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GO Team Releases GO Locker, Their Take on a Lock Screen Replacement


The GO Launcher team tossed out an update today that included a handful of goodies including two new screen transitions and a new theme preview UI. On top of that though, they also released GO Locker, which is their take on a lock screen replacement. Just know that you will need GO Launcher installed  to use this new add-on (similar to all their add-ons) that so far has 4 or 5 options to use as your lock screen theme. Some give you the ability to jump straight into your phone, text app or camera. The only down-side I’m seeing so far, is a lack of options for you to really customize it with. Can’t even change the background of the lock screen yet? Hmmm.  Still, worth a look since it’s free!

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Cheers marshall!

  • Wezzy2020

    I can’t make it so when I turn on the phone’s screen, go locker is the first thing you see

  • Anonymous

    My problem with all of these awesome things is that they don’t work if you have a passcode on your phone.

    • Anonymous

      Who are you and how did you get access to my account?!

      • Anonymous

        No, who are you and how did you get access to my account?! DOPPLEGANGER!

  • Lethalprophet

    Just a heads up, for those that care – holding down the volume key on my DX bypasses the lockscreens in this app.

  • Xraytedjim

    The big problem with Go Locker is that is has no security. Even if you have set up a pattern or pin lock, it just bypasses that. Until that is fixed, I’ll pass.

  • Anonymous

    Tried installing it, but my standard Charge lock screen comes up before the Go Locker lock screen…

    • WAldenIV

      Same on my DX, but it seems to be time dependent.  I use to have a PIN set up for the lock screen which I disabled today to try this.  I’ll see if it keeps reverting to my standard slide lock first.

      • WAldenIV

        Mine seems to have self-corrected for the most part.  The first time I unlocked the phone today it was my Blur slides.  Since then it has been the Go Locker.

  • You have to download GO Launcher EX too. It has the folders functionality of ice cream sandwich….pretty nice. I don’t like not being able to access ALL of my other widgets but overall i’m impressed. It’s snappy

  • I love the GO team but I just started using No-Lock screen. It’s just easier if you wanna do things quickly. 

  • Pytt

    Go MIUI?

  • Alphabets13

    very nice! more themes and options will come i’m sure…but for the first release i already prefer it over widget locker which always gave me trouble on my DX.

  • Narwalh

    So they basically rippled off Widgetlocker and are trying to muscle them out of the business by offering it for free.

  • Dr. Buttballs

    Looks like MIUI’s lock screen, just less fancy.

  • Love GO Launcher but I just got widget locker for free off amazon and it’s much better for now

    • seriously?!  when did they offer that?  i must have missed that day  🙁

      • got it when they offered the $2 credit to use toward an app

  • Kris Brandt

    I like the GO team. . Their business model works – release the full fledged app for free, but charge for themes.  However, their products are incredibly bloated, often slow, and are memory hogs.  For OGD users running Gingerbread, their products require high maintenance.  I had to get rid of GO SMS Pro because despite running in Lite Mode, it was using up to 20 MB of ram.

  • Downloaded it on the way to work this morning and now it’s posted on here. Nice.

  • Tjvoss

    Doesnt the go team just kang miui? This is the miui lock screen.. go launcher is the miui launcher… etc.. etc..

    • Nick

      That’s what I think every time I see them come out with something new.  Someone has to bring attention to this.

  • Anonymous

    looks pretty nice.  been trying to use go launcher lately since it seems to be all the rage.  although it seems a small notch slower than blur on my bionic.  doesn’t seem worth it to me at that point.

    what i really would love from go is the ability to create an icon that launches their app drawer from any other home screen.  if i could drop that thing in the stock launcher, so i could have a vertical app drawer again, that would make me a happy camper.  anyone know if anything like this is possible?  i wasn’t able to find anything.  it’s probably too intertwined.  i miss vertical app drawers and being able to fling down to the bottom in a few quick moves.  horizontal drawer on a phone just blows, it takes too many flicks to get anywhere.

    • Anonymous

      Launcher Pro does the vertical one still

  • Love the daily posts about people and their OG’s being on their last legs.  Nice to see so many people in the same boat as myself.  DL Support Groups

    • Anonymous

      Does it not just suck testes waiting for news of a Galaxy Nexus release date?

      I’m dyin’ over here!

  • Wow, this looks sexy. More of a reason for me to sleep next to my phone ………..


  • Dave

    Why is it that all these replacement lock screens bypass the pattern lock I’ve set? Can’t we have both?

    • Keith Sumner

      key word 


      • Dave

        I’m aware what “replacement” means. My Bionic has a regular, sliding lock screen AND a pattern lock screen. I have to unlock BOTH to get into the phone.  Whenever I run a lock screen replacement app, it replaces the swipe lock but completely removes the pattern-lock screen.

    • WidgetLocker doesn’t.  I use it with my pattern lock.

  • Anonymous

    Kellex is dead on I think the Go Dev’s need to add more options for the user, especially on the locker  Great UI and I love their stuff but my OG was bogged down too like some of the other members have said “Poor OG”

  • Anonymous

    looks pretty nice to be honest.

    and i use their gosms just to backup my texts nightly. there isnt another app that does this as amazingly. i dont use it for my default app anymore though, just let it run in the background

    go team is pretty much the shit

  • Dominick DeVito

    bla bla bla Galaxy Nexus bla bla bla throw us a bone bla bla bla

  • Dominick DeVito

    Their stuff is great looking, but bog down my OG quite a bit – poor thing just can’t perform for me anymore  🙁

  • viewthis66

    i’ve been waiting for this from the GO team. nice!

  • Anonymous

    Who doesn’t love the GO Dev Team?

    • Anonymous

      Though I still enjoy RippleLock

      • ChuckDz3

        MagicLock is pretty awesome too. ICS, Sense 3.5 and a bunch of other preset lock screens. Definitely worth a look. 

        • Anonymous

          It looks really slick, but I dislike that it forces me to use the stock launcher.

    • Anonymous

      I dont.

  • John

    they should just go ahead & make their own os

    • Anonymous


    • Nex


    • Absolutely. It would be smooth as glass

    • Anonymous

      oh you mean Miui?

      • Agreed. I love “Go” apps but lets face it, they’re really just Miui features and apps localized.

  • Anonymous


    • Mctypething


      • Keith Sumner

        lolwat, u mad?

      • Anonymous

        I agree, you should come up with something new.