymous

    Wow! . . . get a tripod and do a “take two”, and kill the 3 Doors Down!! 😀

  • Anonymous

    I agree completely…..this phone is definitely lacking a wow factor.

  • foreWard

    I would just like to say I am dissapointed that this phone is so similar to the t’bolt.  I was hoping for something thinner.  I would rank the “coming soon” phones:  1)gnex, 2)razr, distant 3)rezound.  I would also like to congratulate us for making it through an hour of comments without one “bro” response.  My faith in humanity has been temporarily restored. 

  • Anonymous

    Dude needs practice.

  • Mikewoods94

    Seriously dude you sound like you have a hang over……who cares.

  • guest

    I really want Verizon to just stop wasting our time and tax paying dollars and release the mighty g-nex already. This phone is bootie.

  • looks pretty nice, us VZW guys have some tough choices to make this holiday season.

  • Booboolala2000

    I thought the unboxing was bad…this guy is an idiot. He needs a list to go over or something. Just baffled.

  • Trophynuts

    this guy is horrible i would rather not watch any more of his videos good holy piss 

  • TheAndroid1

    Overall though, I would say that the device looks as polished as you would expect any HTC device to be. 
    That’s a bad sign.

  • sm

    Guys, any idea if it will be a WORLD phone? thx

  • hatethanet

    Am I the only one who thinks the Thunderbolt is the better looking phone there?

  • Abc123

    this guy is painful to listen to

  • Kianjudah

    Wow, I now want the rezound even less than before, and I already had no interest in at all.

    • Christopher Riner


  • Xcution25

    So many choices.  Do I upgrade my att line and get the Vivid or upgrade from my og droid to get the Rezound or Razr. Also does anyone know the CPU in the galaxy s2 lte?  Some say it’s the same as the g-nex while others believe it to be the same CPU in t-mobile’s galaxy s2.

  • just came to say:
    people complaining about no SD card on the galaxy nexus
    SD cards are MUCH slower than built in memory.
    this is why the galaxy nexus camera will be faster than any other SD based android phone.
    now you know.
    stop complaining.

    • tjmonkey15

      They (Samsung or Google or whoever makes these decisions) should give the users the option to save pictures to built-in memory or memory card.  I can’t imagine a microSD card slot adds that much thickness to a phone, so I’m thinking that can’t be the reason they left it out.  I don’t really understand why they don’t have it in there.

      • Booboolala2000

        All my pictures get uploaded to picasa and g+ automatically i don’t want a bunch of photos eating up space on my phone. I keep a few but most get deleted. If i want to share, the people that i share with can view in my online albums.

      • John Pisano

        they probably left it out because the memory is handled completely different from previous Android versions. In Honeycomb ALL of your memory is able to be used for whatever you wish, apps, music, pictures, etc. Similar to a certain iProduct. This has a few advantages. One, you will no longer get the annoying “low on disk space” error like on certain HTC phones where the internal memory is an embarrasing 512MB and you don’t have any more space after a few hundered texts and like 10 apps(Incredible is notorious for this). Two you can plug the device into a PC and both the mobile phone and PC can access the memory at the same exact time due to Android 3.0+ using MTP as the standard transfer protocol. Ever wonder why the SD slot on a Xoom is read only? Because Android 3.0+ probably won’t like hotswappable memory. Atleast not in it’s official form. I’m sure something will be hacked in by OEMs to put ICS on their phones, but in an official sense it’s not really supported.

        Not to mention with the advent of Google Music and Picasa/G+ you don’t really need to save much on your phone anyways.

  • Anonymous

    He is running a Bamf rom!  LOL  

  • Drewfus0929

    Galaxy Nexus ads, why do you taunt me?!?!

  • Anonymous

    John Lallier, we’re on to you. With or without an NDA. Sincerely, the Verizon legal team, Syracuse department.

  • McConnellMan

    Hey guys,

    I have an OG Droid and, like most of you, will be upgrading to a Nexus, Razr, or Rezound in the coming weeks. I’ve weighed a lot of the pros and cons of each of these handsets but everyone seems to be complaining about the battery life of HTC devices. This is where I am a bit confused because I have never had a HTC phone. Couldn’t you simply buy a bigger battery for the Rezound and solve this battery problem?

