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Transformer Prime Landing Page Goes Live, Video From Its AsiaD Unveiling As Well

The new Transformer Prime from Asus made a brief appearance on stage last night at the AsiaD conference. It looks ultra-thin, will run NVIDIA’s new quad-core Tegra 3 processor, and dock into a keyboard just like its predecessor. The landing page for it on Asus’ site is already live with the unveiling of the device coming in just a couple of weeks on November 9.

And if you would like to see it in video from the conference last night, we have included it below. Skip to the 6:10 mark to see it in action. “Crazy thin” doesn’t do it justice.    


Cheers Cesar!

  • Anonymous

    “Or as some people call it, your copy of the Macbook Air.”


    Walt, we all know you’re a HUGE fan of Apple, but please leave them out of it, stop with the passive-aggressive snarky remarks, and just conduct the interview respectfully, or stay home.  Geesh.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    Since it will have ICS, I hope it has an NFC chip so there is something you can actually use that new “Beam” technology with

  • Anonymous


  • ShootAngelsFace77x

    At 1:50 doesn’t he say it’ll cost $1000?

    • Anonymous

      $1000 is for the Windows 7 x86 tablet.  That’s one of the reasons ARM plus Android is going to kill Windows x86 tablet.

  • Holy crap the thinness.  I mean hearing numbers and seeing it in someones hand, so nice

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    That looks like the iPad 2 (Which I’m okay with) than any other tablet! Put the keyboard on and it looks like the MacBook air… lol.

    Looks amazing though! Do they have a release date?

  • shdowman

    If they open this thing up at $399 like the last one….Samsung is in some deep sh!t

  • Anonymous

    This will be my first tablet.

  • Anonymous

    This will probably be my first tablet/laptop.

  • Boothboy23

    when can u start pre-ordering?

  • Okay, FCUK this guy doing the interview. {{>_<}}

  • jbonics

    Ok my girl says I’m not allowed to sell HER transformer, youuuu just got it. Well looks like we’re about to have two. That way the nieces won’t fight over it. Transformer the best babysitter money can buy.

  • Anyone else notice that if you go the webpage it says “Asus recommends Windows 7” on the top left of the page. lol

    • Anonymous

      It’s possible for this to run Windows since it’s getting ARM support soon and the Tegra 3 might be fast enough to run it decently.

      • True, but that would be Windows 8.

      • Zomby2D

        Actually, it’s just the desing of their website.  That phrased is atop the site, on the navigation bar.

  • Anonymous

    Once the resolution is official, I will make my decision… I want a crazy ass tablet screen.

  • This will hopefully be my first tablet, would love to see a windows 8 port to 🙂

  • EC8CH

    The Prime is a seriously good looking follow up to the original Transformer.  It will be interesting to see how the next generation of Galaxy Tab’s stack up.

  • Doug

    I hate that guy! How have they not gotten a better interviewer?

  • 6spdsurfer

    Anybody else now happy that the Galaxy Nexus was not called the Prime also?

  • Hugo Pinto

    Droool 😛
    Selling my Transformer + Keyboard dock in 10… 9… 8…

  • EC8CH

    wow… I got all the way to 0:22 before I wanted to slap the sh!t out of Mossberg.

    • AppleFUD

      You made it further than I did. . . 
      Ever notice how much nicer he was to Jobs? While he’s a total douche to anyone that’s non-apple. Not to mention he seems to know nothing about current technology.

      • Anonymous

        Since Jobs is dead, Walt Mossberg will always be a iSheep, apple douche forever.

  • Rob Meyer

    This is NOT the droid I was looking for.

  • Anonymous

    No wonder the Nexus isn’t called Prime.. Asus snuck in and grabbed rights to the name.. Cheeky littl’ shites!

    • AppleFUD

      don’t think so. . .
      Nexus Prime = Phone
      Transformer Prime = Tablet/netbook

      The name “Galaxy Nexus” seems to have been chosen because Samsung wanted to signify that it is also part of their Galaxy line of Smartphones. They are apparently backing it with add support, so that makes sense.

      • Anonymous

        So THAT’s what the Nexus Prime is.. huh, all this time reading blogs and tech sites I had no idea. Thanks for clearing that up for me. 😉

  • SugaShane

    Obligatory comment demanding more Galaxy Nexus news. 

  • Hamholla

    the landing page looks like the cover of a cheap porno… 

  • Eric

    “One shall stand, one shall fall!”

  • Anonymous

    i want one!

  • Walt, if you can hear me, I hate your smirk. You Apple biatch!!!

  • Scott Willenborg

    I’m holding out for the Transformer Bumble Bee.

  • I wonder if they had to pay Hasboro for use of these names

  • FortitudineVincimus

    Bring it on! That CPU means better performance with low power consumption.

    If it was not for the tablet, that whole interview looks like it is from the 70’s…. horrible set and horrible host

    • Billy Gardiner

      You forgot horrible 70’s music too.  That guitar riff was awful!