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A Three Year Evolution: iOS vs. Android [Image]

Stumbled onto this image over at Google+ and couldn’t help but chuckle a little. Comments?

Via:  Jason Hsu

  • Alethos

    I’ve had multiple android devices (HTC Eris, the original Droid, Droid X, HTC Thunderbolt, HTC Incredible and the Droid Bionic) and I’ve rooted and experimented with multiple ROM’s and set-ups on all of them.   I’ve owned the iPhone 4 and jailbroke it and now I own the iPhone 4s.  I like android for what it is; open and changing.  I like IOS for what it is; simple and stable.  If I had to pick a favorite, I couldn’t.  To many people develop an “us against them” attitude and make everything a competition.  It’s not.  It’s about preference.  It’s about being free and making a choice.  Android is not better than IOS and IOS is not better than Android.  They’re just different.  IOS is almost the same since it’s inception, where as android has changed considerably.  One of the main reason’s android has gone through so many changes is because it needed to be improved upon.  I know too well about forcecloses and random reboots, especially when Motorola or HTC start adding their UI ontop of Googles Android.  That’s why I often rooted and used different ROM’s.  Not just for aesthetics, but for stability.  I’m not a fan of one platform over the other.  I personally pledge my loyalty to things greater than a phone.
    Sua Sponte!

  • Nathan Hosford

    I have said this before and ill say it again if you want an easy to use phone that does the bare minimum of what a smart phone should do get an iphone.The iphone is a straight forward easy to use device designed to put its users in a safe little box.If you want something more with full control where the sky is the limit get a Android device.If i had to recommend a smartphone to an old non tech savy person i would say get an iphone!    

  • Issaucedo

    you know, at least almost everyone can be at iOS5 while a select few can actually go to 4.0. hell, a select few aren’t even at 2.3.  Yes, I have a android phone, but it’s getting harder and harder to stay in love with a device that won’t get updated. Yes, I can root it, but I shouldn’t have to to stay updated.

  • Anonymous

    Can someone tell me how Apple is getting away with this same boring UI from 2007? There really must be a lot of sheep. Those pictures on the left look exactly the same except for the wallpaper in the background.

    Unless Apple does a revamp UI it will lose a lot of their base within the next 2 yrs, and from the look of it they won’t change the UI. Especially since they just released a 200 + feature iOS 5, this just shows you they are so far behind on the design and feature spectrum. Even with iOS 5 it still looks old and boring. So come WWDC 2012 we will see more features that should already be in the OS and the same old look.

  • Mii

    By no means am I an IOS user and am really excited to see the new Android ICS, however you have to admit either apple is really bad an innovation because nothing has changed with the look and workings of their os in 3 years, or they were golden and haven’t needed to because the public liked the way it was from the start. Same with Android, even though they have really come a long way and their new os is great. If you apply that same logic is it because they needed to because the 1st was so bad?

  • Anonymous

    This is really sad Kellex.  You’re the biggest fanboy of them all and it destroys the integrity of this site.  This post is absolutely pointless.  Does this site really need more Apple bashing? 

  • Robinfriday2

    What you fail to mention is almost ALL iPhones are running the SAME thing..while you can have android 2.2.2 on your og Droid..2.3 on the Droid 2..and the ice cream sandwich 4.0 isn’t even available yet but, when it is it will be on only one phone..so the image is misleading..androids too confusing and the updates are more and more leaning toward brand new phones not even out yet

  • Karl Tobias

    Troll bait, yawn.

  • Anonymous

    You guys are so funny. Again, I started with and OG droid. Now I am running a droid x till I get a worthy upgrade. Now, no one argues with that fact that android is more customizable. Then the other side is that IOS is a lot simpler. What I think is so hilarious is that you guys don’t see that there is a market for both. It’s android or nothing! I guess that’s supporting what you like but then you take it a step farther and bash others for what they choose and what fits them best. Anyone ever think maybe IOS hasn’t changed much is because they got it right the first time? Just a thought….. And let the bashing begin!

  • Anonymous


  • Man you guys are vicious. I’ve owned several iPhones and an android phone, and I deal with both on a daily basis, because I sell them. Yes, android is FANTASTIC for you guys who actually even know what rooting is, or what ROMs are. But be honest, how many people buying phones nowadays know anything about that stuff? Most of the people I sell to have NO idea what they are looking for, or know anything technical about the phones.

    Personally, I ditched my android and went back to the iPhone after about seven months. iOS is much smoother, very straightforward, less glitchy. The phones are gorgeous and just the right size for my needs. I don’t need to customize, honestly my android looked almost exactly the same the day I got rid of it as the day I first customized it. iPhone works for a lot of people. So does android. You guys just need to chill the fu** out and realize that both are VERY good OS’s.

    • Anonymous

      The problem for most of us is all the unwarranted attention and hype the iphone gets while many iphone users act like pretentious pricks calling anything without the apple logo a worthless piece of crap.  The Apple reveals and marketing material are full of lies and deception as well.

  • Anonymous


  • ICS looks really amazing, except for the Roboto font. I installed it on my ZTE Blade and it’s just sort of… lifeless.

    Anyway… this comparison, to me, shows just how bang on Apple were when they made the original iPhone.

  • Anonymous

    It looks pretty which might attract the ladies to you!

  • Anonymous

    I am also not a fan of iOS’s simplicity and lack of change over the years (why not bigger screen Apple, that was all I wanted from the iPhone 4S) but millions of people do. And iOS has needed very visual change or refinement. Android is still catching up with some visual styling of iOS, like smooth lag free scrolling and operation.

    But the screenshot is funny and ICS is extremely good looking.

  • guest

    I usually dont post here , but read it daily because I like to hear about new phones on Verizon. I owned the original Droid, the Droid Inc., and the Droid X. I recently switched to the iphone, but still own 2 of the 3 phones I just listed. I choose to use the Iphone because of battery life, and stability. I loved my android devices but could not get through a work day with mild use. Ive tried with app killers on and off, turning off features , even an extended battery which helped, but added way to much bulk. IOS is a very stable system, I dont think anyone can argue that, and if you do then you obviously haven’t used it much. These are things I wish Android would greatly improve. All these great improvements to android phones is very impressive, but is it worth having if you only have a few hours to enjoy them? And I understand people are going to call me a fanboy or whatever else, but I just thought I would share, and I actually hope to own another android device in the future

    • Anonymous

      I don’t think anyone can call you an apple fanboy when you started out with the droid (im assuming, of course) and the iphone does have stability going for it, but I’ve always experienced sub-par battery life on iphones and ipod touches. I don’t think I have met many people that haven’t complained about the iphone’s battery life, and it seems a lot of androids problems are due to bad implementations of skins on phones or something else the OEMs did, and not something google has done. Things should be getting better with ICS.

  • Anonymous

    “This changes everything again”

    Is this when apple allowed for it’s users to have custom wall papers?? LOL.

  • Finger

    I’m pretty sure Apple’s new operating system is “iOS 5” So that would make it 5.0, not 4.x. It’s the phone that’s 4.x, not the OS.

    • Boblank84

      the point is to compare each three years apart….Not first os to most recent.

    • Anonymous

      you are not getting it.. the comparison is over a period of 3 years since it’s inception. In 2010 there was ios 5.

      Besides.. you can copy paste the screen shot from 2010 and call it good for ios 5.

  • Anonymous

    Besides the OS, I love Android because I get to choose my hardware like my Windows box.  And I guess besides that I don’t like how iOS’s main screen is just an app drawer.  it’s boring.  

  • Chrisfromptown

    If it ain’t broke…. But you keep coming with a new dessert every 6 months google, maybe someday you’ll get it right

    • Anonymous

       It actually averages a lot more than 6 months.. plus, it has taken them a little more than a year to jump from 1 to 2 and 2 to 3 and 3 to 4.

      that is pretty much the same with ios.. if not fewer.


