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LG Revolution to See Gingerbread Update Tomorrow, October 28?

According to LG’s official support forum, the Revolution should see an update to Gingerbread starting tomorrow (October 28). We scoured Verizon’s website and could not find any evidence of this actually happening, so we will just have to see what happens in the morning.

Via:  LG Forum

Cheers Scott!

  • LG haven’t you learned anything from how HTC treated us?  your suppose to wait 4 more months to give them the GB update, and it has to be broken.

  • Anonymous
  • And this is why I hate OEMs.  ICS is right around the corner and this fairly high end phone is still running Froyo!!!

  • Anonymous

    I know everyone here is not happy about getting LG Rev update first, but this is the best phone I have ever used so far. When I compared Samsung Charge and LG Rev, the choice was very clear, LG Rev. 

    Very nice development LG…. and thanks for the update

  • Victor

    OMG I can’t believe it , Droid Charge still 2.2.1 why? Can someone answer me?

    • Anonymous

      carriers in us slow everything down update wise. Check out how samsung has all their phones updated internationally just takes forever in US.

  • OG Droid

    To bad noboby owns one of these.

  • Nice one, wish i could get one for free )

  • Anonymous

    I hope this is true.  I’ve been telling my wife about how my Thunderbolt got updated to GingerBread and she was asking when her Revolution would be updated.  I told her it depends on LG and Verizon.  This would be pretty sweet.  In all actuality the Revolution is a decent phone.  We actually picked it out for her because of the location of the proximity sensor and the fact that it’s lighter than the Thunderbolt.  She really didn’t like the weight of the Thunderbolt.

  • Anonymous

    She’s a chunky little girlfriend, ‘aint she?

    • Anonymous

      It’s lighter than the Thunderbolt though.  That’s why my wife picked the Revolution over the Thunderbolt because she thought my Thunderbolt was too heavy.

      • Anonymous

        Honestly I think it’s a misleading picture.  It’s thinner than any phone I’ve ever owned.

        • Anonymous

          Wow, really?  What phones have you had before?  The Revolution is thicker and just bigger overall than the Thunderbolt, but it does feel quite a bit lighter to me.  The Revolution is probably the biggest of the LTE phones over all, but like I said it’s pretty light, the Charge is probably the only phone that’s lighter.  My wife had the original Droid before she got the Revolution and it was pretty heavy and thick as well.

          • Anonymous

            According to specs, the Rev is 0.52″, my OG and my Curve are 0.54″ and 0.6″ respectively.  Never held one in my hand though…

  • Dominick DeVito

    How embarrassing is the Droid Charge to the Droid brand these days? Seriously…

  • Come on, no love for the Droid Charge‽ 🙁

  • Sad. First of the LTE phones to get upgraded to Gingerbread. (not counting phones that started there)
    I feel sorry for my Dad’s Charge. That beautiful screen and internals and it’s not even running Gingerbread. Which, for all the hate it gets as an “incremental update” is much smoother, faster, and stabler than Froyo.

    • Anonymous

      No, the Thunderbolt was first.  It rolled out a while ago, was pulled and rollled out again Tuesday I believe.

    • Anonymous

      Thunderbolt got updated a month ago then pulled and re updated earlier this week

  • Anonymous

    Whoa, shut the front door…..there’s an LG Forum?

  • Whoohoo for the 10 people who bought this

    • Anonymous

      Ha Ha I know… My poor mom and brother both got this phone – I tried to talk them into something else (anything else) or waiting like I did for the bionic. Yes, the bionic.. Great phone, no sarcasm.

      •  It’s all good, I was waiting for the Bionic until I heard about the Galaxy Nexus 😉

        • Anonymous

          I know, bit of a bummer, but always will be…

          Personally I feel the Bionic is so much better than the revolution compared to the G-nex vs. Bionic…. Bionic:Revolution > G-Nex:Bionic. You can’t wait forever! Especially when I returned the Tbolt and went to a BB storm to keep my unlimited.. waiting with a storm was torture!

        • Anonymous

          Same here…..and then the Razr came along. Now just waitng for the reviews of both devices and a personal hands on. The unremovale battery by the Razr is pushing me towards the G-Nexus. The G-Nexus with the unexpandable memory is giving me doubts. What to do……I dont think that I need more then 16gb on a phone anyway. But then again how much of that 16gb will be availale to the user. With previous devices only 8gb was available. Unless Google and Samsung are making the the entire 16gb available to the user and puting ICS on a separate module. That would be nice.

  • Anonymous

    Woah Kellex take it easy, posting as early as 8AM this morning and now at 1AM. I mean kudos for your commitment – we are noticing… I just hope you’re not burying yourself in work for any particular reason!

    Thanks for the dedication as always!

  • Anonymous

    Well, they beat Samsung.

  • Anonymous

    Whats a gingerbread?

  • Bear0013

    Whats a lg revolution ?…never heard of it lol…….jk

  • too much fragmentation with android… =

  • Anonymous

    It’s sad that this phone is just getting GB when ICS is about to launch.

    • logan3414- since ICS was just officially announced it is a strong chance that LG did not have the SDK from google for ICS but has been working for a period of time on testing GB to insure it is a clean and solid upgrade with out bugs on the revolution. These things take time.

      • Don’t even try to stick up for LG, they are NOTORIOUS for not getting updates out to their phones. I owned and LG Ally and we got Froyo 3 months after Gingerbread first starting hitting phones. They make decent TV’s but their phones are trash.

      • Anonymous

        There’s no logical thought allowed around here.

    • Better late than never. 🙂
      It’s sad that so many phones (including this one) were launched with 2.2 this year while 2.3 was long time released. THIS is really sad.

  • Anonymous

    Life is Good.

    Did they actually sell any of these?

    • yea i bought one like a idiot  lg how in the hell can you put bing on a android phone  

      • Don’t blame LG. Blame Verizon.

        • Keith Sumner

          Actually you’re wrong, blame LG. Manufacturers are responsible for building the updates, and making sure they work on their devices, once Verizon deems the software stable enough they will allow it to be released. If LG worked diligently to get this software working, it would have been available by now. Please tell me why this would be VZW’s fault?

          • Anonymous

            It’s Verizon that pushed to put Bing on the phone, that’s what he was referring to.

      • You’ve seen what you buying a phone with Bing, right?

      • Mz Vocalz

        i have this phone nd i love it. maybe im square but im very much so tech savy nd i love  the phone. not too crazy abt this update tho