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HTC Rezound Pre-Production Model Gets Some Video Hands-on Time

Mmmhmm, the HTC Rezound just got “unboxed” by a tester who clearly doesn’t mind showing his mug to the entire internet. This is a “pre-production” model that looks pretty finished for the most part. I was told to expect a big Beats audio logo on the back of the device at launch, but after seeing this one with both “Verizon” and “4G LTE” on the back instead of “with HTC Sense,” I’m not sure that will happen.

The tester doesn’t discover anything shocking in this video, but is able to confirm the 1.5GHz dual-core processor, 4.3″ 720p HD screen, 1GB of RAM, and Sense 3.5 – all specs we reported back in early August. We also get to see under the battery cover for the first time, which appears to be some sort of see-through red plastic. It’s one fine lookin’ machine.

Can it compete with the Galaxy Nexus and DROID RAZR? We might know this Thursday when HTC takes the stage in NYC to announce it.  


Via:  DroidForums

Cheers Kelson!

  • joejoe509

    This is actually looking better than the Droid RAZR. At this point, the only thing the RAZR has going for it is the thin form factor. But I’m still getting the Nexus.

  • I guess I’m the only one who’s actually in love with the HTC Rezound.

  • Anonymous

    After seeing the video like 3 times I’m starting to like this again.  I had a week to play with the HTC Flyer and that thing was fast with only one core at 1.5ghz.  Plus this has a full 720p display, hardware buttons, removable battery and SD card slot.  Only thing is missing is NFC and ICS (will come but when).  I held out on the Bionic because I knew 720p displays were right around the corner.  The Nexus still has a slight lead for me but I can’t wait for Thursday to get here.   

  • Anonymous

    Can it compete with Galaxy Nexus? I think if this and the Razr had ICS, yes they both could compete. But until that happens, whenever that is?; The Galaxy Nexus is still on top, IMO.

  • Anonymous

    Super Amoled Plus has certain advantages over Super Amoled (not arguing resolution). The new standard will be Super Amoled Advanced, as in the Razr, but it’s not HD resolution. Battery life, vivid colors, and saturation are supposed to be tops.

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone do a proper unboxing anymore?  You can’t unbox it, fiddle fart around with it, then stuff if back into the box and record yourself taking it back out of the box and call that an unboxing.

  • Anonymous

    That’s a nice box…

    • MOTOX

      omg omg… lol, haven’t seen u on these forums for a long time. U getting this?

      • Anonymous

        Hellz to teh noez! I would of the galaxy nexus wasn’t on vzw… 🙂 long time no see brah

  • Anonymous

    that vioce is sooo annoying…..nice phone tho..

  • phoenix3265

    Is it just me or does it look like it was filmed with an i*hone?

  • One last thing, why don’t you wait until the rezound comes out before you take your cracks at it, what if by some miracle the batterly life is amazing..how would you feel? like a jack……..

  • Guesty

    I’d rather listen to harmonious loud squeals than this guy talking.

  • Skinja99

    GSM sim card?

    I see the LTE sim card. But I thought this was also going to be a world phone?

    Anybody know?


    • LTE is a GSM technology

    • MOTOX

      could be…if verizon wants it to be… we’ll see..

  • Anonymous


  • FortitudineVincimus

    1 word.. tripod

  • Cree

    Went from a Droid 1 to Thunderbolt and now to iPhone 4. HTC is starting to become like every other manufacturer. What makes this different than the EVO 3D. Nothing….Beats Audio…Please…In order to have great sound quality the files must come from a good source, such as ITunes, etc…Why have Beats Audio if the quality of your MP3’s are 196k and under. I don’t see the logic. 

    My point is why spend $299 on a 2-year contract, in which the upgrades are minimal at best. Sense is not a great OS and still has laggy software. I used LauncherPro and is by far smoother and overall much better experience. Again going from Thunderbolt and iPhone is night and day. I miss 4G speeds, but I love having a battery that last me for over 20-22 hours within a day, even at normal use.

    The iPhone Retina display is still top dog to any qHD displays. Super AMOLED HD displays will be the closest to touching iPhone Retina display. I am not a Apple fan boy, but speaking from experience…
    Sorry HTC…This phone is not the answer to Samsung Galaxy’s lineup nor the iPhone….For $99 on contract it may be worth a look, but not $299. Cree

    • Anonymous

      yea if you like grinding your music thru itunes have fun with that. thunderbolt was a failure they rushed it out so people like you would buy it. battery life is way better now dont base everything off the thunderbolt. i do agree that the price is way to high.

