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HTC Rezound Extended Battery and Cover Get Some Hands-on Time

The HTC Rezound still has not been announced, but the official accessories for it are everywhere. The folks at HTCPedia found some time to explore the extended 2750mAh battery which everyone that buys this phone will likely need to pick up. And no, that’s not a knock on HTC, it’s a knock on 1st gen 4G LTE technology that continues to frustrate us all. There are rumors of poor battery life with the Galaxy Nexus and we are assuming that this phone will be no different. So you know, we probably won’t see LTE devices with excellent battery until some time next year. That’s just the way it is.

Now, with all of that said let’s jump into this battery. So HTC went 2750mAh on us while producing a back piece that was actually designed to not look like someone just slapped a brick on your phone (yes, I’m talking about the Thunderbolt). It really isn’t that bad. Sure it will add  some bulk to your phone, but at least they kept up with the original Rezound design.

The standard battery that comes with the device is expected to be 1620mAh, so again, you are going to want this extended version.

More pics after the break!  

Via:  HTCPedia

  • Carolokie3

    I like the extra thickness but we all need to bug OtterBox to make a Defender case for the extended battery.

  • Anonymous

    I’m curious as to how long the extended battery takes to charge…  Anyone have numbers from the Thunderbolt?

  • hatethanet

    Both the Thunderbolt extended battery and the Rezound one look like crap. The Rezound extended battery just looks like a somewhat smaller piece of crap.

  • Why are these batteries always looking like bricks? They never utilize the space. It would be better if it were more  mushroom-shaped

  • Anonymous

    looks much better then that awful thunderbolt battery. if i get this phone and the battery life turns out to be shit like the thunderbolt i will get this.


    glad its not a brick this time like my tb…

  • Inc3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    This monstrosity compels me to make a point: Can phone reviewers please stop with the fantasy that every phone they test somehow makes it through a full day of use? My 3G DX doesn’t pull that one off (unless I hardly use it), and there’s no way on earth a 4G baby is going to do so. So let’s please stop pretending. I don’t know how these reviews come up with that observation, but they always seem to say it. As you can probably tell, battery life is important to me, because a dead phone is a useless phone, regardless of how many features it has. I find myself having to pack a second battery when I head out for several hours of Sunday afternoon of football watching (complete with fairly frequent phone check on fantasy league scores), and that’s a bit ridiculous. I can’t imagine what it will be like with 4G, ugh. First-gen 4G phones should come with a physical 4G-off toggle switch. Just my $0.02!

    • Anonymous

      Oh and before anyone starts, YES I have the DX extended battery.

  • Anonymous

    “It really isn’t that bad.”

    Come on Kellex. Turn the fanboy off for one minute. It looks like crap and is a huge inditement on how HTC goes about developing their phones.

    • Anonymous

      he means compared to the T-bolt and Dinc Ext batt.   they were sickening!!!1   this at least runs the whole length og the phone. the two i mentioned have a camel bump dead center of phone that sticks out 4 feet.

      and to “bigrob60”, “underdeveloped”????  are you serious. this is the most developed phone son (except for no ICS). you can try and bash it like everyone else but sorry to say this one is the baddest of all three(whether you like it or not)

    • Tik

      I think it’s worst than Thunderbolt. Instead of having only part of the phone thicker, the Rezound pretty much gets thicker everywhere. If they could, HTC should have created some non rectangular battery that fills out all that empty space of the cover.

  • I dont think verizon knew how much lte would drain a device, which was the reason why atnt waited til more battery effecient service was ready to be launched, verizon did rush into the 4g game but you cant deny that they are the only true 4g company, but the Thunderbolt with an extended battery has never made my life easier, plus Im never gonna update the software since I get free tethering, So every phone has it pros and cons. Until they come out with a high spec slide out keyboard Im holdin the Thunderbolt in my hand like Zeus

  • The more I see this thing, it should be called the Incredible 3.

  • The battery technology is the most depressing part of thinking about updating from the Tbolt. LTE and battery life is not the best. Some days on my tBolt I can get over 15 hours on stock battery and other days it may only last 8-10 hours. Just going from wifi to 4G consumes a lot of battery life.

