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Official Galaxy Nexus Name And Specs Revealed

The men and woman in attendance at the Samsung and Google event have received the official specs of the Galaxy Nexus. The specs were revealed in a release entitled “Samsung and Google Introduce GALAXY Nexus.” and are as followed:

  • Android 4.0 Ice Cream
  • 4.65-inch HD Super AMOLED Screen with 720p resolution
  • 1.2GHz dual-core processor
  • Redsigned UI in Android 4.0
  • Improved multi-tasking, notifications, Wi-Fi hotspot, NF support, full web browsing
  • Android 4.0 features Software Navigation buttons – brand new
  • People App with Google+ Integration among other features
  • Redesigned camera with panorama mode, 1080p video, zero-shutter lag, new faces and background replacement features
  • Face Unlock: Facial recognition to unlock your phone
  • Android Beam uses NFC to easily share content with other Android users with the bump of phones
  • Pure Google Experience
  • All the Google Apps you love from Android Market and GMail to Movie Studio and redesigned Google+ app
  • 8.94mm thick, 4.29mm bezel
  • LTE and HSPA+ connectivity
  • Available in USA, Europe, and Asia beginning in November and then rolled out globally

While there aren’t many surprises – yet. The event goes live in twenty minutes, be sure to check out our live feed of it right here on Droid-Life.

Via: Phandroid

  • packrat013

    i thought they said in the interview that the resolution was 1280×720? would that make it 1280?

  • Why in all these specs, has the battery been left out? 

  • Greg

    Not really that impressed anymore. I’ve been an Android user for going on four years now, and I went and bought a 64GB iphone4s on the 14th. It’s cool for what I use it for. But I’m always dedicated to Android. Stone me, I know..

  • !! Can nobody tell me if it has an SD card slot?! 🙁 

    • I believe you mean ‘can anybody tell me…’ This is probably why its taken a whole day for a reply lol. 

      No SD Card slot.

  • Bobbyhobby

    What is NF support? Is that a typo for NFC?

  • Guest

    Person 1: “Hey, how did you unlock my phone?”
    Person 2: “I held it up to my ass.”

  • StormbladeX69

    RAZR = Non-Removable Battery -10
    Nexus =? (info please?)

    RAZR = No NFC /shrug

    RAZR = Gingerbread, but should get ICS quickly…

    RAZR = Non-HD screen, not 720. Read tonight ICS is 720 Native. Does this matter?

    This PenTile looks better than Bionic or D3, and maybe this tradeoff will finally pay off in better battery life, and while not looking like @$$.

    RAZR = OMAP 4430 vice 4460. How much difference will that make?
    (Wish it was Tegra 3 / Exynos SEXY TIME)

    RAZR = Micro SD Slot +10 (64GB may not work yet, if ICS can fix that, the lack of a slot could REALLY make a long term difference. More in the phone could help some save on Data costs. IMHO)

  • I see nothing about a GPU here. Is this why it got low scores at GLBenchmark? If this is Google’s flagship phone, why wouldn’t they have a dedicated GPU?

  • oh i can see bullies smashing it into your face over and over crying out “Stop unlocking your phone! Stop Unlocking your phone!, Stop Unlocking your phone!

    wtf no hdmi out?

  • Benjamin Mackie

    Also biggest problems with the facial recognition. For those of us who wear contacts and glasses, having to remove your glasses to unlock your phone would be a pain. And Im sure for girls hair and makeup could be an issue

  • Benjamin Mackie

    The only thing is the camera is really underwhelming

  • Anonymous

    It better have DLNA.. Exporting that crisp 1080p video via a wire is not the business..  

  • Reedme

    Micro SD Card? Or did they make the same mistake they made on the Galaxy tab10.1?

  • 3 bills for a 5mp ‘Flagship’ phone.

    • megapixels never matter unless your printing out poster sized images. 5mp on a smartphone is more than enough. just sayin/

  • Chad Ramey

    just think about how many people are going to break there phones using the face unlocking feature

  • Justin Kos

    what kind of 1.2 ghz dual core processor? not all processors are created equal lol

  • Anonymous


  • Eryk

    The back design looks horrid as usual from samsung…Htc and google need to team up for the next nexus, because htc knows how to design a sexy phone.  Nonetheless I’ll probably still buy this.

  • jeffrey pham

    i’m trying to weigh whether or not this lacking hdmi is a dealbreaker.  i have a tablet that has hdmi..
    and man, does ICS look AWESOME!!!!
    to me, the droid razr easily looks like the better looking phone

  • AndroidWarhol

    I guess it probably doesn’t have an SD card.   I’ll have to get the 32 gig version and live with that plus cloud storage for all my music and vids.   But I am very worried about it not having Gorilla Glass.   I punished my OG Droid and it never minded one bit.   Is the previous Nexus scratch prone? 

  • Anonymous

    8.94mm thick was for HSPA+ devices.  Still waiting to see how much thicker the LTE version will be.