      • Cree

        Itunes sucks…I hate it! TBolt is a great starter phone at $100 price point, but not $250. I know the Thunderbolt inside and out. When you have to carry a USB cable, just to enjoy 4G speeds, that is pretty hideous! 


    • MOTOX

      dude, the iphone 4s isn’t an upgrade at all and right now, android surpasses the iphone and in specs, features and well, quality lately…. verizon’s releasing 3 new phones… the razr for business… built like a tank and very nice as well as the galaxy nexus which has ics though is the more geekier phone….. basically even more ahead of the iphone again… iphone just caught up to gb with notifications, etc… This phone was way better specs than the iphone 4s… it has an hd screen… better than a qhd, faster processor, 4g, and beats.. well i enjoy my beats so yea im gona say it… but as good as the iphone may be…people are switching to android in far bigger numbers so… yea… and yes im an android fanboy…though i was an apple and still am when it comes to macs… 🙂 yes this is long and painful with all the dots but i said my piece…  🙂

      BTW…THIS PHONE IS FOR THE MASSES…ENTERTAINMENT, ETC…. each of the three are for different people…

      • Derp, Iphone 4s SoC destroys any SoC inside current android devices, It’s a lower-clocked a5 chip that utterly destroys tegra/exynos/snapdragon.  Spec wise IPhone 4S is top dog, don’t delude yourself into thinking otherwise.

        • MOTOX

          are you out of your mind? exynos blows the hell out of any chip. Its the most advanced chip to date. It crushes the a5 chip easily and the quad core tegra will do the same. Apple is outdated so stop being a pist off fanboy and deal with it. Android advances quicker.

          • Cree

            Guess who the manufacturer for the A5 is….Samsung…..Guess what Samsung had to compete with the A series processors…Exynos….So you can understand that the processors are well built.

      • Cree

        Personally, Apple places better control on providing quality parts on their smartphones. That is just my opinion. Apple uses Aluminum and glass, while other counterparts use plastic, rubber materials. Not that its a bad thing, but you can the philosophy of the companies. ICS is going to be an improvement over any gimmicky OS’s, such as Sense and Motoblur. I prefer LauncherPro to any of the OS’s on Android. 

        I’m getting to a point, when I hear specs, it reminds me of saving 394HP is faster than 385HP, when it comes to processing speed and screens. I am big on user experience without hesitation and interruptions between homescreens, scrolling, etc…I can recall when the TBolt, decided to bolt and had to pop out the battery at least once a week. I see unique features on ICS with the Panoramic view, Android Beam, and Voice typing. 

        Again I will wait until mid Jan 2012 until I make a decision to go with G-Nex or 4S…No need to rush out for the G-Nex. I am hoping the battery life is similar to the iP4.

    • Incorrect.  You’re officially an Apple fanboy.

      • Cree

        Droid 1, Thunderbolt, Droid Bionic, (2) HP TouchPad’s, iPad 1&2, BB Storm…
        I’ve dealt with many phones and devices…Cree

    • Anonymous

      Anyone who calls that overhyped iphone screen the best is a fanboy.  Yeah, it has a high PPI…big whoop, it’s still inferior in every other way to AMOLED and that high PPI serves no purpose other than for fanboys to gawk at with a zoomed in telephoto lens and brag about.

      Btw, have you heard of the battery problems on the iphone 4s? Some people are only getting 7 hours just sitting idle.

      • Cree

        I disagree. Retina Display is much more crisp than the display of the Samsung Galaxy SII. In terms of color saturation and contrast that is where your eyes discern the difference. In terms of sharpness, Retina Display has it beat. I prefer the IPS LCD Screen over Super AMOLED. Keep in mind, the Retina Display is 2010 technology, while new Android’s come out month to month and can not beat the iPhone’s sharpness and viewing angles. That is a shame, like all of the HTC phones and Motorola phones. Samsung has the best looking displays behind Apple.

        I am by no means a Apple Fanboy, as my product list goes from Droid 1, Thunderbolt, Droid Bionic, (2) HP TouchPad’s, iPad 1&2, BB Storm all within 2.5 years. So I understand technology very well. 

        Battery is a problem on every HTC smartphone. What is the point of mentioning about the 4S? EVO, EVO3D, Thunderbolt…horrible. Go ahead and add the Rezound. Regardless if we are talking about 3G vs. 4G speeds, I prefer battery life over 4G speeds at this point. Apple is smart by allowing the chipset makers of the A6 (future) to embed the 4G LTE chip on the processor to improve battery life. We will see the first Android phone 1st Quarter next year. Apple will come out with the iPhone 5 around Sept/Oct. Most likely should be quad core, since the iPad 3 will be quad core. It seems like Apple likes to build the faster processors within the iPad then gets converted over to the iPhone.