    I already have the extended battery and a mess load of accessories for the phone. That is why  I will wait to upgrade to the newer phones and have to chose the Nexus over the Razr. I do not want to be stuck with sub-par battery life and no chance of getting an extended battery.

    • Johnszumigata

      Bionic with extended battery lasts just about all day in lte under moderate to heavy use. This includes youtube, facebook, web, talk and text. Battery will probably be even better when the ICS upgrade comes. Yes I know it has a locked bootloader. Yes I know it has blur and yes I know that everyone hates the screen except me. What I also know is that it has removable storage, interchangeable battery, micro usb, micro hdmi and I can see the screen under direct sunlight. It also doesn’t look like the elephant man with the extended battery. Maybe this wasn’t such a bad decision after all. Just saying.

  • Nick

    If you keep a 4g phone on 3g does it still have terrible battery life?  I dont really need the 4g speed but would like  to get the Nexus.

    • Anonymous

       battery life will improve dramatically if you turn off 4G

      • Nick

        Alright thanks for the reply!  I’ve always found 3g speed to be good enough and battery life has always been my #1 issue with smartphones

  • Trdracer21


  • I hate to say it, but that case/extended battery looks horrible…

    • Anonymous

      go look at the extended battery for the thunderbolt and tell me if you still think that

  • Anonymous

    shame on you HTC. Sense UI is awesome.. but you really need to get beyond the old way of building your phones like a tank.

    • Anonymous

      And this is why I’m not getting the Rezound.  It’ll probably be a great phone, but HTC has just run out of design ideas.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t really mind the extended battery on the Thunderbolt. It creates a nice little groove for my ring finger.

  • lol holy Bootloader….the battery is thicker than the freakin phone

  • Anonymous

    What exactly does poor battery life mean? My OG Droid will be 100% charged when I wake up at 5:30am. I am on the bus by 6:30, listening to podcasts, maybe browsing DL or Reddit. Get to work, start at 7:30am, put some music on, either with Audiogalaxy, Spotify or something from my sd card. By 9am, it’s telling me to plug it into a charger.

    I’m using whatever the latest SimplyStunning gb rom there is with ZERO WIFI usage. I never turn it on. GPS is off. I have tried resetting the battery in Clockwork, etc. I have tried Juice Defender. It essentially makes my phone lock up, slowly but surely.

    So, what do others consider poor battery life???

    • Anonymous

      That is poor.  You need a new battery or rom.  If you can’t get a minimum of 8 to 10 hours out of a 3G phone something is wrong.

      • Anonymous

        Thanks for the reply. Considered a new battery but I will just wait and get the Nexus…

        • Michael Jolley

          I replaced the battery on my OG after a year and a half.  It did help, but mine stays on a dock at work (since I stream via 3G all day long).  If I turn use the GPS, it will kill the battery in about 1.5 hours even with the screen off.  I would just save the money for the Nexus in which case I will have a nice OG with two docking stations and a car dock for sell.

  • Anonymous

    Everyone does know that if you keep your phone in 3G mode the majority of the time and turn on 4G when you need it, than the battery life issue becomes null…. right?

    Who needs 4G speed 100% of the time?

    • Anonymous

      Tried this for a while, but that’s such a pain.

      • Anonymous

        I liken it to using my WiFi widget.  I don’t need WiFi all the time, so i turn it off when I’m not using it.  A similar toggle for 4G to 3G would be huge.  So far, the closest thing I saw was a shortcut toggle for the Thunderbolt, but that still required another step.  

  • November 10th seems like an eternity from now… I wish that date was at least official.

  • Anonymous

    According to tweets from panda, Galaxy NEXUS lasts 2 hours longer than Bionic on LTE

    • Kierra

      I need to see a DRazr vs GNex comparison. The Razr has a bigger battery 

      • Anonymous

        Might be so, but non-removable batteries can lead to problems down the road, like not holding a charge or them not charging at all because they short circuited or something.  I wouldn’t risk buying a device with such a battery myself, and thats exactly why that battery is bigger too and the device is still thin.  You make sacrifices for things you want but eventually improvements will come along that will make those decisions void.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, that’s going to be thick.  I’ll be happy with the Galaxy Nexus.  I mean my Thunderbolt battery is 1400 and I can get decent battery life from it, so 1750 in the GNexus will be fine.

