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Thursday Poll: Which Ice Cream Sandwich Features Impressed You the Most?


Now that Tuesday night’s Ice Cream Sandwich event has had time to settle on your brains, we want to know what impressed you the most from it. Not only was a brand new UI introduced, but we also saw a brand new outlook on the experience from Google. Everything has been cleaned up, made more efficient, and really gave us the impression that the end user was their focus for the first time.  


We saw a face unlock feature that would have wow’d the crowd had it worked – we will blame the low lighting for that one. We saw a brand new People app that learns from the services your friends use to stay updated in real-time. There were completely redesigned browser, Gmail, and calendar apps that add features and functionality that many of us have asked about for years. We get native screenshots! Google Voice has been built right in. The keyboard now predicts, corrects and types better than ever. Swiping gestures were added to almost every app to make your experience that much more fluid. The lock screen is all new and beautiful. Resizable widgets from Honeycomb made the cut. Native folders were introduced. Network data monitoring could change the way we consume data. A new NFC feature called Beam was unveiled for quick sharing of almost anything with your friends. Oh, and let us not forget about the camera and video apps that can shoot time lapse video, take pictures in a split second, and allow you to edit it all with the push of a couple of buttons.

It was one hell of a night. So rather than posting an actual poll since there were so many amazing features, we just want you to sound off in the comments. Give us your top 3 moments from the ICS event. What 3 things did you say, “Holy…” Were you blown away by the speed and clarity of the camera app? Will Beam become your new friend? Are you looking forward to the detail and polish of the People app? Screenshots topping the list?

My top 3:

1.  Camera app was mind-bogglingly fast.
2.  The entire new UI is so clean and beautiful.
3.  Revamping of Gmail, browser, calendar and People apps. All were so needed.

  • Anonymous

    i love them all 🙂

  • love the data usage funtion. the entire UI is gorgeous.

  • Anonymous

    I like the text when not taking a call option (aka I’m in class, why didn’t you remember?), I like the new ui, and I really really like the People app. Finally they have merged all my people into one location. If they could somehow make the people app work effortlessly with all the other apps and make it feel like a single app that would be so cool

    I am not so happy with Roboto. I would have liked them to include the option for Bold roboto for those of us who like the bold font look (I know I do). I also cannot wait for the new camera app. It looks like it could change the way we use our cameras on out phones more then we expect.

  • 1. Fast camera
    2. Fast camera
    3. Fast camera

    I hate camera lag. Worst thing about my Droid.

  • 1. Face unlock 2. New camera  3. NFC

  • Djstar2k2

    i think uncle googs did it all on this update.  now yall know me on the hardware tip.  wish it had a keyboard and removable sd card.  but i dont see anything on the market or coming  that can match up

  • Anonymous

    Its impossible to pick one. If I had to I like the new lock screen and the ability to access your notifications Natively. Its a small change in the big scheme but one that I personally wanted. Yes lockscreen replacements are awesome but having it intergrated into the OS works better for me.

  • RW-1

    The issue here is this is with the Nexus, and pure Google.

    Let’s see how the camera and other ICs features work after begin bogged down by whatever skinning is done by various not to be named manufacturers (Jha…) oops, I said it.

    I’m going to jump to Samsung for that phone, because even if it doesn’t get unlocked, it is pure as one might expect.

  • You nailed it with your top 3. I feel pretty much the same but would maybe  place ‘Beam’ in a tie for 3rd. ICS is the bomb, i can’t wait for it to come on my phone.

  • Android Beam <3

  • Anonymous

    The Complete Package!

  • Rob

    Fast camera, hopefully that won’t be limited to just the GNex and everything else going forward.

    The whole UI – how you answer a call, the use of a folder like system to group similar Apps (like the Google Apps button/icon/whatever).

    Third? I suppose the lock screen that allows you to quickly take a photo too. But that might fit under “fast camera”

  • KojimaSnake

    All wet my pallet 😛

  • js

    All the swiping to the left/right goodness! Definitely webOeSque. 

  • I just want it allllllll

  • DroidVoid

    Siri 🙂

  • Jon

    Where’s the Poll i was promised?

  • Jon


  • Anonymous

    What surprises me the most? That they took so many design cues from Windows Phone 7. I like it though.

  • Barbacoa

    I like that it isn’t iOs

  • Wow! This looks awesome!

    Liking the lockscreen and call screen UI. Specifically, I like how simple it is, shows the needed information, and in a sexy sort of way. Contacts and People redesign was needed. I’m hoping there is more social integration? That’s very needed–and will ease the “burden” of carriers/manufacturers feeling they need to poor money into crap like Blur, HTC Sense, or TouchWiz.

  • Anonymous

    Ice Cream Sandwich is on another level compared to iOS, Google actually innovated and Apple just plan copied their latest OS.

    • To be fair, Andriod adopts features from just about everyone in ICS including ios, webos and windows. Thats why i like it so much though, they kept and improved on what is good about Andriod and added other desirable features that were out there. Great job on ICS Google!!

  • Aran Miller

    My favorite thing, which I heard about around 2 or 3 weeks ago, but didn’t believe it. The camera, when I heard 5MP I wasn’t one of the upset people, because I knew that if Google was putting a 5MP camera still, it would be remarkable. Then I heard thing CRAZY thing called “instant shoot” ??!?! “What? how can a phone take a picture that fast?” Well sure enough, when relieved, “no shutter lag” was introduced. I was SHOCKED and amazed by this. I was impressed with how Apple made their camera so good and fast, but watching the Nexus blow that time out of the water was one of the best feelings ever.

