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Monday Poll: Root, ROM, Both or Neither?

With bootloaders continuing to be a popular topic these days, we started asking ourselves questions like, “Does a locked bootloader matter as much anymore?” And of the topics that were brought up, one was whether or not people are using custom ROMs and kernels like they once did back in early 2010. As someone that lives and breathes Android, I’ve got to admit that I get the feeling that as phones become more powerful and have more polished software, that custom ROMs and kernels may be less popular in the future than they once were (I’m sure the CM team will do their best to crush that prediction though).

Rooting on the other hand will always top everyone’s list of things to do as it allows you to take screenshots, wireless tether, etc. But, is Android as a mobile platform becoming optimized enough that less and less needs to be done to your phone out of the box to make it live up to your standards? We once tossed in custom kernels and ROMs with new features to help out our under-spec’d phones. With dual-core processors, loads of RAM and things like native screenshots, what does the state of the ROM world look like today? Going forward?  We ask you just a simple question below to get a feel for it.

And if you would, feel free to sound off on your thoughts on custom ROMs, whether or not you still use them, and if so, which you continue to use. Should be interesting to see if folks with newer phones are still opting to use a ROM rather than stock software.

Update:  Changed the poll slightly. Please re-vote if you will.

Is your phone rooted, running a custom ROM or plain stock?

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  • Dodgesityballer

    Wish i wasn’t so worried about bricking my Thunderbolt or i’d root (yes there are some of us who are still worried). Also is it true the first time you root you lose everything? I have tons of sideloaded apps that i use on a regular basis that i can no longer find online (i’ve tried finding the same version app i have on  my phone for friends and they’re no longer there).This is what really worries me.  

  • Anonymous

    Another bonus for android devices with unlocked bootloaders: you can reuse them for other purposes. I plan on converting my OG Droid into an extra home & TV remote, wifi phone, media player, alarm clock, etc. Without the unlocked/unsigned bootloader, I’d likely be stuck with an ancient, slow, and limited version of Android – not so useful.

  • Benjamin Mackie

    I had the OG for I believe 1 hour before I had it rooted and running Chevy’s Simply Stunning

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Rooted,Rom’d OG Droid, MIUI US. I will more than likely keep doing both as it allows personalization and keeps the phone up to date faster than any slow Corp can. They keep saying they’ll get the updates out shortly. Forget that,get it today instead of months down the road. I like the customization as well as Tethering….

  • Anonymous

    Says ‘you had already voted’ when I had not…..

  • Single-core rooted running custom ROM.
    Why?  Because I still have an OG DROID and it gave it some life for these last couple months to make it until the Galaxy Nexus is out!
    Also, I can’t believe I didn’t have it overclocked and underclocked for so long.  It is twice as fast running at 1.1 ghz and the battery still manages to last longer.

  • Anonymous

    i use rooting more to customize the look of my phone more than anything. i love having my own custom theme. i also love being able to get updates months before carriers and manufacturers push them out. both my wife and i have thunderbolts and mine is rooted and customized and hers is stock. mine, by far runs waaaaay better than hers does. battery life is better as well. plus nothing to me beats stock vanilla android. i HATE manufacturer skins! sense and blur need to never have been invented. android was good the way it was….. leave it alone. running the thunderbolt on an aosp rom with gingerbread is the way android was meant to be.

    • Irtechneo

      eh to each his own.  I may be the minority but I happen to love Sense 3.0.  I love all of the sense widgets (friendstream, news, agenda, music, photo grid and people) and I have not been able to find equal quality widgets on the market.  Beautiful widgets and fancy widgets just dont do it for me and the launcher pro widgets are not as good either.  I was able to find Wizz widgets for my tablet which are just as good as sense but they are not available on phones. I will say though stock Ice Cream Sandwich is looking amazing and I might be forced to give up Sense.  I am curious to see what HTC’s skin is going to look like with ICS.   

  • I root to remove bloatware. I’d probably not bother if Verizion would stop putting so much crap on their phones. Seriously. Why would I need Verizon’s Navigator when I have Google Navigator?

    • Because a large portion of the population that owns Android doesn’t know Google Navigator is free and superior.  They simply pay the money for VZW Navigator like idiots.
      All bloatware is just crap to get suckers to purchase.

  • Droid Charge

    Got tired of waiting for official Gingerbread for my Charge, so it’s running GummyCharged GBE 2.0RC5. Hopefully a CyanogenMod build will be available for it.

