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A Three Year Evolution: iOS vs. Android [Image]

Stumbled onto this image over at Google+ and couldn’t help but chuckle a little. Comments?

Via:  Jason Hsu

  • Alethos

    I’ve had multiple android devices (HTC Eris, the original Droid, Droid X, HTC Thunderbolt, HTC Incredible and the Droid Bionic) and I’ve rooted and experimented with multiple ROM’s and set-ups on all of them.   I’ve owned the iPhone 4 and jailbroke it and now I own the iPhone 4s.  I like android for what it is; open and changing.  I like IOS for what it is; simple and stable.  If I had to pick a favorite, I couldn’t.  To many people develop an “us against them” attitude and make everything a competition.  It’s not.  It’s about preference.  It’s about being free and making a choice.  Android is not better than IOS and IOS is not better than Android.  They’re just different.  IOS is almost the same since it’s inception, where as android has changed considerably.  One of the main reason’s android has gone through so many changes is because it needed to be improved upon.  I know too well about forcecloses and random reboots, especially when Motorola or HTC start adding their UI ontop of Googles Android.  That’s why I often rooted and used different ROM’s.  Not just for aesthetics, but for stability.  I’m not a fan of one platform over the other.  I personally pledge my loyalty to things greater than a phone.
    Sua Sponte!

  • Nathan Hosford

    I have said this before and ill say it again if you want an easy to use phone that does the bare minimum of what a smart phone should do get an iphone.The iphone is a straight forward easy to use device designed to put its users in a safe little box.If you want something more with full control where the sky is the limit get a Android device.If i had to recommend a smartphone to an old non tech savy person i would say get an iphone!    

  • Issaucedo

    you know, at least almost everyone can be at iOS5 while a select few can actually go to 4.0. hell, a select few aren’t even at 2.3.  Yes, I have a android phone, but it’s getting harder and harder to stay in love with a device that won’t get updated. Yes, I can root it, but I shouldn’t have to to stay updated.

  • Anonymous

    Can someone tell me how Apple is getting away with this same boring UI from 2007? There really must be a lot of sheep. Those pictures on the left look exactly the same except for the wallpaper in the background.

    Unless Apple does a revamp UI it will lose a lot of their base within the next 2 yrs, and from the look of it they won’t change the UI. Especially since they just released a 200 + feature iOS 5, this just shows you they are so far behind on the design and feature spectrum. Even with iOS 5 it still looks old and boring. So come WWDC 2012 we will see more features that should already be in the OS and the same old look.

  • Mii

    By no means am I an IOS user and am really excited to see the new Android ICS, however you have to admit either apple is really bad an innovation because nothing has changed with the look and workings of their os in 3 years, or they were golden and haven’t needed to because the public liked the way it was from the start. Same with Android, even though they have really come a long way and their new os is great. If you apply that same logic is it because they needed to because the 1st was so bad?

  • Anonymous

    This is really sad Kellex.  You’re the biggest fanboy of them all and it destroys the integrity of this site.  This post is absolutely pointless.  Does this site really need more Apple bashing? 

  • Robinfriday2

    What you fail to mention is almost ALL iPhones are running the SAME thing..while you can have android 2.2.2 on your og Droid..2.3 on the Droid 2..and the ice cream sandwich 4.0 isn’t even available yet but, when it is it will be on only one phone..so the image is misleading..androids too confusing and the updates are more and more leaning toward brand new phones not even out yet

  • Karl Tobias

    Troll bait, yawn.

  • Anonymous

    You guys are so funny. Again, I started with and OG droid. Now I am running a droid x till I get a worthy upgrade. Now, no one argues with that fact that android is more customizable. Then the other side is that IOS is a lot simpler. What I think is so hilarious is that you guys don’t see that there is a market for both. It’s android or nothing! I guess that’s supporting what you like but then you take it a step farther and bash others for what they choose and what fits them best. Anyone ever think maybe IOS hasn’t changed much is because they got it right the first time? Just a thought….. And let the bashing begin!

  • Anonymous


  • Man you guys are vicious. I’ve owned several iPhones and an android phone, and I deal with both on a daily basis, because I sell them. Yes, android is FANTASTIC for you guys who actually even know what rooting is, or what ROMs are. But be honest, how many people buying phones nowadays know anything about that stuff? Most of the people I sell to have NO idea what they are looking for, or know anything technical about the phones.

    Personally, I ditched my android and went back to the iPhone after about seven months. iOS is much smoother, very straightforward, less glitchy. The phones are gorgeous and just the right size for my needs. I don’t need to customize, honestly my android looked almost exactly the same the day I got rid of it as the day I first customized it. iPhone works for a lot of people. So does android. You guys just need to chill the fu** out and realize that both are VERY good OS’s.

    • Anonymous

      The problem for most of us is all the unwarranted attention and hype the iphone gets while many iphone users act like pretentious pricks calling anything without the apple logo a worthless piece of crap.  The Apple reveals and marketing material are full of lies and deception as well.

  • Anonymous


  • ICS looks really amazing, except for the Roboto font. I installed it on my ZTE Blade and it’s just sort of… lifeless.

    Anyway… this comparison, to me, shows just how bang on Apple were when they made the original iPhone.

  • Anonymous

    It looks pretty which might attract the ladies to you!

