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Monday Poll: Root, ROM, Both or Neither?

With bootloaders continuing to be a popular topic these days, we started asking ourselves questions like, “Does a locked bootloader matter as much anymore?” And of the topics that were brought up, one was whether or not people are using custom ROMs and kernels like they once did back in early 2010. As someone that lives and breathes Android, I’ve got to admit that I get the feeling that as phones become more powerful and have more polished software, that custom ROMs and kernels may be less popular in the future than they once were (I’m sure the CM team will do their best to crush that prediction though).

Rooting on the other hand will always top everyone’s list of things to do as it allows you to take screenshots, wireless tether, etc. But, is Android as a mobile platform becoming optimized enough that less and less needs to be done to your phone out of the box to make it live up to your standards? We once tossed in custom kernels and ROMs with new features to help out our under-spec’d phones. With dual-core processors, loads of RAM and things like native screenshots, what does the state of the ROM world look like today? Going forward?  We ask you just a simple question below to get a feel for it.

And if you would, feel free to sound off on your thoughts on custom ROMs, whether or not you still use them, and if so, which you continue to use. Should be interesting to see if folks with newer phones are still opting to use a ROM rather than stock software.

Update:  Changed the poll slightly. Please re-vote if you will.

Is your phone rooted, running a custom ROM or plain stock?

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  • Dodgesityballer

    Wish i wasn’t so worried about bricking my Thunderbolt or i’d root (yes there are some of us who are still worried). Also is it true the first time you root you lose everything? I have tons of sideloaded apps that i use on a regular basis that i can no longer find online (i’ve tried finding the same version app i have on  my phone for friends and they’re no longer there).This is what really worries me.  

  • Anonymous

    Another bonus for android devices with unlocked bootloaders: you can reuse them for other purposes. I plan on converting my OG Droid into an extra home & TV remote, wifi phone, media player, alarm clock, etc. Without the unlocked/unsigned bootloader, I’d likely be stuck with an ancient, slow, and limited version of Android – not so useful.

  • Benjamin Mackie

    I had the OG for I believe 1 hour before I had it rooted and running Chevy’s Simply Stunning

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Rooted,Rom’d OG Droid, MIUI US. I will more than likely keep doing both as it allows personalization and keeps the phone up to date faster than any slow Corp can. They keep saying they’ll get the updates out shortly. Forget that,get it today instead of months down the road. I like the customization as well as Tethering….

  • Anonymous

    Says ‘you had already voted’ when I had not…..

  • Single-core rooted running custom ROM.
    Why?  Because I still have an OG DROID and it gave it some life for these last couple months to make it until the Galaxy Nexus is out!
    Also, I can’t believe I didn’t have it overclocked and underclocked for so long.  It is twice as fast running at 1.1 ghz and the battery still manages to last longer.

  • Anonymous

    i use rooting more to customize the look of my phone more than anything. i love having my own custom theme. i also love being able to get updates months before carriers and manufacturers push them out. both my wife and i have thunderbolts and mine is rooted and customized and hers is stock. mine, by far runs waaaaay better than hers does. battery life is better as well. plus nothing to me beats stock vanilla android. i HATE manufacturer skins! sense and blur need to never have been invented. android was good the way it was….. leave it alone. running the thunderbolt on an aosp rom with gingerbread is the way android was meant to be.

    • Irtechneo

      eh to each his own.  I may be the minority but I happen to love Sense 3.0.  I love all of the sense widgets (friendstream, news, agenda, music, photo grid and people) and I have not been able to find equal quality widgets on the market.  Beautiful widgets and fancy widgets just dont do it for me and the launcher pro widgets are not as good either.  I was able to find Wizz widgets for my tablet which are just as good as sense but they are not available on phones. I will say though stock Ice Cream Sandwich is looking amazing and I might be forced to give up Sense.  I am curious to see what HTC’s skin is going to look like with ICS.   

  • I root to remove bloatware. I’d probably not bother if Verizion would stop putting so much crap on their phones. Seriously. Why would I need Verizon’s Navigator when I have Google Navigator?

    • Because a large portion of the population that owns Android doesn’t know Google Navigator is free and superior.  They simply pay the money for VZW Navigator like idiots.
      All bloatware is just crap to get suckers to purchase.

  • Droid Charge

    Got tired of waiting for official Gingerbread for my Charge, so it’s running GummyCharged GBE 2.0RC5. Hopefully a CyanogenMod build will be available for it.

  • Anonymous
  • Erasmussen14

    Weird, I didn’t vote on this, but I’m not able to vote now because I “already voted”…

    Even weirder is that the answer listed as my vote is wrong…

  • Anonymous

    Rooting & ROMs will be important as long as companies such as Verizon Load Crap onto phones that cannot be uninstalled.  Verizon & the other phone companies should leave the phones to the Manufacturers without mucking around with them and focus on plans, etc… instead of trying to prevent the inevitable (wifi Hot Spots, etc…)  Let the people manage their own usage and offer notification options when data usage is high but leave the hardware & software alone.  does Verizon really care HOW 2GB of data gets used?


    • Anonymous

      Good thing ICS allows for these apps to be disabled.

  • Anonymous

    I’m still an OG user, so obviously I’m rooted and ROMed (ProjectElite v6.5). However, when I get the Galaxy Nexus I plan to root and use a custom ROM as well – even though that phone will be quite amazing out of the box.