  • Kierra

    Just give me the Razr I’ve never carried another battery and I dont mess with the innards. My perfect phone. 

  • bigrob60

    That is just horrid looking. 

  • Yiannis

    So the RAZR’s non removable battery and the Nexus’s slick design go to the trashbin.

    And we end up with a lower spec’d early released bionic, a Nexus developer’s phone whose OS will soon be in dual-core phones and an HTC phone that NEEDS the bulky battery. 

    Like I said, after ICS the new LTE radios will be the real progress.

  • Bear0013

    I need more GALAXY NEXUS news ..please….. ..anyone get look at the notification led …speaker ….more about that screen ….which screen is better..galaxy nexus or the razors…so many unanswered questions…I want to do a day one

    • Anonymous

      If you watch the presentation during the announcement, you will see at some times during the video that the notification LED is under the plastic on the bottom of the phone so it glows through it. its also a larger than normal LED, and i think its only green, but i could be wrong.  Samsung is notorious for skipping on Notification LEDs.  my un-answered question after the presentation about it is how loud is the speaker and i need to see the screen in person to see what it truly looks like. NEXUS S has a very nice screen and thats just a Super AMOLED, so an HD Super AMOLED has to look even nicer.  not to mention, a bigger screen with a much thinner bezel than any other phone on the market (bezel – black lining around the screen)

    • Anonymous

      The notification LED was in the live unveiling.

  • Kierra

    HTC is seriously playing yall for fools with that 1620 battery. Seriously 

    • Jarred Sutherland

      I bought the extended with the ThunderBolt. EVERYTHING, and I mean everything about the TB was rushed. The battery is so heavy that it eventually causes the retention mechanism to wear enough to let the battery slip out at a slight bump (with cover on) and turn the phone off. 

      Just to say, I won’t be buying HTC again.

  • Kierra

    The Razr has 1800 battery, GNexus has 1750, what is HTC thinking with this bs?

    • Anonymous

      They want to market the phone as being sleek in thickness even though you can’t use it that way.

  • I was so trying to wait out ICS on that Galaxy Nexus…My OG droid stopped charging in July…RIP !!! LOL! So I in turn had to go ahead and get another phone…ended up getting the Thunderbolt. I wonder if Verizon will cut me some slack and let me get a hold of that Galaxy Nexus without paying full retail?

    • I have had (3) different Tbolts (going on 4) and they still wont change the phone even for a 3g one. I am a little pissed.

      • Anonymous

        Obviously it depends on the VZW clown u are dealing with, but (don’t quote me on this) usually after the 4th device switch they will swap for a diff model that they consider comparable to yours

  • Ugh this sucks man, I can’t believe Verizon is screwing us over again with the Nexus. Time to move on from Verizon it looks like…….. I’ll miss LTE so much though 🙁

    • How are they screwing us over?

      • bigrob60

        Right. Last I checked VZ doesn’t develop phones. 

    • Anonymous

      Don’t think for a minute because of the rumors being spread that the Verizon Galaxy NEXUS isn’t coming.  

      1.  They just announced the DROID RAZR, it would be stupid to announce another device that will put it to an early grave.

      2.  There seem to be software issues with Android 4.0 and LTE supposedly that there working on polishing up, sound familiar?  ThunderBolt all over again if were unlucky….  that was a wild ride of release date rumors. (check it out on Twitter you have to follow the right people to get the leaked or inside info)

      3.  The panda is NEVER wrong, if he ever is, he will say so.  Be glad we ever get leaks from him regarding great upcoming devices.

      Lets not forget we also haven’t heard anything about the HTC Rezound (Vigor) that was also supposed to launch around the same time.  Also don’t forget that GALAXY NEXUS is still on there MAP’d list.

      Early November isn’t here yet, and on top of that, Verizon rarely announces devices unless its a week or so away, i have a good feeling we’ll hear something either after the preorders for RAZR have ended or after it launches.

      I honestly feel that Verizon changed its plans at the last minute and gave the RAZR the limelight first instead of the G-Nex when Google/Samsung delayed the announcement.

