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Thursday Poll: Which Ice Cream Sandwich Features Impressed You the Most?


Now that Tuesday night’s Ice Cream Sandwich event has had time to settle on your brains, we want to know what impressed you the most from it. Not only was a brand new UI introduced, but we also saw a brand new outlook on the experience from Google. Everything has been cleaned up, made more efficient, and really gave us the impression that the end user was their focus for the first time.  


We saw a face unlock feature that would have wow’d the crowd had it worked – we will blame the low lighting for that one. We saw a brand new People app that learns from the services your friends use to stay updated in real-time. There were completely redesigned browser, Gmail, and calendar apps that add features and functionality that many of us have asked about for years. We get native screenshots! Google Voice has been built right in. The keyboard now predicts, corrects and types better than ever. Swiping gestures were added to almost every app to make your experience that much more fluid. The lock screen is all new and beautiful. Resizable widgets from Honeycomb made the cut. Native folders were introduced. Network data monitoring could change the way we consume data. A new NFC feature called Beam was unveiled for quick sharing of almost anything with your friends. Oh, and let us not forget about the camera and video apps that can shoot time lapse video, take pictures in a split second, and allow you to edit it all with the push of a couple of buttons.

It was one hell of a night. So rather than posting an actual poll since there were so many amazing features, we just want you to sound off in the comments. Give us your top 3 moments from the ICS event. What 3 things did you say, “Holy…” Were you blown away by the speed and clarity of the camera app? Will Beam become your new friend? Are you looking forward to the detail and polish of the People app? Screenshots topping the list?

My top 3:

1.  Camera app was mind-bogglingly fast.
2.  The entire new UI is so clean and beautiful.
3.  Revamping of Gmail, browser, calendar and People apps. All were so needed.

  • Anonymous

    i love them all 🙂

  • love the data usage funtion. the entire UI is gorgeous.

  • Anonymous

    I like the text when not taking a call option (aka I’m in class, why didn’t you remember?), I like the new ui, and I really really like the People app. Finally they have merged all my people into one location. If they could somehow make the people app work effortlessly with all the other apps and make it feel like a single app that would be so cool

    I am not so happy with Roboto. I would have liked them to include the option for Bold roboto for those of us who like the bold font look (I know I do). I also cannot wait for the new camera app. It looks like it could change the way we use our cameras on out phones more then we expect.

  • 1. Fast camera
    2. Fast camera
    3. Fast camera

    I hate camera lag. Worst thing about my Droid.

  • 1. Face unlock 2. New camera  3. NFC

  • Djstar2k2

    i think uncle googs did it all on this update.  now yall know me on the hardware tip.  wish it had a keyboard and removable sd card.  but i dont see anything on the market or coming  that can match up

  • Anonymous

    Its impossible to pick one. If I had to I like the new lock screen and the ability to access your notifications Natively. Its a small change in the big scheme but one that I personally wanted. Yes lockscreen replacements are awesome but having it intergrated into the OS works better for me.

  • RW-1

    The issue here is this is with the Nexus, and pure Google.

    Let’s see how the camera and other ICs features work after begin bogged down by whatever skinning is done by various not to be named manufacturers (Jha…) oops, I said it.

    I’m going to jump to Samsung for that phone, because even if it doesn’t get unlocked, it is pure as one might expect.

  • You nailed it with your top 3. I feel pretty much the same but would maybe  place ‘Beam’ in a tie for 3rd. ICS is the bomb, i can’t wait for it to come on my phone.

  • Android Beam <3

  • Anonymous

    The Complete Package!

  • Rob

    Fast camera, hopefully that won’t be limited to just the GNex and everything else going forward.

    The whole UI – how you answer a call, the use of a folder like system to group similar Apps (like the Google Apps button/icon/whatever).

    Third? I suppose the lock screen that allows you to quickly take a photo too. But that might fit under “fast camera”

  • KojimaSnake

    All wet my pallet 😛

  • js

    All the swiping to the left/right goodness! Definitely webOeSque. 

  • I just want it allllllll

  • DroidVoid

    Siri 🙂

  • Jon

    Where’s the Poll i was promised?

  • Jon


  • Anonymous

    What surprises me the most? That they took so many design cues from Windows Phone 7. I like it though.

  • Barbacoa

    I like that it isn’t iOs

  • Wow! This looks awesome!

    Liking the lockscreen and call screen UI. Specifically, I like how simple it is, shows the needed information, and in a sexy sort of way. Contacts and People redesign was needed. I’m hoping there is more social integration? That’s very needed–and will ease the “burden” of carriers/manufacturers feeling they need to poor money into crap like Blur, HTC Sense, or TouchWiz.

  • Anonymous

    Ice Cream Sandwich is on another level compared to iOS, Google actually innovated and Apple just plan copied their latest OS.