    • The question is, why would you want to? And even then the battery life could be better. I’ve owned, two HTC phones, the imagio and droid eris, i never really had a complaint about the battery life of the imagio (that’s actually the ONLY complaint i didn’t have about the imagio) the eris’ life was horrible after contineud use over time. I couldn’t make it through classes (i only had 3 ) without it dying, and all i did was listen to music and tweet as to not kill the battery. So i’m interested in seeing the battery life too.

    • If I remember correctly, it is the Qualcomm chips that they use that are inefficient leading to poor battery life.  A larger battery turns the current brick form factor into a cinder block.  I would be willing to carry a huge phone if it meant it was much more capable.  To be so huge just to be comparable to the competition is acceptable to me.

    • Mjs1124

      There has not been a 4g lte phone yet that has gotten great battery life. Dont let these gnex fanatics act like its going to get any better battery life than the htc phones. I get more than 1 day moderate use from my thunderbolt and know at least 5 other people that have no problems with theirs. BMX on his twitter feed has talked about how fast the battery drains on the nexus on 4g, so I wouldn’t expect any miracles from any of these phones.

  • boo Jay

    W00t!  HTC is finally listening!  I’ve been saying for ages that it’s the width of the phone that matters most in terms of comfortably fitting in the the hand.  All the people complaining about screen size being too big do not realize that it’s the size of the phone that’s the issue.  The screen can be as big as it wants so long as the phone size remains small.  This obsession with the thinness of a phone makes no sense because it’s the width that affects how you hold it; not the thinness nor the height.

  • Anonymous

    I am going to laugh so hard when all of the G-NEX fanboys start getting their devices and the complaints start rolling in… “battery life suck”, “build quality sucks, come on Sammy!”, “phone locks all the time”… etc.

    • well, complaints will come, but don’t be on the same high horse with them, maybe the complaints will be minimal on a whole. 

    • That would make you laugh real hard huh?  I guess that kind of makes you a douche bag.  

      • Anonymous

        I think it’s mad.

      • Anonymous

        u mad bro?

  • Anonymous

    Anyone thinking about this phone know this… the reason it looks like a thunderbolt is because it is basically an oc’d version with an extra processor core, still same gen qualcomm radios and chipset as the thunderbolt, also this screen resolution will tax the already poor gpu even harder… all this means much worse power draw than the t-bolt… get ready to watch batteries disappear… poof, its gone in a flash!  I like htc build quality but they are being held back until the next gen snapdragons come out.

    • Love this post. Most of what you said it’s true, though, i’m interested in seeing how HTC has handled the efficiency of the actual device. I’m not only into programming/development , i’m also going into hardware engineering, and we all know how something is wired, where the power is actually going, and the software efficiency  all pools into battery life. Can’t wait to see. 

      • (i didn’t say that to appeal to authority i was just providing a slight bit of background on why im thinking like i am) 

    • snapdragonFan

      Are you sure this chipset is the same?  Are you sure its not more similar to the HTC EVO 3D chipset?  I’m pretty sure is has a different gpu than the thunderbolt(Adreno 220 vs Adreno 205). I would be a little surprised to see it drain battery like the thunderbolt, given the overwhelming complaints about the T-Bolt’s battery life.  I would think the engineers would rework some things to improve the battery performance, but that fact can’t be argued until release. 

      • I love this post the most, considering you said some of the things i’ve already stated in this comment section.

      • Anonymous

        You are kind of correct, I was dumbing it down for the masses.  They are still of the same generation as the tbolt, ie no smaller process or anything, just better units capable of a higher clock, coupled with a “better” gpu.  Adreno 220 still blows… about comperable to the sgx 540 in the Galaxy S I, the result with such a hi-res screen I suspect will be disastrous, just consider the resolution its pushing on the evo 3d vs here, its working like 4x harder.  The omap 4460 which is significantly faster in the nexus may still chug at this resolution.  The worse battery drainer however is the processor and radio, neither of which has made a generational change here from the t’bolt.  In fact the processor may prove to be worse as its clocked so much higher the voltage needed to reach these speeds…. Im just sayin’.  Hope I’m wrong, but I think this bad boy will show us a new low in battery life.  One thing is for certain, the main t’bolt problem was the lte radio, and I think its about impossible we see a gen two integrated lte radio here, so even disregarding the processor and gpu, it still probably has some battery issues.

