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HTC Rezound Caught on Video 1 More Time, Compared in Size to Thunderbolt

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After receiving some hands-on time yesterday, the HTC Rezound is back again in a clip that compares the device to the one that most of us are expecting it to replace, the Thunderbolt. Again, nothing is all that surprising or new here, but you do get a feel for its length, screen resolution, thickness, and even some Beats audio love. That is if you can handle the 3 Doors Down clip that’s played for far too long. I think some ruler tape even makes its way into the video at some point.

Overall though, I would say that the device looks as polished as you would expect any HTC device to be. The build, color scheme and polish are of the highest quality; similar to what we have seen from the Amaze 4G. But with the Galaxy Nexus and DROID RAZR breaking ground on some new technologies and design elements, I’m wondering if Beats is going to be enough to help push this phone. We know it packs the higher end specs to compete with anything on the market today – is there a “Wow!” factor though?

  • Anonymous

    Dang it was taken down…I wanted to check that thickness comparison. Shows what I get for being late!

  • Anonymous

    Another device that will disappoint a lot of people.

  • jm

    it looks to me that the Thunderbolt is the better phone…….SMH……looks like it will be the razor for me. ¬†

  • Anonymous

    soooo you play with his “toys” and he plays with yours?


    Dam, i loved this phone but once again verizon screws it up by not putting htc hub on it… is it really that hard verizon? really? no htc stuff? besides watch which im not even sure if its on there…saw a widget but no app..

  • Razr looks much better to me

  • Hust3 n Shank

    Lemme tell you something, you have no idea how to demo a phone I’m sorry. Also the only way you will see a speed difference on a dual core and single core phone or anytype or electronic is if they are under a load. Me and Mc Deemous Deem you Incompetent and you should be hustled n shanked.

    Thank you.
    The above statement in now way is a represenation of Hustle n shank it is nothing but a figment of your imagination.

  • Leroybrute30

    He did make it sound and look like it is no different than the Thunderbolt, and the 720p screen is no better than the tbolt. Maybe he can do some benchmarks in the next video. Like cf-benchmark, quadrant, nenamark. That may make it seem a better phone than the tbolt. Browser differences. Speed test. HDMI or hml or what ever it is called.

    • hatethanet

      Yeah, I noticed that, too. Seemed like the improvements between the Thunderbolt and Rezound were minimal, regardless of the specs. Can’t wait to see benchmarks.

  • Anonymous

    They will probably prepackage an extended battery like they do with the thunderbolt so you can make it through half the day.

  • Anonymous

    Come on htc, moto and samsung make their lte phones thinner than yours and get better battery life. Guess they figure since sense is heavy the phone has to be heavy also.

  • Anonymous

    how much does the phone weigh? does it feel too heavy?

  • Kelson Sebring

    You guys are seriously going to hate on this dude for the way he sounds or what he chooses to play for a music sample? He doesn’t have to post any videos or pictures. He could have easily received the device and not told a soul about it. Instead, he is taking his own time to show it off to the community, trying to answer questions and fulfill requests in order to give people the information they want.

    But you guys act like you are somehow entitled to the stuff he is giving us, and COMPLAINING because he says umm a lot, or has a weird voice, or listens to 3 Doors Down. It is ridiculous. If you can’t stand his voice, mute the sound and watch the video. You don’t need to tell everybody how you feel about him as a person. You don’t know if he is reading all of these comments, but chances are, if he is, he probably isn’t feeling too good about himself. Which is sad, because people should be thanking him for what he is doing. I love the Android community, but sometimes you guys blow my mind.

  • Anonymous

    Wow factor? ¬†Everyone will be going “WOW!!!! My battery is dead already!”


    On a serious note I like the phone’s look and secs but would definitely have to wait for battery life results before even considering it against the GN. ¬†

  • Anonymous

    *in Samuel L. Jackson voice*

    SAY “UM” AGAIN!!!