  • kiiinda thought the RAZR event was a little more polished and cool…also think the phone looks more unique…this looks like a giant continuum without the ticker

  • Its going to be hard to choose between the Nexus and Droid Razr.  I like the look and build of the Razr, but man on man is that ICS nice, and I know with the Nexus I won’t have to worry about Moto fudging with it.

  • No upgrade for me until March. Sounds like this will still be worth it then, if everything else will be locked up tight, or in HTC s case, made of spun glass.

  • Holy shit, this device (and ICS) are AWESOME!

  • AndroidWarhol

    Moto Razr, your fifteen minutes of fame just ended.

  • AndroidWarhol

    Someone please confirm:  Unlocked bootloader?  Gorilla Glass?  SD card?  Replaceable battery?   Come on folks, these are basic questions and we want answers!

    • Anonymous

      They referred to the back plate as a “battery cover” – so I think that means it’ll be removable, hopefully.  No clues on the rest. . . . 

    • No sd card slot – yes replaceable battery – unlocked..maybe – gorilla glass i believe is a yes (not too sure)

  • Anonymous

    Same mgz of the razor lol. I thought this crap was going to be 1.5 etc.

  • J Dub

    So what is the actual chipset in this? The 4460 OMAP? A Exynos? I want to know. I really want the Exynos, but maybe that’s why the 4460 is having supply problems. Cause Samsung bought them all up for this phone. This is a worthy successor to the long-in-the-tooth OG Droid I am rocking. 

  • Anonymous

    Where are the carrier announcements? Where is the tablet demo?


  • skinja

     Does the HSPA+ suggest the GNex will be a gsm world phone? Or am I wishing for too much?

    Aren’t the Razr and Rezound both world phones?

  • Kierra

    No HDMI huh?

  • Red

    Is it weird that i have tissue and lotion sitting next to me

  • Anonymous

    What about the micro SD slot?

  • Only thing that the DROID HD has(because I hate the name RAZR) is the hdmi out.  A lot more practical. 

    • Bionic

      Wow this phone does not have HDMI?  why in the hell would they skip that?  

      • because its space and they want us doing things on wifi.  Sure I can try to wirelessly stream my videos and songs to my tv, but i need my xbox to be on for that.  I would love the HDMI out though, with mirroring.

  • 1.2 – 1.5 isn’t going to to make a difference.  I mean at a certain point they just want to increase specs to keep costs up.  Remember the CPU wars for PCs? or graphics card wars?  Even the HTC THunderbolt running gingerbread can do a nice smooth job.  Really all i want a battery that is ok for the heavy users and that doesn’t slow down.  1.2 with ICS or 1.5 with Gingerbread and HTC who let me down.

    • Bionic

      i agree, HTC sucks

      • My stock thunderbolt running the gingerbread they released with the bug is better then froyo.  I think pure google will at least keep me happy with the updates.

  • Anonymous

    In the words of Philip J. Fry:  “SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!”

  • Nex
  • John

    Blah, I gotta wait till Feb/March till i get my hands on my nexus:(

  • Tysoncrosby21

    Full web browsing? Are we getting chrome with ICS for full real interwebs?

    • Bionic

      I hope there is a chrome web browser available in the app store soon

    • Anonymous

      Opera has had the option to load full websites for a long time.

  • a42ozslushie

    I should have waited 😮

  • Anonymous

    i know like 5 different people who have recently bought an iphone 4s. i feel so bad for them. they dont know what theyre missing.

  • icu

    Does anyone know what this means?

    “Android 4.0 features Software Navigation buttons – brand new”

    • Bionic

      it means future phones will not have soft keys on the phone itself.  the buttons like home and menu will appear on the screen itself

  • Anonymous

    facial recognition is a pointless feature and a waste of time. i cant imagine why anyone would want that. who wants to take a picture of your face every time you want to use your phone?

  • Brett

    i’d like to know whether the the chip on it is omap4430 or underclocked 4460… 1.2ghz is disappointing

    • Nex

      I was hoping for 1.5

      • Anonymous

        if your talking about ghz. so was i.

        • Nex

          yeah! isnt the rezound or whatever its called suppose to have 1.5

          • Brett

            ya 1.5ghz snapdragon

    • Bionic

      chip speed isnt everything

  • Nex

    Watch live http://www.youtube.com/android

  • 6895533

    dam 10 minutes left i just got home from work gotta shower quick before it starts:)

  • can’t get rid of this erection

  • Anonymous

    Must have right meow

    • icu

      Do I look like a cat to you boy?  Jumping from tree to tree, drinking from a saucer.

  • icu


  • facial recognition for unlock?! holy shit

    • Anonymous

      useless feature

  • Anonymous

    Anyone want to buy a used Droid X in excellent condition?   Just got to flash back to stock. LOL!

  • Anonymous

    what if your unlock picture was your crotch… I am looking at you anthony weiner…

    • Android69

      OMG hahahah laughed for 5 min straight

      • Anonymous

        don’t die before the livestream though 😀

  • Anonymous

    How much bigger is this than the thunderbolt? Or is it any bigger?