  • So no kickstand?  that was a great feature… don’t block the speaker but keep the kick stand.

    • Anonymous

      imo, they flubbed the kickstand because of the side they put the USB port. couldn’t be plugged in and kickstanding in landscape.

      • Speedyrulz8

        Actually the dumbest part was the USB port was fine, they should have just made the kickstand pop up on the other side.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    This guy needs to take Kellex’s class on how to perform a “Product Demo” and playing 3 Doors Down – Back to Me,

    he needs to work on his excitement and be more into video, also more knowledgeable about the devices,  This guys comes off as kinda wishy washy.

    • John

      ya that was freaking awful. stopped it after 20seconds

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, it was killing me too lol

    • Anonymous


      and learn how to read a ruler?!? jeez!!

      • Anonymous


  • Evan Knofsky

    What is with all the 3 Doors Down hate? 🙁

  • Anonymous

    I thought the Rezound looked just as bulky as the Thunderbolt.  I have a Thunderbolt and while I like it, if I’m going to have a longer phone, I at least want it to be thinner than my current phone.  That’s why I’m going with the Galaxy Nexus.

  • Tone9

    Is the screen not a wow factor? 720p on just 4.3, compared to g-nex’s 4.6?

  • Anonymous

    Seriously, why are people not using the metric system? It’s not only easier but way more accurate. I am an American by the way, and not the self hating kind that thinks they’re “enlightened.” It just doesn’t take long to pick it up.

    • Trbasil

      To say one measuring system is more accurate than the other is idiotic.  While one may be more globally used, it is no more accurate than the other.  It all depends on the measuring device used.  A fabric measuring tape with only an 1/8th inch scale is only going to be so accurate, it’s not the fault of the measuring system itself.  If they had used a similar tape but only marked with a centimeter scale the results would of been even more inaccurate. 

      • Speedyrulz8

        Yeah it’s not more accurate, just easier to use.

      • Christopher Riner

        centimeters are metric

  • JetmanFL410

    I was really holding out for this piece! I’ve had moto droid x, droid charge, and hoping to get HTC rezound, but after that video, I’m not that impressed. Still really thick, sence 3.5 looks the same, he says the speed is the same as the single core, screen looks ok, but it looks like I’m gonna look at Razr/Nexus as first and second place and rrznd in last. Need a little more sexy than just a set of nice earbuds.

    • You find the razr sexy? Odd. Maybe it’s just me….

      • Anonymous

        Nah I agree. Razr really does = Droid X LTE(minus removable battery)

      • Kierra

        Yeah the Razr is more appealing to me. Nexus doesnt have any oomph. Just looks standard.

        • I suppose it’s all a matter of opinion, i just don’t find the razr attractive at all. The HTC phone build has been pretty standard since the touch pro 2, and imagio. So..yeah.

      • JetmanFL410

        Man that Razr is real sexy! That thing is just sweet looking! I just don’t like blur that’s why I was hoping big for this phone. Maybe the released phone will look a bit better. Man and I can just see it now all that rubber on the back getting hung up in my pockets! Ah damn I’m upset!

      •  I think it’s a beautiful phone.  I won’t ever buy another Motorola after dealing with the DX’s encrypted bootloader, but I still find most of their phones to look very sexy.

  • Elliot323

    This gives the Galaxy Nexus a good run for its money, not at all interested in that locked down Droid RAZR

    • Jam32

      It’s running a Qualcomm chip, not much of a competitor to other dual cores  🙁   

  • Keith Sumner

    You’d think they would have optimized sense by now, it still stutters when scrolling through screens and the app drawer, what a joke! 

  • MikeyBotz

    If the Galaxy Nexus gets pushed back any further there is a strong chance I will consider this phone. What is so about putting the best of what is available. At least we know it will work.

    • If the Galaxy Nexus gets pushed any further back there is a strong chance I will consider other carriers.