    Second: Instant voice input! I enjoyed voice input when it was released, and I use it as search or to call or text someone, but I didn’t like how it took a while for the server to connect with the phone, so that was really annoying, but THIS is magnificent. I might actually go back to using voice input for more than just search or commands like “Navigate to …”

    Third: Everything else, form the UI update, the people app, and all the updated Google apps (which I use nearly all of them on a very constant basis), to folders to have less cluttered home screens. I am just stoked about the rest of it. I knew 6 months ago that this was going to be my next phone, and it did not let me down.

    Ever since I got my hands on the Nexus One, I have been obsessed with it, I love the “pure” android expierience, the Nexus S was nice, but not a huge upgrade as far as I was concerned, but still loved it. This, this is going to make me extremely happy until the next Nexus release. I just can get over the Nexus series. They are the best.

  • Anonymous

    -Disabling of bloatware.
    -Fast Camera and functionality improvement.
    -No buttons!

  • onixblack

    You didn’t mention the amazing notifcation changes and how everything looks alot like WebOS cards (THANK YOU Matias Duarte)

  • Jmchamber

    Uh. Everything?

  • JD

    New consistent application of swiping in Core apps.
    Camera (Panorama and Time Lapse)
    Calendar pinch to zoom

  • The camera of the Galaxy Nexus was my favorite by far, but that won’t translate to ALL devices to run ICS. Isn’t the speed of the camera’s shutter hardware and not software? My favorite purely software feature has to be facial recognition. 

  • Anonymous

    I mean, its all really really sexy.

  • I like that the native UI has all (or most?) of the features that I have already been using with CM7 and third party launchers.  Might I have a phone that doesn’t need a home replacement?  That would be cool.

  • Fattie McDoogles

    I’m most looking forward to the UI the camera and I would like to play with the facial recognition 

  • Anonymous

    1) The new functionality of the camera app and built in features were a long time needed. Just wish we could do it all with a 8 megapixels (even though I know it’s not that big of a deal).

    2) The new UI in general has me lit up and not able to wait on picking this thing up!

    3) Face unlock is a step in the right direction. We’ll see how well it works eventually. Very innovative. I think they one upped Apple on this front.

  • George Davis

    I thought the data monitoring was really cool.  Even if you’re grandfathered into unlimited like I am, the ability to highlight a period with heavier than normal data usage and identify which apps are misbehaving, then shut off those apps’ background data access individually, will be a great tool for improving battery life.  Apps that hog data in the background also hog battery.

    The revamped UI is impressive too.  Wonder if the Bionic version of ICS will somehow integrate with Blur or what.  Some of the new features are already supported by Blur, so it will be interesting.  Of course, if Moto/VZW drags their feet with the update, I’ll probably end up rooting and getting ICS via a custom ROM like I did with Gingerbread on the OG anyway.

  • Anonymous

    1)Everything extra that could fit in that thin phone like :barometer,NFC,LTE, and more
    2)Hardware acceleration and everything looking clean and perfect.2)photo to unlock

  • Anonymous

    people app

  • I was really impressed with the screenshot feature and the ability to swipe away single notifications in the dropdown…..

    ……when I got those features in Cyanogen like a year ago

    • Tony Allen

      You didn’t get native screenshots in CM7 a year ago 😉 just sayin..

  • The data monitoring. Awesome. Even though i’m grandfathered into unlimited.

  • Fd2blk78

    Would the camera apk install on the bionic? Maybe? If not what is the best camera all out therefore?

  • roboto

  • trumpet444

    Blazing camera speed for me. A lot of the other features are in a certain rom…..

  • BasilofBakerStreet

    Call answering options
    New UI
    (more phone related) Notification light not sucking a fatty *cough* *htc* *cough*

    I wish push notifications was a bigger issue. I think more apps need to implement it or Google needs to somehow make it mandatory.

    • Tony Allen

      I guess you missed the Samsung phones just not having notification LEDs at all.

  • Anonymous

    No poll??

  • Anonymous

    1) Browser
    2) Camera
    3) Lockscreen

  • Anonymous

    Everything including the phone.

  • Where’s the poll?

  • Anonymous

    Launch Date please.

  • Trusttheman85

    I dont know about you but the feature that i was excited about is a very small but great one… the option to change tracks via the notification bar… i hate having to leave apps to change tracks, so this makes is so much easier. Every feature now on android is “clean”, which helps against the “what makes it better (or simular) then the i*hone” argument

  • Ht

    disable pre loaded junk

  • Cmonnats23

    all about the screenshots baby!

  • 1.) Updated Camera app
    2.) Network Data Monitoring
    3.) Facial Recognition for Unlocking

    As an amateur photographer it’s very important to me to have a good camera app, though I can generally compensate for anything in Photoshop.

    As I rely heavily on data it’s nice having a built in way to monitor it without having to use space for an app.

    Facial Recognition is nice cause it gives a nice way to lock my phone in a way that it can be secure, but not annoy me.

  • KpAtch3s

    Google+ integration since it’s so much better than facebook, the new ui, and the integration of google voice

  • Donguason

    Notification control in the lock screen ftw!!!!! As well as lockscreen Contols.