  • Mehoff88

    So wait, because you have a different layout that means what? 

  • It’s hard to belive that ios is still so popular with it’s old and boring wall of static icons. People just don’t know what their missing with Andriod. I guess it’s a case of you can’t miss what you never had for Apple fans.

    • Finger

      Too true. Apple users tend to live in their own little bubble where they’re never exposed to anything non-apple. So a lot of them literally have no idea what they’re missing, regardless of being perfectly comfortable dismissing Android as “crap.”

  • Anonymous

    If ios had been manufactured and distributed by any other company.. the company would have gone bankrupt and closed down it shutters years ago.

    The features and functionality provided by android far FAR outpaces that provided by ios.

    yet, the biggest success of apple has been to convince their loyal fans that somehow apple IS the gold standard when it comes to smartphones and ios is a “game changer”.. when in reality it is MILES behind even WP7.

  • Anonymous

    !!!  BEST OS evolution comparison ever!! *clicks share on facebook*  exactly why I don’t like iOS, its so dated and doesn’t change much. Android changes in nearly every release, I love change!  Now wheres my GALAXY NEXUS!?

  • Too bad the Apple fanboys are going to point out the fact that iOS5 isn’t pictured.

  • vzwdude

    From my experience as a sales manager at VZW, if the customer does not know what a GB is, or they are a 16 year old girl, they usually get an i*hone. If said customer can articulate their smartphone needs, they most likely get an Android. Of course there are always exceptions, but this has been a general trend. That being said, iOS5 does bring some nice things to the platform, but their customers wouldn’t know the difference. ICS however looks like a stepping stone to the future of Android, and their constituents will be clamoring to know more.

  • PowerTools

    While Android certainly has changed over the years, neither it nor iOS has changed as much as Windows Mobile.  Seriously, if you’re just talking about changes to the UI, Windows Mobile has to take the prize.  

    I’m sure some morons will assume I’m claiming WinMobile7 is better than Android and iOS, but we can just laugh at them.

    • Jordan Webb

      Very true.

  • Anonymous

    Hahaha took only 3 years to add a wallpaper.  Sweet.  That DOES change everything! LOL 

  • FortitudineVincimus

    This is not a very good story.

  • Jon

    so i was helping a friend with her i*hone 4 today and ….. apparently you can’t edit text you’ve typed.  I misspelled a word and had to backspace everything to get to it to fix it. weird. 

    • Dskneon

      U can edit words that u type.. Just click on the word u wanna edit & hold. That’s a sorry excuse to make the iPhone try to look bad but u fail ..

    • Kamel250

      Ha, you just fail at phones. Long press and move to desired location.

  • I get the whole bigger screen thing….but in defense of Apple….how many years has it taken android to get a higher resolution on phones………meh just my opinion on this post.

    • Anonymous

      Apple actually took longer than Android to get to a decent resolution. The 3GS was still rocking a 320*480 display while the Droid had a 480*854 display. 

  • Fattie McDoogles

    wow… the trolls and zealots are really feeling some kind of way today. I own both Android and iOS… I prefer Android because it feels more like “my device” as opposed to Apple’s device. And I love downloading music directly to my phone. And before the Apple zealots start screaming… I know there is iTunes but I listen to a lot of mixtapes and stuff that has not be released through commercial outlets. With iOS I have to load all my music into iTunes then connect my phone THEN load it THEN connect it back when I wanna change anything. Its just a hassle. But I do love how smooth everything is and how everything just works. No battery pulls needed everything works all the time. 

    • Dskneon

      Jailbreak your iPhone and install safari downloader & ifile (same as astro manager) and you’ll be able to d/l those mixtapes directly to your phone without using iTunes

  • Kam Francois-Ashbrook

    I think we should smoosh the two together to create one super platform with which no one will be happy.

  • Anonymous

    This isn’t really a good comparison – iOS and Android are both much more than their launchers.

  • Vince Lewis

    I’ve been going to this site 10 times a day for the last year or so and the funniest thing is how much of an inferior complex droid owners have. I’ve had macs and pc’s—droids and *phones and while *phone owners are pricks…droid owners are jealous and delusional. I don’t care about brand name—gimme the best product. In my 3 years with a droid all my wife did is complain about my droid..I get an iphone and in 3 days she wants one. User experience beats window dressing. I love what android is doing w/ICS(although I was a little disappointed there wasn’t more…) and I half expect to be back with Android in a couple years. People—-android or iphone users—Learn to take criticism. Its ok if one phone does something better than the other! Its all about preference. Don’t take it so personal.

    • Anonymous

      Extreme irony.

    • Anonymous

      Your wife likes your Iphone because it’s “pretty” and easy to use.  A majority of women are superficial and can’t operate technology. 

      Apple makes a fine product, the most polished devices to come on the market, but they don’t allow you to do anything you want to do, other than what they allow you to do. 

      Android gives a community like ours the ability to do anything we want with the device.

      Android also doesn’t mask it’s inferiority with amazing marketing.

      Apple is also taking a lot of flack because they continue to sue competitors in an attempt to take back their share of the market.  This is looked down upon by a community like ours because we know that it truly affects the future of technology.

    • icu

      Dude…honestly why are you still here?  All you do is knock Android, then we tell you to piss off, then you say you are leaving this site for good, but always come back.  Get a life kid.  Stop defending your POS i*hone that was obsolete a year ago. And btw, it’s “inferiority complex.”  Nice try though. 

  • Anonymous

    Now to get a phone that actually runs Android as well as iOS does. That would be game changing. I would love ICS on a capable and STABLE phone that is fully functional without rooting, voodoo, resets, or bloodletting.

  • Michael Allis

    Honestly, while it makes for a funny image, it’s not particularly fair.

    iOS is Hardware and Software built under the same design aesthetic.
    Android is Software that is built and applied to someone else’s design aesthetic; which is also why there are so many skinned versions of Android out there. Stock Android is almost exclusively Nexus for now.

    Because of this, Android has to be more flexible, apply itself to more types of screens and pieces of hardware. iOS? Doesn’t. They’ve had the same size display for the last 4 years, and there are plenty of coding reasons to NOT make changes to the resolution etc.

    That being said, thinking about it, it’s quite impressive that Android is so flexible as to be able to work on such varied devices, and I feel like ICS is even more impressive in that regard by trying to blur the line between tablet/phone OS’s. Even iOS on the iPad just feels like a blown-up iPhone at it’s core. Once you open apps, different story altogether, but ICS seems to be making changes across the board.

  • Anonymous

    In all fairness, Android did start out as complete garbage from an aesthetic standpoint.

  • Anonymous

    I would love to be a graphic designer at the ios division in apple. I’ll be be essentially getting paid to copy paste icons and images from 4 year old archives and call it the newest and greatest every year.

  • Kidd_Funkadelic

    Does anyone else find it funny that their biggest innovation is adding 3 new apps to home, one of them being YouTube, that Google owns? 🙂

  • 1TallTXn

    Judging a phone based on the home screen is like judging a car on its paint.
    Sure Mercedes and Kia both sell black cars, but that doesn’t mean they’re the same.

  • Android – From sick to slick

    Apple – Party like its 2007 over and over and over…

  • Anonymous

    Is is me the only one who thinks that Andy Rubin likes it from behind????

    • Can we have a mod over here? A mod, please?

      • Anonymous

        I mean its true…dude acts semi homo

  • Kerbero9

    its simple…if it aint broke then dont fix it!

    • Anonymous

       sounds like the new apple innovation mantra? “Why innovate when it’s not broken?”

      • J Dub

        You have it wrong…”Why innovate when the patent system’s broken?”

        • Anonymous

          for people who want to patent the rectangle shape.. sure it would seem broken

  • Indochino

    Its kind of ironic in a way.. google.com hasn’t changed its appearance (different banner per day, still says google) and is by the far best web search. iOS hasn’t changed much in appearance, is it the best? Thats up to the end user.

