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LTE Version of the Galaxy Nexus Will Be Slightly Thicker Than the HSPA Version, Anyone Surprised by that?

Such a beauty, isn’t it? According to reports this morning, the 4G LTE version that you see on Verizon may not look exactly like that. Well, that’s probably not fair. Let us just say that it won’t be quite as thin as the version you saw on stage last night at the Galaxy Nexus event. And the reason for that is? We have to assume that the LTE radio’s girth is to blame. Probably should not freak out though, as “a little” thicker does not mean it will be anywhere near the thickness of the current crop of LTE handsets. It will still be thin, folks.

Now, how about a date? Are we go for November 10? We know that is a tentative date, that’s for sure.

Via:  Engadget

Cheers shdowman!

  • Sorry if this seems like a dumb question, but is there a LED notification light?

  • Thicker? no big deal. The phone will be plenty thin and sexy as hell either way!

  • Is there a way to get the swype keyboard on this phone? and what about pattern lock?

  • Leroybrute30

    Samsung needs to use moto designed lte radio that’s in the razr instead of the old tech radio in the nexus to keep it thinner.

  • does anyone know what those 3 dots on the side are? i was thinking charging like apple does for their computer but it isnt cause thats on the bottom.so anyone know what it is thanks

  • Woobaker

    if it rounded out the camera bump I think it would be sexier

  • Droid King

    Well from someone who has had the dinc 1 & 2 , fascinate, thunderbolt, charge and bionic the nexus is already behind. Other than having ice cream first the specs are mediocre and will…. Wait has been surpassed. Even Apple knew to upgrade camera. The nexus has failed ever since Samsung ( Apple wannabe ) start making them. No sd slot fail, 5 mp camera fail, 1.2 ghz processor fail. I wanted a phone I could keep at least a year and the specs be on point instead they release the same bs with bigger screen.

    • Paper-Cut

      Dude, what are you talking about? This phone is THE top of the line phone right now. And will be for the rest of the year. You haven’t even used, or even TOUCHED the Nexus yet, how can you possibly judge it?

    • thedroidking

      Lol, another uninformed statement. Do some more research on the sensor and processor.

  • Kierra

    I wonder how this would compare to the Razr’s build quaily. Thats extremely important to me. 

  • How did they get the razr so thin with the lte chip?

  • izak69

    Wheres the HDMI slot and does the charger slot use the universal one?

  • Anonymous

    Don’t care…gimme gimme gimme

  • DH

    Will the Verizon version be LTE/CDMA only?  If so, this does not make much since to potentially have to make 2 LTE variants for ATT and the other for Verizon as the two operate their LTE Networks on different bands. Could the thicker version have LTE/CDMA/GSM with a dual band LTE radio or even tri-band like the S2 LTE sold abroad?  Hmmm

    • Anonymous

      well sprint is launching there lte network in 2012 so might just be cdma/lte

  • Keith Sumner

    omg pentile, omg non removable battery, omg no sd card option, omg no hdmi, omg.


    • Anonymous

      + omg processor from 2007!!1!1!

  • Tom

    I am buying this phone no matter what… A bit of extra girth? Well… I have an OG Droid… Before that I had a Samsung i760… Any phone smaller than those two will probably feel like NOTHING to me… 

  • tjmonkey15

    If the whole phone is thicker because of the LTE chip (rather than just a bulge), I would hope they’d use that extra space in the rest of the phone to house a larger battery or something.  Or a memory card slot….

  • Anonymous

    Everything about this phone is better than my OG Droid. It will have a good rom community. It has ICS. Buying on launch day.

  • Rob Meyer

    Need to find out if this lil thing will be going to costco. I thinks me needs to return my bionic.

    • andrew

      why would you even buy that piece of crap in the first place?

  • Jarred Sutherland

    Well, I think the actual device will be the deciding factor here. I feel that there are a few things in the UI that Google just dropped the ball on (camera app .. seriously?), but overall a lot of good changes. 

    However, the phone just looks cheap. Too much plastic.

  • Anonymous

    Lot of whining here, from what I could see…a damn impressive device and a damn impressive operating system. Can’t wait to get one!

    • babadush


  • FortitudineVincimus

    FWIW, looks like the RAZR will be getting ICS


    • ShootAngelsFace77x

      Hey, Fort, remember when you said the Nexus would be really delayed?  Remember when you were trying to convince people it would be another Bionic?  There’s no need to listen to you anymore.  You don’t really know anything.

      • me

        Is it out yet?

  • Anonymous

    Can we just get a release date?

  • Jon

    no hdmi out?  crap i missed that.

  • Bats

    Where does is charge from?

    • us port on the bottom of the phone. What is also odd is the fact that the headphone jack for the phone is also on the bottom.

    • Good question.  I would expect the USB port, but inductive would be nice.

      I too am waiting to hear what peripherals will be available.  Are they planning to lengthen the hypebeast cycle by announcing the peripherals later?  Maybe an HDMI-capable desk dock?  Or a lapdock similar to the new lapdocs from Moto?  

      The fact that they’re selling this worldwide can only be good for the availability of cool peripherals.  How about a boom box dock, a la the iphone? I would buy one…

  • Yea the fact that its a google experience phone lets me overlook the fact that it isn’t revolutionary in terms of hardware. This is the first verizon phone to not have to wait 6+ months to get the latest sugary sweet goodness from Google

    • Anonymous

      OG came with latest sugary goodness when it first came out on vzw…

  • kingsven

    don’t know if this has been elaborated on yet (i certainly haven’t seen it) but what is up with the “three dots” on the side?  is it nfc?  inductive charging?