  • Anonymous

    I am also not a fan of iOS’s simplicity and lack of change over the years (why not bigger screen Apple, that was all I wanted from the iPhone 4S) but millions of people do. And iOS has needed very visual change or refinement. Android is still catching up with some visual styling of iOS, like smooth lag free scrolling and operation.

    But the screenshot is funny and ICS is extremely good looking.

  • guest

    I usually dont post here , but read it daily because I like to hear about new phones on Verizon. I owned the original Droid, the Droid Inc., and the Droid X. I recently switched to the iphone, but still own 2 of the 3 phones I just listed. I choose to use the Iphone because of battery life, and stability. I loved my android devices but could not get through a work day with mild use. Ive tried with app killers on and off, turning off features , even an extended battery which helped, but added way to much bulk. IOS is a very stable system, I dont think anyone can argue that, and if you do then you obviously haven’t used it much. These are things I wish Android would greatly improve. All these great improvements to android phones is very impressive, but is it worth having if you only have a few hours to enjoy them? And I understand people are going to call me a fanboy or whatever else, but I just thought I would share, and I actually hope to own another android device in the future

    • Anonymous

      I don’t think anyone can call you an apple fanboy when you started out with the droid (im assuming, of course) and the iphone does have stability going for it, but I’ve always experienced sub-par battery life on iphones and ipod touches. I don’t think I have met many people that haven’t complained about the iphone’s battery life, and it seems a lot of androids problems are due to bad implementations of skins on phones or something else the OEMs did, and not something google has done. Things should be getting better with ICS.

  • Anonymous

    “This changes everything again”

    Is this when apple allowed for it’s users to have custom wall papers?? LOL.

  • Finger

    I’m pretty sure Apple’s new operating system is “iOS 5” So that would make it 5.0, not 4.x. It’s the phone that’s 4.x, not the OS.

    • Boblank84

      the point is to compare each three years apart….Not first os to most recent.

    • Anonymous

      you are not getting it.. the comparison is over a period of 3 years since it’s inception. In 2010 there was ios 5.

      Besides.. you can copy paste the screen shot from 2010 and call it good for ios 5.

  • Anonymous

    Besides the OS, I love Android because I get to choose my hardware like my Windows box.  And I guess besides that I don’t like how iOS’s main screen is just an app drawer.  it’s boring.  

  • Chrisfromptown

    If it ain’t broke…. But you keep coming with a new dessert every 6 months google, maybe someday you’ll get it right

    • Anonymous

       It actually averages a lot more than 6 months.. plus, it has taken them a little more than a year to jump from 1 to 2 and 2 to 3 and 3 to 4.

      that is pretty much the same with ios.. if not fewer.


  • Mehoff88

    So wait, because you have a different layout that means what? 

  • It’s hard to belive that ios is still so popular with it’s old and boring wall of static icons. People just don’t know what their missing with Andriod. I guess it’s a case of you can’t miss what you never had for Apple fans.

    • Finger

      Too true. Apple users tend to live in their own little bubble where they’re never exposed to anything non-apple. So a lot of them literally have no idea what they’re missing, regardless of being perfectly comfortable dismissing Android as “crap.”

  • Anonymous

    If ios had been manufactured and distributed by any other company.. the company would have gone bankrupt and closed down it shutters years ago.

    The features and functionality provided by android far FAR outpaces that provided by ios.

    yet, the biggest success of apple has been to convince their loyal fans that somehow apple IS the gold standard when it comes to smartphones and ios is a “game changer”.. when in reality it is MILES behind even WP7.

  • Anonymous

    !!!  BEST OS evolution comparison ever!! *clicks share on facebook*  exactly why I don’t like iOS, its so dated and doesn’t change much. Android changes in nearly every release, I love change!  Now wheres my GALAXY NEXUS!?

  • Too bad the Apple fanboys are going to point out the fact that iOS5 isn’t pictured.

  • vzwdude

    From my experience as a sales manager at VZW, if the customer does not know what a GB is, or they are a 16 year old girl, they usually get an i*hone. If said customer can articulate their smartphone needs, they most likely get an Android. Of course there are always exceptions, but this has been a general trend. That being said, iOS5 does bring some nice things to the platform, but their customers wouldn’t know the difference. ICS however looks like a stepping stone to the future of Android, and their constituents will be clamoring to know more.

  • PowerTools

    While Android certainly has changed over the years, neither it nor iOS has changed as much as Windows Mobile.  Seriously, if you’re just talking about changes to the UI, Windows Mobile has to take the prize.  

    I’m sure some morons will assume I’m claiming WinMobile7 is better than Android and iOS, but we can just laugh at them.

    • Jordan Webb

      Very true.

  • Anonymous

    Hahaha took only 3 years to add a wallpaper.  Sweet.  That DOES change everything! LOL 

  • FortitudineVincimus

    This is not a very good story.

  • Jon

    so i was helping a friend with her i*hone 4 today and ….. apparently you can’t edit text you’ve typed.  I misspelled a word and had to backspace everything to get to it to fix it. weird. 

    • Dskneon

      U can edit words that u type.. Just click on the word u wanna edit & hold. That’s a sorry excuse to make the iPhone try to look bad but u fail ..

    • Kamel250

      Ha, you just fail at phones. Long press and move to desired location.