    I own both an apple device and an android device. I’ve yet to see one device do something that the other can not with the exception of custom ROMs, which, in reality, are just tweaks. Your still running the same base programmed OS. Android user’s are limited to what they can do until they root, just like apple is just as limited unless you jailbreak.

    Want a device that does something the others can’t? Get a Windows phone. Its the only OS able to run the Zune service, which is far superior to any other music service out there.

    Competition = good. Fan boy comments make you look retarded.

    • Dskneon

      Finally someone who understand

  • Crradams

    This image is rubbish. I am an android fan, it tells nothing. It only shows UI and basically shows that Android phones are becoming too big. I’m sorry–they are getting too big for a phone. I hope the Nexus does not do well because I am against these gigantic phones and I really want a sweet LTE phone thats 4.0-4.3″ The HTC sensation is a perfect size.

  • Anonymous

    Wow nothing brings out the Apple apologists and excuse artists like blatantly demonstrating their church’s lack of innovation.

    • Vince Lewis

      I’ve been going to this site 10 times a day for the last year or so and the funniest thing is how much of an inferior complex droid owners have. I’ve had macs and pc’s—droids and *phones and while *phone owners are pricks…droid owners are jealous and delusional. I don’t care about brand name—gimme the best product. In my 3 years with a droid all my wife did is complain about my droid..I get an iphone and in 3 days she wants one. User experience beats window dressing. I love what android is doing w/ICS(although I was a little disappointed there wasn’t more…) and I half expect to be back with Android in a couple years. People—-android or iphone users—Learn to take criticism. Its ok if one phone does something better than the other! Its all about preference. Don’t take it so personal.

      • Jordan Webb

        You know what makes the user experience for some of us? Customization. Toys. Things to play with, tweak, personalize, learn, and understand.

        Apple’s appeal is that the experience is sealed and understood. It provides functionality for a few things and does it very well. Android throws the door open and lets those of us who treat our tech devices as toys instead of basic implements play…at the cost of some stability. Is a Hot Wheels car more stable than a LEGO car? Yes. Is it cleaner/sexier/more compact? Yes. Can you pull it apart and make it into a helicopter? Not really.

        The issue with today’s tech community is that we feel the need to be loyal to one product or another product because it gives us a false sense of community. We need to understand that everyone has different criteria for their devices. For some, it’s openness, for others it’s simplicity, and for others it’s integration with existing systems (hello, RIM). The wonderful thing about the market is that it allows us to choose. By attempting to assert our beliefs/choices on others, we’re attempting to remove the choice from the market, which is the worst thing that could happen to any tech market.

      • ShootAngelsFace77x

        Of course your wife wanted one.  Go to the bleachers of any game and every soccer mom has one.  How’s it feel having a soccer mom phone?  Isn’t it pretty?

  • Dskneon

    It’s funny how all these ppls bashing about you ain’t customize iOS but the truth is that you can. Me. Ring a former iPhone user and now android user. Jailbreaking a iPhone is like rooting a android once a iPhone is jailbroken you can customize far more than an android & add widget and live wallpaper etc.. So don’t knock on a iPhone until you tried one or learn about them.. There’s a reason ppls keep buying them and it ain’t because they just simple to function either..

    • Anonymous

      Judging from your post I’m going to say that it’s the iPhone’s superior spelling and grammar check that led you to them.  

  • How about this iPhanboy review – the guy loves the new phone even though it looks “familiar”, battery died after 6 hours, and gets data speeds of 0.25 to 0.75Mbps? 


  • Cutillo

    I love this site, i hate how fanboi he is. arg

    • DroidzFX

      Hey matey!! Fellow pirate I see.

  • dshizzel


  • When your first version looks that godawful, you better hope that it changes significantly from version to version.

  • Jon

    a few commercials show casing all the amazing homescreens people have setup is a great idea.
    Something that should have been done already. google…pull your head out and get this done.
    go to one of the forums with 1000 pages of posts. 

  • Tom

    This shows that Google does one thing right… Listen to the community. A lot of the improvements are taken straight from the dev community. And if *pple fanbois want to say that it originally came from iDevices I might have to hand them a scissor and tell them to cut away the wool.

  • If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. 

    Honestly, iOs has been, for the most part, far more stable then any Android OS I have used.  With android, I feel like I NEED to root it and customize it up the wazoo to make it work well, though still not without its own problems… like new android users having almost no idea how to navigate through the phone since their phones are so different. 

    It really comes down to different strokes for different folks ( I choose android) but there is no denying that Apple designed a very solid and user friend mobile OS that is working well today. 

    • Bionicman

      my wife has had her iphone 4 for almost a year and still doesnt know how to disable wifi or bluetooth. the fact is she doesnt use either function and doesnt care. i think with ICS, android is getting closer to becoming the OS that allows users to just use their phone if they want, or use the power features if they want. just like you said, different strokes for different folks.

      • Inc2/tbolt

        thats easy. tell her it’s only 15 clicks and swipes to get those up and running or disabled…..

    • Anonymous

      What Android devices are people buying that they need to hack it to make it run properly?  

      The last-gen Android devices may have had this problem (a few of them), but newer Android phones like the HTC Sensation, Nexus S, Galaxy S 2, and the other plethora of devices that have been released recently can run fine and be used without having to be rooted.  Even Android phones on cheaper carriers can be used without rooting.  And I can vouch for this myself.

  • shdowman

    The more things change, the more they stay the same….

    • Anonymous

      . . . for iOS.

  • Anonymous

    so basically the graphics designers at the ios division of apple have been pretend-working for the past 4 years.

  • Tabe

    They should have added the newer widgets to the ICS screen in order to really get the point across

  • teapotdome

    whats with all the afl-cio sponsered “dont upgrade your phone/boycott Verizon” ads all over your site?

    • Anonymous

      Organized labor goons trying to “punish” the people that provide their incomes.
      Seems like a great strategy to get concessions from your employer.

      No wonder organized labor is mired in irrelevance these days.

  • EC8CH

    Google should showcase some of the AMAZING things people do with their Android homescreens.  Instead of always just showing a plainjane screen with a couple of shortcuts, do an Ad with a bunch of pimped out homescreens.  I think it would seriously blow some people’s minds to see how much more you can customize your Android homescreens as compared to iOS.

    A lot of people don’t visit the forums and they just don’t know, but seriously some of the things people do borders on works of art.

    • Anonymous

      Oh yeah….I can see iPhone users(who love customization but can’t customize their phones, because they own, well, an iPhone) storming to our side, the good side, the Android side. Would definitely make for a great Android ad, that’s for sure.

    • That’s the problem. Google really needs to put some marketing into the Nexus that really shows what Android can do. The Droid commercials are cool and all, but it doesn’t showcase the features of the phone. Now, more than ever, is Google’s chance to put Android over the top in terms of a marketing standpoint. Many are disappointed with the iPhone 4S so it would be wise of Google to advertise the great features the Galaxy Nexus and ICS will have to sway more customers to team Android.

      • EC8CH

        Just have a bunch of different people hold up their phones and say something like “This is what I can do with MY Android”, and have them swipe through some awesomely customized homscreens.

        That should be enough for anyone who has a phone with a grid of boring shortcuts think twice.

        • Inc2/tbolt

          Or we just have to swipe right. they will be amazed that stupid “search screen doesn’t appear”. but then again maybe not. they will probably defend that useless waste of real estate.

      • Anonymous

        But it’s NOT a problem.  Android has beaten Apple.  All advertising would do is speed up adoption… not bad, but is it worth the $?

        • I know Android sells itself, but imagine if Google did advertise. The Nexus phones have never generally sold well. This is Google’s chance to sell pure Android, at its finest.

          • Anonymous

            Actually, they do (Nexus S had a lot of online ads).

        • GotSka81

          Read your statement…is it worth the money to beat Apple more than android already is…

          He who is wise answers his own questions.  So say the Andy.