    • Anonymous

      The three dots were for some sort of a desk dock. Not sure why they went that route instead of the traditional USB type one, possibly because it might have added capabilities for something like a laptop dock in the future?

  • Anonymous

    I am Android but…ICS is full of gimmicks. Isn’t it easier to just hold the home button to show icons of recent apps instead of showing the honeycomb window crap that you have to scroll through.

    Swipe to clear single notifications. We have had that via root for like 2 years now.

    Face unlock. C’mon. No one is going to steal your phone James Bond.

    Google + hangouts. Dude I dont want to see your face when I am talking to you.

    Live effects. Good for little kids. But big boys use PicSay.

    Panoramic camera. I am pretty sure there are already 1,000 apps for that.

    Quick response. Sense already has that.

    Where is the new revolutionary stuff. At least I will not care about having a phone that stays on Gingerbread for a while.

    • Anonymous

      you are pretty harsh on a merging software for phones and tablets…im glad you have your own opinions but really?  PicSay?  That app is lame…nfc allows beam…lots of features like the zooming calendar will be pretty handy, so will the instant photo. take a picture while in video?  thats pretty revoluationary if you ask me.

      • Anonymous

        Yes. I guess any update is welcome. But I am not gonna go out and buy a phone on launch day because it has ICS on it. PicSay pro is great, free app is kind of lame. Beam is pretty much the same as share to me, but I guess its not a bad idea.

  • Just tell me it has an unlocked bootloader and I will throw my wallet at the screen.

    • All nexus devices are unlocked. Google does request that from the manufacturer.

      • Anonymous

        True, but if you buy under cell company, isnt it up to carrier whether to lock or not?

  • If it truly is just the LTE radio that will make it thicker and not the battery, won’t just one small part of the phone be thicket, not the whole thing.  Maybe just the bottom bump or something.  The LTE radio doesn’t take up the entire phone.

  • Zach

    After seeing how thin the Droid RAZR is? I’m a tad surprised.

  • babadush

    It’s funny fickle people are. Nobody can be pleased

  • Bewara2009

    I think most of people that get this phone are getting because of the OS not the phone it self. 

    • Anonymous

      Which is confusing.  I am buying hardware, not software.

    • Anonymous

       which is why I seriously think people are probably better off buying the razr and waiting for ICS to drop either officially or unofficially on it.

      • Anonymous


  • Hinder123portillo

    Ivwas so exited for this phone but not that much anymore I thing the vigor is gonna be better 1.5 processor 8mega pixel camera and 2mega pixel front camera 🙂

    • I wish I could say the same thing about the Vigor, but as a mtter of fact the Adreno 220 GPU on that phone blows goats as well. I just don’t understand why 2 companies with super smart people are able to put out a semi good phone. Come one we are almost in 2012 can we please get a phone that is able to pulverize an iPhone?

  • icedrop

    How did Moto squeeze an LTE ship into the Droid Razr, making it thinner than both nexus Galaxy versions? Seems odd.

    • I guess you didn’t know about the migget hiring program during this year at Motorola. 😉

  • hatethanet

    The Bionic is about 11mm thick. I’ll be quite surprised if Samsung can’t make it thinner than that. I’d be flat out shocked if the Nexus was 13+mm like the Thunderbolt.

  • Im honestly going towards the Droid Razr, the Nexus just too plain looking to me, I like to be different. and as for pure google, I’m not a big fan of just stock google, I have BaMF 3.5 Sense rom on my Thunderbolt, and I love it, Just hate the Thunderbolt. I’m due for an upgrade(verizon been sending me none stop emails about getting the iphone) but Oct.27, I definitely will be pre-ordering my Droid Razr.

  • Im honestly going towards the Droid Razr, the Nexus just too plain looking to me, I like to be different. and as for pure google, I’m not a big fan of just stock google, I have BaMF 3.5 Sense rom on my Thunderbolt, and I love it, Just hate the Thunderbolt. I’m due for an upgrade(verizon been sending me none stop emails about getting the iphone) but Oct.27, I definitely will be pre-ordering my Droid Razr.

  • Brian Wenger

    Hopefully when/if Sprint gets this they’ll do what T-Mo did with the GS2 and beef up the specs.

  • Anonymous

    The question in my mind is this: if Motorola can fit an LTE radio in a 7mm package, why can’t Samsung get it into an 8mm one. Maybe just because of NFC and the h/w driving the high res, high density screen?

    Either way, I’m pretty sure I still want the phone. Hopefully it’ll only be 9-10mm in total. Just hope Verizon hurries up and announces their model!

    • Adam Metzner

      It really could be a number of things. The screen tech could be thicker

  • I’m not surprised, and in fact I’m a bit leery now.  This likely means a separate LTE radio instead of a combined 3G/LTE radio, meaning that the handoff and battery issues plaguing current LTE phones will likely exist here as well.  I don’t know if Motorola has fixed that with the new RAZR either.  As badly as I want this phone, I won’t be upgrading to any LTE device until that issue get fixed and confirmed fixed by “early adopters” that jump on it early.

