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Samsung: Galaxy Nexus Rolling Out Across Europe November 17

Samsung is throwing some kind of Galaxy Note world tour event in London today and just so happened to drop word that the Euro version of the Galaxy Nexus will become available November 17. We have no idea if this means that the Verizon 4G LTE version will be released that day as well or if that November 10 date we keep seeing is the U.S. launch. With Verizon claiming all sorts of exclusivity on the phone, I would think they might try and launch earlier than the rest of the world though. Of course, “exclusive” could have always meant for the states and not the world.

Speaking of exclusive, that banner from last night has been changed:

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  • Ill_skill_2000

    God damn, google, verizon, samsung, android… I don’t know who or what it is, but this is down right crap.  My OG Droid can’t hold on anymore, I’m getting an iPhone 4s.  Its half the price as these new droids, it will run smoother, keep its value.  And maybe, just maybe, in 2 years when I’m elegiable for an upgrade again, android will run as smooth as the iphone.

    Also, in a year if I feel like I want an android phone, there will be a hundered different models on craigslist for me to choose from, all for a bit over $100.

  • i still think we’re gonna get it on the 17th too

  • Still looks like the same old android to me.I went back to the iphone 4s last night. Sorry folks but 2.3.5 Android thumbs down compared to ios. but……… im back on my droid only because i must have a 4g phone even though in web browsing the difference from 3g to 4g isnt that noticeable.

  • Anonymous

    Verizon did break status quo by giving us confirmation before they were ready to sell the phone.  For Verizon that’s a big deal to announce something more than 2 weeks before they are ready to sell it.  A lot of people here sound like impatient kids who found out they have to wait until the end of the day to open their birthday presents and cry all day because of it.   Just relax, it’s coming.

    • Impatient

      And you sound like a condescending douche for not acknloweding that most people HAVE exercised tremendous patience already. Many people played the waiting game for months and months anticipating the SGSII, only to find out last minute that Verizon wouldn’t get it. Then the waiting game started all over again. I think for most their “patience” has just about run out. And also for most, we’re not asking for the world, just some concrete details, not just leaks, rumors, and the never ending secretive games they keep playing.

      • Anonymous

        But your suffering is self inflicted. If you didn’t real these blogs you would never know there was a delay.

  • Anonymous


  • Justin Kos

    google, please release your phone in the US asap, so i can give you my money already

  • Anonymous


  • Corruptt1

    Samsung said the Nexus is hitting the US before Europe so our release date is the 10th. This announcement pretty much confirmed our release date as will, no worries.
    I just hope preorderd will be available for this, otherwise I’ll have to reschedule my Spanish midterm and stand outside Verizon extra early.

  • Anonymous

    well what I think is that the November 10th date is the date that the Galaxy Nexus is up for pre order, just like the October 27th date was for the Droid Razr pre order, and the phone will actually launch on the 17th

  • IphoneZ

    whoa wait when did google start making iPhones?

  • Anonymous

    god damnit man.  this will be my first android phone and this holding out on release date thing is getting annoying as F.

  • Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy!

    And so on…

  • Anonymous

    I hope I don’t stir up a hornet’s nest, but does anyone REALLY care if it’s exclusive or not?  I would think people simply want to get the dang thang in their hands already.

    • Scott Duffy

      I do, because I want the HSPA+ version to use on AT&T. Been a Nexus One owner for a while and will be a bit upset if I can’t at least buy one full price in the US on launch.

    • Frustrated

      SERIOUSLY! Just get the damn thing out already! Or, failing that, just give us some concrete details!! I don’t know why this whole thing is so clandestine and why they wait till the 11th hour to give the US any details! So incredibly irritating. It’s like they DON’T want to sell it! Worst marketing I’ve ever seen.

  • Who gives a flipping nut when Europe gets it!?!?!?!?  j/k

    When is it coming to VZW in the US?

  • Mr. Pink

    It’s going to be in very short supply for a few months, I know this for a fact. So everyone can get their Kleenex ready when they don’t land one on launch day……because you will be waiting a while.

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Here’s what is going to happen:

    Pre-order – Nov. 3
    Delivered and in store: Nov. 10

    From now till then: Everyone will post articles and comments dissecting the unknown to find out details until announced only to realize there is nothing to do until it is official.

    Call me wrong on Nov. 11

    • Flight of the Conchord

      Can I call you wrong now? No preorder, will release on Nov. 10. First come, first serve.

