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Video: Ice Cream Sandwich Hands-on and Overview



The Ice Cream Sandwich port that was made for the Nexus S has been awesome to play with to say the least. After doing that massive gallery from it though, we noticed that many of you wanted video evidence of it running and decided to put something together. Keep in mind that this is an SDK port and can be slow at times, but it is still one heck of an accomplishment by Drew Garen. Been running this for almost 2 days now and have enjoyed every bit of it.

So without further ado, Android 4.0 running on a Nexus S in video.  

YouTube Preview Image
  • I’m not liking the fact that the search bar in the homescreen is fused to the screen. God damn it, that’s what the search button’s for, especially on non-Galaxy Nexus phones. I don’t want it.

    Hopefully when LauncherPro or Go Launcher gets ported to ICS, we get the choice of removing it.

  • @kellex:disqus I’m the guy that sent you a list of new features that were unannounced.

    Anyways, there actually is a new clock… 
    The pictures below show the clock dimmed and normal and the alarms page. 
    These are from the SDK. Why this isn’t in the SDK port, I don’t know. But I believe this is so needed, as the old clock was hideous.

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