  • Anonymous

    The same is happening here that happens to apple users. Apple users are told the 4S is revolutionary and has the latest tech….but it doesn’t, they still go out and buy the 4S because they think they need it cuz Apple told them so. Same thing with the Nexus, people think they need it and that it is revolutionary because it has gimmicky junk like face unlock. Please, this phone is very limited, and poor build because its a Samsung

    • Anonymous

      Yea except Apple didn’t even give the courtesy of redesign — they just repackaged the old phone design and put a new processor in it. It’s nothing new.

      The GN is at least a new design with HD screen.

      • Anonymous

        Yes I agree with you. I think Android did a better job at phone design than Apple did. But Software wise they are both just not really improved much. I think people would be better off getting the Bionic, Razr, Inc2, or waiting to see what the Rezound is like, cuz ICS is nothing special.

        • Anonymous

          LOL. Trollalalala.

  • Lito31

    AND the razr has 1800mah battery. nexus 1750 and thicker? WTF???

    • Anonymous

      not enough battery for LTE phone.  Q recommends 1900mah and yet we see these phones with less.  I want 2200.

  • Anonymous

    Every post that reports on this people now say that this phone is no good and ICS is crap.  What does everyone want in a phone?  The ability to transform into a little robot and do stuff for them?!?  I think that would be a bad choice seeing as most end of world movies start out as “androids” taking over the world!

    Seriously though, it was stated that major UI changes were pushed back to the J version (Jellybean?) and that ICS would have some new features and combine GB and HC.  People are saying that they have had these features since CM7, yet only 1% actually mod their phones, know what CM or ROMs or a bootloader actually are.  The general public has no idea about these things but want these features.  Google has seen what has been done by Moto, HTC, Sam, LG, and the mod community and tried to incorporate the best of everything from those areas.  I think there are a lot of good design changes in ICS and the Nexus is going to be a good developer phone, maybe not as stylish as the RAZR or other phones to follow, but a good vanilla phone.  The nerds on here need to realize that Google is not catering to them, but to the global consumer community and I think ICS will do that.  Quad-cores are around the bend with Full 1080p screens, better batteries, slimmer designs, etc.  The cycle isn’t going to end with this phone or the next 100 phones.

    • Anonymous

      And by then a newer phone will be out, but it won’t be a Nexus device. There is a benefit to having Google’s reference phones, you know.

      • Anonymous

        Yes there are, but the average consumer doesn’t care about that.  They want something that works, not something they can mod to work.  Also, I am sure there will be another Nexus when J drops.  

    • Orion

      J had better be Jell-O… just sayin’.  🙂

  • Anonymous

    want buttons? get the Razr  otherwise get Sammy.  pretty easy choice isn’t it?   Moto should out perform but I would be worried about battery life.  7+mm thickness tells me small battery but then again Moto is quite good at that part of the equation.  will wait and see but so far Moto is on my horizon.  Button question is non-issue for me

  • Jordan

    I was on the fence between RAZR and GNEX… although after hearing all the goodies about both phones.. I am definitely leaning towards the razr. I need the business apps and i love the build quality and call qaulity of my previous DROIDX and current DROID3. Motorla does a nice job with their phones and the new MOTOblur is not bad at all!

  • Anonymous

    Wonder if they’ll manage to squeeze in a bigger battery with the LTE model as well. Any word, rumors?

  • Whatinthe23

    Given that I have a Bionic with extended battery, thickness is not my concern. Can’t wait to get this phone!

  • Jonyauger

    The cpu is newer than the razr right? 4460 i would think is newer than 4430? Plus I would think this phone will be just as fast as any 1.5 ghz because of the lack of a company throwing there junk skin on it. Only complaint is no SD. Thunderbolt owner here and im close to full on both aspects (Internal & SD). regardless I am under contract till Jan 17 12. so im sure there will be other options out or coming soon. I am one of the few that is happy with my TB no real issues yet. Having to use extended battery would be my main gripe. either way this phone is awesome. 

  • Anonymous

    Don’t buy Nov 10… wait for Amazon to sell for $.01 on Black Friday.

  • Anonymous

    I wan the ICS bad.. but I’m not thrilled about the hardware on the GNEX either… especially after yesterday’s benchmark results. Now I am thinking more along the lines of a RAZR with a bootlegged pure ICS or the motoblur’d ICS.

    the New Motoblur aint that bad guys.. come on. 

  • jeffrey pham

    how does this phone vs. a razr w/ ICS compare in your opinion?
    are people worried that the razr will take months before it is updated ot ICS?
    bc if the razr has all the benefits of ICS from this phone.. i don’t see what the advantage of having this phone would be besides quicker updates…….
    is there anything else?

    • NFC, for one.

    • Orion

      Screen tech.  HD that’s barely off retina display in terms of pixel density versus qHD.  I’m torn between the razr and Gnex myself, but here’s what I keep coming back to:  the thing I use on my phone the most is the screen, and HD>qHD.

      Moto wins in areas of call and build quality (and maybe HDMI, although I understand that you can bridge that with Samsung). 

      I won’t be making a choice until I can compare them side by side.  Until then, Gnex gets the edge based on its screen tech.

  • Nfamouscj

    I get the lte radio has been the reason for most 4g phones being bloated in size but how did Motorola cram the lte radio into the 7mm thick Razr? So with the hspa+ version already being 8mm plus why the extra girth needed? Yes I get we’re talking about millimeters here.