  • Anonymous
  • Erasmussen14

    Weird, I didn’t vote on this, but I’m not able to vote now because I “already voted”…

    Even weirder is that the answer listed as my vote is wrong…

  • Anonymous

    Rooting & ROMs will be important as long as companies such as Verizon Load Crap onto phones that cannot be uninstalled.  Verizon & the other phone companies should leave the phones to the Manufacturers without mucking around with them and focus on plans, etc… instead of trying to prevent the inevitable (wifi Hot Spots, etc…)  Let the people manage their own usage and offer notification options when data usage is high but leave the hardware & software alone.  does Verizon really care HOW 2GB of data gets used?


    • Anonymous

      Good thing ICS allows for these apps to be disabled.

  • Anonymous

    I’m still an OG user, so obviously I’m rooted and ROMed (ProjectElite v6.5). However, when I get the Galaxy Nexus I plan to root and use a custom ROM as well – even though that phone will be quite amazing out of the box.

  • Anonymous

    If carriers can give out vanilla then they can send updates easily which will make no need of custom roms. That will attract more users as they can see updated systems on older phones. Why would any carrier put resources into modifying the vanilla rom and pause any further updates.

    I have rooted Droid Eris (with CM7) and works great. Time to upgrade but do not have any cash to spend for Nexus Prime…… 

  • Jamespope1

    OG Droid, Rooted. CyanogenMod -7.1.0. Android Version 2.3.7
    I purchased my phone the second day it was made available; 11/09.
    I am perfectly happy with it.  Runs perfectly Skype, Drop Box, Direct TV, Flash Player, Rom Manager, Superuser,Twitter, Wireless Tether. Droid Life has been invaluable. TY!

  • Anonymous

    Rooted Atrix 4G running CyanogenMod.

  • Wireless Tether Question

    I see this device in the screenshot is on Vz LTE… How are you getting Wireless Tether to work? I tried the settings change from a post a while back and it still didnt work.

  • Joseph Moreno

    Rooted and Rommed until i get my GNEXUS

  • Anonymous

    I pity the fools who have yet to root their Android devices.

  • Sdny8

    Im shocked at the number of droid life. readers on stock devices. I wonder why many are stock? By choice or fear of bricking your phone?

    • Festoon666

      If they are DL readers, then they want to get the latest info and possibly try rooting. I hung out here for months until I got the nerve to root my DX. For me it was fear. Now that I am rooted with CM7 I love it! Don’t be afraid to take control of your phone. Watch the youtube videos and read the articles here and take the plunge. You will be happy for better performance.

      • Irtechneo

        I did the same thing.  I put up with my crappy stock thunderbolt for about 4 months out of fear of bricking but I was able to research here and other sites and learned how to do it.  There are enough guides out there that the average person should be able to figure out how to root and install a ROM-I did after all.  Now my Tbolt runs great!  If you are on this site then you have at least probably considered it-go for it!  That poll really should have more rooted users.  

  • I have been rooted for a few months but just put CM7 on my D2G this weekend.  I am loving it.

  • Droids

    I don’t care for custom ROM’s much anymore, there’s always something buggy or missing from them and then lots of updates/bug fixes to follow. Remember BlackDroid and the never ending fixes? Nice ROM at the time but too hassle waiting on fixes.

    I do however, want my device rooted and free of crapware. That’s all I care about these days.

  • Anonymous

    Where does my OG DROID fit in this Poll? No core, CM7.1 ROM!!!!

  • Kevin Jellison

    My Thunderbolt has been a great phone because of rooting and custom rom’s. I know a lot of people have serious gripes about the T-Bolt, but for me this has been a great phone! The developer community has made it a great phone. I had a problem with the 3G/4G handoff, and GPS didn’t lock properly so I flashed a new radio and didn’t have the problem anymore. Every problem that people have been complaining about with the T-Bolt has been addressed by the developer community. Unfortunately, many people have not rooted it and are stuck with random reboots, Froyo, and countless other problems. Mine is running like butter on CM7 with ICS theme! And also, one of my biggest reasons for rooting is AdFree Android.