      • Kianhjudah

        YES!!! Dear Lord I wish someone at Google would read your statement! 

      • Blueethernov13

        Google DEFINITELY does a TERRIBLE job of showcasing exactly what the Android phones can do….mostly because we are so used to doing it, we don’t realize that its fascinating to someone else…  APPLE shows you exactly what you can do in all of the commercials…and it looks cooler, but we all know Siri will fade out in 2 months…nobody talks to their phone…

    • Anonymous

      One like is insufficient for this.  This is a brilliant idea.

      • EC8CH

        I wonder if *pple blogs have “Show you Homescreen” posts like we do?

        • DanSke

          Theres not much you can do with an app drawer. bwahahaha

        • Dskneon

          Man a jailbroken iPhone homescreen can be customize far more ways than an android homescreen

          • EC8CH

            Android homescreens can be customized very heavily without requiring it to be rooted or jailbroken, which the typical user is never going to do anyway.

          • Anonymous
    • Anonymous

      I’ve convinced several people I know over to Android from iOS simply with live wallpapers (not to mention widgets).

    • I am always confused by this. How long are you spending looking at your home screen? For me it is always just an app launcher regardless of which platform I am using. Widgets are too small and limiting to be of any real use for me.

      As long as I can organize, find and launch my apps I really don’t care.

      • Anonymous

         true.. and thats where ios sucks.. you have to scroll back and forth to find your app regardless of how they are sorted.

        • I don’t know about that. I have my apps pretty well sorted on screen 1 and in the drawer (I probably use ~10 apps regularly on a daily basis). The folders are pretty useful due to the high res screen allowing you to actually see which apps are inside the folders before clicking on them.

          Just my $0.02 of course.

          • Anonymous

            that still doesn’t eliminate the fact that the sideway scrolling one screen at a time to get to your apps every time is a fail.

      • Matthew Rosidivito

        Well, it depends on how you use it, I guess. The 4.3″ on my Droid X manages to fit most of the information I would want right there via Mint, Latitude, and a weather and calendar widget of my choice. The homescreen is only as functional as you want it to be.

    • GotSka81

      That’s a fantastic ad/commercial idea.

      • GotSka81

        And furthermore…I have a piggyback.  The ad should start with an OG Droid or Nexus One and end with the Galaxy Nexus, showing the full evolution of android.

    • Anonymous

      Terrific idea. So much so that I’m now considering actually making a video to throw up on youtube that does a fancy scan-through of some of the coolest and most customized homescreens. If people think it would be cool to see I’ll throw up an email address people can email them to and I’ll put it together…maybe Google would notice and take over the idea.

      • EC8CH

        love to see it when you’re done.

      • Anonymous

        Email Andy Rubin the link to the video.

  • andrew

    Verizon is going to screw us over with the Nexus…… I have a feeling for sure

    • Francisco Sandoval

      Don’t be so negative chap

    • Anonymous

      It’s coming next month as a Nexus device t $299 (asuming that pic was legit), there’s now much left for then to screw up at this point.  We know Nexus = no Verizon crap and saw that on display.

      Edit: The sad part is all those typos were from my keyboard and not my phone.

    • EC8CH

      all the proof points to the contrary.

    • Steve Cale

      Why do you keep saying that?

  • Anonymous

    LOL, exactly.

  • Anonymous

    I comend Apple, they’ve successfully rebranded the same thing for 4 years now…and it still sells!

    • It’s all about the marketing. They know how to market a product so well that they can sell the same phone for years without upgrading anything significantly. Imagine if Google had that kind of marketing where Android would be right now.

      • Anonymous

        Probably stuck in the early 2000s, like iOS. Thank goodness for the market pushing innovation!

        (Though, in fairness to Google, they do seem to innovate and iterate even when they’re on top with no one pushing them, like with search.)

      • Anonymous

        Hardly a fair assessment. While their marketing is hugely successful, you still need a good product behind it, otherwise people turn around and will not buy it again. I’m a big Android users, but even I can see that iOS always had a decent amount of changes, not to mention a complete redesign of the hardware which is a key aspect of people sticking with iOS devices. 

        Google lacks a whole lot more than marketing. They don’t really control the hardware aspect of the phone, except maybe the Nexus phones which are a small minority of what is out there, but even there i’m not certain the extent of their control. Once the acquisition of Motorola finishes we’re on a more even playing field. They also don’t have the amount of pull that Apple has when it comes to carriers, so their Nexus phones are given a back seat and branded phones are put in the forefront. There are countless other reasons why Android hasn’t really lived up to its potential, but marketing is certainly not the major reason.

        • Jarred Sutherland

          There is no use in trying to be reasonable on this site. Most of the people here are to stupid to see they are just as bad as the Apple zealots that follow Apple just because. Logic falls on deaf ears, sadly.

          • Anonymous

            Are “to” stupid, really? I guess learn the difference between “to” and “too” before insulting people.

          • Jarred Sutherland

            Better to make a mistake in grammar than to blind yourself by being a zealot.

          • Michael Allis

            Oi, Oi, Oi boys, if we’re going to start throwing around grammar flamebait then perhaps it’s time to take that type of conversation outside.

            …To the playground, where it belongs.

          • Jarred Sutherland

            No playgrounds around here 🙁

          • Anonymous


          • Anonymous

            I’m not a zealot, I just tell it like it is.

            Also, I’m just a huge fan of Android, just like you are a huge fan of iOS. I state my opinions, you stay yours. And that’s it.

            But in the name of Mr. Rodney King, “Can’t we all just get along?!”

            Seriously, can’t we?! I guess that will never happen as long as everyone has opinions. How unfortunate.

          • Jarred Sutherland

            I get along just fine, however I take offense to people who state that anyone liking X device must be a moron or not need features because it just doesn’t have it.

            I have owned and put through their paces more mobile devices in the past several years than some people will own in their entire lifetime. I think I am pretty balanced when it comes to defense of one or another. Both have their strong points and weak points, which is all I have tried to argue here. 

            I posted way above that I have owned NUMEROUS devices from Symbian, WinMo, iOS, Android and other just crummy feature phones. I call people out when they make statements that someone is a moron because they use X. That is a utterly stupid statement and is said by someone who refuses to see the benefits and downfalls of all sides of things. 

            Anyways, it’s a stupid phone. Anyone who feels that they are better than someone else because of a device needs to take a step back and re-evaluate their life.

          • Quad5s

            You are a moron enjoy your old technology, and no 4g with the 4s you clearly are just looking for attention

          • amona

            Sutherland gtfo you can’t stop thinking about android and have to troll on a DROID affiliated site, you’re lame. If you were so content with ios then why take the time of your day to catch up with android info. You know your bored with crapple and have been dreaming about what life would look like on the other side, just admit it douche.

          • Anonymous

            You know what I think his problem is? Yes, he’s very bored with his lovely new iPhone 4S, but because of such dedication and loyalty to his great, great, great, great, great iPhone, he wants to come over to the sunny side, but he just can’t bring himself to. He feels that he’ll betray his beloved iPhone if he ever did. 

            He’s stuck, basically. Must really suck.

          • Anonymous

            You, friend, are full of yourself. Get off your high horse and join Android, you will not regret it. Also, we have better parties with hotter girls.

          • Anonymous

            Cool story bro….

          • Kris Brandt

            You’re just as bad as a troll.  If you feel like you’re wasting your precious time, then take your high horse and trot off into the distant land of your 15-year career in technology and let those who enjoy Android enjoy it.  There are more than enough tech blogs for you to inhabit with your condescension.

          • Jarred Sutherland

            The irony at this site is strong. 

          • DroidzFX

            There is almost as much potassiumy

          • ZING

          • Anonymous

            So is the smell of bullshit from majority of your posts

          • Jarredisanexpert

            Hello boys and girls, today we are going to learn about logic.