  • Anonymous

    the new camera is what i’ve been waiting for.  the only reason i’ve been sticking with sense based roms on my tbolt is because the sense camera is soooo much better than the aosp camera.  now that the ics camera is amazing, i can’t wait for samsung to take my money.

  • Satya Chowdary

    Everything except the Galaxy Nexus not having expandable memory slot….

  • Ravnos CC

    1) Data tracking on a per app basis! 
    2) FAST/usable camera
    3) new gallery looked good too

  • Scott Hartman

    1) Camera speed and controls (freaking time lapse!)

    2) UI overhaul – not just beautifully consistent, but the move to swipe gestures and away from long-presses is a masterstroke

    3) Revamped (and consistent) layout for Google apps – I love extending swiping and the common actions bar on the bottom throughout Gmail, etc.

  • Mark Lewis

    1. Unified UI/SDK – Loving the true phone/tablet parity and the beautiful UI.
    3. Source Code – Not announced at the event, but ICS source will be released, unlike Honeycomb.
    3. Data Tracking – I’m still on unlimited data with Verizon, but the ability to track data usage by app for any time windows will be awesome.

  • Anonymous

    Facial recognition, camera speed, new UI

  • Anonymous

    My favorite feature is Lyoneidas! It better be stock on my contact list!

  • kep

    Same top three as kellex

  • Michael Allis

    Personally, I was most blown away by Beam; my mind started racing with thoughts of possiblities. Sharing photos, exchanging twitter handles or facebook information, even drunkenly getting a phone number without fear of mis-keying or missing any info! It’s a beautiful world we’re living in, ladies and gents.

    Runners up include: the new camera app and the overall polish of the entire UI; everything just meshes so much better than previous iterations. It looks like a complete coherent OS.

  • Julio Duverney

    where’s the poll? 

  • PyroHoltz

    Where is the voting poll?

    I’d say the merging of tablet and handset OSs is important.

  • Booboolala2000

    1. Flicking away unimportant notifications and keeping the others.
    2. Overall UI tweaks love the swiping left or right.
    3. Multi-tasking is much improved.

    Side note, the Zero Lag on the Nexus Camera

    • 1TallTXn

      2.3.4 has that feature. I’ve got it on ProjectElite on my OG Droid and my wife has something similar on her D2. MotoBlur uses a “-” button to allow you to dismiss individual alerts.

      ICS as a whole is a much more polished looking OS than GB.
      I do agree that iOS has a much smoother feel, even on slower hardware.

  • Trevor-kai

    There is so much to talk about when it comes to ICS, but I was extremely impressed with the camera/video app first and foremost. Coming from and OG Droid and it’s shutter lag, it was amazing that the Galaxy Nexus HAD ZERO shutter lag. Secondly, the UI is so much more user friendly, which is going to invite a broader range of users to the Android expirence. A Lastly, but not leastly, the people app is something that I’ve been wanting for quite some time. Large high-def photos when calling might not seem liike a big deal, but it’s the simplicities that make a good UI great! P.S. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!

  • Blueethernov13

    I’m getting this gallaxy nexus and it will be my last phone ever…. It’s beautiful, what else could you want??? Sidenote: Moto blur will be terrible with ICS…. just imagine…

  • Omgiitsedgarrr

    Ios 5? there is to many android devises out there that you don’t even know what to pick from 

    • ThePenetrator

      I know what I’m picking, I’m getting this bad boy here.

      • Omgiitsedgarrr

        yeah dude but a week later after this one comes out there will be one with the new os 

        • Gust

          you mad, bro?

          • Anonymous

            Hey mctypething…do u get a chubby every time someone copies ur annoying catch phrase?

          • guest

            You mad bro?

        • Anonymous

          u mad?

          lol @ apple people talking about how they have one phone and that’s better, I guess you guys don’t like choice.

  • Anonymous

    I know it’s a honeycomb feature, but since I don’t have a tablet, I am totally excited for the resizeable widget thing.

    • SamIam

      Next time consider a Motorola phone.  They’ve had resizeable widgets for over a year now.

      • Anonymous

        Heh, I have a Motorola phone…I totally didn’t know I could do that. lol…silly me

      • Anonymous

        So does Sense. Blur sucks a huge donkey cack though.

  • Foamposite0o1

    1. The newly improved camera
    2. Roboto makes it look incredibly clean and small things like that can make it feel like another universe compared to GB
    3. The people app looks amazing. (again, something small that makes it feel a world of a difference)

  • Anonymous

    all of it taken together is a big wow for me.  The camera was huge, but just the way teh UI flows really wowed me as well.

    One thing i thought they could have done better, is make the buttons look a little nicer.  I know they’re trying to keep them “outta your face” with the way they have them now, but i thought grpahically, the could have added a little more to em.  But thats just a nit.

  • ThePenetrator

    Where’s the poll?

    • Anonymous

      You clicked the headline and scrolled immediately to the bottom of the post without reading, didn’t you?

      • ThePenetrator

        I JUST read it, guess I was impatient

        • Anonymous


  • Everything!!!

  • Love the face unlock, wish they had gesture unlock to.. 
    The New UI seems like it’s going to be real hard for devs to make me want to switch to a home screen replacement.. 
    The camera.. everything about from no shutter lag to the panorama has me jumping for joy.. No you can always fit everything and everyone into the picture frame.. 