    • Ortizchief

      I have a thunderbolt too and I rooted and installed sense 3.5 from bamf is a great rom I tried before cyanogen and liquid gingerbread, and works awesome

  • Ravnos CC

    Just went back to BB on my OG after giving PE a few months of my life… We’ll see if I go back again or not 🙂  

  • When I get my GNex…I plan on rooting but not planning on putting a ROM on it.  I like the apps that I have available to me through the root…but I really feel that the reason my OG droid is sucking wind is because it has been ragged out with ROM after ROM after ROM.  I don’t know if everyone did the same as I did, but I would try out one ROM and then decide I didn’t like it and flash another one.  ROM Manager ended up making this pretty easy.  I’ve only changed ROM’s once successfully in the past 6 months or so because nothing will work on the phone anymore.  I’d flash a ROM and something wouldn’t work…every time.  Now I’ve got Liquids new 3.0 ROM and so far, it has helped me keep from stomping the thing to pieces.  Unless someone can tell me that absolutely had nothing at all to do with my phone dying a slow but steady death, I might reconsider….but the GNex is going to be fab on its own, right?

    • Why would you Rom a pure google OS?

    • Loki4Droid

      The only reason I can think of that your phone seems ‘ragged out’ after switching from ROM to ROM to ROM is that you may not be completely wipeing all the old data from the phone before the new ROM is installed.  ROM Manager is a great program, but it may not clear out all the previous data from your phone when it d/loads and installs the next ROM.  You will want to boot into recovery and do a wipe data/factory reset, and I would say do it at least twice to make sure every thing is cleared out.  Plus wipe cache as well, then after reboot into recovery you can install the new ROM under ‘install zip from sdcard’.  I have found that this is the best way to switch between different ROMs, and I haven’t experienced any slowdown of the OG Droid even though I have gone through many ROMs.  Hopefully this will help you.

  • Fastlane1000

    I think of it as follows:  If there is any reason custom Roms are down right now it is probably due to more and more locked bootloaders.  Its more of a hassle to switch Roms easily.  With the Droid X you have to make sure you are on the same kernel before switching Roms and if i understand correctly you have to be on a similar build I.E .602 or .605 to install a ROM on that source.  With the OG it didn’t matter switching ROMS is quicker and easier.  The other thing I see is developers like PE are waiting on the next phone too like us OG users are.  Once the GNex hits custom ROMS will be up and running as big as ever.  Can’t wait!!!

  • Anonymous

    Droid Inc rooted and running CM7. I’ll probably be getting the Rezound or G-Nex within the next few weeks, I was contemplating the Razr HD but definitely not getting one with an encrypted bootloader.

  • Anonymous

    I have to root and use custom GB roms on my Droid x just to use tethering. Otherwise I got to use Froyo. Bastards will have me paying when I go to Nexus prime (yes I said prime).

  • MightyT01

    It took me well over a year before I rooted my OG Droid.  Honestly, I was only interested in overclocking it, which I’m glad I did.  I run it stock 2.2.2 Froyo.  I do not care about custom ROMs.  I have PDAnet to tether, even before rooting, and it works brilliantly.  I keep it lean and crappy app free because she’s an old horse without much oomph for a lotta apps.  Also, Auto Memory Manager app rocks along with Launcher Pro.  But, you don’t need to be rooted to use these fine apps.

    With today’s beasts currently out and coming out, I can’t see much use to root for me, nor do I care about the bootloader being locked per se.  However, I do agree, in principle, that if I bought the damn phone I should be able to tweak it as I see fit.  Give me true open source baby!

  • Billy Jenkins

    Does anyone else notice a coincidence involving the Samsung Galaxy Nexus? Samsung has released alot of Android phones but most of them sucked. and Even the good Samsung android phones weren’t as popular and talked about as the Motorola and HTC phones because it still wasn’t as good as Motorola and HTC. But a few months ago one of the developers of CM7, the most popular android rom, got a job with Samsung and now they will be releasing the Galaxy Nexus which has tons of the most wanted and most popular features of some of the custom roms and launchers including CM7.

    • jason6g

      coincidence indeed… but a welcomed one none-the-less

  • Custom ROMs just add so many more tweaks and functions that stock android never has. Thank you CM

    • There has not been one custom rom for the X that functions 100%.

      • That’s why you don’t buy locked down phones. My OG D1 will be replaced by a Galaxy Nexus.