      • Anonymous

        Well, at least give me until Nov. 3rd just to be safe:)  But, yea, call me wrong then…

      • Anonymous

        It isn’t an iphone it isn’t going to sell out or be sold out for more than a day or two.

  • Anonymous

    ive been waiting for this phone since rumors starting flying around in june. its sooo close i can taste it

  • Spartan1308

    Since 10/27 is the date on the MAP list for the RAZR and pre-orders started today, I think it’s likely that 11/10 is when pre-orders for the Nexus begin.  HTC is looking to announce the Rezound on 11/03 and will probably also start pre-orders on 11/10 per the date on the MAP list.

    • I doubt they put pre orders on the rezound. The g-nex possibly. But I highly doubt the rezound, i’ll have to assume they release the rezound day of 11/10. It has the least hype of all the phones, they might actually lose money setting up pre-orders. 

      • Spartan1308

        I’m personally more interested in the Galaxy Nexus and almost certain that will be the phone that I will finally drop my original Storm for, but the Rezound may still be an option.  I hate the idea of no sd slot and no hdmi is a big disappointment as well.  If the Rezound comes with a set of Beats earbuds, it will likely be worth the price of admission.  We’ll see what kind of screen they are using as well.  It is also supposed to be 720p.  Will it be pentile?  What will the ppi be?  We’ll probably find out next week.

  • bigrob60

    I bet VZ doesn’t want to promote this too hard b/c they don’t want people falling in love w/ a pure google/vanilla/open android device when the rest of their phones are Fort Knox’s in caparison. This way if sales for this phone lag(according to any numbers they make up for that statistic), they can blame it on the fact that nobody really want’s an unlocked/vanilla phone. 

  • tearminx

    Haha no one proof reads before they post

    • Anonymous

      Thair us no raison ta pruuf reads bafore pasting, lol

  • Ericsf8

    SO FRUSTRATING! I’m guessing that they don’t even know internally when they can release the phone. I’m also thinking this is Google’s and/or Samsung’s FAIL… as Verizon seemed to launch iPhone 4s with out all this frustration. This is how I assume it all went down. *Google Exec… crap iphone 4s is coming out in we got to announced our phone ASAP. *Google Employee… but… we haven’t finished ICS yet… *Google Exec… umm whatever we’ll wing it and drag our customers along because we probably aren’t ready to release this phone with the proper marketing until Dec. *Verizon, umm I’m not sure what you’re doing over there Google and Samsung but when ever you’re ready let us know? Maybe? No? 

  • Mike

    My 2yr old OG Droid no longer has an operable power/screen on/off button, parts of the screen no longer respond and the keyboard crunches viciously opening and closing…please release in the states soon!!!

  • Anonymous

    I find the tenth hard to believe. Seems like we would have heard something from Verizon by now if it was true.

    • are you new with working verizon? they always have their own agenda. they could announce a phone saturday, and release it that monday…..they’re stupid. 

    • Nathan Hosford

      and jeopardize there Razr sales no way i would bet monday will bring news.

    • Anonymous

      They announced the bionic and launched it the next day. You must be new to the verizon business model.

  • tjmonkey15

    Verizon does a good job waiting until two days before launch to officially announce the phone.  I bet we hear more from Verizon on this topic on the 8th or 15th. 

  • You know I was @ 2 verizon stores today and I didn’t see any advertising for the razr.  When a new movie is going to be released they show the trailer way before the movie is released and blow up with advertising a few weeks before.  I don’t understand why these phones arent…..!!!!!

  • Just occurred to me.  What if they wait till after Thanksgiving.  Use Black friday to rock out Razr and any left over bionics…  I really hate cell phones.

    • Anonymous

      I highly doubt a pure google phone will be released in UK before US.

  • Anonymous

    So UK gets a release date on a phone running a US made software while Americans are still kept in the dark?


    • Drewfus0929

      Non-US made hardware.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, everyone always seems to forget about that detail

      • Anonymous

        You are giving too much credit to people who manufacture our products.

  • tjmonkey15

    You gorilla glassless, sd card slotless bastard.  Why did you make me fall in love with you?

    • Anonymous

      LOL.. It’s those curves!!.. we all fell for her because of that.

    • Anonymous

      Supposedly it’s made with the same type of reinforced glass as Guerilla Glass, but it’s just not official Guerrila Glass (GG is not a technology but a brand name)

      • tjmonkey15

        If the glass they’re using is as scratch resistant as gorilla glass, then I will be a happy guy.