    • To be fair, Andriod adopts features from just about everyone in ICS including ios, webos and windows. Thats why i like it so much though, they kept and improved on what is good about Andriod and added other desirable features that were out there. Great job on ICS Google!!

  • Aran Miller

    My favorite thing, which I heard about around 2 or 3 weeks ago, but didn’t believe it. The camera, when I heard 5MP I wasn’t one of the upset people, because I knew that if Google was putting a 5MP camera still, it would be remarkable. Then I heard thing CRAZY thing called “instant shoot” ??!?! “What? how can a phone take a picture that fast?” Well sure enough, when relieved, “no shutter lag” was introduced. I was SHOCKED and amazed by this. I was impressed with how Apple made their camera so good and fast, but watching the Nexus blow that time out of the water was one of the best feelings ever.

    Second: Instant voice input! I enjoyed voice input when it was released, and I use it as search or to call or text someone, but I didn’t like how it took a while for the server to connect with the phone, so that was really annoying, but THIS is magnificent. I might actually go back to using voice input for more than just search or commands like “Navigate to …”

    Third: Everything else, form the UI update, the people app, and all the updated Google apps (which I use nearly all of them on a very constant basis), to folders to have less cluttered home screens. I am just stoked about the rest of it. I knew 6 months ago that this was going to be my next phone, and it did not let me down.

    Ever since I got my hands on the Nexus One, I have been obsessed with it, I love the “pure” android expierience, the Nexus S was nice, but not a huge upgrade as far as I was concerned, but still loved it. This, this is going to make me extremely happy until the next Nexus release. I just can get over the Nexus series. They are the best.

  • Anonymous

    -Disabling of bloatware.
    -Fast Camera and functionality improvement.
    -No buttons!

  • onixblack

    You didn’t mention the amazing notifcation changes and how everything looks alot like WebOS cards (THANK YOU Matias Duarte)

  • Jmchamber

    Uh. Everything?

  • JD

    New consistent application of swiping in Core apps.
    Camera (Panorama and Time Lapse)
    Calendar pinch to zoom

  • The camera of the Galaxy Nexus was my favorite by far, but that won’t translate to ALL devices to run ICS. Isn’t the speed of the camera’s shutter hardware and not software? My favorite purely software feature has to be facial recognition. 

  • Anonymous

    I mean, its all really really sexy.

  • I like that the native UI has all (or most?) of the features that I have already been using with CM7 and third party launchers.  Might I have a phone that doesn’t need a home replacement?  That would be cool.

  • Fattie McDoogles

    I’m most looking forward to the UI the camera and I would like to play with the facial recognition 

  • Anonymous

    1) The new functionality of the camera app and built in features were a long time needed. Just wish we could do it all with a 8 megapixels (even though I know it’s not that big of a deal).

    2) The new UI in general has me lit up and not able to wait on picking this thing up!

    3) Face unlock is a step in the right direction. We’ll see how well it works eventually. Very innovative. I think they one upped Apple on this front.

  • George Davis

    I thought the data monitoring was really cool.  Even if you’re grandfathered into unlimited like I am, the ability to highlight a period with heavier than normal data usage and identify which apps are misbehaving, then shut off those apps’ background data access individually, will be a great tool for improving battery life.  Apps that hog data in the background also hog battery.

    The revamped UI is impressive too.  Wonder if the Bionic version of ICS will somehow integrate with Blur or what.  Some of the new features are already supported by Blur, so it will be interesting.  Of course, if Moto/VZW drags their feet with the update, I’ll probably end up rooting and getting ICS via a custom ROM like I did with Gingerbread on the OG anyway.

  • Anonymous

    1)Everything extra that could fit in that thin phone like :barometer,NFC,LTE, and more
    2)Hardware acceleration and everything looking clean and perfect.2)photo to unlock

  • Anonymous

    people app

  • I was really impressed with the screenshot feature and the ability to swipe away single notifications in the dropdown…..

    ……when I got those features in Cyanogen like a year ago

    • Tony Allen

      You didn’t get native screenshots in CM7 a year ago 😉 just sayin..

  • The data monitoring. Awesome. Even though i’m grandfathered into unlimited.

  • Fd2blk78

    Would the camera apk install on the bionic? Maybe? If not what is the best camera all out therefore?

  • roboto

  • trumpet444

    Blazing camera speed for me. A lot of the other features are in a certain rom…..

  • BasilofBakerStreet

    Call answering options
    New UI
    (more phone related) Notification light not sucking a fatty *cough* *htc* *cough*

    I wish push notifications was a bigger issue. I think more apps need to implement it or Google needs to somehow make it mandatory.

    • Tony Allen

      I guess you missed the Samsung phones just not having notification LEDs at all.

  • Anonymous

    No poll??

  • Anonymous

    1) Browser
    2) Camera
    3) Lockscreen

  • Anonymous

    Everything including the phone.

  • Where’s the poll?

  • Anonymous

    Launch Date please.