    Oh and my Xoom wanted to autocorrect “hspa” to “hepatitis”….awkward.

    • Sundar Ganapathy

      going from LTE to HSPA+ is about as bad as being stabbed by a dirty needle.  maybe that auto correct is onto something?

  • I wouldn’t mind a little thickness, but what I do mind is the fact that this phone despite having some amazing features, is lacking one important aspect that totalttly kills me everytime I try to think about buying it. The CPU. Now many of you may say, what do I have against the CPU on this device? The fact that Google and Samsung had no forthsight into putting a more powerful CPU with a decent GPU is what kills me. I don’t have an iPhone, nor would I think of getting one because I’m disappointed, but it strikes me like a slap in my face when two companies deliberatly try to provide a phone that has a last year CPU. 

    Nexus is suppose to a be a very exclusive phone. It provides the latest and greatest Google experience without the bloatware from wireless providers so I would imaging that with this exclusivity that making the phone appeal not only to the average user with ICS improvements, but also to that gamer inside of us that screams more power out of our phones would have been a double wammy on the iPhone enthusiats. Instead what I got was a social media device that looks good, but can’t imaging playing Vendetta or Shadowgun on because in my opinion the SGX540 GPU just would not be able to handle these games.

     I would have gladly pay an additional $50 on top of the $299 if an OMAP 47xx CPU would have been included. Instead I’m torn because I will just wait some more time for a manufacturer to impress me with an offering that is on par if not better than an iPhone and so far HTC, Samsung and Moto have all failed. So I’ll wait with my OG Droid in hand for the next handset maker that can swoop me of my feet. So far these latest so call super phones are more like last years dooper phones.

    • DroidzFX

      You will be waiting a long time my friend. Once the 4700 come out you will concerned with the 4800.

      • More like the series 5. Nice sarcasm though.

        • DroidzFX

          yeah you caught my drift

  • very nice post! thanks alot for sharing! i liked it!

  • Anonymous

    why wouldn’t one want to buy a razr and either keep the OTA ICS update in early 2012 .. or use the CM’s that is sure to come out with pure ICS?

    • DroidzFX

      Some people want no affiliation with any type of skin. As far as CM that remains to be seen. While CM is great it will have bugs.

    • Jac W.

      In Your opinion what hardware wise does the Razr have going for it above the nexus?
      sim card?
      splash guard?

      Are these enough to offset…

      4.3 inch lower res screen?
      no NFC?

      • Anonymous

        Lets get real here, some people don’t want giant sized phones and are perfectly happy with a 4.3″ screen.  Some people don’t think 720p on a phone is necessary.  Some people like things like HDMI ports and microsd card slots or good build and radio quality.

        • Jac_White

          The phone is the same size…..screen is bigger….no capacitive buttons.   HDMI can be done through Micro USB.  I agree there should be an sd slot but honestly if it’s 32G installed do you really need more on a phone?  Maybe….have you had hands on with the phones?   Do you know for a fact the build and radio quality are better?

          • Anonymous

            The phone is bigger than the GS2 which is itself one of the bigger devices around.  There are comparison pictures available online.  Basically the GN is about the size of the Samsung Infuse, maybe slightly smaller.  Yes, the Razr’s build and radio are much better.  Verizon’s testers have found signal issues with the GN and Samsung is currently in the process of trying to fix them.  Ask Charge owners how they feel about Samsung’s signal quality, hell Kellex was complaining about signal problems on his GS2 recently.  Samsung uses their own basebands instead of Qualcomm’s and they are frankly not very good.

            The GN is designed very much like the GS2, meaning mostly plastic (you can check out a GS2 for yourself to confirm this), the Razr has a stainless steel frame and kevlar interweave back cover.

  • Anonymous

    Is is possible to use the USB for HDMI out?

    Or use it as a DLNA server on my GTV?

  • David Hayden

    Honestly, I wasn’t sure about owning a phone this thin. I’m used to the solidness of my Droid in my pocket.

  • Anonymous

    gonna get this phone day 1. been wanting a nexus since the nexus 1. Phone might be thicker than what they showed, but it cant be much thicker than my thunderbolt. hopefully better battery life though. 

    ICS looks great. It looks like a mix between Honeycomb(obviously), WP7, and WebOS. I like it and it really impressed me.

    I’m wondering how the face unlock function works and if it works well. WIll it always unlock? and will it unlock if you put a picture of the owner up instead of using a real face?

    • Anonymous

      The facial recognition didn’t work during the presentation so…  That technology isn’t very reliable at this point.

      It’s not anywhere near as thick as the Thunderbolt, it’s thinner than the Nexus S.

      • Anonymous

        yeah, but i read somewhere, i think engadget, that it actually works pretty good. they tested it out and it unlocked for them within seconds. 

        • Anonymous

          I’ll be surprised if it has higher than a 65% success rate.

  • Centeroftown

    Why are there still people whining about the 1.2ghz processor and the 5mp camera? 
    Most people will never notice the difference between the 2 processors and there’ll be like what, 3 photographs ever taken on all Galaxy Nexus devices where someone will say, “Gee, I really wish I was able to shoot that with 8MP.”

    • Nex

      Sad cause its true. But I’ll admit i was hoping for faster, even though rocking a 1Ghz right now, no chance i’ll be able to tell difference between 1.2 and 1.5 dual.  But aren’t we all gonna root and overclock anyway?