        • And Verizon has said it will lock the BL

          • For the Galaxy Nexus? I read for the razr dont know about the nexus

  • Morenoc12

    Don’t think roms will go out, there’s just too many features out there to fully integrate and people are always coming up with new great things, I ruin liberty on my bionic to remove the bloat and the cool features that ICS STILL doesn’t have

  • weapon x

    Rooted, the one and only OG. Running Liquid 3.0 with. ICS theme =awesomeness

  • QQMore

    I’d say ROM’s and unlocked bootloaders are still important to at least those who really want to tweak their phones.  If I understand correctly you need an unlocked bootloader to get a new kernel on the phone as the kernel is the only way to overclock.  Sure we don’t “need” overclocking with say a 1.2Ghz dual core on the Nexus, but if in the case of the Nexus the core is supposed to be capable of 1.5Ghz stock, then you need to be able to get a new kernel on there to get that capability.

  • Mjs1124

    Running Touch my BAMF remix 1.4 on my Tbolt, and loving it. To me its kind of funny that people now say they don’t have to root or ROM because of the Galaxy Nexus. ICS will be great but just like everything else after awhile you will be bored with it. People act like going from ICS 4.0.0 to 4.0.3 is going to be like going from CM7 to BAMF Forever. All those 2.3.3 to 2.3.4 updates in GB barely did anything. I don’t think these newer phones and software will change things much because people like to try out different options. Every time I try a new ROM on my Bolt it makes it like a new phone for me.

  • Anonymous

    Having the ability to have a full nandroid backup is still one of the more important reasons to root.  With the new phone specs and the ability in ICS (hopefully) to be able to disable bloatware, the ROMing is not near as big IMO.  However, if I have a phone issue that requires replacement, a full back-up lets me take everything to that new phone with virtually no hassle.

  • I am hoping that with VZW getting the Nexus and the release of ICS, there may not be as much of a need to flash custom roms. However, once you get addicted to the flashing process there is no way to stop it.

  • Anonymous

    Now, now I’m sure that us DInc owners take a nice piece of that single-core w/ root and ROM pie.

  • Matthew Merrick

    i said single core with root/ROM, even though i don’t have a ROM, because i really want one and would flash one in a heartbeat if i could find one for my phone (LG Vortex). Oly one ROM exists for this, and i’ts a 2.1 ROM, i’m already running 2.2.2 >_>

  • fastest most stable rom for droid 1?

  • Anonymous

    The only thing I need root for is Tether, but really as long as I can get PDAnet to work I could deal without.

    BTW. I never voted on the poll but it seems to think I clicked on single core rooted and ROM’ed… Which is correct.

  • Anonymous

    Was running CM7 GB on the DX, but just sold that puppy on ebay to buy the Galaxy Nexus when it comes out.  Can’t wait to see what kind of roms are made for it!  Until then, using an old Samsung Omnia pos.

  • DroidX Running APEX. Great battery life.

  • babadush

    Thunderbolt Cm7 android 2.3.7. I can’t live with out the power Widgets in the notification bar. They should have done that from day one (google)

  • Anonymous

    Just put CM7 on my DX on Saturday. Loving the features and speed. Battery life? Not so much…

    • Festoon666

      No  Shit. Fighting that everyday. Loving CM7 on my DX but wondering what is the best ROM for battery longevity?

  • I’m currently running Liberty RC1 on my Bionic.  Up until last week I was running stock root.  I have to have root to run titanium, get rid of bloat ware, creat backups, etc.  It’s just something that I do as soon as I get a phone.  I didnt run a ROM until now because there wasnt anything that I felt was better than stock root.  That is until kejar31 brough a fast and flawless ROM to the Bionic.  I know that the Liberty team will continue to make it better, and I cant wait!

  • Anonymous

    Root for overclocking & custom ROMs are a must for my OG Droid. I really don’t think I will give a damn when I get my hands on the new Nexus though. Android 4.0 has the polish I am looking for, and 1.2GHz w/dual core is plenty fast.

  • Anonymous

    Droid X, Rooted with Custom ROM(Liberty 2.0). Gonna format soon though, then install Liberty Gingerbread I’m thinking, but not quite sure yet.

  • Anonymous

    I went from a rooted OG Droid to stock X2. I don’t mind the blue blur, but I just want everything on my phone to match the same theme. Some of the widgets I used on the OG don’t have the blue blur theme. That is why I consider rooting, just so everything, both stock and third party will match.

  • Anonymous

    I’m rocking a rooted DX, otherwise stock.  I’d like to put on a good ROM, but I don’t know of any good ones since Gingerbread came out (stable, nothing broken).

