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LTE Version of the Galaxy Nexus Will Be Slightly Thicker Than the HSPA Version, Anyone Surprised by that?

Such a beauty, isn’t it? According to reports this morning, the 4G LTE version that you see on Verizon may not look exactly like that. Well, that’s probably not fair. Let us just say that it won’t be quite as thin as the version you saw on stage last night at the Galaxy Nexus event. And the reason for that is? We have to assume that the LTE radio’s girth is to blame. Probably should not freak out though, as “a little” thicker does not mean it will be anywhere near the thickness of the current crop of LTE handsets. It will still be thin, folks.

Now, how about a date? Are we go for November 10? We know that is a tentative date, that’s for sure.

Via:  Engadget

Cheers shdowman!

  • Sorry if this seems like a dumb question, but is there a LED notification light?

  • Thicker? no big deal. The phone will be plenty thin and sexy as hell either way!

  • Is there a way to get the swype keyboard on this phone? and what about pattern lock?

  • Leroybrute30

    Samsung needs to use moto designed lte radio that’s in the razr instead of the old tech radio in the nexus to keep it thinner.

  • does anyone know what those 3 dots on the side are? i was thinking charging like apple does for their computer but it isnt cause thats on the bottom.so anyone know what it is thanks

  • Woobaker

    if it rounded out the camera bump I think it would be sexier

  • Droid King

    Well from someone who has had the dinc 1 & 2 , fascinate, thunderbolt, charge and bionic the nexus is already behind. Other than having ice cream first the specs are mediocre and will…. Wait has been surpassed. Even Apple knew to upgrade camera. The nexus has failed ever since Samsung ( Apple wannabe ) start making them. No sd slot fail, 5 mp camera fail, 1.2 ghz processor fail. I wanted a phone I could keep at least a year and the specs be on point instead they release the same bs with bigger screen.

    • Paper-Cut

      Dude, what are you talking about? This phone is THE top of the line phone right now. And will be for the rest of the year. You haven’t even used, or even TOUCHED the Nexus yet, how can you possibly judge it?

    • thedroidking

      Lol, another uninformed statement. Do some more research on the sensor and processor.

  • Kierra

    I wonder how this would compare to the Razr’s build quaily. Thats extremely important to me. 

  • How did they get the razr so thin with the lte chip?

  • izak69

    Wheres the HDMI slot and does the charger slot use the universal one?

  • Anonymous

    Don’t care…gimme gimme gimme

  • DH

    Will the Verizon version be LTE/CDMA only?  If so, this does not make much since to potentially have to make 2 LTE variants for ATT and the other for Verizon as the two operate their LTE Networks on different bands. Could the thicker version have LTE/CDMA/GSM with a dual band LTE radio or even tri-band like the S2 LTE sold abroad?  Hmmm

    • Anonymous

      well sprint is launching there lte network in 2012 so might just be cdma/lte

  • Keith Sumner

    omg pentile, omg non removable battery, omg no sd card option, omg no hdmi, omg.


    • Anonymous

      + omg processor from 2007!!1!1!

  • Tom

    I am buying this phone no matter what… A bit of extra girth? Well… I have an OG Droid… Before that I had a Samsung i760… Any phone smaller than those two will probably feel like NOTHING to me… 

  • tjmonkey15

    If the whole phone is thicker because of the LTE chip (rather than just a bulge), I would hope they’d use that extra space in the rest of the phone to house a larger battery or something.  Or a memory card slot….

  • Anonymous

    Everything about this phone is better than my OG Droid. It will have a good rom community. It has ICS. Buying on launch day.

  • Rob Meyer

    Need to find out if this lil thing will be going to costco. I thinks me needs to return my bionic.

    • andrew

      why would you even buy that piece of crap in the first place?

  • Jarred Sutherland

    Well, I think the actual device will be the deciding factor here. I feel that there are a few things in the UI that Google just dropped the ball on (camera app .. seriously?), but overall a lot of good changes. 

    However, the phone just looks cheap. Too much plastic.