            Logic-formal systematic study of the principles of valid inference and correct reasoning.
            Jarred: “what exactly do you do with your Android device that you find “useful” that you CANNOT do with iOS?”

            After being given many examples of what iOS cannot do:
            Receive a 4G signal
            Download files directly to phone
            Customize look
            Free turn by turn voice navigation integrated with Google Maps
            Jarred: “So what you see as useful, I don’t have a use for.”

            What Jarred has demonstrated is both invalid inference and incorrect reasoning. However, after changing lord knows how many iPhone batteries, we should respect his opinion just the same. 

          • Anonymous

            I’m still trying to figure out how he changes batteries on his iPhone and why he has to do it twice a day. 😉

          • Orion

            Well played, sir.  Well played, indeed.

        • Progressman

          But thats a good thing that Google doesn’t control the hardware, it gives options and choices for what people want you can get a huge phone with a big screen to watch videos if thats what you want or you can get a real small phone to do basic things or even a phone that can be placed in a dock to make it a computer. Theres so much choice that you can have whatever you want and anytime you want as there is constant new devices trying to bring something new. And ya Google has Motorola but as most everyone says it was just for the Patents to fight Apple and Google has said itself that Motorola will receive no special treatment. Google and Motorola Mobility are two different things and probably will remain that way. Also ya Android might not have lived up to some potential but look at how young it is and what it had to come up against. iOS was out before android and got a early following so you have to convert people where as if Android had been released first iOS would have to try and convert people. It’s hard to get “simple” people to switch from something they know for example less tech savy who would go to a class to learn how to use a phone once they got the idea of iOS down they arn’t going to want to change. Also development wise Android is making such larger strides in comparison to Apple. Not dissing apple that made a good product that hasn’t had many problems as some Android phones which could hurt the android name with manufacturers putting out shotty work it comes back on android and the manufacturer.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, because people are misinformed, also not tech savvy(well, sorta). No offense to some, but the iPhone is mostly for the ‘casual’ user, people who don’t want to do anything “worthwhile” with their phone. Just my opinion.

      • Kianhjudah

        Nope, that’s not your opinion. That’s a fact. 

      • Jarred Sutherland

        Wow, this couldn’t be more wrong. Sadly, you are so biased you cant see the benefits of BOTH systems. You’re just as bad as an apple zealot with that mentality.

        Also, what exactly do you do with your Android device that you find “useful” that you CANNOT do with iOS?

        • Anonymous

          Like pretty much everything? You can’t do squat with the iOS. Apple wants to keep you from really, truly owning your own phone, while with Android, you can customize your phone pretty much the way you see fit. Home replacement apps, roms and themes, etc, the list goes on. Can you do this with the iPhone? If you can, then I retract everything I just said, but if you can’t…moving on…

          • You can if you jailbreak. This is no different than how you have to root to really customize Android beyond just replacing the launcher. 

          • DroidzFX

            Not so fast. There are tons of apps that switch core functions without root.

          • Justin Kos

            my friends iPhone is loaded with advertisements and it hurts mah eyes to look at,

            where as my fascinate is totally clean =)

          • Jarred Sutherland

            Oh please don’t tell me you really just mentioned the fascinate as a part of a defense. 

            The fascinate was the biggest turd Verizon sold.

          • Anonymous

            you can change themes on each launcher and your lockscreen and theres much much more without root

        • 1) Widgets
          2) The device acts as a removable hard drive
          3) Downloading files directly from the web onto your phone
          4) Swap out stock apps we don’t prefer (keyboard, SMS, home launcher, etc.) without rooting

          I’m sure I’m missing a few more. 

          • Anonymous

            Pretty much everything Jason just said.

            Moving on….

          • Jarred Sutherland

            So basically, you really like redecorating your phone. To each his own. I guess I’ll worry about real functionality. 

          • Anonymous

            How about the option to change out my battery whenever the hell I want to? Spare batteries? Check! A battery goes bad, replace it with another battery, double check! That’s what you can do with an Android based phone, like my Droid X. Can you do this with the iPhone? I don’t think so.

          • Jarred Sutherland

            Hmm, where do you think Android devices are heading? Perhaps you should take a look at the RAZR.

            And yes, I can change iPhone batteries. Did two of them today.

          • Orion

            Really?  One example?  What about the Galaxy Nexus?  Replaceable battery?  Hell’s bells… sure enough.  As for you being able to change a battery and what you need versus what virtually every other iPhone owner in the world can do… yeah, good job hitching another ride on the all-about-Jarred train. 

          • Jarred Sutherland

            I would sincerely hope that every other iPhone owner knows how to use a screw driver and suction cup. 

            My 15 years in the tech industry statement was meant for waaaaay above to the guy who said that anyone who like iOS devices are morons when it comes to tech. 

          • Anonymous

            Wow…seems like a real pain in the ass to me.

            Also, if you are referring to me who said that anyone likes iOS are morons, I did not say that, all I said was that the iPhone is intended more towards the ‘casual’ user and for anyone who isn’t tech savvy. I didn’t really mean anything by it.

            But I can’t be sure…there are so many f’n comments now, it’s hard to keep track of everything.

          • Jarredisanexpert

            Ah, so “fifteen years in the tech industry” = “I can change an iPhone battery”

            Jarred wins. 

          • Anonymous

            Haha, EVERY point someone has made, this clown curiously “doesn’t need” & now just by pure coincidence he just happened to change 2 iphone batteries earlier today……..cool story bro

          • Anonymous

            What real functionality does the iphone offer? 

          • hodriver83

            Well, for starters, iCloud let me seamlessly and wirelessly transfer everything from my 4 to my 4S.

          • Anonymous

            You mean like the cloud services android has had since the beginning? And are you enjoying your brand new innovative notification bar? I’m really jealous about that feature…oh wait I have that already. I hope you enjoy the exact same phone you already had.

          • Benjamin Landwehr

            Lmao!  Androids only had that.. since its release?  K bro.

          • Anonymous

            If that’s your starting point, just stop right there….u didn’t really mean that, did u???? There are soooooo many things u could have chosen, but went with “cloud syncing”………….SMH, here’s a coloring book, try and stay in the lines

          • Anonymous

            You can’t be worried about real functionality with no flash and barely any ability to change anything on your phone. Hell it took apple that long to throw you a bone and give wallpapers.

          • Jarred Sutherland

            I don’t need flash, I don’t even have it installed on my Android devices because it is such a resource hog. Flash IS NOT the future of mobile devices, the faster we get it out of the way, the faster better technology will be implemented to replace it.

          • Orion

            You keep making this all about you, Jarred.  Not overly surprising for someone who likes Apple as much as you seem to.  If you can be bothered to consider the original point:  Android does a lot of things that iOS doesn’t and can’t do.  Happily, most of the people here are evaluating the relative strengths and capabilities between the two operating systems with a eye towards people named something other than Jarred Sutherland.  But, hey, you stick to what you know and dismiss what works for everyone else.  That’s not egocentric or anything (rolls eyes).

          • Anonymous

            Honestly, I would just drop it. The guy doesn’t have any real argument anyhow.

          • Rhuan0157

            I dont know how “functional” an iphone is when everything on that phone is made how “apple” wants it to be made and how they want you to use their phone.

            Android phones are customizable and we pick what we want or dont want on our phones, its made for the user to be used by the user, not like apple “made by apple, must be used the apple way”

          • Jarred Sutherland

            And this is where we disagree.

            1) Widgets, don’t need them. They are a drain on resources and rarely actually add to anything I do (this is just me, I know plenty of people enjoy widgets, I dont). 
            2) I’ve got an 8GB thumb drive on my keys at all times.
            3) The only reason I ever need to do this is to install apks. Beyond that, all of my apps manage the data that they take care of. I have no real need to have Astro installed, and haven’t used it in quite some time. Come to think of it, the only time I use astro is when I am moving rom related files.
            4) This is completely subjective. I prefer the keyboard of iOS far more than any keyboard I have used on Android (stock, swype, etc). It is far more accurate. Launchers, no need of installing another one because they all do the same thing. Anything beyond that is for looks.

