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DROID RAZR to See Ice Cream Sandwich in Early 2012, Other Android 2.3 Devices “Should” as Well

It was pretty obvious that during Motorola’s DROID RAZR event yesterday that many of our minds were already looking toward the Ice Cream Sandwich event that would happen just hours later. And when the press release dropped with “Android 2.3.5” on it, we all immediately wanted to know if and when this newly announced phone would receive an update to Android 4.0. According to Moto senior VP of product management Alain Mutricy, we should see it some time in early 2012. That’s soon…like couple of months away soon. You may remember that it took 8 months for some of their products to receive Gingerbread this year after it was announced, so this should make future RAZR owners smile. We should also point out that Moto is easily the quickest when it comes to updating their handsets – they may just make this “start of 2012” deadline.  

On related note, Google’s Matias Duarte and Gabe Cohen assure us that almost every Android 2.3 device “should” be able to run ICS. Whether your 2.3 device will receive it or not is up to manufacturers. When they attempt to tell you that your device is incapable of running it early next year though, be sure to point that quote out to them. I’d say the guys that designed and created it might have a pretty good idea of how it should work.

And then returning back to the RAZR, we wanted to toss out this Euro promo vid for fun:

YouTube Preview Image

Via:  Pocket Lint, Engadget

Cheers eddie and everyone else!

  • Anonymous

    Moto also promised that Xoom would get it’s 4G upgrade soon! Soon turned out to be NOW, 8 months later. And STILL they are having troubles. Buyer beware if you trust Moto’s word. I won’t trust it again.

  • Anonymous

    It really makes me sick to think if I couldn’t root I’d have to wait indefinitely for some stupid programmer to update my phone. Really, we should all be running the latest build of gingerbread and we should all be updated to ics within 2 months of its release.

    • Bionic

      sounds good in theory.  But im sure there is some reason this does not happen

  • Anonymous

    LOL, early 2012. I’ll believe it when I see it. If the RAZR or Bionic is updated before May 2012 I will be shocked.

    • Bionic

      and your reasoning is?

      • brandon holley

        That the manufacturer wants to get the update out but verizon wireless is never too eager to get one out. That combined with the fact that during the press conference they said that ICS wouldn’t work with anything less then a 720p HD screen that kinda screws the RAZR over because its only a qHD screen.

  • Well my Nexus S ‘should’ get this first. I’ll be quite disappointed if thats not the case!

  • Jake

    Fool me once, Moto, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

  • Anonymous

    Ye3a because their promised update of the Xoom was so prompt with their predictions.

    • Anonymous

      The Xoom update was a huge fiasco, but with this being only a software update I cant imagine that it will be as difficult to pull off. 

  • Anonymous

    The Razr looks good and all but the sealed battery is a turn off……Lets see how much thicker the VZW G-Nexus is compared to the one that was cut loose…

    • brandon holley

      You also gotta understand that the RAZR has a microSD slot and the Nexus I believe doesn’t come with one.

  • Tony Allen

    I wonder if we’ll see OEMs moving away from skin customizations and rather including packaging to allow us to use their apps like Motocast as an option that work alongside ICS instead of inside of it. My Bionic + Vanilla ICS = WIN!

  • 1TallTXn

    Did they get Jason Statham to do the voice-over for that video?

    Nice, potent phone, but I think I’ll be getting the Galaxy Nexus.

  • Kerbero9

    i feel sorry for anybody who:

    1) still believes motorola is going to deliver on time
    2) thinks this release is not going to break more than it will fix

    • Bionic

      Your an idiot.  Motorola’s update track record is fantastic.  Their hardware is great

      • Guest

        you mad bro?

  • nxusnow

    im leaning towards the razr

  • This phone looks awesome, basically the same as the nexus + kevlar

  • Badassbosoxfan

    Son of a bitch…ICS was what was tilting me towards the Nexus. Now the RAZR may have it early 2012. This decision will be more difficult than deciding whether or to take take my wife off life support (or is it?) lol. JK she is not really on life support, but you catch my drift.

  • Carlos Elias Soliman

    I really like this phone, but got no keyboard, no remove battery.

