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Motorola Releases MotoPack – Ultimate App Roundup For Honeycomb Users

Motorola is looking to help tablet owners out by pointing them in the right direction of some good quality apps. MotoPack contains a showcase of certain Honeycomb optimized apps based on categories – Games, Back-to-School, Home Office, Lounging, and apps made just for kids. Perfect for people who don’t need to spend hours searching the market for all of the right apps. Once you click on an app inside MotoPack, it will direct you to the Market to download the application. Plain and simple.

Market Link

Cheers Frank!

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  • Raven

    The title of this article should be changed to the “Ultimate App Roundup for Xoom Users” because it won’t even install to my ASUS Transformer.

    It would be interesting to see if someone could save off the .apk if it would work on other Honeycomb tablets like my Transformer.

    • It was hardcoded for XOOM’s display, too, so it will look ugly on devices with different resolutions. At least until the next update.

  • After reading through the info about the APP, it is only an app that lists apps that are high quality much like the Tegra Zone APP. It seems to want to do the same thing as the Amazon app, “We add new apps and exclusive offers regularly, so check MotoPack often!” only it is through the Android Market and not a third party.

  • Tbogaert22

    Only works on zoom. Title should read ” Motorola Releases MotoPack – Ultimate App Roundup For Zoom Users”

  • Interstellarmind

    wow, we just witnessed of the android version of “microsoft office suite”

    • Interstellarmind

      wow we just witnessed the birth of the android version of “microsoft office suite”

    • How so? The Android Market(place) is a mess, and on top of that there aren’t many great tablet apps. At least Motorola is doing something about the problem. 

      Lack of (quality) apps for tablets is a huge reason why consumers aren’t buying them.

  • Or check this site out: http://www.tablified.com/

  • Anonymous

    Ohh Moto. What are your plans for our bootloaders?…

    • You can’t blame Moto, blame VZW for the locked bootloaders.

      • Anonymous

        Ok, oh Moto and Verizon, what are your plans for our locked bootloaders?….

        • Verizon appears to favor their Moto line of devices for corporate environments, which is my guess why they’re locked. You can’t blame VZW for that (in a way). HOWEVER (let me finish), it would be nice to sell unlocked (bootloader)(developer) versions.

          • Anonymous

            I agree, I just need to blame someone so I feel better about it. We own the phone after we buy so why do we not get administrative rights to it? This is an endless fight we have been facing for almost 2 years. It really is a subject we all have opinions on but we can all agree we deserve the option. 

          • Absolutely, agreed.

          • Anonymous

            Luckily we do have options. And if this is important to you, Motorola simply isn’t one of them. For now that’s just how it is. 

          • KevinC

            manufacturer’s choice.  just because it’s android, doesn’t mean companies should let you hack your own software on the products they make.  RIM doesn’t let you, neither does apple.

            people loading custom roms on their devices and overclock them shorten the life of their hardware, PERIOD.

          • Anonymous

            Well that is your opinion and your welcome to it. How does loading roms and overclocking shorten life of our phones though? Unless your being stupI’d about the overclock I can see that. Anyway I prefer to think of my phone like I think of my computer. So I com feel w e should be able to have administrative rights to our phones.

          • Kevin Parlee

            Relevant http://www.openhandsetalliance.com/
            This is the whole reason of android

  • Android on tablets need a boost for the average user. Nice to see this.