  • I am impressed with the data limit. Now that Verizon has axed their unlimited data I had concerns about going over 2 GB. The UI is amazing as well as the camera app. I only wish Google would include “not disabling the bloatware melter and not disabling the data limiter” in their Android 4.0 usage contract with carriers. I expect carriers to F-up ICS by changing it and adding unwanted garbage and skins. 

  • Camera App, New UI and the Lock Screen 

  • Im pretty happy about the Browser and Hardware Acceleration … Though I do think the HA should have been here long before ICS.

  • Iceberglettuce

    1) More polished bro
    2) Hardware acceleration bro
    3) Screen size bro

  • Anonymous

    My favorite features…

    1. It being released
    2. Protective packaging
    3. Brown Santa handing it to me

  • Anonymous

    I wasn’t that impressed, didn’t care for any of the social networking crap.  Not sure I like the new dialer or people apps.  I definitely hope that giant google search bar at the top taking up screen space is just a widget and not permanent like it is in Honeycomb but I get the feeling it’s not, especially since there is no longer a search button.  Not happy about that.  Also don’t like the app drawer pages instead of vertical scrolling.

    What I did like was the data manager, new folders, better camera software, much improved browser and the improved notifications and swiping to remove them/recent tasks/browser tabs.  It’s disappointing that getting rid of apps in the recent used list doesn’t end them though.

    Definitely like the system wide hardware accelerated 2D and the api for music controls.

    • Booboolala2000

      I’m willing to bet that the Google search bar that you see On all the screens is removable. Or you can change it to bing if you like. I personally like it, it is a modern version of the magnifying glass capacitive button.

  • BoozeHammer

    Siri… Ops

  • kurttrail

    Worst ICS features:

    1. Paginated scrolling thru apps.
    2. Allowing access to my personal info without unlocking.
    3. That I don’t have it now!

    • Doug

      Not a big fan of paginated apps either, hopefully that’ll be adjustable to vertical scrolling. The folders thing is way cool too.

  • boo Jay

    With android, it isn’t any one thing.  It’s the entire experience that I’m impressed with.  With Apple, apparently just adding Siri makes it the best phone on the market!

  • Anonymous

    1. Camera
    2. Everything else 3. See above lol

  • Anonymous

    Is the Camera speed a function of ICS, the phone hardware, or both? I get the feeling it’s mostly the hardware, because even with Gingerbread, we see huge differences between the different phones.

  • SkinnyTrini

    1. I especially liked the unlock facial feature, I think its cutting edge.
    2. 4.0 Ice cream sandwich polished new UI, lock screen,multi tasking and notification dismissal.
    3.People’s app impressed me as well.

  • GotSka81

    Honestly, I’m most impressed that they’re allowing the locking/disabling of bloatware.  Google = win.

  • ruhawaiian

    1) I have to agree with the Camera APP being as fast as it was…I really said “holy ships.”
    2) Loved the new folder feature to group apps or “peeps”
    3) The UI is pretty awesome, definitely better than my OG Droid with froyo.  However, I will always love my OG Droid.  It was the device that has made me an avid android user.

  • The Good Captain

    1. Ability to remove bloatware (Finally, no root necessary. Though I’d probably root it anyway. 😉  )
    2. Ability to remove items from the “Recent Apps” list (The absence of this feature in Honeycomb drives me nuts!)
    3. The camera features (Yes, all of them!)

    Though, honestly, the whole thing looks awesome!

  • Christopher LeMeilleur

    1) Flick-away apps webOS style.
    2) Instant dictation.
    3) App/Widget drawer makeover.

  • Anonymous

    I actually would have said exactly what you did:

    My top 3:

    1.  Camera app was mind-bogglingly fast.
    2.  The entire new UI is so clean and beautiful.
    3.  Revamping of Gmail, browser, calendar

  • Anonymous

    ICS is good, but not as good as iOS5.

    iOS 5 added a revolutionary new notification system, and the ability to do magical things, like update your phone without a computer.

    And we got amazing new voice command system, that can do things like send messages with your voice.
    It’s like an incredible assistant.


    • Pandawatch08

      You have to be kidding. 

      • Anonymous

        he is…

        • Pandawatch08

          yeah, i totally missed /s. i’m hungover. give me a break. 

          • John

            on a weekday?
            damn youngins

          • SugaShane

            You old, bro? 

          • me too!!

          • Ntbohl

            You hangin bro?

      • John

        did you even read the comment?

      • Anonymous

        you didn’t “see what he did there”, did you…

    • Thats LOL. You are funny. Made me LOL 

    • Antjigga

      So that you know, Google been had a notification window well before Apple thought about it, also how do you think all Android phones get there up dates? OTA, not from a computer..IOS5 is late with this one, last thing, they brought the company siri over a year ago so Apple stop making people think you devolped the software..SMH

      • Anonymous

        Please tell me you are serious lol. For someone who uses acronyms like SMH I would suspect you would understand “/s”

      • i think what you are seeing from eric is called sarcasm… lol

      • Anonymous

        Im fkin embarssed for some of the ppl posting on here.. how the hell did u not know that was sarcasm?? Kidding me??

        • Anonymous

          i’ll just point out their use of there and then in answer to your question

    • Umm just so you know. Android powered phones have been doing “over-the-air” updates for a while now. Meaning no computer need for updates. So that is nothing new for android users. Droid Rules!!!

      However I do like the voice command assistant. That is a very cool feature.

      • Anonymous

        Serious man is serious, and doesn’t recognize sarcasm, even with a /s indicator on the post.

