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Google TV Honeycomb Update Starts Arriving on Sony TVs, Reminders Sent to All GTV Owners

On Friday, the Google TV team notified the world that Honeycomb was finally ready and would introduce a simpler approach to their TV-inspired OS. The update would first arrive on Sony Google TV products which includes the Blu-Ray player as well as the actual Sony TV. According to one of our readers, his TV received the update within the last hour or so; my Sony Blu-Ray unit has not received a damn thing. Logitech units on the other hand will be waiting a bit and have been given the “soon after” time line.

Once I get the update though, we will be doing a full walk-through of the update to give potential GTV adoptees a look at the future.

And on a related note, everyone that owns some sort of Google TV unit should have received an email from Google explaining the update. It’s really just the info that was released on Friday, but still worth a read if you have one of these devices.

And on a non-related note, I’ll try not to use the word “unit” for another month. Someone get me some Orbit gum.

Cheers Garland!

  • I thought it was going to be some boring old post, but it really compensated for my time. I will post a link to this page on my blog. I am sure my visitors will find that very useful. Thank you!

  • jayfaith1

    Honeycomb on Google TV is awesome. Just updated today at 5:55am 

  • Kunu87

    No update yet on my sny google tv 🙁 Any other google TV user having the same issue?

  • Yakub1939

    Sony is full of it! haven’t gotten anything.  “Early 2011 android market!”  What a bunch of baloney!  I’m throwing my google tv box in the trash!(Just kidding!)  But Sony needs to step their game up.  “Early in the week to Sony” must mean the End of week!”  We All Got Hook-Winked!!

  • Jabrunjes

    I have recieved the update. Installed this morning. Tried to add the fireplace app and it said it was incompatible. Not a very good start. Only about 10 to 15 apps available and the first one tried won’t work.

    • Stamper Brian

      What device do you have?

  • Stamper Brian

    I’m starting to Agree with Tom…I haven’t got it yet and am having a hard time finding anyone who claims they have…a few people on the forum claim they have but I’m doubting their legitimacy. 

  • Don’t expect too much. this is not true. nobody got the update yet. it’s google’s halloween  prank.

  • Tom Sheets

    GoogleTV owner here, just bought it this weekend – no update yet

    • same here i have the bluray player. I do not have the update either 🙁 

  • Just looking over the comments I think a number of people seem to be confused. The update being pushed out beginning today is not for the Logitech Revue so you will not be seeing an update at this time. The update is currently rolling out to the Sony devices first simply because Sony was the first to sign off on their final version. No conspiracy, marketing, or “soak testing” involved. All units will be fully updated shortly. Those asking why Honeycomb instead of ICS, its because the “Honeycomb” version going to Google TV is not the same Honeycomb package you would find on a tablet. The name was used at the time to unify the sense of a new upgraded android platform for TV and Tablets. Since the update took so long it seems you are getting an older version of the software which is not the case. Google is now referring to the software as Google TV 2.0, not as honeycomb or ICS. 

  • Stamper Brian

    Anyone else with a Sony confirm they did receive the update?

  • No email yet for my brand new Revue. I really hope “soon” doesn’t mean the same thing it does for Motorola.

  • Anonymous

    Email is in the inbox…….. but no update on the Revue……. 

  • Kinchas

    Got my email….can’t wait for the update.   Although….I have found my Revue extremely useful (compared to my Roku box) already.   At $99….its been great.

  • Anonymous

    ordered a logitech revue this weekend, and should get it this week.

  • Chuck Phillips

    I havent received any email from Google about my Logitech Revue.

    • asmodeus

      Ironically, my gmail marked my message as spam

  • How come Google TVs aren’t getting ICS instead of Honeycomb?

    • Parrotheadmjb

      It took em this long to get Honeycomb, we can’t ask for too much haha. 

    • Anonymous

      With the specialized interface I don’t think it’ll matter too much.  I just hope every Google service is tied in nicely.

    • Jarred Sutherland

      Probably b/c ICS isn’t much of a departure from Honeycomb?

  • Jason

    I got the email, but still waiting on the update for the revue. I’ll keep checking. The email said next couple of weeks.

    • same here got email and said couple weeks

  • Rickysiebold

    I don’t understand why revue owners have to wait.   you would think they would show us more love since we bought something specifically dedicated to google tv.   maybe they see it as more of a soak test since i’m sure there’s a lot more revues out there then sony’s google tv devices. 

    • Parrotheadmjb

      well it can’t be that big of an update from the leaked versions… I already have honeycomb on mine, so I’m not too impatient.

      • Jake

        Whew, good. I was worried about you.

    • Anonymous

      I would think they would put the TV people last as if it bricks someone’s TV I would imagine they would be real pissed.  Where the external boxes can just be disconnected.  However I’m sure they thought that through and have some sort of backup rom or equivalent.