        Overall, the iPhone has better fluidity, movement between screens, bounce back response from top, bottom, and side pages, more thought into the design of the OS, whereas Android tries hard to improve on the features of what Apple has already accomplished. Keep in mind, do a quick scroll on a HTC or Motorola device. Still choppy isn’t it…One reason is the frame rate that Android smartphones have…Plus Apple has hardware acceleration with their apps. Its almost like comparing 60fps vs. 25fps. I notice this with my eyes…I have to applaud Samsung for making an improvement on scrolling, but still is behind the iPhone. Keep in mind, 2010 vs. 2011 and Android has not advanced in terms of fluidity. Bigger screens, bigger processors, but can’t get hardware acceleration corrected on both cores. 



    hmm, really want a nexus but if this comes with beats… which i didn’t see in this vid… ill buy it… its an added bonus… and it’l probably get ice cream so its fine….

  • Philip Van Luke

    I will never buy HTC shit again. I actually lost a house I was trying to buy because of a missed voicemail on this piece of shit thunderbolt.

  • Trophynuts

    lol what a dork

  • Booboolala2000

    The cynic in me thinks Verizon is gonna screw this up somehow.

  • “1 Gig dual core” 

    I lol’d. Why do stupid people get to test phones? I wanna test too… 🙁

    Nice IMEI btw, VZW will be quite pleased…

  • foreWard

    I literally fell asleep……my dad could do a better phone umboxing first impressions than that and he one of those mil. spec flip phones…..come on world of whoever you are….

  • obscura

    One of the greatest phones reviews to date!

  • dairyman

    This could be a decent phone but, it will have a wheelbarrow full of Verizon BLOATWARE loaded on it. Bring on the G-Nex.

  • Who the heck cares about the unboxing of a pre-release item packaging?  Just show the phone… Geeze.  What makes this phone so cool is that it is 720p with a fully usable screen, vs Galaxy Nexus 720p with part of the screen being used for software buttons.  At 4.3″, is this the highest res. / dpi screen available?  Couple that with 1.5Ghz Dual Core and a gig of memory – and this thing very well may have the best hardware specs out there.  I hope HTC has learned from Thunderbolt’s shortcomings regarding the battery, however.

    • Anonymous

      My thoughts exactly while watching 3 minutes of “umm it says Vigor, but it could be the Rezound, maybe they haven’t made up their mind…hmm Vigor or Rezound?”

    • You should have full access to the whole screen on the Nexus while watching movies or looking at pictures.   At least that’s what I remember reading.

    • Anonymous

      It’s a snapdragon, at 1.5 GHz it’s on par with the competition.  720p on a 4.3″ screen is completely unnecessary, AMOLED screens are much better than LCD.  That’s not to say it isn’t good hardware, it’s just not the best.

    • umm. you use the whole screen on the G-Nex. the buttons go away and you tap to make them reappear. have you used honeycomb?

      • Yes. The navigation buttons stay in the bottom left had corner of the screen the significant majority of the time. I just loaded up about 10 apps on my Galaxy Tab 10.1 and it was there the whole time – including Netflix (though faded out, it still reserved the screen-space) and ShadowGun which is a graphics intensive fist person shooter game. I also ran a slide-show in the image gallery and although the navigation buttons fade, they still reserve the screen space. Perhaps there is a setting that I am unaware of, but I don’t think so. My Honeycomb must be different than yours. I also just looked at the stuffmagazine Galaxy Nexus video review on youtube – and doing everything in the review, the buttons are either there or the screen space is reserved where the buttons are – just like my version of Honeycomb. The only exception is when they play a video.

  • JR

    Typical bad HTC battery life
    Always outdated software

  • Ryan Becker

    Has HTC commented on their plans to upgrade devices to 4.0 yet?  That is whats keeping me from considering this phone.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, they plan to upgrade as many as possible ASAP

  • Anonymous

    Does the screen look super reflective to anyone else?

  • This will be a nice phone for HTC fans. I’m stuck on vanilla andriod and the timely updates you get.

  • Guttatae22

    im sorry the thunderbolt was the last HTC phone I will get in awhile im going with the RAZR

  • It is Rezounding that we have not had any Galaxy Nexus news.  If this keeps up, i might take a RAZR to my wrist. 

