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DROID RAZR Accessory Pricing, MotoACTV Will Be Available Via Direct Fill

If you pre-ordered a DROID RAZR today, then you are likely looking at the massive list of accessories that can accompany it. HD Dock in mind? One of the two Lapdocks catch your eye? What about MotoACTV, Motorola’s fitness watch that can notify you of texts, calls and calendar items? Well, you now know exactly how much you will be paying for each of them on November 10 (the date Verizon told us to expect the device).

Speaking of the MotoACTV watch, it looks like you won’t be able to pick them up in stores, hence the “DF” note on there. “DF” stands for Direct Fill which means that Verizon would have to order it for you. If you want one, remember that they go on-sale November 6 at a variety of big electronics stores and REI for $249.

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  • Brian Arcudi

    can we get the razr for virgin mobile?

  • Can laptop docks work on phones not made by Moto (like Galaxy Nexus?)

  • Sp4rxx

    To everyone saying accessories are too expensive… aren’t they always, no matter the phone?  Geesh – just go to eBay.  I bought a Verizon Wireless branded magnetic belt clip holder for $9.  How much did they want in the store for it?  $50….   and no, it wasn’t from over-seas from Korea or Japan lol

    Accessories PERIOD are expensive in-store.  Just wait a few weeks and you will find them elsewhere cheaper.

    • Sp4rxx

      since I can’t edit my comment, I have to respond to it – the clip was for my OG a couple of years ago when I first bought it.

  • Sputnick

    Has anyone used these laptop docks for at least 4-6 months?  I’ve read several blogs that they are useless, laggy pieces of junk.

  • Anonymous


  • Tjcard03

    300 bucks for a watch that doesn’t let you do half the stuff the imwatch will is just plan crazy considering the phone itself cost 300. if i’m paying that i want a phone on my wrist not just an ipod nano with a built in pedometer.

    • Sp4rxx

      apparently you didn’t watch the keynote nor you read up on the features – when a call or txt comes in, it shows on the ‘watch’ and if you have your BT headset on your head, you can audibly ignore it or respond saying “answer” or whatever.  Now they didn’t say whether you could speech2txt answer the incoming message, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that functionality is there as well.

  • Jer85008

    While the Lapdock is cheaper than I expected, why would anyone get this? You can get a 10″ Netbook for the same price. Lapdock should be around $129, then people would actually buy it.

  • So now I can have a bunch of accessories that will be utterly useless once my RAZR’s non removable battery dies?

    • Cam

      I haven’t seen the specs of them, but if the laptop dock has a built in battery to recharge your phone while you use it, I could see it being infinitely more useful.

  • Anonymous

    The top mount ports make the docks look really ugly.

  • Anonymous

    Those top mount ports are fugly.

  • Anonymous

    What’s the difference between the two docks other than $40 and an HDMI cable?

    • SamIam

      The more expensive one has 3 USB ports for adding on keyboard, mouse, hard drive, etc.

  • Ray

    hmm lets see spend $250 on MotoActv or spend $250 on the best phone in the world the Galaxy Nexus this should be a hard decision…. 

    • SamIam

      The Galaxy Nexus is $649, dip shit.

      • Anonymous

        And you know this how? Plus he was talking about contract price, dip shit

        • SamIam

          You’re right.  I don’t KNOW this because the US price hasn’t been announced.  But here’s what it will be in the UK:  http://androidcommunity.com/galaxy-nexus-sim-free-price-680-20111019/

          No, he wasn’t talking about the contract price.  The contract is for 2yrs.  He was talking about the initial payment for the phone.  By his (& your) logic you can buy a car for $1.

  • Anonymous

    One word..


  • Does anyone know if the Car Mount will also charge the phone like the one for the Droid X?

    BTW… No extended batteries as you can’t remove the battery.  I picked up some external power packs from woot.com the other day so I have something in case I can charge in a pinch.

  • Shrugster

    Google can’t take over this company fast enough. Motorola is led by morons and the pricing here proves it.

  • Anonymous

    Lapdock plus the price of the phone = the price of a regular windows laptop. Finding out you spent too much money on phones and accessories, priceless.

    • Anonymous

      When you can make phone calls and slip your windows laptop in your pocket when your finished let me know… 

      • babadush

        You can slip the laptop dock in your pocket? I missed the cube transforming accessories

        • Anonymous

          I think that it’ll come with the Transformer Prime.

          See what I did there…

  • Anonymous

    I wish they’d let you just use the same accessories for different devices.  What good is the standard microusb when you have all this shit?

    • I was going to ask this question. So these accessories are only compatible with one device? That seems like a great way to make people NOT want to buy them. 

      • lapdock is cross compatible with all moto devices that support it.. not sure about the rest. 