    Any good suggestions?As a suggestion for Kellen or Tim, could you guys maybe dedicate a week where you have a “droid x monday”, “droid incredible tuesday”, “Thunderbolt wednesday”, etc???  It’s been awhile since I’ve seen any focus on the DX and probably even longer for other phones.  I feel like they’ve either been abandonded by the programmers around here or that everyone else has a new phone.  I know the latter isn’t true, and I’m thinking the former isn’t either.

    • Kuboo99

      I am running Vortex 2.9, it is mostly blur based but with speed tweaks and a slightly different look. So far that has been pretty stable. Also Liberty Gingerbread is good, and I think a new version is coming out soon.

    • Giants9856

      I just put Apex 2.0 Release Candidate 4 on mine with OTA Gingerbread and it runs like a brand new phone.  Highly recommended.    

      • Anonymous

        Thanks, I will give it a shot.  I had Apex 1.3-1.4 back on froyo and enjoyed it before.

  • Anonymous

    I’d rather have titanium backup be default rather than screen caps. This is something i feel is very important. Obviously the restore feature wouldnt be as useful on a nonrooted phone but the backups and profiles is very useful. 

  • Yeah I needed root and rom or else my OG Droid would be in the bushes somewhere.

  • Anonymous

    Had to retire the OG when the D3 came out…..The D3 is rooted and waiting for CM7/9…….The OG running gpa18(peter alfonso) @ 1Ghz……………..There might be a G Nexus calling my name though

  • Anonymous

    Since 2009 and Tim A Tato introduced me to the wonderful world of “ROOT” it was all good, exciting and fun keeping up with the latest and greatest custom ROMs.  I think the good OL days off Root pioneering was definitely back in the early days of Android with the OG Droid craz.

    kellex is dead on, I’ve noticed a slowing down so to speak with the devs custom Roms on DL and in the forums lately that could be from a number of things and as kellex has stated, the polish of newer devices taking on what some UI improvements are trying to give the consumer more of that type of feel and customization with lots of choices to make the device yours.

    And with the economic factor of a dev’s time and hours of developing, coupled with reward.  We are asked to donate and rightfully so by the devs for their hardwork and labor of love.  But after a while there comes a time of is it worht the amount of time I’ve put in to kep doing the developing , support, website and answering emails. Oh, keeping up with all of the devices that are out and future releases of Android.  That’s a full time job in the wee hours of the night. then turn around to get up and go to the regular 8 – 5 gig. I gotta give it to the devs man they are great and unselfish doing alot of work for us for peanuts.

    I think we might start to see devs like Cyanogen taking up all of the good dev’s to start their own business, or that one dev that is recognized by Google with a job offering for their work.

    Root is still the main fun focal point I believe as well as throwing on different Roms and playing into the wee hours of the night its pure Android addiction 🙂

  • Anonymous

    OG Droid rooted to run a few “extra” apps.

  • Non rooted….don’t need to and don’t have the time….I use too with my og droid but now I dont

  • Billy Jenkins

    Android phones are the best types of phones and will only get better. But by rooting you add more features to the long list of features that are already available. And adding custom roms changes the Android OS so you can change the OS to exactly what you want. And by rooting you can also install the boot manager app and have up to 5 roms that u can change between just by rebooting. It doesn’t matter how much better Android gets. Rooting and installing custom roms will always be a major advantage

  • Anonymous

    OG Droid rooted running latest GB rom from PeterAlfonso.

  • Steven Tolnai

    Will be rooted with custom rom when cm7.1 or liberty become stable for D3. The ole OG Droid is rooted with CM7.1

  • OG Droid rooted w/ Liquid Gingerbread 3.0

  • dblj

    Still rockin’ the OG and Chevy SS 5.5

  • perry

    bugless beast ftw!

  • jose cardona

    With the Galaxy Nexus, I think I would only need root for wifi tethering. BUT, I really wish Android would incorporate the power widgets into the drag-down notification bar. That’s just something I can’t live without.

  • Rooted Sammy Droid Charge, and I selected custom ROM, but it’s really stock…but leaked (thanks p3Droid/TBH).  It’s such a huge improvement, it’s a pity I have to do root to get there (release it already, VZW!).

  • Where would the Thunderbolt be without rooting and custom ROM’s considering HTC and Verizon seemingly aren’t very interested in maintaining it?

