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Angry Birds Seasons Updated, Ham’o’ween And Brand New Orange Bird

We got the sneak peak of the new Angry Birds Seasons just a week ago and now all you goblins and ghouls can go to the Market and get your Angry Birds on. You’ll notice the splendid Ham’o’ween theme and the 30 new levels, plus an all new orange bird. 

Oh, Angry Birds. You’re so relevant to the times.

Market Link

  • Genius

    Angry Birds is so 2010. Next…

  • Davros

    for some reason i still love this game. angry birds to android is like zelda nintendo. hmmm now where did i put that shiny gold cartridge at.

  • Anonymous

    Any chance of Amazon getting the update? Got seasons ad-free for free on the daily app.

    • Jeepguy04

      Stupid amazon. I think I’d rather have timely updates and ads. I may have to backup my progress and switch to the free market version.

    • Corndog

      I think Amazon just got the update.

  • Anonymous

    I just took a dump

  • Anonymous

    i’m looking forward to the day they release an LSD/mushroom trip version, that’s about the only way they could continue to retheme the same game over and over again and have me enjoy it :/

  • Jason Purp

    I would have downloaded it if it had Omnom like what was rumored.

  • Indianafanatic68

    In other equally interesting news, I had toast for breakfast.

    • Jason Purp


  • @2won6

    Ice cream sandwich craving!

  • Anonymous

    What is Angry Birds?

    • Anonymous

      Like Angry Frogs but better.

      The makers of Angry Frogs are actually suing Rovio in patent court right now.

      • Anonymous

        you kidding? suing just got out of control…

        it must be great for lawyers….

        • Anonymous

          Yeah, I’m kidding…