        • Guest


      • yeahhh

        obviously someone has never encountered sarcasm

        • Mike D

          A wild Sarcasm has appeared!

    • Justin Kos


    • Anonymous

      All three of those features were already on Android.  They did improve on the Gingerbread version of those versions in iOS5, but there is certainly a lack of innovation at Apple right now.

      Also, I highly doubt anyone will still be talking about Siri a few months from now.  It’s more of a gimmick then a useful feature.

  • Bionicman

    1 – camera features
    2 – face unlock (yes a gimmick but awesome nevertheless plus i think it’ll be useful!)
    3 – android beam (yes with infrared you’ve been able to do this for a while now but its still a very cool feature. im even using it to try to convince my wife to sell her iphone4 so i can buy her a GNex too!)

  • Anonymous

    Kellex – any chance of you weighing in on the no-expandable-memory deal? If you already have, I missed it…

    • hfoster52

      A couple of the other sites are stating this is because Google is pushing the cloud concept.  So why do you need on-board storage? 

      • Anonymous

        I understand that and for my personal use, I don’t need an SD slot. But to me, eliminating expandable storage limits the user’s options… expandable storage has always been one of the strongest arguments (IMO) for how the android philosophy is better than apple, expanding to the hardware. Kinda a tough philosophical bullet to bite, even if there is sound logic behind it

      • Doug

        As long as there is a large amount of storage, I don’t need it to be removable, just easily accessible, I have like 5 gb of music on my sd card and i like being able to go from computer to phone. The cloud is a great idea, but can act as a middle man at times…

  • Anonymous


    Hopefully I can now use Android for my corporate mail!

  • 1. Taking pictures while recording videos
    2. Integrated data tracking features
    3. Beam

  • SugaShane

    This comment section has turned into one big circle jerk. 

  • jose cardona

    A poll with no poll?

    • I think he’s just asking for opinions.  There are two many new features to list in a poll.  And even if you think you’ve included them all, someone will really like something not in the poll.

  • 1. Polish of the New UI (especially the People app that had me thinking WP7)
    2. Face Unlock
    3. Google Voice Integration

  • I can’t pick just one. Everything was so amazing!!  However if someone put a gun to my head I’d have to go with the camera being soooo fast.  Everything else is either an aesthetic detail or just a logical progression of the OS/apps.  The camera, however, is a big deal.  They could have made the camera app better without making the actual picture taking faster, but they did both!

  • Yiannis

    The fact that there are no formal performance comparisons between 4.0 and 2.3.5.

    Android should stop trying to be iOS and stop polishing itself. We need substantive performance enhancements not new animations.

  • Anonymous

    Camera app and zero shutter lag are impressive. I do hope that the autofocus can keep up with it.

  • Rich

    And you forgot the feature to disable spam or bloatware….. this is the most important!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jeff Tycz

    hands down my favorite thing is the face unlock, after seeing how fast it worked in engadget’s video its almost faster than manually unlocking it. number 2 would be data usage cut off

  • Daniel Rowen

    I mostly hope for a keyboard slider droid-style without a HUGE screen and with hardware buttons and a two-stage camera button to go along with his fancier camera…

    • Anonymous


  • The face recognition isn’t for us hardcore androiders and I think google knows that.  Shit like that never really works right.  It’s just a gimmick for noobs to get drawn in.

    Everything else about the phone is amazing.  I love how they get the tech out of our way and do what we have to do.  I thought the phone was gonna be too big till I saw it in someones hand…I couldn’t believe it was the same phone.  They really compacted this thing.

    Google should buy out facebook.  God knows what kind of awesomness would come from that!

    • zuck

      Facebook is worth more than Google.

    • Anonymous

      It’s bigger than the GS2 so it’s a pretty big phone.

    • Doug

      Dude, Google+.

  • Anonymous

    I like all of it

  • Lane Gordon

    I really like a lot about ICS.  First I like the new look.  When I get a new phone I want it to be new and different and better.  I like that the menu, home, back buttons are part of the touch screen and will turn when phone is turned.  I like the screen shot feature, camera speed, and new lock screen.  I also like that we have the ability to lock and hide bloatware. Fortunately the Galaxy Nexus won’t have bloatware to begin with.  I like being about to view a widget before putting it on the home screen. The ability to resize widgets is good too. I like that software between tablets and phones will be the same.

  • Thracks

    1. Hardware acceleration.
    2. Hardware acceleration.
    3. Hardware acceleration.

  • UncagedChipmunk

    I was really impressed with the data control feature. Helps a lot of new people with tier plans to not go over and charged.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not going to use this because I’m still on unlimited, but I was very impressed by the data manager. It seemed useful, intuitive, and fully thought-through.

  • EC8CH

    Larger picture of contact displayed for incoming and during calls.

  • John

    anyone  any idea if the 0sec shutter lag is more from the new nexus’ phone hardware or the actual ICS OS?

    • im not a expert on this by any means. but i strongly doubt the old aosp cam software would have allowed for this kind of speed. so i’d go for both. nexus has the hardware to do so, and ICS allows it to be that fast. 

  • SugaShane

    Face recognition. If only for the reason to show off in front of my many homer i*hone friends. “So, uh, can your phone do this?” 

    • Anonymous

      I feel it will just be a gimmick and little used

      • Eh

        I sure won’t be using it. Just like voice command.

        • Anonymous

          I find voice commands to be very useful… especially for navigation destinations!