    • Anonymous

      Because they forget the fact that it is a 1.5 chip underclocked to 1.2. And they are focusing more on it being 5mp instead of the fact that it snaps a picture instantly.

    • FortitudineVincimus

      Because both are indicative of “old” technology. My OG Droid of 2 years has a 5mp camera. +8mp is more “modern” technology and this phone is suppose to be state of the art. So, to get the super fast shutter they brag about, they had to roll back to a smaller size camera.

      As for the 1.2 CPU… again, the processor used in this phone is from like 2007. Even their newest SGII uses a more advanced CPU. So, this state of the art phone has an old piece of technology.

      Again, this phone is all about the ICS as nothing about the hardware is new or state of the art 

      • Anonymous

        2007… LOL  Nobody ever accused you of being a member of Mensa, but at least you are humorous!

      • Anonymous

        You’re ridiculous. Processor from 2007? Laughable.

      • John

        2007?  Stop smoking crack.  The 4460 was only made available to manufacturers as a sample in Q1 2011, which means it wasn’t available for production until summer.  

      • Anonymous

        This is exactly what I expected from Samsung. The Nexus S had old out of date hardware too when it was released. I don’t think IMO that the Galaxy Nexus will be a smart buy.

        • Anonymous

          Would it be better to buy a phone that has physical keys that will be in the way when that phone gets ICS in 6 months?

          • Anonymous

            Yes, if that phone has better build quality, better hardware, hdmi, sd slot, up to date camera, etc

          • Derrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

            You clearly are not about the G Nex. This has been noted, you may leave now.

          • amona

            Stelv81 suck your own dick troll!

      • Adam Metzner

        Read a little about digital camera sensors and what a megapixel really is and then comment about how this is like your D1. In my eyes most people that are rocking a D1 are nothing more then trolls when it comes to commenting about new hardware. If you still have that phone you are in the stone age!

        • I’ve yet to make a trolling comment, but I am still using a D1.  It is my first ever smart phone, and since I have other, more expensive hobbies that require ca$h (motorbikes), it never seemed prudent to upgrade.  Until now.
          FWIW, I was a little dissapointed about no HDMI, until another poster mentioned MHL.  I don’t even have an HDMI TV yet (again, motorbikes are expensive!), but it is nice to know that when I do, I can plug the GN into the HDMI via MHL, using the USB out.  Given that I’ll have grandfathered unlimited data, this may be something I use a lot (USB>MHL>HDMI).

          • Adam Metzner

            And you are not posting about how new tech sucks and how your phone does the samethings. Im just saying if you are on almost 3 year old tech you have no room to comment.
            Your equation should be (USB + HDMI = MHL)

        • EC8CH

          or they’re just waiting for the next vanilla android phone on verizon… 🙂

      • Anonymous

        FYI. You know that Mega Pixels don’t matter right ?  The CMOS sensor size determines the quality of the image so a 8MP camera and a 5MP camera taking a picture with the same CMOS sensor don’t take pictures at any better or worse quality. Recently most cell phones have been using the same CMOS sensor. The difference can only be seen in image noise.

        • Was just going to say this, you can have a 50mp camera but if the senor is shit then its still shit (Most phone have a shit sensor).

      • Anonymous

        Thanks for reminding everyone why we need a dislike button.

      • Whatinthe23

        I agree that the hardware isn’t cutting edge but that’s not what Nexus is all about. It is all about ICS and showcasing the new features of Android.

        It will be up to the OEMs to bring up the hardware to the forefront later. Android is never about one “End all and be all superphone”.

        This phone isn’t for you. Just wait a little while longer for other OEMs to bring up ICS with cutting edge hardware to market.

      • andrew

        You’re a complete moron and obviously have no idea what you’re talking about. I really hope you realize this. If you’re not happy with the device, it’s very simple DON’T BUY IT. Kthanksbai

      • andrew

        Funny part is the 4460 is the best mobile cpu out of any phone on the market right now. You’re clueless

      • JP

        Obvious troll is obvious.

      • YoMomma

        Your mother blows Donkey’s at the Circus!

    • I don’t mind the camera, but for me a OMAP processor that is from 2010 strikes me as a slap in the face. You may not need the difference in performance while doing social content stuff, but imagine trying to play Vendetta Online, or ShadowGun or 9MM. These are all games that require a fast GPU and to put an iPhone4 GPU on the phone which was released in the summer of 2010 strikes me as a slap in the face. Google and Samsung had no forthsight into the release of the iPhone4s or the iPhone5? People at these companies can’t be that stupid. All I ask was for an OMAP4700. I would have gladly paid $50 more dollars. I don’t care about the camera. 5MP is good for me with zero shutter lag, but a CPU that is as crappy as this should not show up in a phone that is suppose to be ahead of the curve. And if you point out battery life, I can say they can always underclock the CPU.

      • Anonymous

        You have no idea what you’re talking about.

        • And you do. Come on McClane, there is no need for you to put my opinion down. That’s why is called an opinion, is like @ssholes. Everyone has one, even you. Since you know so much about how GPUs work then school me then? If I learn something from you great. I’ll be smarter than what I was an hour ago, but if your excuse is to say that this is a reference phone, then let Google and Samsung keep it that way and give it to the phone manufacturers to decipher what should go in it. Should not be a consumer phone.