            So what you see as useful, I don’t have a use for. However, I am heavily in the tech industry (15 years and counting), but I still find iOS to be just as usable as Android.

          • Ghostman34

            Pretty much…boring. smh.

          • I agree with some of what you’re saying, but as for removable drives,
            hello, drop box and cloud storage apps.  The only time I touch a
            removable drive or thumb drive is when I need a backup to a backup of my
            slides for a major presentation.  Also, widgets can be nice, but most
            of them are a waste of resources and mostly redecorating your display.

            And yes, the IOS keyboard is way more accurate than any Android KB I’ve
            used even though it’s a larger display and you’d think the opposite. Maybe ICS will fix that, they said it was way more accurate in the presentation yesterday.

            I definitely agree to the fact that both sides have a LOT of fanbois. 
            The kind of people that the product could crap in their face daily and
            they’d still refuse to consider the competition.  But that’s everywhere,
            in everything from car brands to political parties one agrees with. 
            It’s just the sheep factor.

          • Jarred Sutherland

            I do strongly agree Drop Box is great, but for me it has extremely limited use on my mobile. The most I have used it for is sending app data to it from backups so that when I wipe and load a new ROM I have it just in case things go south.

            I guess it just cracks me up that people can be so strongly about hating one product that they miss many of it’s great features. The world of technology is great because there are devices for everyone. Oh well, I guess it’s fear of the unknown.

          • Ghostman34

            It’s the fear of an overrated product. Admit it you’re just a fanboy and you love your eyeFone. Android will always be more innovated than your phone.

          • Jarred Sutherland

            I have a ThunderBolt. Before that, Fascinate, before that Droid Incredible, before that OG Droid. Before that, some random touch screen feature phone, before that iPhone 3GS, before that iPhone 3G and before that the iPhone 2G.

            I feel I have a pretty good leg to stand on when it comes to having various devices. But, you know, feel free to run with your assumptions.

          • Patrick

            There is no *phone 2g, it went from *phone to 3G to 3GS to 4 to 4S
            Although i guess this proves u aren’t an apple fanboi because they would have never gotten that wrong

          • Jarred Sutherland

            My bad, I consider it the 2G because it was an EDGE based device. Whatever G that service was, well, who knows. I just called it the 2G because OG is held for the OG Droid.

          • Joseph Moreno

            GPRS was what the G stood for i believe

          • Damn dude you go through a lot of phones. Lol.

          • Drayphly

            I have a ton of flash drives and use cloud storage, but sometimes being able to dump a batch of files on the phone is a god send.  I have been using Android for almost a year (HTC Desire H, Optimus2x and now Acer IconiaA500) before the iPhone(original, 3g and 3gs) and before that Windows mobile.   iPhone puts too many limits on the user… I hated using iOS, the games and podcast management are pretty much the only thing I liked about it.  Android just seems like a naturally evolving “CREATURE” that’s destined to replace Windows and osX one day, while iOS will always just be iOS.   I never even touch my home computer anymore unless I’m doing work or large downloads.

          • Thommyjg

            Thumb keyboard son!

          • Nick S

            Jarred Sutherland asked: “what exactly do you do with your Android device that you find “useful” that you CANNOT do with iOS?”
            Then responded to Jason’s apt reply: “So what you see as useful, I don’t have a use for.”

            Point: iOS still cannot do the things that Jason listed off.

            1) Widgets2) The device acts as a removable hard drive3) Downloading files directly from the web onto your phone4) Swap out stock apps we don’t prefer (keyboard, SMS, home launcher, etc.) without rooting

            He answered your question perfectly.

            Bad troll – plz get off your soapbox & go back to your cave.  kthx

          • Matt H


            *phone is fine for some.  I just despise Apple and the whole “if we can’t out innovate then we’ll out litigate” attitude.

          • Anonymous

            First off, I’d like to say that I own devices (phones and tablets) from both OSs.

            1) I have widgets on my iPhone
            2) I do use mine both as a mountable flash drive, but more importantly and conveniently, it has SSH and I send/receive files over the network constantly. Add in Dropbox, and I’ve got access to all files from all systems and devices.
            3) Downloading files directly from the web onto your phone? I do this daily. All sorts of filetypes.
            4) I don’t have many of the stock apps, including Stocks, Weather, Compass and Nike+iPod.

            Again, I’ll echo Jarred’s first comment on most of you just being fanboys and not wanting to hear anything you think you disagree with; even if it is correct. Both platforms are different, one can do some things better than the other and vise versa; there is no way to prove that one is better than the other as it’s all subjective to the user’s preferences and experience.

            While we’re at it, how many of you can do 802.1X (LEAP) authentication on a Dynamic WEP SSID with your Android phones? I have been able to do this since at least iOS 2 (before it was even called iOS) and I have yet to see it work on Android without rooting and editing the EAP types manually from the console. Again, this is just a difference, it’s not a game changer. Just calm down and use the device you prefer and shut your mouths beyond that. 🙂

          • Telephoneteck

            This is Droid-life not chose your os. If you don’t like what’s published here, then go somewhere else!

          • michael scott

            Such as iBGR.

          • Drayphly

            @ wifigod  1-how the heck do you have widgets on your iPhone?
            2-is the iPhone hacked to be used as a mountable hard drive?
            3-Downloading what type of files? iPhone doesn’t download/save crap but photos.   Again is this hacked or are you using some work around?
            4-And again, I assume you have a modified iPhone because those things do not disappear by themselves??

            I switched to Android because I couldn’t be bothered Jailbreaking my iPhone over and over and over again, scouring message boards trying to find the lastest Jail break everytime new software update comes out.  A premium should just work, and iPhone just doesn’t suit MY needs, and many ppl hear from what I see.

            And doesn’t all that hacking make your iPhone a bit unstable?  YES it does

          • your jailbroken, most of us are not and we can do what you guys can do jail broken(which is sad imo)

            if you really want to compare apples to apples than you have to compare a rooted android to a jailbroken iphone
            here are some of the things a rooted android your jailbroken iphone cant do
            1. change roms(you may think themeing is the same but it isnt, we can add and remove features from our phones, you cant)
            2. overclock, you might say “well iphone doesnt need to overclock cause its perfect” well android doesnt have to overclock as well but at the same time we have the option to do it and some do it for the hell of doing it, and some dont cause it isnt necessary
            3. custom lockscreens, we can do this unrooted using apps, you have to be jailbroken to do it
            4. changing button functions, although it might not be piratical we can still do it
            5. widgets, yes you said you have them to but they are fake widgets(you HAVE to put blank icons infront of your widgets cause they arnt really there), ours are real ones(meaning they are really there)

          • SugaShane

            And both of his comments have 8 likes, which means he probably went on droid-life from 8 different phones/computers to like his own comments. 

          • NYCLawyer

            Widgets can make your device easier to use, like, for example, access to bookmarks that you simply scroll through.  It is a huge improvement over opening the browser and then going to bookmarks.
            Your response to 2 is like saying I don’t need a camera on my phone because I have a camera with me all of the time.  The key is that it can replace that other device and do a good job at it.

            The ability to customize a device to work more efficiently is pretty important. That is where Android excels. I know that my daughters prefer the Xoom interface to the IPad2.  But if you’re happy with iOS, that’s cool.

          • Biggles

            “Launchers, no need of installing another one because they all do the same thing. Anything beyond that is for looks.”

            Sorry, but you’re wrong on this one.  All launchers are not the same.

          • Calvin Williams

            I lost you at widgets drain on resources.

          • But you see, you’ve proved the point. If you neither need, nor want these things, than you constitute a casual user, and hence iOS is more than adequate for you if that’s what you choose. Those of us who want more from our phones aren’t going to settle on Apple’s walled garden, no matter how pretty. Android is designed to accommodate the super user, iOS isn’t, that’s just a fact.