        • I see that most people don’t use voice commands, but I use them all the time…especially when in the car or calling a local business that I don’t have the number to. “Call Pizza Hut” …. “Will this be for carry-out or delivery?”

      • Anonymous

        I disagree… it would be quicker for you to just swipe unlock if you don’t care about securing your phone, but if you and/or your company requires multiple passwords or pattern unlocks, this could be a great time saver if you need to get into your phone.

        • Anonymous

          You cannot use facial recognition on a phone for two factor authentication. That is unless Google has some AMAZING breakthrough tech that is accurate in all conditions (just as an example Halloween style makeup)… but given the demo one would conclude they have not.

          And to further refute you,  they have it set up so that if fails to recognize you it goes to a backup code.

          • Anonymous

            Hey man, I was just stating what I thought about it, but apparently you already know everything about the new face unlock… or were you just ASSuming?

          • Anonymous

            Nope, you are just misinformed. 

            Google officials assured Computerworld on Wednesday that if Face Unlock fails to recognize you there is a backup way to unlock the phone through either a PIN or a pattern that the user has created, as with other Android devices.
            from: http://www.computerworld.com/s/article/9221014/Four_Android_4.0_innovations_worth_a_closer_look

        • Anonymous

          Yup exchange = passcode = face unlock ftw

    • EC8CH

      wonder if it’s capable of detecting your “O” face 😛

      O… O… O…

  • Removing background data for apps as user desires

  • babadush

    Being a professional photographer it was definitely the camera

  • Anonymous

    1. zero lag camera
    2. nfc
    3. timelapse video recording

  • Matreyu13

    the grouping of apps in folders, even in the “tray”, and the bandwidth monitoring.

  • John

    IMO, it’s the new feature that’s been totally overlooked, and that is FINALLY we have HARDWARE ACCELERATION.

    Previously, CPU was responsible for rendering animations, effects, etc.. but now the GPU will take over, and this can easily be enabled by developers in their individual apps.

    Buttery Smooth UI all the time, here we come.

  • The New UI i actually think is too simple not and taking away from the feel of android but the camera will be nice

  • Brien Gerber

    1. hardware acceleration and smoothness of the UI
    2. Camara app speed
    3. Overal polish

  • Michael Pecoraro


    • Oh come on with the caps. Are you 12?

      • You beat me to it.

      • SugaShane

        LOUD NOISES!

    • John

      4.0 has gpu acceleration.. the feature just wasn’t touted by google.

    • Anonymous

      Please go and take a read at the Android developer’s website.

      The SDK clearly states that ICS is completely hardware accelerated.

      • Michael Pecoraro

        I stand corrected thank u sir

    • Dlokey22

      You don’t have to wish. Ice cream sandwich does have hardware accelerated UI.

    • Thracks


    • Anonymous

      lol obviously this dude made a mistake that we all caught… I’m more amused that 1 person liked his comment…

  • Anonymous

    -“Freezing” apps, TiBu style
    -Massive camera improvements
    -tight integration with G+

  • I like the lockscreen. That’s about it. haha

  • Anonymous

    face recognition is useless.

  • 007e

    1. Camera
    2. No Root necessary for screenshots (about time)
    3. New UI/Polish/Feel  of ICS

  • Anonymous

    1) Hardware acceleration
    2) Ability to disable bloatware
    3) camera app

    I can’t adequately convey how excited I am to get my Galaxy Nexus!

    • Anonymous

      Was hardware acceleration confirmed?

      • Guest

        is it

      • John

        yes, it’s confirmed.

  • Anonymous

    1i love the face recognition, its really amazing
    2 the camera with no lag is a great thing, been waiting for that
    3 i love the new lock screen

    • The camera with no lag is a hardware thing, specific to the Galaxy Nexus, it’s not because of the software.

  • I’m so excited to try out ICS!

  • FortitudineVincimus

    I hate the People app… Jesus, even more BS social media style ways of keeping tabs on people by aggregating all of this data about them AND baked INTO my phone? No Thanks! if I can delete that or turn it off, it’s gone.

    I think overall UI is key to me, smooth and neat transitions. The kind of stuff you notice and use ever time you turn the phone on.

    How great the Calendar and Gmail are really remains to be seen as we barely saw anything that allows for true comments.

    That data use app looked bad ass to me, I look forward to see that in action.

  • Top 3 are:
    1. No shutter delay on camera
    2. Panorama photos
    3. Time lapse on the camera

  • Chris

    I think the camera app is still going to be a functionality of the underlying hardware.

    I think I was just happy with the consistent design philosophy (swipe to dismiss).

    Also, I really love the updated People app.


    1) People App (and better contact management -> to be seen)
    2) Consistent design philosophy
    3) Data Usage

    Most of everything else wasn’t too exciting

    • Belatukadro

      On the Bionic’s D3BLURR3D ROM, the dev has said he currently has the MMS. clock, calendar, and launcher apps running on the Bionic.  Said he was working on porting the cam and e-mail apps.

      Honestly, I can’t wait to get my hands on that build, I know it’ll be incredible.
      (please don’t flame/troll me for the choice of device. I understand you may not like it but its the only platform I can personally speak to at the moment)

      • Belatukadro

        Dam, that reply was to Keith Sumner below (new comment systems, ugh)

  • Just the fact that they are starting to think about design seriously.

  • The revamping of Gmail, browser,etc. It was long overdue and will be a welcomed change.

