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NVIDIA Tegra 3 “Kal-El” Processor Video Leaks – Announcement Coming Soon?

The AsiaD conference is right around the corner (as in tomorrow).  With scheduled appearances from NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang, plus ASUS Chairman Jonney Shih, you shouldn’t be surprised if they unveil the Transformer 2 at some point.  The device is rumored to be powered by NVIDIA’s next generation processor called the Tegra 3 whose code name, “Kal-El” has been the talk of the town over the last few months for its speed and power efficiency. 

A small Tegra 3 teaser has leaked which gets us even more excited especially with that awesome see-through-future-tablet that use in it. Is the T3 looking to be what everyone was hoping for?


Via: Android And Me

  • rich

    What’s “this video is private mean”?

  • Djdsf

    Video is private!!!

  • Anonymous

    Um, it says the video is private. Any body?

  • Anonymous


  • Kurtiscravey3

    what happened to the video

  • Too scared to pull the trigger

    I’ll still be rockin’ my OG until a Tegra 3 phone comes out… can’t buy a Razr or Nexus now, gotta wait until the next best thing. 

  • Anonymous

    Until I see a real world example of something amazing on the market I am not going to get all worked up over Tegra 3 considering the Tegra 2 never came close to the zing things we were expecting of it year or so ago.

    Remember all the hype leading up to CES and how phones were going to be awesome because of the Tegra 2? Well? So I will wait on Tegr 3 to see what transpires first.

  • Reupload the video is private

    • jam120992

      right ? wtf 

  • Kixofmyg0t

    “Quad-Core? Pffffft Dual core is WAY BETTER because it has NFC and its bootloader is unlocked!”

    Am I doing it right? Tryin to get the Nexus trolling thing down so I can be like the cool kids.
    So if you’ll excuse me Im gonna go back to drinking Papst Blue Ribbon and talking about how everything else besides Nexus is SOO mainstream….

    • so tired of the nexTrolls who deny all logic for the god phone called nexus

      • Anonymous

        The closer I get to the announcement tonight the less I could care about the announcement. I may be holding out for a Kal-El.

  • GuestDeux

    “This video is private”

  • Anonymous

    i want a tablet with quadcore. 

  • Anonymous

    I’d rather have an OMAP5 but this will no doubt be a speed demon as well.

  • I wish the HP Touchpad I just received today had that inside~!  

    • Anonymous

      You can always sale it and make about $50 bucks.  

      • Guest

        You could always sell it and make about $50.

      • Guest

        You could always sell it and make about 50 bucks.

  • MrChips

    Tegra 3 be damned!  I want a clear plexiglass tablet!!!  🙂

  • Droid4lifeyou

    android overload!!!!   whats an IOS?

  • Hedney3

    Great teaser vid. Very excited for this

  • Billy Jenkins

    Call of Duty on an Android tablet?

    • It’s bad enough on consoles.

      • Finire

        Looks like ShadowGun actually

      • Billy Jenkins

        Could that be why its one of if not the most popular and best-selling franchise of all time on the consoles? I wonder how Activision were able to set a record in the video game industry with selling 5.6 million copies of call of duty black ops on the first day if its a bad game.

        • It’s so much bad but more like they’ve been releasing the same game for the past 4 years.

          Also, sales != quality. I know plenty of people who play CoD and most of them wouldn’t know a good game if someone beat them over the head with it.

          • Billy Jenkins

            they have been selling the same game for the past 4 years and yet the newest one Call of duty black ops still managed to sell 5.6 million copies on just the first day of being released. I guess it can’t be that bad of a game. That doesn’t even include the 4.7 million copies that call of duty modern warfare 2 sold on the first day. which was the one released right before black ops. 

          • So you completely ignored the second half of my post?

          • Mannysaurus

            So just because lots of people use it, it’s good? The i*hone is the best-selling phone of all time. OMG that must mean it’s better! Your logic is flawed and you’re a Call of Duty fanboy.

            Oh and by the way, Ocarina of Time for the N64 was _THE_ best game ever. That intro will make me tear up whenever I hear it. If I had a time machine, I would go back to where my cousins & I would come home every day after school and try to beat it. No cheat codes, no tips, no Internet to give you walkthroughs. Oh, how I miss those days… You had to figure out everything by yourself.

            And this is coming from a 17-year-old.

          • Billy Jenkins

            ocarina of time is deff the best game and a classic. and still one of my fav. But thats not one of the consoles I am talking about. I am talking about one of the consoles that they still ake games for like playstation 3, xbox 360, and wii. and yes. The Iphone did sell alot of phones and was also considered the best phone ever. Remember? But then Google released Android and Iphone still remained as one of the best since it sold alot but Android started doing better which also made it a better phone. People don’t buy bad games or products. Modern warfare 2 which is like the fourth or fifth in the franchise sold millions of copies the first day. If those people found it to be a bad game they wouldnt have even bought the game. and they also wouldnt have bought the next one which sold even more copies on the first day

          • J Dub

            I used to think about it all day in high school. It was a great game. I still love the Zelda games. Even if they have dumbed them down some.

          • Billy Jenkins

            no lol. referring to a game as being bad is someones personal opinion. those dance dance revolution games and karaoke games are bad in my opinion. But thats because I’m not very good at them and don’t enjoy dancing that much. But ask my cousins and you will have a completely different answer since they love dancing. You may not find FPS games fun or you may not be good at them which is why you refer to call of duty as being a bad game. But since it sold millions of copies on the first day that kinda overrules your opinion as it being a bad game.

          • Actually, FPS is my favorite genre. My favorite game of all time is Half-Life 2. 

            Even though I don’t enjoy the game, I’m quite good at CoD. I can beat all my friends and used to get 1st place in 95% of FFA matches (I’ve also gone 30-0 in FFA several times.)

          • Billy Jenkins

            that doesn’t even matter. you missed my point. You may think its a bad game. but the millions of other people kinda overrule your opinion. and the 5.6 million copies was just the first day of being released. that doesn’t even include everyday after that when they continued selling copies

          • So you DIDN’T say I don’t like FPS games and I’m bad at CoD?

          • Andrew Ross

            So you say a game being “good” or “bad” is an opinion, but you still insist on forcing yours on us? thanks, bro

            And PS: anything “good” about that series left the company along with West and Zampella after MW2

        • Anonymous

          Same reason the iPhone sells so well.

        • Anonymous

          go away fanboy. no one needs to hear your stupid call of duty fanboyism on a phone website.

      • Fine, TF2 on an android tablet 🙂

    • FortitudineVincimus

      porn on a Tegra 3 Android tablet!