          • Bret

            Don’t forget:
            5)  Replacable batteries
            6)  Upgradeable Memory
            7)  OS upgrades over 3g/4g
            8)  Not having to use iTunes (that should get 2!)
            9)  Replacable launchers
            10)  ROMs, ROMs, and more ROMs…
            11)  Choice of different models, big screen, little screen, slide out keyboard, etc…
            12)  Alternate App Stores!

          • Sexynexy

            Expandable memory

          • Anonymous

            13) Installing applications outside a market
            14) file explorers
            15) multiple browsers
            16) No ridiculous approval process
            17) Flash support
            18) customization, customization and more customization even without hacking
            19) standard ports, HDMI out
            20) dynamic resolution and scaling
            21) Google services (superior maps with navigation, built in cloud storage and backup, etc.)
            22) OPEN SOURCE!

          • hmmm….im trying to remember the last time I had to pull my battery out on my iPhone cause it locked up. ….And you know what for the life of me i cant. All these features mean nothing if it causes your phone to be unstable. Sorry, I will respond to a text and put it back in my pocket in the same time your waiting for you phone to boot back up because it locked up. 🙂 cheers! 

          • Anonymous

            Uhh, go back to your Crapple forums Riggs, no one needs you round these parts spouting off about an inferior IOS5 when compared to the vastly superior Ice Cream Sandwich.

          • viva la android revolucion

            just hold the home button and power key…had to reset my wifes first gen iphone way back in the day when she still had one….she’s android army all the way now

          • Drayphly

            @ Riggs
            I have had my iPhones (first 3 generations) lock up all the time … once my iPhone locked up and wouldn’t accept the reset command.  i had to wait 6 hours for the phone to die on its own…. Real Story.  If you dont care about being able to any of the things pointed out above, good for you stick to your Apple we will enjoy Android .

          • Lmatador15

            Yeah, you can respond to text messages, just not answer phone calls with your mouth because it’ll drop the calls. WOW, that’s so much better.

          • WOW I can go all day long without charging! I dont see your point on this. If you have bad service thats not the phone its your cell service. Fortunately i have excellent AT&T service where im at and have never dropped a call. It is better when you can respond to a text and answer phone calls …. without having to fiddle with a charging chord.

          • Jeff Metzger

            I take it you didn’t own the 3g and made the mistake to upgrade to iOS 4. Took my iphone 2 minutes to launch the texting app when I did. Funny that Apple makes phones obsolete after 2 years. How long is the average phone contract again? Nuff said. 

          • no I had all the iPhones and upgraded them accordingly, the thing is i know how to work my phone. You unfortunately sound like you were stumped. Did’t have any issues like that.

          • Anonymous

            Tell that to these people.


            Btw, my android phone has frozen once since I got it.  I can also respond to a text and put it in my pocket while you wait for your phone to backup with itunes and restore.  Cheers!

          • ahhh… ok, iOS 5 introduces restore without ever needing to connect to a computer ever again. thanks for your input tho.

          • Anonymous

            Congrats on finally getting another feature android has had for the last two years.

          • Because OTA updates are a feature i want the most! Your only new feature on ICS is Face Unlock guess what iPhone has that already. http://www.cultofmac.com/96025/you-can-now-unlock-your-iphone-4-via-facial-scanner-with-recognizeme-jailbreak/ you want talk features bro. Who do you think developed Webkit that your Android uses so dependently for internet browsing…thats right Apple.

          • Anonymous

            Wrong. Apple did not develop webkit, they co developed it with many other companies. What relevance does that have to do with the topic anyway? Android has had OTA updates since version 1.0 as well.

            Facial recognition is a little nothing feature, there was far more introduced into ICS than that.

          • So since Apple co-developed webkit that means they attributed nothing to it. lol, Apple helped devlop webkit….better? Anyways didnt you guys just get native screen capture. hmmm…i think so

          • lutz

            Alternate App Stores does not deserve a point.

          • Se7enthSinn

            Don’t forget:5)  Replacable batteries — iPhone have super Battery Life6)  Upgradeable Memory — There isnt a phone on the planet with upgradeable memory7)  OS upgrades over 3g/4g — iOS 5 does that8)  Not having to use iTunes (that should get 2!) — good point9)  Replacable launchers – Android people replace their launcher in hopes of the new one being as smooth a iPhone10)  ROMs, ROMs, and more ROMs… — Jailbreak and change themes… same difference11)  Choice of different models, big screen, little screen, slide out keyboard, etc… — iPhone has the best on screen keyboard on the planet, who needs a slide out.12)  Alternate App Stores! — And the point is?

          • 1) By widgets, you mean half-ass AJAX apps. However pretty they look, they’re still just that.
            2) Even IF you drop in a big enough MicroSD card for this feature to be worth while, Mmost SD memory is so slow it borders on painful for doing anything of consequence. I’ll stick to a 500GB 2.5″ portable.
            3) There’s an app for that.
            4) There are 100 people out there who think changing any of those things a good idea. And even if you multiply that by 1000, or even 10,000, its STILL not reason enough to think the iPhone is inferior in any way, shape, or form. For the double-digit MILLIONS of people all using a common handset, it does what they want.

            As for the images from the OP: based on those images, and those images alone, the only thing Android has done is gotten uglier and even more painful to use. Meanwhile Apple built it right the first time, smooths the rough edges via iterations, and only makes huge sweeping changes when they have good reason to do so; not because they are trying to be different or set themselves apart. Who’s business model has panned out better over the last 4 years?

            I’ve been in the tweaker corner. I built my own systems for years, could registry hack with the best of them, and still command Linux servers, enterprise-grade routers, switches, and VoIP systems on a regular basis. And you know what? I still use an iPhone.  Why? Because its the one piece of effing hardware that i *don’t* have to &#$* with to maintain and manage. When you fight with the #&$* all day the last thing you want to have to do is fight with it more when you want to spend time with your family and friends.

        • toxman

          Without rooting/jailbreaking it I can install apps from any store I’d like, replace nearly any stock app that I am not satisfied with. From the home to the dialer to the text messaging app, etc. Unlike iDevices.

          Rooted: (I’m not exactly up to date with iOS stuff so feel free to correct me if I’m mistaken)
          I can flash whatever I want to on my phone, I can change whatever system files I’d like to, I can tweak its performance to support my needs easily. With the right ROM even the oldest Android devices can stay current and keep alive (see: Droid Eris)

          I can choose to go stock, I can choose to load a theme or customize it however I’d like.

          I don’t need a computer to backup my system files, make an image of my system, or to flash a new ROM onto my phone.

          On most Android devices I can add more storage to suit my needs via microSD and I can swap my battery with a fresh one on the fly or replace it without taking apart the entire phone.

          I like Android because I can decide what my experience is. Perhaps I am biased in that I want my devices to be easily customized to my needs and desires but so be it. That said, I’d be happy to try anything that gives me that same degree or greater latitude that Android currently does.

        • Orion

          Turn-by-turn voice navigation for free?  Is that also useless to you?  Is it because you’ve never gotten lost?  Or are all of your protestations really red herrings.  You see, the issue isn’t whether you can utilize them.  It’s whether it’s better to have an option instead of one company telling you what you will and won’t have.  With iOS, you get what Apple condones.  With Android, you get what you want.  Serendipitously, you seem to need none of the many features others have listed that Android has and iOS doesn’t.  You seem to think iOS isn’t behind because it doesn’t have things you don’t need.  We can’t all be so perfect, Jarred, and I thank you for being the light to a glorious future I can only aspire to.  But in the mean time, I prefer choice. 

      • Anonymous

        It’s all about features baby, that’s what sells.. not cosmetic changes.

      • Anonymous

        That’s a load of bollocks. 