    • babadush

      That goes for all phones. They all take too damn long to get anything. Why wait for them when I can do it myself

  • Abundis5555

    Seems like everyone is waiting on the Nexus haha

  • Anonymous

    With a Galaxy Nexus I can’t see a reason to load a rom.  However devs also haven’t been given the oppertunity to create one.

    For me a DX rom was required to extend the performance and usability.  I think that is the most compelling reason and the reason even today’s super-phones will be rom’s in 12 to 18 months when they are no longer shiny and new.  If not for the performance then to keep them fresh.

  • jav

    I feel like over time I’ve become less and less trusting of community/custom ROMs and their stability. There always seem to be minor issues / bugs / quirks and I’ve come to enjoy much more the stability of stock ROMs and all the QA love they receive. I root my phone mainly to add Tethering, but I don’t install custom ROMs anymore and when it comes to my tablet, I don’t even do that. I’m much more nervous about messing up a more expensive piece of hardware (my tablet) than I am my phone.

    • FSFer

      This is true. It is a bit of the “one man distribution” syndrome sometimes seen in Linux. Sometimes it’s great, but usually it’s better to have a team approach.

  • Anonymous

    Considering around half of this site’s readers have an OG droid, those results seem about right.

    Brethren! Our new phone approaches!

    • Anonymous

      i’m counting down the days..

    • Anonymous

      id argue half are on the og. but its def. not a small percentage

    • Anonymous

      Hah classic comment.

      • Anonymous

        Do an OG poll right before the G-Nex gets released, then do the same poll a week after; see how the numbers change.  You should propose an official OG Droid retirement day… We’ll all send in our last screen shots before the official turnover.  I’m getting sentimental already.

    • famester

      The other half is tbolt owners me being one of em

  • Anonymous

    I only rooted my OG Droid for the speed improvement. I will not need to root my Galaxy Nexus, and will definitely not need a custom rom or kernel due to the speed of the phone.

  • Dreedy Android

    Was rooted on the D3 till the lastest update came through, waiting for someone to crack the code again….

    • Force1stiptopped

      I rooted my D3 after the update..?

  • I’m stlil on my non-rooted OG Droid but not for lack of trying… I’ve attempted multiple avenues to get there but it fails every time.

  • Anonymous

    No need to root now that VZW clamped down on wireless tethering.

    • vzw_user

      Mine still works 🙂

    • MattC0509

      I’ve been rooted using a wireless tether on my Tbolt for a few months now and have been using 50-55 gigs with no problems from Verizon

      • Force1stiptopped

        And we wonder why verizon is throttling data…?

      • Force1stiptopped

         And we wonder why verizon is throttling data usage..?

        • MattC0509

          I havent been throttled and that usage is from my hotspot going basically all day m-f and if i’m correct the story about the Bionic used who was throttled went through 60 gigs in 10 days or something?  I’ve had an unlimited plan for some time and as long as “unlimited” is attached to my plan I am going to take advantage

    • Anonymous

      Not clamped down enough. Some still slide by.

  • Groid

    Bionic:  rooted, custom rom (DroidTheory R3BLURR3D v2.0), on new .893 radio

  • Anonymous

    Updated the poll to be more specific. Please re-vote if you can.  Sorry!

  • 3M4NU31

    OG Droid w/ GPA18

  • Anonymous

    I need another Nexus post…

  • Dominick DeVito

    Single core: rooted with a custom ROM

    (Yes, it’s the OG Droid)  🙂

  • Anonymous

    Yeah. I’ll probably run the stock ICS roms for a while myself. I’ll theme it, of course, but won’t bother getting a ROM until it gets a bit dated and the ROM devs have time to create something stable.

    [edit] I hate you, Disqus. This was in reply to red014.

  • Lethalprophet

    I’m using a DroidX. Rooted with DarkslideX installed (Darkslide is an amazing ROM that gets SOOOOoooo little love from this site…)

    • Anonymous

      My son still has Darkslide running on his X that I put on it back at Christmas. I’ve asked if he wanted me to upgrade it but he said he is happy with it just the way it is… lol It’s still Froyo…

      • Lethalprophet

        yeah, the first Darkslide was. Darkslide X gave us Gingerbread. I put CM7 on mine for a bit, but battery life went to hell and, far more importantly, my camera wouldn’t save any pics, so went back to Darkslide, and have no plans to change until I get my Razr

        • Anonymous

          I might try and switch my son over to that.