    • it’s not. bigger screen. no buttons mean more screen real-estate

      • Anonymous

        Yes that’s what I was wondering. Thanks. I couldn’t phrase it so well

  • Anonymous

    Alas…..the One….

    • kurttrail

      Yep. It should have been named the Nexus Neo.

  • Soc13kid

    “The men and -woman- in attendance…” singular woman was totally intentional Dan wasn’t it.. HAHA

    • Soc13kid

      Also, and I know you were just copying it, but “-Redsigned- UI in Android 4.0.” Probably in too much of a hurry at the conference to type up the details I’m guessing. No grammar police here sorry..

  • 3M4NU31

    Finally! the second generation of android phones is HERE!

  • drool…

  • Genius

    Well it looks like holding off from buying the previous 4G TURDS is finally going to pay off. 

    Suck it Apple
    Suck it Moto
    Suck it HTC
    Suck it ______ 

    • Punkstar283

      Suck it long…Suck it hard

      • Guest


    • Justin Brown

      Ill enjoy my unlimited 4G’s on my new nexus thanks to my thunderbolt.

      • Genius

        I see. Buy a $300 paper weight, get unlimited 4G on a Nexus for only $550 more. Good deal!

        • Bob

          its a hell of a deal do the math for two years at a 5gb limit and most 4g owners usally go around 5-10gb in a  month

          • Guest

            also you can just use another phones upgrade so smile

    • Anonymous

      go back to San Francisco stupid tool.

  • DroidzFX

    I am getting a tingling feeling in my pants

    • shdowman

      Might I recommend heading to the doctor soon??

  • Those fish tacos are the tits

    • 3M4NU31

      I prefer spaghetti tacos

    • LiterofCola


    • I Love You, Man reference!  Love it!

  • TurbineTech

    I must have it now. The next 3 weeks are going to be pure agony…

  • icu

    Facial recognition to unlock phone?  OMG NERDGASM UHHH UHHH OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

    • Kierra

      You probably wont use it…

  • LiterofCola

    NFC, Facial recognition…..I’m in love

  • Christephormorris

    i just hope the camera being at 5 megapixels is as good as the gs2’s camera that thing is awesome

  • Anonymous

    Wait… Is it going to be a world phone? Or just different models with different radios

  • Dspolen

    Finally something that is a worthy upgrade from my Storm 1…

  • Anonymous

    At long last…

  • Wyveryx

    man, why it got to be more than fifteen minutes away? I’m more jazzed about watching this than I am the news or Blizzcon lol….God help me!

  • love it!

  • Hep

    Only missing camera, storage and RAM specs I think

    • Anonymous

      5MP and 1GB

      • Hep

        Official?  16GB or 32GB on phone storage?

      • yeah why not 8MP?? I GS2 has 8MP…too bad we can’t have that

  • vernon

    the worthy successor has arrived

  • James Jun

    I’m getting the phone nevertheless…..buts its the ICS I’m looking for. Bring it Google.

  • Djlowproz

    Cant Wait!!

    • Materpie

      It looks to be a awesome phone I am in between making my decision with getting the razr vs. the nexus I know the razr has gorilla glass and that’s a plus don’t know about the nexus and I would like to know if anyone knows if the razr is going to offer it hold a memory card any help would be appreciated.

      • Izahuh

        Same boat,the deal breaker is if Nexus unlockable. If its not then the Razr is my choice I can wait til 2012 to get ICS if it means my phones going to look and be tough plus HDMI, overall though we all agree and want the same stuff on our phones and simply put no manufacture will do it…that’s what keeps us wanting more in a more extreme case IE iPhone…

  • You can unlock with your face? 


    • Some Random Dude

      Thats crazy

    • I don’t see this being a good thing actually. Someone could have a picture of you and unlock your phone.

      • LiterofCola

        I doubt that it would be that easy to fool it

        • One could only hope.

          • Anonymous

            Have it recognise you with your tongue out!

          • very good idea sir!

          • markolonghorn

            I don’t think you’re going to want to stick your tongue out in public every time you want to unlock your phone lol

          • Anonymous

            Watch Me!

          • Diaa Asha

            hahaha lol

      • Stephen

        thats given that the person knows who you are, and that it’s your phone.  Chances are if you lose your phone, the person who either stole it or found it will not have will not know you or have access to a picture of you.

        • Eddie

           if they wanted to be slick, if someone else tried to unlock your phone it’d bring up an option to call or text a backup contact so the phone can be returned. 

      • Anonymous

        Doubt it’ll work like that, but I see that you were joking…so never mind.

      • Anonymous

        I cant see anyone actually knowing that you have a device that has that feature, then plan to take a pic of you, just to steal your brand new beast of a device.  Maybe if its your ex girlfriend, wifeor something 😛

      • Guest

        Genius, it’s facial recognition through your camera. It wouldn’t accept a picture because it works like a 3D map of your face and a pic is 2D.

    • Anonymous

      Only a mother would love that mug of yours lol 🙂  J/King Sorry, but you did walk into that one 🙂

  • Some Random Dude