  • Anonymous

    1) The ability to access your notification bar from the lock screen!
    2) New camera/video app
    3) Network monitoring

  • Dan

    Personally I was all giddy about the new data usage control options, the WebOS-esque task manager/running apps feature, and I do enjoy the ability to take screenshots right off the bat – although it won’t stop me from rooting my device 😛

  • Anonymous

    The fact that its not my stupid Thunderbolt!!  I can’t stand my current phone!

    • Albert

      Me too. Having to root and install custom ROMs to FIX HTC’s mistakes means it’s a failed phone.

  • Herpderp

    being able to drop widget locker

  • Benjamin Boecker

    1. Barometer

    • ANTONkoolaid

      This is Galaxy Nexus, not ICS. 

    • Rich Dillon

      too bad thats a feature of the Galaxy Nexus…not ICS. 


  • 1. ZERO-lag camera shutter is what I want the most.
    2. Lockscreen music control/album art api–Though that’s not from the event.
    3. People ‘hub’ -don’t care if they steal from Windows Phone, it’s freaking good.

    • 0-lag camera shutter is a hardware feature within the Galaxy Nexus, NOT a feature of ICS

      • Anonymous

        when did the article change from an ICS article to a nexus article…”Oh, and let us not forget about the camera and video apps that can shoot time lapse video, take pictures in a split second, and allow you to edit it all with the push of a couple of buttons.”


    • I believe you’re looking for “hipster filter”

      • Anonymous


  • RH


  • Keith Sumner

    I’m sure all these updated google apps will be ripped and shared for us gingerbread users 🙂

    • Peter

      I have been looking for something to confirm this on XDA and I couldn’t find ANYONE who has made progress on ripping off the apps. All I want is the new gmail google voice and keyboard… didn’t Peter Alfonso take the Gingerbread keyboard from the SDK when we all still had Froyo??? Help!

      • Sruel3216

        yes i would like the keyboard

      • Jarred Sutherland

        The new Gmail app was very nice.

      • Anonymous

        We’ll get them soon. The Google Music and Google+ app from ICS are available, nothing else so far.

  • TheAndroid1

    The enhanced UI.

  • Taylor Steele

    Honestly, nothing really popped out at me like “Holy crap, this is amazing”. What really impressed me was the overall polish, and feel of the software. Google really took the time to give Android a sexy, buttery smooth look, and that’s what really got me excited. 

    • Anonymous

      Was going to post the same thing. Android is just getting better and better. I will have to buy a nexus device because, more and more, I don’t want it tainted with manufacturer garbage. There’s no need for it anymore(and very little need for it before) with how good stock looks and flows now.

    • Anonymous

      I agree, for the most part the smaller pieces were cool but not mind boggling. All taken together they’ve created a very impressive experience that I am greatly looking forward to.

      That said, one thing I really really really wish they’d focus on more was translating that “buttery smooth” look into a buttery-smooth FEEL. I love Android, and it positively infuriates me that both iOS and WP7 have more responsive UIs than Android does. I could tell from the live demo (and from from hands on demo videos) that the very subtle lag still exists in the UI, and it’s sure not because of hardware limitations. I would love it if Google takes Ice Cream Sandwich and spends the next 3-6 months focusing purely on speed and bugfixes. They finally have a solid and cohesive platform, now they need to truly perfect it.

      • Anonymous

        Well said Kip

      • Anonymous

        Google will continue to work on android and in 3-6 months will be delivering jellybean.

      • *mind-bottling!!


      • Anonymous

        Nexus baby .. instant updates!

  • Jarred Sutherland

    By far I think the data reporting is the best. Esp. since all the carriers seem to want to go (exception being Sprint … whoops sprint not spring) to a tiered model.

    Not to mention it could help crack down on apps that are doing things they shouldn’t.

    • Keith Sumner

      Bionic already has this built in 🙂

      • Jarred Sutherland

        The only issue I see with it is the nice warning that the carriers view of your usage could vary greatly compared to what is being reported by the device. But at least it’s there, it’s a point to argue with the carriers when they tell someone they went over their cap.

      • Anonymous

        Now if only the Bionic didn’t suck. :/

        • Anonymous

          It doesn’t, you do.

          • ANTONkoolaid

            No, it has blur, it sucks. 

          • Anonymous

            Provide examples why or stfu already, enough with the blind parroting.

      • kurttrail

        Can it turn off the nastiness formerly know as Blur?

        I didn’t think so.

        • Keith Sumner

          Yes, use a home replacement like GO.

          • kurttrail

            And all of that formerly named Bluriness is still running in the background, plus that home replacement!

            Motorola, For The Fail!

          • Like I’ve posted before, the phone is such a beast, the background blur doesn’t even matter anymore.  Motorola FTW, not FAIL.
            And as other people are saying – I was a bit surprised to read some of these “new features” that are already running on my Bionic.

            All sounds good to me – can’t wait to play with the Nexus!!! (trying to talk the wife into replacing her Dinc with it….)

        • SamIam

          What nastiness are you referring to?  Have you actually used the latest update to BLUR & know what you’re talking about? 

          Myself I was pleasantly surprised by how many aspects the Android that Motorola has been focusing on improving with their UI are now being incorporated (though with more style) into ICS.

  • Pandawatch08

    All of them? 

    • Anonymous

      U happy bro?

      • John

        just stop already

        • you mad bro?

          • Guest

            you funny bro

          • Billyrouth2000

            You crazy bro

    • Arktan

      Does the new browser somehow add the ability to activate mouse hover effects for the many websites that use it?

