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Contest Reminder: Win a Sony Tablet S, Jambox and $25 Gift Card Today from NVIDIA!

Just a quick reminder that DL and NVIDIA have teamed up to give one lucky reader a free Sony Tablet S (Tegra 2 powered of course), a Jawbone JAMBOX, and $25 gift card to celebrate the launch of SHADOWGUN. It’s as simple as ever to enter, but you only have a few hours left before we pick the winner.

Contest details here.

  • Patterson Jamia

    o yeah and im realy srry that im late but i hope i get it ill have somthing nice i maen its nice you guys do these contes

  • Patterson Jamia
  • *-*

    I know im late but i hope i win 

  • Andrew2010wood

    Awesome contest>I love sony I love video games .let it be me pllaaplapleasey.Thx to all who sponsered the contest!!!

  • I want to win

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Never heard of Jambox before this. I just looked into it and it looks awesome.  Really would love to win this since I’m a big Sony fan. 

  • Herson

    please please please lol 

  • Lane Gordon

    I tweeted too even though noone follows me  🙁

  • Anonymous

    I will gladly accept this as a belated birthday present. Thank you Droid-Life, NVIDIA, Sony, Jawbone, and AMEX.

  • Lreyesinc

    Love this site. Use it at work lol, home and on the go. Very informative. Thanks a million.

  • Anonymous

    Game looks really good

  • Bgal021

    I luv nvidia products.
    Let me win.

  • Anonymous

    Just a word of warning–Shadowgun has MAJOR issues.

    I bought it last night for my X2 after reading the glowing reviews and seeing that the X2 was supposedly “supported”.  Not only is the screen resolution & size major screwed up, but it crashes repeatedly when trying to DL the game content over wi-fi. It hits 25% and closes.  MadFinger is acting like Gameloft and playing dumb and ignoring users’ requests for help. I am royally PO’d as the lousy Android Market refund window passed right before I realized I was screwed.  

    I think it’s time someone created a blacklist of developers (and apps) who take users’ $ and leave them high and dry. 

  • bigrob60

    Pick me. I can use it w/ my playstation. :]

  • Malkyri

    I’m always down to play with a new droid product!

  • Joshua Newsome

    Will be keeping an eye out for the results all afternoon. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I am in

  • Anonymous


  • Crossing my fingers.

  • Cl8313

    yeah, Sony s tablet is pretty crisp

  • James Adam

    Followed and pretty awesome contest

  • 2814 007

    Awesome Contest!!! Ive so wanted this tablet since ive heard about it

  • Aford89

    Droid-life FTW

  • My least favorite 10.1″ honeycomb tablet.

    Anybody check out the XOOM Family Edition? It’s surprisingly nice.

    • John

      cool with me. don’t enter then

    • cookiees

      ya its ugly i think.

      • trumpet444

        2 less people to compete with.