    • Lethalprophet

      oh, and I’ll continue to Root and Rom until carriers stop telling me how my phone should run (with their crappy themes, skins and bloatware). It’s my phone, it’s gonna ACT like my phone…

  • shr1k3r

    took me 27 hours but i now have cyanogen on my droid x 🙂

  • GCH

    As long as it takes the OEMs and carriers to provide updates for our devices, ROMs will always be relevant. If it weren’t for great communities, my Tbolt might still be on Froyo.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed.  Sense 3.0 and Gingerbread with a good 1.4ghz overclocked processor make the Tbolt shine!  I’ll still be getting the GNex though.  haha

    • Anonymous

      Pretty much exactly this. 

      To add…
      Bloatware never really goes away, even if frozen with Titanium.  When I look at the performance differences between the Moto stock DX ROM and Liberty (talking back to the Froyo days), and today with CM7, I don’t see the need for custom ROMs ever going away… on phones at least.

      I see no reason to Root and Custom ROM my Transformer, especially considering how fast and prompt Asus is with updates.   

      With that in mind, I’m not sure how much of a big deal boot loaders are if you look at the great work that has been done with the ROMs.  Liberty, Apex, and CM7 are great on the DX (with the exception of CM7s battery life). 

  • Some Random Dude

    OG w/ CM7 of course 🙂

  • YrroT

    I enjoy running the custom ROMs as it does add some “ooomph” to older phones.  My OG droid was dynamite with CM7 or ChevyNo1 SS.  Really helps extend the lifespan of the phone, which may be a negative for carries/manufacturers who are trying to push the purchase of a new model onto you.  I’m not on a Bionic with Liberty ROM, anxiously awaiting a wider array or ROMs to choose from……just for the fun of it.

    • YrroT

      Oops….meant to say “I’m now on a Bionic”………….

  • Anonymous

    Rooted with a ROM on my OG. Rooted and themed on my XOOM.

  • MattC0509

    My Thunderbolt has been rooted for some time and have been running BAMF Cubed since it came out and it is the best ROM i’ve used thus far.

    • Sliv

      How stable is it on the TB?  I’ve got the leaked HTC rom right now…  which I’m considering ‘stock’.

      • MattC0509

        For me extremely stable…..I know a few people have run into some things but i haven’t had any issues and its the only rom i’ve used for the past 3 weeks.

        • Robpsmith

          I also am running Cubed 1.0.9 with Dark Horse theme on my TB
          It is smooth, no problems for over a week using it.
          Rooting & Romming gives me options…to me which is a mark of true value in technology!

          • Ortizchief

            can you tell me the link to download the rom cubed 1.0.9 thanks

          • Irtechneo

            teambamf.net.  Will have everything you need.  I highly recommend Cubed 1.0.9 or just straight BAMF Forever 1.0.9.  They are both good but the cubed version has more color and a few other enhancements.  There are hundreds of mods to play around with as well.  Dark Horse theme is the way to go if you like blue and zhpilot has some good red themes.  My thunderbolt gets a new look every week 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Rooted and ROM (Liberty).  However if I could have a stock Android device with no bloat (I have the opposite: a DroidX :P), I honestly wouldn’t be bothered by not having root, or the custom ROM.

  • tyler cole

    I was running a CM7 but my droid x died, it decided to go swimming, and i got upgraded/crapped on with a droid x2.

  • droid incredible running cm7 nightlies. will try peter alfonsos rom once the bugs are worked out

  • Anonymous

    I’ll probably root and rom after my phone gets closer to end of life. I don’t want to risk bricking my phone until I’m close to being up for renewal.

  • Anthony Armando

    rooted and running project elite on my OG droid.

    i would definitely like to put a new kernal in the galaxy nexus to use the full 1.5 ghz power inside. i do not intend on using any roms at this time though.

  • Anonymous

    I will always root and rom whether I need to or not.

  • Anonymous

    Going to drop my rom’ed DX for a Galaxy Nexus and use it stock/root unless there is a truly compelling reason to modify it.  For me the compelling reason to rom with my DX was to get superior performance without Blur, with stock at this point I can’t see the reason, but of course no one has had a chance to create a reason yet either.

