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Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy Nexus Press Shot Discovered

verizon galaxy nexus

So it looks almost identical to the high gloss press images we saw when the Galaxy Nexus was announced at the Samsung/Google event, but when one of our readers pointed out that it was labeled “Verizon_SCH-i515”, we just had to share. As you can see, no Verizon logo anywhere near the front of this bad boy. And if the images we have seen of the back side of this device hold up, it won’t say anything but “Google” and “4G LTE” on the back either. Not surprising though – the Nexus S and Nexus One lacked all carrier branding as well. Such a pretty device, isn’t it?

Cheers Mannysaurus!

  • Anonymous

    Simply beautiful.

  • Darthseph23

    Can I be honest?  This phone’s design looks horribly outdated in my opinion.  The materials look meh, the overall design aesthetic is very “safe”

    I am not talking about Android 4.0 by the way, that looks stupendous.  I’m talking about the phone.  You know, the curved thing you have to hold in your hand or place in a cupholder or whatever when you drive.  I just feel like its a bit cheap and well overdone by Samsung.  Try something different.

    I’m still torn between the Droid Razr and this phone for functionality and design.  The Razr easily wins the design contest, but ICS is sooo enticing.

    • Anonymous

       Verizonites.. who have been craving for an SGSII, would have bought this phone even if it ran on Gingerbread with touchwiz. I do think the design has a few things going for itself. Incredibly large screen, light weight and that 720p HD screen… makes the design a beauty.

  • Kierra

    What’s so pretty about it? Its pretty garden variety to me. Not that it matters much…

  • https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-dcqAc7cp8gA/Tq7EPfbJ4yI/AAAAAAAALVU/zL4ckwyPhZw/s720/screenshot-1320076340993.png

    Droid X… CM7… ICS theme… like some elements of the Nexus, some of the RAZR… neither is perfect in every way… will probably end up with the Nexus… still love my Droid X though!

  • Jack

    No HDMI, Pentile = disappoint.  Oh and Samsung, what ever happened to 2.3 update for my droid charge?  Are you just going to take my 300 on contract dollars and forget about me?  2.2? seriously?  Why it was even released with 2.2 is beyond me.  I love android, but I hate the fragmentation, and how the manufacturers treat the customers with this crap.  At least Apple gives software updates to all phones that can handle it! 

    • Anonymous

      Must have been beyond you if you knew it was released with 2.2 and still bought it anyways.

    • joejoe509

      It does have HDMI thru the MHL port. And Pentile or not… I’ll take an HD 720p screen thanks. And that’s the whole point of the Nexus line – quicker updates straight from Google.

  • Anonymous

    So pretty

  • Anonymous

    I love the wallpaper in this shot. Why wasn’t it a part of the leaked Nexus wallpapers from a couple weeks ago? I’d love to have that on my phone right now.

  • Interstellarmind

    no SD card, only 5mp camera, lame GPU. wtf?

    here’s hoping the rezound uses an S4 snapdragon/ krait (though, i kind of doubt it).

    maybe i should ride out the winter with my droid charge and see what’s selling in the spring/ summer?

    • The Rezound will have Sense……PASS

    • Anonymous

      I agree about the lack of SD card slot, would like to see that, but  the 5MP camera doesn’t make one bit of a difference between that an 8 or even a 20MP camera if your prints are only the standard 4 x 6  the only time MP mean anything is if you plan on blowing them up for larger prints.    

      for standard shots the quality depends on the quality of the camera and this one is supposed to be top notch.   the only differecnce in quality between a 5 and 8mp is the number  both are not ideal for larger and super large prints  and both are the perfect mp sized for standard and phone storage shots. 

      as long as it’s 4 or over in MP then your fine for regualr shots. From there it all comes down to the quality of the camera and from what we here this is one of if not the best camera out there.

  • Anonymous
  • Where can I get a Verizon or Samsung sticker to put on the front?

    • Bionic

      Seriously?  what the fck does it matter?

      • ShootAngelsFace77x

        You must be as stupid as your phone if you thought he was serious.

    • joejoe509

      Verizon? Nah, I’m gonna slap a leftover Apple sticker on this bad boy 😉

  • Jon

    such a little thing, but really does make it look sexier without all the logos

  • jpelaccio

    Every time I see this device it pisses me off! I need a new phone and don’t see any point in getting anything else when I know this thing is alleged release date is right around the corner .I don’t want to hear some time in November. The only reason I could imagine why we don’t know when this is coming out in the US is because of Verizon.  Why the hell do US carriers suck so much?

    • Anonymous

      and to put salt on the wound.. they go ahead and announce a date in frigging UK! gee, thanks google.. I thought you were an American Company and this was your flagship device!!

      • joejoe509

        Probably a Verizon delay rather than a Google delay.