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HTC Rezound Pre-Production Model Gets Some Video Hands-on Time

Mmmhmm, the HTC Rezound just got “unboxed” by a tester who clearly doesn’t mind showing his mug to the entire internet. This is a “pre-production” model that looks pretty finished for the most part. I was told to expect a big Beats audio logo on the back of the device at launch, but after seeing this one with both “Verizon” and “4G LTE” on the back instead of “with HTC Sense,” I’m not sure that will happen.

The tester doesn’t discover anything shocking in this video, but is able to confirm the 1.5GHz dual-core processor, 4.3″ 720p HD screen, 1GB of RAM, and Sense 3.5 – all specs we reported back in early August. We also get to see under the battery cover for the first time, which appears to be some sort of see-through red plastic. It’s one fine lookin’ machine.

Can it compete with the Galaxy Nexus and DROID RAZR? We might know this Thursday when HTC takes the stage in NYC to announce it.  

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Via:  DroidForums

Cheers Kelson!

  • joejoe509

    This is actually looking better than the Droid RAZR. At this point, the only thing the RAZR has going for it is the thin form factor. But I’m still getting the Nexus.

  • I guess I’m the only one who’s actually in love with the HTC Rezound.

  • Anonymous

    After seeing the video like 3 times I’m starting to like this again.  I had a week to play with the HTC Flyer and that thing was fast with only one core at 1.5ghz.  Plus this has a full 720p display, hardware buttons, removable battery and SD card slot.  Only thing is missing is NFC and ICS (will come but when).  I held out on the Bionic because I knew 720p displays were right around the corner.  The Nexus still has a slight lead for me but I can’t wait for Thursday to get here.   

  • Anonymous

    Can it compete with Galaxy Nexus? I think if this and the Razr had ICS, yes they both could compete. But until that happens, whenever that is?; The Galaxy Nexus is still on top, IMO.