  • Anonymous

    I can haz ice cream sammich now?

  • Anonymous

    This beast is getting better and better 🙂 bionic owners don’t be discourage, you will get ice cream sandwich pretty soon as well.

  • Anonymous

    probably just me, but it would annoy me having redundant navigation buttons with both the onscreen and capacitive buttons on this device.  wouldn’t you lose some screen real estate too when it receives ICS?  much rather have the nexus that was designed specifically for ICS.

  • Anonymous

    the bionic probably will stay on gingerbread until next summer i bet you

  • Pdxfrolfer

    Am I the alone with my slant towards the Razr over the Nexus?  Dont get me wrong loved some of the ICS capabilities, but I really like the appearance of the Razr.  Not too mention I am running out of patience with my CM7.1 OG droid.

    • Rob

      I would still get the GN over the Razr because it’s supposed to get updates FIRST.

    • Anonymous

      No, me too.  I like the sturdiness of the RAZR, the smaller screen size and potentially global functionality over ICS and the slightly curved screen of the GN.  I’m on an OG droid so even Gingerbread is new to me. lol

    • Alexander Garcia

      You’re not alone my friend. Droid RAZR FTW!!!

    • Anonymous

      RAZR FTW
      1. Thinner
      2. Lighter
      3. Steel frame, kevlar and Gor Glass, well made and splash resistant
      4. Longer battery life
      5. Smaller form factor
      6. More Dock options
      7. Although Blur is an OS hog, it looks great and adds nice widgets / apps
      8. Phone is blazing fast even with Blur
      9. MotoConnect
      10. Well get ICS when it is more mature, after the major kinks are worked out
      11. 8 MP camera, almost 0 lag from what I have read
      12. Can add a SIM card including one with NFC when it come out next year
      13. HDMI out

      I was totally on board with the G-Nex but given the chunky design, the fact that 3 out of 4 demos crash on ICS and the above, I am now a RAZR fan.

      • Bionicman

        RAZR WTF?
        1. Thinner
        2. Lighter
        3. Steel frame, kevlar and Gor Glass, well made and splash resistant
        4. Longer battery life
        5. Smaller form factor
        **1 to 5 are design reasons to pick the RAZR. while they are good reasons, not enough to choose RAZR over GNex.

        6. More Dock options **We haven’t seen what the GNex accessories are yet but I hope they include some kind of dock options
        7. Although Blur is an OS hog, it looks great and adds nice widgets / apps **this is a no-brainer, ICS vanilla all the way
        8. Phone is blazing fast even with Blur **the processor on the GNex will be equal or newer than the RAZR plus ICS its hardware optimized unlike Gingerbread
        9. MotoConnect **cant argue with a nice feature like this, though there are current apps that do similar things
        10. Well get ICS when it is more mature, after the major kinks are worked out **uhuh yea this is moto your talking about. even now that google and moto mobility have merged, im betting this will still take forever to happen
        11. 8 MP camera, almost 0 lag from what I have read **iam kinda bummed the GNex has a 5mp camera but having seem the recent motos camera pics like the D3 and Bionic, the RAZR pics will probably suck also
        12. Can add a SIM card including one with NFC when it come out next year **uhhh wha? look the GNex has NFC and Beam. need i say more
        13. HDMI out **someone here made a great statement that you would still need a special cable or adapter to use this so its kind of a moot point. just like your would need a MHL cable for the GNex.

        I REALLY want to like moto phones again but i got burned sooooo badly with the Bionic which i was so hyped about. and im not trying to be harsh on chaz2400 im just giving my response and opinions on his points.

        • Anonymous

          No worries on being harsh…

          So you are saying that a phone’s design, build quality and battery life are not good reasons to choose it over another device?

          I know ICS is more “in tune” with the hardware, but blazing is blazing. Just because one fire is hotter than anther does not mean they both wont burn.

          Although ICS has a lot of nice new features, have you noticed how many times it freezes the phones? Check out all the demos, 3 out of 4 have some sort of hang up and the phone needs to reboot. Examples are the Engadget video on NFC and the video on Face Unlock… both had to be rebooted. Dont tell me they are going to “fix” this before launch… all of 3 weeks away.