    • Mrhug3


    • Not bad.  Not bad at all my friend.

  • Jason Purp

    I don’t want another DROID Incredible 2. At least, that’s what it’d seem like to me.

    I want the Galaxy Nexus. And that’s my 2 cents. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going outside to play in the snow (yeah, we got snow here, in October).

  • literally nothing compares to the nexus right now. all that high resolution is going to do for you on that screen is give lower benchmark results. and beats ? those headphones blow. i listened to some the other day and they absolutely muffled all the mids, i listen to a lot of prog and technical music, and my $50 sennheiser hd428’s are 50x better.

  • Anonymous

    As expected there are a ton of G-Nex fans posting here. I’ll give you that overall most of its specs are better than this phone.

    But for someone who wants global phone capability from a Verizon phone, this one is about as good as it gets. I’ll be there for it on (hopefully) 11/10.

    • we don’t want it because of global capabilities. We want it because it’s way more awesome than the rezound in every aspect

      • ShootAngelsFace77x

        Every?  How about expandable physical memory?

        • with everything in the cloud, why would you even need more than 32GB internal memory?

          • ShootAngelsFace77x

            I live in a city surrounded by hills.  I guess you don’t know what it’s like to get out of a city often visiting friends and family in the hills where a neighborhood in a deep pocket loses connections (4G and phone calls). Cloud = useless in those areas. 

  • Dude sounds dainty

    • LionStone

      haha…his voice reminded me of Mr. Rogers…however, some of you younguns may not know who Mr. Rogers is.

      • ShootAngelsFace77x

        He asked me to be his Neighbor all of the time!

      • i’m 24. yes i know who Mr. Rogers is. Even Mr Rogers sounded rough compared to this guy

  • OG Droid

    D.O.A. nexus please

  • Anonymous

    Sense looks SO dated after seeing ICS.  Think about it…that clock hasn’t changed much since Windows Mobile!

    The specs sound good for the Rezound, but I still have to go with the G-Nex.  It will probably take like a year for the Rezound to get ICS.  Plus, HTC isn’t exactly known for stellar battery life, and the battery in this video looks awfully puny.

    • Anonymous

      Yes I am worried about battery life on this device too, but HTC Sense is not dated. It already has most of the features that ICS has and Sense has had them for a while.

    • Sense has looked dated for the past 2 years.

    • Kelson Sebring

      1. Root Rezound
      2. Install CM9
      3. Enjoy your HTC Galaxy Nexus
      4. ???
      5. Profit

      • But…but..it has hardware buttons! And no NFC! Oh no!!!

        • PowersUSA

          So there is actually full 1280×720 resolution all the time and on a smaller 4.3″ screen (higher pixel density)   

          • Anonymous

            Who cares.

          • so there is on the G-Nex too!! O-EM-GEE! Plus immediate updates! No skin to bog you down! OHHHHHHMMMMYYYYYYGOOOOODDDD!

          • Anonymous

            Technically, when you subtract the space the buttons on the screen take up, you are left with a 4.3″ screen. You only get the full screen watching 720 or higher in landscape mode. I also wonder if you are using non HD content, if it’s going to upscale and render a bunch of artificial lines of resolution and look like watching a VHS tape on a 1080 TV.

          • I still don’t know about that 1280×720 resolution, that ‘hardware information’ page looked like a rush job, if ever.

      • Guest

        Why do work when you don’t have to?

  • Anonymous

    not to be a troll, but all of these phones coming out just seem so outdated compared to the galaxy nexus.. the same hardware style, the same slowlyyy evolving skins over yesterday’s version of android (it’ll be forever until these phones get updated with 4.0). i guess everyones different but after owning the droid, the droid x, and now the thunderbolt, i don’t see how anyone else would WANT sense or blur after seeing ICS

    • Voice of Reason

      Give me a break, I m buying a Nexus day 1 but get off you high horses already. Both the Vigor and even more so the Razr are fantastic looking devices…..give it a rest douches.

      • Vigor wouldn’t be bad if the back didn’t look like ass, RAZR looks nice, blur > sense.

    • Anonymous

      I’m not that impressed with the redesign of the UI in ICS, actually. Not a fan of sense either though.

  • Anonymous

    gosh!.. the least he could have done was at least comment on the weight of the phone!

  • LOL – I bet this is the last test device he’ll be receiving.

    • Lol I was thinking the same thing.. He kept trying to hide his face but it wasnt working all that well

      • Keith Sumner

        Yep, he’ll be fired as soon as they realize he violated non disclosure, what an idiot.