  • Anonymous

    Lot of whining here, from what I could see…a damn impressive device and a damn impressive operating system. Can’t wait to get one!

    • babadush


  • FortitudineVincimus

    FWIW, looks like the RAZR will be getting ICS


    • ShootAngelsFace77x

      Hey, Fort, remember when you said the Nexus would be really delayed?  Remember when you were trying to convince people it would be another Bionic?  There’s no need to listen to you anymore.  You don’t really know anything.

      • me

        Is it out yet?

  • Anonymous

    Can we just get a release date?

  • Jon

    no hdmi out?  crap i missed that.

  • Bats

    Where does is charge from?

    • us port on the bottom of the phone. What is also odd is the fact that the headphone jack for the phone is also on the bottom.

    • Good question.  I would expect the USB port, but inductive would be nice.

      I too am waiting to hear what peripherals will be available.  Are they planning to lengthen the hypebeast cycle by announcing the peripherals later?  Maybe an HDMI-capable desk dock?  Or a lapdock similar to the new lapdocs from Moto?  

      The fact that they’re selling this worldwide can only be good for the availability of cool peripherals.  How about a boom box dock, a la the iphone? I would buy one…

  • Yea the fact that its a google experience phone lets me overlook the fact that it isn’t revolutionary in terms of hardware. This is the first verizon phone to not have to wait 6+ months to get the latest sugary sweet goodness from Google

    • Anonymous

      OG came with latest sugary goodness when it first came out on vzw…

  • kingsven

    don’t know if this has been elaborated on yet (i certainly haven’t seen it) but what is up with the “three dots” on the side?  is it nfc?  inductive charging?

    • Anonymous

      The three dots were for some sort of a desk dock. Not sure why they went that route instead of the traditional USB type one, possibly because it might have added capabilities for something like a laptop dock in the future?

  • Anonymous

    I am Android but…ICS is full of gimmicks. Isn’t it easier to just hold the home button to show icons of recent apps instead of showing the honeycomb window crap that you have to scroll through.

    Swipe to clear single notifications. We have had that via root for like 2 years now.

    Face unlock. C’mon. No one is going to steal your phone James Bond.

    Google + hangouts. Dude I dont want to see your face when I am talking to you.

    Live effects. Good for little kids. But big boys use PicSay.

    Panoramic camera. I am pretty sure there are already 1,000 apps for that.

    Quick response. Sense already has that.

    Where is the new revolutionary stuff. At least I will not care about having a phone that stays on Gingerbread for a while.

    • Anonymous

      you are pretty harsh on a merging software for phones and tablets…im glad you have your own opinions but really?  PicSay?  That app is lame…nfc allows beam…lots of features like the zooming calendar will be pretty handy, so will the instant photo. take a picture while in video?  thats pretty revoluationary if you ask me.

      • Anonymous

        Yes. I guess any update is welcome. But I am not gonna go out and buy a phone on launch day because it has ICS on it. PicSay pro is great, free app is kind of lame. Beam is pretty much the same as share to me, but I guess its not a bad idea.

  • Just tell me it has an unlocked bootloader and I will throw my wallet at the screen.

    • All nexus devices are unlocked. Google does request that from the manufacturer.

      • Anonymous

        True, but if you buy under cell company, isnt it up to carrier whether to lock or not?

  • If it truly is just the LTE radio that will make it thicker and not the battery, won’t just one small part of the phone be thicket, not the whole thing.  Maybe just the bottom bump or something.  The LTE radio doesn’t take up the entire phone.

  • Zach

    After seeing how thin the Droid RAZR is? I’m a tad surprised.

  • babadush

    It’s funny fickle people are. Nobody can be pleased

  • Bewara2009

    I think most of people that get this phone are getting because of the OS not the phone it self. 

    • Anonymous

      Which is confusing.  I am buying hardware, not software.

    • Anonymous

       which is why I seriously think people are probably better off buying the razr and waiting for ICS to drop either officially or unofficially on it.

      • Anonymous