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NDrive And Droid Life Give You A Chance To Win 1 of 8 USA Map Licenses

The good people over at NDrive want Droid Life readers to celebrate as we head into November by  giving them a chance to win 1 of 8 NDrive USA licenses. These licenses are priced at about $43 a piece, making it one of the most expensive Android apps I know of. NDrive is a navigation and GPS alternative for Android users that is a huge hit in Europe. Excellent turn-by-turn directions, multi-touch gestures, and a bunch of other great features make it one of the most dynamic apps available for drivers.

Instructions to win:

1. Head on over to Facebook and like both the Droid Life and NDrive pages.
2. Update your status on Facebook to the following:

@Droid Life is hooking it up with 8 @NDrive Android licenses – Just in time for the holidays!”

3. You have 3 days to enter, and entries will be cut off at 10PM EST on Thursday the 3rd of November.
4. NDrive will then select the 8 winners and contact them.

It’s as easy as pie. Good luck to everyone who enters. If you want to check out NDrive in the Market, you can do so here.

  • Anonymous

    How about leaving a lovely comment like THIS ONE in your page?

    I dont use Twitter :[

  • Anonymous

    I wonder, how many of you cry-babies still ended up going through the steps to enter the contest?

  • Ravnos CC

    MyFace account?  damnit, that ain’t gonna happen

  • Anonymous
  • john watson

    Ill stick w/ Google Maps.

  • vic

    This app is garbage, clearly droid-life never used it.  Try CoPilot Live, hands down best sat nav app around.

  • Too bad you have to be on filthy Facebook to enter.  Bah!

  • 喜欢你这 我会经常来

  • 学习学习,增加知识

  • @2won6

    Pass! The market reviews for this app were horrible

  • Anonymous

    Why is this better than Google Maps?

  • Azturbomini

    I don’t have Facebook and don’t want a Facebook account so I guess I am SOL.

  • Anonymous


  • Mikewoods94

    LOL, yeah right. I would never pay that much for an app when Google Latitude works just fine.

  • One of the coolest giveaway yet.  Followed all steps.  Hope I win. 🙂

  • My question is why is this FB and not say, Google+?

    • KevinC

      because promotions are meant to advertise and facebook has more users, and thus using that platform will reach way more people.

      • Anonymous

        Why not both? :o)

  • Anonymous
  • Adam Metzner

    Seriously….$43 for a nav app. And ill I have to do is spam my family and friends for it…. 

  • Anonymous

    I’ll use this over Google Maps if they pay *me* $43…

  • I will never post anything about “just in time for the holidays” in October, regardless of whatever goodies you try and bribe me with lol

  • Blade

    was the first to post it hopefully i win lol 😀

  •  As long as it follows my account, I am good.

  • ramifications

    Lol. Droid-life generally trashes NAV apps that aren’t google maps. But now they have a sponsor, so it’s… “one of the most dynamic apps available for drivers” 🙂

    • Lmao

    • Would we write up a post for our readers to buy a $40 app? Probably wouldn’t happen too often. Would we let you know you could win it for free just for posting a status update? Heck yes 😉

      • Jason Purp

        But if the NDrive was doing it just on their own, without the help of Droid-Life, you guys would probably say that it isn’t even worth your time to do what’s being asked of us, right?

        Hmmm…. 😉

        • Completely untrue 🙂

          • Jason Purp

            So you guys will trash on Verizon’s attempt at competing with Google Maps, but not this?

            A monthly fee and one large fee for an app that you already have for free are equally bad, in my opinion. Why do you support this one, if it’s not just because of this partnership?

          • Verizon’s is utter shit, and has a subscription price ($9.99 a month), unlike this.

          • Jason Purp

            But this is still $43, which is a LOT for something that’s already on the phone. Is it really justifiable all because Verizon’s navigation app is so bad?

          • In this case its not $43, it’s free. That’s the only reason its up. Remember that before they used to post all the time about the free amazon app of the day because it was free and helpful of them. Also, and I know it sounds blasphemous (and I’m not one of these people) but maybe people exist that don’t love Gmaps. Maybe?

          • Muddy B00ts

            oh look, an angry entitled comment poster on the internet.  Somebody call Ripley’s.

            Jeez dude, someone is giving something away for free, they’re telling us about it.  End of story.

          • Jason Purp

            I didn’t intend for my post to come off as angry. I’m just curious about the whole thing.

          • Muddy B00ts

            My mistake, I read it wrong.  Just seems like sometimes there’s a lot of hating on free stuff.  Also I’m tired and some idiot egged my house.  
            Happy Halloween Purp.

          • Jason Purp

            Damn, sorry about that lol

            We never get anybody on Mischief Night/Halloween. Not even trick-or-treaters.

          • Mctypething

            Do you guys ever admit to an inconsistency? These guys are absolutely right. Droid Life (rightfully so) trashes any NAV app that isn’t Google Maps, but for some strange reason this app is “one of the most dynamic apps”. Just admit you got called out for once and stop hedging all the time. 

      • ramifications

        I still thank you for posting it. Free is free right? I was just stating how it looked to me. I may be completely wrong, but hey, that’s why it’s an opinion 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Soccer (Football) and Socialism are big in Europe too….

    • don’t forget the metric system…

      • Anonymous

        Except we (America) definitely should convert to the metric system. Our current system is crap and is nothing but a hassle for scientists. Socialism is a coin toss, but we should of course reject any and all form of European football.

        • Anonymous

          I think you have football and socialism mixed up on the coin toss/rejection front.

        • EC8CH

          Engineers would love to see a switch to the metric system as well.  Alas.. I doubt I’ll see it in my lifetime 🙁