          I am also concerned about the camera quality… we will see.

          I said NFC on SIM, what I meant was NFC on SD. They are working on an SD card with an NFC chip that should be able to be used on ICS with the RAZR… again, we will see, but this technology isnt going to be popular for a year or so anyway.

          Other than this, the only point you have to buy the G-Nex over the RAZR is vanilla ICS… wow.

          • Bionicman

            well there are other reasons i didnt specifiy like samsungs hd amoled screen (4.65inches vs 4.3), better camera features like time lapse and realtime panoramic photos. not to mention face unlock and lots of other ICS features that dont just make this a minor upgrade from GINGERBREAD but a game changer in my opinion. im hoping we’ll hear more about battery usage with the GNex but we do know they are similiar (1750 vs 1780 RAZR).

            trust me, i’ll defintaley be looking forward to the reviews on the RAZR, but im pretty much sold on GNex.

  • Christopher Kubicek

    So will it have two sets of home keys or will the ICS virtual keys not be displayed? 

  • Cmonnats23

    Ughhh now I don’t know which one to get! I chose the g-nex because it
    had ics! Now if both have ics I may get the moto phone… the razr did
    have better specs for the most part… both 4g… I currently have the
    D2 and love it! I may just stick with moto. But I have always liked the
    screens on ss phones… what say all you guys?

  • Alexander Garcia

    Oh happy day! Now I don’t have to choose between ICS and Droid RAZR! I shall have both! Thank you.  🙂

  • jbonics

    So in other words when they announce 5.0 jellywhatever you will get 4.0 ICS cappppeeeshh. Wait there not the old Motorola, maby it will come sooner. Google tighten up. I will flash that nexus prime to MetroPCS so fast it will make Verizon’s head spin. $299 off contract /’s. Google it.

    • Guesty

      dude, what’re you even saying??

  • Anonymous

    Are there any other phones scheduled to come out between now and January for Verizon? I’m confused because the names were always changing the past few months. There was the Prime and the droid HD that I can remember. Were the phones that were announced yesterday these 2?

    • Anonymous

       HTC Rezond.. aka Vigor

      • Anonymous

        And given the Verizon roadmap we keep seeing, one would expect to hear something about the Rezound VERY very soon (due out same day as RAZR and Nexus).

  • Bigbox9192

    Hella ppl on here bash Motorola’s UI, not realizing it borrows from the xoom’s honeycomb interface. Isn’t honeycomb the basis for ICS?!?!

  • Bcorrell34

    Will someone please give me the low-down on both devices? I’m not a tech guy but would like someone knowledgeable to put the tech specs into functional language for me. I’m buying a new phone in November and would like to know the differences. How about the 4S? Is it true that it’s processor with the graphics make it faster than these phones?

    • Kixofmyg0t

      You’re about to get railed for asking about a i*hone on Droid-Life…..just sayin…..

      • Bcorrell34

        I know, I’d never get the 4S. I hate apple, I just wanted to know if that rumor was true or not since I’m not too techy.

        • Anonymous

          So far, that “rumor” is true.

  • Billy Jenkins

    I heard HTC will rename the ICS update to “Icecream puddle” because thats what it will be when some HTC phones receive it.

  • I’m a big fan of Moto’s hardware, but the Bionic was a big let down. I’ve never had a Android that wasn’t a Moto, but the Bionic was so bad I’m getting rid of it to get the Nexus. I’m on the ship with the rest of us who are tired of Moto jerking us around. Like how do you make people wait 9 months to release a crappy product and then come out with a real product 2 months after that? I’m definitely looking forward to a vanilla version of Android again.

  • Billy Jenkins

    I predict my rooted thunderbolt will receive Ice Cream Sandwich before Gingerbread is even officially released.

  • hatethanet

    Did Moto promise a timetable for updating their Froyo devices to GB? Where they close to being on time with those?

  • Anonymous

    That commercial just sold it! I love the RAZR, with the accent. 🙂

  • My DO is running 2.3, so i can haz ICS too?