        • Skinja99

          Yeah right.

          Most “leaks” are intentional and part of overall marketing campaigns.  It makes geeks like us think we have some special knowledge to receive it in this method vs a regular PR release.

    • ThaDuKe

      if u watched the video on youtube.com he states that he never signed a nondisclosure agreement. so he’ll be fine

  • Blaine07

    Bleh…Indifferent on it. I looking for the Gnex to be my next phone…

    PS. This guy is posting a picture of himself, and the IMEI of the phone for whole WWW to see, this THIS is a perfect example of why no one wants to leak stuff to the community..sigh

  • Mr. English

    uh, umm, uhhh, tsk, umm, uh, lipsmack, ummm, lipsmack, uhhh, stress on last word of every sentence, umm, huh, lip smack. uh uh, tooth smack, um. 

    What ucking ever.

  • Ray

    he should kill his self for shooting this vertical

    • But it fit his phone screen well, why does it look like that on you Tube? /s

  • Interstellarmind

    would kill to know what porcessor’s in it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • You already know the qualcomm

      • Interstellarmind

        yes, but will it be an s3 or s4?

        • Anonymous

          S3, MSM8660 @ 1.5 GHz

  • Ajsochowski

    It is called a tripod, I think if we all pitched in we could get him a good one lol. other then that I can do without sense. Looks like a great phone.

    I like how he relates it to the incredible because of the red battery

  • Cockedandlocked1

    Sorry HTC.   Still going for the nexus…

  • Keith Sumner

    Front of the phone/screen, Nice!  

    Back of the phone…BLARGH is that a bicyle tire I’m looking at?!

    • Anonymous

      Again with the bicycle tire bit?

      • aroundNaround

        It’s funny how people repeat themselves over and over in these boards.  Adam Truelove spouting comments about hating sense, mctypething always with his “u mad bro” crap, Angelface with his blind love of motorola, McClane always defending the Bionic like it’s worth a crap… on and on.  Every once in a while there will be a constructive comment like someone pimping a good ROM, or a link for some good mod info.  Mostly these boards have turned into people hating one what other people are excited about.  It’s pathetic.

  • Anonymous

    Abysmal battery life compared to the rest. 

    • Unfortunately bad battery life is something HTC can’t seem to shake. I think it’s a pretty good phone otherwise. Just don’t expect timely updates from HTC after the Thunderbolt.

  • Anonymous

    You would think this guy would know better than to use vertical orientation when filming.

    • Anonymous

      You would think he’d know better than to film an unboxing with a phone camera.

      • Anonymous

        You would think he’d wear a hat with a hairline like that in a video meant to get put on all tech sites.

        • You’re awful.

          • Anonymous

            Thanks, I do what I can.

  • *insert comment how nothing compares to the Galaxy Nexus here*

  • DroidzFX

    Is it really an unboxing if its pre-production and thrown in some random box with a label on it

  • LiterofCola

    This video makes this phone look really bulky.

    • Compared to the pictures on the web, I think it makes it look thinner. But maybe that’s just me.

  • bvgetus

    Ever hear of a field of vision??

  • Uggg, does it get any worse than Sense?

    • Anonymous

      Yes… Blur and Touchwiz

      • Keith Sumner

        The newest Blur is far better than Touchwiz and Sense.

        • If it is what came on the Bionic, I prefer sense. That is complete and utter crap and even after my friends (who dont use android) messed with it, they hated it as well. I had to put another launcher and better background. After that I got nothing but compliments on how nice my phone looked and felt.

          • Yea and pigs fly bro

          • Blur on my bionic more than fine, dunno what problems you have with it.

        • Anonymous

          Blur is awful.. atleast Sense doesnt lag.

    • Kelson Sebring

      See: Touchwiz, Blur

    • Sorry guys, but Sense is the worst now.  Touchwiz has improved by leaps and bounds since Gingerbread, and Blur is tolerable.  Sense COMPLETELY destroys Android, changing everything about it in the process.  Obviously stock Android is preferred, but I cannot stand Sense.

      • Anonymous

        you crazy!!!!!!!    Sense is 50 times better than Tochwiz. I can’t even believe you said that.

        • ShootAngelsFace77x

          Don’t even bother with Spankem Spoogelove.  He’s flooding the Rezound articles with his hatred of Sense like he’s never stated it before.

  • Anonymous


    • Guest

      so amazing

    • PCTypeThing

      U amazed, bro?

      • Mctypething


    • Mctypething

      the Google TV HC story wasn’t Amazing? Why not?