          • Anonymous

            It doesn’t take much effort to do a little research.  If you had you wouldn’t have bothered posting what you did.  The OMAP 4430 became available to OEMs about June of this year and the 4460 just became available recently.  It is one of the fastest SOCs available, in fact no other SOC in existence has a faster or more efficient CPU design, only the Exynos and A5 GPUs are faster and the Mali-400 is not that much faster, maybe 20-30%.  The SGX543MP2 in the A5 is significantly faster, yes, however there is nothing available to make use of that speed, everything you throw at the OMAP4’s much higher clocked with significantly more memory bandwidth SGX540 runs without issue.  Those games you list off don’t play on OMAP4 based devices (btw, they don’t support the Exynos either) because the devs for those games are lazy and only currently support the Snapdragon and Tegra 2, guess what, both of those are slower than the OMAP4 and Exynos.

            The OMAP 4470 (which I’m assuming you meant) will not be available until sometime in the first quarter of next year.

      • Anonymous

        You need to do some research before posting then you won’t look so silly. When did the 4460 become available for use in phones? When you check you will find you made a mistake.

        At least you are not like Fortimus who puts down every phone while still on a D1. He is so pissed cause his mom won’t let him get a new phone.

        • Do you read Anandtech and read the specs on all the different processors that are out there? If you did you would be in agreement with me, but since your source of information is only Phandroid and Droid-Life then I would suggest you read a little yourself. At least my research is based on facts.

          • Anonymous

            Ok, when did the 4460 become available for manufacturers to put into phones?

      • Anonymous

        I don’t even think that gaming was even mentioned at the keynote last night. 

    • Most people are hypnotized by the word “megapixels”

      The quality of a picture is MOST determined by the quality of the lens, and the quality of the CMOS sensor that is capturing the image.

      Here’s a better way to think about it…

      An 8 megapixel camera with a crappy lens and a crappy sensor will give you 8 million crappy pixels to view.

      A 5 megapixel camera with a good lens and a good sensor, will give you 5 million GOOD pixels to view.

      Which do you find better?  A larger version of a crappy picutre with 8 megapixewls, or a smaller version of a GOOD picture with 5 megapixels?

      • none

        dude that is the best explanation i ever heard on the misunderstanding. thanks

      • Oz

        Anyone know how the Nexus phones do with app compatibility? On a lot of apps I see, the change logs often say something about workarounds for X phone (even for  X ROM). I guess getting the newest OS will probably break a lot of apps too.

        • Anonymous

          Nexus phones are usually the baseline device for a given OS release. As such, when devs make their apps compatible with a new OS release, they first get it ready for the associated Nexus (One, S, Galaxy) or Google Experience (Droid/Xoom) device that launched with the OS release. When new devices come out that ship with that OS revision, the app devs slowly add support for of each of those but retain the support for the Nexus/GE device.

      • Anonymous

        Even “smaller” is relative. Most people who use their phone cameras only mean for the pictures to be displayed on a computer. As such, 5MP is _more_than_enough_ to cover a 1920×1080 24″ monitor, and even that’s way too large for most photo-sharing purposes (such as a a tiny 640×480 picture on Twitter or G+/Facebook).

        They either need to kill the megapixel unit or slowly wean people to better understand it by providing a 1:1 comparison between various picture sizes (such as wallet or x” by y”) and their megapixel equivalent (assuming a certain DPI).

      • Jake

        Seriously. How many people plan to print 30×40 inch canvas prints from a cell phone? Most of these images will only ever be viewed on a screen that’s a few inches large. I even see a bunch of complaints about the front camera being “only” 1.3 megapixels. They don’t realize that’s more than enough for “HD” (720p) video chat. Maybe Google/Samsung should have just called it an HD front-facing camera instead of 1.3 megapixels.

    • Justin Kos

      if its the omap 4460, TI’s website says it is capable of speeds of 1.5ghz.. use your ‘developer phone’ and make it 1.5 lol

    • Scottyb

      Of course its thincker, and It’ll Kick the living Shit out of the HSPA+ Version..  LTE RULES!

  • Anonymous

    My question is the RAZR has a thin LTE radio in that device, why can’t the G Nex have or develop the same thin LTE radio for the G Nex??  Is it a Motorola technology patent only??? 

    • FortitudineVincimus

      great point and question. 

      • Nick

        One of the reasons the bionic was delayed so long was motorola was developing their own LTE radio. This radio is smaller & has better battery performance than the qualcomm radio in all the other LTE devices, most likely G-Nex included.

        So yes, its Moto only tech.

    • Anonymous

      Could be.  Moto does have a lot of radio tech patents.  At least most aren’t crapple frivolous…

    • John

      RAZR really surprised me.. didn’t think the LTE/battery tech was there yet, but they showed otherwise.  Hope the GNex isn’t much thicker than the HSPA+ version.

      • Anonymous

        Remember you are going off claimed battery, not actual testing.

    • palomosan

      I think they combined the battery and the LTE chip since the battery is not removable. 

      Just like Samsung did with the battery and the NFC chip on the Nexus Galaxy.

    • whatchuthink

      Maybe they will be making room for a bigger battery to sustain the lte consumption?

      • Anonymous

        It just seems that this could be an area where HTC is behind Moto, if that is the case, still a great device but I see where Moto is in the lead with the thinner lte radio, again if this is the case. Kellex do you have know anything about this question???