      • IntlGrizzly

        Yup, I have a friend who likes android and acknowledges it as a superior OS, but got lazy and didn’t want to mess with customization or ROMs anymore so he got the iPhone 4S…kinda funny

      • Anonymous

        Not everyone buying an Android based phone is tech savvy and not everyone buying an iPhone is a casual user.  You are the one that is misinformed.  Don’t let the opinions and users on this site dictate your opinions because they represent a very small percentage of Android users. 

        • Anonymous

          That is not what I really meant. I’m just saying that with the iPhone, you cannot do as much (in a tech savvy sense) that you can do with most Android based phones…and even if you could, most users wouldn’t even know where to start, like rooting a phone, installing a rom/theme, etc.

          Of course not everyone who buys Android based phones are tech savvy…including some of my friends and family(they aren’t really tech savvy).

          But for the record, regardless of what anyone says, the iPhone is still intended for the ‘causal’ user(as in, if you are a power user, don’t get the iPhone, etc, if you really want to make your phone YOUR phone). That is all I meant…sorry if my comment was misunderstood.

          • Anonymous

            Most Android users have no idea what rooting is.  Most Android users have no idea what a ROM is let alone know how to install one.  Android may have more “tech savvy” users, but there are plenty of iPhone users that jailbreak their devices, which requires a degree of skill that the average user does not posses.  That person would be classified as a power user.  Your opinions are being framed by your knowledge and the knowledge of other “tech savvy” users.  The makeup of this site is a very small percentage of total Android users.  It’s very easy to lose sight of that fact. 

            And no one is marketing Android for the tech savvy person.  That’s a suicidal proposition.  Both OSes are marketed towards the casual user. 

          • If holding the power key for 30 seconds, home and power for 10, then home for 10, plug the iDevice in and click “JAiLBReAk ME!!!” is a power user then call my 90 year old grandfather a “power user”. As for Android. ADB commands? That’s over my grandfathers head and requires me a “power user” to come in. I disagree with you to an extent about Android phones not being marketed to a tech savy person. Android ads I see flaunt hardware and software versions. Granted that’s about it in their ads.

    • Anonymous

      Yea, the same device lol. That’s a joke.

    • Mark Reisch

      It’s funny, VW has been selling the bug since what 1939 and people have bought the same form factor.  Why not phones.  

      *I’m an android fanboy just for the record.

    • Anonymous

      That’s because the iphone is so dumbed down that the whole UI is built around opening apps that’s it. No customization, no freedom, just click the app and it just works. They don’t have to put much into the OS cause all it does is open apps. Plain and simple, so for the average joe or soccer mom, all they want is to click the app and the phone does the rest,simple.

      So now they have but this brainwashing mind game that says if any other phones OS isn’t like Apple’s it is complicated, it doesn’t just work. That’s not true, other OS’s are better in regard to Apple closed controlling philosophy.

  • BB yo!!

    haha it looks like Apple barely changed #teamandroid

  • Cory

    Well, the difference as I can see it is, Android 1.0 looked like crap, iOS 1.0 looked nice. Android 4.0 looks nice, iOS 4.x still looks nice, and I’m an Android nerd. 

    Sex sells. So does price. We both win. It’s OK to have two winners.

    • Anonymous

      Loving the positive outlook today. 🙂

    • Anonymous

      iOS has always looked like a dolled up Nokia from 2002. Now it still looks like that, but you have folders and static wallpaper. Joy.

      • Vince Lewis

        Live wallpapers get boring after 5 min and drain the battery…try again

        • Anonymous

          LWP take up maybe 2% of battery usage and I have yet to meet a person who doesn’t want them on their device. Troll fail.

          • Kamel250

            I hate live wallpapers.

          • Anonymous

            Love android, don’t use/care for LWP & wouldn’t bother me 1 bit w/o ’em….was cool 2 show off at first though

        • Then you don’t have to use it… the point is, on Android we have the choice.

    • Inc2/tbolt

      and iOS1 looks exactly like iOS4.x

      do you see what you said up there? Android progresses…. whats sexy about the same old thing that doesn’t change one bit?

      • Kris Brandt

        You really want to challenge the notion that you wouldn’t want sexy Britney Spears from 10 years ago to change?  I don’t know about you, but if its sexy from the beginning, don’t change it drastically.

  • Ganesha1994

    i cant believe how much change there has been for ios from 2007 to 2010 i mean even from 2010 to now its incredible that they can come up with a new design every year. I cant wait for next years ios. It will CHANGE everything.

  • Anonymous

    Crazy thing is, the 3GS’s browser is still gonna be faster and smoother than the Nexus Galaxy’s. =(

    • Tom

      The crazy thing is that will be impossible considering that the 3GS, 4 and 4s all have one thing in common… 3G internet. I don’t really care how smooth the browser is… LTE > 3G speeds. Please explain how you figure that the iPhone 3GS browser can ever hope to compete…

      And by the by… The Galaxy Nexus will definitely have a faster browser simply for the fact that its processor is much much faster than the 3GS’s.
      You fail as a troll. The least you could have said was the 4S which at least has a chance in terms of processing speed…

      • Anonymous

        Not to mention Android constantly benchmarks higher in browser performance over WiFi. But we’ll ignore that.

      • Anonymous

        I wasnt trolling.


        • Tom

          Uh… is that phone on the right a Galaxy Nexus? I’m pretty sure it isn’t. So therefore you are still trolling. If that video was a 3GS next to a G-Nex, then you’d be fine, but it isn’t so you can’t compare. Also I don’t trust a guy who doesn’t know the difference between Right and Left… Because the phone on the right is decidedly NOT the 3GS.

        • Anonymous

          Has nothing to do with the phone’s performance and everything to do with lack of hardware acceleration by default in the stock android browser as well as lack of optimization for the phone in that video.  The stock android browser isn’t very fast.  Go look at some videos on youtube of the GS2’s browser performance which has hardware acceleration implemented or check out some videos of Opera Mobile on Android.  Opera screams on my Bionic, just as smooth or smoother than the iPhone’s browser and that’s with flash.  Pretty sure it will be much faster in ICS as well because hardware accelerated 2D is system wide now.

  • Anonymous

    iOS will forever remain the same, while Android OS will always change…to be better, different and more incredible than ever before, like Android 4.0.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t understand the images on the right… I’m no computer scientist.. someone please help!!

    • Anonymous

      Hah good ol’ Ballmer.

    • Satya Chowdary

      Yes u need to learn to see and write to understand the images on right…You know what stick with ur crappy IOS. You are not worth for Android…

      • Mctypething

        u mad bro?

        • Anonymous

          Did you take your medication bro?

          • John

            is this stupid meme ever going to end, bro?

          • Anonymous

            Nope, never, bro. As long as there are trolls, that “bro” joke will never end.

          • Anonymous

            I don’t know bro lol

        • Guest

          you a dick bro?

      • Anonymous


      • Anonymous

        born without a sense of humor? sad 🙁

    • Dude, get an i*hone…

      • Anonymous

        Dude, get a clue…

    • Justin Kos

      this comment should be on the front page

    • I see what you did there. haha

    • Anonymous

      Comment of the day!!!! Should be the headline

  • Tewt

    I’m going to make this my profile picture on facebook.

  • Urmomlikesit11

    WOW can you believe how much IOS has changed since 2007?? Mind blowing! Hehehe

  • Anonymous

    iOS 5 – “This changes everything again. Again.” 

  • Anonymous


  • iOS is getting stale, sadly.  I think they have a big convergence coming with OSX though.

    • Anonymous


  • DroidzFX

    I am glad Android never changed. I don’t have to worry about thinking where anything is.

  • Correctamundo, whoever made this image.

  • ted

    No comment . 🙂

  • Zacharytanksley


  • EC8CH




    • Anonymous

      I really want to trademark App Juke Box.

      • Do it before Apple does.

      • EC8CH

        kanged for sure 🙂

      • Zach Tanksley

        Sadly someone already has the domain

  • Killershade