      • C’Mon_Dude

        Handling of this hasn’t been changed any more so than 2.3.x / 3.x already do by showing a mouse cursor when a pointing device is connected by bluetooth or USB. I don’t expect see this change with the touchscreen alone.

      • Jiga

        That would be great. I probably used the arrow keys and trackball/pad of my older phones for triggering mouse over elements more than anything else. Would be nice if Google or some browser company can provide that feature back.

        • Hold finger on object and begin to move it so the browser starts to scroll if the scroll ends with your finger still on said object is works.

          I do it all the time for video previews, the box shape like that works well

          • Adis

            What a kludgy workaround. Would have been nice if Google wouldn’t remove features and force users to create awkward solutions. This whole touch only mentality is making UIs more dumbed down and cumbersome.

          • I actually find it very easy, but I mean really can you think of a better way to do it.

            You have a mouse you just do not see it, where you take your finger off at is where your mouse is.

          • SomeDude

            Ya, before manufactures started getting rid of the trackpad, they should have made sure they can provide a better or at least equivalent (ie. not tap, slide and hope it works) experience.

    • Bewara2009

      All = Fail ;/ 

      • Anonymous

        The thing that impressed me the most was how much ICS seemed like interval improvement rather than a leap forward. So I agree with you.  Where is the WOW factor?

        • Madcow06

          interval improvement? incremental maybe? Learn some english then come back and continue your trolling.

          • Anonymous

            Just because someone doesn’t agree with you does not make them a troll.  In fact, commenting about someone’s English rather than the substance of the article is troll like.

            If this site and these forums are for group-think only, then that’s sad.  I am a big Android supporter with two phones running the very latest and greatest customized Gingerbread.  But being disappointed by the tiny improvements that were the Galaxy Nexus and ICS does not make me a troll.  I want to see more improvement, not less.  I want to see Android be even better, not less.  It’s you sir, with your muted expectations and easy satisfaction that are holding down the greatness of this platform and the Nexus phone line.

          • Nick S

            cool story bro

          • Dsf3

            What the hell are you even talking about?  If you can’t see how many improvements they made, you either didn’t watch the presentation, or are too dumb for cognitive thought.

          • Anonymous

            his point is valid…he didnt say they didnt make improvements, he is saying the improvements they made were not worth all the hype they’re getting…and i tend to agree…i’ll be ok with my razr with 2.3.5 until jelly bean comes out…remember the jump from eclair to froyo…how big of an improvement that was? thats what he was looking for…not the jump from froyo to gingerbread, which was mostly under the surface improvements…

          • You’re entitled to your opinion, but myself along with many others, were definitely wowed over and over again. Having the entire UI re-designed from the ground up is a big leap. After watching the launch video, everything has been improved, even if it is ever-so-slightly. Every stock app has been redesigned, the camera app has finally caught up with Apple’s, we’ll have honeycomb-style scrollable widgets. We’ll have facial recognition unlock! Not to mention an HD screen, and a 4.65″ screen that’s the same size as most 4.3″ screens that makes every other mobile display look like brown toilet paper.. Even the settings menus were redesigned for added intuitiveness. I’m honestly not trying to start a fight, but a debate, unlike a lot of people on this site. I’ve very interested in seeing how you believe that ICS has taken a step back, because every update to Android seems mild compared to this one except the jump from 1.6 to 2.0.

          • Anonymous

            I do like the improvements, and it is a step forward.  However, if you look at the new CM variants and Sense 3.5 and then look at ICS, its not a dramatic jump.  The openess of the platform has led to Devs speeding up its evolution to the point that Google can barely produce something better than what someone else has already thought of implemented.  THAT is my point.  (FYI, It’s nice that Android has this kind of Dev support!)
            The phone is great, but ask yourself if it is so revolutionary that it won’t be surpassed by a better phone within a few months time?  If not, then this should not be a “Nexus” Phone.  Period.
            Maybe android and mobile technology are evolving so fast that Google will settle for this.  But the key word here is “settle.”  Why should arguably one of the most innovative and resource-rich companies in the world settle?

          • Ok, I see what you’re saying. A lot of the improvements have been introduced in other roms previously. However, I think you’re expecting a little too much from the device itself. I wouldn’t consider any “Nexus” device revolutionary at it’s inception. Technology moves fast. It’s just the nature of the beast…there will always be a bigger and better in the blink of an eye. The only truly great things about “Nexus” devices are they’re updated straight from Google, custom UI free, and have unlocked bootloaders. Otherwise the Nexus One would be nothing more than a plain Droid Incredible, and a Nexus S would be nothing more than a plain Galaxy S.

          • Nick S

            The Nexus phones have never been meant to be “revolutionary”.  They are essentially dev phones, which is why they are the first to receive updates.  Stability, compatability, and functionality is what they are all about, which is not what bleeding-edge hardware will provide.

          • Mudhawg327

            I think your pov is valid, but sometimes internal, foundational improvements is necessary before groundbreaking can commence.

          • Anonymous

            I’ve learned from this site that, if you aren’t an Android fanatic, then you’re opinion doesn’t count. Most of these people here are like Android “occupiers”. They slam everyone who doesn’t agree that everything Google does is awesome. Kinda like the IPhone fanboys. Like occupiers, they use things like your spelling to discredit your opinion and call you a troll. 

      • Troll Alert