        • Anonymous

          Motorola designed their own LTE chip in house.

          • Anonymous

            Time for Samsung to start playing catch up with Moto

  • Anonymous

    If the added thickness is for the 4gLTE radio then how is the Razr so thin?…maybe the Verizon Galaxy Nexus has a bigger battery???…maybe both IDK…either way the Galaxy Nexus is Mine on launch day!!! 😉

  • Djlowproz

    Thats what she said. But seriously we should know that the LTE would be a thicker version. But the real question is when is the release date for this phone, My OG droid has seen better days and old age is starting to catch up to it.

  • Anonymous

    I’m just glad it will have Folders, like iOS.


    Kinda ridiculous article.

  • droidrev71

    Not one place have I read about the bootloader being unlocked with verizon. Confirmation on this?

  • Lito31

    Kellex, cmon now be real, Why cant the nexus stay this thin WITH LTE when the Razr is insanely thing WITH LTE

    • Lito31

      This news disappoints everyone after seeing the LTE razr thinness, dont care what you say, you know you hate this news like me

  • Anonymous

    Not at all, atleast it will have a removable battery unlike a certain recently announced device.  I’m really impressed with the features of ICS and the hardware of the G-Nex.  I hope its Nov 10 as rumored.

  • Anonymous

    Nov 10th can go F itself.  The 23rd is when I can upgrade.

  • Nex

    I don’t care, but curious how much thicker?

  • Anonymous

    didn’t notice much during the the presentation, you can tell it was for verizon.

  • Chad

    Even after the event last night, I’m still torn between this and the Razr. I don’t really mind the new Blur at all and ICS will be coming down the line eventually. Software can change; be upgraded. Hardware cannot. 

    That being said, it’s still a sweet phone but mostly the draw for me is to have ICS now and not later. 

  • Anonymous


  • Smo86

    There always has to be something, Verizon. 

  • Booboolala2000

    Still getting one. Can’t be as bulkybas my tbolt or charge. Still wondering if vzw will get this. We got burned so bad on the n1.

  • Anonymous

    I like my girls to have a little meat on their bones. no biggy

  • Anonymous

    don’t care. this is my new phone.

  • “anywhere near the thickness of the current crop of LTE handsets”
    Aside from the upcoming DROID RAZR that is. SO DAMN THIN!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t care how much girth you got you sexy g-nex, I’ve been waiting for you for too long!  Give it to me now, hard and dry!

  • Anonymous

    Lets just hope VZW has a presser soon

  • As long as “a little” thicker means 1 or 2 mm, and not 5 or 6, I’m good.  Bring it on!!!  It is still the absolute best phone in existence.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    It is all about ICS… 

    other than that, the phone is kind of weak really = 1.2 cpu of old technology versus newer 1.5’s & newer chips even on other Samsungs, no HDMI, no micro SD, phone jack on bottom of phone, thick compared to competitor, 5mp camera… meh

    • Anonymous

      It’s a developer phone and will run the latest Android OS for at least another 18 months or so post-launch. Hell, even the nexus S will get ICS and that phone isn’t new hardware.

      • FortitudineVincimus

        Does not change the fact that this phone is NOT state of the art hardware… only the ICS is

        • Anonymous

          How fast does your phone take a pic?  

          • FortitudineVincimus

            More great logic, so let’s then go back to 2mp and then we can take really fast photos…. right?

          • Anonymous

            What do you want the extra 3-megapixels for? Just curious, but how does that affect the quality of the camera? I thought the sensor had to do with quality, but maybe you’re right. Personally, I’d rather have a 5mp camera that can take pictures in low light situations than a grainy shitty 8mp camera. I’m personally not going to be printing poster-sized images that will require those megapixels. Maybe you’re into that though. Not judging.

          • Anonymous

            To be honest a 2mp camera takes a pretty good pic.  Do you know what megapixels are?  Do you know what to do with them, and do you ever take advantage of them?  You could have an 8mp camera that takes a much worse pic than a good 5 mp camera.  Seriously the megapixel number is not all that matters. Quality matters much more…. Now I don’t know anything about the quality of pics this thing takes…. we will see.

          • Anonymous

            The pictures don’t look that great over at Engadget, not bad but not great either.  Then again Engadget still says the iPhone has the best camera and can’t seem to take decent pictures with anything else to save their life, even with an N8, so what do they know.

            The video seems to be quite good though.

          • Bullet Tooth Tony

            Clearly, he needs the megapixels because he prints all of his pictures on 8x10s…. and by 8×10, I mean feet, not inches.

        • your phone has 720p res?

        • Anonymous

          really? what is then? Know of another OMAP 4460 phone on the market? Droid RAZR doesnt count yet.

          • Anonymous

            When the RAZR receives ICS in early 2012 could it be comparable with the Nexus? It seems like a solid device and will a lot thinner.

        • kretz

          Your phone can have a quad-core processor in it, but if the software isn’t optimized for it, who cares? 

    • Anonymous

      It is a 1.5 chip underclocked to 1.2. We will easily bring it back to 1.5 with the devs.  And I’ll take the 5 mp camera since it snaps photos instantly.  And who gives a crap about HDMI, I never used it on my X.

      But then again you are negative in almost every post you make.

      • FortitudineVincimus

        No, I just think for myself and am willing to say what I think and not just jump on the bandwagon. But hey, thanks for following my posts.