      • OG Droid

        I assume that your referring to that douche p3droid about the delays and cancel rumors. Apprarently that guy is some nerdy science teacher in Arizona; yes he does have good info from time to time. But apprarently he is quite the attention whore as well. He’s the only one ive seen that is talking about this. I would also think that if it WAS true we might see something about it on Droid Life. To many pics, info, etc for me to believe that idiot.

        • Anonymous

          Yeah, i’m starting to see that, he keeps doing what jcase does, there both spreading rumors about the GALAXY NEXUS on twitter and jcase even went as far as making an article on a website thats too big for what he’s trying to point out.  He also says he knows whether or not its coming to VZ, which I find hard to believe since Panda and a few others are the only ones (that i know of anyway) that have this kind of inside info.

          P3droid is a moto fanboi i think as he always praises the Bionic and RAZR and seems to shun the G-Nex each chance he gets

          yes there both attention whores

    • Anonymous

      you’ll be missing more than LTE. how about phone calls and everything else. sorry, they have us. if you leave, they win. trust me. Nothing even comes close to Verizon, NOTHING!!!!  the next best network is 200 times worse (no lie)

  • Anonymous

    Not feeling the Lump, maybe if i position it right in my pocket the ladies will really take notice 😉

    • bigrob60

      Is that an extended battery in your pocket or do you have an underdeveloped piece of hardware. :]

      • Anonymous

        LMAO!!! Yeah, I walked into that one 😉

  • FortitudineVincimus

    I would never use these bulky extended batteries. I would only buy 2nd batteries. Well, that is, unless I get the RAZR and then your pretty much F’d either way.

    • Anonymous

      I think manufacturers should think of extended batteries differently, instead of making them big hulking monsters they should implement better ways to get that battery on the device.  Kinda like a case with a built in battery that connects to the battery leads in the battery compartment.  HTC already has ways to implement this with there wireless battery backs using the leads, why can’t they make a case that has a battery built in around it rather than a big block, not only would it make for a more appealing design it would also allow for more space for battery, look at the screenshots above, see all that wasted space under that battery cover

  • Jason Purp

    If something goes wrong with the Galaxy Nexus release, or its full retail price is $800, all of which P3Droid and Black_Man_X have been hinting at, this will be the phone I get, if not the RAZR.

    HOPEFULLY everything will go correctly with the Nexus.

    • Black man x hasn’t been hinting at the price at all 299 is what he said sub

      • Jason Purp

        Well I mean that P3 was asking if people would by the G-Nex off-contract if it was $800.

        Off-contract is the only option I have. I can’t spend $800 on the phone. Only around $600.

        • Anonymous

          While I appreciate everything he contributes keep in mind he’s got website ads and an app to sell.  The more he stays in the forefront, even if requires some “trolling” I’m sure the more people he drives to his site.  I’m not actually calling his a troll of course.

    • Anonymous

      I can easily see Verizon charging top dollar for an unlockable, pure android and non-bloatware device, why else would they make sure Motorola locked the RAZR?  

      With the benefits of NEXUS comes the price too it seems but it may well be worth it since NEXUS S and even NEXUS ONE are getting updates still (albeit N1 is getting ports but still)

  • dumb

  • hopefully my 2750 from my thunderbolt will work in this….

    • Keith Sumner

      You’re kidding, right? Why would a battery from a completely different device even FIT in another?

      • actually the thunderbolt can use the same battery from the merge and the mytouch

      • Franzie3

        the my touch and the tbolt had the same batteries…..and to be honst it almost looks similar, just red cover on the battery

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, Keith. Seriouslyz.

      • Anonymous

        htc imaigo battery worked in DInc as a cheap extended battery

      • Anonymous

        I used quite a few diff HTC device batteries that were higher capacity in my old OG INC & pretty sure the bolt could use the mytouch & 1-2 other device batteries……so, let me ask you the same question, “you’re kidding, right?” It’s no big deal that you’re misinformed, but don’t jump down the previous commenters throat broham, not cool. Your excused.

    • compchick813

      I think I saw a forum post from a guy who got to play with the phone and he said he tried the tbolt battery and it powered on but displayed a ! as the battery icon.

  • Ah, the bulkiness… still worth the extra life.. Patiently waiting for the galaxy nexus & ICS