  • Anonymous

    I would consider getting this one if the nex takes any longer to come out…. I’ve been on an old phone since my htc inc broke over a month ago and decided to try and wait… but its becoming unbearable

    • Anonymous

      I actually would get the iphone 4s over this (and the razer without a doubt). I really do think  sammy and google are going to lose some customers by not telling us when the nex is going to be released, and releasing it soon.

      • sailor

        So you want a 3G iphone 4s over a 4G LTE phone, really.

        • Anonymous

          Yeah, that is a little idiotic in my opinion.

          • Anonymous

            Yea, living in an area w/out 4 g will do that do you… maybe not so idiotic, in my opinion

          • Anonymous

            Um… well Verizon wants the entire country to be covered in LTE by January of 2013, that’s just over a year and you want to be stuck with a 3G phone for 2 years?

      • Iphone 4S over the Thunderbolt S?

  • JMac726

    Odd, I don’t see the “Galaxy Nexus will be released by Verizon on….” line, did you forget it?

    • Mralexdsmith

      u mad bro?

      • Anonymous

        lol dont say that alot of people will cry over that phrase.

  • ML

    I need a better Verizon rep!

  • Erickbernal27

    Honestly I think it will sell simply because of the beats

  • Anonymous

    Ewwwww… 3 doors down? Really?

    • Keith Sumner

      yep, read my comment below.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think I like the thickness on the “REEE”zound

  • LiterofCola

    Cool, if this is your thing.  I need thin!

  • I am getting this phone, but i can say it’s no WoW factor. Like i’ve said, things about the g-nex have wowed me constantly almost into getting the g-nex, esp since it is a dev phone. Luckily, i have a hatred for samsung (my girlfriend has samsung everything too including the lovely galaxy s2) so i’m going to let HTC redeem itself for the imagio (i still don’t feel like the eris was enough to right that ship for me..i hated the imagio) . Didn’t have to deal with the thunderbolt, so maybe this phone will keep me happy. Spec wise, it should last me a year, but only if i root it to the way i want, and it gets updated to ICS, we’ll see. 

    • Anonymous

      So your girl friend uses Samsung so you won’t? Are you being sarcastic about the “lovely SGSII”?

      No offense but it seems like the G-Nex is the phone for you and you are going to go with another product and hope it becomes what the G-Nex will be out of the box. You never stated a feature of the HTC phone that you felt trumped the G-Nex.

      Not trying to be a G-Nex troll. Just reading into the comment.

      • No, I love the Galaxy s, and Galaxy s II, i was being a little ..satiric in the post. I was mocking the people who have one bad experience with a phone brand, and decide to not buy any more phones by it. I’ve had bad experiences with samsung in the phone world and other electronics, but was praying the s 2 was coming to verizon, when i found it wasn’t, the search for the next phone to catch my heart was on. I love HTC, and i love sense (a main reason i didn’t get the charge….and who made the charge……was i wanted sense). 

        None of the features trumped the g-nex, besides the specs (imo, say what you want about the type of processor, but i can work around that long as i have 1.5 ghz and a gig of ram)

        But, again, i had my heart set on this phone for a while, and probably will end up selling the rezound and eventually getting the g-nex anyways. 

        • Anonymous

          If you can afford it, more power to ya. I hope the rezound is amazing. Three super phones will really push developers, accessories, and 3rd pary support.

          No matter which phone, it should be an exciting time.

  • Abundis5555

    Blah blah nexus comment. Now on to the rezound please…..

  • Anonymous

    Yawn… I want my G Nexus

  • The Thunderbolt IMO was poorly built. The kickstand alone was horrible and peeling after a month. Don’t think I’ll be going HTC again.

    • If i can stay strong to HTC after the imagio, you’re easily dissuaded if the thunderbolt is what bothers you. 

  • Anonymous

    ehhhhh, I’ll wait for the sexy nex…  I like black chicks and pancakes!

    • Anonymous

      +1 for black chicks 

      • OG Droid

        I have a thing for asian girls myself.

        • LiterofCola


      • +2..any that look similar to Beyonce gets me “excited” lol!

      • Anonymous

        +1 for black, white, asian, indian, Martian, robot, zombie, and any chick that will let me melt her chocolate.


  • Anonymous


  • Keith Sumner

    3 DOORS DOWN LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!