        • Anonymous

          What phone do you have?  And how does it “really” compare to this?  You didn’t even know that it was a 1.5 chip in the phone… and seem to be very concerned that it is a 5mp camera.  I’m not sure you are doing much thinking before you say what you think…

          • FortitudineVincimus

            Show me the proof it is a 1.5 CPU underclocked. Pretty sure this was another one of the 5000 rumors by “trusted sources” so who the F knows if that is even true??? Please, show me the proof of this as the chip it uses IS an older chip. For a fact.

            Those that are calling me out are missing the point, the point is it is older hardware and not advanced. You want to keep moving forward. This phone, they already did the curve for example and already did the CPU and already did that size camera, just adds up to old technology BUT with the latest software.

            Again, all about ICS

            and BTW, it will most likely be my next phone, but I am saying I am not all that happy with the specs.

            Hell, everyone is salivating about the Tegra 3 – but with some of your guys logic, who cares as a Tegra 2 “can get the job done”. I don’t live in that world, I live in the world where I want technology advanced and won’t just buy into the marketing the company trys to sell me,.

          • DroidzFX
          • DroidzFX

            I have exercised the demons. This room is clear..

          • Anonymous

            Well there you go…   Anything else Fortimus?

          • FortitudineVincimus

            I do stand corrected. 

            BUT let’s hope that it can go to 1.5 with the rest of the hardware on board AND that ICS plays nice at 1.5

            Kind of seems odd they release at 1.2 when it can do 1.5, no? There must be some reason and I hope the only true reason is they want to pull that trick Moto did on the OG Droid and open up the 1.2 to 1.5 as a later “update” to act like they did us a killer favor and bumped up the speed for us.

          • Anonymous

            Battery life comes to mind first.  Most people may not notice 0.3GHz but may see extra battery life.

          • WinnerWinnerChickenDinner

            Umm maybe they optimized for battery life….

            We’re all friends here, try not to be such a know-it-all kthx

          • ImWithStupid^

            you mad bro?

          • bigrob60

            “already did that size camera”

            The mega pixels don’t matter. It’s the quality of the lens. This phone takes amazing pics/video. So it has an amazing lens. My 2.5MP Lg voyager takes better photos then my 5MP OG Droid. That’s with the setting on both phones at max.  It’s all about the lens. Hence why Apple improved the lens on the 4s not the MP’s. 

          • kretz

            apple went to 8MP

          • bigrob60

            Oh. Stand corrected. Thanks

          • Anonymous

            You just looked stupid bro!

            OMAP4460 operates at up to 1.5 GHz – straight from the manufacture’s web site you d*ck head!

            Thanks DroidzFX for the link :}

          • Christephormorris
    • DroidzFX

      It has what it needs to get the job done.

      • FortitudineVincimus

        Great logic??? Yeah, the Thunderbolt “has what it needs to get the job done” but look at that, it is not just about “getting the job done” in my book.

        • DroidzFX

          Galaxy nexus ” I am rubber and you are glue anything you say bounces off of me and sticks to you “

        • Joeshmoe

          your in idiot just because its has a 1.2 processor and not 1.5 doesnt mean it sucks. clock speed doesnt mean shit

      • Zach

        That’s where the SIM card goes

      • FortitudineVincimus

        SIM card homie… this phone comes in 16 or 32gb sizes, hence no SD card slot.. nice try though

        • Derrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

          You mad bro?

      • Nex

        I think that’s for the 4G card?

      • Anonymous

        No SD slot, sorry.

    • palomosan

      How do you know all this info when they never mention it, it might have DLNA, about the Micro sd we’ll know when the actual phone comes to Verizon, in the mean time I’ll hold my judgement.

      The MP in the camera is not that important, what’s important is the sensor.

      • Anonymous

        it does not have micro SD.

    • Anonymous

      If you were looking for a unicorn you watched the wrong event.

      Of course it isn’t going to be the best at every spec, no phone even has been or will be.  Its whether the combination of everything available is superior to what is out there now and for me it is.  Look at the iPhone, it hardware spec inferior to this phone and will outsell it dramatically because the OS/brand for many is enough of the equation.
      If this Nexus package leaves you underwhelmed you must really be down on the RAZR with even less new tech and likely not too impressed with the Rezound either.  You may want to try WM7 or iOS to cure your blues.

    • Anonymous

      +1, I am with you on this.

    • Tim

      HDMI out through the micro USB via MHL

    • shdowman

      1.2 = 1.5 underclocked. A processor announced a few months back. Being said, Exynos would’ve been nice, but Ti will be present across more manufacturers, hence the dev phone.

      No HDMI? Do some reading on that tech from Samsung…

      No Micro SD? I’m with ya there. But, at least a 32g phone will be an option, not much consolation, but some.

      Phone jack? Preference.

      Thick compared to competitor? Which one?? Get one in hand and I think it’ll be just fine.

      5mp? A thousand times it has been proven and stated MP’s mean nothing. Sensor / Software is everything. We’ll see how this one fare’s, but admittedly, the sample shots I have seen so far are not phenomenal.

      And yes, it is about ICS. Hardware is nothing more than a brick without software to run on it. And I’ll take the latest from Google. This phone will suffice for quite some time.

      Not begrudging your opinion, just pointing out flaws in your logic. 🙂

  • not a problem at all.  bring it on!!

  • DroidzFX

    Not surprised and dont care. Still getting it.