  • Kianhjudah

    Android w/out Custom Roms??? How dare you…that’s just sick…I hate to even imagine such a dark, grotesque world…(shivers with fear as a cold darkness overpasses) 

  • Anonymous

    My OG Droid is rooted running GPA18. My Bionic is stock.

  • jsig

    Custom ROMS are always going to be necessary for phones that aren’t getting updated or to add features that should have been in the UI in the first place.  I don’t think manufacturers will ever be able to customize a UI the way some people would likeit.

  • Thunderbolt with CM7.1 here.

  • Anonymous

    Rooted running custom Rom on my OG and patiently awaiting the Galaxy Nexus!

  • Franzie3

    Rooted / Rom Thunderbolt running SoaB (HTC Rhyme Port) better then stock

  • Anonymous

    Rooted/Rom’ed, but I doubt I would be if my device(OG) didn’t need it to keep up. 

  • at some point I’ve been all of these, but I’m stock non-rooted today. 

  • The article polls rooting and using ROMs in reference to weather or not we need unlocked bootloaders, but I personally do it (Darkys on SGS) because its what I’m used to and because I like the way the ROM works and feels.

    On a new phone, it may be less important especially if I get my hands on the new ICS devices since Google polished Android nice and shiny. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I think ROMing becomes more important with your device’s age.  I used my brother’s 2.2 unrooted OG the other day.  Whoa.  Makes me appreciate the CM team even more.

    • Anonymous

      That being said, I think I could rock stock/unrooted ICS for a while.

      • Anonymous

        Stock sure but no root?  Hell no.  I want root.

  • Thunderbolt with OMFGB Nightlies.  Can’t stand Sense… 

  • obviously the majority here is going to be rooted with a custom ROM because we are all hanging on to our OG DROID

    • Anonymous

      This is very true. As someone said above, the age of your device almost forces you into a ROM to keep it current.

  • Rooted as soon as root on the DINC came out, been through dozens of ROMS since but MIUI has been my daily driver for the last 4 months or so

  • JP

    Rooted and running CM7 on my DINC, but looking forward to running stock ICS on the Galaxy Nexus!

  • Anonymous

    Motorola OG Droid, Rooted, Rom’d. Running GPA18 from PA. Needed it to keep my baby running.

  • Anonymous

    Just rooted for now on the bionic, waiting to see if OMFGB gets released for it before ICS, I was a big fan of it on my DX, once that happeneds I’ll be back on the ROM train

    • Anonymous

      That’s the problem with a locked bootloader, even with a work around like 2nd-init.  (As I understand it) There will be no way to run ICS on Bionic until the first Moto ICS rom/kernel is released (or leaked).

      • Anonymous

        oh yeah im well aware that the bootloader being locked puts a big funk on development for the phone and all that, but for me the most important thing is that my phone works and that hardware-wise it performs up to my expectations.

  • Anonymous

    OG. Rooted with ROM required to keep this thing moving until my Nexus is in my hands (Liquid Smooth v3).

  • Keith Sumner

    First, motorola droid, rooted, rom’d, custom kernel’d
    Second, Bionic, stock, don’t see a reason to root right now, phone is amazingly fast.

    • Dominick DeVito

      Here are three reasons

      1. Ice
      2. Cream
      3. Sandwich

      • Anonymous

        True once the source code is released and AOSP ICS ROMs start showing up – but those don’t exist yet. And there’s no way I’m putting an sdk ROM on my new phone when it runs just fine as is.

        • Dominick DeVito

          No doubt – but in a month from now gingerbread will be quite stale.

    • Festoon666

      I root just to get rid of ads and bloatware.

  • Dominick DeVito

    OG Droid, GPA18 – thanks to Peter Alfonso.

    • Anonymous

      Same as of this morning.  Limpin’ along till sexy nexy comes out.

      • Dominick DeVito

        Yeah gonna rename the OG to OY – as in Old Yeller.

        • bigrob60

          I guess that means I’ll have to shoot my OG when I get the Nexus. 🙁
          +1 for public schools teaching me how the book (movie in my case) ends.

        • Paul N

          I already changed it up to stand for old girl. The old girl chugs along but she doesn’t perform like she used to.

    • Its all about Project Elite which had flick before flick was cool!!!

    • Razerlite

      Same here thanks to Peter Alfonso.  🙂  iPhone 4s is now my main device but I’m still using my trusty ol’ OG Droid with Wifi on a daily basis.