  • Anonymous

    My phone isn’t convenient enough for texts and what not, thankfully Moto has come out with a watch for such at the bargain basement price of $249 and 97¢

    • Anonymous

      Might I suggest a low cost carrier for you. There is Cricket, Revol, Virgin Mobile, Hell I even think Walmart has a low cost Android that might suit your budgetary constraints..

      • Anonymous

        What????? I think u missed the point of his comment completely

        • Anonymous

          No I didn’t miss his point, perhaps you missed mine.. I’ll explain. If you can only afford a Chevy cavalier don’t complain about the available options for the corvette. You probably weren’t going to buy any of the accessories anyway, maybe because you didn’t want to or can’t afford to, either way those of us who are going to buy them will decide if it’s expensive or not.

          • Cam

            That really doesn’t make sense. I can afford, and am considering, this phone. One of the things to consider is the price of accessories. It has nothing to do with not being able to afford them, and everything to do with seeing the prices as being unreasonably high. I mean, sixty bucks for a piece of plastic that holds the phone upright and has a built in charger cord?

          • Anonymous

            Dear Cam, I would like to encourage you to read the last sentence or more precisely the last 16 words of my reply to CORYK333.. Better yet I’ll paste them here for you so you don’t have to look back, “those of us who are going to buy them will decide if it’s expensive or not.”  If you believe the prices are unreasonable high then don’t buy the accessories.. Its really that simple. Might I suggest that you buy a Cavalier the next time?

          • Cam

            I read it, and it still makes no sense. Let me explain it; The people who buy it aren’t the people that decide what is/is not expensive, it’s the consumer considering purchasing a product. The people who are going to buy it are deciding it’s not expensive, the people who are not have decided it is too expensive. It’s a simple concept. 
            Saying only the people that are definitely going to buy the accessories should decide if they are overpriced is nonsense. As is the comment “Might I suggest that you buy a Cavalier the next time?” I haven’t purchased anything, I am considering it, as are most. Was this supposed to insinuate that anyone not buying it cannot afford it? 

  • jesus, why dont they just take your whole wallet ? they can even backup assistant+ it for you ! SWEET DEAL !

  • Anonymous

    Those prices are RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MFG

    LOL No one will ever buy a LapDock.

  • PyroHoltz

    That is some seriously over priced sh!t.


    • Anonymous

      I think you have to take into account the corporate discount. 

      Take 25% off all the accessories.

      Laptop dock 100 for $150? The 500 for $225? not so bad.

      and of course, where else are people going to buy docks for this phone? It’s a mini-monopoly, but at least they make them. Buy i*hone if you want accessories available at the dollar store. 

      • Anonymous

        Your math does not add up at all – 25% off $150 brings the price to $112.50, and for the $500 lapdock it’s $375 not $225.  If the prices you listed are the correct pricing for you, then let me know and I’ll hook up my order through your discount. 🙂

        • he meant the lapdock 100 which is $200 is $150 with a 25% discount.  The lapdock 500 which is $300 is $225 with the discount.

      • Sp4rxx

        eBay …. ’nuff said

      • Eric815

        Corp discounts dont apply to the laptop docks.  Only applies to accessories ending in .99 cents. If you notice the laptop docks end in .97 cents. as is the MotoActiv.  But any accessory that ends in 99cents is eligible for corp discount.

        • Ryan Cheesman

          Really, is that true?  That’s some sound logic.  It’s sad though.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, that’s ridiculous. Forty bucks for a piece of plastic with a magnet in it you stick to your window?

  • PyroHoltz

    Are people really going to use a laptop(notebook) dock?

    Seems pretty useless to me, I understand our phones are getting more and more powerful but really…

    • Anonymous

      I would, if the Android browser worked in Sharepoint.  Or I should say, if Sharepoint worked in the Android browser.

      • The lapdock doesn’t use the Android browser…it uses a version of Firefox.

        • Anonymous

          Hmmmmmmm….looks like I’ll have to dl Firefox and test it…the lapdock could actually be very useful for my job which is super mobile.

      • shaun

        What he said, it uses the desktop version of Firefox.

      • Ryan Cheesman

        If it uses the full desktop version of Firefox then it should work with sharepoint.  At least the latest version of firefox works with it.

    • Anonymous

      Yes I will be using one version of the lapdock. I need a decent browser that is free of my employment IT policy so that I can effectively do my job. Sounds ridiculous, but that crap is standard when you work for the government. :-/

  • Foamposite0o1

    Id definitely get the navi window mount.
    Leaning towards razr more and more..

  • Anonymous

    no extended batteries, bro

    • EC8CH


      • Anonymous

        hahaha ouch