        • Zachary Koterba

          Supposedly its Dragontail glass, look it up, its pretty sick

  • Frustrated

    Why is this so @#$#@ difficult?!!? JUST GIVE US A @#$(*@# RELEASE DATE ALREADY!!!! Why is doing the marketing for this thing, the CIA?!?!!?

  • Yikes

    oye… 549 pounds is $880 US

    • A lot of time they just put it in euros and do not do an exchange, 549 could be the american price

      • Yikes

        Ah, well then that will make it about the same as the RAZR if that is indeed the case

  • Anonymous

    It would do Samsung and Google immense good to organize a “Galaxy Nexus Event” here in the US specifying actual release dates and prices.

    • Jay09

      that would make the most sense but seems like verizon could care less about marketing this thing.  they are the absolute worst when it comes to phone/tablet launches.

      • Tyler

        I feel like Verizon has their foot in their mouth on this one. They damn well know it is any better than ANY DROID product, save maybe for the RAZR depending on who you are. They have never promoted anything that they can’t tag their DROOOID soundclip on, except the Thunderbolt, and that was ONLY because they wanted to promote their LTE network. 

        On the flip side, this phone is already selling itself, so they probably don’t need to. Still, Verizon is too dedicated to their Droid brand phones, which doesn’t really work when they aren’t the creme of the crop like they say they are.

        • Ericsf8

          is VWS to blame here? Remember when Google used to sell phones? The event in HK looked like it was amateur night at the Apollo… For a company who is in the ad business… they aren’t very good at advertising themselves… how long did it take them before they did any offline ads?

      • Anonymous

        Honestly which phone would Verizon want to market more of.  The Droid RAZR that is loaded with bloat that makes them money.  Or the G-Nex with no bloat, and a following of people (us) who they know want it and will buy it if they announced the release date the day before the release date.  

        • Anonymous

          All Verizon wants you to do is buy a phone and lock into a data plan. They don’t especially care what phone you buy.

          • Anonymous

            Righty-o.  They don’t care which phone you choose, as long as you choose a Verizon phone.  Verizon obviously wanted the next Nexus bad enough to make the exclusivity deal with Samsung because they knew it would cater to the hardcore developer crowd.  Plus, it would be the first ICS phone.

            But they also made the Razr to cater to the “Droid” crowd, which is why it is so polished and “thinnest” phone out there (despite the hump)  And to be honest, as it has been stated already, the average phone buyer doesn’t care about the phone’s bootloader being encrypted.  They just want a cool, slim phone which WILL have ICS within a couple of months.  Then we have the incoming Rezound…Verizon has finally wisened-up and are offering diversity to those who want it

          • Anonymous

            I agree with this… there is something for everyone!  

  • Anonymous

    The launch here on Big Red will happen. I am still excited that it is coming to Verizon finally. Congrats to Europe who gets a launch date. Can’t be much longer now for us in the USA!!!

  • Steve

    I’m really hoping it comes out in the states on the 10th. My contract ends on the 12th, and it’s definitely time to put the OG Droid to rest!

  • Unless there is bugs with the phone they are trying to hurry and fix, I don’t see why Verizon can’t just tell us when they’re releasing the phone.

    • Anonymous

      They don’t want to take sales away from their locked down bloated up razr that they will make more money off of from all the bloat.

  • Gee-Nexx

    Release it to everyone and let LTE sort it out!

  • I could care less if its exclusive to Verizon, I just want it!

    • Keith Sumner

      Couldn’t ***

    • Dieringer

      u impatient bro?

  • Alden

    That whole claim of exclusivity is now conspicuously absent from Verizon’s website…

  • Jason Purp

    Full retail thanks

    • Joe

      Yup, full retail Euro version will likely be the way to go on this one people.

    • Anonymous

      Same here. hoping it is less than the razr.

  • Chuch2174

    They had said originally that it was to be released in the US first and than European countries shortly after. I am thinking the 10th it is, I am ready to buy.

  • Dan

    Samsung: Nov 17th
    Verizon: aw shit we are so dope so you get it earlier.

    ^My predictions

    • Anonymous

      what samsung? You mean Europe?

  • dima

    Really really hope that means we will get it on VZW on Nov 17 or earlier.

  • I’m guessing Verizon is the one that will give the word on their version’s availability.

  • Anonymous

    need it now

  • Dominick DeVito

    Samsung, when is it rolling out across the UNITED STATES?!!!