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GetJar Offering A Slew Of Free Apps Including GRave Defense HD, TweetCaster, And More for Halloween

Back in August, GetJar started giving apps away in a program called GetJar Gold. They are constantly switching out the apps in this program, which today include a few that might interest you all. TweetCaster will run someone $5 in the Android Market, but go grab it for free from GetJar for a limited time and save yourself an Abe Lincoln. GRave Defense HD which is a couple of bucks, can be had for free too. No one should argue with free, legit applications.

It’s like what Amazon does but on a different time frame. GetJar will have multiple apps for free during a week’s time, where as Amazon has a new app every day. Either way, it’s a sweet little deal. Go take advantage.

Via: GetJar

  • Anonymous
  • How does this app work in regards of keeping your “purchases” for instance I can uninstall an app from Amazon’s store and download it again whenever… is GetJar’s like that too?

  • Anonymous

    Sweet! I got Tapatalk.

    I also noticed that they have Alarm Clock Xtreme on there for free, which I highly recommend. I got it using the Amazon Appstore credit I got from tweeting a couple weeks ago. It’s nice.

    • Anonymous

      With Android and full web browsing, free is the only price I’d pay for Tapatalk. I did get it too, thanks for the heads up!

  • Anonymous

    I didn’t see Grave Defense HD in the list of apps available.

  • Mctypething


    • Anonymous


      • Mctypething

        u mad bro?

        • Anonymous

          No I’m amazed

  • How do u update “gold” apps? That seems to be the only downside…

    • John

      they’re free. that’s good enough. & getjar is aware of this issue, founder did a piece on the TWiT podcast recently about it actually.

      • Anonymous

        They may be aware of the issue, but it sounded to me like they were not really doing anything about it.

    • Matthew Harmon

      I’d like to know how to update these apps too?  I downloaded Splashtop awhile back and I know there is an updated version…but I can’t update on GetJar?